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									                      TRAINING NEEDS ANALYSIS (TNA)

Following arrival at the University, and prior to registration on the Research Training
Programme, the student should meet with the supervisor to discuss training needs and
to identify any skills gaps. This form is provided as a basic aid to recording those
needs and skills gaps.

A TNA works by first considering those skills deemed essential for the successful
completion of doctoral research, and identifying where there are any gaps. Student
and supervisor should then consider the best way to address the skills gap, and plan
training accordingly.

The Research Councils have produced a list of the types of skills they expect a
research student to acquire during the course of their research. A good starting point
for a consideration of skills would therefore be this list. This can be found at…..

Student and supervisor should review skills training and update the TNA regularly
and at least once a year, prior to registration /re-registration on the University’s
Research Training Programme.

Skills gaps can be redressed via a variety of ways, e.g. formal RTP course training;
attendance at short seminars at University, Faculty or Departmental level; attendance
at conferences; or by independent study. What is important is that student and
supervisor consider the most appropriate way to address the training need and plan

The TNA form is provided as a simple aid for recording skills gaps and plans. It is
maintained by the student for use by student and supervisor only. It is not for formal
submission to the Graduate Research Office.

An example of a Training Needs Analysis form is provided below. This form is
available to the student via their PPDP on the MUSE system or from the GRO
website (ref….).
                           Training Needs Analysis

Your training needs should be addressed in discussions with your supervisor(s).
Please refer to the Research Training Programme Handbook and the Graduate
Research Office website for further information.

DATE ……………………………………………….

Personal/project skills     Skills gap     Action to be taken     Date action to be
       needs                identified       to address the          completed
                                                skills gap

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