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									                                 Parish Life
                  For the week of May 29, 2011
       Christ Church Today         Welcome to Christ Church
8:00 am–1:00 pm Infant Caring Room—this space is              historic church and living congregation, we seek to
         geared to baby care and provides a video             embody God’s unbounded love by embracing,
         link to the worship service. (Parish House      liberating, and empowering people, whoever they
         across from nurseries)                          are and wherever they find themselves on their
8:00 am–1:00 pm Nursery Childcare for infants and        journeys of faith. Please join us.
         children through age two in St. Matthew’s         For information about Christ Church or
         Infant Room, and for children ages three        membership, please complete the Welcome Card in
         and four in St. Bartholomew’s Room.             the pew rack and put it in the offering plate. If you
         (Parish House) These rooms are available        are new to our community or just visiting, please
         for your convenience. Children of all ages      sign the Guest Book on the table in the portico.
         are welcome at every service.
8:45 am–1:00 pm Christ Church Gift Shop open.
         All profits benefit Outreach & Mission.
8:00 am    Holy Eucharist
8:45 am    Coffee Hour (Library)
9:00 am    Holy Eucharist
10:15 am   • Farewell Gathering for the Rev. Erika
           Takacs (Churchyard)
	          •	Second Reading: Lectionary-based
           Bible Study (St. John’s Room) Join
           others to read ahead to next Sunday’s
           lessons, focusing on the Epistle lesson and
           what application these Bible passages can
           have for us now.
11:15 am Holy Eucharist
12:15 pm Coffee Hour (Churchyard)
5:00 pm Holy Eucharist

                                                                             Gift Shop
                   Welcome                                   Sunday 8:45 am–1:00 pm; Tuesday – Saturday
We welcome Jim Jones; Peter Harper; Alfred                         10:00 am–4:00 pm; 703-836-5258
Waite, Jr.; Brent & Pam James; Gary & Gail               Have you seen our whimsical bicycle wall sculpture?
Sehorn; Randy Pierson; Elizabeth Grant; and              This 25” x 36” metal bike is perfect for a sun room,
Chester H. Berg—all of whom visited us recently.         deck, balcony, or beach house. Pop a potted plant
Our visitors honor us by their presence.                 in the bike’s basket and you have created wall art. A
                                                         coordinated metal bird cage planter is also a lovely
                                                         accessory for your home. Stop by soon!

                118 N. Washington St.                    Free Parking
                Alexandria, VA 22314                     Cunningham’s Funeral Home on Sundays until 1:00 pm.
                   From Washington St., take Cameron St. two blocks west,
                                                         turn right on N. Alfred St., and right into lot.
 This Week at Christ Church                                                            A Look Ahead
Monday, May 30                                                       June 5 is a Full Day from Start to Finish
offices closed                                                       Join us at the 9:00 am service for student recognition
10:00 am Memorial Day Service of Morning                             and Scout Sunday with youth preacher Ashley
         Prayer (Wilkes St. Cemetery) Rain or                        Esquivel. Come to the 11:15 am service to
         shine. From Duke St., take S. Henry St.                     meet Bishop Johnston and witness Receptions,
         to the next light, turn right on Wilkes St.,                Reaffirmations, and Confirmations. A reception to
         and go to the end. There is street parking                  honor all will follow in the Auditorium. Come back
         before the cemetery and parking along                       at 5:00 pm for the Hymn Fest featuring Dr. Gerre
         Wilkes St. and S. Payne St. before the                      Hancock and four full choirs. Stay for the festive
         cemeteries. Bring chairs if you desire.                     garden reception that will follow.
Tuesday, May 31                                                      Bring Your Coffee Mug on June 5
10:00 am Small Group Bible Study (PH Small                           The Environmental Stewardship Team has scheduled
         Conference Room)                                            a Coffee Mug morning for Sunday, June 5, on which
6:00 pm Christ Church Bridge Group (McMurray                         we will end using Styrofoam or paper cups. Please
         Commons)                                                    make the effort to bring your own mug (or glass for
6:45 pm Education for Ministry (EfM) (Fowler                         lemonade or water) to church that morning and on
         Conference Room)                                            future Sundays. We will be better stewards of the
Wednesday, June 1                                                    environment by purchasing fewer disposable cups, and
7:15 am Morning Prayer (Chapel)                                      running the dishwasher less.
12:05 pm Holy Eucharist (Chapel)
         Please join us at our regular Wednesday                     Join in an Interfaith Conversation
         Eucharist as we celebrate the Visitation of                 with our Muslim Brothers & Sisters
         the Blessed Virgin Mary (trans.)                            Sheika Farhananz Ellis, Director of the Interfaith
7:00 pm • Christ Church Knitting Club (FH                            and Community Outreach Committee at the All
         Back Lounge Area)                                           Dulles Area Muslim Society, (ADAMS Center),
	        •	Covenant Class (PH Lower Level 2)                         who was our faith formation presenter earlier this
Thursday, June 2                                                     month, has invited us to come to the Center for
7:00 pm Daughters of the King Study Group                            lunch, conversation, and to observe prayers on
         (St. John’s Room)                                           Saturday, June 11, 12:00 noon–2:00 pM. Space
8:00 pm Christ Church Choir (Choir Room)                             is limited to 25. If you are interested in attending,
saTurday, June 4                                                     please contact the Rev. Ann Gillespie at agillespie@
9:00 am Labyrinth Prayer Walk (McMurray                    
         Commons)                                                    June 12 Starts Our Summer Schedule
                                                                     Starting on Pentecost Sunday, June 12, and continu-
To learn about other upcoming Christ Church
                                                                     ing through Open House on September 11, we will
activities, go to the web calendar at
                                                                     have three services on Sunday. The services will be
                                                                     held at 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 5:00 pm.

                 Vestry                        Clergy               The Rt. Rev. Jane Holmes Dixon,       Clergy Residents
     Liz Rudolph, Senior Warden      The Rev. Pierce W. Klemmt,         Director of Foundations       As a teaching congregation,
   Brian Wommack, Junior Warden                Rector                   for Spiritual Leadership          Christ Church offers
          Jim Totten, Treasurer        The Rev. Ann Gillespie,       The Rev. Dr. Diane G. Murphy,     experience in ministry and
     Jeff Dienno, Paula Dubberly,    Associate Rector for Worship           Priest Associate        mentoring, as well as support by its
   Dorothy Friedlander, Elaine Ho,         & Pastoral Care                  Melanie Mullen,            members in developing the spiritual
            Laura Humphrey,                                                  Seminarian                  leadership of these residents:
                                       The Rev. Erika Takacs,
    Ann McMurray, Ridge Multop,       Associate Rector for Faith                                            The Rev. Nick Myers
   Betsy Thompson, Bob Thomson,                                              M. Jason Abel,                The Rev. Justi Schunior
                                      Formation & Evangelism                Director of Music
               Joe Walsh
             FAITH FORMATION.

Education for Ministry (EfM)
                                                                         Saints Alive
                                                        Do you have a saint you’d like recognized?
EfM is a four-year course of study by the School of     Please submit the information to Suzanne
Theology of the University of the South at Sewanee      Froman at
that covers the Old Testament, New Testament,
Church history, liturgy, and theological trends        Blessings on...
and movements in the Church. EfM can be taken            ✠ Mary Dixon Hutcheson for refreshments on
one year at a time. Study is in a small group and        May 22.
is guided by a trained mentor. To explore joining
                                                         ✠ Mrs. Joan G. Ogilvy Holden, Head of St.
the EfM group at Christ Church, or to get more
                                                         Stephen’s & St. Agnes School, who received
information, contact Ridge Multop at 703-360-1870
                                                         an honorary doctorate at Virginia Theological
                                                         Seminary at the May 2011 graduation.
           OUTREACH & MISSION                            ✠ Mary Ann Bier for her faithful work with
For information, please contact Michele Smith at         the volunteers for the Carpenter’s Shelter Re-
703-778-4937 or                       ception desk and to all those who volunteered
                                                         at the desk this past Friday.
       June ouTreach aT chrisT church                    ✠ All those who donated food during the
   For our Lazarus guests, we invite and encourage       month of May that was given to the ALIVE!
   donations of men’s underwear (size M–XXL)             Food pantry to serve the hungry of Alexandria.
   undershirts, briefs and/or boxers, packages of
   women’s underwear, Haines or Fruit of the             ✠ All the children, moms, and dads that were
   Loom (size M–XL). The client choice food              involved in the Outreach Project on Outreach
   pantry needs donations of canola cooking oil,         Sunday.
   salad dressings, and condiments that include          ✠ Ann Spitler, Cullen Phillips, Jo Ann Acker-
   sugar, flour, and mustard.                            man, Dorothy Dodson, Jean Berry, Jane Knops,
                                                         Ruth Arnold, Fran Reese, Mimi Vellek, and
Deliver Furniture for ALIVE!                             Michele Bajek for volunteering for Meals on
Christ Church will be responsible for making the         Wheels.
ALIVE! furniture deliveries on Saturday, June 4. If      ✠ Everyone who contributed to the Alex-
you are interested in spending a morning delivering      andria Community Trust’s Spring2ACTion
joy to households in our community, please contact       fundraiser for metro fare cards for our Lazarus
Rawles Jones at You will          guests.
feel ALIVE after being involved in this morning of
reaching out to others.                                  ✠ Anissa Parekh for chairing the Newcomers’
                                                         Brunch. All the Christ Church parishioners
                YOUTH & FAMILY                           who shared their time and talent with our
       Scout Sunday is June 5
         If you are associated with the Boy or Girl      ✠ Bonnie Lilley for supplying and setting up
          Scouts, please wear your uniform on June       the refreshments for the Newcomers’ Brunch
          5 to the 9:00 am service. We will offer        as well as Kristi & Casey Lowe for donating
         a special scout blessing and honor our          refreshments.
   parishioners who volunteer or work with children
 outside of church.
                                                      New Nursery Hours
Vacation Bible School July 11–15                      From June 12 through September 11 the nursery
Registration for Vacation Bible School 2011 is open will be open from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.
to children age three through grade five. This year’s
                                                              GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS
location is at our co-host, Grace Episcopal Church
at 3601 Russell Rd., Alexandria. Older youth (grades                 Deadline for Parish Life
six and up) are invited to become Counselors-in-                     June 2 for June 12 issue
Training. There are half-day and full-day options for   Please send announcements to Suzanne Froman at
a minimal cost. To register, contact Julie Simonton Submissions exceeding 50 words
at                                      will be edited for length.
Christ Church Gift Program                                …It’s Pentecost Picnic Time!
Stumped by what to give the new graduate, the bride       On Sunday, June 12, following the 10:00 am
& groom, the couple celebrating an anniversary, or        Pentecost service, we will have an All-Parish
the birthday boy or girl? Look no further than the        Picnic in the churchyard. Bring your favorite picnic
Christ Church Alternative Gift Program. Donate to         foods—and enough to share! To help with the
a special project or ministry in honor of any fam-        planning, we’d like to suggest a few foods. If you’re
ily member or friend and receive a gift card to send      involved in the following ministry areas, please
their way. For further details and help, contact Linda    bring the following picnic fare: Mission—cold fried
Dienno at or 703-778-4928.             chicken; Pastoral care—cold fried chicken; Faith
                                                          Formation—picnic sides (potato salad, macaroni
Hymn Fest Party Goodies                                   salad); Stewardship—picnic sides (deviled—or
The stewardship committee is organizing the               stuffed—eggs for example); Sunday school, youth,
party that will follow the June 5 Hymn Fest. The          families—desserts; Worship—desserts; Outreach—
committee invites everyone to participate by              chips and pretzels, salsa and dip.
bringing their favorite treats (such as cookies, cheese
balls, spinach dip, etc.) to share. Anyone who wishes     Purse for Erika
to contribute to the party can drop their goodies         The Rev. Erika Takacs has accepted a call to
off in the Meade Room kitchen before the Hymn             become the Associate Rector of St. Mark’s Church
Fest starts at 5:00 pm. If you need your container        in Philadelphia and today is her last day at Christ
returned, please mark the bottom of it with your          Church. We are collecting a purse for Erika as a gift
name and phone number. If you have questions,             from us, as an expression of our gratitude for her
please contact Betsy Hahn at or           leadership and care. To contribute, please make your
703-598-4345.                                             check out to Christ Church with Erika’s purse in the

                                                          memo line. You can either mail your check to the
        Hymn Festival on June 5                           church office or drop it in the collection plate. Please
        Join us on Sunday, June 5 at 5:00 pm for          remember that this is not a tax deductible gift.
        Hymns of the Spirit, a Hymn Festival with
        Dr. Gerre Hancock, one of the world’s             Shrine Mont—A Place Apart
        most respected church musicians. The              Please join the Christ Church family for our annual
        Christ Church choirs will be joined by the        parish retreat at Shrine Mont in Orkney Springs,
        choirs from St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in        VA, the weekend of June 17–19. There will be
        Arlington and the Church of the Redeemer          something for everybody; from swimming and tie-
in Bethesda. A festive garden party reception will        dying t-shirts for the kids to porch-sittin’ and Happy
follow the service.                                       Hour sippin’ for the adults. If you want to volunteer
                                                          or help with planning and activities or if you have
The Feast of Pentecost                                    any questions, please contact Chris & Julie Zavrel
Sunday, June 12 is the Feast of Pentecost and we          at Follow us on Facebook at
warmly invite you to come and bring your neighbor         Christ Church Shrine Mont Weekend for up-to-date
to our services. On that day we celebrate the birth       postings, pictures, and fun.
of the Church and the gift of the Holy Spirit
that allowed all to hear God’s word in their own          The Church and Sudan:
language. Be sure to wear red!                            Partnering for the Future
  We will offer one 10:00 aM service that combines        The sixth national conference of the American
the 9:00 and 11:15 am services. The services at 8:00      Friends of the Episcopal Church of Sudan
am and 5:00 pm remain unchanged.                          (AFRECS) is being held June 17–19 at Christ
  Pentecost signals our switch to the summer              Church Episcopal, 5000 Pouncey Tract Rd., Glen
schedule with 8:00 am, 10:00 am, and 5:00 pm              Allen, VA 23059. Please check the website at
services. We return to the 8:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:15 for information about AFRECS,
am and 5:00 pm service schedule on September 18.          conference costs, registration, and updates.

                                       Tithes & Offerings
        The tithes and offerings of all who worship at Christ Church support its outreach and mission
    activities and allow us to do God’s work in the world. Please consider sharing the journey by making
     a pledge; cards are in the pew racks. Contact Linda Dienno at 703-778-4928 for more information.

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