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                   SMILE ZONE                                                              JOSEPH S. COHEN, D.D.S, F.A.G.D.
                                                                       831 Haddon Avenue, Collingswood, New Jersey 08108 • Phone 856-854-5543

                                                       e-mail:         web site:          Volume 2, Issue 1


                                          Reminiscing with Doctor Joe
The year 2009 marks 25 years that I’ve been practicing dentistry in our            out if they are a candidate for Invisalign®. Clear, custom-made aligners
Haddon Avenue office. That’s a milestone I never imagined in July of 1984          are created specifically for your teeth. You’ll wear each aligner for
when I purchased Dr. Leon Grossman’s practice and first opened the                 approximately two weeks, then replace it with the next in a series of
doors. I had no sign outside with my name on it or any way to let people           aligners designed to move your teeth incrementally to achieve the final,
know that a new dentist had arrived in town. In every sense, this practice         beautiful result.
has been built by word of mouth. Today, I am honored with the loyalty              I can’t reflect upon these 25 years without mentioning dental implants.
of so many of my patients. I still see many of those first patients from the       They were introduced the year I opened in Collingswood. They are
                                                  early years who return           an exciting alternative to dental bridges, and partial or full dentures.
                                                  for continuing care. They        Implants provide a permanent solution to “artificial” teeth.
                                                  are quick to remind me
                                                  how much things have             In spite of the fact that over the last 2 decades dental technology has
                                                  changed in the past two          made dentistry virtually pain-free, dental fear and anxiety still keep many
                                                  decades. You’ll hear from        patients away from our office every year. For these patients, your family
                                                  one of them in this 25th         and friends, we are proud to offer conscious sedation. It is an excellent
                                                  Anniversary newsletter.          way to treat dental anxiety so we can provide care in a comfortable
                                                                                   environment. Conscious sedation dentistry allows the patient to enter
Dr. Joe with his daughter Sara (age 4) and hisI’m personally thankful              a state of relaxation—while staying awake during the treatment.
son Adam (age1).                              to be practicing dentistry           They’ll be able to respond to my questions and directions. As I believe
during a time with so many outstanding innovations that make dentistry             communication is key with any dentist-patient relationship, conscious
more gratifying for me and much more comfortable for my patients. The              sedation is an excellent option for my fearful patients.
results we can achieve now are just remarkable. Consider the application
of cosmetic dentistry.                                                             As I’ve said so many times, I cannot imagine my practice without our
                                                                                   computers; they have revolutionized virtually every aspect of our office.
Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available          We rely on computer programs for everything from diagnosis (especially
at our office. It can give you a smile makeover without using invasive             the safer, more effective digital x-rays) and treatment to scheduling and
dental procedures. In 2008 we instituted our extraordinary “Your                   record keeping.
Teeth White for Life” program in which patients receive teeth whitening
trays and at their 6-month preventive care visit we provide them, at no            As we all celebrate the past 25 years, I want to thank you for your ongoing
cost, whitening gel to use at home at their convenience. As part of our            allegiance to this practice. I also want to thank everyone on my dental
celebration, if you’re the first patient to call our office and mention the        team for their efforts
title of this article, you’ll receive a FREE teeth whitening procedure!            to provide the best
                                                                                   care possible for our
Due to the introduction of porcelain veneers there’s no longer a reason            patients. I look forward
to be embarrassed by your smile. Veneers cover up dental imperfections,            to seeing you in the
including crooked teeth and extreme tooth discoloration.                           office soon.
Now I can offer solutions to straighten adult teeth with Invisalign®               Wishing you
invisible braces. My staff and I are experienced with the Invisalign               healthy smiles,           Dr. Joe with Sara (age 25) and Adam (age 22).
treatment. It’s patient friendly. Every day patients call or come in to find
                                                                                   Doctor Joe
                                                                               1                                Your Smile—Our Passion
1984 Through 2009...and Beyond
1984                                                                          1989
Who were we in 1984? We were high tech; the Macintosh was                     In 1989, the 14th, and current, Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso,
introduced in January of that year. The Space Shuttle Discovery               won the Nobel Peace Prize. Public awareness of the Dalai Lama
made its maiden voyage. Virgin Atlantic Airways flew its                      became more prevalent than ever before, with the Dalai Lama
inaugural flight in June. DNA fingerprinting was developed.                   becoming the subject of several motion pictures, including Seven
Ronald Reagan defeated Walter F. Mondale. We were well                        Years in Tibet starring Brad Pitt. Also, on November 9th of that
entertained; taking in a batch of box office gems. Terms of                   year, came the fall of the Berlin Wall when East Germany opened
Endearment won the Academy Award for Best Picture, but we                     checkpoints in the Wall, allowing its citizens to travel freely
were also enjoying Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,                      to West Germany for the first time since 1961. The next day
Ghostbusters, Romancing the Stone, Splash, The Terminator                     celebrating Germans began tearing the wall down.
and more.

                                                        Stevie Wonder
                                                                              The 80’s flew into the 90’s. William Jefferson Clinton was
                                                        “Just Called to
                                                                              inaugurated on January 20, 1993 as 42nd President of the United
                                                        Say I Love You”;
                                                                              States. He served for two terms.
                                                        Tina Turner asked
                                                        “What’s Love Got      Before we knew it, we were hearing about “the New Millenium”
                                                        to Do With It?”       and casting a wondering eye toward the year 2000, the 21st
                                                        and Phil Collins,     century. In 2000, would our Y2K fears come true: Would our
                                                        Bruce Springsteen,    computers fail to shift from 2-digit “99” to “2000”? To our relief,
                                                        the Cars, and Billy   many companies had already converted their software, even
                                                        Joel were among       obtaining Y2K certification, and relatively few problems occurred.
                                                        the voices we sang
                                                        along with.
Dr. Joe and Joani in 1984, looking forward to sharing
a wonderful life together.                   On TV, we watched                In 1998, the state of Israel celebrated 50 years as an independent
                                             Hill Street Blues,               nation and a Jewish homeland, formed to provide complete
Cagney and Lacey, Fame, Cheers, Dynasty and Jeopardy along                    religious freedom to all who came.
with Magnum P.I. and the A-Team.
                                                                                                                the                 2000
The average cost of a new house was $86,730.00. Average income
                                                                                   New                                              On January
per year was $21,600.00. The average monthly rent was $350.00.
The cost of a movie ticket was $2.50. A gallon of gas was $1.10.
                                                                              Millenium                                             14, 2000,
                                                                                                                                    the Dow
And a Dodge RAM 50 truck sold for $8,995.00                                                                                         Jones
                                                                              Industrial Average closed at 11,722.98, reaching the peak of the
1985                                                                          Dot-com bubble. On February 17th, Microsoft released Windows
As the years progressed, we saw changes; many wonderful – some,               2000. On November 7th, 2000, Texas Governor George W. Bush
mistakes. In April 1985, Coca Cola changed its formula and                    defeated Democratic Vice President Al Gore. “Gladiator” won Best
released New Coke. Response was overwhelmingly negative, with                 Picture but we also loved Erin Brockovich, Traffic, Pollock, and
the original formula back on the market in less than 3 months!                Almost Famous.
But we also saw the introduction of the first auto-focus reflex
camera; Windows 1.0; the personal computer; and the Nintendo                  2004
Entertainment System.                                                         The Red Sox swept the St. Louis Cardinals to win baseball’s World
                                                                              Series, ending a dry spell of 86 years since their previous World
                                                                              Series win in 1918!
                 Your Smile—Our Passion
2005                                                                  Rodham Clinton, the only first lady to have served as a United
On January 20, 2005, George W. Bush was inaugurated in                States Senator (D-NY 2001-2009) and who ran and narrowly
Washington, D.C., for his second term as the 43rd President of        lost to Obama in the presidential primaries, was named as his
the United States. On February 15, the Internet site YouTube          Secretary of State, also the only former first lady to serve in a
went online. At the April 19 Papal conclave 2005, Pope Benedict       president’s cabinet.
XVI (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger) succeeded Pope John Paul              A triumphant “Slum Dog Millionaire” took the Best Picture Oscar,
II, becoming the 265th pope. And on November 30, surgeons             while Milk, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Wrestler,
in France performed the first human face transplant. We               The Dark Knight, and Revolutionary Road were also strong at the
saw “Crash” take the Best Picture Oscar, while “Brokeback             box office.

Mountain”, “Capote”, and “Walk the Line” kept us going to the
theater.                                                              So, here we are in 2009,
                                                                      25 years after 1984. In
                                                                      1984, the U.S. population
2008                                                                  was 234,824,902. As of
Phillies Win Unforgettable!                                           February 2009, our total

                                                                      resident population is 306
It was the 104th installment of the                                   million.
greatest sporting event in the world
– the 2008 World Series – and it                                      We are diverse and
was one that will never be forgotten.                                 ever-changing; kind and generous;
The Phillies reigned triumphant over                                  strong and proud. We look back at 25 years of hard work,
the Tampa Bay Rays in 5 dramatic                                      dedication and triumph as we embrace the future filled with
games, winning the second crown                                       excitement, determination and hope. In these challenging times,
in club history (the first against the                                we know we will stand together and prevail. We live in an age of
Kansas City Royals in 1980).                                          incredible possibilities.

Now, we have reached 2009. The year has been designated the
International Year of Astronomy. In an ecstatic reverse from
                                                                           We Remember
the story it could have been, on January 15, US Airways Flight            On the morning of September 11, 2001, tragedy struck our
1549, en route to Charlotte/Douglas International Airport from            country. The events of 9/11 brought pain to us all, and those
New York’s LaGuardia Airport, ditched in the Hudson River off             who were lost will never be forgotten. We see their memory,
Manhattan. All 155 passengers and crew were evacuated and
                                                                          their goodness and their legacy bloom more fully every day.
                            taken to safety.

                              On January 20, Senator Barack
                              Hussein Obama, Jr. of Illinois was
                              inaugurated as the 44th, and first
                              African-American, President of the
                              United States. And on April 14, “Bo”,
                              a 6-month-old Portugeuse Water
                              Dog was given his long-awaited
                              formal introduction as the new White
                              House pup. Former first lady, Hillary

                                                                  3                             Your Smile—Our Passion
It’s A Good Thing!                                                                    “We Just Love it Here!”
In the words of Martha Stewart, “It’s a good thing.” She usually is referring                                      Marty Lyons and her husband, Rick,
to a simple idea or product with many useful applications. In this case the                                        have been patients of Dr. Cohen’s
product we are referring to is also a product which has many uses. You                                             for over 18 years. When asked why
can hang pictures with it. It can slice cheese; remove biscuits stuck to the                                       she has stayed at the same dental
baking sheet; repair a backpack, tent or winter jacket when you’re on the                                          practice for all these years… she had
road; and clean the crevices in furniture or jewelry…oh yes, it is also one                                        much to say: “I have had terrible teeth
of the best products invented for the home care of your teeth.                                                     my whole life, and have practically
It is Dental Floss. During the last 25 years dental floss has been shown to                                        lived at the dentist office since
be one of the most effective home care products a consumer can use to                                              kindergarten.” Marty said. “Joe is
                                                                                      Marty’s husband Rick was one the first dentist who has offered me,
improve health care of their teeth and gums. In a single year, Americans              of the winners in our spring
will use over 2.5 million miles of dental floss, the equivalent of circling the       “guess the number of jelly   literally, pain-free, excellent care and
earth more than 100 times.
                                                                                      beans” contest.              the entire office team is fantastic.
                                                                                         They always take such good care of me. When we lived in
The original dental floss was made from the same silk as surgical sutures.               Collingswood, I used to walk to the office. After we moved, I
The supply of silk to the United States was cut off by the Japanese during               thought I should get a dentist closer to me here in Blackwood,
World War II. This led to the invention of nylon dental floss by the E.I.                but I just couldn’t go to anyone else! I just can’t say enough
Dupont Company, a form still the most popular today. Dental floss is                     about Dr. Cohen and everybody there…the whole team is just
effective because it can clean those little nooks and crevices between the               wonderful. I never dread going to the dentist anymore and
teeth that simply can’t be reached with a toothbrush.                                    actually look forward to it because they are all so nice! We
Dental floss – a little piece of thread that’s come a long way and still serves          just love Joe and his entire team.”
its purpose with admirable simplicity and efficacy.

               Your Smile—Our Passion

           SMILE ZONE
                                                                                                                                            U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                                                                Lincroft, N.J.
                                                                                                                                               Permit No. 11
D.D.S, F.A.G.D              Congratulations Dr. Joe!
831 Haddon Avenue,
Collingswood, NJ
                            “Best General Dentists”
                                 by readers of
                                 SJ Magazine

                        Your Smile—Our Passion

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