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Meeting Protocol
Whether a meeting is taking place among several sites or between two sites; agendas, handouts, reports,
etc. need to be distributed to each site before the meeting. Be familiar with your materials that you
receive in your packets. Please take the time to read through them ahead of the meeting time, and bring
questions to the meeting. If you have questions, feel free to call the person convening the meeting. For
Policy Council members, your Center Director, Program Director, or either Family Community
Coordinator will able to answer questions about the meeting.

Have a facilitator available at each videoconference site to make sure the site is “on-line,” and to adjust
the volume and/or camera changes.

Have one person manage the mute button. After someone from your site speaks, put the mute on. When
the microphone is not muted at another site, there is a loud feedback echo that transmits. Side
conversations are really disruptive, especially when the mute button isn’t on.

If the meetings involve only two videoconference sites, then it is fairly easy to discuss a topic between
sites. If the meetings involve multiple sites, then it may be a benefit to allow some discussion time at
each site around a topic. The meeting facilitator can ask for site discussions, and set a time for each site
to re-connect with the others. Basically for each site this means turning the mute button on until it is time
to get back together.

When asking for feedback from the sites, it helps to ask for comments from each site.

For Policy Council, motions and seconds to the motion can be made from any site. The Chairperson will
acknowledge that a motion has been made and who has made it, and ask for a second.

Depending on the agenda item, the Policy Council Chairperson will ask members to take 2 to 3 minutes to
discuss the item, then report back to the group. At that point, the sites press their mute buttons and have a
discussion among them. Be prepared to report back to the rest of the sites if you have something that you
want to add to the discussion.

The steps to follow are as follows.
   1. Select the date and time for the videoconference.
   2. Check for the availability of the videoconference sites. At the ESD, videoconferencing is
        available in the Olympia and Grays Harbor Rooms for larger groups up to 60, and the separate
        Lewis Room, which holds about 18 people. In Aberdeen, the CELL center is available at a cost.
        In other areas, most school districts and colleges have video-conferencing capability and are
        available for community member’s use.
   3. Inform the ESD 113 Network Services contact person which room and what date and time the
        connection needs to be made.
   4. For the Policy Council, the ESD 113 Network Services office will alert the Aberdeen and Belfair
        cell sites of the need to arrange a videoconference; and will arrange for the dial up. The Belfair
        Center Director and the Grays Harbor Admin Family Community Coordinator reserve their
        respective locations and equipment.
   5. The non-ESD 113 sites may have a videoconference form that needs to be completed.

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Room Arrangement
Room arrangement is really important. Before the meeting starts, make sure that you are sitting where the
camera is focused. If you have several people, you may want to arrange the tables in short rows facing
the camera.
For Policy Council, the Policy Council representatives need to sit closest to the camera, with program
staff sitting off to the side. If your group is small enough to easily fit on the camera angles, then arrange
yourselves comfortably. At the ESD 113, camera angles should be pre-programmed with the remote
Another thing to consider is your microphone and the mute button. Representatives need to sit close
enough to the microphone so that the other members can easily hear them. The mute button needs to be
easily available by whoever is going to control it.

How to Cancel a Videoconference
The person(s) who organized the videoconference will be the only person(s) who can cancel it. They
should work with their site organizers to do so. The site organizers are responsible for the cancellation of
the room and the equipment at their own site.

Administrative Section

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