Elder Abuse

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					                              Report Elder Abuse:
                              CALL 9-1-1 IF THERE IS IMMINENT
                              RISK OF SAFETY TO THE SENIOR

                              Contact Halton Seniors Helpline:
                                                                        Elder Abuse
                              (Monday - Friday 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Elder Abuse is a crime that   or leave a message)
affects our community:

See something?                Anonymously through Crime
Hear something?               Stoppers of Halton:
                              1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
Say something.                Email:

Protect our seniors. Report
                              For more information about seniors
                              programs, and safety and security
                                                                         It’s A Crime
Elder Abuse.                  tips, visit the Halton Regional Police
                              Service website:

                              Or call the HRPS Elder Services
                              Coordinator: 905-825-4747 ext. 5064.
Halton’s Growing Senior                                                                                       Forms of Elder Abuse:
                                                                                                              Physical Abuse: Includes
Did You Know?                                                                                                 slapping, pinching, punching
                                                                                                              or other rough handling, sexual
•	 1 in 8 Halton residents is a senior
                                                                                                              assault, and forced confinement.
•	 The number of seniors living in the Region
   is expected to reach 82,000 by 2015                                                                        Financial Abuse: The dishonest
•	 More than 11,000 seniors (about 23% of         Elder Abuse often occurs in relationships built on trust.   use of money or other assets,
   Halton’s total senior population) live alone   It can take many forms, including financial abuse.          which may involve overcharging
                                                                                                              for services, and misuse of Power
                                                                                                              of Attorney.
Elder Abuse is a serious and                       Elder Abuse At A Glance:
growing problem that violates the                                                                             Psychological Abuse: Includes
government’s vision of a province                  Elder Abuse is                                             verbal assaults, humiliation,
where seniors are safe, live with                  any action or lack Did you know?                           intimidation, social isolation, and
dignity and are treated with respect.              of action that          Elders are most                    being treated like a child.
                                                   causes harm to          often abused by
                                                                          those whom they                     Neglect: Forms such
                                                   an older adult. It
Why Elder Abuse Should Be                                                  know and trust                     as inadequate hygiene,
                                                   often occurs in a
Reported:                                                                                                     administration of medication (too
                                                   relationship where
                                                                                                              much or not enough), failure to
People often feel that Elder Abuse is a            there is an expectation of trust,
                                                                                                              ensure proper medical care, and
family matter or fear that interference            such as between family members,
                                                                                                              not providing adequate food and/
will make the situation worse.                     caregivers, advisors, etc.
                                                                                                              or beverage.
Attitudes such as these only aggravate
the problem and can result in fatal
consequences in some cases.

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