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Chapter 15
 Financial Operations
   Squadron Dues

   Area Dues

   National Dues
              Squadron Revenue
   Dues
          Squadron decided dues, yet must use restraint.
          May not charge honorary members dues.
          Dues go to EMC, not National HQ

   Fundraising
          Be creative, do things that other people have not
           done, you never know the outcome.

       •You can fine, but it must be stated in your governing
                  Area Revenue
   Dues
          Used to fund Area HQ. Must not exceed 25% of
           renewal rate for academic year.
          Dues go to EMC, not National HQ

    •Fund Transfer
           •Outgoing HQ must transfer at least $90 plus $6
           per squadron to the incoming HQ, NLT last
           business session of NATCON

           •Same as Squadron policy
                   National HQ
   Dues
         50% of AFA Membership

•Initiate Fees
      •   Must cover cost of ribbon, certificate, and card

      •Operating budget of HQ will be provided and voted
      on at Executive Board Meeting.

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