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									                                                                   Future RFID Events

       Future RFID events in Australia and Worldwide
Name                          Month         From           To       Country       Location       Website Description

Cebit Asia                  September       17-Sep-06    21-Sep    China       Shanghai                   MMV Trade mission
Australian Library & Information Association Biennial Conference
                               September        19-Sep-06 22-Sep   Australia                   Exhibition RFID and Privacy within Libraries - Myths, Misconceptions and T
                                                                               Perth Conventionhttp://conferences.alia.org.au/alia2006/
                            RFID Smart    20-Sep-06 21-Sep
Active RFID Summit Europe & September Labels Europe 2006           UK          London                         This event allows you to hear and meet the companies driving R
RFID Applications           September       21-Sep-06    22-Sep    USA                                   RFID Applications is four
                                                                               Washington, DC http://www.rfid-world.com/rfid06fall/ separate vertically oriented industry co
RFID Journal Industry Summits
                            September       26-Sep-06    28-Sep    USA         Chicago                     Addressing the unique needs of
                                                                                                http://www.rfidjournal.com/industrysummits/the retail/CPG, pharmaceutical,
                           October          04-Oct-06 05-Oct
How To Use RFID Applications In Your Government Organization       USA                                   The pressure to integrate RFID into your supply chain has
                                                                               Washington, DC http://www.aliconferences.com/conferences/rfidgovernment/main.htmlnever
RFID Germany                October          09-Oct-06   10-Sep    Germany     Frankfurt                   RFID is not about tags,
                                                                                                http://www.rfid-world.com/rfideu06/readers, and frequencies – it is about inc
Organic RFID 2006           October          11-Oct-06   13-Oct    USA                                   Co-chairs are Dr. Daniel Gamota, Director, Printed Electronics,
                                                                               San Diego, CA. www.intertechusa.com/orfid.html
EPCglobal US Conference     October          17-Oct-06   19-Oct    USA         Los Angeles                  Our focus this year is on
                                                                                                http://conference.epcglobalus.org/ real implementation barriers and real-w
RFID Journal LIVE! Europe   October          25-Oct-06   27-Oct    The Netherlands
                                                                              Amsterdam                    RFID Journal LIVE! Europe,
                                                                                                http://www.rfidjournal.com/europe2006/ our second annual conference and
TiEcon 2006                 October          26-Oct-06   28-Oct    India       New Delhi                   Victorian ICT Trade Mission, RFIDAA represented by Bill from R
BangaloreIT.in                               28-Oct-06   31-Oct    India       Bangalore                   Victorian ICT Trade Mission
RFID Link 2006              November        06-Nov-06    08-Nov    USA         Dallas, Texas               RFID Link 2006 features true lessons learned that will save you
RFID/USN KOREA 2006         November        07-Nov-06    09-Nov    Korea       Seoul                       The ―RFID/USN
                                                                                                http://www.rfidkorea.or.kr/ KOREA 2006‖ will be the largest RFID/USN rela
RFID Journal LIVE! Canada   November        08-Nov-06    09-Nov    Canada      Toronton                    EPC Global Canada &
                                                                                                http://www.rfidjournal.com/events/ RFID Journal: Addressing the unique nee

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                                                                      Future RFID Events

RFID Health Care Industry Adoption Summit      12-Nov-06   15-Nov     USA                                    The National Association of Chain Drug Stores and Healthcare D
                                                                                  Washington, DC http://meetings.nacds.org/RFID/2006/index.cfm
RFID: Evaluate, Justify & Deploy
                              November         13-Nov-06   15-Nov     USA         Las Vegas                  Combines the latest research
                                                                                                   www.continuinged.ku.edu/programs/rfid from RFID Alliance Lab, an indepe
Pharma Secure Chain          November          14-Nov-06   16-Nov     UK          London                      Share stories with like-minded peers to keep abreast of the lates
Active RFID Summit           November          14-Nov-06   15-Nov     USA                                       The Active RFID Summit from IDTechEx is the premier forum fo
                                                                                  Atlanta GA, USA http://rfid.idtechex.com/activerfidsummitusa06/en/index.asp
Smart Label Summit Europe November             15-Nov-06   16-Nov                Amsterdam
                                                                      The Netherlands                         Exploring and learning the
                                                                                                   http://www.smartlabelsevents.com/ infinitive possibilities of the complete
International conference on RFID Logistics     20-Nov-06   21-Nov     UK          London                      Some of the main topics in international RFID logistics will
                                                                                                   http://www.everest-conference.com//index.php?tmpl=ueberblick_rfid be ad
ID WORLD 2006                November          28-Nov-06   30-Nov     Italy                                     After Milan, Paris,
                                                                                  Milan, Milanofiori http://www.idworldonline.com/Barcelona and Rome, the 5th ID WORLD Inte
                                                                                                     Congress Centre
3rd RFID Opportunities for Transport and Logistics Providers 01-Dec
                              November          30-Nov-06             USA                                     RFID is the hot transport topic.
                                                                                                   http://www.eyefortransport.com/rfid2006/ It will have a dramatic impact on
                                                                                  Scottsdale, AZ, USA
India AIDC Show 2006         December         06-Dec-06    09-Dec     India       New Delhi                   India AIDC is
                                                                                                   http://www.aidcindia.org/ a great opportunity to be a part of the upcoming te
RFID EXPO - LIVE! India 2007January            19-Jan-07    21-Jan    India       Bangalore                   In the wake
                                                                                                   http://www.rfidexpo.in/ of globalization, there is a compelling need for India
The Global RFID-ROI Summit January             29-Jan-07    30-Jan    UK                                   The World’s                                           
 us a
                                                                                  London, ExCeL http://www.rfid-roi.com/ Foremost Gathering of RFID Practitioners
Supply Chain & Logistics Puerto Rico 2007      01-Feb-07    02-Feb               San Juan,
                                                                       Puerto Rico                            Supply Chain & Logistics Puerto Rico is a conference and exhib
RFID in the Cold Chain       February          08-Feb-07    09-Feb    USA         Las Vegas                   The University of Kansas is offering this two-day RFID Cold Cha
CeBIT 2007: RFID PAVILION March                15-Mar-07    21-Mar    Germany     Hannover                    As you know, CeBIT is recognized as the leading ICT event whi
RFID World                   March             27-Mar-07    29-Mar    USA         Dallas                      Participate in the Largest, Most Comprehensive Event focused o
RFID Journal LIVE! 2007      April             01-Apr-07    02-Apr    USA         Orlando                     RFID Journal LIVE! 2007
                                                                                                   http://www.rfidjournal.com/events/ is our 5th annual conference and exhi
Cebit Australia              May              01-May-07    03-May     Australia                  http://www.cebit.com.au/
                                                                                                            Australia #1 Technology and business event
                                                                                  Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

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                                                                Past RFID Events

        Past RFID events in Australia and Worldwide

Name                         Month      From          To      Country        Location      Website Description

RFID Connect Asia 2006     February   14-Feb-06     17-Feb    Singapore Singapore                     RFID Connect Asia paves the way for you to GET CONNECTE
RFID World Asia            April      26-Apr-06     28-Apr    Singapore Singapore          http://www.terrapinn.com/2006/rfidwa_SG/
RIDEX                      June       28-Jun-06     30-Jun    Japan                        http://www.ridex.jp/en/ brings together the users and suppliers of smart ca
                                                                                                       The Summit
                                                                          Tokyo International Exhibition Centre
Australian Smart Cards Summit 2006    28-Jun-06     29-Jun    Australia                  http://acevents.com.au/cards2005/index.html
                                                                                                    Exhibition for
                                                                          Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Smart Card, RFID, M-Payment, Banking, IT Secu
CardTech Korea and RFID World 2006     12-Jul-06     14-Jul   Korea       Seoul                       Discover how to improve your supply chain practices. GS1 will h
Impetus 2006               July        25-Jul-06     26-Jul   Australia                    http://www.impetus.gs1au.org/impetus/ supply chain practices. GS1 will h
                                                                          Melbourne, Sofitel Hotel    Discover how to improve your
Impetus 2006               July        25-Jul-06     26-Jul   Australia                    http://www.impetus.gs1au.org/impetus/
                                                                          Melbourne, Sofitel Hotel
RFID for Pharmaceuticals   August     01-Aug-06     02-Aug    USA         Philadelphia                Whether because of an FDA mandate, competitive
                                                                                           http://www.aliconferences.com/conferences/rfid706/0706.html pressure or
RFID World Australasia 2006 August    08-Aug-06     10-Aug    Australia                             Accordingly "Australasia’s most respected and established RFI
                                                                          Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
                            August     15-Aug-06
RFID Journal - AAFA Apparel & Footwear Summit       16-Aug    USA         New York City               The first annual RFID Journal
                                                                                           http://www.rfidjournal.com/apparel2006/ Apparel & Footwear Summit, pro
                            August      22-Aug-06 24-Aug
RFID Technology within Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals         USA         San Francisco               The conference will offer an in-depth look at many facets of pha
Retail IT Summit           September 04-Sep-06      06-Sep    Monaco      Monaco                      The 2nd annual Pan-European Retail IT Summit addresses the
Asset Management Conference & Expo 06-Sep-06        07-Sep    USA         Baltimore, MD               The Asset Management Conference & Expo is the first event to
LabelExpo Americas 2006    September 11-Sep-06      14-Sep    USA                         http://www.labelexpo-americas.com/
                                                                                                     Exploring and learning
                                                                          Chicago, Donald E. Stephens Convention Center the infinitive possibilities of the complete
SMART PACKAGING:           September 12-Sep-06      12-Sep    USA         New York City               SMART PACKAGING:
                                                                                           http://www.scievents.com/ipba/ OPPORTUNITIES IN MERCHANDISING

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                                                                 Past RFID Events

                             September 14-Sep-06
Product Authentication & Brand Security Conference    15-Sep   USA       Chicago                   The preservation of brand intellectual property requires evolving
                            September 18-Sep-06 21-Sep
RFID, Barcoding & Tech for Hospitals and Health Systems        USA       Philadelphia   http://rs6.net/tn.jsp?t=o4tqixbab.0.ajg66wbab.tlhae5aab.17121&ts=S0202

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