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									                        A future in Facility Managent with RFID? ;
                       A study in the professional moving industry.
Student: Rick Coenen
Student number: 820426160060
Supervisor(s): Prof. Dr. Ir A.F.G. van Wagenberg, Dr. Ir. G.J. Hofstede
Date of final colloquium: 05-03-2009
Study programme: Management, Economics, and Consumer Studies (MME)
Specialization: Facility Management
Keywords: Facility Management, Innovation Management

Problem description
Professionele Project Verhuizers (PPV), is an official organization for 36 of the largest professional
moving companies in the Netherlands. The description ‘professional’ entails that the customers of
these companies are only other companies and no private home owners. The professional moving
industry is currently subject to a number of technological changes and developments which all claim to
be an improvement for the movers. One of these technological developments is Radio Frequency
Identification (RFID) and PPV wants to perform a research to investigate whether or not this
technology offers significant improvements to the moving (business) process. RFID is a track & trace
technology, but not the only one. Barcode technology exist for more than 30 years and could also be a
possible improvement.

Interviews with employees of moving companies and an internship, was needed to give a detailed
description of the moving business process. This contains all individual steps that are taken by all
parties involved. An other result was a summation of several problems that employees came across
during moving processes.
A literature study in RFID and barcodes and interviews with several technology specialists was
combined with the problems found in the moving process, to come up with two possible future
scenarios for use of the technologies.

The main problem in the moving process is the method of identification for moving-boxes and moving
equipment. This is currently done with paper labels, which can contain wrong information, can be
misread, can become illegible or can be removed during moving.
RFID and barcodes are both methods to improve the identification of objects. Because RFID tags can
be used over and over, can contain al lot of data, can be read from a long distance and with multiple
tags at once and all of this automatically: RFID is the choice for the moving industry.

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