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					                                                        LOUD & CLEAR
          Mobile Business
           Ltd. Est. 1976                                 REGIONAL DISPATCH SPECIALISTS
               July 1, 2006

                                         The Evolution of Radio.
          INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                In todays’        the SCR536 lightweight            that uses radio frequencies in
                                                            communication     portable “handie talkie” which    a more efficient manner. The
                                                            world we have     was widely used in the war        current system type utilized
      • Evolution of                                        instant contact
                                                            through many
                                                                              effort. Subsequently, the first
                                                                              frequency modulation (FM)
                                                                                                                by MOBILE is the logic
                                                                                                                trunked radio (LTR) protocol
        Radio                                               forms of          portable was developed by         introduced by E.F. Johnson.
                                                            equipment and     Motorola in 1943, weighing in     This method of channel
      • MOBILE Show                                         services.         at 35 pounds with a talk range    management allows several
        in Vegas                                            Whether
                                                            people chose 2
                                                                              of about 10-20 miles.
                                                                              The need for communications
                                                                                                                repeaters to be used, giving
                                                                                                                all users on the system

      • Product
                                                            way radio, cell                                     access to all channels, while
                                                                              in busy cities throughout
                                                            phone,                                              still providing a private group
                                                                              North America brought forth
        update from                                         blackberry,
                                                            internet phone
                                                                              the first in-vehicle mobile
                                                                                                                for each customer.

        Kenwood &                                           or a
                                                                              radio in 1958, also developed
                                                                              by Motorola. From this
                                                                                                                With 66 years of change, we
                                                                                                                have seen a 35 pound
        Motorola                                            combination of
                                                            all these
                                                                              important benchmark, many         portable radio become
                                                                              manufacturers and platforms       smaller than a user’s hand,
                                                            products, it
                                                                              were developed to provide         and lightweight, with some
                                         seems future communications will
                                                                              solutions, first to users in      Motorola and Kenwood
                                         be more complex, streamlined
                                                                              specific areas, then regions,     compact portables weighing
                                         and integrated with several
                                                                              municipalities and later          in around 12 ounces (340
                                         technologies to achieve the
                                                                              provinces and states. With        grams). The size and design
      Products:                          just-in-time, instant
                                                                              the use of dedicated antenna      of mobile and portable radios
                                         communications that are
      •   Portables                                                           sites, that provided radio        may have
                                         demanded in todays’ society.
                                                                              users the ability to talk from    changed
      •   Mobiles                        To reflect on how far we have        dispatch to fleets in wide        over all
      •   Cellular                       come with voice and data             areas, radio protocols and        these
                                         communications, we need to look      features rapidly changed to       years, but
      •   Accessories                    back, and see how wireless           incorporate individual I.D’s,     the
      Services:                          communications started, in           the ability to inter-connect to   purpose
                                         particular, two-way radio            phone lines using mobiles and     has
      • Rentals                          communications.                      portable radios, and later        remained
      • In shop & on site repairs                                             basic text messages via RF        the same.
                                         During World War Two, as
      • Installs                         thousands of movies and
                                         documentaries have shown,            The development of trunking
Please Route
                                         two-way radios played a vital role   technology paved the way for
                                         in group communications, in          business use by providing a
Communications Manager,                  particular for ground level          secure method of
IT Director, RF Engineer, or Technical   deployment. Motorola developed       communicating, on a platform

                 24 MALLARD ROAD, NORTH YORK, ONTARIO M3B 1S1 TEL:(416)443-9555 FAX:(416)443-0560
           6893 OAKWOOD DRIVE, UNIT 5, NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6S5 TEL:(905)358-6488 FAX:(905)358-6376
          4540 EASTGATE PARKWAY, UNIT 5, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L4W 3W6 TEL:(905)238-8643 FAX:(905)238-6410
MOBILE Shows in Vegas
                           Among a sea of new products, ranging from carrying cases to public safety system options, MOBILE,
                           for the first time, exhibited at the International Wireless Communications Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.
                           The Expo, which ran from May 17 to 19, is traditionally a showcase for manufacturers, from across
                           North America and the World, to introduce their products to wireless dealers attending the three day
                          In a joint exhibiting partnership with Mobi-Com Communications Solutions, MOBILE presented
                          software which is used in conjunction with two way radio equipment to allow users to track, text and
                          control their fleet and assets. “The response was phenomenal as we had dealers from England and
many parts of the USA very interested in the software and the capabilities it would provide to them,” said MOBILE General
Manager, Lino Di Gennaro.
One of the key factors for many of the attendees interested in the software was the ability to offer their existing customers a
package that is extensive in design, yet easy to use. Since the show, Mobi-Com has received orders and strong interest from
dealers in both Canada and the USA.
If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of the Mobi-Com
software for GPS tracking, text messaging and more, contact your Sales
Representative to arrange a presentation.

              New Product update from Kenwood
Kenwood recently introduced an intrinsically safe radio option for the TK2180/3180 portable radio. These units can be
used for city-wide and on-site radio communications. The intrinsically safe battery and transceiver are CSA approved
and would be utilized in environments where flammable materials such as paints, petroleum, grain dust and other items
are stored.
The Kenwood TK3180 is a durable, feature rich, radio that has excellent audio, a 12 character display, fleetsync
enhanced and is an ideal portable for those looking for a high tier radio at a competitive price.
Please contact your Sales Representative to learn more about this and many other quality products available today
from Kenwood.

                 New From Motorola
                 Motorola recently introduced the CP125 radio to their line-up of CP series products. This economical unit
                 features 4 channels and is available in VHF and UHF, with an 8 character alpha/numeric display. Some of the
                 unique features of this radio: adjustable power level to 2 or 4 watts, a keypad lock function (so users will not
                 accidentally change channels) front programmable buttons, including priority scan, and backlit on/off function.
                 The CP125 is lightweight, comes with a 3 hour rapid rate charger and a one year limited warranty. This radio is
                 targeted for light duty industrial and retail environments and would work well for those looking for an
                 affordable alternative, with many features found in higher tier radios. Please contact your Sales Representative
                 for more information on this and other new products available from Motorola.

         24 MALLARD ROAD, NORTH YORK, ONTARIO M3B 1S1 TEL:(416)443-9555 FAX:(416)443-0560
   6893 OAKWOOD DRIVE, UNIT 5, NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO L2E 6S5 TEL:(905)358-6488 FAX:(905)358-6376
  4540 EASTGATE PARKWAY, UNIT 5, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO L4W 3W6 TEL:(905)238-8643 FAX:(905)238-6410

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