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									                                Arena Training Ltd
             contract media sales, sales training, sales management coaching, recruitment

Arena works with owners of established and market-leading print and on-line media and events; and
particularly those operating in the 'green' sectors; environmental/sustainability/energy efficiency, etc.
We also work with start-ups and new media ventures. Working in close partnership with our clients,
we provide a truly unique solution to their selling, sales training, sales management coaching, and
recruitment needs. Please find below a brief overview of the services we provide, and beneath this,
some recent examples of contracts – together with references from highly satisfied customers. We
hope the services we provide are of interest to you, and we would welcome contact at any time.
Please find contact details below also.

    Multi-media 'hands-on' selling solution: Arena works with businesses of all sizes - from owners
    of established and market-leading multi-media platforms, through to smaller companies and
    publishers of bespoke magazines and websites. We provide a unique sales service which delivers
    the customers and sponsors our clients need to ensure their existing and new media products
    (publications, websites and events) are voluminously and profitably endorsed.
    Whether it's to gain a significant boost to sales across an existing portfolio of established market-
    leading media products, or to launch a profitable new magazine, website or event, Arena provides
    a uniquely efficient and competitively priced service which enables our clients' needs to be fully
    satisfied. (Please see:

    Sales training, and sales management coaching: As highly qualified and experienced sales
    training professionals, and recognised 'Business Link' trainers, we deliver sales training that
    provides unrivalled value for money for our clients. We design and deliver highly effective
    bespoke sales training and management coaching which ensures that our clients' new and
    existing media products continue to grow and flourish; even in the toughest of market conditions.
    (Please see:

    Recruitment: Most Senior Managers agree that the success of their business is dependent on
    the recruitment of the right people at the right time, however very few managers can devote
    enough time to ensure that this goal is realised. We take this responsibility on board for our clients
    by personally researching, identifying, interviewing and introducing the right candidates for them
    at the right time. (Please see:

To discuss in confidence how Arena may assist with developing sales on existing and/or new media
products for your company, please call me at any time on 0044 (0) 7891 310741 or send me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.
Robert Hill
Managing Director
Arena Training Ltd

T: 0044 (0) 1580 880707 M: 0044 (0) 7891 310741
E: W:

"I was very impressed with the work which you are undertaking, working with leading publishers and
event organisers and with other organisations, to create new media products and platforms aimed at
promoting awareness of the key issues for business concerning tackling climate change and
sustainability." Gregory Barker MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change.
Examples of recent Arena selling and training contracts:

Client: Fulton Publishing Ltd (Print and On-line Media Publishing and Events)
Project: Introducing new business and increasing sales across existing portfolio of print and
Arena’s role: To identify and introduce new customers to provide a boost to sales on the
market-leading international magazine; Environmental Finance, and to develop sales across
the portfolio of associated print and on-line media and events, with a focus on new print and
on-line supplement products.
Example of a new supplement product: http://www.environmental-
Advertisers include: Allianz, Bayer, Chevron, Enablon, PricewaterhouseCoopers, RBS
Sempra Commodities and TUV SUD
What the client says: “At the time of writing this, few would argue that selling conditions in
the sectors in which we operate are as challenging as any of us can remember. I believe that
these conditions underline the value of the selling service Rob is currently providing for us.
Bringing a refreshing approach to selling, both by phone and in face-to-face meetings, Rob's
highly skilled and methodical approach – together with his vast experience, energy, and
enthusiasm for 'closing the sale' – means that he has been an extremely valuable addition to
the sales team. Having quickly established a new client base through introducing new
customers (paying the rate card price for double-page spread and full page advertising to
appear in our magazines), Rob has been able to prove to us that there is a great opportunity
even in these unprecedented selling conditions. By introducing new customers which we can
further develop, Rob has provided very good value for money which means we will most
certainly be continuing to call upon the valued service he provides going forward.”
Graham Cooper, Managing Director, Fulton Publishing Ltd

Client : McClelland Publishing Ltd (Print and On-line Media Publishing and Events)
Project: New Magazine Launch – “Self Magazine” (consumer title)
Arena’s role: Initial Market R&D, and entire responsibility for all advertising sales in this
brand new magazine - which was launched 1st October 2008. Self Magazine is a sister title
to the well-established market-leading title; Sustain Magazine.
Advertisers include: With over 70 advertisers; which include the biggest industry names -
such as Wolseley UK with a double-page spread ad, and Jewson plc with a full page, etc -
as well as significant on-series sales, 'Self Magazine' has been deemed to be a highly
successful addition to McClelland Publishing's portfolio of established market-leading titles.
What the client says: “We contracted Arena Training Ltd to manage the sales side of a
nine-month operation; expanding our portfolio of established market-leading Magazines and
Events. The expansion programme incorporated R&D and all sales for the launch of a new
magazine, a sister title to our flagship sustain' Magazine, as well as selling on an Awards
event. We have been delighted with the service delivered by Arena Training Ltd. The R&D
was of the highest standard, and this paved the way for the success of the sales campaign,
producing a launch issue which significantly exceeded our expectations. We found Arena
Training Ltd to be very easy to deal with, proving a tremendously valuable resource. We
should be more than happy to work with Arena again, whether developing new or growing
existing business markets and revenue streams, as appropriate.”
Jim McClelland, Managing Director, McClelland Publishing Ltd

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Client: First Conferences Group (Print and On-line Media Publishing and Events)
Project: New Magazine Launch – a new (business-to-business) magazine; sister to the
existing market-leading magazine; Ethical Corporation. Plus Website;
( and an associated new conference event on the theme of climate
change, and its implications for business.
Arena’s role: Selling all advertising and sponsorships to enable the successful launch of this
major new magazine (a sister to the established market-leading international magazine;
Ethical Corporation), plus all ads and sponsorships sales on associated website, and new
Conference Event.
Advertisers include: Barclays, and Westpac - each with double-page spread ads, and HSBC
with a full page on the inside front cover, plus many others in the launch, and in subsequent
issues. Significant on-series sales, plus ads cross-sold into Ethical Corporation Magazine.
Conclusion: Ethical Corporation's 'Climate Change Series' magazines were deemed to be a
highly successful addition to First Conferences' portfolio of established market-leading titles. is now listed on Guardian Environment, here> The Climate Change event remains one of
the most important events of it's kind.
What the client says: “Robert Hill worked on a fixed term basis for Ethical Corporation in
2007, to help launch the Ethical Corporation and Climate Change Corporation special report
series on Climate Change Rob proved to be a very
effective and professional sales person and communicator. His relationship-building skills
are excellent, and his focused skills set and many years of experience proved invaluable to
EC in getting the right financial results for the launch publication. I would definitely
recommend Rob to other publishers and event organisers who wish to grow revenue and
gain new business.”
Andrew Bold, Commercial Director, First Conferences Group

Client: Mediaworks International (Caribbean Construction Magazine)
Arena’s Role: Selling to the targeted client base of construction professionals across the
What the client says: "We outsourced advertising sales of Caribbean Construction
Magazine to Arena Training and have been working with them for several weeks. To date,
we are extremely pleased with their understanding of our product and their ability to
communicate Caribbean Construction Magazine's value to our clients. We plan to continue
our relationship with the company into 2010 as they have already established an excellent
rapport with our client base of construction professionals across the Caribbean."
Claire McQuillan, Managing Director

Client: The Chartered Institute for Landscape Architects (Print and On-line Media Publishing
and Events)
Project: To increase the volume and value of sales produced by a small team - selling print
and on-line advertising and event sponsorship by phone, and in face to face meetings –
through the design and delivery of a bespoke Sales Training programme for the team; aimed
at increasing confidence and general selling ability.
Arena’s role: To design and deliver bespoke sales training to enhance the team's selling
What the client says: “We were greatly impressed by the content of the course, and it has
proved to be extremely beneficial. Notably, the amount of in-depth detail you were able to
reach in a short space of time has been invaluable, especially with the 'gift-rock' scenario
which has been put into practice and works very well. We would have no hesitation in asking
you to provide future courses, plus we would be very happy to recommend your services to
other potential clients.”
Peter Beecroft, Head of Advertising Sales, The Chartered Institute for Landscape Architects

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