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									                          A.P. Information Commission
                            (under Right To Information Act, 2005)
                      HACA Bhavan, Hyderabad – 500 004.
                  Phone Nos: 23230245/246 (O), 23230591/92 (F)

                           Appeal No:9203/CIC/2009,

Appellant                                     : Sri Ravuri Ramesh Babu,
                                                 17/231, Thipparajuvari Veedhi,
                                                 Nellore, SPSR Nellore District, A.P.

Respondents                                   : 1) The Sub-Inspector of Police,
                                                 Public Information Officer(U/RTI Act,
                                                 2005), Venkatachalam Mandal Police
                                                 Station, SPSR Nellore District.

                                                 2) The Circle Inspector of Police,
                                                 Appellate Authority (U/RTI Act, 2005)
                                                 Nellore Rural Circle,
                                                 SPSR Nellore District.

                             Order dated 07.01.2011

        Sri Ravuri Ramesh Babu, 17/231, Thipparajuvari Veedhi, Nellore, SPSR Nellore
District, A.P., has filed 2nd appeal dated 26.09.2009 which were received by this
Commission on 01.10.2009 for not getting the information sought by him from the PIO/ SI,
Venkatachalam Police Station, SPSR Nellore District and Appellate Authority/CI, Nellore
Rural Circle, SPSR Nellore District.

        The brief facts of the case as per the appeals and other records received along with
it are that the Appellant herein filed application No. 504/NLR/09-10 dated 09.05.2009
before the PIO seeking the following information:
            1) Details of funds received from Govt., from 2004-05 and expenses incurred.
            2) Furnish details of the working time of the police men in various villages of
                the mandal, village wise.
            3) Furnish addresses of the persons having gun license in various villages of
                the Mandal and the type of the gun they are holding.            Furnish the
                guidelines for obtaining Gun License.
            4) Furnish 4(1) (b) information for the year 2008-09.

       The Appellant has filed copy of letter signed 24/6 by the Sub-Inspector of Police,
Venkatahchalam P.S., wherein certain information was furnished. The copy of the letter
does not have details of the person to whom it is addressed.

        The Appellant filed 1st appeal dated 04.07.2009 before the Appellate Authority
stating that he received incomplete information and requesting to furnish the information,
free of cost.

       The Appellate Authority/Inspector of Police, Nellore Rural Circle though letter No.
Nil dated Nil (signed 26/7/09) informed the Appellant that the PIO has furnished the
information that is available with him and as the balance information is not available with
him and as well as with the PIO, he is advised to approach the District Police Office.

       Aggrieved, the Appellant preferred 2nd appeal before this Commission requesting to
arrange to furnish 4(1) (b) information, free of cost.

        After examining the material papers available on record, the appeal was taken on
file and notices were sent to the parties concerned directing them to appear before this
Commission for hearing on 20.12.2010.

        On 20.12.2010 the case was called. The appellant was absent. The Addl. SP,
District Police Office, Nellore District was present and informed that the respondents
PIO/Sub Inspector of Police, Venkatachalam Mandal Police Station and appellate
authority/Circle Inspector of Police, Nellore Rural Circle were deployed for bandobust
duty at the Bara Shaheed Dargah festival and as such could not attend the hearing and
hence requested to exempt their personal appearance. The same was accepted.

       The Addl. SP, Nellore District further informed that full information has been
furnished to the appellant on 15.12.2010 under acknowledgement. (Copy retained).

       For the delay in furnishing the information, the PIO is warned that the information
sought for should be supplied within the stipulated period under the RTI Act, 2005.

      As full information has since been furnished to the appellant under
acknowledgement, the appeal is closed.

                                                          Jannat Husain
                                                Chief Information Commissioner
Authenticated by:

(A.V. Prakash)
Asst. Registrar

Copy to: DS / SO / OC / SF

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