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					 Earn More Copywriting
 Joshua T Boswell ~ “The Spellbinder”
 2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~

Thank you for your interest
in my copywriting services ...

     Now maybe you have asked for this information kit out of curiosity. Some
folks do - especially those who never hired a freelance copywriter before.

     But, more likely, you need a good direct response or fundraising
copywriter--someone who combines writing skill and sales ability with industry
know-how and product knowledge.

    Whatever your reason for calling or writing, you want to know more about a
writer before you hire him. If we were sitting face-to-face, chatting in your
office, you'd ask me questions. Let me try to answer a few of those questions
right here.


    As a freelancer, I've written copy for dozens of for-profit and non-profit
organizations all across the country. This copy has consistently performed
above industry standards and brought in millions of dollars for my clients.

     My writing ability is strengthened with an in-depth knowledge of people
skills and sales skills. I have taught seminars on marketing, fundraising,
sales, management, and the power of understanding personalities in family and
business environments (a real plus to not only getting along with people, but
also in persuading them.)

    As a graduate of several highly specialized courses, I have advanced
training in fundraising, politics, and copywriting.

    Before becoming a freelancer, I founded and operated 3 separate
corporations, which included a professional speakers bureau, custom software and
website development company and telemarketing center. The attached material will
give you the full story.


     I am a graduate of the American Writers and Artist Institute’s direct
response course (AWAI is the industry leader in copywriter’s training).

     I am also a graduate of the GOP’s prestigious and exclusive Campaign
Management College and their Finance School. I have extensive background in
fundraising and copywriting for national and international organizations. As you
know, fundraising and politics is all about direct response.

Most important to you, I’m a direct mail specialist. Writing direct response
and fundraising copy isn’t something I do to pass the time between TV
commercials ... it’s my bread and butter. So I put all my skills, passion,
knack, know-how and experience into every piece of direct response and
fundraising copy I write. And, after writing hundreds of fundraising letters,
articles, brochures, sales letters and websites for people like you, I’ve

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learned how to take every day experiences and mold them into compelling copy
that motivates donors, consumers, voters, and fence-sitters into taking action
... like cutting a check.

                     "DO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE IN MY FIELD?"

    If you are a non-profit organization or business that reaches out to buyers
and donors through direct response, chances are I already have experience
dealing with your type of cause, product or service -- or something very

    Take a look at my writing samples enclosed with this letter. Do they seem
"right up your alley"? If not, give me a call, and we can discuss your specific
needs. Either way, I only approach organizations and business that I can feel -
- and write - passionate about. You’ll be getting my very best.


    I cover the full spectrum. About 75 percent of my business is writing
direct response copy such as sales letters, email campaigns, fundraising
letters, etc... The rest involves creating a wide assortment of marketing
communications materials, including ads, feature articles, slide presentations,
telemarketing scripts, press releases, newsletters, speeches, web pages, and
Internet direct mail.

    My specialty is my ability to weave compelling stories into my copy.     This
writing style charges people emotionally and produces excellent results.

    I am able to quickly grasp complex fundraising and marketing problems.
Clients appreciate the fact that I can sit down with executive directors,
marketing managers, sales personnel, printers, techies and development directors
and speak their language.

    What's more, my copy gets results. One letter, written for a large national
organization, was their top performing letter, bringing in a 28% response rate
and boosting their donations by over 225%.

    Another piece of copy, a donor acquisition direct mail/telemarketing
combination campaign I wrote for a pro-family organization brought in over 2,500
new donors and netted them more than $45,000... in less than 30 days.

    I can't predict how many responses my direct response piece will pull for
you. But I can — and do — guarantee your satisfaction with the copy you receive
from me.

                      "DO YOU OFFER CONSULTING SERVICES?"

    In addition to writing copy, I also work with many of my clients as a
consultant, helping them plan marketing and fundraising campaigns that generate
maximum response. They're pleased and happy to get on-target advice that works -
at an affordable fee — and they like the fact that I don't charge a monthly


     A Copy Critique provides an objective review of a direct response package,
telemarketing script, finance plan, brochure, ad or fundraising package. You can

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                                -Page Three-
have me critique either an existing piece OR a draft of copy in progress. It's
up to you.

     When you order a Copy Critique, you get a written report of two or more
single-spaced typed pages that analyzes your copy in detail. I tell you what's
good about it and what works ... what doesn't work ... what should be changed
... and how. My critique covers copy, design, strategy, and offer. It also
includes specific directions for revisions and rewriting, although I do not
write or rewrite copy for you under this arrangement.

     A Copy Critique is ideal for clients who want a "second opinion" on a piece
of copy, or who need new ideas to inject life into an existing package that's no
longer working. It also enables you to sample my services at far less cost than
you'd pay to have me write your copy from scratch.


     For any copywriting assignment — a direct response package, a sales letter,
an ad, a brochure, a feature article, a Web site — just let me know what you
have in mind and I'll quote you a price. The enclosed "Schedule of Estimated
Fees" gives typical prices for a variety of different projects.


     “I have worked with Joshua in some troubling circumstances and have found
him to handle whatever is thrown his way in an extremely professional and timely
manner.” reports Dan Morgan, president of Morgan, Meredith & Associates, “He has
shown himself to be a good leader and works incredibly hard in achieving the
goals and objectives assigned to him.”

     Kim Lehman, director of Iowa Right to Life said: “Like most right to life
groups, the director wears many hats, including fundraiser. That has worked for
a while, but eventually we are faced with finding new donors. This becomes
difficult because more and more time must be dedicated to fundraising and less
time on what we are really about ... saving lives. I highly recommend Joshua for
organizations like mine.”

     A list of clients and a testimonial sheet are enclosed.


    Ideally I like to have 2-3 weeks to work on your copy. That gives me the
time to research, polish, edit, and revise until I'm happy with every word.

    However, I realize you can't always wait that long. So if the job is a rush,
just indicate the date by which you must receive the copy on the enclosed order
form. If I take on the job, I guarantee that you will have the copy on your desk
by this deadline date - or sooner. No matter what the deadline, the copy I
submit to you will be right. You can depend on it.


     Just tell me what you want improved and what the changes are, and I'll make
them ... fast. There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are included in the
flat fee we've agreed to for the assignment, provided they are assigned within
30 days of your receipt of the copy and are not based on a change in the

                                                               Over, please...
                                -Page Four-
assignment made after copy has been submitted.

    Most clients are pleased and enthusiastic about my copy when they receive
it. But if you are not 100 percent satisfied, I will revise the copy according
to your specific guidelines ... and at my expense.
                           "HOW DO I ORDER FROM YOU?"

    Putting me to work for you is easy. First, just tell me about your client
base and the product, service or cause you are focused on. Send me your
brochure, catalog, product, or any other literature that will give me the
background information I need to write your copy. Use the enclosed order form as
a guideline. But don't worry about organizing anything - I'll do that. If I
have any questions, I'll pick up the phone and ask.

    When you give me the go-ahead, I'll write the assignment for you. You will
receive your copy on or before the deadline date. And remember: it is
guaranteed to please you.

    Dozens of organizations and companies - including the Google, Microsoft,
Verizon, The Hydrocephalus Association, Catholic Near East Welfare Association,
Republican Congressional Committee, United Families International, Twin Creek
Ranches, Upstream Academy, and Boy Scouts of America - have found my copy ideal
for promoting business and increasing their direct response results.

     So... why not try my service for your next direct response letter, feature
article, press release, ad, e-mail, fundraising letter, or brochure? I promise
you'll be delighted with the results.


                           Joshua Boswell

P.S. If you have an immediate need call me right now at (801) 794-4960 or e-mail
     me the details at There is no charge to discuss your
job with you and give you a cost estimate. And there is no obligation to buy.

                     Joshua Boswell’s Clients Say It Best!

“I really like what you have done with this package. The energy is great and
you do a darn good job of selling me on the package. Another thing that
impressed me was how well you handled this assignment. The speed and
professionalism in which you handled this project was excellent.”
~Patrick Coffey, BizOps Manager for Early to Rise

“I have worked with many other copywriters in political and business
campaigns and Joshua is by far the best I’ve ever seen.”
~Alan Mikkelsen, Stonewall Consulting & Mediation

"Good work on both the full letter and the brochure. You’ve done a great job
and turned things around so quickly. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of
working with you – especially the high quality of writing. Your experience
and skill is plainly evident.”
~ Bernie Schroeder, Corel Corporation
    Earn More Copywriting
    Joshua T Boswell ~ “The Spellbinder”
    2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~


        "Good work on both the full letter and the brochure. You’ve done a great job and turned things around so
quickly. I’ve really enjoyed the experience of working with you – especially the high quality of writing. Your experience
and skill is plainly evident. I wonder if you would be willing to provide our staff writers with some written details on how
and why you did what you did with this package. Perhaps you would even be kind enough to join us on a conference call
and give some training? I think it would really help them all out. Very nice work Joshua. I’m really pleased."

                                                                          Bernie Schroeder, Direct Marketing Manager
                                                                                                    Corel Corporation

      “Joshua, thank you for making the Vice President's trip to Montana a success. You wrote some excellent
promotional pieces, created an outstanding invitation, put in a lot of calls and hard work.”

                                                                                  Doug Hoelscher, Political Coordinator
                                                                                                     The White House

        “I really like what you have done with this package. The energy is great and you do a darn good job of selling me
on the package. Another thing that impressed me was how well you handled this assignment. This was not an easy
project. You needed to write this for something that does not even exist. The speed and professionalism in which you
handled this project was excellent.”

                                                                                         Patrick Coffey, BizOps Manager
                                                                                                            Early to Rise

“I have worked with him in some troubling circumstances and have found him to handle whatever is thrown his way in an
extremely professional and timely manner. He works incredibly hard in achieving the achieve the best in the assignments
given to him.”

                                                                                                Dan Morgan, President
                                                                                       Morgan, Meredith and Associates

       “I have observed first hand, and more closely than most, how he conducts himself with his employees, clients, and
business associates. He is a man of impeccable honesty. He is open and forthright with everyone I have seen him deal
with. He is deeply loved and appreciated by many, many people, especially those that work closest with him.”

                                                                                               Annette Higbee, President
                                                                                                  Anna Bouche Clothing

                                                                                                (over, please...)
       “I consider Joshua to be an outstanding individual. He is highly motivated, well organized, grounded in his faith,
devoted to his family and committed to his beliefs. Joshua is a relentless salesman.
         Many times in party politics we continue to do things that don’t work year after year. Joshua brings unique real
world entrepreneurial experience to his work in party politics. His determination to try new things and take calculated
risks is refreshing.”

                                                                               Patrick Davis, Regional Political Director
                                                                              National Republican Senatorial Committee

“He is a tireless and efficient worker, and is of the highest moral character. I have worked with five other finance
directors in political campaigns and Joshua is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I look forward to working with him in the

                                                                                             Alan Mikkelson, Consultant
                                                                                      Stonewall Consulting and Mediation

       “Like most right to life groups, as the director, I wear many hats, including fundraiser. That worked for a while,
but eventually we were faced with finding new ways to reach our donors. This becomes difficult because more and more
time must be dedicated to fundraising and less time on what we are really about -- saving lives.
       Joshua Boswell is able and willing to expand the methods of how we fundraise. From a pledge program which
provides a more reliable funding source, to our direct mail fundraising, he does an excellent job.”

                                                                                                      Kim Lehman, Director
                                                                                                         Iowa Right to Life

        “In a work environment – fundraising- that seems to have more than its share of scoundrels, liars, and outright
thieves, Joshua is truly a shining exception. He is scrupulously honest, practices only the highest of business ethics, is of
impeccable moral character, and treats his clients with respect and dignity. Quite simply, his honor and integrity are
beyond reproach.”

                                                                                                   Randl Ockey, Principal
                                                                                                   Wheelwright Publishing

      “Joshua Boswell provides a fresh and creative approach to copywriting. Reading his Hallmark-like copy is an
exhilarating experience, one can't help but say, 'Why didn't I think to write that?!”

                                                                                          Chris Miranda, Program Director
                                                                                             Young America’s Foundation
Earn More Copywriting
Joshua T Boswell ~ “The Spellbinder”
2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~

                        Joshua T Boswell: Clients & Experience
                                                  A Partial List

   Accelerated Training Services
         Professional Copywriter Training
   Agora Publishing
         International Publishing and Information Products
   Americans for Technology Leadership
         Free Market Solutions to Americas Technology Issues
   American Writer & Artists Institute
         Premier Copywriter Training
   Anna Bouche Clothing
        Children Clothing Line
   Association for Competitive Technology
         Consumer and Technology Industry Advocate
   Best Workmanship
         Professional Contractors Services
   Blue Cross – Blue Shield
         National Health Insurance Provider
   Boy Scouts of America, Prickly Pear District & Montana Council
         Boy Scouts of America
   Brad Johnson for Secretary of State
         State Political Campaign
   Catalyst Marketing
         National Direct Mail and Marketing Group
   Castle Valley Ranches
         Corporate and Executive Retreats
   Catholic Near East Welfare Association
         International Humanitarian Organization
   California Pro-Life Council
         National Right to Life Affiliate
   Citizens for Decency
         Pro-Family, Anti-Obscenity Organization
   Computer House Calls
         Computer Repair Company
   CorDor, Inc.
         Custom Website Design Company
   Corel Corporation
         International Software Giant
   Christian Children’s Fund
         International Children’s Relief Organization
   DePratu Ford
         Ford Dealerships
   Duane Grimes for State Auditor
         State Political Campaign
   Early to Rise
         International eZine and Information Publications
   Family Dentistry, Joseph L Ostheller, DDS
         Dental Office
   Google, Inc
         World’s Leading Search Engine
                                                                                           (over, please...)
Helena Motors
      Ford & Toyota Dealership
Help Our Moral Environment (H.O.M.E)
      Pro-Family, Anti-Pornography Organization
Holladay Dentistry
      Dental Office
Hudson Institute
      International Think Tank
Hydrocephalus Association
      Hydrocephalus Education and Support Organization
Idaho State Republican Party
      State Political Party
Iowa Right to Life
      National Right to Life Affiliate
Jim Alverson for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
      State Political Campaign
Kalmor Dentistry
      General Dentistry for Children
Ken Miller for Governor
      State Political Campaign
Making it Mine
      Customized Gifts
Mike Taylor for US Senate
      US Senate Race
      World's Number One Software Provider
Missouri Right to Life
      National Right to Life Affiliate
Montana Family Coalition
      Pro-Family Organization
Montana State Republican Party
      State Political Party
National Republican Party Campaign Management College
      Exclusive Political Training School
National Republican Party Finance School
      Exclusive Fundraising School
Pentagon Valuation
      Commercial Property Valuation
Richard Boswell, Author
      Private Investigation Suspense Novels
Right to Life of Montana
      National Right to Life Affiliate
Stonewall Consulting & Mediation
      Political Consulting Firm
The Senior Coalition
      Seniors' Advocacy Group
United Families International
      International Pro-Family Organization
Upstream Academy
      CPA Firm Training
Van Lierop Bulb Farms
      International Flower and Bulb Farm
      Telecommunications Company
Wheelwright Publishing
      Indexing, Copywriting and Publishing Services
                            How I Write
             Joshua T Boswell
                        “The Spellbinder”
From his office in the quaint town of Spanish Fork, UT, Joshua
Boswell has mastered the art of weaving compelling stories
into his copy. Rich with emotion and real life, his stories
move donors and buyers alike to action today and leave lasting
impressions for tomorrow... a tremendous benefit for anyone
looking to create repeat business.

He has made a specialty of direct response, he says, because
it allows him to reach out and effectively assist companies
and organizations in accomplishing their worthy causes. The
results of these direct mail and fundraising efforts are
measurable and have a clear impact.

Here is an insight on how and why he does what he does...

Why: It's an impulse bordering      A direct-mail package that is     Another tip: Specialize in an
on addiction. I have a passion      successful and is mailed          industry (e.g., health care) or
for worthy causes and products      repeatedly is called a "control." style (e.g., storytelling as I
that change people's lives. I                                         have). Specialists are more in
love writing and communicating in   Studying controls is the best     demand and get paid better than
ways that move people to become     education you can get about what generalists.
better.                             works and what doesn't in direct
                                    mail.                             Writer's Block: I don't get
How: For copywriting, I bury                                          it because I use a method I
myself in extensive research        Research: The more, the           learned from Robert Bly: Work on
until I find a story or a core      better. You are not trying to be many different projects at one
message that has intense            clever; you're trying to be       time. If I get stuck on a direct-
emotional appeal. I weave those     relevant: Find out what about     mail package, I can turn to my
powerful emotions into my headers   this particular product would     book project and write that until
and build an outline. A first       make people want to buy it. You   ideas for the direct-mail piece
draft is created, reviewed an       can never do too much research.   start to flow again. If I have to
polished. Most work is done on a                                      stop the book because I need more
PC, though I do print out and       Success Secrets: In               research, and don't have an idea
read hard copies after each         freelancing copy-writing, the     for the direct mail yet, I turn
draft. Then Margie (my dear wife    people who are busiest and most   to another project, like writing
and on-site editor) goes at it      successful are those who are the a Website or ad. And so on.
with a red pen. Alternating         best at marketing and promoting
between hard copy and PC for        themselves, and providing         Other Advice: Reading a book
draft review helps keep me fresh.   excellent client service. Lots of by someone in the field can shave
                                    people can write copy, but they   years off your learning curve.
Ideas:    For copywriting,          don't know how to get clients.    Whatever you decide to write,
I continually study the market.                                       make up your mind to be the best.
By studying what others are         Another secret: You don't want    It's the only edge you have over
mailing and taking note of which    assignments; you want clients.    your competitors. Be a student of
direct-mail packages are being      Too many freelance writers fail   your craft and art. Bob Bly's
mailed over and over again, you     to realize the profits are in     Secrets of a Freelance Writer and
can find out what is working and    repeat orders from the same       Peter Bowerman's The Well-Fed
adapt those winning techniques.     client, and don't do nearly       Writer are two I recommend.
                                    enough to cultivate good client
                                                 Getting to Know
                                 Joshua T Boswell
         Obscure Beginnings                         A Growing Family                 working for a nationally known
                                                                                     public speaker. Starting out as office
In 1973, Oceanside California was, as       Shortly after returning from
                                                                                     help, Joshua quickly found his way to
yet, an untouched community. The            Holland, Joshua met and married
                                                                                     being Mr. Ledbetter's right-hand-
population consisted mostly of              Margie Andersen of Mesa, Arizona.
                                                                                     man. It was not long before he too
military families, tomato farmers and
                                            Shortly being the key word there.        found a passion for speaking, training
migrant workers. But even putting all
                                            They met on a Friday night, got          and improving other's lives.
those together didn't give you a huge
                                            engaged on the following Tuesday
population.                                                                         After 4 years of traveling around the
                                            night and were married within 2
                                                                                    country giving speeches and
It was in this obscure setting that         months. It was a whirlwind romance
                                                                                    seminars, Joshua realized that
Joshua Boswell came into the world.         – truly love at first sight.
                                                                                    traveling life did not equal family life.
His father was a border patrol agent        Today the family whirlwind has not So he stared a technology company
and his mother a fine domestic              slowed down. Joshua and Margie are designing custom database driven
goddess commanding a family of 3            the proud parents of 6 (almost 7)       websites.
boys and one girl. They lived in a          children – 2 Girl and 5 Boys.
                                                                                    With a focus on working with non-
lonely house at the top of a large hill
                                            One look inside the Boswell's           profit organizations, the technology
on the far outskirts of town. Tomato
                                            lifestyle assures you that their family company regularly became involved
fields surrounded them on every side,
                                            is the primary focus. When Joshua is in a number of fundraising efforts.
extending to the east almost as far as
                                            not writing, he is working – or
the eye could see.                                                                  Since then Joshua has helped earn
                                            playing – with his family.
                                                                                    millions of dollars for non-profit,
     Vast Cultural Experience
                                            He says, “Why the focus on family? political, and for-profit organizations
But Joshua was not destined to stay         Because I believe that at the end of alike through powerful direct mail
on that lonely hilltop. Before he           the day no success in life, no matter package, email campaigns, websites,
graduated from High School, his             how great, can compensate for           brochures and events.
family had moved more than 15               failure in the home.”
                                                                                    Joshua currently works as a freelance
times from California to Illinois (and
                                            He adds, “When I was a teenager my copywriter, specializing in direct
everywhere in between) putting
                                            mom cared for elderly people in our response, PR, and marketing
Joshua in 11 elementary schools, 2
                                            home. I saw some very wealthy,          consulting.
middle schools and one high school.
                                            successful people at the end of their
                                                                                    Joshua laughs at the irony of
Following high school, Joshua set out       lives without a single loved one
                                                                                    becoming a professional writer, “My
on his own with a move to Europe            around them as they passed on. It
                                                                                    junior year in high school, my
where he lived in the Netherlands for       was tragic. I vowed then to make
                                                                                    English teacher pulled me aside and
two years as a missionary serving the       family the central focus of my life.”
                                                                                    gave me a searing critique of a short
Dutch people. Those years had a
                                            A large family has had other benefits story I wrote - too wordy and bad
profound impact on Joshua. He says,
                                            as well, providing Joshua with a        grammar she said. Maybe she was
“I learned to understand people from
                                            point of reference to relate to and     right... but it sure pays well!”
all walks of life - their passions, their
                                            understand almost any anyone from
fears, their dreams.”
                                            almost any background.                  For more information, Joshua - also
Joshua did not know it yet but those                                                known as “The Spellbinder” for his
                                                     Business Background
moves would give him a tremendous                                                   unique writing style - can be reached
insight into different places and           A varied cultural experience has        at directly at (801) 794-4960 or
people – a reservoir of knowledge           been coupled with multi-faceted
and experience that continues to            business experiences.
serve him well.
                                            As a newlywed Joshua landed a job
                                                 Earn More Copywriting
      2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~
   Earn More Copywriting
   Joshua T Boswell ~ “The Spellbinder”
   2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~

                                        Schedule of Estimated Fees
                                            Se rv ice D esc ri ptio n                                   Pric e
                            Fundraising/Sales Letter                                       $1,500 - $5,000 +
                            Direct-mail package, lead generation                           $2,500 - $5,500 +
                            Direct-mail package - mail order                               $2,500 - $9,000 +
                            Fundraising package - house file                               $2,000 - $5,000 +
                            Fundraising package - acquisition                              $2,500 - $5,000 +
                            Telemarketing Script                                           $500 - $2,500
                            Renewal series                                                 $1,500 - $2,500/letter
                            Blanket renewal insert                                         $2,500 - $3,500
                            Self-mailer                                                    $2,500 - $5,500
                            Postcard or double postcard                                    $950 - $2,750
                            Brochure                                                       $750 - $1,500/page
                            Newsletter                                                     $600 - $1,500/page
                            Feature story                                                  $1 - $1.50/word
                            Press Release (1-2 pages)                                      $500 - $1,000
                            Website - home page                                            $1,500 - $3,500
                            Website - other pages                                          $750 - $1,250/page
                            email, short copy                                              $1,250 - $3,000
                            email, long copy                                               $2,000 - $6,000
                            e-zine ad                                                      $600 - $850
                            Landing page                                                   $950 - $3,000
                            Microsite                                                      $3,000 - $7,000
                            Copy critique                                                  $400 - $1,200

    Most sales and fundraising letters will also incur a $.01 to $.03 per piece or 1% to 5% of gross commission. Exact
                           commission (if any), pricing and terms will be finalized with signed
                                 contract and may affect price thresholds indicated above.
Signed agreement (provided by Earn More, Inc) required for all jobs. Copywriting fees are payable 50% in advance, balance upon
delivery. Copy critique fees are payable in full, in advance.
All revisions must be assigned within 30 days of receipt of copy. Two rewrites are made free of charge unless the revision is based on
a change in the assignment made after copy is submitted.
Listed fees are guidelines only. Call today for a prompt price quotation on your specific assignment.
NOTE: This fee schedule current as of May 2006 and valid for 90 days from date of receipt. Be sure to call for current fee schedule
when ordering copy or consulting service.
Earn More Copywriting
Joshua T Boswell ~ “The Spellbinder”
2515 Spanish Oaks Drive, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 ~ (801) 794-4960 ~ ~

                                 Online Copywriting Fee Schedule
      Mic rosi te - $3,0 00 - $7,500
      A long-copy dedicated Web site designed to sell a product - such as a newsletter, e-book, or conference -
      directly. The online equivalent of a 6 to 8-page sales letter.

      Lon g-cop y la ndi ng p age — $3,00 0 - $5,00 0
      Abbreviated version of the microsite. The online equivalent of a 2 to 4-page letter. Used for b-to-b offers and
      products that require less description (e.g., software).

      S hort-copy lan din g pa ge — $9 50
      A simple landing page for a product or offer. Often used for white papers, software demos, and other inquiry
      fulfillment. The online equivalent of a trade ad: headline, a few paragraphs of descriptive product copy, and
      order portion.

      Trans act ion pa ge — $7 50
      Similar to a short-copy landing page but with even less descriptive product copy; a page designed primarily as
      an online reply form where the visitor can either order the product or (if lead generation) request a free white
      paper or other information.
      Lon g-cop y e -m ail - $2, 000 to $4,0 00
      An e-mail designed to sell a product directly by driving the recipient to a landing page. The online equivalent
      of a 3 to 4-page sales letter.
      Teas er e-ma il - $1,0 00 to $2,00 0
      A short e-mail designed to drive the readers to a microsite or long-copy landing page where they can order
      the product. The online equivalent of a ½ to 2-page sales letter.

      Le ad -gene ra tion e -ma il — $1,0 00 to $1,50 0
      Similar to the teaser e-mail but the purpose is to drive the readers to a landing page or transaction page where
      they can request a free white paper or other information.

      Onli ne e -mail con ve rsio n se ri es — $75 0 - $1,5 00 pe r effort
      A series of follow-up e-mail messages, sent via auto responder, designed to convert an inquiry into a sale.

      Onli ne ad -$5 00
      A 100-word classified ad to run in an e-zine and drive readers to a microsite or landing page.
      "M ail o rder" pa ck age # 1 - $7,0 00 - $9, 000
      Everything you need to sell a newsletter or other product online; includes a microsite or long-copy landing
      page with two different leads to test, three teaser e-mails, and three online ads.

      Web s ite pa ck age # 2 - $4,5 00 - $6, 000
      A small business or single product line Web site consisting of a home page and 5 to 10 additional pages.

      On goi ng sit e co py m ai nten an ce- 3% of gross sale s
      For a royalty of 3% of gross sales, we remain on call to make minor tweaks and updates, and provide new test
      versions, at no additional fee. Copywriting of major new tests and .versions is quoted separately.
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Google Book Search OpEd #1
Signer: Marie Harris
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2006
Word Count: 640

Google is Giving Authors, Poets and Publishers Their Dream:
To Be Found and Read.
By Marie Harris

As a poet and author, I have but one dream: To touch and inspire people through my
writing. It is a passion that fuels my personal efforts and the efforts of virtually all of my
professional colleagues. My books and poems were not created to sit on a shelf,
collecting dust. They were penned to be read, enjoyed, and loved. They were written to
inspire, teach, and delight.

But far too many authors never realize this dream. Too many wonderful works get set
aside in the extremely competitive publishing world and die slow, sad deaths in library
basements or print shop warehouses. I imagine the same could be said for much that is
written for the worlds of technology, medicine and science.

For this reason alone, every publisher, writer, poet and author in the world should be
warmly embracing the current efforts of Google. Their latest project, called Google
Book Search, entails an almost unimaginable undertaking to create electronic copies of
the entire collection of books found in the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, Oxford,
Michigan State University and the New York Public Library. This enormous amount of
data is being organized, indexed and made available to the world through and

Searchers can query keywords and instantly find books that contain relevant references to
that keyword. They can see the cover of the book and read a sentence or two. In some
cases where the book is out of print, they can even peruse the entire volume. If they like
what they read they can instantly order the book from one of several online supplies or
get information on the nearest library that has their book of interest.

For years now, online publishers and companies have enjoyed the power of free
marketing and expansive exposure that Google type search engines afford. But as an old
style “print” author, my works have largely gone un-promoted and un-noticed in the
search engine world. The Google Book Search project radically changes the playing field
as it gives print publishers and authors an equal opportunity to harness the Internet in
putting their works into readers and researchers hands.

Unfortunately, because of an apparent lack of understanding, or sadly, greed in some
cases, several publishers are a bit disgruntled about the project. They believe that it is an
infringement on copyrighting laws and have sought a resolution in filing a lawsuit against

Copyrights are a very serious thing to me as an author. These laws protect my work and
my good name. It is copyrights that allow me to confidently write and trust that I will be
credited for my work and, if it is good enough, financially rewarded. The Google Book
Search project does exactly that. It is true that Google is copying the entire text of each
book, but not in an effort to resell the book for direct financial gain or in an effort to steal
ideas, concepts or revenues.

Indeed the exact opposite is true. Google is making these works freely available in small
snippets – a sentence or two – just enough to “wet the appetite”, as it were. In some
cases, with publisher and author permissions, a page or two might be available to the
searcher. In sales I believe they call that the “puppy dog close”. In either case, the
original work is being closely safeguarded from piracy and illegal reproduction and the
author and publisher is always credited for their work.

With increased exposure and limited content access, combined with effective
presentation and instant purchasing options, Google has handed a free cornucopia of
opportunity to authors and publishers. The end result could be a significant boost in
authors being read and in readers being inspired, entertained, enlightened and educated.

For most of the authors and publishers that I have spoken with, it is a dream come true.
Verizon Cable/Video IP Service Testimonial – Mayor 1
November 18, 2005
Word Count: 907

There are two major advantages to creating regulations that would allow for a single,
statewide cable franchise approval process: Competition and Increased revenues for cities
like mine.

First, let me address competition. It is a matter of history that markets that are allowed to
operate under little or no competition, eventually see a deterioration in the quality of goods
and services available with a simultaneous increase in the prices consumers are required to
pay to receive the lower quality items.

As you know, this basic fact of market dynamics is exactly why anti-trust laws exist. Yet this
summary almost perfectly encapsulates the current cable market in New Jersey. For more
than 22 years viewers have been severely restricted in their cable options. In fact, only within
the past few years has satellite programs made any headway in providing a second choice.
Even, then progress has been slow. Currently satellite services only command 12% to 15%
of the New Jersey video market. This is substantially below the national average of 21%.
Clearly, competition is not thriving in the cable industry here in New Jersey.

This lack of competition represents a significant disservice to our residents. I recognize that
this is a fairly bold statement. However, I do not make this statement without a substantial
amount of backing.

As Mayor of the city of XXXX I represent over XXXX residents. Being close to the people,
my office serves as a first reception point for complaints. Many of these complaints that we
deal with are directly related to the poor customer service to which cable companies are
subjecting residents. Unfortunately, when dealing with these complaints, the current
monopolistic environment that exists has tied our hands. We cannot tell them to switch
providers and poor customer service is not yet a finable offense in my city. But it is
frustrating and unquestionably our residents deserve better.

As frustrating as poor service quality and lackluster customer skills can be, they are hardly
considered painful when compared to the second blow that monopolies deliver to
consumers: High prices.

For years now, cable companies, void of competition, have enjoyed the luxury of being able
to essentially charge what they want for their services. During the past five years alone, to
cost of cable services has risen by more than 38%. This is totally contrary to the typical
price cycle that is seen in the technology world, which runs something like this: New
technologies are introduced at rather high prices. Initially, few purchasers embrace the new
gadget or service because it is cost prohibitive. However as time goes on, competition and
slow sales force the providers to find less expensive, higher quality ways to distribute or
manufacture their products or services. Consequently, prices follow a steady downward
trend as quality increases.

NJ Cable Testimony – Mayor 1                Page 1                            Updated 1/31/06
Perhaps no better example of this process exists in the country today than the cell phone
industry. 15 years ago most cell phones were also commonly referred to “brick phones”
because of their size and weight. Minutes were extremely expensive, voice quality and
reception were scratchy at best and coverage areas were limited to significant metropolis
areas. Consequently market penetration was under 10% and struggling. Today the
difference is beyond radically different: Coast to coast coverage, crystal clear voice quality,
and a price point that continues to see a consistent decline.

Unfortunately, cable companies have done little to advance their technologies and as
indicated before, their prices continue to escalate.

Some have unnecessarily speculated on what the effects of competition would be to the
cable industry. Fortunately, we have need look no further than Keller, TX to answer these
speculations. Not long ago, Keller, TX simplifies their franchise process and flung open
their doors to cable competitors. The Verizon FIOS service entered the arena providing
exceptional quality of service and the latest technologies at a price comfortably lower than
you would pay for standard cable service. The impact was almost instantaneous. In order to
avoid losing large portions of their customer base, cable companies began reducing their
prices and customer representative performance took a dramatic turn for the better.

Now, let me turn your attention to the next major benefit of creating a streamlined
franchising process for competitive companies hoping to enter the cable market in New
Jersey: Increased revenues.

The current proposal to allow more competition to enter the cable arena stipulates an
increase in franchise fees. More competitors paying a higher fee will have a direct impact on
cities like mine. One extremely positive impact is that city revenues will be increase without
increase citizens’ tax burdens. This new revenue stream can be used to boost police forces,
pave new roads, repair old roads, help with school funding needs and countless other
benefits to residents. They are funds that are desperately needed and funds that we simply
do not have today.

In conclusion, let me make it clear that I am strongly in favor of opening the environment
for companies like Verizon to provide increased competition as they bring the latest video
technologies into New Jersey. If companies are forced to follow the current process of
introducing new cable-TV services they are likely never to attempt to enter the market. The
process, which can take more than 18 months per city consumers unimaginable amounts of
resources for companies and diverts a tremendous number of valuable city resources away to
complete, is simply too costly and too time consuming. Reforms are urgently needed.

Thank you.

NJ Cable Testimony – Mayor 1                 Page 2                           Updated 1/31/06
Microsoft: Massachusetts OpenDocument Proposal Opposition Letter 1
Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Word Count:

The Honorable Mitt Romney
Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
State House
Boston, MA 02133

September 19, 2005

Dear Governor Romney,

        As you know, Secretary Eric Kriss and CIO Peter Quinn are proposing a
technology move that would establish OpenDocument as the standard and required
document format for all Commonwealth agencies. The premise of this move is very
commendable as it seeks to create long-term solutions to the challenges of archiving,
storing and retrieving data and documents in a format that is open and interoperable.

       The XML technology that OpenDocument utilizes has been touted as the basic
reason for this move and as the fundamental engine for providing ongoing data and
technology solutions. Again, a concept that is to be applauded and encouraged from my

        However, before your Administration aggressively moves down the path of
establishing OpenDocument you may very well want to consider that fact that XML
based technologies are already being utilized in the Commonwealth. Additionally, they
are being utilized in a far superior manner than what OpenDocument could deliver.

        XML, in many ways, is like the combustion engine. Clearly a VW Bug (even the
new ones) uses the concepts and technologies of a combustion engine significantly
differently than does a Ferrari. Similarly, XML technologies employed by software
products currently being used by the Commonwealth run faster, smoother, and with
greater stability than products that use the OpenDocument format. They do this because
they have been around longer, have more RD funds invested in them, and are well known
to the Commonwealth’s employees. In contrast, OpenDocument formats are new,
untested and tend to be unstable.

        Best of all, software currently being used already meets open format and
interoperability standards established by the Commonwealth. So, if the solution is
already on hand, the glairing question is: Why go to the time and expense of conversion?
It simply does not make sense. Therefore, I would encourage you to reject the proposal
and focus on making better use of what you already have.

Microsoft Congressional Letter: Foreign Action Against US Companies
Date: Monday, January 09, 2006
Word Count:

City, ST Zip

Monday, January 09, 2006

Dear {name},

       As the directors, officers and leadership of the undersigned organizations and
businesses, we represent thousands of constituents and business leaders across the nation.
Collectively we operate in more than 20 countries and territories around the world.

        Recently an international business regulatory trend has immerged that is a cause
of great alarm to us. It appears to have come into vogue for leaders of foreign nations to
aggressively pursue and penalize American corporations based on so called “fair trade”
laws that attempt to protect consumers from monopolistic and illegal practices. It is true
that when used correctly, such laws are necessary and beneficial. However, it would
appear that several foreign countries are utilizing these consumer protection regulations
to realize substantial financial rewards for their governmental treasuries.

        The current plight of Microsoft in South Korea and Europe should simultaneous
raise the red flag of danger and warning to all US companies looking to do international
business, especially organizations that provide innovative solutions to consumers and are
considered to have robust financial resources.

        On December 7, 2005 the South Korean Fair Trade Commission levied Microsoft
with a whole host of demands, fines and penalties, including a $32 million fine and an
order to create and distribute 2 different, South Korea specific, versions of Windows – a
process that would cost Microsoft billions of dollars in development, marketing,
packaging and distribution. Additionally, meeting these requirements would sharply
escalate the production costs of their main product and hamper innovative development
of other all software products. No doubt such costs and limitations would be passed on to
US consumers, who would be forced to shoulder the burden of increased prices and
sluggish production of new products.

        In a brief statement regarding the ruling, Microsoft’s deputy general counsel
commented, “We are disappointed with the Commission’s decision and strongly believe
that their case is without basis in law or in fact.”.
        However irregular and unsubstantiated South Korea’s ruling was, its impact pales
in comparison to antitrust ruling delivered by the European Union this past summer. The
EU’s ruling fined Microsoft $584 million and mandated that a stripped down version of
Windows be made available. Additionally, requirements are being imposed on the
software provider to openly publish essential trade secrets and intellectual property. This
later penalty represents perhaps the most alarming development in international
aggression against US companies. Consider the enormous financial and innovative
repercussions to forcing US companies to expose their intellectual property to
international competitors.

        Additionally, these rulings represent a slap in the face to international treaties and
the traditional deference typically applied to antitrust cases. Utilizing the principle
commonly known as comity, historically ally nations with strong trade agreements have
deferred to the rulings of the home country of the business in question. This timeless
respect has been breached by the EU and South Korea as these exact concerns and
competitive questions surrounding Microsoft’s operations were addressed and settled by
US courts back in 2001. Neither country addressed or made reference to the US

        These deliberate actions by foreign governments to prey on the success of US
companies should be of great concern to Congress, the Administration and US business
leaders everywhere. If US companies are successfully targeted and fined in the EU and
South Korea it will send a signal to other nations of the world to follow suit. The reality
of potentially severe fines and mandates to share essential trade secrets and intellectual
property will serve as significant deterrents to international trade, innovation and

        We urge members of Congress to aggressively address these urgent concerns and
to move swiftly to protect US businesses and consumers. Immediate action on the part of
Congress and the Administration could suppress future aggressions and profiteering and
potentially soften the blow of current actions. Failure to do so could have a drastic,
negative impact on the technology industry and the free market.


       A whole lot of business leaders.
Tom Reynolds                  J. Dennis Hastert        Tom DeLay
NRCC Chairman                Speaker of the House     Majority Leader

Dear Fellow American,

      “Regardless of everything, it is still easy to cross”

     Sadly, it’s a common statement among Lebanese smugglers
when talking about the Mexico-US border.

     But what are Lebanese smugglers doing in Mexico? (I think
you’ll be surprised)

      And why am I writing to you about them?

     Because they have a story that could radically impact the
safety of our country -- your safety -- your children’s
safety. Especially since it is still being told today...

     In the heart of Tijuana, Mexico sits an abandoned café.
The large sign that still hangs outside the door reads “La

     La Libanesa was an upscale café, catering to the upper
class of Tijuana... But the café was a side business.

      The café’s real business was smuggling people.

     As wealthy Mexicans and Americans entered the front door
for a cup of coffee, Lebanese nationals, looking to be
smuggled into the United States, would enter the back door.

     After spending a few days at La Libanesa or a nearby
home, they would be stuffed into the trunk of a car -- or
boxed up with some tourist memorabilia -- or piled in the back
of a moving van –

                and then be driven across the US border.

     The owners of La Libanesa and their accomplices now sit
in a Mexican prison awaiting sentencing . . . but only after
they already smuggled hundreds of Lebanese nationals into

      The problem?
     Many of those they smuggled into the US are members of
 Hezbollah –- a radical terrorist group based in Lebanon that
   espouses and indoctrinates a bitter hatred for Americans.

     Like you, I get a little uncomfortable hearing about
this... especially when I recall that most of the terrorist
hijackers who carried out 9/11 lived right here in America.

     They were established. They were illegal immigrants.

     But shutting down La Libanesa certainly has not stopped
the smuggling... or the thousands that cross our borders every

     Consider these startling and very dangerous facts:

       ∗   In the past 8 months alone more than 70,000 non-
           Mexican illegals have been arrested while attempting
           to cross the Mexican border. They came from
           Lebanon, Pakistan, China, Iran, etc...

       ∗   These 70,000 illegals were given good room and board
           for a few days (at our expense)... and then released
           with instructions to come back in a week or so for a
           deportation hearing...

       ∗   Not surprising, less than 15% of them ever showed up
           for their hearings...

       ∗   So, in just 8 months, we have added over 60,000
           illegal immigrants to our streets...

     Now add to that 60,000 the number of Mexicans we capture
(and usually release)...
     ... and those of all nationalities that we DON’T
capture... and the number of illegals entering this country
every year is well over half a million people.

  I wonder if Bin Laden and his terror networks are aware of
           this gaping hole in our national defense?

     Congress has a solemn duty to stop this national security
crisis...and stop it NOW.

     I want you to know as Chairman of the NRCC, I am working
closely with Dennis Hastert and other leaders of Congress to
plug up this terrifying security hole.

     But to do this most effectively, I need to hear your
answers to the enclosed Emergency Illegal Immigration Survey.
     Your opinion -- your vote -- on the complex issues
surrounding border security and how to handle illegal aliens
is essential to us.

                    But we must act today!

     Every day that we leave our Canadian and Mexican borders
open is another day that over 1,369 illegal aliens... from all
over the world... including Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,
and Iran... enter our country.

     We simply cannot assume that they are all coming to
pursue the American Dream of freedom . . .

     . . . but rather we MUST assume that some are coming to
DESTROY us and the freedoms we hold so dear.

     And while terrorism is the primary and most frightening
threat that we face with open borders, it is not the only one.
Additionally, we must face the hard realities of...

     Health Care – Illegal aliens are costing US Citizens
     BILLIONS of dollars each year in medical expenses.

     Education – precious resources are put toward educating
     those who have come in illegally... another multi-BILLION
     dollar tax-payer expense.

     Identification – In most states illegal aliens can easily
     obtain government issued ID’s. These ID’s allow them to
     board planes, access federal buildings, re-cross
     Mexican/Canadian borders and even vote!

     Drug & Human Trafficking – Drugs, assault weapons and
     even bombs, can move freely across these loose borders.

       The solution, of course, is to act immediately.

     And we are. With your survey answers and a kind gift of
$25, $35, $50 or more, the NRCC and GOP Leadership will...
     Fight hard for immediate and long-term border security;
     Distribute millions of “Emergency Illegal Immigration
     Surveys” so we know where Americans stand;
     Research, find, and work toward implementing answers to
     the complex illegal immigration questions of deportation,
     ID’s, health care, and education;
     Support and educate new and existing GOP Congressmen on
     critical immigration issues;
     Help create strong immigration laws that heartily welcome
     those entering legally;
     And so much more...

     I don’t need to tell you that these tasks require time,
money, and a lot of effort.

     That is why in addition to returning your survey, I would
like to encourage you to include your most generous donation
of $25, $35, $50, $100 or even more.

     Your survey answers... and generous contribution... will
send a strong message to members of Congress -– Protect
America NOW!

     So why not take a minute TODAY – while it is handy – and
return the enclosed survey along with a generous gift?

     You will be helping us make historic reforms that will
safeguard America today... and for future generations.


                           Thomas Reynolds, M.C.
                           Chairman, NRCC

PS - In all, over 500,000 Illegal Immigrants Will Enter the
     U.S. this Year -- Undetected.

     We Don’t Know Who They Are... Or Where They Come From...
     Or What They Are Carrying... But We Do Know It MUST
     Stop... NOW!

     With Your Voice, It Can!

     Congress is prepared to act swiftly... won’t you join us?
     I look forward to hearing from you.
      1500 Illinois Street ~ Des Moines, IA ~ 50314 ~ 515-224-1012 ~

                                                                         December 2004
Dear (name),

     I’d like to tell you a story.               It is a story at the very
heart of the Spirit of Christmas.

     A young girl, whom I’ll call Mary, sat alone in her car in
front of a large professional looking building in downtown Des

     I say alone, but she was not totally alone. There was a
child with her. To be exact the child was within her.

     The building before her was Planned Parenthood’s abortion
clinic. Mary was trembling and understandably so. A lot of
pressure from her parents and her partner had brought her to this
parking lot. It was not what she wanted. But she was told it
was the only option.

       In her mind she thought of the               joys, the sorrows, the
happiness, the struggles that she had               experienced in her 17
years. They were all things that her                child would never see, or
feel, or hear if she walked into that               building.

     But how could she turn back now? So, with great effort, she
opened the door of the car. With even greater effort she started
walking to the entrance.

     It was there she met the quietly smiling face of a middle-
aged man whom I’ll call Jim. Jim had been standing there in
front of that building for hours. He was there to pray, to
educate, and to encourage a choice for life.

     Softly he approached Mary. He offered to pray with her
before she went in. He told her that she had other choices.
There were other ways.

     She felt the love in his voice and saw the concern in his
eyes. And so she agreed to pray with him. He prayed for her, for
the child she bore, for courage to choose life.

     When they were done, she knew. She felt deep inside, that
she could not, that she must not take the helpless life of her

     Not many days later, Mary found herself once again sitting
alone in a car in front of a professional-looking building in
downtown Des Moines.
Page 2

              The building was a pregnancy counseling and adoption
         center. No one stood outside of this building to pray with her
         and encourage her. That would be done inside.

              It is a story that I pray can be told over and over again.
         One that could happen on any given day at any given Planned
         Parenthood in Iowa.


              Because of our faithful members ...

              They are wonderful people just like you.

              This past year financial gifts from our members have
         allowed us to unify and organize. We have visited with pastors,
         church congregations, and individuals. With our help they have
         organized their voices and their time.

              Today we have people scheduled every month, standing in
         front of abortion clinics statewide, every hour they are open.
         Like Jim, they pray, encourage and educate.

              Who can say how many lives will be saved?               Who can say how
         many futures will be made possible?

              Reflecting on those precious lives makes the Christmas
         season even more special. During this joyful time of year we
         celebrate birth. It is the birthday of the greatest Person that
         has ever lived.

              As we celebrate His birthday, we are, in many ways,
         celebrating the potential greatness in all of us.

              We celebrate the love we feel for each other.

              We celebrate the joys of family and friends.

              We celebrate our hope in the future.

              In our rejoicing, I wish with all my heart that the story I
         told you could be told a thousand times over again.

              Sadly, it is not. Sadly, there are far too many Mary’s
         that find their way into those clinics of death. And afterwards,
         they really do find themselves sitting truly alone.

              They will only choose the good if they know their real
         choices. We cannot teach them without your help.

              This past year has been marked by our constant effort to
         join voices. We have helped pastors, churches, individuals and
         communities become one in a message of life.

                              ~Affiliate of National Right to Life~
Page 3

              Some of our greatest moments have been in meeting with and
         educating the youth of Iowa. Opinion polls have shown the effect
         of our efforts.

              Today, more than ever, youth are pro-life.

              This rising generation becomes a strong force for good.
         Remember, every educated youth represents the potential of
         several babies that will safely be born and live to love life.

              So this year’s victories abound.   But it is not enough.

              During the coming year we will continue our relentless
         efforts to meet with churches, youth groups, expectant mothers,
         community leaders and political leaders.

              These people must know the horrors of abortion. The pain it
         causes to mother and child alike. The years of heartache and
         remorse suffered by the would-be mother. The hollow futures left
         by the victimized dead.

              They must learn of the tens-of-thousands of barren wombs
         and empty arms that long to adopt, but must wait years –
         sometimes endlessly - for a child.

              They must find and know the truth of how sacred and special
         one life can be.

              Those promoting abortion have the power of the media.      We
         must have the power of the people. People like you.

              Yes, during this Christmas Season it is life that we

              We can, and must, continue to spread the joy of this
         message, but only with your help.

              So as you consider the many gifts that you will give this
         year, will you please give the gift of future? The gift of life?
         A true gift of Christmas?

               Your tax-deductible donation of $25, $40, $50, $100 or
         even more will allow us to continue our efforts.

              Thousands of years ago, Mary safely gave birth to the
         greatest Life that has ever lived. This Christmas, we will
         celebrate His birthday.

              Today, thousands of other “Mary’s” are sitting in parking
         lots deciding if their precious child will ever celebrate a
birthday. With your generous gift and God’s help, we will reach
her in time.

     I wish you a Merry Christmas. And to Mary’s unborn child –

                        Happy Birthday.

     God Bless,

     Kim Lehman

PS   This Christmas Season we celebrate birth, the birth of the
     greatest Life ever lived. Yet in the coming year more than
     6,000 children could die from abortion. They will never
     see their first birthday – unless we act today! Your tax-
     deductible gift of $20, $40, $50 or even $100 will help us
     reach “Mary” in time. Please become a member of Iowa Right
     to Life today!
     “In a sea of hopelessness, you were our buoy.
                When we felt we had no one...
                     your phone number was our only
                            connection to hope”.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Dear {first name},

     At times, each of us stands breathlessly on the threshold
of an unforgettable moment that has the power to radically change
our lives – for better or worse.

     No doubt, such life altering experiences are not news to
you. For myself, well, as President of the Board of Directors, I
hear about them almost daily.

     I’d like to share one such moment with you...

     Angela Batterman lay peacefully in a dimly lit hospital
room on October 12, 2002. The clock on the wall could be faintly
heard ticking away the seconds of the early morning hours.

     But, for Angela, time seemed to stand still as gentle tears
of joy slowly rolled down her cheeks.

     You see, a few hours earlier she had crossed one of those
magical thresholds of life as she brought a fresh, bright, new
child into the world... it was their first baby... a boy they
named Joseph.

                The Painful Terror of the Unknown

     But you and I know both know that life is not all full of
roses and butterflies. And not all life-changing moments bring
tears of joy.

     14 months had passed since that bright October morning.
Angela and her husband Chris sat together once again in a medical

     One-year old Joseph sat quietly on their lap. Anxiously,
this small family waited for the results of CT scan Joseph had
been given a few days earlier. It was the second scan in the
past 3 months... a “second” opinion if you will.

     With little fanfare the doctor sat down and pronounced a
single word – “Hydrocephalus”.

                                                             Over, please...
Page Two

                There is a terror in that word... the horrible terror of
           the unknown. It is not like hearing words like “cancer”, or
           “down syndrome” or “diabetes” – scary words to be sure, but words
           that are a known danger.

                Think about it - with hydrocephalus, so little is known and
           so few doctors really specialize in treating it.

                Indeed, had Joseph’s first neurosurgeon only known what to
           look for, the past 9 months would have been so much different...

                         A Christmas Eve Never to be Forgotten

                It was Christmas Eve 2002. The sweet spirit of Christmas
           that lingered in Chris and Angela’s home was shattered as tiny 2-
           month old Joseph went into a full seizure. Without delay, he was
           frantically rushed to the hospital.

                Now, you and I know that major seizures don’t typically
           happen in infants. However, after a few hours in the ER and some
           tests, the Batterman family was sent home. “He’ll be just fine.”

                But he was not “just fine”. Choking on the softest solid
           foods was a constant experience – so much so that he lived on
           pureed food until he was 14 months.

                Normal crawling was never experienced. Walking came with
           profound difficulty. And when he did finally get his feet under
           him, he was as wobbly as a drunken sailor, often falling flat on
           his face... his tiny arms never reaching out to stop the fall.

                For Angela and Chris, time stood still once again as they
           sat staring at the doctor that dark day. A million questions
           raced through their mind.

                 But there was little time for answers – Joseph needed
           emergency surgery. Seven days later the first VP shunt was put
           in place. Two more would follow.

                Angela, Chris and Joseph had entered a new world. Where
           could they find answers, help, and a loving hand... a hand that
           understood the pain, the fear and the hopeless feeling that so
           often accompanies hydrocephalus?

                                A “Family” With Focus!

                Eventually, after many tears and sleepless nights, the
           Batterman’s found that loving hand.

                As Angela says, “Through the support we received from the
           Hydrocephalus Association we found security... and hope. They
           are more than an awesome resource, they are an extension of our

                Family – perhaps that best describes what we try to provide
           here at the Hydrocephalus Association.
                                                                    Next page, please...
Page Three

            You see, we have a passion for helping people with
       hydrocephalus and those that lovingly help them – whether it is
       parents, siblings, neighbors, or medical professionals.

            Reaching out to people is what we are all about.     We have
       accomplished so much over the past 22 years!

            In 1983, when the Association was founded, there were very
       few resources for people with hydrocephalus and their families

            But, today, the Association has created a wonderful
       “family” and empowered them with resources and services like...

             ∗   Newsletter: A quarterly newsletter that publishes a wide
                 variety of information ranging from details on the latest
                 research and surgical procedures to support network
             ∗   Information Packets and a DVD: Numerous information
                 packets covering every age and stage of Hydrocephalus.
                 We have provided these FREE of cost to tens of thousands
                 of people nationwide.
             ∗   The “LINK” Support Network: An unparalleled group of more
                 than 1,300 “family” members ready to love, support, and
             ∗   One-on-One Strength: Every day our trained specialists
                 are available - FREE of charge - to answer questions,
                 give guidance... or just to listen.
             ∗   Group Events: Our “TEAM” events gather people from
                 Florida to California to support each other and the
                 Association. It’s a powerful way to share warm smiles,
                 build memories, help shoulder each other’s burdens and
                 help the Association.

             These resources have made a big difference in the lives of
       so many people. Perhaps they have made a difference in your

                          Changing Lives... Bringing Hope

            I know they have for Cindy Hirsch. Her story, like little
       Joseph’s, is full of life-changing, magic moments...

                   “After I was diagnosed at the age of 40,
                   the Hydrocephalus Association allowed me to
                   better understand my condition. Through
                   LINK, I was able to gain friendships with
                   many new people – people that listen and
                   understand when I need to talk about being
                   a wife and a mom with hydrocephalus.”

            So you see, we have come a long way. But clearly, we are
       not there yet. We are determined to continue moving forward.

                                                                      Over, please...
Page Four

            That inexhaustible determination led us to organize the
       first ever National Institute of Health (NIH) sponsored workshop
       that focused exclusively on hydrocephalus. This historic event,
       held just this past September, brought together an unparalleled
       number of doctors, researchers, patient advocates, government
       directors, and families.

            This and other events have helped us define extremely
       ambitious – but very attainable - goals for the coming months and
       years. Consider a few of them...

               Increase Knowledge – We will actively confront the lack
               of basic knowledge about how hydrocephalus affects the
               brain by actively promoting interdisciplinary research.
               More Funding - We will aggressively petition Congress to
               encourage significant NIH funding of hydrocephalus
               Improved Programs – We will move forward as never before
               to expand our programs and improve our services.
               Local Groups – We will embark on an initiative to launch
               local support groups and increase TEAM meetings around
               the country.
               The Rising Generation – We will continue to attend to the
               needs of families with children and of older adults with
               NPH. Additionally, we will place a priority emphasis on
               better serving and understanding the first generation of
               youth who were successfully treated for hydrocephalus as

            Just imagine how many lives will be touched and improved
       when we combine these accomplishments with our current line-up of
       services. It is inspiring!

                   You Hold the Power of Hope in Your Hands

            But I must give you this one word of caution:
                         We simply cannot do it alone.

            However, with your help, we are sure to see these things
       accomplished... and many more!

            Today, more than ever, people like little Joseph and Cindy
       need the Hydrocephalus Association and the resources we offer.
       More than that, each year thousands of infants, children, teens
       and adults are diagnosed with hydrocephalus.

            They and their loved ones are sure to find themselves in a
       world filled with the terror of the unknown. Many will be
       hopeless, alone and scared about what the future may hold.

            Take a look at the reply card and envelope I have enclosed.
       When combined with your most generous gift of $35, $50, $75, $100
       or more, they represent the sweet gifts of comfort and hope!
                                                                Next page, please...
Page Five

     That’s right. In your hands you hold the opportunity to
truly bless the lives of thousands of people. Only with gifts
like yours will our dreams of service actually become reality.

      So, please give the gift of hope today.

     They Are Standing at the Threshold – Will You Help Them?

     Today, little Joseph is 3 years old. Recently, Angela and
Chris stood on the sidelines at a kickball game. With gentle
tears of joy once more streaming down her face, Angela manned a
digital camera as best she could.

     With the other children, Joseph raced around the field,
strong and steady. He had come a long way since the days of
falling flat on his face.

     But, more than having balance and strength today, the
Batterman’s have hope.

     Right now, today, thousands of individuals stand
breathlessly waiting on one of those special thresholds of life.
Take a minute – while it is still handy – to return a gift of
$35, $50, $75, $100 or more.

     It is a gift that will ensure that peace, joy, and hope
await them on the other side of that threshold.


      Russell Fudge
      President of the Board of Director

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you... not only will your financial
     gift bless the lives of people today, it will also have a
     powerful influence on members of Congress as they
     deliberate on whether or not to support hydrocephalus
     research. You see, your donation is a cry of support and a
     demand for better research. So please, return your gift
     today – the impact will be immeasurable!
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      Merry Christmas,

      Whoever is going to sign this letter

P.s. It’s not like I need to throw another gift out to you,
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  A Picture of an extremely nice Porsche...
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    A quiet hilltop overlooking the lake...
          National divorce statistics...
   A picture of a happily married couple...
             Surprisingly, they all have
                 something in common.

 Even more surprising is how it could change
             your life...forever.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dear Fellow Married Man (Happily or otherwise),

     About a year ago I was reading in Forbes magazine and came
across a full-page ad. At first the ad amused me. Then it had
me concerned.

     After a while it scared me right down to my boots. Haunted
me really.

     The ad showed a rear facing shot of a top-of-the-line
Porsche Carrera GT. The photo of this $440,000 sports car
covered virtually the entire page. The caption below the car
simply said, “Judy Hill – Attorney at Law” and gave her contact
information ... somewhere in New Jersey.

     To be honest with you, at first I was puzzled. I was
having a hard time making the connection between this incredible
driving machine and an attorney in New Jersey.

     Maybe I was too caught up in admiring the sleek lines and
imagining that I was sitting in the driver’s seat, feeling the
raw power of accelerating from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds (you can get
the Porsche GT2 for half the price but it will only do that 0-60
run in 4.0 seconds).

     That is when I noticed the license plate.    It simply

                                                         Over, please...
Page 2

          “Was His”


          Now I understood. Ms. Hill was a divorce attorney and from
     the looks of it, a good one.

          The more I thought about that clever ad the more I disliked
     this Judy Hill. Hey, let’s face it, with national divorce rates
     at over 50%, the odds are that you, or I, or both of us could one
     day get a call from Hill’s office.

          I’m just as tough as the next guy, but the thought of that
     call makes me cringe. It just sounds downright ugly. You know
     what I am talking about, don’t you.

                    The Solution was just 30 minutes away

           I’m pretty sure both of us have seen a nasty divorce or two
     in our day. You think that is why those people got married? Just
     to endure the emotional, financial and physical stress of being
     put through the grinder in some attorney’s office like old Ms.

          Not me.     Too expensive. Too painful. Too much.

          The thought of a LONG, HAPPY marriage was, and, is much,
     much more appealing for me. I never talked with anyone who has
     been inside the divorce grinder that felt different. If you have
     been there, I am sure you can relate.

          But I have a secret for you. It is a simple secret that
     will keep the flame burning, mend any broken fences and make sure
     that old picket fence stays shiny and white. And as the old
     saying goes, “When momma is happy, everyone is happy.”

          I found the secret on a quiet drive through the rich
     farmland and rugged mountains outside of town.

                        An Envelope Containing Happiness

          It all started one day after I had finished working on a
     huge project for one of my clients. As a “thank you” my client
     gave me an envelope.

          Inside this plain looking envelope I found a gift
     certificate to the Yacht Basin Restaurant for $100 and this note
     attached to it--

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Page 3

                   “A couple of years ago my wife and I discovered a
                   quiet restaurant just outside of town. I take her
                   there almost once a week now. Life is good...
                   better than ever really. This should get you
                   started. Thanks for your work on the project –
              Something about the way he wrote that note caught my
         attention. I guess “Was His” was still rolling around in my
         head. At any rate, the next Friday night I found myself driving
         down a quiet country road toward the lake.

              It was a quiet road but the company was even more quiet.
         You know that uneasy, uncomfortable feeling? Yep, that was it.
         My wife was, well, a bit skeptical. I can’t imagine why, it had
         only been 10 years since we went on a date together.

              But all that was about to change.

                      Unexpected Surprises... And Some Magic

               The first ice-breaker on our date came when we pulled up to
         the Yacht Basin Restaurant. Sitting on top of a good-sized hill
         that gently slopes down to the edge of a pristine, crystal clear
         mountain lake, this secluded restaurant commanded a breath taking

              Snow capped mountains …
              Rich, untouched forestlands …
              And a sky so big and blue you couldn’t help but begin to
              relax and daydream when you looked at it.

              Sitting in the parking lot, my wife took a deep breath and
         reached over and took my hand. Now we were getting somewhere!

              Walking into the Yacht Basin we were taken aback again.
         While the outside of the building had been nothing to speak of,
         the inside whispered two words to you …

              Peace and romance.

              Obviously the decoration theme was nautical. All the
         mystery, excitement and romance of the sea had somehow been
         captured inside that comfortable dining hall.

              Every table was set for two, the lights were low with
         bright candles burning... not those cheap plastic oil-filled wick
         things... real candles.

                                                                       Over, please...
Page 4

              Classical music played softly, almost inaudibly, in the

              The entire west wall of the restaurant was glass, giving
         every table “the best seat in the house” to soak in that
         incredible view.

              My wife put her arm around me as we were escorted to our
         table. Now we were really getting somewhere.

              I know what you are saying after my flowery description of
         this place: “This guy is going to spend his $100 gift certificate
         on the first night.” My thoughts exactly as we sat down.

              Wasn’t I surprised.

              When the waitress came with our menus, I told her I had
         this gift certificate. She asked to see it. When I gave it to
         her she opened it and read Buzz’s name on it.

              Instead of pushing a drink on us or some greasy appetizer,
         she looked up and started talking to me about Buzz! “How is he
         doing?”, “How is Jane?” (That is Buzz’s oldest daughter), etc…
         She knew the whole family like they had been friends for years!

              Now   I have to tell you. I like personal service. Kind of
         gives me   a kick when people remember my name. But my wife LOVES
         personal   service. And more than that, we are both obsessively
         proud of   our kids.

              I could see the spark of excitement and enjoyment dancing
         in my wife’s eyes. This was getting better by the second.

              By now we were both feeling so relaxed and enjoying each
         other’s company so much that I could have cared less if the meal
         cost me twice the amount on that gift certificate. There was a
         magic here that had re-sparked the electricity we had when first

              Shoot, I would have paid 4 times my gift certificate for
         that feeling.

              So I didn’t even look at the prices when we both ordered.
         I got the Seafood Baked Medley (I love seafood, but never get it
         because my wife hates it) and my wife got the Hickory Center Cut

              I won’t bore you with the details of the rest of the meal,
         except to tell you that my wife has a bit of a flare for fine
         foods. It was the best steak she has ever eaten. My seafood
         dish was no less spectacular.

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Page 5

          When the waitress brought us the check she found that my
     wife had moved her chair around the table next to mine. With my
     arm around her and her head resting comfortably on my shoulder we
     sat gazing out across the lake as the last rays of daylight
     burned softly on the water.

          I picked up the check ... only $34.95! ... already paid out
     of the gift certificate and cash for change … not another gift
     certificate. Two chocolate mint truffles accompanied the check.
     My wife got both of them (I hate chocolate – I know – crazy).

          We left the Yacht Basin Restaurant that night arm in arm.
     As I opened the door to the car, my wife drew me in for a long
     passionate kiss.

          Then she said, “Let’s hurry home. We have a date to

             Now I understood the note my client had written to me.

             “Life is good… better than ever really”, is what he had

                       Experience the Magic For Yourself

          Almost a year later, and over 30 dates with my wife at the
     magical Yacht Basin Restaurant, I really understand.

          I know what you are thinking, “It can’t really be all
     that.” Yeah, I was skeptical at first too. But believe me, I
     haven’t even scratched the surface of how good it is.

          So don’t take my word for it.     Experience the magic

          Grab your calendar. Find next Friday or Saturday. Write
     down “Date Night – Yacht Basin Restaurant”. Oh, and be sure to
     tell your wife! (I know communication is not a strong male
     characteristic… but stretch yourself just this once.)

          Inside this letter you will find a special certificate to
     make the date night just that much more valuable. It is a “Honey

             What is a “Honey Pass”?

          It means your wife eats FREE. Anything on the menu...
     including her drink... including her appetizer. Free.

                                                           Over, please...
Page 6

              But set that date today. You’ll notice that your “Honey
         Pass” expires in 14 days. Missing this opportunity would be a
         big mistake... huge.

              I promise you it will be a magical night of relaxation and
         romance like you have not had in years. The lasting effects on
         your marriage and your relationship will be just as impacting.

                 How sure am I?   90 days sure.

              If you come to the Yacht Basin Restaurant and it is not
         everything (and more) that I have boasted it to be, give them a
         call within 90 days, tell them how much you spent on that first
         date night and they will give you a complete refund... plus $20
         for your gas and travel troubles.

              Have you ever heard of restaurant offering anything like
         this? Neither have I. But then again I have never had something
         so positively impact my marriage as our weekly date night to the
         Yacht Basin Restaurant.

                 Set the date today.

                 Oh, by-the-way, I recently ordered new plates for our two

                            “Tgthr Frvr” and “Tgthr Frvr2”.

                 We’ll see you there Friday night.

                           Life is good,

                           Stan Jones
                           Restaurant and Food Services Consultant

         PS      It think it is only fair to tell you that my client is
                 Darden Restaurants ... you know owner of Olive Garden, Red
                 Lobster, Smokey Bones, and Bahama Breeze. But, ssshh, that
                 little tidbit doesn’t really need to get out, does it?

         PPS     I almost forgot to mention a little known secret. Yacht
                 Basin Restaurant owns a beautiful old 110-foot sailing
                 yacht that they moor at the docks just below the
                 restaurant. Every Friday, late afternoon, they set sail
                 around the lake with a few lucky couples. The voyage is
                 about an hour... and it’s free. Show up around 4:30pm and
                 there is a good chance you’ll be on your way...
Some events only happen once in a lifetime.They are magical, special
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