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									                                                                                                     Building confidence through riding

              4501 Cap Stine Rd, Frederick MD 21703
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    Victory Equine Centre/Victory Riding Club                                                Payment by:  Credit card*            Check      Cash
    Riding Lesson Contract/Release Agreement                                                 *Authorization or card swiped Paid_________Date__________

Name:                                                                                                          Birthdate:
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Home Phone:                                                          Work:                                      Cell:
E-mail:                                                                       May we e-mail you about activities here?  Yes                No
Emergency contact:                                                                                              Phone:
Please check riding experience:  None                                Walk         Trot              Canter              Jump

Does the Rider have any physical and/or medical health conditions, problems, and/or disorders that may affect his or her safety
and ability to ride?  No  Yes:

Riding Lesson 4- or 6-week Session Level*                                                                       Dates:
*Lesson sessions or private lessons must be paid in advance; payment is non-refundable. Nonpayment policy: to Collections after 90 days.
Makeup lessons are permitted during the session timeframe. Instructor will evaluate skills at free-trial lesson and at the end of each session.
NOTICE: Victory Equine Centre provides helmets ONLY for the free-trial lesson, but makes NO representation or
warranties regarding the extent these helmets will protect against any injury. All students must purchase their own
properly fitted protective helmet meeting current SEI safety standards and wear it whenever they ride. Students also
will wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes with a heel while riding, no sneakers.
RELEASE OF LIABILITY: In consideration of being permitted to use horses and equipment owned by, or in the care,
custody and control of Cedar Ridge Farm Egyptian Arabians, LLC (CRF) (Victory Riding Club/Victory Equine Centre), the
undersigned (Rider) and his or her family, estate, heirs or assigned, hereby agree to release and hold harmless CRF, its agents
and employees from and against any claim, action, damage, expense, loss or liability paid, suffered, or incurred, whether
foreseen or unforeseen, while on CRF premises or as a result of the use by Rider of such equipment and horses. Rider has been
informed of and agrees to be bound by the rules and regulations affecting the use of such equipment and horses, which may be
posted from time to time in the barn or announced by an authorized agent or employee of CRF. Rider acknowledges that he or
she has received and read the “Riding Safety and Barn Rules” brochure, has been advised of the inherent risks of equine
activities, that horses and ponies are sometimes unpredictable and there is risk of serious bodily injury or death involved in
grooming, handling, and riding horses, and with such knowledge, Rider hereby agrees to assume such risk.
Rider and/or parent/guardian acknowledge that I/we have read and fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the
above Riding Lesson Contract and Release Agreement, and that is binding on my heirs, executors, and assigns. I/we represent
and warrant that I/we have authority to give this release.

                     Rider’s Signature:                                                                                    Date

          Guardian Signature if Rider is less than 18 years of age                                                         Date

                  Cedar Ridge Farm Egyptian Arabians, LLC, 4501 Cap Stine Road, Frederick, MD 21703
   Barn: (301) 631-2722 Cell: (702) 845-6752 E-mail: VictoryEquine@aol.com www.crfegypt.com/Victory Riding Club

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