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									                                                                    Program Review
                                                      Program Review Steering Committee
915 S. 9

To:            Debra Hansen, Social Science Division
               Dorianna Mendietta, Bookstore
               Joe Roque, Food Services
               Gary Kuncl, Campus Police
               Merrilyn Brady, Health Center
               John Bratsch, Human Resources Services

From:          Dale E. Norton
               Interim Vice President, Academic Services

Date:          March 5, 2007

Subject:       Revised Executive Summary

The AACJC Accreditation Report which placed COS on WARNING status points to the severity
of the issue as it pertains to College of the Sequoias. Consequently, the College is taking steps
immediately to adjust processes and procedures which were identified in the report as needing
attention. One of the recommendations pertained to making more explicit the relationship
between planning, research, and resource allocation.

While I recognize that you are well along in the Program Review process, I have consulted with
Dr. Scroggins and am asking that you make the following revision. Please delete the Executive
Summary format distributed with the initial Program Review template and replace it with the
attached reporting format.

Revised Program Review Executive Summary:

In the attached template, take the Action Plans which you’ve already identified in your Program
Review document and convert each one into an Activity.
     Insert the Activity into the Institutional Goal and Objective template where the Activity
        best fits. In other words, insert your Activity as an example of one way which the
        College will use as a means to achieve the identified Goal and Objective. List the
        various steps which will be needed to complete the Activity.
     Complete the remaining columns. Note the example below shows the various steps
        needed to complete the Activity and also identifies who is responsible and a timeline for
        completion of the Activity.
     The definitions for each of the categories are included below.
Action Needed:
Prior to completing your Program Review Report, make certain that all Action Plans are
converted to Activities. Identify which Institutional Goal/Objective each Activity will support and
insert the Activity into the attached reporting template. Submit the attached Executive Summary
with your completed Program review document.

                                             (Example and Definitions continued on next page.)
 Goal/           Activity     Responsibility Resources            Dates            Deliverable
Objective    Description:                     Needed       Start         End
              List all the
             steps which
            will be needed
             to complete
             the Activity.

            A.1.1 Refer       Academic        --            9/1/2006      9/15/2006
            objective/study   Senate
            to CCC
            A.1.2 Search      CCC             $2000         10/01/2006 11/01/2006
            processes and
            A.1.3 Discuss     CCC                                         12/01/2006
            findings and
            online tool
            A.1.4 Send        CCC                           1/15/2007     1/31/2007     proposal
            proposal to
            A.S. for
            discussion and
            A.1. 5            Academic                      2/01/2007     3/01/2007
            Proposal to       Senate
            Cabinet and
            college council
            A.1.6             President                     3/01/2007     4/30/2007     Board
            Proposal to                                                                 minutes
            College Board

Objective: A broad initiative which, along with other initiatives, are undertaken to accomplish (or
achieve) a goal. An initiative may take from several months to several years to accomplish or
complete, involve a number of individuals working together or separately, and often involve
multiple deliverables such as reports and presentations.
Activity: A task or step taken to accomplish an objective. Sometimes this task or step can be
accomplished in a day or week, or may take several months. These are usually well-defined,
and responsibility is pinpointed.

Responsibility: The committee or person responsible for conducting and completing an objective
or activity.

Resources Needed: When an objective or activity is being planned, those responsible should
estimate any expenses involved, so that they can be budgeted as a part of the planning
process. (Budget requests link back to Strategic Plans or Performance Evaluations.) The
source of these funds should be identified if known. Requested funds should be classified as 1)
Personnel: Faculty, 2) Personnel: Staff, 3) Personnel: Benefits 4) Supplies & Materials, 4)
Capital Equipment and/or Facilities (new or renovated).

Start Date/End Dates: Those calendar dates which begin or end an objective or an activity/task.
From time to time these dates must be changed to reflect progress on other activities or external
deadlines. Note: Budgets for projects which extend to more than one fiscal year should be
broken down by year.

Evaluation: Identify the criteria by which the College will assess whether the goals and
objectives have been successfully achieved. The criteria should include both the metric to be
measured and the outcome to be achieved. Projects extending more than one academic year
should have annual target benchmarks to achieve steady progress. Such projects will be
expected to produce annual progress reports.

Deliverables: Reports, presentations, and papers written as a result of an activity or objective.
Typically these finished products would be attached (electronically) to the specific objective or
activity, and retained as a part of archives.

Cc: Thea Trimble
    Pamela Faller
    Julie Carroll
    Lisa Hott
    Cindy DeLain

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