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									Repertuar zespołu duet-hit

Utwory zagraniczne

A                                                            21.Believe-Cher
                                                             22.Be my baby-z Dirty Dancing
1.Abba mix                                                   23.Be my lover-La bouch
2.All that she wants-Ace of base                             24.Black velvet-Alanah Miles
3.An angel-Kelly family                                      25.Blanket on the ground-Billy Jo Spears
4.Around the world-ATC                                       26.Blue bayou-Roy Orbison
5.Asereje-The Ketchup song                                   27.Boney M. mix
6.Aloha he-Hawaii song                                       28.Break my stride-Blue Lagoon
7.Aya baila torero                                           29.Breaking up is hard to do-The Carpenters
8.Another day in paradise-Phil Collins                       30.Bad moon rising-CCR
9.Acky breaky heart-Billy Ray Cirus                          31.Barbara Ann-The beach boys
10.Are you lonesome tonight-Elvis Presley (walc angielski)   32.Blue Spanish eyes-Instr.(sax)
11.Agadou-Saragossa band                                     33.Bellamy Brothers mix
12.Amarillo-Tony Christie                                    34.Baila mi son-Selena
13.Adios muchachos-Tango instr. (akordeon)                   35.Bala bala-Francesco Napoli
14.All of me-Instr.(klarnet)                                 36.Baker street-Undercover
15.Auf der Autobahn-Polka instr. (akordeon)                  37.Beatiful rose-George Baker Selection (sax)
16.A love like this-Bad Boys Blue
17.A walk in the park-Linking Park                           C
18.A rocking good way-S.Stevens&B.Tyler
19.A whiter shade of pale-A.Lennox                           1.Calling-Geri Halliwel
20.All of you-J.Iglesias&D.Summer                            2.Can`t get you out of my head-Kylie Minogue
21.Acapulco-Ricchi&Poveri                                    3.Can`t fight the moonlight-LeAnn Rimes
22.Acropolis adieu-Mirelle Mathieu                           4.Cowboy-Chipz
23.Amor-Julio Iglessias                                      5.Cruel summer-Ace of base
24.A chi-Fausto Lealli                                       6.Che sera-Doris Day (walczyk)
25.A love worth waiting-S.Stevens                            7.Chaka chaka-Rosanna Rocci
26.Ai no corrida-Uniting Nations                             8.Close to you-The Carpenters
27.Angel-Lionel Ritchie                                      9.Chanson d`amour
28.10 o`clock postman-Secret Service                         10.Coco Jumbo-Mr.President
29.07 zgłoś się-Temat z filmu (sax)                          11.Country roads-John Denver
30.A love worth waiting for-Shakin Stevens                   12.Chattahoochie-Alan Jackson
31.10 mambo mix-instr.(sax)                                  13.Chirpy cheap-Middle of the road
                                                             14.Country mix
B                                                            15.Call me-Spagna
                                                             16.Chihuahua-Dj Bobo
1.Bamboleo-Garcia                                            17.Crossfire-Bellamy brothers
2.Beautiful Sunday-Pat bone                                  18.Cuba-Cuba Club
3.Blue suede shoes-Elvis Presley                             19.California blue-Roy Orbison
4.Bye bye love-Everly Brothers                               20.Children-Robert Miles (instr.)
5.Butterfly                                                  21.Cha cha mix-Instr.(sax)
6.Blueberry hill-Fats domino                                 22.Chattanoga choochoo-Instr.(sax)
7.Baila morena-Zucchero                                      23.Come prima-Instr.(sax)
8.Born to be alive-Patrick Hernandez                         24.Cielito lindo-Walczyk instr.(akordeon)
9.Buona sera-Mauro                                           25.Cha cha Tanz der Stunden-Instr.(klarnet)
10.Baby i`d love you to want me-Marcel Romanoff              26.Comment sava-The Shorts
11.Be with you-Enrique Iglesias                              27.Congratulations-Cliff Richard
12.Begin the beguin-Instr. (klarnet)                         28.Crying at the discotheque-Alcazar
13.Besame mucho-Instr.(klarnet)                              29.Could you be loved-Bob Marley
14.Blue tango-Instr.(klarnet)                                30.Cry for you-September
15.Boogie Girls-Instr.(sax)                                  31.Change-Lisa Stansfield
16.Brasil-Samba instr.(sax)                                  32.Champs elysses-Joe Dassin
17.Buona sera-Instr.(sax)                                    33.Ci sara-Albano&Romina Power
18.Baccara mix                                               34.C.C.Catch mix
19.Baila mi ritmo-Loona                                      35.Capri Fischer-Albano Cainisi
20.Bailando-Loona                                            36.Cose della vita-Eros Ramazotti
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Repertuar zespołu duet-hit

Utwory zagraniczne

37.Cosa sei-Ricchi&Poveri                           1.Funky town-Lipps
38.Country sax-instr.(sax)                          2.Fotonovela-Malu
39.Caipirinha                                       3.Fields of gold-Sting
40.C`est la vie-Foreign Currency                    4.Falling stars-Sunset Strippers
                                                    5.Flames of love-Fancy
D                                                   6.Fascination-Walc angielski instr.(klarnet)
1.Daylight in your eyes-No Angels                   8.Felicita-Albano&Romina Power
2.Dragostea din tei-O Zone                          9.Fuoco nell fuoco-Eros Ramazotti
3.Descechantee-Kate Ryan                            10.Freed from desie-Gala
4.Dear Jessy-Rollergirl
5.Don`t cry for me Argentina-Covington              G
6.Don`t go-Andre Visior
7.Do that to me one more time-Captain&Tenille       1.Good luck charm-Elvis Presley
8.Dov`e l`amore-Cher                                2.Greek wine
9.Don`t it make my brown eyes-Crystal Gayle         3.Guantanamera-Rumba instr.
10.Dancing queen-Abba                               4.Ganz in weiss-Instr.(akordeon)
11.Dream a little dream-Ella Fitzgerard             5.Green green grass of home-Instr.(sax)
12.Diana-Paul Anka                                  6.Georgia-Ray Charles
13.Daddy cool-Boney M.                              7.Get up-Captain Jack
14.Dolce vita-Ryan Paris                            8.Gigolo-David Lee Roth
15.Don`t be cruel-Elvis Presley                     9.Golden mix
16.Disco 70` mix                                    10.Goodbye my love goodbye-Demis Roussos
17.Delilah-Tom Jones                                11.Give it up-Cut n move
18.Daydream-Beagle LTD                              12.Gospel mix-instr.(sax)
19.Dance dance d`amour-David Haselhoff              13.Gimme gimme-A`teens
20.Dinner mix-Instr.(klarnet)                       14.Give!-Shaun Baker
22.Do you really wanna know me-Verona               H

E                                                   1.H`asta maniana-Abba
                                                    2.Heartbreaker-Dionne Warwick
1.Electronic lady                                   3.Heaven-U96
2.Everybody love somebody-Dean Martin               4.Hold me for a while-Rednex
3.Everybody-Dj Bobo                                 5.Honey honey-Abba
4.Everytime                                         6.Hooray hooray it`s a holiday-Boney M.
5.El bandito-Frank Gallan                           7.Hung up-Madonna
6.Every breath you take-The Police                  8.Happy birthday sweet 16-Neil Sedaka
7.El bimbo-Samba Instr.(akordeon)                   9.Hey baby-Dj Oetzi
8.El chocolo-Tango Instr.(akordeon)                 10.Hafanana-Afric Simone
9.Equador-Instr.                                    11.Hands up-Ottawan
10.Ella ella-Franz Gall                             12.Help me make it through the night-Kriss Kristofferson
11.Everlasting love-Sandra                          13.Have you ever seen the rain-CCR
12.Eternal flame-The Bangels                        14.Hot`n`cold-Katy Perry
13.Everytime we touch-Maggie Relly                  15.How will I know-Jessica Folker
14.Everything I do I don it for you-Bryan Adams     16.How I need you-Bad boys blue
15.Everybody loves the sunshine-Queens
16.Electric avenue-Velvet                           I
17.Erst ein Cappucino-Kristine Bach
18.Enjoy the silence-Depeche mode                   1.I`ll be your baby tonight-Robert Palmer
19.Eye in the sky-Alan Parsons Project              2.Islands in the stream-K.Rogers&D.Parton
20.E viva Espagna-Imca Marina                       3.It`s a real good feeling-Peter Kent
21.Eh eh there`s nothing else I can say-Lady GaGa   4.It`s now or never-Elvis Presley
                                                    5.I wanna wake up with you-Boris Gardiner
F                                                   6.If you should go-Gibson Brothers
                                                    7.In the mood-Instr.(sax)
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Utwory zagraniczne

8.Instrumentalny                                    L
9.Ich krieg-Instr.(sax)
10.I wonder why-Curtis Stringers (walc angielski)   1.La fiesta loca-Estrella
11.Ibiza-Vengaboys                                  2.Lailola-Rosanna Rocci
12.I`m alive-Celine Dion                            3.Lambada-Kaoma
13.I drove all night-Celine Dion                    4.La Promesse-Kate Ryan
14.I do I do-Abba                                   5.Land of dreaming-Masterboy
15.If you can`t give me love-Susie Quatro           6.Last christmas-Wham
16.In tango-In Grid                                 7.Lost in France-Bonnie Tyler
17.In your eyes-Kylie Minogue                       8.Latino lover-Loona
18.I turn to you-Mel C                              9.La isla bonita-Madonna
19.It`s a heartache-Bonnie Tyler                    10.Let`s get loud-Jennifer Lopez
20.It`s raining man-Geri Halliwel                   11.Libertine-Kate Ryan
21.I love to love-Tina G.                           12.Like a prayer-Mad House
22.I love your smile-Shanice                        13.L`unika donna per me-Alan Sorenti
23.I swear-All for one                              14.Lay all your love on me-Abba
24.I will always love you-Whitney Houston           15.Let it be-The Beatles
25.I only wanna be with you-Samantha Fox            16.Live it up-Mental as anything
26.In private-Dusty Springfield                     17.Lay love on you-Luisa Fernandez
27.It`s my party-Lesley Gore                        18.Love letters straight from your heart-Alison Moyet
28.I believe in you-Kylie Minogue                   19.Laughter in the rain-Neil Sedaka
29.I just call to say I love you-Steve Wonder       20.Living next door to Alice-Smokie
30.I`ve been thinking about you-London Beat         21.Last waltz-Engelbert Humperdinck
31.I don`t feel like dancing-Scissors sisters       22.La bamba-Los Lobos
32.I`m outta love-Anastasia                         23.L’Italiano-Toto Cotugno
33.Ilarie-Xuxa                                      24.Let your love flow-Bellamy Brothers
34.I’m leaving it up to you-Dale&Grace              25.Life-Haddaway
35.I love-Stachursky&In-Grid                        26.Limbo dance-David Hasselhof
36.I have nothing-Whitney Houston                   27.Living doll-Cliff Richard
37.I will survive-Gloria Gaynor                     28.Love & Devotion-Real McCoy
38.I`m so excited-Pointer Sisters                   29.La camisa negra-Juanes
39.In the shadows-The Rasmus                        30.Live is life-Opus
40.It must have been love-Roxette                   31.Lay down Sally-Eric Clapton
41.It`s in your eyes-Kylie Minogue                  32.Love letters in the sand-Instr.klarnet
                                                    33.La petite fleur-Instr.klarnet
J                                                   34.La cucaracha-Instr.sax
                                                    35.La paloma-Tango instr.akordeon
1.Jambalaya-The Carpenters                          36.La cumparsita-Tango instr.klarnet
2.Jealousy-Tango instr.akordeon                     37.Lucille-Rock’n’roll instr.sax
3.Jeans on-David Dundas                             38.La primavera-Instr.
                                                    39.Love kills-Freddie Mercury
K                                                   40.Lunatic-Gazebo
                                                    41.Levantando las manos-King Africa
1.Kalimba de luna-Tony Esposito                     42.Lucky day-Sasha
2.Kisses for me-Brotherhood of man                  43.Lucky lips-Cliff Richard
3.Kiss me quick-Elvis Presley                       44.Lilly was here-Candy Dulfer&Dave Steward (sax)
4.Keep on smiling-Tom Jones                         45.Logo-samba
6.Kaczuszki-Instr.Sax                               M
7.Kufsteiner Lied-Walczyk inst.akordeon
8.Kisses and tears-Bad Boys Blue                    1.Marianna-wersja jugosławiańska
9.Killing me softly-Roberta Flack                   2.Marina-Rocco Granata
10.Kind of hush-The Carpenters                      3.Mary Lou
11.Kiss-Vengaboys                                   4.Mix utworow wloskich
12.Kanakan-Instr.                                   5.Modern Talking Mix
                                                    6.Marie marie-Olson Brothers
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Utwory zagraniczne

7.Massachusets-Bee Gees                           5.Opa opa-Despina Vandi
8.My way-Frank Sinatra                            6.One way ticket-Eruption
9.Moon river-Walc angielski instr.klarnet         7.Oh Carol-Paul Anka
10.Marengue-Instr.                                8.Oh darling-The Beatles
11.My bony-Rock’n’roll instr.sax                  9.One for you-La Bionda
12.Madrit-Passodouble instr.                      10.One to make her happy-Marque
13.Morning sky-George Baker Selection             11.Oye mi canto-Gloria Estefan
14.Moscauer nights-Instr.akordeon
15.Makarena-Los del Rio                           P
16.Mambo no.5-Lou Bega
17.Mamma mia-A’teens                              1.Poison-Groove Coverage
18.Manuel goodbye-Audrey Landers                  2.Perfect-Fairground attraction
19.Maria-Blondie                                  3.Porque te vas-Jeanette
20.Masquerade-The Carpenters                      4.Push the button-Sugarbabes
21.Mi chico latino-Geri Haliwell                  5.Proud mary-C.C.R
22.Milord-In Grid                                 6.Party Knuller
23.Missisipi-Pussycats                            7.Para no verte mas
24.Moonlight shadow-Mike Oldfield                 8.Please release me-Engelbert Humperdinck
25.My heart will go on-Celine Dion                9.Pretty woman-Roy Orbison
26.Maledetta primavera-Loretta                    10.Perfidia-Cha cha instr.sax
27.Mamma mia-In Grid                              11.Polka Dziadek-Instr.klarnet
28.My boy lollipop-Millie Small                   12.Pour un flirt-Instr.akordeon
29.Marie marie-Shakin Stevens                     13.Pepito-Cha cha instr.akordeon
30.Mysterious time-Tina Cousins                   14.Pettite fleur-instr.klarnet
31.Moviestar-Harpo                                15.Passodouble-instr.
32.Mona lisa-Modern Talking                       16.Pop mix-wiązanka-
33.Ma baker-Boney M.
34.Made in Italy-Ricchie&Poveri                   Q
35.Magic fly-Instr.
36.Man-Instr.                                     1.Quando
37.Mix Latino                                     2.Que si que no-El Simbolo
38.Marina-Rocco Granada
39.Morning sky-George Baker Selection             R
40.Merry christmas everyone-Shakin Stevens
                                                  1.Radio dancing-Engelbert Humperdinck
N                                                 2.Return to sender-Elvis Presley
1.Never can say goodbye                           4.Rose-Instr.sax
2.Neh nah nah na-Vaya con dios                    5.Rosamunde-Polka instr.akordeon
3.No me hables-Juan Pardo                         6.Rumba mix-Instr.klarnet
4.Nine million bicycles-Katie Melua               7.Rockin’all over the World-Status quo
5.No no never-Texas lightning                     8.Red roses for my lady-Engelbert Humperdinck
6.No tengo dinero-Righeira                        9.Ramona
7.Nananana hey hey kiss him goodbye-Fancy         10.Ring ring-Abba
8.New York-Frank Sinatra                          11.Ritmo della noche-Mystic
9.Night birds-Chakatak                            12.Rock`n`roll music-The Beatles
10.No face no name no number-Modern Talking       13.Rosegarden-Lynn Anderson
11.Nikita-Elton John                              14.Raindrops keep fallin` on my head-Frank Sinatra
12.Na Dunaju-Walc wiedeński                       15.Ride it-Geri Halliwel
                                                  16.Rock`n`roll is king-E.L.O.
O                                                 17.Relax-Mika

1.On the sunny side of the street-Instr.klarnet   S
2.Oh Julie-Shakin Stevens
3.Obladi oblada-The Beatles                       1.Samba de Jenairo-Bellini
4.One in one-Robert Miles                         2.Sara perche ti amo-Ricchi&Poveri
                                                                                                  Strona 4 z 6
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Utwory zagraniczne

3.Save me-Clouts                                      59.Sara perche ti amo-Ricchi&Poveri
4.Self control-Laura Braningham                       60.Sorry-Madonna
5.Saving all my love-Whitney Houston                  61.Saxofonowa rumba-Instr.sax
6.Sempre sempre-Albano&Romina Power                   62.She loves you-The Beatles
7.Shalalala-Vengaboys                                 63.Satisfaction-Rolling Stones
8.Shoop shoop song-Cher                               64.Sereno e-Drupi
10.Smooth operator-Sade                               T
11.Something stupid-Nicole Kidman&Robin Wiliams
12.Stand by your man-Tammy Wynette                    1.Teaddy bear-Elvis Presley
13.Still in love with you-No Angels                   2.This is the world we live in-Alcazaar
14.Strong enough-Cher                                 3.Tic Tac-Carrapicho
15.Stupid cupid-Conny Jive                            4.The Spanish night is over-Engelbert Humperdinck
16.Sunchyme-Dario G.                                  5.The wanderer-Dion
17.Sun of Jamaica-Goombay dance band                  6.Today is the day-Dj.Oetzi
18.Superstar-Jamelia                                  7.Touch by touch-Joy
19.Sweet sweet smile-The Carpenters                   8.Tears don`t lie
20.Sweet dreams-Annie Lenox                           9.Trini Lopez mix
21.S.O.S-Abba                                         10.Tea for two-Cha cha instr.sax
22.Salome-Chayenne                                    11.Tequilla-Instr.sax
23.Smile-Pussycats                                    12.Tanz der stunden-Cha cha instr.klarnet
24.Solo por ti-Peter Kent&Luisa Fernandez             13.Tico tico-Cha cha instr.
25.Sway-Michael Bubble                                14.The shadow of your smile-Instr.sax
26.Sattelites-September                               15.Tulpen aus Amsterdam-Walczyk instr.klarnet
27.Say it right-Nelly Furtado                         16.Tears on my pillow-Marcel Romanoff
28.Santa lucia by night-George baker selection        17.Tears on my pillow-Kylie Minogue
29.Santa lucia-Francesco Napoli                       18.Tennesee waltz-Patsy Cline
30.Sierra Madre                                       19.The tide is high-Blondie
31.Soli-Adriano Celentano                             20.The power of love-Jennifer Rush
32.Some broken hearts-Telly Savalas                   21.The rhythm of the night-Corona
33.Stumblin` In-Susie Quatro&Kriss Norman             22.The rigga digga ding dong song
34.Sunshine reegae-Laid Back                          23.This time-Donna Smmer
35.Smokie medley                                      24.Those were the days-Hermes House Band
36.Se m`innamoro-Ricchi&Poveri                        25.Top of the world-The Carpenters
37.Song sung blue-Neil Diamond                        26.To love somebody-Jimmy Summerwille
38.San Francisco-Scott McCansy                        27.Toot toot-Denise Lasalle
39.Siempre Maniana-Ruben Gomez                        28.True love-Elton John&Kiki Dee
40.Save your love my darling-Rene&Renate              29.Twilight zone-2 Unlimited
41.Sommer wine-Valo                                   30.Twist Again-Chubby Checker
42.Sex Bomb-Tom Jones                                 31.The Twist-Instr.sax
43.Strangers in the night-Instr.klarnet               32.Tu es foutu-In Grid
44.Sax mix-Instr.                                     33.The Best-Tina Turner
45.Sentimental journey-Instr.klarnet                  34.Tutti frutti-Elvis Presley
46.Schnee waltz-Walczyk instr.akordeon                35.Teardrops-Womack&Womack
47.Seeman-Instr.akordeon                              36.Turbo polka
48.Sehnsucht melodien-Walc angielski instr.akordeon   37.Take it-Tom Novy ft.Lima
49.Shakin Stevens-Instr.sax                           38.This world today is a mess-Donna Hightower
50.Slow motion-Instr.sax                              39.The weekend-Michael Gray
51.Swing-Instr.klarnet                                40.Two times-Ann Lee
52.Salsa-Instr.                                       41.Ti amo-Umberto Tozzi
53.Schiwago-Instr.                                    42.Tora tora tora-Numero Uno
54.Sax rumba-Instr.                                   43.The moment-Kenny G. instr.sax
55.Silberfaeder-Instr.sax                             44.The one that I want-Travolta&Newton-John
56.Salsa romana-Instr.                                45.The time of my life-Dirty Dancing
57.Samba mix-Instr.                                   46.To all the girls i`d love before-Instr.sax
58.See you later Alligator
                                                                                                     Strona 5 z 6
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Utwory zagraniczne

U                                                 5.Yesterday once more-The Carpenters
                                                  6.You drive me crazy-Shakin Stevens
1.Una notte speciale-Alice                        7.You came-Kim Wilde
2.Unbreak my heart-Toni Braxton                   8.You want love-Mixed Emotions
3.Uncle John from Jamaica-Vengaboys               9.Yesterday-The Beatles
4.Una paloma blanca-George baker selection
5.Unforgetable-Nicole&Nat King Cole               Z

V                                                 1.Zorba-Instr.
                                                  2.Zillertaler hochzeitsmarsch-Instr.sax
1.Vayamos companieros-Marquess
2.Vamos alla playa-Righiera
3.Viva la noche-Costa Cordalis
4.Voglio marti cosi-Julio Iglessias
5.Vamos a bailar-Paola&Chiara
6.Veo veo-Hot Banditoz
8.Voyage voyage-Desireless
9.V.I.P-Shaun Baker


1.Waiting for tonight-Jennifer Lopez
3.Whenever wherever-Shakira
4.When I need you-Neil Diamond
5.We like to party-Vengaboys
6.Woole boole
7.What a feeling-Dj Bobo&Irene Cara
8.Without you-Mariah Carey
9.Woman in love-Laura Braningham
11.When will I see you again-The three degrees
12.Will you still love me tomorrow-The Shirleys
13.Walk of live-Dire Straits
14.What a wonderful world-Louis Armstrong
15.We`re gonna stay together-Tony Christie&Viki
16.Wild cat blues-Instr.klarnet
17.Wiązanka walcy Hofbreuhaus
18.What`s a woman when a man-Vaya con Dios
19.When a man loves a woman-Instr.sax
20.White Christmas-kolęda
21.Wind of change-The Scorpions
22.What is love-Haddaway


1.Xanadu-Olivia Newton John


1.You`re a woman-Bad Boys Blue
2.Y.M.C.A-Village people
3.Yellow river-Tony Christie
4.Yakety sax-Instr.
                                                                                            Strona 6 z 6

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