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					Dremel launches new Hobby Range

   New Hobby range launched for crafts enthusiasts
   Six innovative products as well as the original Dremel 300 Series multi-tool

Dremel is launching a new Hobby range for crafts enthusiasts.

Easy and light to use, there are six innovative products: an engraver, a glue gun 930 (with
7 mm glitter sticks), a multi-tool, a project table and a butane torch, as well as the original
Dremel 300 Series multi-tool.

The Dremel Hobby range can be used for all manner of arts, crafts, hobbies and
modelwork - indeed, its applications are limited only by the imagination of the user!
Jewellery and card making is made easy; so is etching into plastic, metal and wood. Gift
and seasonal decorations can be created in minutes instead of hours.

The dual-temperature Dremel Glue Gun 930 claims more features than any other currently
on the market. It has a large, secure foot and kick stand for extra stability that can be
operated with one hand. The Glue Gun 930 together with the new Glittersticks can be used
for all sorts of gluing and decorative projects, such as scrap-booking, flower arranging,
plus decorations on glass, wood and much more. The kit includes 12 regular Dremel
7 mm Glue Sticks and 12 colour 7 mm Glittersticks which can be purchased separately, if required.
SSP for the Glue Gun 930 is £28.99 and £4.49 for the 7 mm Glittersticks.

The Engraver is perfect for the creative hobbyist who wants a reliable tool to meet all
their fine detailing needs. The Dremel Engraver's soft grip body and light, compact
design provide comfortable use for precision engraving on all materials. Use the carbide
tip for unhardened glass, soft plastics, leather and wood. Or switch to the diamond tip for
engraving and decorating ceramics, hard plastics, metal and hardened glass. The kit
also comes with creative templates to help you devise imaginative decorations. SSP
The Versatip is also an essential piece of kit for creative hobbyists. It is a gas butane
torch with six interchangeable tips that make it suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Think embossing, soldering, melting, hot cutting, welding, shrinking and even wood-
burning (pyrography) - allowing for even the most detailed and intricate tasks to be
carried out with ease. Powered by liquid butane gas, the Dremel Versatip is quick to heat
up and fast to recharge - within 10 seconds - ensuring that it's always ready to use. SSP

The Stylus is a multitool that has maximum manoeuvrability. It is cordless, small and
extremely lightweight with a focus on precision. This makes it the ideal tool for a wide
range of creative projects like jewellery making, woodworking, engraving and all sorts of
other crafts. It comes with a kit of 25 complementary high quality Dremel accessories
and includes storage compartments for your projects' accessories. It is powered by 7.2V
lithium-ion technology. SSP £59.99

The Project Table is one of the smallest work tables on the market. Designed
specifically for people working on detailed projects, it is compact, lightweight and high
quality. Unlike standard project tables that are large and heavy, it can be used both
indoors and out by the keen hobbyist and small-scale DIYer! SSP £26.99

With a unique design to improve ergonomics and increase comfort, the Dremel 300
Series multitool will prove its worth in carrying out any number of projects especially
those that require precision and speed, such as woodworking. The powerful 125W motor
optimises performance and its soft grip has been designed to reduce vibration and better
handling of the tool. With 25 accessories (including a high speed cutter) to choose from
and some added templates, the Dremel 300 Series caters for every creative project that
requires carving, sanding, polishing, cutting and other tasks. SSP £44.99

Stockists for Dremel Hobby products will include Argos.

Dremel products can be purchased from DIY stores as well as online at:
http://www.dremel-direct.com or http://www.tool-shop.co.uk


For further information and high res photography, please contact : Julien Speed at
speed@starfishcommunications.com or on 020 7031 8148
About Dremel

Dremel was founded in 1932 by AJ Dremel who introduced the world's first multitool.
Today, it is dedicated to creating and manufacturing high speed rotary tools of the finest
quality for consumers engaged in a wide variety of hands-on DIY & creative hobbies,
such as, indoor and outdoor home maintenance projects, automotive restoration,
woodworking, model building, as well as a multitude of creative projects from jewellery
making to scrapbooking. The Dremel core product line is defined by the Dremel
multitool, a versatile high speed motor unit which can be used to drive a system of over
150 available Dremel accessories and attachments. Over the years, the Dremel brand
has brought other user-friendly products onto the market, such as, glue guns, engravers,
clamps, worktables and butane torches. Dremel products make it easier to perform
detailed and intricate tasks for any kind of hands-on project. Dremel. Big on Detail. For
more information go to our Virtual Press Office located on www.dremel.com. Dremel is
part of the Bosch Group represented in around 50 countries worldwide.

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