MINNESOTA BOARD OF DENTISTRY
                                University Park Plaza, 2829 University Avenue SE, Suite 450
                                Minneapolis, MN 55414-3249
                                        Phone 612.617.2250        Fax 612.617.2260
                                            Toll Free 888.240.4762 (non-metro)
                                   MN Relay Service for Hearing Impaired 800.627.3529

                      PUBLIC BOARD MEETING AGENDA
                  University Park Plaza – Conference Room A (4th Floor)
                                 Friday, January 20, 2006
                                           8:30 a.m.
8:30am Call to Order of the Public Meeting – Linda Boyum, RDA, President
1. Newly Elected Officers Recognized:
                      President: Mark W Harris, DDS
                      Vice President: John Bengtson, DDS
                      Secretary: Dean J Singsank, DDS
                      Past President: Linda Boyum, RDA

2. Review and Approve Minutes of November 18, 2005 Board Meeting                               2.1 – 2.7
                                                            – Mark W Harris, DDS, President

Professional Association & University of Minnesota Reports
3. Minnesota Dental Association – Dick Wiberg, DDS/Jamie Sledd, DDS
4. Minnesota Dental Hygienists’ Association – Rose Stokke, DH
5. Minnesota Dental Assistants Association – Brenda Spanovich, RDA
6. Minnesota Educators of Dental Assistants – Kathy Lapham, RDA
7. Minnesota Dental Hygiene Educators Association – Jeanne Anderson, DH
8. University of Minnesota – Patrick Lloyd, DDS/Judith Buchanan, DDS
9. Minnesota Association for Community Dentistry – Amos Deinard, MD, MPH

10. Executive Director’s Report – Marshall Shragg
    A. Overview
    B. Budget Summary
    C. Rulemaking Status
    D. Internal Operating Policies & Procedures (IOPP) Update

11. American Dental Examining Board (ADEX) Bruce Barrette, DDS Regional Liaison

Committee Reports
12. Executive Committee – Linda Boyum, RDA                                                    12.1 – 12.2
13. Policy Committee Report/Recommendations – Ron King, DDS
14. Dental Assistant Education (Registration Exam) – Linda Boyum, RDA
15. Jurisprudence Committee – Freeman Rosenblum, DDS
16. Licensure & Credentials Committee – Freeman Rosenblum, DDS
17. AADE/ADEX – John Bengtson, DDS
        A. Discussion re: concerns about ADEX, WREB, SRTA, etc.
        B. Decision re: future acceptability of WREB exam and others
 18.   CRDTS – John Bengtson, DDS
 19.   CDE/Professional Development – Linda Boyum, RDA
 20.   Council of Health Boards – Mark W. Harris, DDS
 21.   Complaint Committee Reports
           A.   Complaint Committee ‘A’                                                                  21A.1 – 21A.2
           B.   Complaint Committee ‘B’                                                                  21B.1 – 21B.2
           C.   Complaint Committee Statistics through 2/28/05                                               21C
           D.   Joint Complaint Committee Meeting
 22.   HPSP – Freeman Rosenblum, DDS                                                                      22.1 – 22.4
 23.   Allied Dental Education Committee – Nadene Bunge, DH
 24.   Regulation of Dental Assistants Task Force – Linda Boyum, RDA
 25.   Nominating Committee – No Report

 26. Travel Authorizations
        A. Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB), February 3-5, 2006: San Diego

 27. Licenses
           A. Licenses For Ratification                                                                  27A.1 – 27A.2
           B. License/Registration Reinstatements                                                            27B
           C. Internationally Educated (Foreign Trained) Dentists                                            27C

 28. Appeals
       The following IED applicants appeal the determination of the L/C Committee denying their
       request to sit for the clinical exam:
           A. Internationally Educated Dentist 1                                                         WITHDRAWN
           B. Internationally Educated Dentist 2

 29. Other
           A. Confirm dates for 2006 Board meetings
           B. Other

 Action Items
 30. Review – Julie Jeppesen

 31. Adjourn

Executive Board Meeting (closed) – will be held at the conclusion of the Public Board meeting... no later
than 1:00pm.

Joint Complaint Committee meeting (open) – will be held at the conclusion of the Executive Board

                         Note: Future public meetings are scheduled as follows…
                         2006 Executive Committee          2006 Board Meetings
                                                               March 31, 2006
                                                               June 9, 2006 [NOTE CHANGE]
                                                               September 15, 2006 [consider change to 9/8/06]
                                                               November 17, 2006

                         Future public Board meetings are proposed as follows…
                                Jan 19, 2007           June 15, 2007            Nov 30, 2007
                                Mar 23, 2007           Sept 28, 2007

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