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                                    William L. Call
                              Box 2740 University Station
                                  Murray, KY 42071
                                (270) 762-6897 office
                                (270) 753-7870 home


M.S. Physics, August 1977, Murray State University.
B.A. Physics (minor in math), August 1969, Murray State University.


August 1984 - present: Associate Professor, Department of Industrial & Engineering
Technology, Murray State University. Teach courses in Telecommunications Systems
Management, and formerly Electrical Engineering Technology and Computer
Engineering Technology. Technical interests include fault analysis of electronic systems,
communication-electronics systems, and electronic instrumentation & control.
Educational interests include development and use of case studies in technical

July 1969 - July 1984: Electronic Engineer, College of Science, Murray State University.
Duties were design, construction, and maintenance of a variety of electronic equipment,
primarily for scientific research projects.

August - December 1980: Adjunct Professor, Department of Physics, Murray State
University. Taught "Integrated Electronics" course.

February 1976 - present: Owner of part-time business of consulting, custom engineering,
fabrication, sales and service of electronic equipment.


Call, William L.: "Transmission-Line Fault Location Case Study". Journal of S.M.E.T.
Education: Innovations and Research, January-August 2001 issue.

Call, William L.: “The Wall-Wart Bible”. 73 Amateur Radio Today Magazine, August
2001; reprinted in The Peanut Whistle (journal of the St. Louis QRP Society), 2001
Bonus Issue.
         William L. Call                    VITA                           Page 2

Call, William L.: “An Introduction to Logical Troubleshooting”. Electronic Servicing and
Technology magazine, August 1996.

Call, William L.: "The Digital Bowl Box". Popular Electronics magazine, May 1993;
reprinted in Electronics Hobbyists Handbook, Gernsback Publications, Spring 1994

Call, William L.: "An Expanded-Scale Voltmeter for Improved Battery Monitoring". 73
Amateur Radio Today Magazine, December 1992.

Call, William L.: "A Homemade High-Vacuum Desoldering System". Electronic Servicing
and Technology magazine, November 1988.

Greer, Marlin E. and William L. Call: "Amateur Satellite Communication Links".
Proceedings, RF Technology Expo 1985, sponsored by RF Design magazine.

Numerous articles concerning two-way radio technology and operation have appeared in
local and statewide Amateur-radio newsletters.


Call, William L. and Saleh M. Sbenaty: “Curriculum Integration using Case Study
Approach for the Enhancement of Technology and Engineering Education”. Proceedings
of the American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference & Exposition,
June 2000.

Call, William L.: “The Case of the Stuttering Repeater”. Proceedings of the Southeast
Case Research Association Annual Meeting, February 2000.

Call, William L. and Mel Montgomery: “Transmission-line Fault Location”. Proceedings of
the Southeast Case Research Association Annual Meeting, February 1999. Also
submitted with the final report of the TEFATE NSF grant (Tennessee Exemplary Faculty
for Advanced Technical Education), 1998. This article was an initial work that was later
expanded and accepted for publication in the Journal of S.M.E.T. Education: Innovations
and Research, as noted above.

Numerous presentations concerning two-way radio technology and operation have been
provided at local and statewide Amateur-radio meetings and conventions, and to various
community groups.

                               SOCIETY MEMBERSHIPS

International Society of Certified Electronic Technicians. Member since 1989.
         William L. Call                     VITA                            Page 3

American Society for Engineering Education. Member since 1984.

Military Affiliate Radio System -- member since 1967; have served in various leadership
positions, including Kentucky Director 1977 - 1981.

American Radio Relay League -- life member, since 1966; presently serve as Western
Kentucky Assistant Section Manager; have previously served as area Emergency
Coordinator and Kentucky Section Technical Coordinator.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Presently inactive.

Omicron Delta Kappa -- national leadership fraternity. Presently inactive.

Sigma Pi Sigma -- Physics honor society. Presently inactive.


Appointed to the Editorial Review Board of the Journal of S.M.E.T. Education:
Innovations and Research, a peer-reviewed professional publication, spring 2000 -
present. (S.M.E.T. is for "Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology").

Nominated for "Max Carman Award for Outstanding Teaching", Murray State University,

Certified Electronic Technician (Journeyman, communications) by International Society
of Certified Electronic Technicians, 1988.

"Kentucky Colonel" commission, 1985.

"Operator of the Year" by Kentucky Military Affiliate Radio System, 1982.

Extra Class Amateur radio license, by Federal Communications Commission, 1972.

General Radiotelephone Certification, lifetime, by Federal Communications Commission.
Initially issued as "First Class" certification, 1969.


Serve as President of Murray State University Faculty Senate and Chair of its Executive
Committee, 1999-2002; also presently acting Chair of Finance Committee. Served as
Faculty Senate Vice-President and Chair of Rules Elections & Bylaws Committee 1997-
1999, and Chair of the Handbook & Personnel Committee 1995-1997 and 2000-2001.
        William L. Call                   VITA                           Page 4

Serve as an at-large Faculty Senator 2000 - present, and as a departmental Faculty
Senator 1989-2000. Have served on numerous Faculty Senate committees including
Executive, Handbook & Personnel, Rules Elections & Bylaws, Academic Policies, and
Finance; always two or more committees at any one time since 1993.

Served as Faculty Senate representative to the Provost Search Committee, 1999 - 2000.

Served on the President's Cabinet, 1999 - 2000.

Served as a representative of MSU to TEFATE (Tennessee Exemplary Faculty for
Advanced Technical Education) and SEATEC (South East Advanced Technological
Consortium), consecutive NSF-funded projects centered in Tennessee, 1996-2000.

Served as Faculty Senate representative to the University Review of General Education
Committee 1995-96.

Served on Academic Council, and Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Academic
Council 1993-1995.

Served on the University "Natural Hazards Task Force" 1988-1991; served as committee
Secretary 1989-91. Conducted survey of campus hazards (earthquake, etc) and
compiled individualized and summary reports, 1989.

Served as a Director of the MSU Federal Credit Union, and elected as Secretary to the
Board of Directors. Two terms, 1986-92.

Participated in the design of laboratories and facilities for the Collins Industry and
Technology Building 1987-88, and set up and continue to add to and maintain laboratory

Have served on the following collegiate and departmental committees: college Regent's
Award Committee 1989 and 1990 (Committee Chair 1990); college curriculum
committee; departmental retention, long-range planning, and curriculum committees; and
numerous ad hoc and search committees.

Developed one new course: EET319, "Fault Analysis of Electronic Systems", offered
1986 - 1999. Revised EET219, "Electronic Skills Lab 2", in 1986 and again in 1989 into
EET318, and restructured its content in 2000 for TSM219, currently being offered.

Have taught several training courses for local industries in electrical theory and
troubleshooting: four 15-session courses in 1986, three 15-session courses in 1987, one
10-session course in 1996, half of two 6-session courses in 2001, and probably others
not recorded.
        William L. Call                    VITA                           Page 5

Taught courses for the "Summer Challenge" program in 1985 and 1987.

Serve as Faculty Advisor to the MSU Amateur Radio Club, 1985 - present; teach free
non-credit course in Amateur radio, almost every fall and often in spring, since 1970.
Serve as local exam coordinator of radio license exam sessions, both Amateur and FCC
Commercial; about five exams per year since 1988.


Provide volunteer consulting support and backup WKMS-FM engineer, 1992 - present.

Serve as Communications Officer to Calloway County Disaster and Emergency
Management Agency, 1988 - present. In this capacity, both operational and
technological support is provided.

Provide scientific equipment consulting and maintenance support to MSU Physics,
Chemistry, Biology, and Geosciences departments. Active support 1984 - 1989; informal
consulting support 1984 - present.

Provide radio-communications consulting and maintenance support to MSU Public
Safety, Physical Plant Dept., Calloway County Sheriff, City of Murray, KY Water Patrol &
State Police, Calloway County Fire-Rescue Squad, D.E.S. Rescue squad, USA Mobile
Paging, Barnett Communications, Trenholm Communications, and several other local
and regional businesses. Varying service to each as requested, 1976 - present.

Provide computer and electronic equipment advice and repair to numerous area
individuals and businesses, 1976 - present.

Designed and built many electronic scoring units for area school academic and math
teams, 1983 - 1994.

Provided repair and rework service to KY Fish and Wildlife Department on fish
electroshockers. Service as requested, 1984 - 1992.

Member of consulting team from MSU to evaluate ability of Martin-Marietta Gaseous-
Diffusion plant near Paducah to withstand and respond to earthquakes, 1989. My area
was Communications Systems; authored 27-page report that was submitted to the team

                          COMMUNITY SERVICE ACTIVITIES

Member, Kiwanis Club of Murray, 1990 - present; served as club Vice-President 1992-
1993 and President 1993-1994; served as Division Lt-Governor 1998-1999; served as
        William L. Call                   VITA                         Page 6

club Treasurer 1995-1998 and 2000 - present. Participated in numerous service and
fund-raising activities.

Member, Board of Directors, Kentucky-Tennessee Kiwanis Foundation, 2000 - present.

Member, Board of Directors, Ohio Valley Christian Camp (an area Christian youth camp),
1981 - present; serve as Board President 1988 - present.

Faculty Advisor (since 1985) and Board Member (since 1970), Murray Christian
Fellowship (a MSU Christian campus ministry); Board President 1992 - present.

Provided "Radio Merit Badge" class for area Scouting Merit Badge Day, 2000.

Provided "Electronics" course for area 4-H group, 1999 and 2000.

Rev. 12/21/01

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