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					DRUG ARM Australasia
Annual Report 2006- 2007
To be recognised as a key provider of quality
alcohol and other drug prevention, treatment,
harm minimisation and support services.

Equipping people to make a positive change through
working with clients to provide prevention, treatment,
harm minimisation and support services.

The worth of each individual
Each individual who has contact with the organisation is
to be treated with respect and dignity based upon our
Christian principles of caring and supporting individuals.
The enhancement of skills,
opportunities, knowledge, personal
growth and safety of individuals
The organisation provides opportunities for clients,
volunteers and staff members to undertake training and
skills development processes to increase the capacity of
both the individuals and the organisation to better manage
alcohol and other drug situations. The organisation is
committed to providing and promoting a safe and healthy
workplace for clients, volunteers and staff members.
Integrity and accountability
The organisation is committed to achieving
accountability in all aspects of program and
service delivery including professionalism,
financial and human resource management.
Wise leadership based upon
vision and innovation
The organisation seeks to put research into action
through new and innovative action learning programs
and services in local communities to provide a
practical application for research theories.
   DRUG ARM Australasia is a non-government, non-profit organisation committed to
   the promotion of a healthy lifestyle without the use of unnecessary drugs.
   The name DRUG ARM comes from Drug Awareness, Rehabilitation and Management. We currently
   operate as a registered charity in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.
   DRUG ARM provides a vital outreach of compassion and caring through education, awareness, prevention
   and support programs in the area of alcohol and other drug use based on Christian philosophies.

CHAiR & eXeCUtiVe DiReCtoR’s ReVieW                          tHe CentRe foR ADDiCtion
From the Chairman                              2             ReseARCH & eDUCAtion (CARe)
From the Executive Director                    3             Project Highlights                           2
                                                             Resource Centre                              5
Program Principles                             5             MARketinG & fUnDRAisinG DiVision
National Programs Division                     5             Media                                        7
Treatment                                      5
                                                             CoRpoRAte seRViCes
Outreach and Youth                             6
                                                             Total Employees – 30 June 2007               8
stAtistiCs                                                   SOS Financial Support                        8
Treatment                                      7             Income & Expenditure 2006-07                 9
Outreach and Youth                             8             Our People                                   20
                                                             Our Staff                                    20
HiGHliGHts fRoM 2006-07                                      Supporters                                   23
Program delivery highlights                   0
Our Volunteers                                

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                 

fRoM tHe CHAiRMAn                                              2006-07 has seen our positive partnership programs
                                                               further developed and the overall contribution of our
                       During the 2006-07 year I
                                                               partners is greatly appreciated and acknowledged.
                       am pleased to report DRUG
                                                               These partnerships, with government, business,
                       ARM Australasia continued to
                                                               other agencies and community groups are the
                       provide quality interventions
                                                               backbone of our program delivery in three states. The
                       in the education, prevention,
                                                               future for DRUG ARM is to continue fostering and
                       training, outreach and treatment
                                                               developing these relationships in order to position
                       areas in New South Wales,
                                                               DRUG ARM in the most favourable position to take
                       Queensland and South Australia.
                                                               advantage of future opportunities. For a detailed
At the commencement of the year the directors                  look at our various programs delivered in New South
introduced a changed National Management Structure             Wales, Queensland and South Australia I would
with four specific national divisions. These divisions         refer you to our web site
are the Centre for Addiction Research and Education,
                                                               Our Board continues to examine ways to increase
the Programs Division, the Corporate Services Division
                                                               deployment of our limited resources in order to respond
and the Marketing and Fundraising Division.
                                                               to the increasing demand for our services. As Chairman I
The major change within this structure is the                  have always been concerned with the increasing number
streamlining of all outreach and treatment programs            of short term pilot programs (between 3 to 2 months)
to form the new Programs Division. I record my                 funded by the various governments. These programs,
appreciation to all members of the various state               once developed and implemented, reach a stage where
management teams for their understanding,                      they are having a positive impact on the community and
support and commitment to this new structure.                  many individuals, when the time inevitably expires. The
I am always amazed at the scope and reach of our               many clients helped by the program have to be exited
programs in the three states with the total programs           from the program back into a community with limited
and services delivered by DRUG ARM impacting                   or little support, which remains a significant cause of
upon 52,830 individuals in the last year. The Marketing        concern for the board. Overall, however, I welcome the
and Fundraising Team continued to undertake an                 increased confidences that both the State and Federal
amazing array of projects considering the limited              Governments are showing DRUG ARM Australasia
resources this division has at its disposal.                   by the increasing number of funded programs.

Our Centre for Addiction Research and Education                The directors continue to provide invaluable contribution
(CARE) continues to provide, through its Resource              through their overall governance and strategic insight.
Centre, a very effective information dissemination             The continuing injection of new staff ensures the
process. The work of this division is truly innovative         organisation continues to grasp fresh ideas and
which was highlighted in the development and                   perspectives. In closing I would like to thank my fellow
production of a ‘Safe Partying Kit’ funded by the Alcohol      board members for their continuing enthusiastic support
Education & Rehabilitation Foundation (AERF). This kit         and commitment to the organisation and its aims.
has been readily embraced by the communities where
the appropriate training has been provided. Schoolies
research continues to be the most significant research
project that DRUG ARM undertakes and this year was
the eighth year in a ten year longitudinal study. This year
the division continued its focus on workplace programs
and expanded its influence in the highly strategic field.
                                                               Mr Peter Henderson
                                                               Chairman of the Board

2                                                         DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                        CHAIR & eXeCUtIVe DIReCtoR’s ReVIeW

fRoM tHe eXeCUtiVe DiReCtoR                                 Department of Families, Community Services &
                                                            Indigenous Affairs (FaCSIA) who have continued
                      This is my 20th Annual Report
                                                            to fund programs during the last year.
                      to the DRUG ARM organisation.
                      I consider the mandate of             These grants were supplemented by the tremendous
                      providing leadership to DRUG          efforts of our Marketing and Fundraising Team,
                      ARM for this length of time as        which generated $752,070 to further assist with
                      an honour and a privilege, and        the provision of our programs and services.
                      I look forward to continuing to
                                                            A special note of appreciation is extended to all
                      serve for many years to come.
                                                            board members as well as the members of the
The year under review was again a busy year for             various state and project committees for the effort
all team members. 2006-07 was the year that we              and energies again this year. A special record of
acknowledged the 25 year anniversary of the DRUG            appreciation is recorded for the members of the Board
ARM name and programs. We also saw considerable             Executive Committee for the extra time and effort
change in how we manage our business with the               they willingly donate to DRUG ARM Australasia.
departure of Ms Krishna Heffernan and Ms Loretta
                                                            Finally, I extend my thanks and appreciation to all our
Manning from key management roles within the
                                                            staff and volunteers for their continuing dedication
organisation. There were numerous other staff whom
                                                            to the organisation and our clients during the year.
we welcomed and some we said goodbye to, including
                                                            I would also like to acknowledge and recognise the
the Librarian Ms Jillian Griffin, Personal Support
                                                            responsibility placed upon all members of our team
Program Coordinator Ms Donna Shrubsole and the
                                                            by our clients who approach DRUG ARM to seek
Toowoomba Regional Coordinator Ms Isobella Barber.
                                                            professional expert support for either themselves or
During 2006-07 the Program Division was                     other family members. This can be an overwhelming
reorganised from a management structure where               responsibility and one that we do not take lightly.
three State Managers reported to the Executive              And to our clients, thank you for the confidence you
Director, to one where the divisions are divided            continue to display in our organisation and staff.
into two specific areas: Treatment, and Outreach            We continually strive to provide you with the highest
and Youth. Ms Bianca Moerman, South Australian              quality professional and appropriate programs and
State Manager, was promoted to National                     services. We hope we are achieving our aim and
Programs Manager in February 2007 with the role             equipping you to make a positive change in your life.
to oversee program delivery for the organisation.
During 2006-07 DRUG ARM Australasia was successful
in securing major contracts from the Alcohol, Tobacco
and other Drug Services (ATODS) Queensland for four
clinical and two health prevention workers; from The
National Illicit Drug Strategy Community Partnerships
Initiative for Youth Peer Leadership and Family Support
Program (GET SET) Projects in both Queensland               Dr Dennis Young
and South Australia; The Alcohol Education and
                                                            Executive Director
Rehabilitation Foundation Ltd (AERF) for enhancing
our financial management systems; the Queensland
Gambling Community Benefit Fund for equipment for
the Resource Centre; the South Australian Community
Benefit SA for the employment of a fundraising officer.
As Executive Director I also appreciate the ongoing
funding that we receive from other partners, such
as the Department of Health & Ageing and the

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                        3
  During 2004, 24.4% of teenagers aged between
  14-19 consumed alcohol on a weekly basis

                                         31% of the Australian population aged 18-29 years has
                                         used at least one illicit drug in the previous 12 months

          During 2003, 15,511 deaths (11.7% of total deaths) were
          attributed to tobacco use in Australia; 3,430 deaths
          were attributed to the harms caused by alcohol
          use; and 1,705 were attributed to illicit drug use

                                  In 2005, 46% of injecting drug users surveyed for the Illicit Drug
                                  Reporting system had overdosed on heroin at some time in their life

                                                                                   Last year DRUG ARM provided support
                                                                                   to 31,924 homeless or at-risk
                                                                                   individuals, provided treatment
                                                                                   services to 11,206 clients, and provided
                                                                                   education sessions to 16,215 people.

Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra, Statistics on Drug use in Australia 2006
                                                                                    DRUG ARM PRoGRAMs

pRoGRAM pRinCiples                                             nAtionAl pRoGRAMs DiVision
All programs and services provided by                          The National Programs Division is responsible
DRUG ARM are committed to:                                     for overseeing program delivery in New South
                                                               Wales, Queensland and South Australia.
All programs and services to assist and support clients to     In 2006-07 a restructure took place, creating
become actively involved in improving their quality of life.   two divisions - Treatment and Outreach. The
                                                               interstate programs teams work together
Respect Clients
                                                               to keep programs consistent and support
All programs and services incorporate social justice           national best practice management principles
practices that ensure all clients seeking support from         and best practice program delivery.
DRUG ARM have equal access to programs and
services and are treated with respect and dignity.             tReAtMent
Client-Centred service Delivery                                The treatment division has many programs across
We ensure that the needs of the clients are central            the three states including: HART/CART/DART, FADS,
to all interventions delivered by the organisation.            FSP, GAADSS, QIDDI, PSP, and QMERIT Aftercare.

evidence-Based practice                                        The Home Assessment & Response Team (HART),
                                                               Community Assessment & Response Team (CART)
All programs and services to be based upon
                                                               and Drug Assessment & Response Team (DART) are
sound research and best practice models.
                                                               similar programs that operate in Queensland, South
Regular Monitoring, Reviewing and evaluation                   Australia and New South Wales. This program is a
All programs and services to be                                brief intervention program targeted at supporting
reviewed and evaluated annually.                               individuals and families who are experiencing harm
                                                               associated with illicit substance misuse. Clients are
outcome-Based practice
                                                               serviced through the provision of assessment, treatment
All programs and services to contribute to better
                                                               planning, interventions (including relapse prevention),
outcomes for clients, volunteers and staff.
                                                               case management, support and referral either in
Continual improvements                                         their home, the office or an alternate safe place.
To be committed to continual improvements                      In Toowoomba, the Family Assistance Drug Support
through the development of a learning culture                  (FADS) program is an early intervention program that
committed to best management practices.                        provides individuals and their families with the skills
Managing Risk                                                  and knowledge to make informed decisions about
                                                               options for drug treatment and support strategies for
To identify and manage risks for the benefit of clients,
                                                               themselves and their family members. We also operate
volunteers, visitors, staff and the community.
                                                               a Family Support Program (FSP) which offers support
Developing relationships with non-                             and assistance to families and children where a family
government and government agencies                             member has a family, relationship of parenting issue.
To developing partnerships that enhance the quality            The Goondiwindi Alcohol And Drug Support
of the intervention outcomes for the client.                   Service (GAADSS) provides a rural and remote
skilled staff                                                  intervention service for individuals and their families
                                                               who are experiencing harm through the use of
To acquire and maintain professional, skilled
                                                               alcohol and other licit and poly-drug use.
and motivated staff to work together in
coordinated multidisciplinary teams.

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                           5

                                                               oUtReACH AnD YoUtH
                                                               The outreach and youth divisions have 8 Street
                                                               Outreach Services across the three states, plus
                                                               the Mobile Outreach Support Health Project by
                                                               Integrated Teams (MOSHPIT) service in Queensland.
                                                               DRUG ARM’s Street Outreach Service is a mobile
                                                               patrol that engages individuals on the street who
                                                               are experiencing harm associated with alcohol and
                                                               other drug use, homelessness and mental health
                                                               issues. MOSHPIT provides a unique mobile outreach
                                                               and health service to substance affected people
                                                               including young people at risk of homelessness and
                                                               disadvantaged groups in inner city Brisbane, and
tReAtMent (ContinUeD)                                          includes onboard nurses and health workers.

PSP, Personal Support Program, delivers one-on-                Our youth division oversees the GET SET program
one support to clients with long term barriers to              in Queensland and South Australia, the Ipswich
employment. It is a bridge between short term crisis           Management of Public Intoxication Program (IMPIP),
                                                               Logan’s Time Out Centre and a southern outreach
services and employment assisted programs like Job
                                                               position working in the city of Marion in South Australia.
Network. PSP consultants offer a range of services
                                                               The aim of GET SET is to bring together young people
including (but not limited to) counselling, support,
                                                               at risk and to encourage and support them in building
advocacy, mediation, information and referrals to
                                                               strategies to develop protective factors within their
other community support agencies and primary
                                                               community. The Time Out Centre (TOC) provides
health and mental health workers. Participants in
                                                               assessment, support, brief treatment interventions,
PSP have been referred from Centrelink for individual
                                                               referrals and a safe place for Logan youth to stay
attention because they face difficult circumstances.           for a few hours while recovering from the effects of
DRUG ARM’s Queensland Illicit Drug Diversion                   Volatile Substance Misuse (VSM). IMPIP is a Street
Initiative (QIDDI) program offers support, intervention        Outreach patrol intervention for young people and
and referral to people who have personal problems              others who are intoxicated and in need of support
with illicit drug use. Areas currently serviced by             in the Ipswich CBD, Queensland. Services provided
QIDDI include: Brisbane, Ipswich, Mackay, Sunshine             include those of the Street Outreach Services,
Coast, Goondiwindi and Inglewood regions.                      emergency transport, crisis intervention, education,
                                                               referrals and connection to relevant service providers,
DRUG ARM’s Queensland Magistrates Early Referral               as well as diversionary programs for youth at risk.
into Treatment Program (QMERIT Aftercare) is a pilot
                                                               Thanks must be given to all volunteers who have
program funded for two years, which commenced in
                                                               participated in DRUG ARM programs during 2006-
November 2006, with client treatment services beginning
                                                               2007, without whom the provision of valuable
in January 2007 for the Maroochydore and Redcliffe
                                                               client services would not be possible.
jurisdiction. Through this program, QMERIT Aftercare
offers 2 -6 weeks of intensive case management to            For detailed individual program descriptions please refer
those who require ongoing support. Our clients are also        to the DRUG ARM website or for
offered interventions and referrals after successfully         a brochure phone your state office on 300 656 800.
completing the Queensland Health QMERIT program.
QMERIT is funded by Queensland Health and is
free of charge for clients accessing the service.

6                                                         DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007

treatment totals 2006-07
                                              New South             South
                                                waleS             auStralia   QueeNSlaNd     total
New Clients                                          73                 07         958          38
Exited Clients                                       3                 2         583           726
Total No. of Client Contacts                        8                 89       0206         206
Client Referrals                                     3                 570        3075          3676
No. of Program Volunteers                             7                  53           55          5
No. of Students                                                          9           28           38
Total Volunteer Hours                               8                3247      503.25      8459.25
No. of Volunteer Training Sessions                                       3            6           0

Queensland illicit Drugs Diversion initiative (QiDDi) totals 2006-07
Total no. of referrals                         36
Total ongoing sessions                         46
Total client contact hours                     2555.45 hours

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                          7

street outreach service (sos) totals 2006-07
                                      New South           South
                                        waleS           auStralia   QueeNSlaNd     total
No. of Patrols                             278               357          826        46
No. of Client Contacts                   8866               727        233       3924
Referrals/information given                456              2756         257        5369
Volunteers & Students                      38               7          278         587
Volunteer Hours                           33              3767      6708.35    3786.35

schoolies Week 2006
                                         Gold CoaSt             ViCtor harbor      total
Number of patrols                             0 days                   2 days    2 days
Number of staff                                     6                        4         0
Number of volunteers                               8                        9         27
Volunteer Hours                                   949                      28       077
Contacts/water supplied                        43000                      66      4466
Alcohol & Drug Information supplied            3000+                       N/A       3000
Supports                                          53                      N/A        53

8                                              DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007

time out Centre totals 2006-07
Total Number of Clients                                       296
Total Number of Indigenous Clients                            260
Number of clients returned once                                 75
Number of clients who return more than once                   22
Number of self referrals                                      278
Number of police referrals                                       7
Number of clients from other agencies                           8
Number of clients successfully managed into accommodation       9
Number of clients managed family/parental accommodation        20
Number of referrals to other agencies                          242
Number of referrals to in house programs                        39
Number of crisis sessions                                       55
Number of clients requiring medical treatment                   56
Number of transports provided                                  472
Number of occasions of overnight stays                        552
Average age of clients                                       5.3 years
Total admission                                               864
Total non admission( contacts)                                 49
Final Total                                                  283

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                            9
HIGHLIGHts fRoM 2006-07

pRoGRAM DeliVeRY HiGHliGHts                                   In South Australia, the outreach division received
                                                              donations of funds towards the purchase of two
                                                              new vehicles. Perpetual Trusts, the Adelaide City
2006-07 has been a very beneficial year for
                                                              Rotary Clubs, and Morialta Trusts made donations
Outreach across Australia, with new partnerships
                                                              that allowed us to replace an ageing vehicle in
developed and new services commencing.
                                                              the Western SOS, and the other to enable the
Queensland highlights include new partnerships                commencement of a SOS in the Adelaide City area.
between QuIHN and HHOT with DRUG ARM’s
                                                              Western SOS has brought many new challenges
MOSHPIT service, and corporate support from Boeing
                                                              for the Outreach Division, including a significant
who purchased a new SOS vehicle, a donation that
                                                              increase in clients from non-English speaking
meant that the service can continue to operate.
                                                              backgrounds. These challenges have been responded
The purchase of a new vehicle for Brisbane                    to through increased networking and the provision
meant that Toowoomba received an upgrade                      of extra training and resources for volunteers.
to allow the older van to be used by the
                                                              Support of our SOS in regional areas across New
Second-hand Clothing Store for pickups.
                                                              South Wales is another highlight for the last financial
The Toowoomba Second-hand Clothing Store has                  year. Woonona Presbyterian church ladies Bible
had a dramatic turnaround in the last year, with our          study group raised $2,230 for Wollongong SOS at
dedicated volunteers changing the layout inside,              a ‘car boot sale’, Northern Beaches SOS received
focusing on the better quality items to ensure that           donations of rechargeable lights from Bunnings at
stock is turning over rapidly, customers are returning        Belrose, the Warringah Rugby Club provided a large
many times, and our income is increasing rapidly.             water container and Curves at Frenchs Forest have
                                                              supported us by donating non-perishable food stuff
                                                              which was collected as part of their annual Food Drive.
                                                              Blacktown SOS has also received support through
                                                              the establishment of a local communities outreach
                                                              network group. This new body of service providers
                                                              in the Blacktown, Penrith and Nepean regions will
                                                              certainly help to ensure that the great work achieved
                                                              by DRUG ARM in the past will continue to carry on.
                                                              DRUG ARM once again had a large presence at the
                                                              annual Schoolies Week celebrations at Victor Harbor
                                                              and on the Gold Coast, providing mobile patrols for
                                                              the duration of the weekend. The teams at Schoolies
                                                              provide drinks and snacks to young people, and
                                                              information about harm minimisation. The teams at
                                                              Schoolies are also able to help with crisis intervention
                                                              and the provision of emergency transport when
                                                              required. Accommodation for Schoolies volunteers
                                                              was kindly donated by friends and supporters of
                                                              DRUG ARM, Anne and Richard Dean in South
                                                              Australia, and on the Gold Coast by Camp Burleigh.
                                                              Outreach has provided 46 patrols, coming
                                                              in to contact with 39,24 clients. DRUG ARM’s
                                                              Street Outreach Services continue to receive
                                                              excellent support from volunteers, donating
                                                              3,787 hours to our cause. Without our dedicated
                                                              volunteers the program could not exist.

0                                                       DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                                           HIGHLIGHts fRoM 2006-07

treatment                                                    In less than six months our Drug & Alcohol Response
QMERIT Aftercare continues to expand with the                Teams (DART) developed from a non-existent program
development of clear guidelines and working                  to a thriving service having already seen over 00 clients.
relationships with the Queensland Health QMERIT              Many organisations in the area have become aware
program. Strong relationships with other organisations,      of DART and are actively referring clients weekly.
especially building networks with the Sunshine               In total, our treatment programs were able to assist
coast drug and alcohol programs, has been a                  over 2,340 people, by providing counseling,
major focus over the last twelve months.                     employment assistance, treatment or interventions
Our treatment programs are also receiving strong             to help them make positive changes in their lives.
community support from Indigenous communities,
                                                             oUR VolUnteeRs
especially in Boggabilla and Toomelah where
the GAADSS program is expanding.                             2006-07 has been a great year for DRUG ARM
                                                             Australasia’s volunteer team. It has grown to 767
The CART program has received positive feedback
                                                             volunteers in the organisation, and we have estimated
from clients, other agencies, staff and volunteers. In the
                                                             that over 25,620 hours have been given to us by
previous 2 months new assessment protocols and
                                                             volunteers that provide the support needed to achieve
treatment polices have been introduced to the program,
                                                             targets in our outreach, treatment and education areas.
including the utilisation of a validated assessment and
treatment outcomes tool for clients. This will assist        Our volunteers are an extremely rich blessing to us
in ensuring the CART program is at the forefront of          and we thank each and every one of them for their
client service delivery and will allow the measurement       commitment and passion for the organisation. The time
of valid outcomes for clients. For the past 2 months,       they give is so valuable. Thank you for your tireless work
the CART program has operated to full client capacity,       in helping to equip our clients to make a positive change.
with a large number of referrals from other services in
addition to self referrals from clients. Networking and
collaborative relationships with other services providers
has been a focus for CART this year and a presentation
on the CART and FMC partnership was presented at
the annual Winter School Conference in Brisbane.
In New South Wales Wilson HTM provided funds
for the purchase of new computers and a data
projector. These new computers have significantly
helped to reduce the time required to prepare
documents, monitor client statistics, prepare client
notes, prepare training and information materials
thus enhancing the productivity and ability to
maximize service provision in NSW to our clients.
As part of the Western Sydney Illicit Drug Forum,
DRUG ARM was invited to address the parliamentary
committee, chaired by Bronwyn Bishop MP, to
discuss the impact of illicit drug use on families and
individuals in the Western Sydney Area. The Forum
provided DRUG ARM with the invaluable opportunity
to discuss the issues being faced by our clients
in Western Sydney. The Forum also served as a
valuable tool to discuss the valuable services being
offered by DRUG ARM and the positive impacts
that the programs are making to the community.

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                       
tHe CentRe foR ADDICtIon ReseARCH & eDUCAtIon (CARe)

CARE is a national division of DRUG ARM and                    pRojeCt HiGHliGHts
provides support to all programs and staff across
                                                               safer partying project
Australia. CARE’s core team of Librarian, Library
                                                               Funded by the Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation
Technician, Education & Training Coordinator and the
                                                               Foundation (AERF), CARE continued its program
Director grew in late 2006 with a second Education
                                                               of workshops to train community members to run
Officer and a dedicated Evaluation Officer.
                                                               local information sessions on preventing harms
CARE has again worked closely with Metro South,                at adolescent parties. Eighteen workshops were
Bremer and Southbank TAFEs, Griffith University,               held across New South Wales and Queensland to
QUT, University of the Sunshine Coast and University           complete this fully evaluated project. Although the initial
of Queensland, hosting students from a broad range             project is now complete, workshops are continuing
of faculties. The students contributed over 2300               in response to ongoing requests from communities
hours to a number of projects within the Division.             in need, many in regional and remote areas.
A student forum was held in October to showcase
                                                               evaluation projects
this work for the DRUG ARM Board, staff members
and academic supervisors. Volunteers supported                 CARE continued its national evaluation of DRUG ARM
administration, library and research work, contributing        programs. This complex project involved CARE staff
significant expertise and capacity to CARE projects.           and students in all states: evaluations of SOS programs
                                                               in NSW and SA and the FADS program in Toowoomba,
                                                               Qld, were completed in this financial year. CARE has also
                                                               completed evaluations of external programs including
                                                               Brisbane City Council’s Homeless Connect event.

2                                                        DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                    tHe CentRe foR ADDICtIon ReseARCH & eDUCAtIon (CARe)

Research and training Hub                               Research projects and Collaborations
With funding from the Community Gambling Benefit        QADREC (UQ): Amphetamine Treatment
Fund and the Independent Order of Rechabites,           Outcomes Study (in association with NDARC)
CARE has created a Research Hub in the Resource         QADREC (UQ): Data contributions to
Centre, with new computers, desks, equipment and        national EDRS and IDRS studies
resources. Also purchased were sets of Fatal Vision
                                                        Criminology (Griffith University): Youth crime
goggles for drug and alcohol awareness training.
                                                        prevention projects meta-analysis
schoolies Week Research                                 publications
During November 2006 CARE continued its 0-year         Salom CL and Griffin J (Eds), Matters of Substance
study of the drug- and risk-taking behaviour of young   2007 – teacher resource for high school education
people celebrating at Schoolies Week on the Gold
                                                        Groth DM, Caler AD and Salom CL, Triple S of Drugs
Coast. Responses now exceed 3,500 over 8 years;
                                                        – teacher resources for middle school education
this data was augmented again in 2006 by comparisons
with young people’s intentions for Schoolies Week.      Conference presentations
                                                        National Schoolies Week Forum, Gold Coast,
Policy research papers were prepared on the
                                                        August 2006 – Schoolies Research project
impact of police powers on homeless people
and the issues associated with supervised               International Crime Prevention Colloquium,
injection facilities. Submissions were also             Canberra, September 2006 – Community
                                                        Development as a Crime Prevention Strategy
made to National Amphetamine Strategy.
                                                        Australian Collaborative Education Network
                                                        Conference, Gold Coast, September 2006 – Workplace
                                                        Integrated Learning in Not-For-Profit Settings

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                               3
tHe CentRe foR ADDICtIon ReseARCH & eDUCAtIon (CARe)

education and training
In addition to significantly expanding our ongoing work with schools, we increased the number
of university and TAFE students reached with training sessions - important as they are at least
as much risk as school students, and are often neglected as a drug education target.
Skills development and training for the AOD and related sectors, including
parents, was a major focus during 2006-07, increasing the community’s
capacity to deal effectively with local issues. Our own volunteer
training courses were updated to meet changing program needs,
and staff trained for delivery of these. Specialised workshops on
drugs, intoxication and working effectively with young people were
developed and delivered for other organisations including:
•    Tackling Life – a continued collaboration with Mitchelton Rugby
     League Club’s life skills program for school students
•    Riverton Early Parenting Centre
•    Scripture Union trainee Chaplains
•    Bray Park State High Special Education Unit
•    One Tribe Inala Indigenous youth support services
•    Bond University Masters of Education course
•    UQ Foundation College for recently-arrived overseas students
•    Brisbane City Council.
Workplace drug issues were of increasing concern. Information
and training workshops on managing workplace drug
issues were developed for corporate clients including: Rio
Tinto Aluminium, CleanAway Rubbish Removals, Gold
Coast TAFE, Centrelink and Australian Health Management.
education & training summary
                                                                  No of           partiCipaNtS    partiCipaNtS
type of preSeNtatioN                        loCatioNS            SeSSioNS            2006-07         2005-06
Displays                                          5                    5                55          3 000
University & TAFE                                                  9                  720            238
Schools & Colleges                               85                 38              0 29            6828
Parent Student workshops                          5                    5                 08             60
Teacher training                                  5                    5                  45             30
P&F/P&C Groups                                                                          30            00
Community groups                                 28                  3                  595            297
Youth groups                                      3                    3                  40            20
Churches                                          2                                      5            260
Church/theological colleges                       2                    2                  33             25
Corporate training                               2                   7                 327             42
Volunteer training                               3                   4                 40            402
Conference presentations                          4                    4                 840            200
Police                                                                                   7             
Media Interviews                                 43                  43                   43             65
Research                                          5                  2                 740          2 655
Total                                           228                 305               6 25         2 227

4                                                       DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                    tHe CentRe foR ADDICtIon ReseARCH & eDUCAtIon (CARe)

ResoURCe CentRe
The Resource Centre is based in Brisbane but supplies information and materials across Australia. An increased
focus on electronic access, document delivery and links with other libraries shows results in the increased use of
journals and professional development materials by staff (including volunteers) and increased external access by allied
professionals, including those from regional and remote areas. Supply of fact sheets and program information to the
public continues, but by providing links to the website and information in electronic format, the RC has reduced its
printing costs. As well external events, displays were developed for the following occasions: International Women’s
Day, Children’s Book Week, Mental Health Week, National Science Week, Drug Action Week and Volunteers Day.
Resource Centre summary
                                                                                        total               total
CoNtaCt type                                                                           2006-07             2005-06
Loans                                                                                      97                 805
News articles supplied                                                                     774                 549
Journal articles supplied                                                                  760                 529
e-Information awareness sent                                                               200                  94
e-Newsletters sent                                                                         87                  7
New members (inc corporate)                                                                 66                  59
New borrowers                                                                              33                  98
Acquisitions - new items catalogued                                                        790                 640
OPAC (catalogue) usage                                                                   6 80               6 82
Information requests (inc those requiring extensive search/synthesis)                      783                 747
Materials supplied (brochures, fact sheets etc)                                        22 605              33 39

top 20 web pages for 2006-2007
Total page views 2006-07: 28,35

                                        paGe ViewS
Home                                        42,496
Resources A-Z                               22,929
Programs - Qld                              2,607
Resources Introduction                       8,709
Search                                       7,253
Employment                                   6,396
Resources Factsheets                         5,972
Volunteer Training                           4,00
Support - Volunteer Programs                 4,2
About Us                                     4,86
Programs - NSW                               4,025
Programs - SA                                4,004
Contact Us                                   3,898
Latest News                                  3,87
Program Principles                           3,779
Upcoming Events                              3,674
Reports                                      3,624
Training                                     3,298
Get Involved                                 3,255
Online Catalogue                             3,42

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                            5

Fundraising plays an integral role in the success            The National Marketing and Fundraising Division was
of DRUG ARM’s programs and services. As a not-               responsible for producing a number of publications
for-profit organisation DRUG ARM relies on the               during 2006-07. Some of these publications include:
generous contributions of our many corporate and             Matters of Substance (3rd edition), Brisbane Charity
private donors and supporters and volunteers.                Golf Day brochure, Jazz Concert sponsorship brochure,
                                                             Reaching Out newsletter, Resource Centre Alcohol
This year has been an extremely busy year for the
                                                             and Drug fact sheets, and volunteer training forms.
fundraising and marketing division Australia-wide.
We owe our thanks to everyone who has supported              Included in the many successful events held during the
our fundraising activities over the past year by             past year to raise funds for DRUG ARM Australasia were:
nominating one of our programs as the beneficiary            golf days, art shows, quiz nights, book fairs and circus
of an event, attending our events, participating in          days, raising $752,000. These fundraising activities
our appeals and donating to our campaigns.                   contributed 20% of the annual revenue, the second
                                                             highest contributor after federal and state grants.
The fundraising strategies and campaigns for
DRUG ARM this year included direct mail appeals,             Our fundraising efforts are supported by our strong
telemarketing campaigns, newsletter appeals,                 ties with the corporate community. In particular,
sponsorship appeals, lapsed donor telemarketing              business support of our telemarketing partnerships
campaigns, and special event fundraising.                    has been outstanding, generating just over
                                                             $457,000 for DRUG ARM, through hosting Circus
Direct mail campaigns during 2006-07 included our
                                                             Spectaculars, Movie days, and Trips to the Zoo. A
annual membership appeal, tax appeal, Christmas
                                                             highlight of our tele-fundraising efforts is the new
appeal and Christmas card brochure, annual general
                                                             partnership developed with the Leukaemia Foundation
meeting appeal and the bi-annual Reaching Out
                                                             in New South Wales and South Australia.
newsletter, all of which exceeded the previous year’s
income of $73,870, bringing in $80,345 or % of             We have also built successful partnerships with
our total 2006-07 income. The major strength of our          community and service club groups. This has resulted
campaigns has been the better use of our database,           in the offering of assistance in the planning and running
allowing us to target specific donors, which in turn         of joint activities that markets and fundraises for both
has reduced our costs and increased our return.              organisations. It is a win/win for all groups concerned.

6                                                      DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                          MARketInG & fUnDRAIsInG DIVIsIon

                                                            What your support is providing
                                                            Your contributions to the above appeals, events and
                                                            donations have given us the opportunity to provide:
                                                            •   Outreach services in Queensland and New South
                                                                Wales, including covering the costs of consumables
                                                                and staffing, so that these services can continue
                                                                to assist the homeless, youth on the streets, and
                                                                those in need that require some extra care.
                                                            •   Educational resources to be used by students,
                                                                teachers and the community to educate and inform
                                                                young people about alcohol and other drugs
                                                                and healthy choices eg. Matters of Substance
                                                            •   Online information, available 24-7
MeDiA                                                           anywhere in the world, that is current,
                                                                accurate and easy to understand
Media exposure this past year has been extensive,
with our events receiving great coverage across local       •   Computers and other electronic equipment so that
publications and airways. Keeping the community                 our staff and volunteers are able to provide the
updated with the latest news on drugs and alcohol,              most efficient and effective services to our clients
especially correct and factual information, is a vital      fundraising income 2006-07
part of our service. The communications team, in
                                                            Total: $752,070
partnership with the Centre for Addiction Research
& Education (CARE) sent out media releases and
                                                                                                  Other Donations           20%
responded to calls in regards to special events,
calls for volunteers, in response to a topical issue,                                             Telemarketing             60%
such as drugs in sport, or for a special awareness
                                                                                                  Events                    9%
campaign such as Drug Action Week or Schoolies.
                                                                                                  Direct Mail Appeals 11%
Popular topics included:
•   Drug use statistics for local and national profiles
                                                            *Includes: corporate, individual, Church and other donations,
•   Schoolies Week and school drug education
                                                            including workplace giving, bequests and online.
•   Emerging drug trends such as GHB, ice/
    amphetamine and ecstasy use                             thank you to supporters
                                                            The National Marketing and Fundraising Division thanks
•   Young people’s alcohol consumption, binge
                                                            all those who have assisted in making the task of raising
    drinking, parties and marketing issues
                                                            funds and marketing the organisation so much easier.
•   Drug testing and use in the workplace.
                                                            The year ahead will as always be a challenge to
DRUG ARM is now being recognised as a key                   all, however with the work being done by those
provider of accurate and on-time drug and alcohol           associated with DRUG ARM, particularly in the
information. The media continues to be a strong             areas of Marketing and Fundraising, we have a great
supporter of DRUG ARM’s work in the community.              base to work with and for this we say thank you.
                                                            A full list of supporters can be found
                                                            at the end of this report.

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                                               7
CoRPoRAte seRVICes

Corporate Services is responsible for the financials of DRUG ARM across all states, as well as providing support to the
Board of Directors, administration coordination, human resource management and financial accountability. Corporate
Services also supports staff and volunteers by providing clear and concise policy and procedure guidelines.
Staff numbers continue to increase as new program are implemented and recurrent programs continue.
DRUG ARM Australasia now employs 79 in three states. This is an increase of 8.5% on last year.

totAl eMploYees – 30 jUne 2007

                   full      part            total
loCatioN           time      time     CaSual 2006-07
National Office   0         5               5
NSW                         4                5
QLD                9        36           2   47
SA                 2        0               2

In 2006-07 DRUG ARM records a surplus of $39,239, reflecting the high costs associated with the running of our many
programs and services. This is an increase of 3.26% on 2006 and although DRUG ARM Australasia’s objective is
not to make a significant surplus it is necessary to provide funds for the future development of unfunded programs.
Government grants and community trusts and foundations, alongside fundraising and philanthropic support, continue to
be major income streams, while support from the Drug Awareness and Relief Foundation helps to maintain expenditure.
Total income generated for the 2006-07 financial year was $4,334,738 and total program expenditure was $4,295,499.

sos finAnCiAl sUppoRt
toowoomba second Hand outlet store, Queensland
                                       2006-07 total
Total volunteer hours                           5832
Total number of sales                           5929
Total Sales                                  $22,830
A full copy of audited financial statements is available by contacting the National Office on (07) 3620 88
or by visiting

8                                                       DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                                       CoRPoRAte seRVICes

inCoMe & eXpenDitURe 2006-07                        overview of national Use of funds
                                                    (expenses) 2006-07
overview of national income 2006-07
                            2006-07     2005-06     reGioN/area               2006-07 $     2005-06 $
from                            $           $       New South Wales              33,83      406,222
Federal Government            562,0    640,087    Queensland                 2,57,656    2,080,707
State Government            ,25,545     75,3   South Australia             600,88       568,84
Local Government              247,038    70,45    CARE                          347,7     306,754
Community Grants              33,244     7,05   Corporate Services           487,709       45,93
Fundraising                   59,885     827,74   Marketing & Fundraising      37,06      302,854
Partnerships                 238,834     250,692    total expenses            4,295,499      4,117,311
Sale Resources,
Services & Interest           440,726     432,305
                                                    Surplus                    $ 39,239       12,266
Donation – Parent Company     797,365     922,506
total income                4,334,738   4,129,577

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                      9
CoRPoRAte seRVICes

oUR people                                                fundraising & Marketing
the Board                                                 Ray Crompton, National Marketing
                                                          & Fundraising Manager
Mr Peter Henderson, Chairman
                                                          Natalie Connell, National Administration
Mr Bevon Luhrs, Treasurer
                                                          & Publications Officer
Dr John Roulston, Deputy Chair
                                                          Josie Loth, National Marketing &
Dr Dennis Young
                                                          Communications Coordinator
Major Brian Watters AO
                                                          Stephanie Bowler, Marketing & Fundraising
Ms Leonie Short                                           Coordinator, Queensland
Mr David Watts                                            Kerry Southwell, Marketing & Fundraising
                                                          Coordinator, South Australia
oUR stAff (As At 30 jUne 2007)
                                                          Julia Hodge, Marketing & Fundraising
executive Director
                                                          Assistant, South Australia
Dr Dennis Young
                                                          national programs
Corporate services
                                                          Bianca Moerman, National Programs Manager
Heather Pitt, Corporate Services Manager
                                                          Matthew Geracitano, New South
Betony Bickford, National Administration Manager          Wales Programs Coordinator
Carol McGowan, Assistant Administration/Bookkeeping
                                                          Carmen Pasapera, New South Wales DART
Corporate Services & Fundraising Database
                                                          Treatment Coordinator (from November 2006)
Robyn McMillan, Assistant to Corporate Services Manager
                                                          Carol Gannon, South Australia Treatment Manager
Centre for Addiction Research                             Sam Raven, South Australia Outreach Manager
& education (CARe)
                                                          Ashley Edwards, Queensland Outreach Manager
Caroline Salom, Director
                                                          Mark Brown, Queensland Treatment Manager
Audra Caler, Education Officer
Corrinne Hills, Librarian
Kurt Maroske, Evaluation Officer
Michael Watts, Education & Training Coordinator

20                                                   DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                                              CoRPoRAte seRviCes

new south Wales                                         Chantal Masters, Goondiwindi QIDDI Project
Rowena Stulajter, Northern Beaches SOS Coordinator      Worker & GAADSS Coordinator
Amanda Turner, Wollongong SOS Coordinator               Juanita Mason, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
Darin Welsh, Newcastle SOS Coordinator                  Laurie Naden, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
Queensland                                              David Peterson, Nambour QMERIT Support Worker
Brigid Anderson, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker   Sarah Pryke, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
Kerri Avern, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker       Maree Richardson, Brisbane PSP Project Officer
Joanne Aitchison, Mackay QIDDI Project Worker           Leigh-Anne Scoble, Time Out Centre
                                                        Youth Support Worker
Jane Bett, QIDDI Diversion Coordinator
                                                        Christine Sachs, Ipswich QIDDI Project
Deeanna Brown, Ipswich PSP Project Officer
                                                        Worker & HART Project Officer
Robyn Deakin, Administration Officer
                                                        Emmaline Smith, Gold Coast PSP Project Officer
Kimberley Dillon, HART Coordinator
                                                        Sally Smith, Time Out Centre Coordinator
Joe De Kleijn, SOS & MOSHPIT Project Officer
                                                        & IMPIP Youth Worker
Scott Dodd, Gold Coast SOS Outreach
                                                        Natalie Studdert, QMERIT Coordinator
Coordinator & Youth Support Worker
                                                        Dana Tangimetua, State Administration Co-ordinator
Liz Downing, South-West Queensland Team Leader
                                                        Clare Thomas, Get Set Coordinator
Kristy Fosdike, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
                                                        Laufoli Tulisi, Ipswich QIDDI Project Worker
Janet Fitzgibbons, Brisbane PSP Project Officer
                                                        Jacinta Vaisnys, FSP Coordinator
Shannon Goodall, PSP Coordinator
Werner Grimm, Sunshine Coast QIDDI Project Worker
Nicole Hammill, PSP Project Officer
Dorothy Hill, South-West Queensland
FADS Project Officer
Kara Holmwood, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
Jillian Johnson, Brisbane QIDDI & HART Project Worker
Annette Kootoofa, Time Out Centre
Youth Support Worker
Jim McMillan, Time Out Centre Youth Support Worker
Kurt Maroske, QMERIT & Treatment
Administration Officer

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                                               2
CoRPoRAte seRviCes

south Australia                                         Donors and Members
Glenn Clarke, SOS Volunteer Support Worker              DRUG ARM thanks the hundreds of individuals,
Jacqui Christopoulos, Western SOS Support Worker        families, businesses, service clubs, community
                                                        groups, religious groups, philanthropic organisations
Veronica Fruend, CART Project Officer &
                                                        and others who have donated to appeals, responded
Southern Outreach Youth Worker
                                                        to requests, attended events or made a donation,
Rebecca Johnson, CART Assistant Project Officer
                                                        however small or large, throughout the past year. Our
Melanie Lovejoy, Southern Administration                membership continues to grow each year, making a
and Support Worker                                      significant contribution to our programs and services.
Jeff Roberts, SOS Volunteer Support Worker              We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation
Heidi Tregeagle, State Administration Officer           to each and every person who has helped us to
                                                        make positive change in people’s lives. Thank you.
Rhona Wood, State Administration Coordinator
                                                        service Clubs & Community Groups
                                                        Dapto Anglican Church
                                                        Gawler Baptist Church
                                                        Goodna RSL Services Club Inc
                                                        IOR Friendly Society Limited
                                                        Ipswich Cats AFC
                                                        Lions Club of Glenside
                                                        Lions Club of Robina Inc
                                                        Lions Club of Toowoomba Inc
                                                        Miranda Uniting Church - Second
                                                        Chance Opportunity Shop Gymea
                                                        Mt Pritchard District Community Club (Mounties)
                                                        Parish Community of St Therese & St Anthony
                                                        Rotary Club of Brisbane High Rise
                                                        Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise
                                                        Rotary Club of Glenelg
                                                        Rotary Club of Hamilton
                                                        Rotary Club of Manly Sunrise
                                                        Rotary Club of Pittwater Inc
                                                        Rotary Club of South Adelaide
                                                        Rotary Club of Stanthorpe Inc
                                                        Rotary Club of Stones Corner
                                                        Rotary Club of Tea Tree Gully
                                                        Rotary Club of Wollongong
                                                        Uniting Church – Mudgeeraba
                                                        Western Suburbs Leagues Club Illawarra

22                                                 DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
                                                                   CoRPoRAte seRVICes

                                            Corporate partners & sponsors
                                            A to Z Embroidery
                                            Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation Pty Ltd
                                            ANZ Private Bank, Staff Foundation
                                            Aussie Mozzie Tubes
                                            Australia Post
                                            Australian Opal Cutters
                                            Bank of Queensland
                                            Barcode Products
                                            Boeing Australia Ltd
                                            Brambles Industries Limited
                                            Brighter Ideas Pty Ltd
                                            CAF Australia Ltd
                                            Camp Burleigh
                                            Day Business Solutions
                                            Dr Duncan McFettridge, MP
                                            Force One Finance
                                            Giles Computers
                                            Goodna RSL Services Club Inc
                                            Habania Pty Ltd
                                            Hella Australia Pty Ltd
                                            IB Coaching
                                            IP Foodservices Australia
                                            K J Poole Accounting Firm
                                            Landwaste Equipment Qld
                                            Macquarie Entities Ltd
                                            Minter Ellison Lawyers
                                            Minter Ellison Lawyers
                                            Mt Pritchard District Community Club
                                            Perpetual Trustee Company
                                            PR Print
                                            Punch Joseph & Associates
                                            Salmat Document Management Solutions
                                            San Remo Macaroni Company Pty Ltd
                                            St George, South Australia
                                            Tony Lowe & Co
                                            Wagstaff Piling Pty Ltd
                                            Wendy Higgens, Mortgage Choice, Glenelg
                                            Westfield Marion
                                            Westfield Tea Tree Plaza
                                            Wilson HTM Investment Group

DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007                                              23
CoRPoRAte seRVICes

Government & Community Grants                           partnership fundraising program
Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation                    Communitel Pty Ltd
Foundation Ltd (AERF)                                   Mater Foundation
Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing   Rotary Club of Adelaide West Inc
Australian Government Department of                     Rotary Club of Liverpool West Inc
Family and Community Services
                                                        Rotary Club of Toowong
Brisbane City Council
                                                        Spastic Centre of SA
City of Holdfast Bay
                                                        United Way South Australia Inc
City of Marion
                                                        Variety Queensland, The Children’s Charity
City of Mitcham
                                                        Variety New South Wales, The Children's Charity
City of Onkaparinga
                                                        new organisational members/supporters
City of Playford                                        among 2006-07 library clients include:
City of Port Adelaide Enfield                           Policing forces: Brisbane Youth Detention
City of Salisbury                                       Centre, Queensland Police Academy (Oxley),
City of Tea Tree Gully                                  Mt Gravatt Police, Townsville Police and the
                                                        School-based Police Service (Caboolture)
Community Benefit SA
                                                        Health and community services: ATODS Mackay,
Drug and Alcohol Services SA (DASSA)
                                                        Crestmead Community Health Centre, Discovery
Ipswich City Council
                                                        Coast Community Health Centre, South West Healthy
Newcastle City Council                                  Communities Program, Charleville, Pine Rivers
Perpetual                                               Neighbourhood Centre and The Centre, Rockhampton
Queensland Health                                       School Libraries: Charleville, Mt St Michaels
South Australian Department of Health                   and Sunshine Coast Grammar

St George                                               Public Libraries: Maryborough, Jondaryn,
                                                        Gatton, Charleville and Bowen Shire
Sunshine Foundation
                                                        Family First political party, South
Town of Gawler
                                                        Australian Parliamentary library
United Way SA

24                                                 DRUG ARM AUstRAlAsiA - AnnUAl RepoRt 2006-2007
National Office
Level 2, 24 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Qld 4006
GPO Box 590, Brisbane, Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3620 8811 Fax: (07) 3620 8812

New South Wales Office
1/14 Court Road, Fairfield, NSW 2165
PO Box 1030, Fairfield, NSW 1860
Phone: (02) 9755 0596 Fax: (02) 9755 0593

Queensland Office
Level 1, 24 Hamilton Place, Bowen Hills, Qld 4006
GPO Box 590, Brisbane, Qld 4001
Phone: (07) 3620 8800 Fax: (07) 3620 8801

South Australia Office
38 Unley Road, Unley, SA 5061
Phone: (08) 8373 5364 Fax: (08) 8373 5367

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