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                    Drumbeat is pleased to bring you their Catalog of
                                Intertribal Pow Wow Music
12 GAUGE                                               ern Wind, Eagle Claw, Windy Rock, Two Feathers,       ARAWAK MOUNTAIN SINGERS
Formerly known as YellowJacket, the 12 GAUGE           Chi-Geezis, Eagle Tail, Thunder Mountain, Black        - VOL. 1 - HONORING THE ANCIENT
singers blast out southern style songs with the kick   Lodge, Grassy Narrows, Red Sons, Hanisha, East-       ONES
of a shotgun. From southwest Colorado, 12              ern Eagle, and Whitefish Bay Jrs.                     A collection of pow wow songs sung in the Taino-
GAUGE represents the Southern Ute tribe with a         SSCT 4521       CD $15.98                             Arawak dialect. The ARAWAK SINGERS are: Al
dash of Mountain Ute, Cheyenne, Caddo, Sioux                                                                 Bold Eagle, lead singer (Taino/Arawak), Lou
and Laguna. 12 GAUGE shares with you original                                                                Tureyguari - drum keeper (Taino/Arawak), Jorge
southern songs, sung from the heart. Singers in-       AGENCY CREEK ROUND DANCE                              Baracutey (Taino/Arawak), Cliff Standing Deer
clude Jim Newton, Tyson Thompson, Ian Thomp-           - LIVE AT GRAND RONDE                                 (Eastern Cherokee), Tonee Robels (Chiricahua
son, Jake Ryder, Tim Ryder, Joe Henson, Dan            Recorded live at the 4th Annual Agency Creek          Apache), Lizzy Sarobey (Taino/Arawak), John
Jefferson, Patrick Hight, Sam Burch, Asa Burch,        Round Dance, March 19-20, 2006. 13 tracks with        Henry (Jicarilla Apache), and Maria Robles (Taino/
Nick Herrera, Byron Isaac and Gidian TwoCrow.          Randy Paskemin, Dallas Waskahat, Damien Totus,        Arawak). Songs include: Prayer Song, Everybody
Seven intertribal songs and one southern Ute flag      Elgin Scabbyrobe, Jack Bull and more.                 Dance, Dance Dancers Dance, Song of the Cotton
song.                                                  DHOP 1700      CD $16.98                              Flower, Dance With Your Heart, Honoring the
AR 1224 CD $17.98                                                                                            Ancient Ones plus five more.
                                                                                                             SOAR 154         CD $18.98
                                                       GLEN AHHAITTY
20/20 SERIES                                           See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.              - VOL. 2 - FEEL THE THUNDER
Welcome to the 20/20 Series. A great collection of                                                           Thunderous pow wow drumming and singing from
the top 20 Pow Wow groups in North America. 20                                                               New York State. Singers: Al Bold Eagle, lead
selections - 20 groups makes the 20/20 Series a        WALTER AHHAITY & FRIENDS                              singer (Taino/Arawak), Louie Tureyguari - drum
must for your collection. Superb entertainment!        See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.             keeper (Taino/Arawak), Ray Elk Silva (Laguna
Great value! Equivalent to a double CD!                                                                      Pueblo), Tree Ceibo Rivas (Taino/Arawak), Cliff
                                                                                                             Standing Deer Mathias (Taino/Carib/Eastern
 - FANCY DANCE SONGS                                   LOGAN ALEXIS SINGERS                                  Cherokee), Lizzy Sarobey (Taino/Arawak), Joan
20 Fancy Dance Songs sung by Ya Iyo Waza, Grey         See the Sioux Catalog.                                Henry (Jicarilla Apache). Songs include: Here
Buffalo, Northern Wind, Red Sons, Chiniki Lake,                                                              Come The Dancers, Feel the Thunder, Shake
Four Little Feathers, Dead Horse Creek, Red Scaf-                                                            Dance Time, Tribal Voices, Senorita Linda plus
fold, Two Feathers, Sioux Assiniboine, Silver                                                                five more.
                                                       ALLIANCE WEST                                         SOAR 167       Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98
Cloud, Eyabay, Cree Spirit, Whitefish Bay, Little      See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
Island Cree, North Buffalo Cree Jrs., Lone Eagle
Cree, Red Hawk, Smokey Valley, and Black
Lodge.                                                                                                       ASHLAND SINGERS
SSCT 4518       CD $15.98
                                                       ANISHINABE SINGERS                                    See the Northern Plains Catalog.
                                                       - POW WOW FROM MINNESOTA
                                                       Songs include: Intertribals, crow hop, grass,
                                                       woman’s fancy, and sneak-up dance songs.
20 Round Dance Songs sung by Grey Buffalo,                                                                   ASSINIBOINE JRS.
                                                       Singers: Dean Jordain, Brian “Bines” Goodwin,
Sinte Ska, Eagle Hill, Stoney Eagle, Whitefish Bay,                                                          See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                       Scott, Mike and Frankie Graves, Daniel Buffalo,
Seekaskootch, Hanisha, Windy Rock, Dead Horse
                                                       Corey Joseph, Mike Lussier, Bill Staples.
Creek, Red Wind, Buffalo Lake, Red Hawk, North-
                                                       ARCS 1001      (Out of Print.)
ern Wind, Eyabay, Silver Cloud, Black Lodge,                                                                 ATIKAMIHK SINGERS
Sioux Assiniboine, Little Spirit, Four Winds, and                                                            See the Cree Nation Catalog.
Smokey Town.
SSCT 4519 CD $15.98                                    ANN ARBOR POW WOW 1996
                                                       Another great intertribal pow wow release recorded
                                                       live in the University of Michigan's Chrysler Arena   ATSA’ BUTTE SINGERS
 - GRASS DANCE SONGS                                                                                          - N 2 THA MILLENNIUM
20 Grass Dance Songs sung by Grassy Narrows,           in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1996. 11 drums from
                                                       across the continent features both long-standing      ATSA’ BUTTE SINGERS are from the Diné
Wandering Sound, Whitefish Bay Jrs., Red Sons,                                                               Nation, Whiterock, New Mexico. All 11 songs on
North Buffalo Cree Jrs., Northern Wind, Sinte Ska,     performers as well as more recent talent. Each
                                                       drum has been faithfully reproduced for your          this recording are composed by members of the
Red Hawk, Little Island Cree, Spirit Mountain,                                                               drum and include a sneak up, a jingle, a woman’s
Circle Strong, White Eagle, Grey Buffalo, White-       listening enjoyment. Drums featured: WHITEFISH
                                                       BAY, MILWAUKEE BUCKS, YOUNGBLOOD,                     traditional, a men’s traditional and an honor song.
fish Bay, Spirit Wind, Medicine Drum, Hanisha,                                                               Singers include Junior Succo, Cleavon Succo, Ivan
Ya Iyo Waza, Nakoda Lodge, and Black Lodge.            LITTLE OTTER, BLUE LAKE, LITTLE WIND,
                                                       RED LAKE, WISCONSIN DELLS,                            Succo, Janell Succo, Tanya Brown, Myron Brown,
SSCT4520       CD $15.98                                                                                     Adrian Yazzie, Alvin Yazzie, Jeremy Kanneth, C.
                                                       YELLOWHAMMER, and RAINBOW AND SKIN
                                                       TONES.                                                Bengi Pioche and Miranda King.
- JINGLE DRESS SONGS                                                                                         CRM 121600         Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98
20 Jingle Dress Songs sung by First Nations,           SSCT 4298       (Out of Print)
Whitefish Bay, Hope Lake, White Eagle, Pigeon
Lake, Medicine Drum, Dead Horse Creek, North-
        2                                                             Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
BAD CANYON WELLPINIT SINGERS                            - STRAIGHT OUTTA CALI                               (Gregg Grant, Mark Sheridan, Glen Ahhaitty,
See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.        Recorded live at the 2006 Sherman Indian High        Terrance Goodwill, Jalen Goodwill, Mike Grant,
                                                       School Pow Wow. Singers present for the re-          Erwin Morris, Quanah Henry, Kelly Grant and Tim
                                                       cording are Randy Kinlicheenie, Charlie Arviso,      Grant) bring you 11 songs recorded live at San
BAD MEDICINE                                           Pearson Tahuka, Jackson Takuha, Ron Flores,          Manuel. Songs include five straight songs, a war
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.              Herschel Martinez, Julian Phoenix, Dennis Brown,     dance, and intertribal and more.
                                                       Gene Begay, Josh Hayes and Glen Begay. 12            DHOP 0400 CD $16.98
                                                       songs including Warpaint, Wobble Rose, Crow
BAD MOON RISING                                        Hopp ‘In, and Straight Shot.
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.              RR 100101      (Out of Print)                        BIG RIVER CREE
                                                                                                            See the Cree Nation Catalog.

BAD NATION SINGERS                                                                                          BIG SOLDIER CREEK
See the Sioux Catalog.                                 BEST OF ALBERTA POW WOW                              See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
                                                       See the Sioux Catalog.
BAD NATION/NORTH BEAR                                                                                       BISMARCK POW WOW
See the Sioux Catalog.                                                                                      Ten songs by ten drums - BLACKFOOT
                                                       BEST OF THE BEST                                     CROSSING, SINTE SKA, GOOD WOOD
                                                       SGS 91899      (Out of Print)                        CREEK, EAGLE TAIL, CANNON BALL, RED
BADGER SINGERS                                                                                              THUNDER, HAYSTACK, BLACK WHISTLE,
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                                                                    RED BULL AND EAGLE CREEK. Recorded live
                                                       THE BEST OF HINCKLEY POW WOW                         at United Tribes Pow Wow in September 1993.
                                                        - 11TH ANNUAL GRAND CELEBRATION                     SSCT 4189      (Out of Print)
BADLAND SINGERS                                        22 tracks from the most innovative drum groups
See the Sioux Catalog.                                 travelling throughout Pow Wow Country today.
                                                       Hear the excitement as these groups compete at one   BLACK BEAR CREEK
                                                       of the largest Pow Wow’s today, Hinckley’s Grand      - NEW ERA
                                                       Celebration. Drums include SOUTHERN BOYS,            Members of Black Bear Creek include Bryon
BATTLE RIVER                                           PIPESTONE, THE BOYZ, LITTLE OTTER,                   Adson (Pawnee, Ponca, Navajo, Creek), Taylor
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.
                                                       MIDNITE EXPRESS, SOUTHERN CREE and                   Moore (Pawnee, Otoe, Navajo), Kyle Tipps
                                                       many more.                                           (Cheyenne), Aaron Adson (Pawnee, Comanche,
                                                       AR 1188       CD $17.98                              Dine), Bob Adson (Pawnee, Comanche, Dine),
BEAR CREEK                                                                                                  Wesley Roy (Pawnee/Otoe), Randall Brown
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                                                                    (Pawnee/Creek), Patrick Moore Jr.(Pawnee/Otoe),
                                                       BEST OF MANITOBA POW WOW                             Jordan Moore (Pawnee, Otoe), Rylon Gwinn
                                                       DRUM GROUPS                                          (Pawnee) and Ron Rice (Pawnee). This truly inter-
BEAR CREEK & SIZZORTAIL                                See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.             tribal drum presents 14 war dance songs.
 - WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE                                                                                      DHOP 2800 CD $16.98
Two of the hottest drum groups on the pow wow
trail today on one recording - plus a bonus track of
the two groups performing together.          BEAR      BEST OF THE NORTHERN BOYS
                                                       SOAR 199      CD $18.98                              BLACK BULL JRS
CREEK of Ontario, Canada and SIZZORTAIL of                                                                  - DANCE IN BEAUTY
Oklahoma bring you a total of 14 songs in their                                                             This Intertibal group is formed with members of the
own original northern and southern styles. The                                                              Shosone, Arapaho, Chippewa Cree, Assiniboine/
bonus track begins with two verses of southern         BEST OF ONTARIO POW WOW DRUM
                                                                                                            Blackfeet, Assiniboine, Shoshone/Arapaho and
style and finishing northern style on the last two     GROUPS                                               Arapaho/Navajo Nations. Singers include Everette
verses. (More BEAR CREEK in Northern Plains/           See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.
                                                                                                            McGill, Andy C’Hair, Justin Chiefstick, Dale
Ojibway catalog and SIZORTAIL in Southern                                                                   C’Hair Jr, Dale C’Hair Sr, Herby Augustine, Mike
Plains/Oklahoma catalogs.)                                                                                  Ute, Nakoa Heavy Runner, Lazure Takia Ereaux,
DHOP 0200 CD $16.98                                    BEST OF SASKATCHEWAN INDIAN                          Keno Gogales, Damain Black Bear and J.R.
                                                       CULTURAL CENTER                                      McCave. 15 songs.
                                                       Seventy-five minutes of your favorites from          WRBB 0302 CD $17.98
BEAR SPIRIT                                            Canada. Eighteen songs by Red Bull, White Fish
- POW WOW SONGS                                        Jrs, Elk's Whistle, Edmund Bull, Hawk River, Grey
TIM 10025 CD $17.98                                    Eagle, Mosquito Singers, Northern Eagle, Little      BLACK EAGLE SINGERS
                                                       Island Cree, Stoney Eagle and Southern Cree from      - VOL. 1 - POW WOW - JEMEZ PUEBLO,
                                                       Montana, USA. Includes notes on the songs and on     NM
                                                       the Northern Plains style of singing and pow wow.    IS 2901  (Out of Print.)
BEARSPRING                                             SASK 15      (Out of Print)
 - NOTHING TO LOSE                                                                                           - VOL. 2 - POW WOW SONGS - JEMEZ
In the summer of 1992 BEARSPRING formed as a                                                                PUEBLO, NM
drum group just to have fun. The group was made        BEST OF SASKACHEWAN POW WOW                          The Black Eagle Singers were formed in 1989 by
up of Dine, Ojibway, Luiseno and Mohawk mem-           GROUPS                                               Malcom Yepa and a group of cousins from Jemez
bers. The name Bearspring was chosen because the       See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         Pueblo, New Mexico. As the group matured they
family that originally started the group came from                                                          encountered members of other popular drums
Shush-Bi-Toh (Bearspring), Arizona. With respect                                                            groups who encouraged them to compose their own
for their drum they remain drug and alcohol free.      BIG BEAR                                             songs in their own Tewa language. This recording
Through their singing they try to help those not       See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         is a result of that encouragement. 12 songs includ-
feeling well by bringing good feelings to them.                                                             ing a grand entry, four straight songs, three intertri-
They try to make the dancers dance and make the                                                             bals, two side step, a chicken dance, and a crow
people happy through their songs. 12 songs in-         BIG BEAR & WHITE TAIL                                hop. Now available on CD.
cluding Drum Song, Slip-N-Slide, Razzel Dazzel         - LIVE AT SAN MANUEL                                 IS 2902       CD $13.98
and Duck It. Three songs are sung in the Luiseno       Members of BIG BEAR (Stan Pretty Paint, Sedrick
language.                                              Baker, Gary Okanee, Troy Tootoosis, Gerald           - SOARING HIGH
PHMC 327 CD $15.98                                     Okanee, Luke Okanee, Gary Okanee Jr., and            SOAR 195   CD $18.98
                                                       Everett Okanee) and members of WHITE TAIL

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                        Pow Wow                                                                      3
 - STAR CHILD                                            drums attending the 16th Annual Black Hills           BUFFALO HORSE
The BLACK EAGLE SINGERS are a tight knit                 Lakota celebration. Drums include WHITEFISH            - YOUZ LOOK GOOD THE WAY YOUZ
group that are descendants of the once powerful          BAY, BAD NATION, NATIVE THUNDER,                      DANCE
Pecos Pueblo People and the present Jemez Pueblo         LAKOTA TRIBE, BLACK BULL JR., ROCK                    This album is dedicated to the memory of Lance
People. Their traditional lifestyle dictates all that    BOTTOM, BAD HORSE, PRAIRIE ISLAND,                    Corporal Hatak Yearby, an enrolled member of the
they do. 12 songs including one sneak up, one            RED VOICE, CHEYENNE CREEK, ELKS                       Seminole Nation of Oklahoma. He was killed in
fancy shawl, one honor song and one memorial             WHISTLE, and CRAZY HORSE SINGERS.                     action in Iraq on May 14, 2006. As a Northern
song.                                                    AR 1196     CD $17.98                                 traditional Dancer, Hatak was poetry in motion.
SOAR 207 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                                                                              Buffalo Horse present 15 songs including Let’s
                                                                                                               Have A Good Time, The Warriors Are Leading The
 - LIFE GOES ON                                          BLACK LODGE SINGERS                                   Way, Listen To The Sounds Of The Jingles, and The
From Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, the BLACK                 See the Blackfeet Catalog.                            Creator’s Looking Down On Us. Members of
EAGLE SINGERS were formed in 1989 by                                                                           Buffalo Horse include R.J. Smith, Robert Lincoln,
Malcom Yepa and a group of cousins. They are                                                                   Terry GoodSky, Shannon Ross, Teddy Porter,
descendants of the once powerful Pecos Pueblo            BLACKFOOT A-1 CLUB SINGERS                            Cletis Mark, Brandon Fones, Brian Kingfisher, Liv
People and the present Jemez Pueblo People.              See the Blackfeet Catalog.                            Harv GoodSky, Sean Fleming, Eddie Padilla, and
Members of the drum include Delvin Toya,                                                                       Nate Gibson. Womens backup included Netawn
Glendon Toya, Donna Concha, Dave Yepa Jr,                                                                      Smith, Deanna Porter, Stephanie Gouge, Christian
Adeline Concha, Elston Yepa, Lloyd Yepa, Henry           BLACKFOOT A-1 SINGERS                                 Clarquist, and Nicole Smith. Recorded live at the
Tosa, Malcom Yepa, Deave Yepa Sr, Kendrick               See the Blackfeet Catalog.                            2007 Indian Summer Music Festival, Milwaukee,
Casiquito, Terrence Casiquito, Winfred Chinana,                                                                Wisconsin.
Shawn Romero and Antonio Blue Eyes. 12 Hand                                                                    AR 1298      CD $17.98
Drum and Round Dance Songs include Pecos                 BLACKFOOT CONFEDERACY
Journey, Native Girl and Beautiful Dancing               See the Blackfeet Catalog.
Women.                                                                                                         BUFFALO LAKE
SOAR 210 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                                                                              See the Sioux Catalog.

 - FLYING FREE                                           BLACKFOOT CROSSING
BLACK EAGLE has evolved over the years and               See the Blackfeet Catalog.
                                                                                                               BUFFALO LAKE SINGERS
will continue to do so for the better. The group                                                               See the Sioux Catalog.
respects the Spirits of the Drum, and is proud to be
a positive influence for the rest of the Pueblo tribes   BLACKFOOT POW WOW
and their younger tribal members.            BLACK       See the Blackfeet Catalog.
                                                                                                               BUFFALO LODGE SINGERS
EAGLE will continue to maintain a positive
                                                                                                               See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.
reputation and continue to compose and sing the
songs you have grown to know and love. 12 songs          BLACKSTONE SINGERS
including Flight Of The Eagle, Beautiful Jingle          See the Cree Nation Catalog.
Dances, Dancing Colors, and Get Up, Dance With                                                                 BUFFALO RIVER DENE DRUMMERS
A Good Heart.                                                                                                  See the Music of Canada Catalog.
SOAR 213        CD $18.98                                BLU THUNDER
                                                          - BLU THUNDER
 - STRAIGHT UP NORTHERN                                  This drum formed in 2002 after members of two         BUFFALO SPIRIT
2004 Grammy® winner for the Best Native                  Hopi drum groups, Blu Springs and Thunder Creek,       - POW WOW SONGS
American Music Album, BLACK EAGLE, from                  left their beloved homeland and moved to the city.    13 songs from various drums including
Jemez Pueblo, brings you another collection of           Members decided to keep the two drum groups           PIPESTONE CREEK, WILDHORSE, LITTLE
great drum songs. The songs on this powerful             names as a sign of respect. Members include Jaye      ISLAND CREE, RED BULL and BLACKSTONE.
recording are all vocables, they are refered to as       Seckletstewa, Pernell Mahle, Ryon Polequaptewa,       TIM 10047  CD $17.98
straight songs on the pow wow circuit, They come         Palmer Lomakema, Jarvis Qumyintewa, Kris Silas,
straight from their hearts to yours.     13 songs        Raye Seckletstewa, Lamar Barehand, Eldrid Matt
including Vivid Dancers, Double Down, Dancing            (Apache), Lamon Barehand, Selwyn Selina and           BURNTSIDE LAKE
With A Good Feeling, and Victory Dance.                  Brian Silas. Songs include five intertribals, an      See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
SOAR 222        CD $18.98                                honor song, a sneak up, three contest songs, three    Catalog.
                                                         grass dance songs, a men’s traditional and a fancy
 - VOICE OF THE DRUM                                     & jingle.
From NAMMY and GRAMMY nominee and                        60238       CD $16.98                                 C.I.S. 20TH ANNUAL POW WOW
winner Black Eagle, this collection of Hand Drum                                                               See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
and Round Dance songs are composed by the mem-                                                                 Catalog.
bers of the drum. Since 1989 Black Eagle has been        THE BOYZ
composing and singing songs for the People. The          See the Sioux Catalog.
spirit of the drum continues to influence and evolve                                                           CACHE LAKE
this group of young men and women to become the                                                                See the Music of Canada Catalog.
musicians they were destined to be. From the             BRAVE SCOUT SINGERS
Pueblo of Jemez in North Central New Mexico,             See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
they continue to live a traditional lifestyle that                                                             CADDO TRIBAL DANCES
dictates everything they do. They are proud to be a                                                            See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
positive influence for the Native American commu-        BROWN EAGLE
nity at home and throughout the country. 13 songs        See the Music of Canada Catalog.
including Morning Star, Your Precious Smile,                                                                   CALF ROBE SINGERS
Summer Breeze, and Coast To Coast.                                                                             See the Blackfeet Catalog.
SOAR 228         CD $18.98                               THE BUCKS
                                                          - COM’IN ALIVE
                                                         THE BUCKS are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
                                                         They are a contemporary Northern style drum
                                                                                                               CATHEDRAL LAKES SINGERS
BLACK HILLS POW WOW                                                                                             - VOL. 1 CATHERDRAL LAKE SINGERS
-    16TH       ANNUAL            POW       WOW          gaining in popularity throughout the mid-west.
                                                                                                               Eight pow wow songs including Washte Ye,
CELEBRATION                                              This is their first release. 12 songs including six
                                                                                                               Retiring the Colors, and grass dance songs. The
The top performances from one of North America’s         intertribals, a side step, two contest songs, a
                                                                                                               group is from Keremeos, British Columbia, and is
most popular Pow Wow events! This CD is packed           chicken dance, a sneak up, and a round dance.
                                                                                                               composed of singers from B.C. and Navajos from
with over 70 minutes of the best tracks from the top     RCR 9611        (Out of Print.)

                                                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice.
        4                                                             Pow Wow                                                    Drumbeat
Arizona.     Jay Begaye (lead singer), Tiinesha        Tenequer. Songs include: Intertribals, Southern      of 1838 when the military forced the Cherokee
Begaye, Art Cleveland and John, Laurie, Wendy,         men’s and women’s straight dance and men’s fancy     people west.     Featured drums include -
Harriet, Kathy, Janet and Jeanine Terbasket. Most      ruffle dances.                                       YOUNGBLOOD,              SILVERCLOUD,
of the songs are sung in Navajo.                       SGCT 91896     (Out of Print)                        WHIRLWIND and RED HAWK.
SOAR 116        CD $18.98                                                                                   SSCT 4304    (Out of Print)

 - VOL. 2 CATHERDRAL LAKE SINGERS                      CHAMPION HAND DRUM SONGS                             - 5TH ANNUAL - AMBLER, PA
Includes Flag Song, jingle dress song, crow hop,       For many tribes and clans the Native American        SSCT 4362  (Out of Print)
honor song, grass, traditional and intertribal dance   Hand Drum has been an integral component of
songs.                                                 ceremonial and social activites for generations.
SOAR 122      (Out of Print.)                          Honorable singers throughout North America           CHI NODIN
                                                       perform songs of respect, thankfulness, love and     See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
- VOL. 3 CATHERDRAL LAKE SINGERS                       laughter using Hand Drum songs. Eastern tribes
Recorded live at the first annual Cathedral Lake       use the songs to tell stories of battles, hunting
Singers Winter/Summer Pow Wow in Toyei,                expeditions or daily life experiences. Northern      CHICKEN DANCE SONGS
Arizona. Jaye Begaye - lead singer and song            Plains tribes gather for Round Dance ceremonies.     The 1980’s saw a revival of this traditional style of
writer. Nine songs including: Memory of 1st            In recent years many of the largest Pow Wows have    dance from the central plains of Canada. Today it
World, Wizcheed (Baby Eagle), The Long Walk,           hosted Hand Drum competitions. Presented here is     has become a regular dance event at Pow Wows
Mother Earth Blessing Song, Honor Song For             a collection of the best Round Dance songs and the   across North America. The outfit of the dancers
Mother Earth and more                                  singers that perform them. Drums include BLACK       vary widely, but most often it includes a feather
SOAR 134      (Out of Print.)                          LODGE, THE BOYS, YOUNG KING BIRD,                    bustle fastened around the hips and a porcupine hair
                                                       SOUTHERN BOYS, THA TRIBE, BATTLE                     roach. Fans, dance sticks, hoops, rattles and some
- VOL. 4 - AMERICAN POW WOW                            RIVER, RED LAKE, THREE AMIGOS, ROCKY                 animal pelts are also regularly included as part of
Eleven songs by a Navajo and Canadian group led        BOY SINGERS and WOODLANDS. 18 songs.                 the chicken dancer’s regalia. Traditionally, the
by Jay Begaye. Songs include Lazy Lead Song,           AR 1209 CD $17.98                                    dance is a simulation of the courtship of the prairie
Eagle Plume Song, National Indian Finals Rodeo                                                              chicken. It is a full body dance that incorporates
Prayer Song and Windsong. Other singers are                                                                 head, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. Good chicken
Lauren Terbasket, Wendy Terbasket, Emmett                                                                   dancing is also about attitude - you must “strut your
Shorty, Alton Shepard, Norvelle Nelson, Marvin         CHAMPION ROUND DANCE SONGS                           stuff” to try to win the attention of a mate. 15
Nelson, Jody Hildreth, Norman Shorty, Garrett          A compilation of some of the finest Round Dance      songs including 5 men’s chicken dances, a straight
Mego and Donald Shirley Jr.                            songs today. Various artists include EYABAY,         chicken dance and These Moccasins Are Made For
SOAR 142 CD $18.98                                     WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS, SPIRIT SANDS                  Walkin’, Born 2 Move, and Calling Card.
                                                       SINGERS, WALKIN BULL and LAKE                        AR 1171       CD $17.98
 - LIVE AT WINDOW ROCK                                 VERMILION SINGERS.         Nine songs by these
Led by songmaker Jay Begaye, the Cathedral Lake        exceptional drums include Thuggin N’ Snuggin,
Singers are in demand for their unique Pow Wow         Jingle Dress Round Dance, Daisy Duke’s and           CHICKEN DANCE SONGS
songs throughout the United States and Canada.         Round Dance Old School.                               - VOLUME 1
Recorded live at the Navajo Nation Fair in Window      AR 1108 CD $17.98                                    13 popular chicken dance songs performed by
Rock, Arizona this recording features Healing                                                               Battle Creek, Eyabay, Sweetgrass Singers,
Prayer Song, Wellpinit Special, Songees Special,                                                            Wanuskewin, Little Island Cree, Wildhorse, Pipe-
Cowboy Horizon, Red Lake Special, Litefoot             CHEMAWA SINGERS                                      stone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs. and Eya-Hey Na-
Wedding Song, Mother’s Round and three                 See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.      koda. All songs previously released on other re-
intertribals.                                                                                               cordings.
6296 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                                                                               VA 60000     CD $17.98
                                                       CHEMIWAI SINGERS
 - ROUTE 66
                                                       See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.
Cathedral Lakes Singers are one of the top well
known drum groups in the United States and Can-
                                                                                                            CHIEF JIMMY BRUNEAU SCHOOL
ada with members from both the U.S. and Canada.                                                             DRUMMERS
They have composed many beautiful Navajo songs                                                              See the Music of Canada Catalog.
and have taught many young aspiring singers to         CHEROKEE FESTIVAL
compose as well. The Navajo songs composed by           - 2ND ANNUAL - AMBLER, PA,
Jay Begaye are prayer songs, talking to the Creator    MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND 1995                            CHI-GEEZIS SINGERS
like a healing song. 11 songs including Lazy Lead,     The      SOUTHEASTERN              CHEROKEE          See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
Carnegie Blues, and Northern Reflection.               CONFEDERACY OF PENNSYLVANIA was                      Catalog.
SOAR 225        CD $18.98                              formed in July 1988 when Chief Buffy “Red
                                                       Feather” Brown was appointed Chief of
                                                       Pennsylvania by the Tribal Office. Chief Red         CHI-KEY-WIS SONS
                                                       Feather was responsible for bringing together the    See the Music of Canada Catalog.
                                                       Cherokees of Pennsylvania. The Confederacy has
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                       been successful in educating the people of
                                                       Pennsylvania about the Cherokees with programs at    CHINIKI LAKE (younger)
                                                       universities and public and private schools. The     See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                       First Annual Cherokee Festival was held in May,
CEDAR TREE SINGERS                                     1994. Featured drums: YOUNGBLOOD; RED
The CEDARTREE SINGERS are an Intertribal               Songs include Flag Song, jingle, fancy shawl,
                                                                                                            CHINIKI LAKE DRUMMERS
Southern drum group dedicated to excellence and                                                             See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                       round dance, intertribals, retreat song, women’s
the preservation of fine traditional American Indian   traditional. Liner notes.
music. Accomplished performers hailing from the        SSCT 4268       (Out of Print)
Washington D.C. area, they have, amongst other                                                              CHINIKI LAKE SINGERS
things served as host drum at Schemitzun ‘95 and        - 3RD ANNUAL - AMBLER PA                            See the Sioux Catalog.
were commissioned by the U.S. Postal Service as        Drums from across North America gathered in
the featured drum group for its commemorative          Ambler, PA to celebrate the SOUTHEASTERN
American Indian Dances stampfolio.              The    CONFEDERACY OF PENNSYLVANIA at the 3rd               CHIPPEWA-CREE CIRCLE DANCE
CEDARTREE SINGERS are: Jason Porter, Jody              Annual Cherokee Festival.      The Confederacy       See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.
Cummings, Michael Rose, Jeff Bailey, Dan Addi,         formed in 1988 to bring Pennsylvania's Cherokee
Austin Sebastian, John Mark Rose, and Bob              people together and to remember the Trail of Tears

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                     Pow Wow                                                                          5
CHIPPEWA-CREE GRASS DANCE                            CROWE SINGERS                                          Orland Dugi, Joe PoorThunder, Randall Beaver,
See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.       See the Northern Plains Catalog.                       Farrell Nez, Dakota Phillip, Jamie Bedonie,
                                                                                                            Anthoney Batoney, Calvin Miller Jr and Jonathon
CIRCLE STRONG SINGERS                                CROWFOOT DRUMMERS                                      SWR 6969 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                     See the Blackfeet Catalog.
                                                                                                             - RESPECTING THE TRADITION
                                                                                                            CRM 051698   (Out of Print)
COPPER CREEK                                         DAKOTA HOTAIN
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         See the Sioux Catalog.                                 - STR8 TRIPN
                                                                                                            CRM 123098   (Out of Print)

COZAD                                                DAKOTA TRAVELS
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.            See the Sioux Catalog.                                 MERVIN DREAVER
                                                                                                            See the Cree Nation Catalog.

CRAZY HORSE SINGERS                                  DEAD HORSE CREEK
See the Sioux Catalog.                               See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       DRUM BEATS
                                                                                                             - 18 POW WOW DRUM GROUPS
                                                                                                            People use different drums for various occasions.
                                                                                                            The Pow wow drum is a large drum, approximately
CREE SOCIETY                                         DEARLY & DENNY                                         one meter in diameter. It is the center of the Pow
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                          - LOVE HURTS, DUDE
                                                                                                            wow celebration. It can be used to heal and unify
                                                     Two of today’s eminent young singers and song-
                                                                                                            all people. The drum represents the circle of life.
                                                     makers, Jeremy “Worm” Dearly and Marcus Denny
                                                                                                            Once a drum is made it is usually given to an
CREE SPIRIT                                          have created many of the classic songs for the
                                                                                                            individual or group. The drum is never created as a
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         legendary Midnight Express drum group. With
                                                                                                            craft or toy. Before it can be sounded at a Pow
                                                     strong singing and hilarious lyrics they join forces
                                                                                                            wow it must be blessed through a special
                                                     in this collection of Round Dance songs that lay
                                                                                                            ceremony, either led by an elder or group of elders.
CREE WHITE TAIL                                      down the law about the rollercoaster of modern
                                                                                                            DRUM BEATS will offer you the very best of 18
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         romance. 11 songs including It’s Too Late, Buck-
                                                                                                            Pow wow groups displaying their great talent for
                                                     skin On? Buckskin Off?, Cross-eyed Queen, and
                                                                                                            your dancing and listening pleasure. Drum groups
                                                                                                            include:      RED BULL, BLACK LODGE,
CROOKED LAKE AGENCY SINGERS                          6480      CD $15.98
                                                                                                            WHITEFISH BAY, NORTHERN WIND,
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                            EYABAY, and NAKODA LODGE.
                                                      - IT’S A LOVE/HATE THING
                                                                                                            SSCT 4438       CD $15.98
                                                     The acclaimed singing duo of Dearly & Denny
                                                     return with another collection of Round Dance
CROW CELEBRATION - Recorded Live                     jams. With songs that tell tales of infatuation,
Recorded live at the Crow Indian Fair and
                                                     heartbreak and snagging, Dearly & Denny create a       DRUM CIRCLE SINGERS
Celebration, 1971. Includes ten visiting tribal                                                             See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.
                                                     humorous portrayal of the love/hate nature of rela-
groups: Kiowa, Assiniboine, Arapaho, Cree,
                                                     tionships. 12 songs including Straight Cruisin’, All
Cheyene, Blood, Crow, Yakima, Mandaree,
                                                     Apologies, The Classroom Blues, and When You’re
Mesquakie. Songs include war dances, contest and                                                            DRUMMING HILL
                                                     All Alone.
gourd songs.                                                                                                See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                     6496     CD $15.98
6089     Cassette $9.98

                                                     DELIA & THE WASKEWITCH BOYS                            DRUMS OF FIRE
                                                     See the Cree Nation Catalog.                           SWR 1267        CD $15.98
Crow Fair is located south of Billings, Montana                                                             DRUMS OF FIRE
along the Little Big Horn River, just a short        DENVER MARCH POW WOW, 1986
                                                     Sixteen pow wow songs recorded live by eleven          This compilation CD is another in the Native
distance from the site of Custer’s last stand.                                                              American Series offering 15 selections with 15
Several hundred tipis fill the camp ground making    groups: RED LEAF TAKOJA - Taos, New
                                                     Mexico; KANSAS ALL NATION SINGERS -                    drums. Included are Veteran Song (Black Lodge),
the Crow Fair renown for being the tipi capitol of                                                          Hot Stepper (Eyabay), Dragon Tales (Nakoda
the world! Dancers come from all over the country    Shawnee, OK; TWO VALLEY SINGERS - Los
                                                     Angeles, CA; GREY EYES - Oklahoma City, OK;            Lodge), Woman’s Song (Little Otter), and Go
to take part in the celebration. This album                                                                 Ahead and Dance (Moose Mountain). All songs
highlights the top groups performing at this 84th    PORCUPINE SINGERS - Porcupine, SD;
                                                     RUNNING ANTELOPE - Little Eagle, SD; IRON              previously released.
annual celebration.     20 songs performed by 19                                                            SSCT 4501 CD $15.98
different drums. Drums include NIGHT HAWK,           WOOD SINGERS - Rosebud, SD; OYATE
BUFFALO, ROCKY BOY RAMBLERS and                      Ignaciio, CO; WHITE SWAN - Ravina, SD;
                                                     BLACK HILLS SINGERS - Rapid City, SD.                  DRUMS OF POUNDMAKER
                                                     HSP 87-31     (Out of Print)                           See the Cree Nation Catalog.
AR 1205      CD $17.98

                                                     DENE SINGERS                                           DRY LAKE
                                                     See the Music of Canada Catalog.                        - LIVE AT INDIO
                                                                                                            The Dry Lake Singers are from the Fort Belknap
A great collection of 16 songs performed by Battle
                                                                                                            Reservation in Montana, home of the Ah-Ah-Ni-
River, Black Lodge, Northern Wind, Ta-Otha
                                                     DINE NATION JRZ                                        Nin (Gros Ventre) and Nakota (Assiniboine). The
Spirit, Blackstone, Little Island Cree, Pipestone
                                                      - LIVE AT SOUTHERN OREGON                             singers of this group are truly grateful for the sup-
Creek, Red Bull, Sweetgrass Singers, Elk Whistle,
                                                     UNIVERSITY                                             port and knowledge shared by older singers in
Star Blanket Jrs. and Wandering Spirit. All songs
                                                     Recorded live at the 8th Annual Spring Pow Wow         regards to these old songs as well as singing in
previously released on other recordings.
                                                     at Southern Oregon University this is DINE             general. Songs include five grand entry, one flag
VA 60003 CD $17.98
                                                     NATION JRZ third recording. There are 13 songs         song, four intertribals, a chicken dance, and seven
                                                     including 2 intertribals, a round dance, a rabbit      more. Singers include Alfonse Obey, John Stiffarm,
                                                     dance, 2 round dances and a flag song. Singers are     Blake Stiffarm, Winston Stewart, Terry Brockie,

                                                                                                            Prices subject to change without notice.
        6                                                             Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
Tony Rider, A.J. Stiffarm, Brent Spencer, Jon          EAGLES SINGING                                         FEATHERS, BEADS, AND BELLS
Powderface, and Mike Rider.                            This is the debut album of the latest discovery on     15 more songs by 15 drums in this compilation
IH 4615    CD $15.98                                   the Pow Wow trail. EAGLES SINGING is a                 from the Native American Series. Tracks include
                                                       family drum consisting of seven members.               Flag Song (Black Lodge), Warrior (Maza Duta),
 - LIVE AT KYI YO                                      Although the drum is based in Saskatchewan, the        Sneak Up (Red Wind), Memorial Song (Little
Recorded live at Kyo Yo ‘06 at the University of       group participates in pow wows across the nation.      Otter), and Shake Song (Whitefish Bay). All songs
Montana, Missoula, Montana. Singers include            SSCT 4303      (Out of Print)                          previously released.
Aaron Brien, Mike Rider, Alphonse Obey, Justin                                                                SSCT 4499 CD $15.98
Whiteclay, Brent Spencer, Aaron Starblanket, Ron
Doney, Tony Rider, John Stiffarm, Monty Wolf-          EASTERN EAGLE SINGERS
child, Jarroll Thomson, and Greg Anaquod. 11           See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.         FIRST NATIONS SINGERS
original style songs.                                                                                         See the Music of Canada Catalog.
DHOP 1300         CD $16.98
                                                       ECHO SKY SINGERS
                                                       See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.        FLY-IN EAGLE
EAGLE BUTTE, SD                                                                                               See the Cree Nation Catalog.
See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                       ELK SOLDIER
                                                       See the Sioux Catalog.                                 FORT HALL FESTIVAL
EAGLE CLAW SINGERS                                                                                            The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes present the 2005
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                              Fort Hall Festival. Host drums were Northern Cree
                                                       ELK'S WHISTLE                                          and Sizzortail. Other drums present were Cozad,
                                                       See the Sioux Catalog.                                 Dry Lake, Wild Rose, Thunder Hill, Sage Point,
EAGLE CREEK                                                                                                   Pipestone, White Lodge, War Scout, Southern
See the Sioux Catalog.                                                                                        Boyz and The Boyz. 15 songs - 12 intertribals and
                                                       ERMINSKIN                                              three gourd dance.
                                                       See the Cree Nation Catalog.                           DHOP 0900 CD $16.98
CRM 040498       Cassette $10.98 CD $16.98
                                                       ESCHIKAGOU POW WOW 2000                                FORT KIPP SIOUX SINGERS
 - LIVE AT CEDAR CITY, UTAH                            A celebration of friendship for cultural               See the Sioux Catalog.
Eagle Creek Singers, from Dennehotso, Arizona          understanding. Recorded live at the Eschikagou
present this recording of original Diné pow wow        Pow Wow, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL,
songs. Members of the drum include Delbert Lee,        September 2000. Various drum groups include            FORT OAKLAND RAMBLERS
Dennis Cly, Patrick Cly, Lander Boone, Rydell          THA TRIBE, NORTHERN WIND, BEAR CLAN                    See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
Jackson, Jarvis Redhouse, James Redhouse Jr.,          and BEAR CREEK. Special features include
Javis Redhouse, Ambrose Redhouse, Jonathan             IROQUOIS SMOKE DANCE and LITEFOOT.
Yazzie, and Travis Dandy. 12 songs include two         The sale of this recording supports financing of the
grand entry, three intertribals, a whistle song, two   2001 Eschikagou Pow Wow.
                                                                                                              THE FOUR MOUNTAIN NATION
crow hop, and more.                                    GON 101 CD $17.98                                      SINGERS
ECS 32908 CD $17.98                                                                                            - VOL. 1 NAVAJO CHANTS - POW WOW
                                                                                                              THE FOUR MOUNTAIN NATION SINGERS are
                                                       EYABAY SINGERS
EAGLE HILL                                                                                                    one of the most popular and authentic native
                                                       See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                              chanting and drumming groups in America,
                                                                                                              performing and winning at pow wows throughout
                                                                                                              the Southwest. Songs are inspired by personal and
EAGLE MOUNTAIN                                                                                                spiritual experiences.    They encourage young
                                                       EYA-HEY NAKODA                                         people to take part in their culture. Singer: Rudy,
See the Sioux Catalog.                                 See the Sioux Catalog.                                 Henry, Emery, Vertina, Percy, and Emerson
                                                                                                              Thompson, Ronald and Deanna Todacheenie, and
                                                                                                              Shawn Wero. Songs include: Dance For Us,
EAGLE SOCIETY                                          FANCY DANCE SONGS                                      Fancy/Contest, Dance in Beauty, Show Your Style,
See the Blackfeet Catalog.                             - NORTHERN STYLE                                       plus seven more.
                                                       10 songs performed by GREY BUFFALO,                    ASTRO-023 CD $16.98
                                                       NORTHERN WIND, MANDAREE, YOUNG
                                                       KINGBIRD, EYABAY, SPIRIT SANDS SING-
EAGLE SPIRIT                                           ERS, THE BOYZ, EASTERN EAGLE SINGERS,
                                                                                                              FOUR WINDS SINGERS
                                                       SNAKE ISLAND, and ROCK HILL.                           See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.
A collection of 14 Pow Wow songs by LITTLE             AR 1175 CD $17.98
WILDHORSE, and more.                                   10 songs performed by ROSE HILL, WHITE                 GATHERING OF CHAMPIONS
TIM 10057      CD $17.98                               TAIL, SOUTHERN BOYS, POOR BOYS,                         - THE WINNERS’ CIRCLE: BEST OF 1992-
                                                       SOUTHERN THUNDER, 12 GAUGE, and SIZ-                   1994 GATHERING OF NATIONS
                                                       ZORTAIL.                                               Recorded live in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
                                                       AR 1176 CD $17.89                                      during 1992-1994. “Canada has produced some of
                                                                                                              the top drum groups in North America. This
See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.
                                                                                                              recording was respectfully assembled to honor
                                                       FAST AND FANCY SONGS                                   some of these outstanding drum groups from our
                                                        - VOLUME 1                                            good neighbors to the north. May the Creator
EAGLE TAIL SINGERS                                                                                            continue to lift your voices to the sky. Aho”, the
See the Sioux Catalog.                                 15 popular fast and fancy songs performed by
                                                       Black Lodge, Battle River, Blackstone, Rose Hill,      producers.         Four Drums and 16 songs:
                                                       Eagle Mountain, Red Bull, Pipestone Creek, Elks        WHITEFISH BAY, Song For The Drum;
                                                       Whistle, The Boyz, Star Blanket Jrs., Wild Horse       WHITEFISH BAY JR., Ladies’ Buckskin Dance;
EAGLE WHISTLES                                                                                                ASSINIBOINE, Boy’s Fancy Dance; and
See the Northern Plains Catalog.                       and Sweetgrass. All songs previously released on
                                                       other recordings.                                      ASSINIBOINE JR.; also, grass, traditionals, teen
                                                       VA 60005 CD $17.98                                     grass, retreat, trick, and cloth dance songs.
                                                                                                              SOAR 171          (Out of Print)

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                      Pow Wow                                                                         7
GATHERING OF NATIONS                                 - GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW                            - CHICKEN DANCE
 - GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW                      1998                                                     Recorded live at the 2003 Gathering of Nations
1991 Recorded live in Albuquerque, New Mexico,       SOAR 198 CD $18.98                                       Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
the largest PowWow of its kind comes alive on this                                                            CHICKEN DANCE is the first Volume in the Pow
exciting recording featuring some of the best drum    - 1999 - 16th ANNUAL                                    Wow Gold Collection. 10 songs by HORSETAIL,
groups in North America. Featuring: SIOUX-           The Gathering of Nations is an annual event held in      MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, LITTLE ISLAND CREE,
ASSINIBOINE SINGERS, BLACK LODGE                     Albuquerque, New Mexico in April.                 The    PLAINS DRIFTER and HIGH NOON. Experience
SINGERS, WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS,                      Gathering attracts some of the top dancers, drum         the Chicken Dance at North America’s biggest pow
NORTHERN WIND DRUM, CATHEDRAL                        groups, celebrities and people from around the           wow.
LAKE SINGERS. Liner notes name all contest           world; making it the largest gathering of it’s kind in   GON 110     (Out of Print.)
winners.                                             North America. Recorded live, capturing all of the
SOAR 133 Cassette $4.00                              excitement of this spectacular event, it’s the one       - WORLD SPIRIT
                                                     and only gathering pow wow . . . One hot weekend,        Relive the excitement of the 2004 Gathering in
 - GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW                      one hot pow wow. Drum groups include THA                 Albuquerque, New Mexico. Listen to this LIVE
1992 Features live recordings by the top winning     TRIBE, WILD HORSE, MGM, SOUTHERN                         recording of your favorite drums. 21 tracks featur-
drum groups - WHITEFISH BAY,                         CREE, STONEY PARK,, THE BOYZ, PAINTED                    ing STAR BLANKET JRS., YOUNG BIRD,
WHISTLE. Twelve songs plus an opening trumpet        SPRINGS, HIGH NOON, MASKQUAKI                            and more.
solo by Wynton Marsalis.                             NATION, NORTHERN CREE, and TRAIL MIX.                    GON 111       (Out of Print.)
SOAR 144 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                    SOAR 200       CD $18.98
                                                                                                               - NEBULA - IN FIRST LIGHT
                                                      - MILLENIUM CELEBRATION VOLUME 1 -                      Recorded live at the 2005 Gathering of Nations
                                                     VARIOUS NORTHERN DRUMS                                   Pow Wow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 24 songs
1993       Songs by five great Drum groups:
                                                     The winners list of Northern Style drums from the        from Battle River, Rio Grande, Young Bird, Eya-
                                                     Gathering of Nations 2000 Pow Wow is                     bay, Northern Cree, Cozad, Asani, Zotigh, Sizzor-
                                                     WALKING BUFFALO, THA TRIBE, WILD                         tail, and many more.
JR. This is the third annual recording from the
                                                     HORSE, BEAR CREEK, BLACK STONE and                       GON 113      (Out of Print.)
popular Albuquerque, New Mexico pow wow.
                                                     THUNDERHORSE. Also on the recording are
SOAR 158      CD $18.98
                                                     RED BULL, MYSTIC RIVER, MANDAREE,                        - MEDICINE JOURNEY
                                                     SAGE POINT, THUNDER CREEK,                               Highlights of the 2006 Gathering of Nations Pow
                                                     BLACKSTONE and KAUTANOH JRS. 20                          Wow, the largest pow wow in America. Drum
1994 One of the largest gatherings of champion
                                                     songs from the best of the Northern Drums.               groups include The Boyz, Cozad, Iron Boy, High
singers and dancers in North America. Songs by
                                                     SOAR 205       CD $18.98                                 Noon, Southern Boyz, Southern Cree, Yellow Face,
SEVEN STAR, COZAD, GRAYHORSE, INDIAN                                                                          Bow Guard, Eya Hey Nakoda, War Scout, Southern
                                                      - MILLENIUM CELEBRATION VOLUME 2 -                      Extreme, Dakota Nation, Thunder Hills, Star
SANDS, ROSE HILL, WHITEFISH JR., PASS                                                                         Feather, Southern Outlaws, Rio Grande, Young
                                                     The winners list of Southern Style drums from the        Bird, and Eagle Whistle Jr.’s. 24 songs.
CREEK,        Malcolm        Jamal-Warner,           Gathering of Nations 2000 Pow Wow is COZAD,
YELLOWHAMMER, WHITEFISH BAY and                                                                               GON 114      (Out of Print.)
                                                     SIZZORTAIL, ROSE HILL, YOUNG BIRD,
STONEY PARK.                                         ZOTIGH and CEDAR TREE. Also included on                  - HAND DRUM BLUES
SOAR 165 CD $18.98                                   the recording are EAGLE CLAW, SOUTHERN                   14 songs from the 2006 Hand Drum contest. Either
                                                     BOYZ and RIO GRANDE SINGERS. 17 songs                    2 men and one woman - or - 1 man and two
- GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW                       from the best of the Southern Drums.                     women. Groups include Stone Creek, Eya Hey
1995 Live recording from the nations largest pow     SOAR 209 CD $18.98                                       Nakoda, The Group, Comman Man Lakota, Thun-
wow. A collection of some of the most popular                                                                 der Hill, Sounding Cree, Soaring Eagle, Northern
drum groups including: YELLOWHAMMER,                 - 2001                                                   Mix and Ruben Littlehand.
COZAD, BLACKSTONE, RIO GRANDE, ROSE                  Recorded live at the 2001 Gathering of Nations           GON 115      (Out of Print.)
HILL, SIX NATIONS WOMEN SINGERS &                    Pow Wow, Albuquerque, NM, April 2001 - North
more.                                                America’s biggest pow wow. Champion drum                  - THE SOUNDTRACK
SOAR 180 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                    groups include BLACKSTONE, ZOTIGH,                       Recorded live at North America’s biggest Pow
                                                     COZAD, THUNDER HORSE, OMAHA LODGE,                       Wow, the 24th Annual Gathering of Nations Pow
 - GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW                                                                               Wow, Albuquerque, New Mexico (2007). High-
                                                     BAD MEDICINE and more. Special Grand Entry
1996 The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is the                                                                  lights from the weekend are presented here by
                                                     with Jay Begay and the RIO GRANDE SINGERS.
largest Pow Wow In North America. Performers                                                                  Southern Boyz, Meskwaki Nation, Perfect Storm,
                                                     A special musical performance by ULALI.
include: THE BOYZ (Northern World Class Drum                                                                  Midnite Express, Battle River, Stoney Creek, High
                                                     GON 104      (Out of Print.)
Contest 1st Place), SOUTHERN CREE (Northern                                                                   Noon, The Boyz, Wild Band of Comanches, Chip-
World Class Drum Contest 2nd Place),                                                                          pewa Cree, Star Feather, Sizzortail, Southern
                                                     - 2002 - MAGIC
HAYSTACK, LITTLE ISLAND CREE (Northern                                                                        Outlawz, War Scout, Eya-Hey Nakoda, War
                                                     Champion drum groups and more recorded live,
World Class Drum Contest 3rd Place),                                                                          Thunder, Rock Hill, Yellow Face, Little Island
                                                     April 2002, at North America’s biggest pow wow.
SOUTHERN CREE, YELLOWJACKET (Southern                                                                         Cree, Thunder Hill, Southern Slam and Jamin
                                                     21 songs by LITTLE ISLAND CREE,
Challange Drum Contest 1st Place), COZAD                                                                      Paskemin. 27 songs including a grand entry, a
                                                     SIZZORTAIL, HIGH NOON, SOUTHERN
(Southern Challange Drum Contest 2nd Place),                                                                  victory song, women’s Northern buckskin, mother
                                                     BOYS, THA TRIBE,             SOUTHERN CREE,
ZOTIGH, and REDSTONE (Southern Challange                                                                      & daughter dance, men’s chicken dance, and many
                                                     DELPHINE TSINAJINNIE, PRIMEAUX &
Drum Contest 3rd Place). Songs include: men’s                                                                 more.
                                                     MIKE, and more.
traditional and fancy dances, men’s grasss dances,                                                            GON 116      (Out of Print.)
                                                     GON 108      (Out of Print.)
intertribals, Southern contest song, women’s cloth
dances. Liner notes. See also RELENTLESS                                                                      - SWEET & LOW HAND DRUM SOLOS
                                                      - 2003 - EAGLE’S DREAM
WARRIORS FANCY DANCE CONTEST                                                                                  18 hand drum solos performed at the (2007) 24th
                                                     Listen to the music of the 20th Annual Gathering of
SOAR 186 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                                                                             Annual Gathering of Nations Pow Wow in Albu-
                                                     Nations Pow Wow. Recorded live in April 2003 at
- NORTHERN GATHERING 1997                            Albuquerque, New Mexico. Featuring the WHITE             querque, New Mexico. Artists include Brian
SOAR 191 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                    EAGLE SINGERS, the “Gathering of Nations”                Waskewitch, Jamin Paskemin, Cheevers Topah,
                                                     song, and a tribute to Pfc. Lori Piestewa. 22 tracks     Delia Waskewitch, Chase Sayer, Wayne Silas Jr,
- SOUTHERN GATHERING 1997                            including music by ELI SECODY, LITTLE                    Fawn Wood, Nathan Kelly and more.
SOAR 192 Cassette $4.00                              ISLAND CREE, SIZZORTAIL, COZAD,                          GON 117    (Out of Print.)
                                                     MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, THA TRIBE,
1997                                                 many more.                                               Recorded live at North America’s largest pow
SOAR 197 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                    GON 109        (Out of Print)

                                                                                                              Prices subject to change without notice.
        8                                                           Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
wow. 22 tracks featuring Cree Supremes, Rock         GREY BUFFALO                                            - 19TH ANNUAL - HONORING THE THIRD
Hill, Honeybuns, Whitefish Bay, Buffalo Red          See the Cree Nation Catalog.                           CIRCLE
Thunder, Cree Confederacy, Keres Nation, Mid-                                                               Recorded live in Rapid City, South Dakota on
nite Express, Cozad, Poundmaker, Eyabay, Pipe-                                                              October 7-9, 2005 at the 19th Annual He Sapa
stone Creek, Meskwaki Nation, Sizzortail, The        GREY EAGLE                                             Wacipi Championship Pow Wow and Fine Art
Boyz, White Tail, Young Bird, and Ky-Mani Mar-       See the Cree Nation Catalog.                           Show. 14 tracks include eight traditional, a side
ley. A great collection of songs including hand                                                             step, two crow hop, a women’s fancy and two
drum songs, men’s Northern traditional songs,                                                               intertribals. Drums include Elk’s Whistle, Iron
women’s jingle, men’s Northern & Southern fancy,     HAND DRUM SONGS                                        Boy, Bad Nation, White Lodge, Eagle Mountain,
and more.                                            - 49ERS                                                Porcupine, and Badlands.
GON 118      (Out of Print.)                         13 popular 49’er songs performed by Northern           DHOP 0800 CD $16.98
                                                     Cree, Little Island Cree, Wild Horse, Black Lodge,
- THUNDER MORNING                                    Big River Cree, Star Blanket Jrs., Red Bull, Elks      - 2006 BLACK HILLS POW WOW
Recorded live at the 26th Annual Gathering of        Whistle, Pipestone Creek and Rose Hill. All songs      12 songs including seven intertribals, one grass
Nations Pow Wow, April 23-25, 2009, in Albu-         previously released on other recordings.               dance, two fancy dance, one sneak-up, and one
querque, New Mexico. Drum groups represented         VA 60006 CD $17.98                                     double beat. Drums include Fort Peck Sioux,
on the recording include Thunder Hill, Bear                                                                 Eagle Mountain, Eagle Creek, Bad Nation, La-
Creek, Midnite Express, Meskwaki Nation, High         - 49ERS VOLUME 2                                      kota Tribe, Porcupine, North Bear, and Iron Boy.
Noon, Mandaree, Cree Confederation, Eyabay,          This is a collection of 19 previously released 49er    DHOP 2200 CD $16.98
Plains Ojibway, Smokey Town, Headstone, White        songs. Singers include Dallas Waskahat, Arnold
Fish Jrs, Wild Band of Comanches, and Buc Wild.                                                              - 22ND ANNUAL (2008) BLACK HILLS POW
                                                     Moosomin, Walking Buffalo, Lard Thomas,
20 songs include a flag song, an intertribal,                                                               WOW
                                                     Young Confederation, Big River Cree, Andy
women’s jingle, men’s grass, and more.                                                                      Recorded live at the 22nd Annual (2008) Black
                                                     Whitefish, Dana Goulet, Quinton Magwa
GON 119 CD $17.98                                                                                           Hills Championship Pow Wow. The He Sapa
                                                     Tootoosis, Eddi Cardinal, Natha Rikishi Pelly and
                                                                                                            Wacipi is an impressive cultural event held annu-
                                                     Hubert Whitefish.
 - A SPIRIT’S DANCE                                                                                         ally at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center. Hundreds
                                                     DNA 60079 CD $17.98
This compilation recording of Native American                                                               of Native American singers and dancers converge
music, recorded live at the 2010 Gathering of Na-                                                           on the Civic Center to compete for thousands of
                                                      - OLD STYLE STRAIGHT
tions Pow Wow is intended to provide the listener                                                           dollars in song and dance competitions. It is a
                                                     13 popular straight hand drum songs performed by
with the complete experience from the great event.                                                          public event and features not only Lakota, Dakota
                                                     High Noon, Sweetgrass, Red Bull, Wild Horse,
Hear and feel the thunder of the drums and the                                                              and Nakota, but also many tribes from as far away
                                                     Crooked Lake, Star Blanket Jrs., Little Island Cree,
harmonious singing accompaniment, while experi-                                                             as Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, and the north-
                                                     Big River Cree, Pipestone Creek, The Boyz, Yel-
encing the excitement, emotion, spirit, and pag-                                                            west, northeast, Canada and the southwest. Many
                                                     low Hammer and Rose Hill. All songs previously
eantry of North America’s biggest pow wow. 21                                                               tribes are represented in the actual competition.
                                                     released on other recordings.
tracks including an intro by Chief Leonard Crow                                                             Over 700 dancers and 35 drum groups represent 57
                                                     VA 60008 CD $17.98
Dog, and music by Midnite Express, Tha Tribe,                                                               different tribes. 20 songs from drum groups includ-
Buc Wild, Eyabay, Hail Creek, Cree Confedera-                                                               ing Thundervalley, Bad Nation, Cante Tiza, Eagle
                                                      - ORIGINAL OLD STYLE VOLUME 2
tion, Headstone, Rocky Boy, Wild Band of Co-                                                                Mountain, White Tail, Standing Horse, Elk Sol-
                                                     20 previously recorded original old style hand drum
manches, Nakoda Nation, Mile High, Eagle                                                                    dier, Crazy Horse, Battle River, and Rock Hill.
                                                     songs preformed by Cedrick Baker, Melvin Ke-
Mountain, Cozad, and the crowning of Miss Indian                                                            DHOP 3300 CD $16.98
                                                     natch, Brad Crain, Irvin Waskewich, Eugene
World.                                               Cardinal, Gerald Baptiste, Jeff Moosomin, Young
GON 120 CD $17.98                                                                                            - 2010 BLACK HILLS POW WOW
                                                     Confederation, Hector McGilvery, Big River Cree,       Northern Cree performed as host drum for the 24th
                                                     Quinton Magwa Tootoosis, Sheldon Rainy,                annual He Sapa Wacipi Na Oskate recorded live at
                                                     Mathew Thomas and Frank Moosomin.                      Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, South
GRAND CELEBRATIONS POW WOW                           DNA 60080 CD $17.98                                    Dakota on October 8-10, 2010. The honor drum
1995                                                                                                        was Young Thunder. One grand entry, nine inter-
                                                                                                            tribals, two men’s fancy, two men’s grass, one
The latest release from the HINCKLEY POW             HANISHA                                                women’s fancy, one women’s jingle, one men’s
WOW SINGERS, recorded live at the 4th Annual         See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.               traditional, and one round dance. Drums include
Grand Celebrations Pow Wow held in the arbor of
                                                                                                            Northern Cree, Stoney Park, Bad Nation, Young
the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota. The
                                                                                                            Bird, Iron Boy, Wahpe Kute, Young Thunder,
Hinckley Pow Wow represents the largest of its       HAWK RIVER NIKOODI RHYTHM                              Cante Tiza, and Standing Bull.
kind in North America. Drums represented to sing     See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       DHOP 3900        CD $16.98
their music with the best the world has to offer
ROCKY BOY, EYABAY, ROSE HILL,                                                                               HEART BUTTE SINGERS
                                                     HAWK RIVER SINGERS
                                                     See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       See the Blackfeet Catalog.
SSCT 4285      (Out of Print)

                                                     HAYSTACK                                               HEART OF THE NAVAJO LAND
                                                     See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.          - ANNUAL ROUND DANCE & FEAST
                                                                                                            Welcome to the Annual Round Dance and Feast
15 of your favorite grass dance songs performed by
                                                                                                            presented by Jay Begaye featuring Big River Cree,
The Boyz, Battle River, Eya-Hay Nakoda, Rose
                                                     HE SAPA WACIPI                                         Cathedral Lakes, Freeland Jishie, Southern Out-
Hill, Black Lodge, Wildhorse, Northern Wind, Red
                                                      - 17TH ANNUAL - LIVE IN THE BLACK                     lawz, Calling Eagle, Glenn Lewis, Little Island
Bull, High Noon, Star Blanket Jrs., Blackstone,
                                                     HILLS                                                  Cree, and Randy Paskemin.
Sweetgrass Singers and Yellow Hammer. All songs
                                                     17 songs by the following drum groups - BAD            CRM 021806       CD $16.98
previously released on other recordings.
VA 60004 CD $17.98                                   NATION, PORCUPINE, EAGLE MOUNTAIN,
                                                     LAKOTA TRIBE, WALKING HORSE, NIGHT
                                                     HAWK JR., OYATE TECA, CHEYENNE
                                                                                                            HEARTLAND SINGERS
                                                                                                            See the Music of Canada Catalog.
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.             BEAR, HUNKPAPA, and MAHTO CANGLE-
                                                     SKA. Four Grand Entry, one flag song, four inter-
                                                     tribals, two grass dance, four traditional, and two    HERTEL WISCONSIN- CHIPPEWA
                                                     contest songs.                                         POW WOW
GRAYHORSE SINGERS                                                                                           See the Northern       Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
                                                     WWBH 0401 CD $17.98
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                                                                   Catalog.

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                        Pow Wow                                                                             9
HI BULL SINGERS                                        Grand Celebrations Pow Wow, July 29-31, 1994.            HILL, HIGH NOON, BLACK LODGE, NORTH-
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       Volume 1 features: YELLOW HAMMER,                        ERN WIND, RED BULL, SWEETGRASS, BAT-
                                                       MANDARI, NORTHERN CREE, HAYSTACK,                        TLE RIVER, BLACKSTONE, FLY-IN EAGLE,
                                                       IRON WOOD, DAKOTA NATION, LAKE                           STAR BLANKET JRS., EYABAY, PIPESTONE
HIGH NOON                                              SHORE, EYABAY, EAGLE CLAW, and                           CREEK, THE BOYS, WILD HORSE, PAINTED
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       WHITEFISH JRS.,                                          HORSE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, and WANDER-
                                                       SSCT 4243       (Out of Print)                           ING SPIRIT.
                                                                                                                TIM 10089   CD $17.98
                                                       - VOL. 2 - 3RD ANNUAL MINNESOTA POW
HINCKLEY GRAND CELEBRATION                             WOW Continues from Volume One. Features 12                - GRASS DANCE
                                                       Drum groups inlcude: SIOUX ASSINIBOINE,                  The beginning of the Grass Dance has many sto-
                                                       YELLOW HAMMER, HAYSTACK, RED                             ries. One story tells of the Grass Dance originating
                                                       SPIRIT, NORTHERN CREE, MANDARI,                          with the nomadic people of the central plains.
Intertribal pow wow songs recorded live at
                                                       WHITEFISH JRS., IRON WOOD and more.                      When a new camp site was chosen, the young
Hinckley, Minnesota. Fourteen songs by eight
                                                       SSCT 4244     (Out of Print.)                            warriors were asked to dance to flatten out the
                                                                                                                grass, but also to bless the area. To keep the tribe
                                                                                                                safe from any danger that may be nearby. The
                                                       HINCKLEY POW WOW 2000                                    Grass Dance movements also reflect the warriors
                                                        - 9th ANNUAL                                            understanding of the world in which he lives, but
include Grand Entry, grass, slide, jingle dress,
                                                       Hear the energy and excitement as the most               can also be interpreted as the wind blowing through
French ruffle and retreat song.
                                                       innovative Northern Style and Southern Style drum        the long grass. Many aspects of the dance reflect
6263       Cassette $9.98
                                                       groups of today compete at one of the largest Pow        the need to find equilibrium - what is done with one
                                                       Wow’s in North America, “Hinckley’s Grand                side of the body is replicated on the other side. The
                                                       Celebration.”                                            outfit for the dance is comprised of long strands of
                                                                                                                yarn, ribbon, or fabric attached to the body. This is
The first is a collection of Northern style drum
                                                       - NORTHERN STYLE - VOLUME 2                              reminiscent of the long grass that once was so
songs from drums such as EYABAY, BATTLE
                                                       16 songs.   Drums include LITTLE OTTER,                  abundant and to pay homage to Mother Earth. The
                                                       NORTHERN WIND, THE BOYZ, HIGH NOON,                      roach has two feathers attached in such a way that
                                                       KINGBIRD, and PIPESTONE CREEK.                           they rock or twirl as the dancer moves. The Grass
                                                       AR 1141   CD $17.98                                      Dance is fluid, with slow natural movements of the
WHISTLE. Songs include: Grand Entry songs,
                                                                                                                body. It reflects the connection of all things. 16
intertribals, Flag Song, contest songs, side-step,
                                                       - SOUTHERN STYLE - VOLUME 2                              songs previously recorded on other Turtle Island
woman’s traditional, grass dance, straight song, and
                                                       16 songs. Drums include ROSE HILL, COZAD,                Music recordings. Drums include Blackstone,
                                                       YOUNG BIRD, and WHITE TAIL.                              Porcupine, Star Blanket Jrs., Sweet Grass, Northern
SSCT 4283       (Out of Print)
                                                       AR 1142    (Out of Print)                                Wind, Mandaree, Wild Horse, Yellowhammer, Big
                                                                                                                River Cree, Ta Otha Spirit, Fly-In Eagle, Pipestone
                                                                                                                Creek, Red Bull and Battle River.
                                                       HONOR THE EARTH POW WOW                                  TIM10092         CD $17.98
The second volume features Southern Style songs
from ROSE HILL, YELLOWHAMMER, NO                       See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
                                                                                                                 - CHICKEN DANCE
SHAME, and SOUTHERN SLAM. Songs include:
                                                                                                                In the spring of the year Prairie Chicken gather in
Woman’s Southern Cloth, Woman’s Southern
                                                       HONORING THE PEOPLE                                      great numbers to perform one of nature’s most
Buckskin, woman’s and mens’ traditionals, contest
                                                       - MEN’S TRADITIONAL                                      beautiful mating rituals. The male Prairie Chicken
and Flag songs.
                                                       17 traditional songs by Eyabay, The Boyz, Black          gather to dance for the female’s, to strut and show
SSCT 4284       (Out of Print)
                                                       Lodge, Blackstone, Bear Creek, Fly-In Eagle,             how good of dancers they are. The first people of
                                                       Battle River, Pipestone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs,         this land have a connection to Mother Earth and all
                                                       North Bear, Elk Whistle, Red Bull, Painted Horse,        of its inhabitants including the Prairie Chicken.
AR 1115  CD $17.98
                                                       Wild Horse, Wandering Spirit. Sweetgrass and             They have adopted the style of dance from the
                                                       Mountain Soul. All songs previously recorded.            Prairie Chicken to celebrate life and the beginning
                                                       TIM 10085       CD $17.98                                of a new year. This dance was a secret society
AR 1116  (Out of Print)
                                                                                                                dance used on special occasions to evoke the spirit
                                                        - MEN’S FANCY DANCE                                     world for help or guidance but also to give thanks.
                                                       Fancy Dancing is the result of trying to entertain       It has become a social dance, seen at many pow
HINCKLEY HAND DRUM                                     visitors at reservations in the early 1920’s. The        wows as part of the dance competition. The Prairie
- VOL. 1 - 3RD ANNUAL GRAND                            outfit combined the popular bustles of the tradi-        Chicken dance outfit consists of pants and shirt
CELEBRATIONS POW WOW                                   tional dancers and made them larger, brighter, and       with beaded rondels and chicken plumes attached.
Recorded live at the 3rd Annual Grand                  more exciting and added feathers, fluffs, and colors     The sleeves of the shirt are held in place with gar-
Celebrations Pow Wow, July 29-31, 1994,                wherever they would fit. The Fancy Dance has             ters and beaded cuffs. The Chicken Dancer wears
Hinckley, Minnesota Grand Casino outdoor               traditionally been a young man’s dance, although         decorated aprons both front and back and a wide
Amphitheater.    Featuring: THREE FIRES                many older dancers who are still in shape partici-       beaded belt with beaded side drops. The dancer
SOCIETY, CHIPPEWA CREE SINGERS, THE                    pate. The Fancy Dance belongs to no one tribe - it       wears a roach and a beaded headband with side
BOYZ, EYABAY, THE BROS., DAKOTA                        started in Oklahoma and is now all over the coun-        drops, enhancing his movements as he dances.
NATION, and NORTHERN CREE.                             try, with some differences in dress and style in the     Around his ankles, the dancer wears garters, fringe,
SSCT 4241     (Out of Print)                           North. To be good at this dance, the dancer must         and bells. He might hold an eagle feather fan or a
                                                       train for stamina and agility. The dance is fast and     hoop of sweergrass. Drum groups include Eyabay,
- VOL. 2 - 3RD ANNUAL GRAND                            features jumps and twirling. The regalia is said to      Big River Cree, Pipestone Creek, Star Blanket Jrs.,
CELEBRATIONS POW WOW                                   represent the rainbow spirits in its bright colors and   Sweet Grass, Little Island Cree, Battle River, Red
Continues from Volume One. Featuring: THE              flying feathers and ribbons. The dancer typically        Bull, North Buffalo, Wild Horse, and Fly-In Eagle.
BENTON’S, WHITE FISH JRS., CHIPPEWA                    wears two bustles of bright colored feathers with        13 songs all previously recorded.
CREE SINGERS, THE BOYZ, EYABAY, THE                    added ribbons, feathers, or horsehair hackles and        TIM 10094        CD $17.98
BROS., DAKOTA NATION, and NORTHERN                     bright arm and head bands repeating the colors and
CREE.                                                  patterns. The dancers also wears a headdress roach        - JINGLE DRESS
SSCT 4242     (Out of Print)                           trimmed in colored horsehair and featuring two           The jingle dress dance has its beginning with the
                                                       eagle feathers. Dancers also carry coup sticks           Anishinabe people of the Lake of the Woods area
                                                       which are highly decorated with ribbons or feath-        in Ontario and part of Minnesota. There are a few
HINCKLEY MINNESOTA POW WOW                             ers. This recording features 21 songs performed by       stories as to the origin of the dance, but one thing is
- VOL. 1 - 3RD ANNUAL MINNESOTA POW                    YELLOW HAMMER, ELK WHISTLE, ROSE                         agreed on, it first came to the people as a way of
WOW Recorded on location at the 3rd Annual                                                                      healing the sick and infirm. If one danced this with

                                                                                                                Prices subject to change without notice.
       10                                                                Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
the jingle dress, miracles would happen and the            - HONOR SONGS                                        IRONWOOD SINGERS
sick would be healed. The dress features tiers of         Life is beautiful and tough at the same time, so      See the Sioux Catalog.
seven rows of jingle cones. The cones may have            Honor Songs can be asked to be sung for different
originally been metal lids from Copenhagen snuff,         reasons. It can be sung to give thanks to the Crea-
and are now made of various other metal materials.        tor for the blessing one has received at a time of    JINGLE DRESS SONGS
Some instances of use other noise making materials        celebration. Or in a time of loss and sacrifice an    - SIDE STEP SONGS
occur, such as bird bones or deer hooves. Dresses         Honor Song may be sung to aid or help the one         The Jingle Dress is also called a prayer dress. The
are decorated with ribbon, appliqué, paint, and           who is sick. An Honor Song is a gift that involves    dress was seen as a dream, as an object to bring
beadwork with matching beaded leggings, mocca-            the whole community. They are sung mostly at          healing to affected people. Side Step songs are one
sins, purse and hair ornaments. Eagle or other            community gatherings. All people who are in           of two contest songs sung for the Jingle Dress
feathers and plumes are worn and a fan is carried         attendance get to be a part of the celebration of     Dancers at a social gathering. This album contains
and raised during the honor beats of the song. Old        courage and sacrifice. A collection of ten honor      12 original songs from NORTHERN WIND,
style jingle dancers do not wear plumes and do not        songs by Black Lodge, Big River Cree, The Boyz,       LITTLE OTTER, MYSTIC RIVER, WHITEFISH
carry a fan; they raise their hands on the honor          Sweet Grass, Pipestone Creek, Northern Wind,          BAY, WALKING BUFFALO and WALKING
beats in order to receive healing. 16 songs by Little     Porcupine Singers, Copper Creek, and Red Bull.        BULL.
Island Cree, Wild Horse, Elk Whistle, Red Bull,           TIM 10122        CD $17.98                            AR 1148        CD $17.98
Painted Horse, Sweet Grass, Fly-In Eagle, North
Buffalo, Pipestone Creek, Battle River, Ta Otha                                                                  - VOLUME 2
Spirit, Big River Cree, and Northern Wind.                HOPE LAKE SINGERS                                     16 jingle dress songs performed by 16 different
TIM 10096        CD $17.98                                See the Music of Canada Catalog.                      groups. Included are High Noon, Eyabay, White-
                                                                                                                fish Bay, Mandaree, Rock Hill, Kingbird, Lynx
 - WOMEN’S FANCY                                                                                                Clan, Northern Wind, Thunder Mountain, Young
The Women’s Fancy Shawl is one of the newest              HOPI SUNSHIELD SINGERS                                Kingbird, Red House, Lone Creek, Little Otter,
dances of the pow wow. It is much more vigorous           - NORTHERN STYLE POW WOW SONGS,                       Grey Buffalo, Lightning Strikes, and Grassy Nar-
than the other female dances. This dance has it’s         LIVE! FROM CANYON RECORDS’ 30TH                       rows.
beginning in the southern United States. When one         ANNIVERSAY POW WOW                                    AR 1172 CD $17.98
looks at the Fancy Shawl that adorns the dancer, it       The HOPI SUNSHIELD SINGERS sing in the
looks much like a butterfly in flight. This is dis-       Northern pow wow style and have won many
tinctive of the Women’s Fancy Shawl dance. The            drumming awards.        Songs include: Sunshield      JINGLE DRESS SONGS
fancy shawl outfit is intricate in beading details.       Theme Song, War Chief Honor Song, fancy feather       - VOLUME 1
Fully outfitted women fancy dancers wear cloth            dance, contest song, and intertribal songs.           17 great jingle dress songs performed by Black
dresses of colorful material, appliqué, beaded moc-       6180     Cassette $9.98                               Lodge, Northern Wind, Ta-Otha Spirit, Red Bull,
casins and leggings, a single plume in the hair, with                                                           Little Island Cree, Battle River, Eya-Hey Nakoda,
a large beaded barrette. The coordinating fancy                                                                 Pipestone Creek, Wildhorse, Elk Whistle, Fly-In
shawl is tucked under the cape at the shoulders or        THE HORSES                                            Eagle, Sweetgrass Singers and Wandering Spirit.
hanging, folded over the arm. The dancer uses the         See the Northern Plains Catalog.                      All songs previously released on other recordings.
shawl and shoulders creating smooth movements                                                                   VA 60002       CD $17.98
while keeping her footwork in harmony with the
fast paced drum rhythm. High steps are a part of          INDIAN CREEK SINGERS
the motion of the dancer as she twirls and bounces        - VOL. 1 - POW WOW SEASON                             KAHNAWAKE
freely. This is a dance for energetic women as it         Ten pow wow songs by a Navajo drum group from          - ECHOES OF A PROUD NATION
takes a great deal of stamina. 15 songs from Wild         near Bluff, UT. Includes Indian Creek Drum Song,      Recorded live at the 13th annual Kahnawake Pow
Horse, Sweet Grass, Red Bull, Little Island Cree,         Soldier Boy, Walk in Beauty, Code Talkers and         Wow. 13 years ago, 20 individuals from all sectors
Fly-In Eagle, Battle River, Painted Horse, Pipe-          Everybody Come Dance. Singers: Drew, Nate, Art,       of the Kahnawake community shared the same
stone Creek, North Buffalo, Ta-Otha Spirit, and Big       Franco and Tim Warren; Norm Cali and Earl             dream. They wanted to bring people together to
River Cree. All songs previously recorded.                Lameman; Herman, Melvin, and Damon Begay;             share a native spiritual celebration of life. The
TIM 10100        CD $17.98                                Ray Dez; Shawn Eskee; Phlanty Poyer and Sheldon       dream also included highlighting the entrepreneu-
                                                          Shebala.                                              rial endeavors of the aboriginal peoples - exhibiting
 - WOMEN’S TRADITIONAL                                    SOAR 146 Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                     cultural expression through dance and the growth
Women Traditional dancers represent the connec-                                                                 and development of the Kahnawake community.
tion that all women have with Mother Earth. When           - VOL. 2 - POW WOW JAMMIN’                           Their dream is a reality in its 13th year. 25 songs
they dance, one foot is supposed to always be in          A great celebration of Diné Nation pow wow            including intertribals, crow hop, straight songs,
touch with Mother Earth. That is why the foot is          songs. Same singers as Volume One plus Erwin          smoke dances, round dances, grass dances, chicken
lifted very little from the ground and little steps are   King, J.Roy Joe, and Ferlander Poyer. Songs           dances and more. Drums include WHITETAIL,
taken when they dance. The movement is slow,              include: Have Pity On Me, Play It Straight, Happy     WHITEFISH JRS, POPULAR SINGERS, WEMO-
with rhythmic steps that allow their fringes to           Daze plus 9 more.                                     TASSE, WASHESHKWANA and BILL COUSE.
almost touch the ground. They swing and sway              SOAR 156      Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                AR 1221      CD $17.98
representing the slow, steady movement of life on
Earth. The dance may also consist of bending the          - VOL. 3 - DANCE IN BEAUTY
knees in time to the beat of the drum, giving slight      More great music - a beautiful performance of pow     KAU-TA-NOH JRS.
up and down movements to the body while subtly            wow songs from the Navajo nation. Songs include:      From Robeson County, North Carolina, KAU-TA-
shifting the feet to turn. A women’s traditional          Warrior Boy, White Shell Woman and 11 more.           NOH JRS. is the second generation of Northern
regalia most often consists of leather, but can also      SOAR 183      Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                style singers from that area. They have been
be made of fabric. Their leather regalia is often                                                               singing for four years. Their style can best be
adorned with extensive heavy beadwork. These                                                                    described as Northern original. Singers are John
women will often have a full length breastplate           INDIAN GRAFITTI                                       Oxendine II, David Locklear, Brian Graham, John
going almost to the ground. The skirt comes to the        - NOON RECORDS GREATEST                               Chavis, Quinn Lowry, Tere Locklear, Matthew
top of her leggings or can come to the top or her         NRC-080  (Out of Print)                               Chavis, Eric Freeman, Chris Ammons, Sam Pedro,
moccasins. Traditional women dancers carry a                                                                    Oniya Locklear, Timothy Locklear, Donovan Joe,
folded shawl over one arm and usually a feather fan                                                             Kay Oxendine, Darice Sheppard, April Whittmore,
from an eagle which they hold in the air for the          INDIAN NATION SINGERS                                 Vanessa Locklear, Miranda Locklear, Billy Joe
honor beat of the drum. 12 songs from Wild Horse,         See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.       Brooks, Tracy Locklear, and Yolinda Joe. Ten
Fly-In Eagle, Big River Cree, North Buffalo, Star                                                               songs including a double beat, a contest, a sidestep,
Blanket Jrs., Red Bull, Elk Whistle, Little Island                                                              a crow hop, and more.
Cree, Blackstone, Mystic River, and Ta-Otha Spirit.       INTERNATIONAL FALLS, MN POW                           SSCT 4446      Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98
All songs previously recorded.
TIM 10101          CD $17.98
                                                          See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                      Pow Wow                                                                     11
KERES NATION                                          LAKOTA THUNDER                                      Buffalo, Grey Horse, and Northern Wind. Songs
 - LIVE AT IGNACIO, COLORADO 2008                     See the Sioux Catalog.                              include a grand entry, a crow hop, some intertri-
From the Great San Felipe Pueblo Nation comes a                                                           bals, some flag songs, and more.
new pow wow singing group. The word “Keres” is                                                            AR 1299       CD $17.98
the language spoken within that region. Since 2002    LIGHTNING STRIKES
the Keres Nation Singers have participated and        See the Sioux Catalog.                              - VOLUME 2
served as host or invited drum at many celebrations                                                       22 songs presented by 10 drums. Drums include
throughout Indian Country. Their unique style of                                                          Red Bull, Red Wind, Rivreside Dakota, Rock Hill,
song making and original singing attracts both        LITTLE AXE                                          The Boyz, Whitefish Bay Singers, White Horse,
singers and dancers. 11 songs including two inter-    See the Blackfeet Catalog.                          Wild Horse Singers, Wolf Trail, and Grey Horse.
tribals, a side step, and eight contest songs. Mem-                                                       Songs include some intertribals, a shake song, an
bers of the drum include Sidney Valencia, Jason                                                           honor song, a memorial song, and more.
Valencia, Emilio Valencia, Ben Trancosa, Patrick                                                          AR 1300      CD $17.98
                                                      LITTLE BOY SINGERS
Sandoval, Lydell Sandoval, Isiah Sandoval, Cody       See the Cree Nation Catalog.
Valencia, and Brandon Sanchez.
KNS 41408         CD $17.98                                                                               MANITOBA’S FIRST NATIONS PEOPLES
                                                                                                          INTERNATIONAL POW WOW
                                                      LITTLE CORNER SINGERS                                - VOL. 1
                                                      See the Blackfeet Catalog.
KICKAPOO DAYS 2006                                                                                        Recorded live at the 3rd Annual Manitoba First
Join host drum, The Boyz, at the 2006 Kickapoo                                                            Nations Peoples International Pow Wow.
Pow Wow Days. Other contesting drums include                                                              Featuring: Roy Bison, RED LAKE, ROSE HILL,
Cozad, Young Eagle Whistle, Sizzortail, Young         LITTLE EAGLE JR’S                                   ELK’S WHISTLE, HAYSTACK, MANDAREE,
Kingbird, Little Soldier, and Whistling Wind. 12       - ANYTHING GOES                                    EYABAY. Songs include: Blessing of the Eagle,
songs include three grand entry, three intertribal,   LITTLE EAGLE JRS are a new and exciting pow         mens’ grass, fancy, straight and traditional dances,
and six contest.                                      wow group from Santo Domingo Pueblo in the          woman’s traditional and jingle dances, and trot
RCR 9955       CD $17.98                              state of New Mexico. Young and proud, they          songs.
                                                      believe in all tribes coming together in song and   SSCT 4286      (Out of Print)
                                                      dance. From this point on, anything goes! 14
KICKING WOMAN SINGERS                                 songs including Heatbreaking (Women’s               - VOL. 2 MANITOBA FIRST NATIONS POW
See the Blackfeet Catalog.                            Traditional), Pueblo Revolt (Victory Song), You     WOW Continues from Volume One. Featuring:
                                                      Just Go Girl (Fancy Shawl) and Bring It On          BUFFALO LAKE, ROSE HILL, MANDAREE,
                                                      (Intertribal).                                      WHITEFISH BAY, ASSINIBOINE JR.,
                                                      SOAR 206        CD $18.98                           EYABAY, and HAYSTACK. Songs include:
See the Northern       Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway                                                            MANFF Honor Song, and 11 intertribal dances.
Catalog.                                                                                                  SSCT 4287   (Out of Print)
                                                      LITTLE ISLAND CREE
                                                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.
KIOWA GOURD DANCE                                                                                         THE MANKILLERS
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                                                                 The MANKILLERS all woman Northern drum
                                                      LITTLE OTTER                                        group includes the following singers: Irma Amaro-
                                                      See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.            Davis (Yaqui/Chicana), Kristy Orona-Ramirez
KIOWA SCALP & VICTORY                                                                                     (Taos Pueblo/Rarumuri), Carrie Dunn-Anderson
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                                                                 (Creek/S eminol e/ Chick a mauga) , Maggi e
                                                      LITTLE PINE SINGERS                                 Escobedo-Steele (Chiricahua Apache), Michon
                                                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.                        Eben (Paiute/Shoshone), Tina Toledo Rizzo (Jemez
                                                                                                          Pueblo), April Carmelo-Frank (Wintu/Maidu),
                                                                                                          Fawn White (Yurok/Hupa), Genevieve Markussen
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                      LITTLE SPIRIT SINGERS                               (Yurok/Karuk/Yaqui), Sawar Young (Yurok/
                                                      See the Music of Canada Catalog.                    Karuk), Geneva Shaw (Yurok/Karuk), and Rain
                                                                                                          Archambeau-Marshall (Ihanktonwan/Penobscot/
KIOWA WAR DANCE SOCIETY                                                                                   Choctaw).
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                      LODGE CREEK
                                                      See the Music of Canada Catalog.                     - THE MANKILLERS
                                                                                                          Originally released in 1997, this recording has 10
KOOMSA TRIBAL SINGERS                                                                                     songs including a Grand Entry, Veteran’s Honoring
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                                                                 Song, a grass dance, a couple’s dance and some
                                                      LONE CREEK                                          intertribals.
                                                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                                                                          WORP 1030        (Out of Print.)
- NINE NORTHERN PLAINS DRUMS                                                                               - COMING TO GETCHA!
Nine drums recorded during the annual Kyi-Yo          LYNX CLAN                                           Originally released in 1999, the songs on this
Celebration, Missoula, Montana.        Includes       See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.            recording include vocables (melodies without
Chippewa-Cree, Crow, Blood, Blackfeet, Yakima,                                                            words) and songs sung in many languages
Northern Cheyenne and Fort Belknap. Drums:                                                                including English, Choctaw, Pueblo and Timbisha
PARKER SINGERS, DONALD DEERNOSE                       MADDOG SINGERS                                      Shoshone. 11 songs including a flag song, a round
SINGERS, KANAI BLOOD SINGERS, STARR                   See the Northern Plains Catalog.                    dance. a jingle dress, a tiny tot’s contest song, a
SCHOOL SINGERS, HEART BUTTE SINGERS,                                                                      men’s traditional, a women’s traditional and more.
WEASEL TAIL CLUB, ALL NATION SINGERS,                                                                     WORP 1040        (Out of Print.)
LAME DEER SINGERS.                                    MANDAREE SINGERS
6111 Cassette $9.98                                   See the Northern Plains Catalog.                     - KILLING YOU SOFTLY
                                                                                                          11 new songs by this highly acclaimed women’s
                                                                                                          drum group. Songs include a victory song, a
LAKE OF THE WOODS SINGERS                                                                                 straight song, a veteran’s song and more.
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.              MANITO AHBEE POW WOW                                TMK 4328         (Out of Print.)
                                                      - VOLUME 1
                                                      22 songs presented by 6 drums. Drums include
LAKE VERMILLION SINGERS                               High Noon, Battle River, Dakota Travels, Grey       McGILVERY & GREEN
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                                                                  See the Cree Nation Catalog.

                                                                                                          Prices subject to change without notice.
       12                                                              Pow Wow                                                      Drumbeat
MEDICINE DRUM                                          Lussier Sr. Eight intertribals, four contest songs, a   the Native American Basketball Invitational. This
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       traditional, a grass dance and an honor song.           recording is presented in the highest quality digital
                                                       RCR 9661          (Out of Print)                        sound with a mix of straight and word songs featur-
                                                                                                               ing intertribal, contest, and change-up songs like
                                                       - SOUTHERN & NORTHERN STYLE POW                         the Crow Double-beat, Cree round dance, and
MEN’S GRASS DANCE SONGS                                WOW
A collection of Men’s Grass Dance Songs per-                                                                   Ojibwe side-step. Listen live at the Chasing the
                                                       See listing with YOUNG BIRD in this catalog.            Sun as once again Midnite Express singers are at
formed by Spirit Sands Singers, Northern Wind,         6361       Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
Mandaree, Eyabay, Young Kingbird, The Boyz,                                                                    the top of their game, truly one of their best re-
Whitefish Bay, Red House, Young Grey Horse,                                                                    cordings yet released. 12 songs including five
                                                        - IT’S TIME
Little Otter, Painted Horse, Walking Bull, Lake of                                                             intertribals, three contest, and more.
                                                       Finally, the long awaited new release we’ve all
the Woods, Bear Creek and Pipestone. All previ-                                                                BTDM-1008           CD $16.98
                                                       been waiting for from MIDNITE EXPRESS. It’s
ously released on separated recordings.                Time continues in the same dynamic style as their
AR 1170       CD $17.98                                                                                         - WICAHPI IZITA
                                                       previous releases. Singers present on this recording
                                                                                                               Recorded live at Red Mountain Eagle Pow Wow
                                                       are Opie Day-Bedeau, Sr., Crow, Bellecourt, Jer-
                                                                                                               outside Phoenix, Arizona, the sounds of Midnite
                                                       emy Dearly, Mcallen Garvin, Peter Ybarra, Buffalo
MEN’S TRADITIONAL SONGS                                                                                        Express are heard here in tribute to the late Tanner
                                                       Campbell, Carlos Day, Chris Whipple, Keith
12 songs from BEAR CREEK, EASTERN EA-                                                                          Albers. They hope you enjoy this excellent collec-
                                                       Smith, Jerry Dearly, Jr., Erik Gabbow, Everett
GLE, LONE CREEK, LAKE OF THE WOODS,                                                                            tion of pow wow songs. 13 songs including three
                                                       Moore, Randy Tewawina, and James Day. They
YOUNG GREY HORSE, WHITEFISH BAY,                                                                               intertribals, two Ojibwe side-step, a foot slide, a
                                                       regret that Marcus Denny and Charles Eagle
NORTHERN WIND, ROCK HILL, CREE SPIRIT,                                                                         traditional song, a horse stealing song, a grass
                                                       Speaker were not available to record with them. 10
STONEY CREEK, and KAHNAWAKE.                                                                                   dance, , and four contest songs.
                                                       songs include six intertribals, a grass dance, and a
AR 1173 CD $17.98                                                                                              BTDM-1010 CD $16.98
                                                       double beat.
                                                       DHOP 0100        CD $16.98

MESKWAKI NATION                                         - STRAIGHT UP                                          MILK RIVER INDIAN DAYS POW WOW
                                                       16 songs. Three contest songs, six intertribals,         - LIVE AT FORT BELKNAP, MONTANA
See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
                                                       three traditional, a foot slide, a woman’s song, a      The Grass Dance way of life has been lost on many
                                                       sneak-up and The Living Legend.                         reservations. It was the goal of the 37th Milk
                                                                                                               Dance Committee to bring back the spirit, soul,
MESKWAKI NATION PROCLAMA-                              TC-03       CD $16.98
                                                                                                               tradition and respect to the dance arena. Years ago
TION DAY POW WOW 2005                                                                                          the Grass Dance Singers were a significant few. A
This double disc set brings you hours of pow wow        - LIVE IN CALI
                                                       12 more songs recorded live at Trump 29 Casino.         drum was placed out in the middle of the arena and
entertainment. A total of 30 songs including Grand                                                             only a select few were invited to sit on that drum.
Entry, Intertribals, chicken dance, round dance,       Songs include five intertribals, three contest songs,
                                                       a grand entry, a trick song, an Ojibwe style            The audience knew who the prominent singers
women’s fancy, women’s jingle, a flag song and                                                                 were and they respected that value system. All
more.    Northern drums include MESKWAKI               women’s song, and more.
                                                       TC-04     (Out of Print.)                               singers of that discreet forum are now gone,
TRAVELERS, HIGH NOON, BLACK LODGE,                                                                             however, the host drums MOUNTAIN SOUL and
SMOKEY TOWN, MANDAREE, MESKWAKI                                                                                MANDAREE brought back that forum. They
NATION, BATTLE RIVER, and BAD NATION.                  - MNX 2006
                                                       12 original intertribal songs composed by members       brought back the respect to the dance arena in Fort
Southern drums include SOUTHERN BOYS,                                                                          Belknap. Drums include MANDAREE,
BEARHEART, COZAD, THUNDER HILL, and                    of Midnite Express.
                                                       TC-05      (Out of Print.)                              MOUNTAIN SOUL, DRY LAKE, CHIPPEWA-
ROSE HILL.                                                                                                     CREE, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, BIG BEAR,
RCR 1100       CD $22.98                                                                                       BUFFALO STONE, EAGLE CLAW and YOUNG
                                                        - REMEMBERING OUR BROTHERS
                                                       12 more pow wow songs recorded live at Hinckley         GREY HORSE. 14 songs include two grand entry,
                                                       Grand Celebration 2007. Songs include nine              nine traditional, two contemporary, and one side
MESQUAKIE BEAR SINGERS                                 straight songs.                                         step. (This really is from the 37th Annual Milk
See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.                                                                       River Indian Days, not the 27th as is printed on the
                                                       TC-06      CD $16.98
                                                                                                               CD jacket and actual CD.)
                                                        - BAND OF BROTHERS                                     SGFB 072403        CD $15.98
MGM SINGERS                                            Midnite Express have traveled to pow wows far
 - POW WOW SONGS                                       and wide throughout Indian Country. The out-
Seven intertribal songs plus grass dance, slide song   standing songs and powerful singing on this album       MINNESOTA POW WOW SONGS
and Eddie Mahseet Song. MGM Singers: Ted               incorporates the dedication and hard work the           See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
Napoleon (Lillooet/Cree), Forrest Funmaker             group members have put forth over the years.
(Winnebago/ Saulteaux), Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/       Their classic sound is evident in this recording and
Shoshone), Paul Pacheco Jr. and Pat Pacheco            is without a doubt one of their finest achievements.    MITATAHT ASKIY
(Dakota Sioux), Dana Goulet (Cree), Glenn Tait         14 songs including eight intertribals, two tradition-    - SWEET GRASS RECORDS 10 YEARS
(Ojibway) and Jim "Tuba" Todome (Comanche -            als, three contest, and one grass dance.                From a dream that began in the basement of the
Kiowa)                                                 BTDM-1002           CD $16.98                           family home, Sweet Grass Records is now
6244    Cassette $9.98                                                                                         celebrating 10 years of providing quality recordings
                                                        - SHARP SHOOTER
                                                                                                               of Native music.       Sweet Grass Records has
                                                       Midnite Express is proud to release their 10th
                                                                                                               recorded a cross-section of Native music from
MIDNITE EXPRESS                                        recording in honor of one of their elders and teach-
                                                                                                               many different tribal groups across North America
 - FROM DUSK TO DAWN                                   ers, Jerry Dearly, Sr. - Sutapi which means
                                                                                                               thus enabling future generations to embrace the
The lead singers from THE BOYZ, EYABAY,                “Sharpshooter” in Lakota. Originating in the Twin
                                                                                                               knowledge and history of First Nations people.
MYSTIC RIVER and MESKWAKI NATION join                  Cities in Minnesota, they have grown from local
                                                                                                               This double CD is only a sample of the vast talent
together in making this intertribal Northern Style     Great Lakes area favorites to one of the most
                                                                                                               among Native artists representing three styles -
recording. 12 songs including 5 intertribals, a        prominent drums on the circuit today. Their unique
                                                                                                               Northern Style (traditional and contemporary),
traditional, a contest, and an honor song.             rhythm and sound are captures on this recording.
                                                                                                               Southern Style and Round Dance. 17 songs on
RCR 9660         CD $17.98                             13 songs including eight intertribals, a traditional,
                                                                                                               each disc. Groups include MOUNTAIN SOUL,
                                                       an honor song, a contest song, a grass dance and
                                                                                                               BLACK LODGE, STONEY PARK, LITTLE
- 2002-LIVE FROM MINNESOTA                             Sharpshooter.
                                                                                                               ISLAND CREE, HIGH NOON, SOUTHERN
The second recording of MIDNITE EXPRESS.               BTDM-1005        CD $16.98
                                                                                                               CREE, WHITEFISH JRS, ELK’S WHISTLE,
Singers include Opie Day-Bedeau Sr, Jeremy
                                                        - CHASING THE SUN                                      EYABAY, THE BOYZ, ZOTIGH, RED BULL,
Dearly, McAllen Garvin, Crow Bellecourt, AJ
                                                       The Midnite Express singers are proud to release        PIPESTONE CREEK and many more.
Redman, Carlos Day, Jerry Dearly Jr, Chris
                                                       this album recorded live at the 2nd Annual Chasing      SGSG 103103        (Out of Print.)
Whipple, Pete Ybarra, Buffalo Campbell, Keith
Smith, Mike Sullivan, Everette Moore and Leon          the Sun pow wow in Glendale, Arizona, home of

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                          Pow Wow                                                                           13
MOCASSIN FLATS                                            Ajacheman, Shoshone and Navajo - they present            feature soaring vocals, and the steady rhythmic
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                          their debut album. Singers include Calvin Miller         pulse of the hand drum. On this recording, the
                                                          Jr., Norman Williams, Jahn Dawson, Sam Lopez,            NORTHERN CREE SINGERS of Alberta, host a
                                                          Colton Tohannie, Lewis Doctor, Theodore Waska-           round dance featuring some of Canada’s finest
MOCCASIN FLAT                                             hat, Herschel Martinez, Pearson Nunez, and Jack-         round dance singers. This “live” recording captures
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                          son Nunez. 15 songs include Put It On, Rez Ri-           all the sounds, humor, and lively signing of one of
                                                          daz, Ridin’ Dirty, and Strick 9.                         the largest round dances ever held in Canada.
                                                          RR 2006       (Out of Print)                             Featured Drum Groups joining NORTHERN
MOOSE MOUNTAIN NAKOTA                                                                                              CREE on this recording are BLACKSTONE,
SINGERS                                                                                                            LOGAN ALEXIS SINGERS, LITTLE ISLAND
See the Sioux Catalog.                                    NIGHTWALKERS                                             CREE, BIG RIVER CREE, FLY-IN EAGLE,
                                                          See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                GORDON McGILVERY, and EYA-HEY
                                                                                                                   NAKODA. 10 songs.
ART MOOSOMIN                                                                                                       6350 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                              NOON XS
                                                          See the Music of Canada Catalog.                          - VOLUME 2 - HONORING SINGERS AND
                                                                                                                   Take your place in the dance circle and experience
MOSQUITO SINGERS                                                                                                   a night of friendship and fun as NORTHERN
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                              NORTH BEAR
                                                          NOW YA KNOW                                              CREE and some of their best friends bring you the
                                                          The North Bear Singers started from humble               latest and greatest round dance songs. You’ll
                                                          beginnings about 2 years ago in 2004. From trav-         discover for yourself how Canadians keep warm
MOUNTAIN SOUL                                                                                                      during their long winter nights as they sing and
See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.            eling with four guys to one of the hottest young
                                                          groups with a solid 14 man crew North Bear has           dance to the infectious beat of the round dance.
                                                          tried to earn their place among pow wow’s elite          From the Louis Bull reserve in Alberta, this live
                                                          groups with their solid new contemporary straight-       recording captures all the excitement, sounds and
MUSIC FROM THE ALLIANCE WEST                                                                                       humor of one of the largest round dances held in
                                                          style. Although predominantly of Northern Chey-
SINGERS                                                   enne descent, North Bear also consists of the            North America. 10 songs with Arnold Pete,
 - SOUTHERN PLAINS TRIBES                                                                                          Norman Yellowbird, Eugene Cardinal, Melvin
                                                          Northern Arapahoe, Lakota, Dakota, Cree, Sho-
The ALLIANCE WEST singers are: Cornel                                                                              Stone, Gordon McGilvery, and Mountain Soul
                                                          Ban, Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara Nations. It is their
Pewewardy, lead singer, (Comanche/Kiowa); Vince                                                                    joining NORTHERN CREE.
                                                          goal to represent the original style of singing with a
Toya, lead singer, (Jemez Pueblo); Chuck Gibbon,                                                                   6364 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
                                                          contemporary flavor that leaves the dancers want-
lead singer; Joe Toya (Jemez Pueblo), Tommy
                                                          ing more. 11 songs including Extra Crispy, Caught
Spotted Bird (Kiowa); Mike Blackstar (Comanche);                                                                    - VOLUME 3 - HONORING SINGERS AND
                                                          Up, Beaver Creek Blues, and Da French Horn.
Kurt and Kevin Adakai (Navajo/Chippewa). Songs                                                                     SONGMAKERS
                                                          DHOP 2000        CD $16.98
include: Kiowa War Mother’s Flag Song, Buffalo                                                                     Take your place in the dance circle and experience
Dances, Memorial Song, round, gourd, war and               - LIVE AT LAME DEER                                     a night of friendship and fun as NORTHERN
War Journey (49) dances.                                  North Bear began as a small four man group in            CREE and some of their best friends bring you the
TMI-03      Cassette $2.00                                2004. Since then, the group has covered much             latest and greatest round dance songs. You’ll
                                                          ground across pow wow country and expanded its           discover how Canadian Native peoples keep warm
                                                          membership to 13 singers. North Bear is sure to          during their long winter nights as they sing and
MUSKOGEE SONGS                                            impress listeners with their creative, energetic         dance to the infectious beat of the round dance.
See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.            songs. They have a unique straight, contemporary         From Louis Bull Reserve in Alberta, this live re-
                                                          style of singing that gets the dancers moving.           cording (March 29, 2003) captures all the excite-
                                                          Recorded live at Lame Deer, Montana’s 2007 4th           ment, sounds and humor of one of the largest round
MYSTIC RIVER SINGERS                                      of July celebration pow wow. 14 songs including          dances in North America. Ten songs with Eugene
See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.            Take The Bait, Paw Print, Set The Hook, Claw             Cardinal, Arnold Pete, Irvin Waskewitch, Gordon
                                                          Marks, and Double Beat.                                  McGilvery, and more.
                                                          RZ 2280 CD $15.98                                        6367     CD $15.98
See the Sioux Catalog.                                     - TH E PEOPLES CHAMP                                     - SLIDE AND SWAY
                                                          Recorded live at Fort Hall, North Bear presents 14       For the Native peoples of northern Saskatchewan
                                                          songs including Fancy Contest Song, Side Step,           and Alberta, winter is round dance time. People
                                                          Double Beat, Bucking Awesome, Bring Up the               gather from near and far to attend these traditional
                                                          Dust, and It’s A North Bear Thang.                       social dances that last through the night. Filled
HONORING POW WOW                                          RZ 3009 CD $15.98                                        with humor and good feelings, the songs that ac-
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                                                                          company the dance feature vocals soaring to the
                                                                                                                   rhythmic pulse of the hand drum. On this ‘live’
                                                          NORTH BUFFALO                                            recording the Northern Cree Singers host one of the
NATIVE THUNDER                                            See the Cree Nation Catalog.                             largest round dances held. The sounds of Canada’s
See the Sioux Catalog.                                                                                             finest round dance singers will make your feet slide
                                                                                                                   and your hips sway the night away. Also on the
                                                          NORTH BUFFALO CREE JRS                                   recording are Whitefish Jrs., Big River Cree, Ken
NEHIYEWPWAT SINGERS                                       See the Cree Nation Catalog.                             Pooyak, Bear Creek, Blackstone, Jack Bull and
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                                   Gordon McGilvery. 10 songs.
                                                                                                                   6400 CD $15.98
                                                          NORTHERN CREE SINGERS
NIGHT HAWK                                                See the Cree Nation Catalog.                              - LONG WINTER NIGHTS
See the Northern Plains Catalog.                                                                                   Volume 5 from Northern Cree & Friends contains
                                                                                                                   round dance songs recorded live April 2, 2005 at
                                                          NORTHERN CREE & FRIENDS                                  Louis Bull Reserve, Alberta, Canada. For the
NIGHT TRAIN                                                - ROUND DANCE SONGS RECORDED LIVE                       Native peoples of northern Saskatchewan and
 - LIVIN’ STRAIGHT                                        From the Cree peoples of northern Saskatchewan           Alberta, the cold months are round dance times.
The Night Train Singers started from an idea of           and Alberta, the cold months of winter are round         People gather from near and far to attend these
gathering friends to lift the hearts and spirits of the   dance times. People from near and far gather for         traditional social dances that last through the night.
people in the circle. Comprised of members from           these traditional social dances held indoors that last   Filled with humor and good feelings, the songs that
all over Turtle Island - Lakota, Cree, Apache,            through the night. Filled with humor and good            accompany the dance feature soaring vocals, and
                                                          feelings, the songs that accompany the dance             the steady rhythmic pulse of the hand drum. On

                                                                                                                   Prices subject to change without notice.
       14                                                              Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
this “Live” recording the Northern Cree Singers of     Big River Cree.                                         PARROT TAIL SINGERS
Alberta, one of the most respected pow wow drum        TIM 10113 CD $17.98                                      - PARROT TAIL SINGERS
groups in the U.S. and Canada, host one of the                                                                 The Parrot Tail Singers are Alvin Polehla, Delano
largest round dances in North America. Listen as                                                               Kinale, Wyatt Yazzie, Rick Fritz, Ambrose Sin-
the songs of Canada’s finest round dance singers       OMAHA WHITE TAIL                                        quah, Paul Huma, Tracis Silas, and Randy Loma-
warm the heart during those Long Winter Nights!        See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.               yaktewa Jr. They present 13 pow wow songs sung
Musicians include Northern Cree, Whitefish Jrs.,                                                               in the Hopi language. Songs include two Grand
Big River Cree, Bear Creek, Ken Pooyak, Jack                                                                   Entry, four intertribal, two men’s traditional, a
Bull, Perfect Storm and Arnold Pete. 10 songs.         OMAK POW WOW 1980 -                                     woman’s traditional, two side step, a men’s fancy,
6401      CD $15.98                                    (WASHINGTON)                                            and a girls fancy.
                                                        - 6 DRUMS FROM THE NORTHWEST                           MS 0309 CD $16.98
                                                       Six drums recorded live at the 1980 Omak Pow
For the Native peoples of northern Saskatchewan
                                                       Wow in Washington. Most of the songs are
and Alberta, the cold months of winter is Round
                                                       traditional and intertribals and include a fine         PASS CREEK SINGERS
Dance time. With soaring vocals set to the steady
                                                       performance of a Stick Game Song by the                 See the Sioux Catalog.
beat of the hand drum, these songs reflect themes of
                                                       SPOKANE BAD CANYON WELLPINT
love, heartbreak, and the amusing side of relation-
                                                       SINGERS. Other drums include TREATY OF
ships. Recorded live, the Northern Cree Singers,
                                                       1855 (Yakima/Wasco); EAGLE STAR (Yakima);               PAWNEE MUSIC
one of the most respected pow wow groups in
                                                       FRASER VALLEY-SPOTTED LAKE                              See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
North America, host one of the largest Round
                                                       INTERTRIBAL SINGERS (British Columbia);
Dances in North America. Featuring Blackstone,
                                                       NESPELEM VALLEY DRUMMERS (Colville);
Sidrick Baker, Warscout, Young Spirit, Whitefish
                                                       and the NEZ PERCE NATION SINGERS (Idaho).               PAWNEE YELLOW HORSE
Jr’s., Jack Bull, Wild Horse, and Arnold Pete;
                                                       An excellent sampling of the singing and                See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
Northern Cree deliver the 6th foot-skootin’ install-
                                                       drumming from the Northwest U.S. and Western
ment in their acclaimed Round Dance series.
6413      CD $15.98
                                                       6175 Cassette $9.98
                                                                                                               PERFECT STORM
 - DANCIN’ ‘TIL SUNRISE                                                                                        See the Cree Nation Catalog.
Volume 7 - recorded live April 8, 2006, at one of
the largest Round Dances in North America hosted
by the Northern Cree Singers of Alberta. They          OMANISA WACIPI
                                                        - THE NORTH PLATTE TRAVELER POW                        PIGEON LAKE SINGERS
are one of the most respected Pow Wow drum
                                                       WOW 2003                                                See the Cree Nation Catalog.
groups in the U.S. and Canada. Also presented are
Red Bull, Jerry Dreaver, Wild Horse, Jack Bull,        Experience the North Platte Traveler Pow Wow
Young Spirit, Eya-Hey Nakoda, Gabe Gaudet, and         first hand with this powerful recording. 17 songs
Gordon McGilvery. Ten songs.                           including three grand entry, a flag song, a foot        PIPESTONE
6414     CD $15.98                                     slide, two contest songs, six intertribals, two men’s   See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.
                                                       traditional, a traditional and a closing song per-
                                                       formed by MESKWAKI NATION, SOUTHERN
NORTHERN PLAINS SOCIETY                                OUTLAWS, LAKOTA TRIBE, OHMAHA                           PIPESTONE CREEK SINGERS
                                                       STANDING EAGLE, CRAZY HORSE, EAGLE                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                       MOUNTAIN, MAZA KUTE, and CRAZY
                                                       HORSE WOMENS.
Contains pow wow type songs, honor songs, love
songs. This drum has appeared throughout the
                                                       WW 0402         CD $17.98                               PLAINS INDIAN SINGERS OF
Northern Plains states, Canada and in Europe.                                                                  CANADA
Sonny Mosquito (Blood/Cree), Glen Eagle Speaker                                                                See the Music of Canada Catalog.
(Blackfeet/Blood), Frank Mosquito (Canadian
Cree), Dwynne Eagle Speaker (Blackfeet/Blood),
                                                       ONION LAKE
                                                        - POW WOW 1992                                         PONCA MUSIC
Darrell Norman (Blackfeet), Steve Gunnyon
                                                       Recorded live at the Annual Onion Lake Pow              See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                       Wow, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan, July 23-26,
6122    Cassette $9.98
                                                       1992. Featuring: PIGEON LAKE SINGERS,
                                                       BLACKFOOT CROSSING and BLACKLODGE.
                                                                                                               PONEMAH CHIPPEWA SINGERS
                                                       Songs include: Grand Entry, Flag Songs,
NORTHERN WIND                                                                                                  See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
                                                       intertribals and contest songs.
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                                                                       Catalog.
                                                       SSCT 4149         (Out of Print)

O-HO-MAH LODGE SINGERS                                                                                         POOR BOYS
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.              OTOE WARRIOR DANCE SONGS                                See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                       See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.

See the Music of Canada Catalog.                       OTTER TRAIL                                             POPLAR JUNIORS
                                                       See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.               See the Sioux Catalog.

- LIVE AT RED EARTH                                    OZARK SINGERS                                           PORCUPINE SINGERS
This collection of 16 intertribal songs features       See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.               See the Sioux Catalog.
Blackbird, Sizzortail, Headstone, MGM, Mesk-
waki Nation, Red Moon, Southern Crew, Poor
Boys, and Whitetail.                                   PAINTED HORSE                                           POW WOW 2000
AR 1332      CD $17.98                                 See the Music of Canada Catalog.                         For the first time - 20 North American drum
                                                                                                               groups all compiled into one dynamic package.
                                                                                                               Pow wow songs performed by North Americas
OLD STYLE ROUND DANCE SONGS                            PARKER SINGERS                                          premier Native American traditional drum groups
A collection of 16 Round Dance songs from Pipe-        See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.          including       EYABAY,        CHI-GEEZIS,
stone Creek, Sweetgrass Singers, Little Island                                                                 SMOKEYTOWN, WHITEFISH BAY, RED
Cree, Copper Creek, Red Bull, Art Moosomin, and                                                                BULL, BLACK LODGE, LITTLE OTTER and

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                     Pow Wow                                                                       15
many more. This is a must have for any true pow      POW WOW SOUTHERN STYLE                               of ELK’S WHISTLE. Other members include
wow enthusiast.                                      See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.            Craig Stone, Ernest Big Medicine, Johnny Thorpe,
SSCT 4394      CD $15.98                                                                                  Anna Nazarian-Peters, Norman Williams, Ryan
                                                                                                          Ramos, Matt Moreno, Delban Leslie and Les
                                                     POW WOW TIME                                         Peters. This is a totally intertribal drum group.
POW WOW CELEBRATION                                  Another of the newly compiled Native American        They perform 15 round dance songs that will
This collection from the Native American Series      Series. This CD includes 15 selections - 15 drums.   consume the listener with the power of RED
presents another 15 songs from 15 drum groups.       Titles include Give Me Indian Girls (Logan           HOUSE’S intensity.
Songs include Blizzard Woman (Maza Duta),            Alexis), Chubby Chicken (Walking Wolf), Thugs N      AR 1150 CD $17.98
Heartbreaker (Walking Wolf), Spring Time in the      Harmony (Eyabay), Crow Hop (Whitefish Bay),
Rockies (Moose Mountain), Jing-A-Ling (Wolf          and Grass Dance Song (Echo Sky). All tiltes           - BETWEEN TWO WORLDS
Trail), and Birthday Song (Eyabay). All songs        previously released.                                 RED HOUSE has returned with their second full
previously released.                                 SSCT 4502 CD $15.98                                  length album! This CD is a full 74 minutes of RED
SSCT 4497 CD $15.98                                                                                       HOUSE’s California flavored Drum style!
                                                                                                          Comprised of singers from 11 different tribes, RED
                                                     POW WOW VIBES                                        HOUSE produces some of the most unique sounds
POW WOW DRUM GROUP LEGENDS                           See the Music of Canada Catalog.                     available in Pow Wow music today. 25 songs
The Drum is the heartbeat of the Earth. The power                                                         including jingle dress songs, crow hop songs,
of the spirit makes our songs. The spirits empower                                                        Men’s traditional songs, and much more.
the singers and drummers to make music.                                                                   AR 1195 CD $17.98
                                                     RAINING THUNDER
Throughout the years there have been many Drum        - YOU ALREADY KNOW
Groups that have become legends in their own         Recorded live at the 2007 Mother’s Day Celebra-
right. This compilation features four drums that     tion hosted by the Little Earth Community, Min-
                                                                                                          RED LAKE NATION CELEBRATION OF
have been on the Pow Wow circuit for many years.     neapolis, Minnesota. 16 songs including six inter-   SOVEREIGNTY
Countless miles have been traveled to Pow Wow’s,     tribals, six contest, one grand entry, one jingle    Featuring EYABAY, ROSE HILL, BATTLE
winning many contests and being Host Drums have      dress, one round dance, and one crow hop.            RIVER, DAKOTA NATION, MESKWAKI
been a way of life for all these groups. We now      DHOP 2300        CD $16.98                           NATION. Songs include: Indian Nations, straight
present these four POW WOW LEGENDS,                                                                       dances, intertribals, and men’s fancy dance.
BLACK LODGE SINGERS, EYABAY, RED                                                                          TIM 10003 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98
BULL, and WHITEFISH BAY.                             RATTLING THUNDER
SSCT 4413       CD $15.98                            - RATTLING THUNDER
                                                     SWR 1212 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                    RED LAKE NATION
                                                                                                           - POW WOW
POW WOW FESTIVAL                                     - ARE YOU READY TO POW WOW                           16 songs recorded on Independence Day 2007 by
The Native American Series presents another col-     SWR 2121 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                    Black Bear Crossing, Bear Creek, P-Town Boyz,
lection of 15 songs by 15 drums. Included are                                                             Maquqm Bay Singers, Red Lake Singers, North-
Victory Song (Echo Sky), End of the Dance (Moose                                                          ern Ojibway Singers, Hoka Hey, and Red Medi-
Mountain), Flag Retreat Song (Red Wind), Twist-      RED BULL JRS                                         cine. Songs include a grand entry, five intertribals,
ing (Wolf Trail), and Mustang Sally (Maza Duta).     See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         two boy’s fancy, two girl’s fancy, a women’s tradi-
All songs previously released.                                                                            tional, two boy’s traditional, two grass dance and a
SSCT 4498 CD $15.98                                                                                       chicken dance.
                                                     RED BULL SINGERS                                     AR 1293 CD $17.98
                                                     See the Cree Nation Catalog.
18 songs - 18 pow wow drums. One of the newly                                                             RED LEAF SINGERS
compiled Native American Series collections.         RED CLOUD SINGERS                                    See the Sioux Catalog.
Titles include The Rump Shaker (Eyabay), Grass       See the Sioux Catalog.
Dance (Whitefish Bay Jrs.), Wedding Song (Red
Bull), Jingle Dress (Dead Horse Creek), Fancy                                                             RED LEAF TAKOJA
Dance (Northern Wind), and Take My Breath Away                                                            See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                     RED DOG
(Chi-Geezis Singers). All titles previously re-      See the Cree Nation Catalog.
SSCT4563       CD $15.98                                                                                  RED PHEASANT
                                                                                                           - LIVE
                                                     RED EAGLE WING                                       Red Pheasant Live features 19 songs from the
                                                     - POW WOW SONGS: Singers from Shiprock
POW WOW SONGS                                                                                             following drum groups: Wild Horse, Fly-In-Eagle,
                                                     New Mexico
- MUSIC OF THE PLAINS INDIANS                                                                             Copper Creek, Napi Singers, Walking Spirit,
                                                     TMI-01 Cassette (Out of Print)
This album offers examples of ceremonial and                                                              Rough Riders, The Cree, Mosquito and Red Pheas-
social music of Indians of the Great Plains.                                                              ant.
Although the styles of singing and drumming vary                                                          RP 60013 CD $17.98
                                                     RED EARTH SINGERS
greatly in different regions and among tribes, the   See the Northern Plains Catalog.
forms of the music are similar, enabling musicians
from many tribes to perform together. Most of the                                                         RED PHEASANT …
music here is intertribal singing of what are now                                                          - HONOURS ALLEN SAPP
                                                     RED ELK                                              A collection of 21 round dance songs recorded live
the Southern Plains Indians, primarily from          - ON THE TRAIL AGAIN
Oklahoma; a portion of side two includes music of                                                         featuring Jeff Moosomin, Cedric Baker, Quinton
                                                     SOAR 189   CD $18.98                                 Magwa Tootoosis, Mitchell Baker, Allen Sapp.
the Northern Plains Indians. Songs include slow
dance songs, contest songs for straight and fancy                                                         Brad Crain, Nathan Rikishi Pelly, Dallas Waska-
dancers, grass dances, war and slow war dances                                                            hat, Eugene Cardinal, Jack Bull, Eddie Cardinal,
songs, round dance and Sioux Flag Song. Various
                                                     RED HAWK SINGERS                                     and Dana Gaulet.
                                                     See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.       DNA 60072 CD $17.98
singers. Liner notes on songs.
NW 343 Cassette $2.00 CD $18.98
                                                     RED HOUSE                                            RED SCAFFOLD
                                                     - ROUND DANCIN’ BACK TO CALI...                      See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                     RED HOUSE is an adrenaline filled Intertribal
ROCKY BOY                                            drum group founded by Robert Schuyler, formerly
See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.

                                                                                                          Prices subject to change without notice.
       16                                                             Pow Wow                                                      Drumbeat
RED SHADOW SINGERS                                    RIVER CREE                                              Dean Stiffarm.     Songs include: Be Strong,
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            Everyone Dance, Stomp to the Beat, Old Style and
                                                                                                              12 more.
                                                                                                              SOAR 163 CD $18.98
RED SONS SINGERS                                      ROCK CREEK SINGERS
See the Northern       Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway        See the Sioux Catalog.
Catalog.                                                                                                      S.I.C.C. POW WOW
                                                                                                              See the Music of Canada Catalog.
                                                      ROCK HILL
RED SPIRIT SINGERS                                    See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.
See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.                                                               S.I.F.C. POW WOW
                                                                                                              See the Music of Canada Catalog.
                                                      ROCKY BOY SINGERS
                                                      See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.
RED TAIL                                                                                                      SACRED STAR SINGERS
See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.
                                                                                                               - HOPI POW WOW SONGS
                                                      ROCKY PARK SINGERS                                      A collection of beautiful songs from the Hopi land
RED WIND SINGERS                                      ROCKY PARK SINGERS are from Leupp,                      of Second Mesa, Arizona. Singers include Darwin
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                                                                      Lomayaktewa, Bertram Tsavadawa, Alaric Pole-
                                                      Arizona, on the Navajo Reservation. They have
                                                      been singing together as friends and family for 15      quaptewa, Harold Lomayaktewa, Everett Adams
                                                      years. They hope that everyone enjoys their debut       Sid Sahneyah and Wallace Hyeoma. Eleven songs
REDSTONE                                              recording of 13 songs and also will get good            including a grand entry, three intertribal songs, an
- SOUTHERN STYLE POW WOW                              blessings from the songs they share. The singers        honor song, and more.
SWR 1128 Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                     include Alan Tsaipi, Sil Nelson, Mike Walker,           IR 500A      CD $17.98
                                                      Keno Kelly, Ron Franklin, Erin Dickson, Carlos
                                                      Paddock, Del Paddock, Ernie Tsosie, Jay Long,
RELENTLESS WARRIORS FANCY                             Bryan Kelly, Bo Morgan, Tim Kellt, Arron Smith,         SANTA FE POW WOW 1992
DANCE CONTEST                                         Lorenzo McCabe, Marvin Foster and Darrell                - VOL. 1
 - GATHERING OF NATIONS POW WOW,                      Jensen.                                                 Recorded live at Pojoaque Pueblo, New Mexico,
1996                                                  CRM 111800       Cassette $4.00 CD $16.98               Memorial Day, 1992.       Two songs each by
The Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is the largest                                                               HEARTBEAT, BLACK EAGLE, RED EARTH,
Pow Wow In North America. The RELENTLESS                                                                      SOUTHWESTERN INTERTRIBAL and one each
WARRIORS FANCY DANCE CONTEST                          ROSE HILL                                               by BADLAND SINGERS and SCREAMING
consisted of 61 dancers, 14 judges and 17 contest     See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.               EAGLES. Songs include intertribals, grass dance,
songs. The purpose for the contest: to revive                                                                 Desert Storm Song and Friends Dancing in a Good
interest in the men’s fancy styles of dancing. Drum                                                           Way.
groups: CATHEDRAL LAKE SINGERS,                       ROUND DANCE SONGS                                       PW 1003 (Out of Print)
ASSINIBOINE, JR., THE BOYZ, COZAD,                     - VOLUME 2
SOUTHERN             CREE,       GRAYHORSE,           A popular dance for non-Indians during an
HAYSTACK, PIPESTONE CREEK, RIO                        intertribal song is the Round Dance. It is an easy      SARCEE BROKEN KNIFE SINGERS
GRANDE SINGERS, ZOTIGH. Liner notes give              dance to follow as everyone joins hands inside the      See the Music of Canada Catalog.
details of contest winners.                           dance area forming a big circle moving clockwise.
SOAR 188         (Out of Print)                       If there are many people participating, another
                                                      circle is formed inside the first which then moves in   SASK NORTHERN DRUM
                                                      the opposite direction. The Round Dance creates a       See the Music of Canada Catalog.
RELENTLESS WARRIOR II                                 simple and fun activity that brings both cultures
 - MEN’S FANCY DANCE/CONTEST SONGS                    together for positive interaction. Because the
Recorded live at the 2001 Gathering of Nations        Round Dance continues to be the most entertaining       SASK NORTHERN DRUMMERS
Pow Wow, Albuquerque, NM.             This is a       dance style to the masses, ROUND DANCE                  See the Music of Canada Catalog.
compilation of a variety of Northern and Southern     SONGS - Volume 2 is sure to be a popular
style songs.    Northern style includes BEAR          recording. 14 songs performed by EYABAY,
THE BUCKS and YOUNG EAGLE. Southern                   SOUTHERN BOYS, NORTHERN WIND,                           See the Music of Canada Catalog.
style includes YELLOW I, SOUTHERN                     YOUNG SPIRIT, EAGLE TAIL, SPIRIT SANDS,
MEDICINE and SOUTHERN BOYS.                           DAKOTA TRAVELS, and RED TAIL.
GON 105      (Out of Print.)                          AR 1179       CD $17.98                                 ALGIN SCABBY ROBE
                                                                                                              See the Blackfeet Catalog.

RIO GRANDE SINGERS                                    ROUND DANCE SONGS
 - TURQUOISE DANCER; POW WOW                          - 49’ER                                                 SCHEMITZUN 2000
SONGS FROM THE PUEBLOS OF NEW                         11 songs from Sweetgrass Singers, Edmund Bull,           - HAND DRUM SONGS
MEXICO                                                Red Bull, Quentin Thomas, Northern Cree, Star           At the 2000 hand drum competition at Schemitzun
A beautiful perfomance of pow wow songs from          Blanket Jrs, and Big River Cree.                        World Championship Song & Dance, there were
the pueblos of New Mexico. The RIO GRAND              TIM 10114 CD $17.98                                     many spectacular groups competing. At the end of
SINGERS are Tony Tortalita, Spiritual Leader                                                                  it all, the top honors went to BLACK LODGE,
(Santo Domingo Pueblo); Faron Tortalita, lead                                                                 from Whiteswan, Washington. This recording
singer (Acoma Pueblo); Floyd and Lloyd Tortalita      RUNNING CHILD SINGERS                                   features two songs from each of the top five hand
(Acoma Pueblo); Myron Tortalita (Santo Domingo/        - STRUT YOUR STUFF                                     drum groups at the 2000 celebration, as well as a
Acoma Pueblo); Darrell L. Felipe (Acoma Pueblo);      An uplifting assortment of old style grass dance        selection of other groups who we also see as
Mike “Dread” Garcia (Santa Ana Pueblo); Emmet         singing from big sky country. The RUNNING               champions for putting forward their best efforts at
“Schkem” Garcia (Santa Ana Pueblo); Irvin             CHILD SINGERS, of Fort Belknap Agency,                  the competition. The top five winners of the
“Auddie” Pino (Santa Ana Pueblo); J.E. Lujan Jr.      Harlem, Montana, are mostly from the Grosventre         Schemitzun 2000 Hand Drum Championship are
(Sandia Pueblo); Issac Lujan (Sandia Pueblo); C.      and Assiniboine tribes with Chippewa Cree as well.      BLACK LODGE, NORTHERN CREE, HIGH
“Sunrise” Trujillo (Sandia Pueblo). Songs include:    Singers include: Bob Ironmaker Sr., drum keeper;        NOON, BATTLE RIVER and RED BULL. Other
Turquoise Dancer, Dancing Pueblo Style, A Touch       Bob Ironmaker Jr. - head singer; Ronny Doney Jr. -      groups on this recording are EYABAY, THE
of Class, Tribal Unity, Dance the Night Away, and     lead singer; Ron “Super” Doney - lead singer; Mike      BOYZ, EYA-HEY NAKOTA, EAGLE CLAW
eight more.                                           Talksdifferent, Greg Rider, Todd Redbear and            and WALKING BULL. 15 songs.
SOAR 168       Cassette $4.00 CD $18.98                                                                       SGRD 091500 (Out of Print.)

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                       Pow Wow                                                                          17
SCHEMITZUN POW WOW - WORLD                              SILVERCLOUD SINGERS                                     - STRAIT AWAY
CHAMPIONSHIP 2000                                        - SOUTHERN STYLE                                      The Snake Island Singers are an original style
- SOUTHERN STYLE                                        The SILVERCLOUD SINGERS is an Intertribal              group out of several Southern Ontario reservations:
Southern Style drums include BAD MEDICINE,              Drum Group based out of New York City.                 Sarnia, Rama, Cape Croker, Walpole Island and
SOUTHERN BOYZ, SILVERCLOUD and                          Recorded at the 3rd Annual Cherokee Indian             Oneida. The group consists mainly of Ojibway and
PAWNEE YELLOW HORSE. Eight songs.                       Festival, Temple University, Ambler, PA., 1996.        Oneida nations with a good mixture of young and
TIM 10037     Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                  Singers: Kevin Tarrant (Hopi/Winnebago), Randy         old singers. Recorded live at the Toronto Skydome
                                                        Whitehead (Blackfoot/Flathead/Lumsee), Lance           Pow Wow 2004. Snake Island placed in the top
- NORTHERN STYLE                                        Richmond (Mohawk), Ben Haile (Shinnecock),             three.12 songs including three intertribals, a victory
Ten Northern Style Pow Wow songs by RED                 Alan Walsh (Cree), Tim Ramsey (Cheyenne/               song, two women’s traditionals, a fancy, and more.
BULL, BATTLE RIVER, HIGH NOON, STAR                     Arapahoe) and Louis Mofsie (Hopi/Winnebago).           AR 1239 CD $17.98
BLANKET JRS and EYA-HEY NAKODA.                         Songs include: Flag Song, intertribals, round dance,
TIM 10038    Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                   two-step, Veteran song and more.
                                                        SSCT 4308       (Out of Print)                         SNEAK-UPS, SHAKES & SOME
- ROUND DANCE SINGING                                                                                          RUFFLES
Featuring 12 Round Dance songs by BLACK                                                                         - VOLUME 1
LODGE SINGERS, NORTHERN CREE, HIGH                      MOONTEE SINQUAH                                        This collection has 12 songs performed by Eyabay,
NOON, RED BULL, BATTLE RIVER and EYABAY.                - SUPPORT OUR TROOPS...PAST AND PRE-                   Blackstone, Red Bull, Ta-Otha Spirit, Star Blanket
TIM 10039    CD $17.98                                  SENT                                                   Jrs., The Boyz, Sweetgrass Singers, Elk Whistle,
                                                        15 songs honoring our troops. Songs include            Pipestone Creek, Northern Wind and Rose Hill.
                                                        Brothers and Sisters Welcome Home, Hoop Dance          All songs previously released on other recordings.
SECOND ANNUAL CLIFFORD                                  Song, Ute Memorial Song, Hadatsa Flag Song, and        VA 60001 CD $17.98
LOMAHAFTEWA MEMORIAL HAND                               Thank You and Welcome Home.
                                                        MS 2615      CD $16.98
Recorded live at Pueblo Grande Museum Indian                                                                   SONGS FROM THE BATTLEFORD
Market 2003 in Phoenix, Arizona. 15 songs per-           - FROM THE HEART OF NATIVE AMER-                      POW WOW
formed by Jay Begaye, Bo Koinva, Nathan Warren,         ICA                                                     - Featuring Scalplock, Greene & Kennedy
Milton Adekai, Tiinesha Begaye and more.                15 round dance songs sung in English. Songs            This album brings together three top singers and
PGM 2004      CD $15.98                                 include The Girl From Borrego Pass, Most Beauti-       song makers in pow wow country. Alex Scalplock,
                                                        ful, Happy Birthday, and Love Makes the World Go       Pat Kennedy and Francis Greene. Ten war dance
                                                        Around.                                                songs and two owl dance songs. Recorded live at
SEEKASKOOTCH                                            MS 0317 CD $16.98                                      Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada.
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                               6142 Cassette $9.98

                                                        SIOUX NATION
SEMINOLE SONGS                                          See the Sioux Catalog.                                 SONGS OF THE BLACKFEET
See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.                                                                 See the Blackfeet Catalog.

                                                        SIOUX/ASSINIBOINE SINGERS
SEVEN CLANS 2ND ANNUAL                                  See the Sioux Catalog.                                 SONGS OF THE CREE NATION
POW WOW                                                                                                        See the Cree Nation Catalog.
19 songs including intertribals, men’s fancy,
women’s jingle, chicken dance and more presented        SIX NATIONS WOMEN SINGERS
by Mandaree, Battle River, Blackstone, Rivers           See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.         SONGS OF THE YAKIMA
Edge, Red Wind, Eagle Branch, Little Wind,
Yakupta, The Rock, Red Lake, and High Noon.                                                                    ENCAMPMENT
AR 27828     CD $17.98                                                                                         See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.
                                                        See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
SHADOW PREY SINGERS                                                                                            THE SOUND OF CHAMPIONS
 - SHADOW PREY                                                                                                 Recorded live at Onion Lake Pow Wow. Featured
The SHADOW PREY SINGERS are from the town
                                                        SMALL BOY SINGERS                                      Drums: STONEY PARK, HIGH NOON, RED
                                                        See the Cree Nation Catalog.                           BULL, and FLY-IN EAGLE. Songs include
of Jeddito in the the heart of Indian Country in
northeastern Arizona. A relatively new group at                                                                Grand Entry, intertribals, and contest.
the time of this release, the SHADOW PREY                                                                      SGOL 072394 Cassette $2.00
SINGERS have hosted several local contests and          SMOKEY TOWN SINGERS
benefit pow wows. The group composes all their          See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.
own songs which advocate positive and harmonious                                                               SOUTHERN BOYZ
living with special emphasis on leading a healthy                                                              See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
life. Singers: Larry Dashne Jr., lead singer;           SMOKEY VALLEY SINGERS
Thomas E. Yazzie, lead singer; Nelson, Harris,          See the Music of Canada Catalog.
Emmerson, Luther, and Jason Yazzie; Chris                                                                      SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INDIAN
Nelson, Daniel, Quincy and Jefferson Begay; Billy                                                              CENTER POW WOW
Badonie Jr.; Ricky Clinton and Harold Archie.           SNAKE ISLAND SINGERS                                    - 34TH ANNUAL
Songs include: Grand Entry, tiny tot, intertribals,      - OUT OF THE BLUE                                     Featuring BLACK EAGLE, COZAD and RED
jingle dress, grass, men’s and boys’ traditional, and   SNAKE ISLAND SINGERS are a mix of young                HOUSE. 18 songs recorded live - grand enty, flag/
contest dance songs.                                    and old singers - some fathers singing with their      veteran’s song, 3 intertribals, 2 round dance, honor
SGSH 112595         (Out of Print)                      sons. They are from a variety of reserves within       song, men’s grass dance, women’s traditional, 3
                                                        the province of Ontario.       Members include         contest songs, traditional horse stealing song,
                                                        Meegwans Snake, John Snake, Mark Lavallee,             southern buckskin, women’s fancy, and retreat
SHAKE THE FEATHERS                                      Matthew Lavallee, Tyler Lavallee, Aaron Lavallee,      plus 2 bonus gourd dance tracks.
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                        Jody Shilling, Dwayne Sharpe, Bill McRoberts,          SOAR 216 CD $18.98
                                                        John Brown, Jay Walker, Animikeence Plain, Allan
                                                        Manitowabi, Dwayne Manitowabi and Pat
SIKSIKA RAMBLERS                                        Redmond. 13 songs.                                     SOUTHERN CREE SINGERS
See the Blackfeet Catalog.                              RR 1115     Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                   See the Northern Plains-Chippewa/Cree Catalog.

                                                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice.
       18                                                          Pow Wow                                                      Drumbeat
SOUTHERN THUNDER                                   STAR BLANKET JRS                                         - LOVE IS DETERMINATION
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.          See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            Since 1933, Stoney Creek has been blessed to
                                                                                                           represent the Native People of North Carolina and
                                                                                                           the East Coast through their music. In their elev-
SPEAR POINT                                        STARR SOCIETY                                           enth recording they present 16 songs including
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                       See the Blackfeet Catalog.                              Them Carolina Boys, Brother Warrior, Tribal
                                                                                                           Territory, and Smooth One.
                                                                                                           DHOP 4000 CD $16.98
SPIRIT OF A NATION                                 STILL THE EAGLE FLIES
 - WORLD’S BEST ROUND DANCE SONGS                  What a great collection! Thirty five pow wow
                                                                                                           STONEY EAGLE SINGERS
A collection of 14 round dance songs by some of    songs featuring drum groups and singers: FLY-IN-
                                                                                                           See the Cree Nation Catalog.
today's best. Artists include ART MOOSOMIN &       EAGLE SINGERS, Cheryl Ogram, YOUNG
NORTHERN CREE, WILD HORSE, LITTLE                  ELKS WHISTLE, WHITEFISH JRS., EYABAY                    See the Sioux Catalog.
anyone who loves the round dance.                  DRUMMERS.
                                                                                                           STONEY POW WOW SONGS
TIM 10076      CD $17.98                           SASK 95 CD $19.98
                                                                                                           See the Sioux Catalog.

                                                   STONEY CREEK
                                                   - FOR THE LOVE                                          STR8 ACROSS
                                                   Recorded live at the 1998 Schemitzun World               - FIRST TIME THRU
                                                   Championship Pow Wow. 12 songs including                Str8 Across, originally formed in 2002, are an
A compilation of 12 songs from RED BULL,
                                                   Stoney Creek is Here, Smile A While, Inter Da           original style pow wow singing group from the
                                                   Creek, and Show Your Heart.                             Great Lakes region. During the winter of 2004 they
                                                   SGSC 91998      Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                reformed in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Today the
                                                                                                           drum has grown to include singers from many
                                                                                                           different tribes: Menominee, Oneida, Ojibwe,
TIM 10080 CD $17.98
                                                    - TALKING EAGLE                                        Sioux, Potawatomi, Comanche, Mandan/Arickara/
                                                   16 more pow wow songs by STONEY CREEK                   Hidatsa, Cree, Navajo and Luiseno. 15 songs
                                                   representing the Haliwa-Saponi, Lumbee, Cohane,         including five contest, four grass dance, two inter-
SPIRIT MOUNTAIN SINGERS                            and Waccamaw-Siouan tribes of North Carolina.           tribals, a round dance, a sneak-up, a combat veter-
See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway   They have been singing and touring together since       ans, and one traditional flute songs as the final
Catalog.                                           1993.      Songs include Southern Hospitality,          track.
                                                   Grasslands, White Dove, and Skillz.                     STR8-0001 CD $16.98
                                                   AR 1197 CD $17.98
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.            - SACRIFICE
                                                   To be a member of Stoney Creek, or any drum             SULLIVAN & DAY
                                                   group, requires dedication, heart, teamwork, under-      - LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES
SPIRIT WHISTLE                                     standing, and most of all sacrifice. Recorded live at   With wit finely honed on the pow wow trail, Mike
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                       the Great American Indian Exposition, Richmond,         Sullivan, Sr. and Opie Day-Bedeau perform Round
                                                   Virginia on November 12-14, 2004. 15 songs              Dance songs that relish love found and lament love
                                                   including Rainy Dayz, Bounce A Little, Pretty           lost. Sung in Ojibwe and English to the beat of the
SPIRIT WIND SINGERS                                Girls, and Pipe Carrier.                                hand drum, these expressive songs relate tales of
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                   SCS 2004 CD $15.98                                      the rocky journey to find true love. 15 songs in-
                                                                                                           clude Boozhoo, The Phat Dood Anthem, Rockin’
                                                    - HISTEKI MANI                                         the Meat Locker, My Wifey, and Nimishoomisiban.
SPIRIT OF THE WOLF                                 15 more songs from Stoney Creek. Songs include          6455     CD $15.98
TIM 10018     Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98             six intertribals, four straight, two women’s fancy, a
                                                   grass dance, a round dance, and a men’s song.
                                                   SCS 2006 CD $15.98
SPOTTED EAGLE SINGERS                               - POW WOW TRAIL BLAZIN                                 SUN EAGLE SINGERS - 1986
See the Blackfeet Catalog.                         Recorded live at the 2007 Crow Fair, Stone Coun-        The SUN EAGLE SINGERS are a well known
                                                   try presents this collection of 11 pow wow songs.       Indian singing group based in Farmington, New
                                                   Songs include three intertribals, two straight songs,   Mexico. Since being formed in 1979 by lead
SPRING CREEK SINGERS                               a double beat, a fancy, a women’s song, a men’s         singer, Delvin Kesswood, SUN EAGLE SINGERS
See the Sioux Catalog.                             song, a traditional intertribal, and a dedication to    has become a popular and successful performer of
                                                   Tracy Cox.                                              Northern Plains music at numerous pow wows
                                                   DHOP 2600 CD $16.98                                     across the United States. 15 original compositions
ST. CROIX CHIPPEWA 2ND ANNUAL                                                                              with liner notes about the songs.
POW WOW                                             - 15 YEARS OF BROTHERHOOD                              HSP 87-11       (Out of Print)
See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway   Stoney Creek first performed in 1993 at the Great
Catalog.                                           American Indian Expo in Richmond, Virginia.
                                                   Since that time they have been traveling across         SWEETGRASS SINGERS
                                                   Indian Country representing the Native People of        See the Music of Canada Catalog.
STANDING HORSE                                     North Carolina and the East Coast. The drum
See the Sioux Catalog.                             hopes you enjoy these 15 songs half as much as
                                                   they have enjoyed singing songs over the past 15        TAIL WIND
                                                   years. Songs include four intertribals, four straight   See the Music of Canada Catalog.
STANDING OUR GROUND                                songs, a double beat, a contest songs, an honor song
- POW WOW SONGS                                    and more.
TIM 10026 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                 RZ 2700      CD $15.98                                  TA-OTHA SPIRIT
                                                                                                           See the Sioux Catalog.

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                                        Pow Wow                                                                       19
THA TRIBE                                              and blended while living and surviving in the mod-      THUNDER BEAR POW WOW
 - T2K                                                 ern world. This is the Best of Both Worlds! 14          See the Music of Canada Catalog.
THA TRIBE, uniting excellent singers and               songs including Sensation 99, Wood Chips, Fry
drummers from many tribal groups is at the head of     Bread Hut Part II, and Little Soldier.
the pack in extending the boundaries of pow wow        6370 CD $15.98                                          THUNDER DRUMS
singing and style into the new millennium. 12                                                                   - THE BEST OF ARBOR RECORDS VOL. 1
songs include Tha John Wayne, Obie, Potato Pie,         - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - WORLD TWO
                                                                                                               The best Pow Wow songs from the world’s best
Moccasin Girl, Skywalker and NDN Girl.                 The pow wow scene of today is a world in which
                                                                                                               drums....A collection of 20 songs from some of
6320 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                          traditional and modern exist side by side; where
                                                                                                               todays hottest drums. Included are YOUNG GREY
                                                       hip-hop style and the beat of the grass dance meet.
                                                                                                               HORSE, EYABAY, NORTHERN WIND, THE
 - LIVE FROM TORNADO ALLEY!                            Direct from the pow wow trail, these championship
                                                                                                               BOYZ, BATTLE RIVER, WALKING BULL,
Led by Wayne Silas, Jr. and uniting singers from       singers bridge two disparate worlds like no other
                                                                                                               SIZZORTAIL, COZAD, BEAR CREEK,
many tribal groups, THA TRIBE continue to break        pow wow group can. 12 songs including Loud and
                                                                                                               SOUTHERN BOYS, SPIRIT SANDS, GREY
new ground with their innovative singing and           Proud, Okinawa Bluez, Sensitive Warrior, Wind
                                                                                                               FOX, MANDAREE, WHITEFISH BAY, LAKE
drumming style. Recorded live in their hometown        Eagle Victory, and Dance ‘Til U Can’t Dance No
                                                                                                               OF THE WOODS, RED TAIL, BURTNSIDE
of Lawrence, Kansas, this recording proves why         More.
                                                                                                               LAKE, SPIRIT MOUNTAIN                     and
THA TRIBE is one of the most dynamic drum              6371       CD $15.98
                                                                                                               WHITELODGE. A great collection.
groups on the pow wow circuit today. Nine songs                                                                AR 1135       CD $17.98
including Crow Hip Hop, Tha Cho Life and Hoop           - EMERY
Snappa’.                                               Combining stunning style and firm commitment to
6326 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                          traditions, Tha Tribe have shared their songs and
                                                       their drum with pow wow people all across North         THUNDER DRUMS 2
                                                       America. Bringing together noted young singers          -THE BEST OF ARBOR RECORDS VOL. 2
                                                       from many tribal groups and singing in multiple         Compilation of 20 of the best Arbor Records has to
From Lawrence, Kansas, THA TRIBE is known for
                                                       Native languages, Tha Tribe’s songs reflect the         offer. Drums include BEAR CREEK, WHITE
its cutting edge singing style. Recorded live at the
                                                       intertribal fusion of modern pow wow. On this           TAIL, THE BOYZ, RED HOUSE, YOUNG
2001 Apache Gold Casino Pow Wow in San
                                                       “live” recording they gather around the drum and        SPIRIT, EYABAY, NORTHERN WIND,
Carlos, Arizona, THA TRIBE’s thrilling singing
                                                       deliver their stupendous singing talent in a tribute    SOUTHERN BOYS, BATTLE RIVER,
and drumming are experienced in this collection of
                                                       to the memory of a late friend and singer, Emery        SIZZORTAIL, WHITEFISH BAY, and many
their greatest songs. 14 songs including Tha Hoka
                                                       “Jay” Pewaush. 17 songs include four intertribals,      more.
Homage, Frozen Spoons & Turtlenecks and War
                                                       two fancy dance, two round dance and more.              AR 1156 CD $17.98
Chief Pride.
6340 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98                          6407 CD $15.98

 - WINTER STORM                                         - BLUE SCOUT
From Lawrence, Kansas, THA TRIBE are at the            With some of the finest singers drawn from all four     THUNDER DRUMS 3
top of today’s contemporary pow wow scene.             directions, championship drum group Tha Tribe            - THE BEST OF ARBOR RECORDS VOL. 3
Comprised of singers from diverse tribal               reflects the heart of Native America and the ener-      Prepare yourself for Thunder one more time. The
backgrounds, THA TRIBE have forged a singing           getic pulse of the pow wow trail. 16 songs includ-      greatest drum groups in the world are featured on
style all their own. Captured live at the MSU Pow      ing an intertribal, a contest song, a crow hop, and     the latest of the Thunder Drum series. Thunder
Wow of Love in Lansing, Michigan, their                Wild Rice People, Tribal Wayz, Jingle All The Way,      Drums 3 promises a variety of great music from the
powerhouse singing and drumming talents sweep          and Pimp My Outfit.                                     most powerful drum groups known today. 20
through with the force of a winter storm. 15 songs     6426      CD $15.98                                     songs by EYABAY, NORTHERN WIND, SPIRIT
include Oklahoma Tribute, Tha Acorn Slide, and                                                                 SOUND, BEAR CREEK, EASTERN EAGLE,
                                                        - THA QUIET STORM                                      PAINTED HORSE, POOR BOYS, YOUNG
Haskell Rash.
                                                       Tha Tribe merges tough singing with lyrics narrat-      KINGBIRD, PIPESTONE, WHITE TAIL,
6351       Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
                                                       ing love’s ups and downs on their first recording of    STONEY CREEK, LITTLE OTTER, SMOKEY
                                                       Round Dance songs. Presented as a radio show,           VALLEY, RED HOUSE, SOUTHERN BOYS,
                                                       The Quiet Storm is where Rez humor and urban            THE BOYZ, MANDAREE, YOUNG GREY
At today’s contest pow wows where dancers of
                                                       culture collide and Native tradition is catapulted to   HORSE, and SIZZORTAIL.
many categories face off in competition, drum
                                                       the future. 22 songs including On Tha Way In,           AR 1225        CD $17.98
groups must provide a variety of specialty songs as
                                                       Heart & Soul, Fry Bread Hut Part V, Playground
well as standard intertribal pow wow songs to
                                                       Betrayal, and Answer Ur Phone.
accommodate the various dancing styles. Many
                                                       6447 CD $15.98                                          THUNDER DRUMS 4
dance categories require two songs to be performed
in competition. The first will be a pow wow song                                                                - THE BEST OF ARBOR RECORDS VOL. 4
                                                        - WOODLAND GROOVE                                      Volume 4 of the wildly popular pow wow compila-
of standard rhythm while the second will be a song
                                                       Tha Tribe deliver a championship performance of         tion series is here! This fantastic collection con-
of varied rhythm that allows dancers in the
                                                       fierce singing and drumming recorded live at the        tains 20 tracks of pure pow wow mastery per-
appropriate category to fully demonstrate their
                                                       famous Woodland Bowl at the Menominee Nation            formed by some of the pow wow trail’s greatest
skills. From Lawrence, Kansas, THA TRIBE are at
                                                       Pow Wow.        Singing straight songs in the tradi-    drum groups. Over 60 minutes of Northern and
the top of today’s contemporary pow wow scene.
                                                       tional style, Tha Tribe’s raw energy conveys the        Southern style singing to satisfy everyone. Drum
Comprised of singers from diverse tribal
                                                       essence of the Pow Wow with these tree-shaking          groups include ROCK HILL SINGERS, BEAR
backgrounds, THA TRIBE have forged a singing
                                                       songs. 17 songs including seven contest songs and       CREEK, LONE CREEK, SOUTHERN BOYS,
style all their own. Recorded live at the 49th
                                                       seven intertribals.                                     GREY BUFFALO, CREE SPIRIT, LITTLE OT-
Annual Chicago Indian Center Pow Wow, their
                                                       6472 CD $15.98                                          TER, NORTHERN WIND, 12 GAUGE, EYA-
powerful and creative singing and drumming
challenges dancers to keep pace with their Mad                                                                 BAY, EASTERN EAGLE, STONEY CREEK,
                                                        - WARRIORS IN THE MIST                                 PAINTED HORSE, SMOKEY VALLEY,
Stops and Crazy Hops! 13 songs including Buffalo
                                                       With fierce singing sustained by the heartbeat of       YOUNG GREY HORSE, PRAIRIE ISLAND,
Jump, When She Dances, Thunderbird Wing,
                                                       the Pow wow drum, Tha Tribe honors the cultural         YOUNG KINGBIRD, and POOR BOYS. All
Happy Tricky Lucky, and Yesterday.
                                                       strength of the original inhabitants of North Amer-     songs previously recorded.
6362      Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
                                                       ica. True warriors of the Pow wow trail, Tha Tribe      AR 1259 CD $17.98
 - BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - WORLD ONE                     deliver another breathtaking collection of original
From the heart of pow wow country, THA TRIBE           style songs. 14 songs including five intertribals, a
bring you their statement of today’s modern pow        grass dance, a grand entry, a contest song, a foot      THUNDER DRUMS 5
wow scene. Singing and drumming with power             slide, and more.                                        - THE BEST OF ARBOR VOLUME 5
and pride, THA TRIBE continue to be one of pow         6487 CD $15.98                                          The best pow wow songs from the world’s best
wow’s most exciting groups. Their singing and                                                                  drums. 20 songs from Bear Creek, Whitefish Bay,
style reflects the vitality of today’s pow wow scene                                                           Buffalo Horse, Eyabay, High Noon, Mandaree,
in which time-honored traditions are maintained                                                                Stoney Creek, Snake Island, Sizzortail, Kingbird,

                                                                                                               Prices subject to change without notice.
       20                                                                Pow Wow                                                       Drumbeat
Eagle River, Eastern Eagle, Northern Wind, Red           Ferdinand Jishie, Shawn Jake, Ray Yazzie Jr.,           and traditions alive which has evolved into one that
House, Thunder Mountain, White Hawk NW,                  Jonathan Begay, Nathan Thomas, Dewayne Yazzie,          is distinct to the Athapaskan dialect. The Tsuu
Grey Buffalo, Kicking Woman, Lightning Strikes,          Ramon Yazzie, Lance Morris, Roland Woody,               T’ina Nation is located on the South Western edge
and P Town Boyz.                                         Delbert Paddock, Elton Tsaipe and Byron Shirley.        near the city of Calgary in the heartland of Chinook
AR 1324     CD $17.98                                    They are proud to present their first recording of 12   Country, and the edge of the Rocky Mountains.
                                                         songs including two jingle dress, three grass dance,
                                                         a round dance, intertribals and ladies fancy and         - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE @ TSUU T’INA
THUNDER HILL                                             traditional.                                            NATION
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.                CRM 012002       Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98               A collection of eleven songs from Seekaskootch,
                                                                                                                 Nine Forty, Red Dog, Black Lodge, Painted Horse,
                                                          - DON’T LOOK BACK                                      Mountain Soul, Midnight Express, Red Bull, Ham-
THUNDER ON THE LAKE                                      THUNDERHOUSE SINGERS are Jonathan                       mer Hill, Northern Cree and High Noon. Recorded
- THE DRUMS             OF    INDIAN      SUMMER         Begay, Nathan Thomas, Rowin Begay, Ramon                live at the 2005 Tsuu T’ina Nation Celebration held
FESTIVAL                                                 Yazzie, Jason Owens, Freeland Jishi, Ferdinand          on the last weekend of July.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s INDIAN SUMMER                     Jishi, Chris Yazzie, Nathan Largo, Delbert              SGRTT 073005        CD $18.98
FESTIVAL offers a fun and entertaining way to            Paddock, Bert Jake and Shawn Jake. They perform
experience the diversity of both traditional and         12 songs including Code Talkers, Sheriff, Good           - SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE II
contemporary American Indian culture. A festival         Times, and Keshau.                                      Every year the Tsuu T’ina Nation hosts an annual
theme is used to plan events to showcase American        CRM 030803 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                     Pow Wow contest, Rodeo competition, golf, bas-
Indian Entertainers, musicians, fine artists and craft                                                           ketball and hand game tournament. This album of
people. The festival also celebrates the rich                                                                    16 intertribal songs represents the second recording
American Indian heritage with authentic tribal           TORONTO POW WOW                                         of live performances at the Pow Wow. Drums
villages, storytellers, traditional handcrafts, dance    - 1998 CANADIAN ABORIGINAL FESTIVAL                     include Bear Creek, High Noon, Black Powder,
troupes and lacrosse. This recording highlights the      SSCT 4355   (Out of Print)                              Rumbling Hills, Blackfoot Crossing, Rock Creek,
annual Pow Wow competition with song selections                                                                  Sage Hills, Soaring Eagle, Red Bull, Eagle Heart,
from the best musicalmoments of the festival.            - 1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS                                  Hunter Hills, Flying Stone, Chiniki Lake, Turn-
Drums include THE BUCKS, SMOKEY TOWN,                    SSCT 4367 CD $15.98                                     ing Robe and Nine-Forty.
WISCONSIN DELLS, LITTLE OTTER, BEAR                                                                              AR 1286 CD $17.98
                                                                                                                  - ROUND DANCE TIME
AR 1198 CD $17.98                                        TREATY OF 1855                                          The spirit of the round dance has been part of the
                                                         See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.         Tsuu T’ina people for many decades and is alive
                                                                                                                 and well within the hearts of traditional Tsuu T’ina
THUNDER MOUNTAIN SINGERS                                                                                         singers and dancers. From the first high tempera-
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                         TREATY 6 ERMINE SINGERS                                 ture tuning of the hand drums to the beautiful har-
                                                         See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            mony of the song, the essence of round dance is for
                                                                                                                 everyone - kids, teenagers, parents, Elders and
THUNDERCHILD                                                                                                     lovers. It is a time to pay tribute to our traditions,
- ‘98 POW WOW                                            TREATY ELDERS MEMORIAL                                  accomplishments and the memories of our relatives
TIM 10022  Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                      ROUND DANCE                                             and ancestors. 111 round dance songs performed
                                                          - HONOURING OUR ELDERS                                 by Bear Creek, High Noon, Eagletail, Blackfoot
- VOICES FROM THUNDERCHILD                                                                                       Crossing, Red Bull, Rock Creek, Lenny &
                                                         The Office of the Treaty Commissioner and the
TIM 10031 Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98                                                                               Friends, Flying Stone, Lisa & The Guys, Rock
                                                         Chief’s Office of the Federation of Saskatchewan
                                                         Indian Nations co-hosted their first Treaty Elders      Hill and Nine-Forty.
                                                         Memorial Round Dance on March 27, 2004. They            AR 1287 CD $17.98
THUNDERHORSE                                             hosted the memorial round dance to honor the
 - RIDE THE STORM                                        Elders who helped them in their discussion with the
THUNDERHORSE is a Northern style drum                    governments of Canada and Saskatchewan; and             TURTLE ISLAND SINGERS
originating from Oklahoma. They recently placed          who also helped them in their efforts to bring          See the Music of the East & Southeast Catalog.
among the winners of the Northern Style drums at         awareness and understanding about treaties and the
the 2000 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow                    treaty relationship to the people of Saskatchewan.
competition.    Singers include Robert Lincoln,          Memorial Round Dances are held during the winter
Cletis Mark, Andy Allen, Jeremy Bear, Paul
                                                                                                                 TURTLE MOUNTAIN POW WOW
                                                         months throughout Treaty 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 territo-     This live recording of the TURTLE MOUNTAIN
Shipman, Kyle Lincoln, Pete Coser and Earnest Big        ries in the prairies. The memorial Round Dance is a     LABOUR DAY POW WOW offers a variety of
Medicine. They are joined by women backup                very sacred ceremony. Singers include Ken               drum groups providing you with hours of
singers Dana Moyer and Kayadesbah Nave-Mark.             Pooyak, Ben Cardinal, Ken Waskewitch, Melvin            entertainment and listening pleasure.      Drums
12 songs.                                                Stone, Joe Littlewolf and five more elders. 12          include BEAR ISLAND, CREE SPIRIT, LONG
AR 1138       CD $17.98                                  songs.                                                  PLAINS, LITTLE WIND and RED THUNDER.
                                                         SGOTC 032304 CD $18.98                                  There are 10 intertribals, one honor song and one
                                                                                                                 birthday song.
“Native America” is the follow-up album to the
                                                                                                                 SSCT 4407      (Out of Print.)
highly successful “Riding The Storm.” This album
                                                         TRICK & QUICK STOP SONGS
highlights the talent of an experienced drum group.
                                                          - VOLUME 1
It is inspirational to listen to a group that stays
                                                         11 popular trick and quick stop songs performed by      TWO FEATHER SINGERS
together for several years and really begins to find
                                                         High Noon, Blackstone, Northern Wind, Wild              See the Cree Nation Catalog.
their own unique style.        12 songs including
                                                         Horse, Yellow Hammer, Star Blanket Jrs., Sweet-
Highway Hopper, Feathered One, and Holy Roller.
                                                         grass, Pipestone Creek, Rose Hill and Little Island
AR 1159       CD $17.98
                                                         Cree. All songs previously released on other re-        TWO MEDICINE LAKE
                                                         cordings.                                               See the Blackfeet Catalog.
                                                         VA 60007 CD $17.98
THUNDERHOUSE SINGERS are from                                                                                    TWO MEDICINE LAKE SINGERS
                                                         TSUU T’INA NATION                                       See the Blackfeet Catalog.
Lukachukai, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation.
                                                         The members of the Tsuu T’ina Nation are descen-
The name THUNDERHOUSE comes from a rock
                                                         dants from the Athapaskan-speaking people, which
high in the Lukachukai Mountains. The singers are
                                                         include the Navajo Nation of the South and the
Pax Harvey Jr., Nathan Largo, Johnny Begay, Bert                                                                 TWO NATION SINGERS
                                                         Dine’su’line tribe of the North, just to mention a
Jake, Chris Yazzie, Jason Owens, Freeland Jishie,                                                                See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                         few. The Tsuu T’ina people have kept their culture

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                      Pow Wow                                                                       21
UMATILLA INTERTRIBAL SINGERS                            WANDERING SPIRIT                                    hops, Veteran’s songs, and intertribal songs. Arlie
See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.         See the Cree Nation Catalog.                        Neskahi, Jay Begay, Art Cleveland, Stuart Lynch,
                                                                                                            Freddie Yazzie, and Alvin Young.
                                                                                                            6185    (Out of Print)
UMOn HAn LODGE SINGERS                                  WANESA SINGERS
See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.                See the Music of Canada Catalog.                     - VOL. 2 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW
                                                                                                            Ten songs including Walk In Beauty, intertribals,
                                                        WANUSKEWIN                                          crow hop, traditional songs. Same singers as
                                                         - THE GATHERING PLACE                              Volume One.
See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.
                                                        Wanuskewin is a Cree word meaning seeking peace     6186 Cassette $9.98
                                                        of mind. It implies a place where one may re-
                                                        establish a sense of harmony with the natural        - VOL. 3 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW
                                                        world. The singers include Don Speidel, Sanford     SONGS
UNITED TRIBES INTERNATIONAL                                                                                 Vietnam Veteran Song, crow hop, sneak up, shake
POW WOW                                                 Strongarm, Allan Bonaise, Wavel Starr, Henry
                                                        Gardipy Jr, Brad Crain, Aaron Tootoosis, Lionel     dance, women’s fancy butterfly song and nine more
 - UNITED TRIBES INTERNATIONAL                                                                              songs. Recorded live at Numaga Indian Days,
The 25th Anniversary International United Tribes        Tootoosis, Randy Strongarm, and Terrence
                                                        Goodwill. 14 songs.                                 Reno-Sparks, Nevada.       The WHITE EAGLE
Powwow had 30 drum groups, approximately 1000                                                               SINGERS are a popular group and have traveled
dancers and over 20,000 attendants from all over        TIM 10053      Cassette $4.00 CD $17.98
                                                                                                            the pow-wow trail extensively. Singers: Arlie and
the world. On this recording you will hear some of                                                          Carl Neskahi; Freddie Yazzie; Art Cleveland; Ruby
the best drum groups in the nation singing their best                                                       Shebala; and Alvin Young. The group is from the
songs including a twenty minute non-stop recording      WAR DANCE SONGS OF THE PONCA
                                                        See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.           Navajo Nation.        Translations included with
of Intertribal Songs from Grand Entry. According                                                            cassette. 55 minutes.
to “Inside Tourism,”          the United Tribes                                                             6197 Cassette $9.98
International Powwow is one of the “Top 100
Events In North America” and was also selected as       WILSON WARE MEMORIAL                                   - VOL. 4 - ROUND DANCE & LOVE SONGS
an “Official AAA Home & Away Travel Treasure”.          POW WOW                                             Thirteen songs including Gathering of Nations,
Featured drum groups: BATTLE RIVER; THE                 See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.           Remember Me, Last Kiss and Jealousy. Same
BOYZ; CHINIKI LAKE; DAKOTA NATION;                                                                          singers as on Volume 3.      Song translations
EAGLE TAIL; EYABAY; MANDAREE                                                                                included.
SINGERS; PAINTED HORSE; PORCUPINE                                                                           6198 (Out of Print)
SPIRIT CROSSING; STAR BLANKET JUNIOR.                    - SCOUTS                                            - VOL. 5 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW
Approximately two hours of music.                       17 pow wow songs recorded live at the 2007 Stan-    SONGS
MC 0123 Double Cassette $5.00 CD $19.98                 ford Pow Wow. This intertribal group included       Recorded live at the Numaga Indian Days in Reno-
                                                        Jamo Paskmin and Randall Paskemin (Cree),           Sparks, Nevada. Eleven songs including crow hop,
 - HOME OF THE CHAMPIONS                                James Stephenson (Lumbee), Sonny Dixey              Elder’s Honor Song, intertribal and traditional
This 35th anniversary CD package is a retrospective     (Shoshone/Cree), Tyler Greymountain (Northern       dance songs. Song translations included. Same
of some of the finest moments of the United             Ute), Michael Roberts (Choctaw/Chickasaw),          singers as on Volume 4.
Tribes International Pow Wow selected from an           Joseph Smith (Paiute), Colton Tohonnie (Northern    6199 Cassette $9.98
archive of over 200 hours of live recordings of the     Ute/Cheyenne), Martin Montgomery (Washoe), Cy
Pow Wow over the past decade. Featured drum             Lee (Northern Arapahoe), Lateachia Pemma             - VOL. 6 - FIFTH GENERATION
groups include BAD NATION, BIG BEAR,                    (Potawatami/Ho-Chunk), Tiffany Paskemin             Twelve original songs composed by Arlie Neskahi
BLACKSTONE, DAKOTA NATION, DAKOTA                       (Navajo/Apache) and Patrick Begay and Ephraim       and other members of the WHITE EAGLE
TRAVELS, DAKOTA THUNDER, MEDICINE                       Benn (Navajo).                                      SINGERS.           Includes contest, intertribals,
HORSE, MESKWAKI NATION, MIDNIGHT                        6437    CD $15.98                                   traditional, foot slide, love and honor songs. Titles
EXPRESS, MIGHTY FEW, MGM, NORTH BUF-                                                                        include Tulalip Special, Jazzy Round Dance, Broke
FALO, NORTHERN STRAIGHT and WHITE-                      - RED CHRISTMAS                                     and Lonely, Eddie Rose Song, and Dream Song.
FISH JRS. Enhanced CD (PC only) features the 13         See the Christmas Section of the Gospel/            After two years singing for the American Indian
minute Home of the Champions video and a                Christian catalog for this title.                   Dance Theatre, Arlie Neskahi invited some of the
special section containing recordings made in 1915      6423 CD $15.98                                      finest singers in the Northwest to join him in a new
by O.G. Libby: Horse Medicine Song sung by                                                                  Fifth Generation White Eagle Singers. Members:
Little Soldier, Ree War Song (sung in preparation        - MANY TRIBES ONE NATION                           Mark Smith (Gros Ventre/ Sho-Ban), Robert
for the Custer fight) sung by Red Star.                 Lead by respected singer and songmaker Randall      Charles (Columbia Lake Kootenai), Ryan Wilson
MM 0194        CD $19.98                                Paskemin, Warscout is comprised of pow wow’s        (Oglalla Sioux), Ron Tso (Navajo), Ted Napolean
                                                        most talented young singers. As a championship      (Lillooet), Joanne Edward (Coichan), Austin
                                                        Grass Dancer, Randall brings a vibrant quality to   Cornelius (Cree) and Ted Soloman (Lummi).
WALKIN BULL                                             his compositions that make them all extremely       Includes line notes on the group and songs.
See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                popular amongst singers and dancers alike. Re-      6235 Cassette $9.98
                                                        corded live at San Manuel, Warscout carries a
                                                        message of pride to all Native peoples on this       - LIVE AT THUNDER BEAR
WALKING BUFFALO                                         recording of high-energy pow wow tunes. Re-         Eleven pow wow songs recorded live at the
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            spected throughout the pow wow trail, Warsout       Thunder Bear Pow Wow in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
                                                        combines powerful lyrical messages with thunder-    Includes jingle dress, sneak-up, crow hop, shake
                                                        ous melodies that make you tighten your moccasins   and more. Arlie Neskahi lead singer.
WALKING SPIRIT                                          and dance hard!                                     SSCT 4186      (Out of Print)
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            6457 CD $15.98

                                                                                                            WHITE EARTH POW WOW
WALKING WOLF SINGERS                                    WHIRLWIND ALL NATION SINGERS                        See the Northern        Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                        See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.            Catalog.

See the Music of Canada Catalog.
                                                                                                            WHITE FISH JRS
                                                        - VOL. 1 - INTERTRIBAL POW WOW                      See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                        Ten songs including Mother Earth Song, crow

                                                                                                            Prices subject to change without notice.
       22                                                            Pow Wow                                                     Drumbeat
WHITE HAWK                                           WHITE TAIL SINGERS                                      formed in 2001. They came together from other
See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.             - FOREVER DANCING                                      groups that either broke up or reformed different
                                                     Born out of hard work and dedication, all songs are     crews. They sing for the love of you, the people,
                                                     original and have a unique and innovative style that    and they respect the traditional ways and strive to
                                                     reflects the wonderful enthusiasm of the pow wow        make their people stronger. Their singing is explo-
WHITE HAWK NW                                        spirit. The WHITE TAIL SINGERS sing for the             sive and somewhat different from other styles heard
 - $20.00, A TANK OF GAS, & A PRAYER                 people because a very big part of their social ways     while traveling the pow wow trail. Singers include
The White Hawk NW Singers come from the              is to have strong community interaction, to             David Henry, Lome Redsky, Dexter Greene, Chris
Colville Indian Tribe in Nespelem, Washington and    communicate respect and a sense of well-being           Esquash, Trevor Sinclair, Justin Favell, Felix An-
come from various tribes from the north as well as   through the celebration of traditional song and         toine, Ian Crate, Herb Greene, Allan Skead, Mark
the south. They were formerly the Golden Eagle       dance. 15 songs.                                        Henry, and Garrett Henry. 14 songs - six of them
Singers that started in 1995. It was in 2005 at a    Y 10019      (Out of Print.)                            live.
pow wow in Leavenworth, Washington that they                                                                 SSCT 4479 CD $15.98
came up with their new name. Not realizing there      - FROM THE HEART
was another drum with the same name, they started    If you are interested in the real deal, in its purest
using the name White Hawk NW (Northwest).            sense, then FROM THE HEART, WHITE TAIL                  WOMEN’S BUCKSKIN
They are a southern style drum group. Members of     SINERS’ second release is your passage into the         12 songs from CEDAR DALE, EASTERN EA-
the group include Faran Sohappy (Yakama), Lyle       pow wow. This drum is helping to preserve and to        GLE, RED TAIL, SIZZORTAIL, SOUTHERN
Dorman (Nomlaki), Sam Brooks (Colville), Robert      educate us about the music and the message of its       BOYS, WALKIN’ BULL, WHITE LODGE,
Coin and Danson Coin (Hopi), Harvey Manuelito        traditional songs and rituals as they have been         YOUNG GREY HORSE, COZAD, MESKWAKI
(Dine), Alexander Paul (Alaskan Native), Walter      passed down from generation to generation. These        NATION, and MAHNOMEN CREEK.
Williams (Colville/Nez Perce/Wenatchi), Karl         songs have been recorded so that they may be            AR 1178 CD $17.98
Anquoe (Muscogee), Washie Anquoe (Colville/          enjoyed, shared and most of all remembered.
Muscogee), Tim Brooks (Colville/Nez Perce),          Y 10021       (Out of Print.)
Deyo Esquivel (Mohawk), and Randy George                                                                     WOMEN’S FANCY DANCE SONGS
(Yakama). Ten songs including Regina Raye, 8                                                                  - VOLUME 1
Ball Drop, Sweet as Hunney, and Young Warriors.      WHITE THUNDER SINGERS                                   The Fancy Dance originated as the Fancy War
AR 1322       CD $17.98                              See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.                Dance by the Hethuska society in Oklahoma. It
                                                                                                             was invented by Gus McDonald who is now
                                                                                                             internationally recognized for this contribution to
                                                     WHITEFISH BAY SINGERS                                   Native American heritage. There are two styles of
See the Sioux Catalog.
                                                     See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                this dance - a basic step while dancing around the
                                                                                                             drum and a contest step with fast and intricate
                                                     WHITEHORSE                                              footwork combinded with a spinning up and down
WHITE RIDGE                                          See the Northern Plains-Ojibway Catalog.                movement. Women started coming out onto the
 - THE SPIRIT OF OUR GREAT                                                                                   dance floor and accepted into dance circles around
GRANDMOTHER                                                                                                  1953. Before this time they would stand in the
The name WHITE RIDGE is derived from                 WILDHORSE SINGERS                                       background, usually behind the drums, and sing.
Whiterock Point. Whiterock Point comes from the      See the Cree Nation Catalog.                            Today the celebration aspect of the Pow Wow is as
grandfathers and grandmothers before us... and is                                                            important as it was a hundred years ago, but now
part of WHITE RIDGE Family History. Recorded                                                                 the celebration is one of being Indian and having a
live at Cool Runnings Pow Wow, Window Rock,                                                                  unique culture and long reaching history. This new
                                                     WILLOW CREE POW WOW CELE-                               outlook opens the dance floor to all. WOMEN’S
Arizona. Singers: Delbert Blackhorse - composer
& lead singer; Darren Etsitty - drum keeper; Paul
                                                     BRATIONS                                                FANCY DANCE SONGS is a beautiful collection
                                                     The modern day Willow Cree Pow Wow Celebra-             of songs dedicated to all the Women of Pow Wow.
Etsitty Jr.; Donovan Etsitty; Johnathan Yazzie;
                                                     tions were initiated back in the 1970’s under the       Drums include BEAR CREEK, EYABAY,
Nathan Largo; Ashley James; Louie Allen; Conrad
                                                     guidance and leadership of the original pow wow         BATTLE RIVER, YOUNG GREY HORSE, RED
Yanito; Sharlene Redhorse; George Etsitty; Johnny
                                                     committee. This compilation is dedicated to those       TAIL, EASTERN EAGLE, NORTHERN WIND,
Begay; and Conrad Begay. Songs include: Grand
                                                     men for laying the foundation for the celebrations      SPIRIT SAND, WHITEFISH BAY, RIVER CREE,
Entry, intertribals, women’s, men’s, & boy’s
                                                     that we host today. Recorded live at the annual         WALKIN’ BULL, LAKE VERMILLION and
traditionals, fancy dance, side step, and grass.
                                                     pow wow on the third weekend of August. Drum            WHITELODGE. 16 songs.
SGWR 112695          (Out of Print)
                                                     groups include Whitefish Jrs., Big Bear, Young          AR 1177       CD $17.98
                                                     Eagle Cree, Stoney Park, and Northern Cree Jrs.
                                                     SGWC 081804         CD $15.98
WHITE RIDGE SINGERS                                                                                          WOODLAND CREE SINGERS
- ON LOCATION AT THE O’ODAM TASH                                                                             See the Cree Nation Catalog.
Recorded on location at the O’odam Tash Pow          See the Sioux Catalog.
Wow, Casa Grande, Arizona, Feb 17-19, 1995.                                                                  THE WORLD’S BEST....
The WHITERIDGE SINGERS are: Paul Atoitty,                                                                    - ...ROUND DANCE SONGS - VOLUME 1
Delbert Blackhorse, Don Etsitty, Louie Allen,        WINDY ROCK SINGERS                                      For the first time, performances by North
Ashley James, Nathan Largo, Johnny Begay,            See the Music of Canada Catalog.                        America’s premier First Nations traditional drum
Laurance Littleman, Johnathan Yazzie, and Waylon                                                             groups. Including NORTHERN WIND, STONEY
Kay. Songs include: Grand Entry, Intertribal,                                                                PARK, EYABAY, BLACK LODGE,
White Ridge Song, Crow Hop, That’s Pow Wow,          WISCONSIN DELLS                                         SILVERCLOUD, RED BULL, LITTLE OTTER,
Edge of Edge and more.                               See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.                SMOKEY TOWN, NORTHERN CREE,
SSCT 4246 (Out of Print)                                                                                     WHITEFISH BAY and more.
                                                                                                             SSCT 4317 CD $15.98
                                                     WISCONSIN INTERTRIBALS
WHITE SPRUCE SINGERS                                 See the Northern Plains-Midwest Catalog.                - ...JINGLE DRESS SONGS
See the Music of Canada Catalog.                                                                             SSCT 4353 CD $15.98

                                                     WOLF TRAIL                                              - ...GRASS DANCE SONGS
WHITE TAIL CREE                                      - FRESH TRACKS                                          SSCT 4354 CD $15.98
See the Cree Nation Catalog.                         The drum is a very special sacred teaching that was
                                                     given to our people; it unites us all together as one   - ...FANCY DANCE SONGS - VOLUME 1
                                                     nation that will last an eternity. WOLF TRAIL was       This compilation features 14 of the world’s best

Prices subject to change without notice.
        Drumbeat                                                        Pow Wow                                                                        23
Fancy Dance songs, sung by the finest drum               - ...CROW HOP SONGS                                    another. Each Indian Nation will vary in design,
groups. The Fancy Dance is perhaps one of the           The North American Pow Wow is a gathering of            color, and material. As trends and influences of
most popular dances you will witness at a               many tribes, coming together to sing, dance, visit,     champions change, dancers will adapt their own
traditional pow wow. The colorful regalia of both       feast and honor elders. Pow Wow’s inspire cultural      interpretation.   Pride is demonstrated through
male and female costume are a remarkable site.          and personal pride in American Indians and              elaborate and colorful regalia. 14 songs performed
Performers include NORTHERN WIND, SMOKEY                revitalize their spirits. Crow Hop songs are            by RED BULL, EAGLE TAIL, NORTHERN
VALLEY, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, RED                         enjoyed by everyone and are perhaps one of the          WIND, EYABAY, and more.
SCAFFOLD, EYABAY and SIOUX ASSINIBOINE.                 many songs that most people are familiar with.          SSCT 4435 CD $15.98
SSCT 4390 CD $15.98                                     This compilation features some of the finest Drum
                                                        Groups including EYABAY SINGERS,                         - ...MEMORIAL SONGS
 - ...POW WOW DRUM GROUPS                               NORTHERN WIND SINGERS, LITTLE OTTER,                    It is our traditional way of life to remember and
This release offers you the Champion of                 RED BULL SINGERS, CHINIKI LAKE                          acknowledge those who have moved on to the spirit
Champions. These 12 drum groups have won                SINGERS and many more.                                  world. One of the ways of acknowledgement
many contests and have individual recordings            SSCT 4414 CD $15.98                                     comes in the way of song. In a small way this is
available. This is truely a collection of the best of                                                           our contribution to those who are no longer with us.
the best. Drum groups include CHI-GEEZIS, RED            - ...FANCY DANCE SONGS - VOLUME 2                      This collection brings you the WORLD’S BEST
BULL, BLACK LODGE, EYABAY, WHITEFISH                    The contemporary Pow Wow is a link to the past          MEMORIAL SONGS as they are performed by the
BAY JR and LOGAN ALEXIS SINGERS.                        that helps maintain Native Heritage. Seen by            world’s most renowned North American Drum
SSCT 4391      CD $15.98                                outsiders as entertainment due to the singing,          Groups. Drums include NORTHERN WIND,
                                                        dancing and colorful regalia, the Pow Wow is a          RED BULL, YOUNGBLOOD, BLACK LODGE,
 - ...TINY TOT SONGS                                    spiritual legacy which should be treated with           RED HAWK and more.
This compilation of 14 children’s songs represents      respect and honor. It’s a time for Indian families to   SSCT 4437 CD $15.98
the best Tiny Tot songs on the market and are           be together with other family members and friends.
performed by the finest pow wow singers in the          It’s a time to honor the past and celebrate the         - ...POW WOW DRUM GROUPS - VOL. 2
industry. Songs include Birthday Song performed         future. The colorful regalia of both male and           The second volume in the BEST POW WOW
by Red Bull, Rollercoaster Song performed by            female are a remarkable sight. The Oklahoma             DRUM GROUPS collection. 16 tracks featuring
Whirlwind, Mickey & Minnie Mouse performed by           ‘feather dancer’, or Fancy Dance, is the most           BLACK LODGE SINGERS, NAKODA LODGE,
Little Thunderbirds and Beautiful Butterfly             popular style of dance and outfit seen at modern        EYABAY, LITTLE ISLAND CREE, NORTHERN
performed by Eyabay.                                    Pow Wows. There are two styles of fancy dance - a       WIND, RED BULL, WHITEFISH BAY, and more.
SSCT 4392      Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                 basic simple step while dancing around the drum         SSCT 4455 CD $15.98
                                                        and a contest step with fast and intricate footwork
- ...49ER SONGS                                         combined with a spinning up and down movement            - ...HAND DRUM SONGS - VOULME 1
SSCT 4393 (Out of Print.)                               of the body. This compilation features some of the      This is a great collection of Hand Drum Songs
                                                        best fancy dance songs performed by some of the         performed by some of the world’s finest perform-
 - ...INTERTRIBAL SONGS                                 best drums of today including Black Lodge Singers,      ers. Native Americans believe that the drum is the
The contemporary Intertribal Pow Wow is a               Little Island Cree, Northern Wind, Whitefish Bay        heartbeat of Mother Earth, the heartbeat of all
gathering of many tribes, coming together to sing,      and many more. All songs have been previously           Native people, and a way of bringing things back
dance, visit, feast and honor our elders. Intertribal   released and for your convenience the original          into balance. Whether dancing, singing or listening,
Pow Wow’s inspire cultural and personal pride in        recording catalog number has been included.             people around a drum are able to connect with the
American Indians and revitalize their spirits.          SSCT 4415       Cassette $2.00 CD $15.98                Spirit through its rhythmic pounding, and as a
Intertribal songs are enjoyed by everyone and are                                                               result, the drumbeat is a focal point of ceremonies.
perhaps one of the many songs that most people are       - ...CHICKEN DANCE SONGS                               14 songs from Nakoda Lodge, Logan Alexis, Red
familiar with. This compilation features some of        The old style chicken dance is one of the oldest        Bull, Dene Singers, Squaw’kin Iskwewak, Walking
the best songs performed by the finest Drum             forms of dancing. A truly good chicken dancer will      Bull, Lodge Creek and Moose Mountain.
Groups including EYABAY, CHI-GEEZIS,                    move so gracefully imitating the mating dance of        SSCT 4458       CD $15.98
SIOUX ASSINIBOINE, LITTLE OTTER,                        the prairie chicken. It is with this precision,
CHINIKI LAKE and more.                                  graceful step, and bird like movements which             - ...HONOUR SONGS
SSCT 4408        CD $15.98                              makes this dance so unusually unique. NAKODA            As the name suggests, Honour Songs are requested
                                                        LODGE SINGERS bring to you 12 of the best               at the Pow wow or Celebration to honour someone.
 - ...VETERAN SONGS                                     chicken dance songs.                                    Perhaps a family would request an Honour Song for
This compilation offers you some of the best            SSCT 4420      CD $15.98                                a son returning from the war, or in the memory of a
Veteran songs performed by some of the best Pow                                                                 deceased relative. Honour Songs can be made for
Wow drum groups in North America. It has been            - ...MEN’S TRADITIONAL SONGS                           almost any occasion. In some traditions, people
customary for our Veterans to participate in every      This is a great collection of Men’s Traditional         with an Aboriginal name have their own songs, and
Grand Entry. Our Veteran representatives are those      songs sung by some of the world’s most renowned         those songs are sung if the person is to be hon-
who have served our country in battles around the       drum groups. The Men’s traditional dancers have         oured. In other instances there are “genetic” Hon-
world. All songs have been previously released          the honor of leading the remaining contest              our Songs for people without their own. 12 songs
and each song included has the original catalog         categories into the Arbor. The men are the              from Black Lodge, Chi-Geesis, Circle Strong, Two
number if you would like to receive the complete        providers, protectors, and preservers of Traditional    Feathers, Red Wind, Walking Wolf, Hi-Bull, Hani-
recording. Drums include WHITEFISH BAY,                 ways - so they come first. During the Grand Entry       sha, Spirit Wind, Windy Rock and Red Hawk.
CHI-GEEZIS, NORTHERN WIND, BLACK                        the Traditional dancers often dance vigorously to       SSCT 4467       CD $15.98
LODGE and more.                                         show they are present and in top form. The origin
SSCT 4409      CD $15.98                                of the Men’s Traditional style of dance can be           - ...SHAKE SONGS
                                                        traced back to the Omaha Nation of the Central          Sneak Up Dance: The dancers imitate “sneaking
 - ...ROUND DANCE SONGS - VOLUME 2                      Plains. The various warrior societies wore regalia      up” on their enemies. This dance starts with the
During the long winter nights Native people gather      that distinguished their bravery and honor. The         dancer in a kneeling position. As the music starts,
for the Round Dance. This traditional dance             wearing of eagle feathers, crow belts, and colored      the dancer begins to shake his leg and begins to
inspires both young and old alike. It is a time for     marking served as signals of rank within certain        bend low to the ground as if hiding behind an
friendship and courtship as singers strive to bring     societies. 14 songs sung by WHITEFISH BAY,              object. As the music intensifies, the dancers begin
couples together to dance with the energy and the       RED BULL, HANISHA, FLY-IN EAGLE,                        to move their bodies and start to rise from the
infectious rhythms of their drums and singing. This     EYABAY, NORTHERN WIND and more.                         kneeling position into a low crouch and dance in a
collection brings you the World’s Best Round            SSCT 4434        CD $15.98                              zigzag pattern simulating running from place to
Dance Songs by the top North American Drum                                                                      place. 12 songs from Maza Duta, North Buffalo
Groups.      Drums include BLACK LODGE                   - ...WOMEN’S TRADITIONAL SONGS                         Cree, Brown Eagle, Tail Wind, Nehihewpwat,
SINGERS, CHI-GEEZIS, WHITEFISH BAY,                     This is a beautiful collection of Women’s               Walking Wolf, Eyabay, Hi Bull, First Nation Sing-
RED BULL SINGERS, LITTLE ISLAND CREE                    Traditional songs sung by some of the world’s most      ers, White Eagle, Lone Eagle Creek and Northern
and many more.                                          renowned drum groups. The women’s traditional           Wind.
SSCT 4411       CD $15.98                               style of regalia varies from one region and nation to   SSCT 4468       CD $15.98

                                                                                                                Prices subject to change without notice.
       24                                                             Pow Wow                                                       Drumbeat
 - ...CONTEST SONGS                                    Gun You’re Looking Good, Straight, Let Me Walk         Shakopee Mdewankanton Sioux Community Pow
The men’s and boy’s contests are held for Fancy,       You Home, Lonesome Again and ten more. Liner           Wow, THE BOYZ and YOUNG BIRD present
Grass and Traditional Dancing, which can be di-        notes on songs and performers.                         their newest songs in this live recording that reveals
vided into Northern and Southern Style and             SGRD 012596       (Out of Print.)                      all the dynamic beauty and energy of today’s pow
Straight Dancing. The women and girls compete in                                                              wow.
Fancy or Shawl Dancing, Jingle Dress and tradi-        - VOLUME 2                                             6334 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
tional Dancing. The Traditional Dancing can also       SGRD 111598        (Out of Print.)
be further divided into Northern and Southern Style
as well as Buckskin and Cloth Dress. 12 songs from     YA-IYO-WAZA                                            YOUNG BIRD / MIDNITE EXPRESS
Northern Wind, Pigeon Lake, Maza Duta, Chi-Key-        See the Sioux Catalog.                                 - SOUTHERN & NORTHERN STYLE POW
Wis Sons, Dead Horse Creek, Kau-Ta-Non Jrs.,                                                                  WOW
Eagle Tail, Buffalo Lake, Spirit Wind, Nehi-                                                                  Hear explosive singing and drumming from south
yewpwat, White Eagle and Whitefish Bay.                                                                       and north when YOUNG BIRD and MIDNITE
SSCT 4469 CD $15.98                                    YAKIMA NATION SINGERS OF SATUS                         EXPRESS come together. Grammy nominated
                                                       LONGHOUSE                                              YOUNG BIRD is a world championship drum
- ...GRAND ENTRY SONGS                                 See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.        from Oklahoma popular throughout pow wow
You can’t start a Pow Wow until you have the                                                                  country. From Minnesota, MIDNITE EXPRESS is
Grand Entry. Here are 14 Grand Entry Songs from                                                               rising rapidly to the top of the pow wow hit parade.
Black Lodge, Cree Spirit, Eagle Hill, First Nation                                                            The enduring spirit of today’s pow wow is felt
Singers, Grey Buffalo, Little Otter, Lone Eagle
                                                       YAMPARIKA SINGERS
                                                       See the Music of the Pacific Northwest Catalog.        through the beat of the drum and the power of song
Creek, Medicine Drum, Nehiyewpwat Singers, Red                                                                of these two groups. Ten songs - five from each
Sons, Wandering Sound Singers, White Eagle,                                                                   drum.
Whitefish Bay Jrs. and Youngblood Singers.                                                                    6361 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
SSCT 4491 CD $15.98                                    YELLOW HAMMER
                                                       See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
Throughout the Pow Wow circuits there is always a
                                                                                                              YOUNG BIRD / NORTHERN CREE
                                                       YELLOW JACKET                                           - DOUBLE PLATINUM
beautiful array of colorful dancers that are admired
                                                       - YELLOW JACKET                                        Two of Pow Wow’s most popular drums, one a
by thousands upon thousands of people. In North
                                                       Southern style pow wow.                                Northern plains style group (NORTHERN CREE)
America we have the Fancy Dancers, Jingle Dress
                                                       WORP 1025 (Out of Print)                               and the other singing in the style of the Southern
Dancers, Men’s and Ladies Traditional Dancers,
                                                                                                              plains (YOUNG BIRD), are featured side by side.
but it seems that the Tiny Tots steal the show. With
                                                       - TRIBUTE                                              Recorded live at the annual Ermine Skin Band Pow
their beautiful regalia and their innocent smiles,
                                                       WORP 1031        (Out of Print)                        Wow, their singing and drumming talents reveal all
these boys and girls are the next generation of the
                                                                                                              the dynamic beauty that is heard at today’s Pow
super dancers you will see at future competitions.
                                                                                                              Wow. Five songs by each group. Songs include
14 songs from Eyabay, Stoney Eagle, Red Bull,
                                                                                                              Beginner’s Luck, Free Flyin’, Whassup? and Baby
Gerald Waterhorn, Ray & Rhonda, Moose Moun-            YELLOW SPOTTED HORSE                                   Dolls II.
tain, Ojibway Travelers, Eugene Cardinal, Clayton      See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
                                                                                                              6347 Cassette $9.98 CD $15.98
Chief and Edward Runaround.
SSCT 4492 CD $15.98

 - ...FLAG/VICTORY SONGS                                                                                      YOUNG CONFEDERATION
                                                       YELLOWBIRD                                              - LATE NIGHT SESSIONS
In recent years, nearly every tribe has composed a      - ELITE
flag song, dedicated to the men and women who                                                                 Join in the “Late Night Sessions” jams of some of
                                                       Every now and then a musical event will take place     your favorite groups including Eyabay and Mistic
have served in the armed forces in various wars.       that creates an undeniable magic. This magic has
The flag songs are the Indian equivalent of the                                                               River. Also featuring D. Waskahat, W. Silais, N.
                                                       truly been captured here. YELLOWBIRD is a              Rikishi Pelly, T.J. Warren, and S. Walkingbear. 13
National Anthem; all stand as the song is sung.        collaboration project initiated by Conan Yellowbird
There is no dancing to this song, but all stand in                                                            songs.
                                                       involving the best singers from the most recognized    DNA 60073 CD $17.98
respect. Women whose father, brother or son is a       groups in Western Canada including
combat veteran may traditionally dance in peace.       WILDHORSE, BLACKSTONE SINGERS,
The Flag Song is sung at the beginning of most                                                                 - LOVE MEDICINE
                                                       NORTHERN CREE, SEEKASKOOTCH, YOUNG                     Another collection of round dance songs from
aboriginal activities. 14 songs from Black Lodge,      SPIRIT, and FLY-IN EAGLE. Elite is pure pow
Willow Creek, Youngblood Singers, North Buffalo                                                               Young Confederation. 13 songs including Love at
                                                       wow magic proudly delivered to you by pow              First Sight, As the Moon Shines, Crazy for You, and
Cree Jrs., Eagle Hill, Whitefish Bay, Pigeon Lake,     wow’s new super group, YELLOWBIRD. 15
Eagle Tail, Red Scaffold, Grey Buffalo, Chiniki                                                               three straight songs.
                                                       straight pow wow songs.                                DNA 60081 CD $17.98
Lake Singers, Whirlwind Signers, Red Sons and          AR 1190       CD $17.98
Silvercloud Singers.
SSCT 4493 CD $15.98
                                                                                                              YOUNG EAGLE CREE SINGERS
                                                       YOUNG BIRD                                             See the Cree Nation Catalog.
                                                       See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.
DANCE SONGS                                                                                                   YOUNG GREY HORSE SOCIETY
 - VOLUME 1                                                                                                   See the Blackfeet Catalog.
An excellent addition to your pow wow collection       YOUNG BIRD / THE BOYZ
or an excellent introduction to Round Dance pow         - DOWN 4 LIFE
wow. Round Dance is a healing circle that has          For the first time on the same recording, a Northern   YOUNG HEART SINGERS
been practiced among indigenous people in              plains and Southern plains style pow wow group         See the Sioux Catalog.
America since time immemorial. The Cree of             are featured together. THE BOYZ, a championship
Northwest Canada have exercised their version of       Northern style drum from St. Paul, Minnesota, have
the ceremony and in this manner they’re keeping        established themselves as one of pow wow’s hottest
their traditions and beliefs intact. The way of
                                                                                                              YOUNG KINGBIRD
                                                       groups through their powerful singing and
                                                                                                              See the Northern         Plains-Chippewa/Ojibway
singing is an integral part of the ceremony that has   distinctive songmaking skills.       From Pawnee,
its own history, personality and guidelines. The       Oklahoma, YOUNG BIRD, has blazed their way
drumming and singing is also a unique gift.            along the pow wow trail, thrilling dancers and
Featuring GREY EAGLE, MERVIN DREAVER &                 audiences with their world class Southern style
WHITEFISH JRS., MCGILVERY AND GREEN,                   singing. Both groups are in top demand on the          YOUNG SCOUTS
EDMUND BULL, MOSQUITO, SONGS OF                        modern pow wow circuit and travel extensively          - MEET YA AT THE ROUND DANCE
BEAR HILLS, RED BULL. Songs include: Son Of            throughout North America. Recorded live at the         Originally the “Amigos”, the YOUNG SCOUTS

Prices subject to change without notice.
       Drumbeat                                       Pow Wow                                25
were started by three young hand drummers - Brad,
Marc & Jeff. They changed their name when other
talented singers offered to teach them more about
Round Dance. Today, they are a much larger group
of friends who enjoy singing and entertaining.
YOUNG SCOUTS is made up of a number of lead
singers representing BLACKSTONE, WILD
12 songs including One True Love, I’m Movin On,
Cheque Day, and Choo.
SGYS 101002         (Out of Print.)

YOUNG SCOUTS are Brad Crain, Jeffery Crook-
edneck, Marc LongJohn, Randy Paskemin, Wavell
Starr, Sheldon Rainy, Allan Bonaise, Devere Tsa-
toke, Dale Morin, Troy Tootoosis, Darrell Paske-
min, Brian Waskewitch, Randy Pooyak, Lyle
Tootoosis, Terrance Littletent, Delia Waskewitch,
Wendy Singer and Cheetah. As you can see this
group represents a host of well known groups that
can be seen at round dances throughout the winter
months. This double CD has a lot of great singing
for your enjoyment. 22 songs including You
Betcha, Pay Day, Thing Called Love, Round-
dance.com, Standing Alone, and New Shoes.
SGYS 021004        (Out of Print.)

Young Scouts present 14 round dance songs.
Songs include The Coast, Hornz, Stomp & Slide,
Lonely Road, and The Stable.
DHOP 3600      CD $16.98

See the Cree Nation Catalog.

Singers: Randy Phelan, Gordell Wright, Wayne
Duncan, Micah Hunter, Jim Genia, Arthur Crippen,
Jeffrey Pegram, Tyson Merrick, Christopher
Pegram. Recorded May, 27, 1995 at the 2nd
Annual Cherokee Festival, Ambler Pennsylvania.
Songs include straights songs, intertribals, men’s
fancy, John Red Bird Song.
SSCT 4269      (Out of Print.)

Recorded at the 3rd Annual Cherokee Indian
Festival, Temple University, Ambler, PA. Singers:
Chris Pegram (Cherokee) - head singer; Wayne
Duncan (Cherokee) - drum keeper; Jeffrey Pegram
(Cherokee) - lead singer; Weyhan Smith
(Shinnecock); Gordell Wright (Shinnecock);
Honovi Smith (Shinnecock);           Micah Hunter
(Shinnecock); Bryan Kelly (Navajo). Includes:
Grand Entry, Veteran song, straight, Flag Song,
intertribals & intertribal (straight); Leaf’s Song,
crow hop, women’s traditional
SSCT 4309      (Out of Print.)

SSCT 4364  (Out of Print.)

See the Southern Plains/Oklahoma Catalog.

                                                                Prices subject to change without notice.

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