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Introducing the new Bank of America Rewards American Express Card
Annual Fee: None
Credit Line: As High as $100,000
APR: 0% or 2.9% Introductory Fixed APR for cash advance checks and balance transfers
until August 2008
Rewards: Earn 1 Point for every $1 in net retail purchases
Call Toll-free: Call 1.866.598.4970 for an instant decision. Approved cards mailed within
48 hours.


You don’t need another credit card . . .you need a better one. That’s why we’d like to
present you with the opportunity to reward yourself with the new Bank of America
Rewards American Express Card.

This Card with complimentary enrollment in WorldPoints rewards offers you unlimited
cash rewards; tickets on merchandise and gift certificated from select merchants – all
with NO ANNUAL FEE. We thing you’ll agree, this new Card offers one of the best
reward programs available today. But that’s not all!

You’ll earn one Point for every dollar in net retail purchases, with no limit to the
WorldPoints rewards you can ear.

The Bank of America Rewards Card comes with an Introductory 0% or 2.9% Fixed
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for cash advance checks and balance transfers until your
statement closing date in August 2008. The Introductory APR you receive applies only to
cash advance checks and balance transfers, and may end sooner if your account is paid
late or if your balance exceeds your credit limit. (Please note that payments are applied
first to balances with the lowest APR and balance transfers and cash advance checks are
subject to a 3% transaction fee, no less than $10.) To take immediate advantage of these
great low rates, call 1.866.598.4970 toll-free today for an instant decision on your
request. (TTY users, call 1.800.833.6262.) And as much as you’ll enjoy the savings of
your new Rewards Card-that’s just the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

For example, your Rewards Card gives you special Cardmember Offers from American
Express for savings on travel, shopping, and entertainment. You’ll also have access to
2,200 American Express Travel Service locations in more than 140 countries and
territories worldwide for a home away from home. And with every fare you charge
entirely with your Rewards Card, you’ll automatically be covered by American Express
Travel Accident Insurance. You’ll also be able to call the personal concierge service
anytime for assistance in finding hard-to-get tickets and help with making arrangements
for important personal event.
World-class service is at your command at the touch of a phone or the click of a mouse,
24 hours a day, every day of the year. Backed by the Bank of America name, you’ll
experience the best in service and benefits offered by one of the most respected names in
the credit card business.

The highest credit line available . . .rewards for cash, travel, merchandise, gift
certificates, and more . . . No Annual Fee . . .

Please see the reverse side and the enclosed Disclosure Summary for rate, fee, and other
cost information. All terms, including the APRs and fees, are subject to change at any
time, for any reason, in accordance with the Credit Card Agreement and applicable law.

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