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Modify, Save and Print
          Tekla STruCTureS DrafTer – IDeal for:

a Opening, viewing and rotating any Tekla
  Structures model
a Opening and editing drawings
a Saving changes to drawings so that they are
  always up-to-date
a Printing drawings and taking out reports

                                                       a You already know how profitable it is to collaborate and
CaN Do:                                                share building information right from the beginning of a
a   View full model                                    project lifecycle. Using Tekla Structures, Drafter you can be
a   View reference models
                                                       connected to the same model with the rest of the project team
a   Collaborate on-line using the model
a   Open property dialogs for viewing                  members, who work with the same 3D model simultaneously,
a   Display part characteristics                       regardless of their location or discipline.
a   Get information on structural elements
    (length, weight, etc.)                             a Tekla Structures, Drafter is aimed at finalizing the drawings
a   Measure and check lengths, angles, etc.            done with Tekla Structures so that they still are connected to
a   Make inquiries for object information              the model. It allows viewing the models but not changing the
a   Colorization by attributes                         actual model. You can modify and save all drawings created
a   Open and print drawings (general layouts           with Tekla Structures and, for example, change and save the
    and fabrication sketches)                          user-defined attributes in drawings as well as create reports.
a   Open, edit and save drawings with edits
a   Create and print reports and lists
a   Export drawings to DXF and DWG format              a The Drafter license is ideal for “new” detailers, who have not
a   In v13.0, animate project progress with            used the Tekla Structures environment before. From drafting
    4D feature                                         it is easy to update and continue to 3D modeling. The Tekla
a   Drawing types: single part, assembly,              Structures, Drafter license is key and password protected.
    multi, cast unit, GA

                                                       CoNTaCT INformaTIoN                                                 Tekla is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Tekla Corporation in the United States and other countries.

CaN’T Do:                                              Tekla Corporation Headquarters:   Tekla Inc:
a   Model any parts                                    Metsänpojankuja 1, P.O. Box 1     114 Town Park Drive – Suite 500
a   Set automatic part marks                           FIN-02131 Espoo, FINLAND          Kennesaw, GA 30144, USA
a   Import data                                        Tel. +358 30 661 10               Tel. +1 770 426 5105
a   Create drawings                                    Fax +358 30 661 1500              Fax +1 770 919 0574
                                                                                         (Toll-free 1-877-TEKLA-OK)

                                               Check your local TEKLA contact at

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