Hostess Coaching by xiuliliaofz


									                           Hostess Coaching Verbiage
Phone Etiquette – It is important when you are making calls to your hostesses that you ask some preliminary
questions BEFORE you begin talking about her spa. Here is a script for you to follow.
Hi, is _______ there? Hi, ________, this is ________ with BeautiControl. Is this a good time?

If yes, then continue with script below. If no, ask, “When would be a better time?”

Then set a time that works for both of you and call her back then. This call will take less than 5 minutes (unless she has a
bunch of questions).

At Spa
       I’m so excited that you have invited me to spa you and your friends.
       The most important thing to me is for you to get as many FREE products as possible!!
       Lets go over the information I just gave you:
             o Hostess Envelope
             o BC Hostess Letter
             o Set Sheet
             o 1 Catalog – DO NOT give away your product guide (write her name across the front)
             o 5 business cards – when someone wants to take your product guide give them a business card instead
                 and send them to my website. Have them check things out there and to order thru you.
             o Samples – use these to get pre-orders. Pre-order form
             o Pre-order form – write orders here. They can pay with cash, check made out to me or with credit card.
       When you go home tonight I want you to start making your WISH LIST. Your wish list lets me know what
        products you would like to earn for FREE. Tell me, what one product you wanted tonight that you did not get?
        Let’s go ahead and write this down on your wish list on the envelope. When you get home look through the
        catalog and shop! It is important you do that tonight or tomorrow so you remember what the products were
        from the spa tonight. When you send me your completed wish list either by email or by mail, postmarked
        within 2 days, you will receive a special gift!
       Then you need to create your GUEST LIST. Think of your friends and family who would love to get pampered
        and learn how to take time for themselves! You will want to invite 24 – 30 guests so we have 8 – 10 there. If
        you need some help thinking of 30 people then you can look at your hostess envelope and use the FRANK list.
        (explain FRANK). Encourage her to call everyone and invite them in person and let her know that you will be
        sending out the invitations about 2 weeks before the spa. When you send me your guest list within 2 days via
        email or postmarked within 2 days I will have another special gift for you at your spa! Try to make it as complete
        as you can, but if you need to get me a couple addresses later, that is fine too. Just put their name down and I
        will know that I need to remind you to get me the address.
       Write down the day that you need to receive guest list/wish list on envelope.

48 hours after Booking
       If you received guest list/wish list:
             o Thanks for returning your list. Based on your wish list, you will want to have ______ in sales so that you
                 can earn everything free. You will want to also have 2 future bookings scheduled from your spa. To
                 help you reach that goal you will want to have 8 or more purchasing guests at the spa. Also, having at
                 least $100 in pre-spa sales will be important. Plus, when you reach those goals you will receive more
          o    The samples in your hostess envelope can be used for your pre-spa orders and bookings. Make sure you
               pass those out to friends and family who will not be at the spa so that they can help you by either
               placing an order or booking a spa.
     If you have not received guest list/wish list:
           o Hi there. I just wanted to check in with you to see if you have emailed your guest list out. Sometimes it
               gets lost in cyberspace so I wanted to be sure you have my email address correct. I will need to get both
               your guest list and your wish list by _______ (1 week after booking) to hold that date for you. Do you
               think you can do that? Great! I will email or call you when I receive your lists.

3 Weeks Before Spa Date
     (IF THEY GOT THEIR SKIN CARE ALREADY)  How do you love your skin care? (you want to talk with her and
      make sure she is using it correctly as well as loving it because then she will SELL your skincare for you at her spa)
     (IF THEY HAVE NOT GOTTEN THEIR SKIN CARE ALREADY)  I want to remind you that you can get your skincare
      maintenance set at 40% off! I would love to send that to you now so that you can start using it before your spa
      and your guests will see the difference and want it for themselves.
     You will want to call each of your guests to let them know you have included them in this EXCLUSIVE spa night
      and to be on the lookout for the invitation in the mail. This is important because this gives your guests more
      time to plan and sometimes postcards get lost in the mail and then people don’t know they are invited. I have
      seen some friends get upset because another friend got invited and they didn’t (or so they think).
     (Go over guest list to make sure it is correct. Also remind her to work on the pre-spa orders and how to get pre-
      spa bookings from those who can’t come.) Remind her of the samples she can use to get them.
     I will give you a call next week to see how things are going for you

2 Weeks Before Spa Date
     Hi! I will be mailing your invitations out this week. Did you want have anyone you would like to add?
      Remember just for having 8 buying guests at the spa you are going to get a gift! However, there are always
      those last minute things, so you will want to have 10-12 RSVPS to guarantee 8 guests.
     Were you able to give everyone on your guest list a call? Great! I look forward to meeting them all!
     I want to explain how the spa will work. I will arrive about 30 min prior to the spa starting to set up. I will need
      you to be ready when I get there so I have time to give you your special treatments prior to your guests arriving.
     Plan comfy seating. Pillows on the floor is fine, couches etc. I will need a small table set up for my display. Do
      you have one I can use? (make arrangements for the table) I will also be using your microwave when I get
      there. And remember that I will use your bathroom and kitchen sinks as well, so you want to have those
     When I come I will want to find you all relaxed and ready to be Spa! You do not have to cook a meal in fact
      when you go to a spa they always have like lemon water or some finger foods just keep refreshment simple.
     Let’s review your wish list. Are you looking forward to earning all of your FREE products?
     Remember PRE- SPA ORDERS are KEY to reaching your goal of $________. I want to challenge you this week to
      get $100 in outside orders. When you do, call me right away and I will bring what I have with me to your spa.
      With $100 in pre-orders you will receive a gift. (This can be a product off her wish list if you want.) So make
      sure to let each guest that can’t come see the catalog OR give them one of my business cards and send them to
      my website. Be sure to have them call you with their order. Also, make sure you ask them if they would like to
      book their own party since they cannot come to yours. REMEMBER YOU can be one of your bookings!
     I am so excited to be working with you. I am really looking forward to our spa appointment.

5 Days Before Spa
     Hi! Is this a good time? Your spa invites are out and you should be receiving RSVPs by now. Has anyone given
      you a call to let you know they can come? If they have had a good response, say “Great! I will call you back in a
      few days to get a final count.
     If they have not had many RSVP’s say, “Ok, you will want to call everyone to remind them of the spa and to let
      the guests that do plan to attend know that if they bring a friend they will get a gift. (this can be a baggie of bath
      minerals) Maybe they have forgotten to RSVP.
     How are your pre-spa orders coming? I would like to bring what you already have for orders with me. I will call
      the day before the spa to get all your per orders. I encourage you to keep going with your pre-spa orders. The
      higher your pre-spa orders the less we need to get during your spa. (If she has not reached her goal of $100,
      then encourage her to keep at it and give her some tips on how to use the samples in her packet)
     Please keep your refreshments light and simple so YOU can relax! I have found that finger foods work the best!
     I will be arriving at your house at ___ (time) on the day of your spa. Please have yourself ready when I get there.
      I will need 20 minutes with you for your treatments before you guests arrive.
     I will call you the day before your spa to get your final guest count and directions to your house.

Day Before the Spa
     I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night and meeting your friends. How many guests are confirmed?
     What are your pre-spa orders? I will have them filled and ready for you if possible.
     Let’s review the spa and how it will work (no small children, etc.)
     I will NOT be using product guides at the spa so it would be appreciated if you don’t pull your catalog out.
     I also need directions to your house.
     I will see you tomorrow at ____ (time)!

Day After Spa
     Send a “Thank You” card.

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