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					                                            News Release – May 27, 2008
                                 Media Contact: CVB Deputy Director Regina Wheeler
                                    770-387-1357 or E-mail
                              Bartow County Bank Marketing Administrator Angie Walker
                                770-387-8465 or E-mail

   Bartow County Bank Supports Local Tourism with New Postcard Plastic

       Cartersville, Georgia. May 27, 2008 – Flashing plastic – we all do it, sometimes with a
sense of glee and twinge of remorse intertwined. But now, customers of Bartow County Bank
can flash with pride when they pull out their new Postcard Plastic, a VISA credit card featuring
a photo of an historic Bartow County landmark as the backdrop. The Postcard Plastic cards are
a novel approach to promoting the stunning historic scenes to be found throughout Bartow
County. Because of this benchmark banking program, snapshots of beautiful Bartow County
soon will be turning up in merchants’ hands worldwide. The new cards will be available June 1,
2008. The first four landmarks featured will be Barnsley Gardens, the 1854 Cartersville Depot,
Etowah Indian Mounds and the Euharlee Covered Bridge.
       “Bartow County Bank is proud to do everything within its power to promote Cartersville
and Bartow County to the outside world,” said Gary Fox, Bartow County Bank president, whose
personal card of choice is the 1854 Cartersville Depot. Fox stated that the bank had worked on
the idea for about 8 months and is happy to offer this new program to their customers. He knows
of no other bank currently offering signature credit cards such as these.
       When Yvonne Mitcham, a member of Bartow County Bank’s electronic banking
department, introduced the idea of creating the new line of credit cards featuring community
historic sites she was unsure what the bank officers would think. “They loved the idea and I was
thrilled,” said Mitcham, a native of Bartow who lived for a few years in Florida then returned
home. Mitcham said “When living in Florida, I was impressed at how many people knew where
Cartersville is because of the Etowah Indian Mounds. That really made me aware of Bartow
County’s rich history and what a big part that plays in making this such a great place to live.”
       “Bartow County Bank has always taken great pride in its community and is extremely
community driven. When we saw these gorgeous photos from the Convention & Visitors
Bureau (CVB), it seemed like a natural way for our residents to share with others the place that
they call home,” said Tina Hudson, business development officer.

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    Bartow County Bank Supports Local Tourism with New Postcard Plastic – Regina Wheeler, 770-387-1357

       Appropriately, the photograph of Cartersville’s historic depot chosen for the program was
taken by CVB Deputy Director Regina Wheeler. “It was just snapshot taken quickly one spring
morning at work. I needed an image to post on to show visitors where their
first stop in the community should be. I’m not a photographer but nature’s beauty really was
captured in this photo and it’s a great honor to have one of my snapshots chosen for the credit
card program,” Wheeler said. (The depot houses the Cartersville-Bartow Visitor Information
Center and the Cartersville Downtown Development Authority.)
       Carrying the new credit cards will bring great rewards, as well. Customers will receive
ScoreCard Bonus Points equivalent to one point per each dollar spent. These rewards may be
redeemed for merchandise or travel rewards. Points may be combined from both debit and credit
card expenditures and can be tracked online at In addition,
cardholders will receive complementary auto rental damage coverage, the convenience of 24/7
emergency assistance, and emergency card replacement and cash disbursement.
       Bartow County Bank’s Postcard Plastic VISAs will promote the beauty, significance and
history to be discovered in Bartow County every time the card is used. The Postcard Plastic
VISA program is marketing genius, according to CVB Executive Director Ellen Archer. “It’s
like giving every card holder an advertisement for Bartow County. It will stimulate conversation
every time it’s swiped. I wish I’d thought of it!”

About Bartow County Bank
       Bartow County Bank was started in 1974 in Cartersville by a group of local business
people. Their vision was to be a community bank and serve the financial needs of Cartersville
and the surrounding area.
       Over the years, many banks that started out as local, community banks have been
absorbed by larger, corporately owned banks. But Bartow County Bank has stayed true to its
roots. The bank is community owned and run by a Board of Directors, which means decisions
are made on a local level. Employees are encouraged to become part of the community and
currently serve on several boards such as the Boys and Girls Club, Cartersville Schools
Foundation, Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter, Etowah Valley Humane Society, Cartersville
High School Council, and the United Way.

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    Bartow County Bank Supports Local Tourism with New Postcard Plastic – Regina Wheeler, 770-387-1357

       Bartow County Bank currently has three locations in Cartersville, one in Acworth, and
will soon be opening a branch in Adairsville. For more information call 770-382-4223 or visit
online at

About the Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau

       The Cartersville-Bartow County Convention & Visitors Bureau is the Destination
Marketing Organization (DMO) serving Cartersville, Adairsville and all of Bartow County,
Georgia. Founded in 1991, the CVB now operates two Visitor Information Centers (VIC) in
historic train depots in downtown Cartersville and Adairsville. The VICs are accessible from I-
75 Exit 306 and Exit 288. Visitor assistance is available Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and
Saturday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Free brochures are available 24 hours daily.
       The CVB’s brand, Georgia’s Land of Cowboys, Indians & Southern Legends, represents
a leisure travel destination located 45 miles north of Atlanta and 85 miles south of Chattanooga
on Interstate 75, Exits 278-306. Overnight accommodations include more than 1,600 guest
rooms, 81 luxury resort suites, 18 lakeside cottages, more than 500 RV and tent campsites, and
one historic bed & breakfast inn. Popular attractions include Allatoona Lake, Red Top Mountain
State Park, Barnsley Gardens Resort, Booth Western Art Museum, Etowah Indian Mounds State
Historic Site, Bartow History Center and the historic downtown shopping and dining destinations
in Cartersville and Adairsville. New in Fall 2008 is Tellus: Northwest Georgia Science Museum.
Make plans today to experience this exciting new museum. For information on Cartersville,
Adairsville and all of Bartow County, Georgia contact the Cartersville-Bartow County
Convention & Visitors Bureau at 770-387-1357 inside Metro Atlanta or 800-733-2280. Or visit
online at


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Bartow County Bank Supports Local Tourism with New Postcard Plastic – Regina Wheeler, 770-387-1357

     Cartersville Depot
                                                         Etowah Indian Mounds State Historic Site

       Barnsley Gardens                                         Euharlee Covered Bridge

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