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          DiSCuss IT
 Open courses are a viable alternative to other solutions currently
 available on the market because they enable people to continue their
 development depending on the company's business objectives as
 well as the time and budget they have at their disposal.
 Target audience:
 Individuals who haven't taken part in any training sessions their
 team has
 Companies that don't have enough employees to conduct an internal
 training session
 Companies that face challenges in establishing an internal training
 session due to a complicated business cycle
 During open courses participants have the opportunity to come into
 contact with people from various industries, with which they can
 share their experiences and challenges.

Naturally, collaborating with some people comes easier than it does with others.
Professionally this can become a challenge when you have to work with a
diverse group of people on certain projects. We can all see how different people
react differently to similar contexts. Some prefer the motivation that comes with
competition while others prefer the comfort of team work. For some people rules
and systems are hindrances while others find direction in them.
Using an internationally renowned communication technology ‐ DiSC® ‐ this course
helps participants discover their own style of interacting with others. The course's key
instrument – DiSC® personal profile‐ helps identify the strong and weak points of the
participant's behavior, highlighting their style of communication. This technology has
been adapted to suit the needs of our business environment. Extremely simple and
practical, it shows participants how to identify the behavioral style of their colleagues
and employees and how to use communication to build and develop productive
business relations.
Attend the course and find out how to adjust your communication style in order to
increase your efficiency and that of your team!

How to register:

Download and fill the Application Form from our Open Courses web page. Send it
through e-mail at or through fax at : +40213188929.

Human Invest can cancel or postpone the course at least 5 days prior to the course.
Any cancellation or postponement must be notified at

If you cancel/postpone at least 14 days prior to the course, your payment will be
refunded. If you cancel/postpone at least 7 days prior to the course, only 50% of your
payment will be refunded. There will be no refund for cancelling/ postponing less than
7 days prior to the course.

  DiSCuss IT
   Dates:                         24–25.03.2011
   Price(without VAT):            350 Euro
   Location:                      Human Invest
   Facilitators:                  Alexandra Pode

                                                                      “The course has taught me to understand my people
                                                                      from other points of view…I found out how to make
   Learning objectives                                                them achieve results not by trying to change them,
                                                                      but by using their abilities to the maximum. ”
   Understand different communication styles and
   the personal profile;
   How to identify the communication style of those
   around you
   Develop strategies for influencing others according
   to their needs and personal styles;
   Understand how others make decisions, manage
   time, deal with problems and handle stress;
   How to bring a positive influence by adapting your                 Who should attend:
   communication style to others;
                                                                      Individuals who want to increase the efficiency of
                                                                      their communication
                                                                      Executives and supervisors
   Key subjects
                                                                      Mid‐level managers
   The four styles of behavior: Dominant, Influent,                   Employees whom achieving
   Steady, Conscientious;
   Identifying the strengths and weaknesses and
   what happens when they are improperly used;
   How to communicate in order to minimize
   potential conflicts with others;
   How to “read” the communication style of others;                  Recent Clients Who Recommend
   How to adapt your style to others (written, verbal                 Siveco                       Metro Group
   and non—verbal).                                                                                International
                                                                      Libra Bank                   QAB

                                                                      Petrom                       Unilever

Discover our Open Courses Calendar on
Intro, learning objectives
Personal Styles of Communication
Individual activity– My personal styles
Group activity – common characteristics, needs of
different communication styles
The four DiSC® dimensions
Developing the ability to identify communication styles –
debate, individual and group exercises
                                                             Day 1
                                                             (9:00 am, 5:00 pm)

Understanding Personal Styles in Conflict Situations
Group Exercise
Case Study
Action plan for communicating in difficult situations
Adapting Styles to the 4 Dimensions
Group exercise‐ Identifying inefficient communication
Management action plan for communicating and
influencing a project team

Role Plays
Each participant prepares and simulates a decisional
meeting with a coworker/subordinate and receives
feedback from the other participants
                                                             Day 2
Personal Action Plan                                         (9:00 am, 5:00 pm)
Each participant develops a personal action plan that will
be debated afterwards with the whole group
Session wrap‐up
Personal Conclusions

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