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                                                            Rev 2 - Dec 2010
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                                         Rev 2 - Dec 2010
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                                     Property Inventory
                                                            “Our NHCFAE Organization”
      RCD Expectations             Refer to Member Guide
                                                             Power Point Presentation
                                        (Appendix F)

    RCD Transfer Checklist        National Awards Program
                                                            Aviation & Space Education
    Refer to Member Guide          Refer to Member Guide
                                                            Outreach Program (AVSED)
        (Appendix A-1)                (Appendix G-1/2)

Guidance for Planning Regional
                                        Travel Policy
                                   Refer to Member Guide               TBD
    Refer to Member Guide
                                        (Appendix K)
         (Appendix B)

   Reimbursement Voucher
                                     HRPM MSC-10.1
    Refer to Member Guide                                              TBD
                                  Employees Associations
        (Appendix C)

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    Chapter Activity Report (CAR)
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    Chapter Financial Report (CFR)
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                                                                Rev 2 - Dec 2010
                               RCD Expectations
                                   (Refer to Strategic Plans for more details)

    Advertise Election Nominations and hold elections if applicable. Report election results
                                                                                                    Up to
    to the Vice-President and Director of Administration. (Note: Serves a maximum term of
                                                                                                   3 years
    three years and may serve continuous terms provided they are duly elected).
    Meet with your Regional Administrators and/or RMTs and report to the Vice-President.            Annual
    Forward Scholarship and Tuition Reimbursement submittals to the DOE and DOR.                    Annual
    Conduct at least four Chapter Recruitment Drives per year.                                      Annual
    Recruit Corporate Partners and provide contact information to the Corporate Relations
    Solicit nominations for National Award Programs, and National Officer Elections.                Annual
    Maintains Property Inventory of items valued at $200.00 or more.                                Annual
    Conduct Chapter Membership Meetings in which all regional members are invited.                  At least
    Minutes shall be made available to all members within two weeks.                               Quarterly
    Meet with the Regional Civil Rights Officer and Hispanic Employment Program Manager.           Quarterly
    Submit Chapter Activity Reports (CAR) to the Director of Administration.                       Quarterly
    Submit Chapter Financial Report (CFR) to the Director of Public Affairs.                       Quarterly
    Submit at least one article for publication in La Palabra to the Director of Public Affairs.   Quarterly


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        Election Committee Information
                                                                   (Bylaws: Article 10A, Section 5) Voting by Proxy:
       (Bylaws-Article 10A, Section 9) Prospective                 RCD's and AR's may designate an alternate to act
        candidates for National Office shall submit a letter        on their behalf. Designation of an alternate must
        announcing their candidacy, with a personal                 be in writing and sent to the National Director of
        biography to the Chairperson of the Elections               Administration and postmarked no later than 10
        Committee no later than 90 days prior to the                days prior to the election meeting.
        Election meeting.
                                                                   (Bylaws: Article 10A, Section 5) Voting by Mail: Any
       (Bylaws-Article 10A, Section 10) The Chairperson            ballot, which has not been mailed to the Elections
        of the Elections Committee shall prepare and print          Committee and postmarked 10 days prior to the
        the Election or Special Voting Ballots, once the            election, shall be counted as invalid.
        Election or Special Meeting draws to 60 days away.
        The ballots shall contain the names of the
        candidates, the office for which they are running          (Bylaws: Article 10A, Section 5) Delegates must
        and sufficient space for each voting member who             present their Proxy Statements to the Election
        receives one to sign it at the end.                         Committee 24 hours prior to the election to verify
                                                                    members standing.
       (Bylaws-Article 10A, Section 10) The Elections
        Committee shall insure that all ballots are sent out       (Bylaws: Article 10A, Section 12) After the election
        to all members in good standing of the NHCFAE no            or vote has become final and binding, the newly
        later than 45 days prior to the Election Meeting.           elected National Officer shall be called
        There shall not be any late entrants to any elections       "INCUMBENT" until he/she takes office on October
        being conducted by the organization.                        1st. The transition period shall be from the time
                                                                    the elections become binding to the last day of the
                                                                    fiscal year.
                                    See Calendar for more information

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                                                                                                    Rev 2 - Dec 2010
        Constitution & Bylaws Committee
       (Constitution- Article XI, Section 1) The Bylaws of this organization shall
        be in conformance with this National Constitution. The Bylaws may be
        amended, replaced or repealed, in whole or in part, by 2/3 vote at a
        regular or special meeting wherein at least forty-five (45) days written
        notice is mailed to all members of this organization.

                         See Calendar for more information

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                                                                           Rev 2 - Dec 2010
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                                    Rev 2 – Dec 2010

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