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									Policy Number                Policy Title                                 School
34V                          Uniform                                      Valley Park
                             Approval Date by Trust Board                 Colleague Responsible
                             September 2011                               Mrs J Gleadall
At Valley Park we believe that excellent uniform is part of setting high academic standards. As a result students will need
to adhere strictly to the following uniform requirements at all times. This means that uniform must be worn correctly both
in and out of school including the journey to and from school.

Valley Park items are available from our supplier Simmonds or from the school uniform shop.

Compulsory Items

 Valley Park bottle green blazer
 Valley Park black school skirt
 Valley Park black school trousers
 Valley Park clip on school tie
 Valley Park black V neck school jumper (optional)
 Plain white school shirt (incorporating a top button)
 Low heeled black traditional school shoes with no adornments. (Trainers, trainer style, ballet and pump style shoes
  are not allowed)
 Black tights or black socks
 Belts must be black, narrow and of a traditional style

It is expected that students wear their uniform with pride. This means;

 Top button fastened at all times
 Shirt tucked in at all times
 No jewellery except 1 small plain stud in the lobe of each ear. No other piercings are allowed.
 Blazers to be worn at all times unless a teacher allows removal in the classroom
 A smart business environment appropriate hair style. Hair must not be worn as a fashion statement. Cropped or
  shaved styles are not acceptable.
 Make up and nail polish is not allowed unless it is discreet. False nails are not permitted.
 No visible tattoos are permitted.

PE Kit

Outdoor                                                   Indoor
Valley Park black shorts or skort                         Valley Park black shorts or skort
Valley Park green reversible rugby shirt                  Valley Park green polo shirt
Football boots                                            Sports socks, white or black
Black long socks                                          Trainers (clean)
Shin pads (boys and girls)                                Towel

 An optional extra for both girls and boys is the Valley Park black tracksuit
 The reversible green rugby shirt is not compulsory for girls.

School Bag

An appropriate, waterproof and sealable bag should be purchased for the protection of all school items. Because
students carry items of a reasonable weight in the bag, drawstring bags are not acceptable. Bags should be dark in
colour and logos should be discreet. Fashion bags and handbags are not acceptable.

To ensure that the correct uniform is purchased we recommend that the school supplier Simmonds or the school uniform
shop is used for clothing and the Golden Boot shoe shop for footwear. Leaflets outlining the style of shoes acceptable are
available either on the school website (www.valleypark.kent.sch.uk/policies/shoelist.pdf) or from the Golden Boot.

In cases of any dispute regarding the suitability of uniform the Headteacher’s decision is final.

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