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Volunteer ISDC Registration Form


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									                                              Volunteer Primary Registration Form
                                              The National Space Society’s 26th Annual
                                     International Space Development Conference 2007
                                       Hotel InterContinental Dallas – May 24-28, 2007

Each volunteer must fill out one of these forms and fax or mail it in. Volunteers receive reduced or free
registrations for volunteering to help staff the 2007 ISDC. Any additional registrations, including registration to attend
any other ISDC tours or meals, or registration for volunteers’ guest(s)/spouse should be made using the Online
Registration via the ISDC website ( We need badge checkers (door monitors), room moderators,
runners, registration workers, tour leaders, press liaison, meal ticket checkers, A/V specialists, as well as help with
exhibits, Art Show, conference office, and stuffing the registration packets before the conference starts. .
   Volunteer Benefits: Reduced or free registration at the ISDC (see below); free staff shirt
First Name:                                              Last Name: __________________________________
Name for Badge:                                                                             T-shirt size:
Address 2:
              City                                         State          Zip                       Country

Phone:           ________             Email:                       __     _________________________________
Organization/Company Name for name badge:
Day(s) and time(s) of shifts preferred:

Area/Type of Volunteer preferred:

Special Capabilities:

Volunteer Registration (check one below and indicate day(s)/time(s) to work above):

 $40 Conference Registration: (if work at least two 4-hour shifts)                                 $___________
 Work at least 4 hours, get rest of that day Free: Circle day(s) will work: Th F Sat Sun
 Free Conference Registration (if work 16 hours or more): (Indicate days/time above)
Donation: Voluntary contribution to help fund NSS’s 2007 awards program                             $_____________
               Voluntary contribution to help fund NSS’s space advocacy programs                    $_____________
Payment – Total Amount Due:                                                                         $_____________
 Check - Check Number________ (checks made payable to NSS-ISDC 2007)
 Credit Card - Visa _____ MasterCard _____ American Express _____
Name on Card
Card #                                                                            Expiration Date
 Cancellation Policy:                                                               Secondary registration information
 All cancellations must be received in          Return to: NSS-ISDC 2007            (including tours, meals, and youth
 writing. Cancellations received in writing        % Bill Ledbetter                 programs) will be available on the
 by May 10, 2007 will receive a full refund        2214 Bradford Drive                     ISDC 2007 website
 less a $25 processing fee. Cancellations                                        
 received after May 10, 2007 are
                                                    Prosper, TX 75078
                                                                                              in March 2007
 nonrefundable.                                 Or fax to: 972-923-0004

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