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					                                  MEEKER MUSIC DEPARTMENT
            Performance Expectations and Grading Criteria
                                     SCHOOL YEAR 2010– 2011

This is an agreement to work together as a team and to encourage team goals as well as individual goals
which will grow and change, as we become a productive group.
Observe professional style rehearsal procedure.
    Be on time and ready to learn. You are a musician the moment you step through the door.
    Follow directions the first time they are given. Ask questions by raising your hand if you do not
    Be courteous in action and words to others and their property.
    Respect authority and do not disrupt the teaching process.
    Handle all materials, music, equipment, and instruments with care.
    Have all materials necessary for successful performance and rehearsal (pencil, music, reeds,
      valve oil, cork grease, etc.)
    Do not play or handle any instrument other than your own.
    Leave an area that you use in better condition than you found it (area by your seat, classroom,
      practice room, stage, busses, etc.).
    Keep candy, gum, snack food, toys, etc., at home.
    Take care of locker and bathroom needs before class.
Attend all performances of your group on and off campus. Exceptions will only be granted for illness
or family emergency, in which case a written excuse is needed from parent/guardian prior to the
performance in order for the absence to be valid. Unexcused absences will result ―0‖ points. Excused
absences are granted only by the instructor, and points may be earned by writing a 10-page research
paper including bibliography on a topic selected by the instructor. This includes performance
assessments such as contest performances and field trips.
School Attendance the day of a concert. Students must attend school for the entire day on the day of
the concert in order to perform. Students who choose not to comply with this policy will receive a ―0‖ for
the performance.
Wear proper uniform before, during and after performances. This includes all accessories (tie, vest,
shirt buttoned & tucked in, etc.).
All rules and procedures are in effect in school and on field trips. Students who choose not to follow
these procedures will be reminded at least once before consequences are assigned. Parents will be
contacted when a student’s action results in detention or office referral or when behaviors to not improve.
Pay the appropriate user fees and ensure careful, respectful use of all school-owned equipment,
including, but not limited to, instruments, furniture, uniforms, sheet music and other instructional materials
and travel vehicles.
Failure to Comply. Students who fail to comply with the guidelines listed above will be issued a warning.
If the student continues to choose not to comply, the student will be issued a blue slip, receive a 15
minute classroom detention (to be completed before school, after school, or during lunch) and receive a
phone call home. Serious infractions will be dealt with in compliance with district policy.

Grades are based on…
    Performance demonstrations of assigned music or exercises.
    Written tests on music theory and musical terms; written or technology-generated projects.
    Positive participation in rehearsals and performances.
    Independent practice outside of class.
    Following all the expectations outlined above.
    Completion of additional term projects as assigned.

Applicable fees. Uniform replacement and cleaning fees, instrument user fees, repair fees and /or
replacement fees will be assessed as applicable. ALL percussion players must pay user fees. Failure to
pay fees or fines to the main office will result in progress reports being withheld until settlement is made.
Failure to pay and/or fundraise for field trips will result in non-participation on the field trip, which will result
in a ―0‖ performance grade.
                               MEEKER MUSIC DEPARTMENT
           Performance Expectations and Grading Criteria
                     Acknowledgement Form
                                  SCHOOL YEAR 2010 – 2011


Student Name ________________________________________________________________________

Student Signature ____________________________________________Date ____________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _____________________________________ Date __________________

Address ____________________________________________________ Telephone _______________

         ___________________________________________________ Work phone ______________

Email: ______________________________________________________________________________

      I have also read the planned schedule of performances and activities and
      reviewed/completed the parent volunteer form included in this packet.

        Please return this COMPLETED form
         to your music teacher right away!
                    Meeker Middle School
                      Music Contract
I will treat my music with care and respect, and agree to the following

   1. I will keep my music in my folder at all times.
   2. I will mark in my music ONLY WITH PENCIL!
   3. I will only use the music assigned to me. I will not trade music with
      another band member under any circumstances.
   4. I will return my music in the same condition in which it was assigned
      to me. I will not tear, crumple or destroy the music in any way.
   5. I agree to pay replacement cost for lost, stolen, or
      damaged/destroyed music.

I agree to the terms above and understand that unpaid music fees will
result in withholding of my report card.

Student Name (Print)

Student Signature                                          Date

Parent Signature                                           Date
                                 Meeker Middle School
                        Uniform Information and Policy 2010-2011
       Each student is responsible for purchasing his/her own black dress slacks for concert
        performances. Black jeans or pants with spandex material are prohibited.

       Each student is responsible for purchasing his/her own black closed-toe dress shoes as
        well. No black tennis shoes or sneakers. Flats are recommended for girls.

       Tux Shirt: Students may either purchase a tux shirt from Top Hat Formal Wear for
        $21.85 (students will be fitted for the appropriate size), or may rent a used tux shirt from
        Meeker for $5.00. Those who already own a tux shirt are exempt. Please indicate your
        choice below:
               Purchase a tux shirt from Top Hat Formal Wear ($21.85) $
               Rent a tux shirt from Meeker ($5.00)                           $
               No thanks, I already own a tux shirt.

       Bow Tie: All students must purchase a bow tie from Top Hat Formal Wear for $5.45.
        Those who already own a bow tie are exempt. Please indicate your choice below:
              Bow tie from Top Hat Formal Wear ($5.45)                   $
              No thanks, I already own a bow tie.

       Students will also be issued a black vest from Meeker that is rented for the year. There is
        a $10.00 user fee which allows us to have the vests dry cleaned at the end of the year.
        Replacement cost for a lost vest is
               User Fee money to Meeker Middle School                       $        10.00

Please add up your totals in the columns below:
Money Payable to Meeker Middle School                     Money Payable to Top Hat Formal Wear
     Renting a tux shirt ($5.00)                               Buying a tux shirt  ($21.85)
     Vest user fee       ($10.00)                              Buying a bow tie    ($5.45)

Total Money to Meeker: $                                  Total Money to Top Hat: $

This year, members of the Concert Band, Mixed Choir and Advanced Orchestra have the option of
purchasing a “Meeker Music” sweatshirt. The sweatshirt will be royal blue with white lettering and
will say the student’s last name on the back and instrument/voice down the sleeve. The cost for the
sweatshirt will be $25.00 and money will be collected at a later date.

        Yes! I would like to reserve a “Meeker Music” sweatshirt.

Last Name for back of sweatshirt (please print):
Instrument/Voice Part:

Size (please circle one option below):

Youth Small             Youth Medium               Youth Large         Youth Extra Large

Adult Small             Adult Medium               Adult Large         Adult Extra Large
                                  MEEKER MUSIC DEPARTMENT

                                    SCHOOL YEAR 2010 – 2011

Dear Parents and Students:
Our annual fundraiser will start Tuesday, October 26 , with a Holiday Cookie Dough Sale. All music
department students are highly encouraged to participate in the fundraiser as there will be a fun group
party for those who sell 15 or more orders and prizes for all who participate! Concert touring groups
(Concert Band, Advanced Orchestra, Mixed Choir and Girls’ Choirs) will need to sell a minimum of $225
in cookie dough or donate to pay their fair share contribution for trip fees. Students must participate in the
fundraising in order to attend the group party.


Mrs. Emmert, Choir Director
Mr. Haven, Band Director
Mr. Underwood, Orchestra Director

                 YES – My child has permission to participate in the fundraiser.

                 NO – My child will not participate. I understand that for my child
                      to travel with any performing group this year, we are
                      responsible for providing funds.

Parent name (print): ___________________________________________

Student name: _______________________________________________

Parent Signature: _____________________________________________

Date: _______________________________________________________
               MEEKER PARENT VOLUNTEER FORM 2010-2011

One reason we have a successful music program is because of the dedicated efforts of parent
volunteers like you! We appreciate our wonderful music parents, and welcome your ongoing
involvement. Please complete the form below and return to your child’s band, orchestra or choir
director. We promise to contact you as needs arise during the school year. THANK YOU VERY

All volunteers MUST have a current Tacoma Public Schools volunteer application on file in the
Meeker main office. When participating as a chaperone at Meeker, PLEASE PARK in the
NORTH (45th St.) Parking Lot.—Thanks!

    o Chaperone a field trip (see schedule).
    o Help with fundraising (help collect and organize funds, help distribute cookie dough)
    o Data entry, filing, sorting.
    o Be a piano accompanist for our concerts.
    o Assist with student supervision at concerts.
    o Take photographs/videos at music events.
    o Other ideas you may have:

Name: ______________________________________________________ Phone: ____________

Parent of: _____________________________________________________________________
                        (student name)

Email: ________________________________________________________________________

Best time to call is:

How Do YOU Look?
 —Check it out!
   Washed and ironed.
   Fully buttoned (including cuffs); black studs NOT worn.
   Tucked in snugly, NOT bloused.
   Any garments worn underneath must be plain, white, no designs
      or colors showing through.
BOW TIE- Under collar wings.
Vest – All buttons buttoned.
BLACK SHOES – Clean and polished.
BOYS – Black DRESS slacks, neatly pressed & creased.
GIRLS – Black Dress slacks. No jeans, spandex, workout attire or
HAIR – OFF your face.
FINGERNAILS – short and clean. NO long nails for instrumental players.
MAKEUP – No black lipstick or nail polish, no excessive mascara or
other makeup, sparkles, un-natural hair color or visible tattoos.
JEWELRY – No dangling earrings or other jewelry, no visible body
piercings other than ears.

                   Any time the public sees you,
                     these guidelines apply!
                                        Meeker Middle School
             Music Department Performances & Dates 2010-2011
Kristin Emmert                        Micah Haven                        Matthew Underwood
Choir Director                        Band Director                      Orchestra Director      
(253) 571-6551                        (253) 571-6550                     (253) 571-6505
Sept. 9          Information and Instrument Rental Night                 Band/Orchestra/Guitar
Sept. 24         Kiwi Assembly                                           Concert Band/Mixed Choir
Sept. 28         Tux Shirt/Vest Fitting                                  Concert Band/Mixed & 7th Grade Choirs/Advanced
Oct. 26-Nov.9    Music Fundraiser                                        All Music Groups
Nov. 10          Veteran’s Day Assembly                                  Concert Band/Mixed Choir/Advanced Orchestra
TBD              Winter Field Trip                                       Concert Band/Mixed Choir/Advanced Orchestra
Dec. 14          Winter Concert I                                        Concert Band/Mixed Choir/Advanced Orchestra
Jan. 11          Winter Concert II                                       Junior/Cadet Bands, 7th/8th Grade Girls Choirs
Jan. 19-28       Music CBPA Testing                                      8th Grade Music Students
Jan. 25          Guitar Recital                                          Guitar Class
Jan. 26          Winter Concert III                                      Beginning/Intermediate Orchestras
Feb. 8            Beginning Band Concert                                 Beginning Band
Feb. 12          MS/HS Instrumental Solo/Ensemble                        Band/Orchestra
Feb. 9           Jazz Festival                                           Jazz Band I
TBD              Vocal Solo/Ensemble                                     Mixed Choir
Mar. 15-16       Large Group Band Contest                                Concert Band/Cadet Band
Mar. 25          Evergreen Orchestra Festival                            Advanced Orchestra
Apr. 19          Large Group Choral Contest                              Mixed Choir/7th Grade Girls’ Choir
Apr. 27          Large Group Orchestra Contest                           Advanced/Intermediate Orchestras
May 19           8th   Grade Girls’ Choir “Broadway” Concert             8th Grade Girls’ Choir
May 23           Guitar Recital                                          Guitar Class
June 6           Band Concert                                            All Bands
June 7           Orchestra Concert                                       All Orchestras
June 8           Choir Concert                                           Mixed Choir, 7th Grade Girls’
                                                                         Choir, Honor Choir
June 10          8th Grade Recognition                                   Concert Band/Mixed Choir

                            All Concerts begin at 7:00pm. Student arrival time is at 6:30pm.