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									                                      Company Profile:

Who we are
Formed to take advantage of the increasing need for telecommunication operators to expand their
network coverage while simultaneously lowering capital and operational costs, QSCom offers
services that will benefit Customers from initial network establishment through network expansion
and ongoing operation.

Incorporating the International experience of the founders of QSCom International with the
knowledge of local conditions and requirements of the MAK Group Of Companies, QSCom Tanzania
Ltd is your provider of choice or engineering, consultancy, installation, and maintenance services.
QSCom Tanzania Ltd brings to the telecommunications market a mixture of International experience
in microwave, satellite, and radio transmission, arraying voice, data, as well as multimedia services,
coupled with knowledge of local conditions and strategies.

With access to, and a focus on utilising local technicians and labour, QSCom can assemble the
human resources for implementing any project, large or small. Being well positioned in the market,
with strategic ties to well-known experts in the global telecommunications industry, the right
solution is always available to serve our Customer’s needs. As a competitive advantage, QSCom,
through the MAK Group of Companies, has access to elaborate storage facilities and a transport fleet
that can accommodate the logistical needs of any telecommunications project in Tanzania.

To redefine the concepts of QUALITY and SERVICE to the benefit of Telecommunication Operators In

QSCom Tanzania Ltd will:
Provide solutions to the telecommunications industry in Tanzania
Empower Customer growth and expansion through value add propositions
Promote professionalism and quality workmanship at all levels of the organization
Enhance Core competencies by cultivating exceptional installation, project management, and
consultation resources
Empower employees to perform at their best
Train staff to align core competencies with market requirements
Assign appropriate resources in line with required skill levels

Consulting Service
With engineering, technical, and operational management expertise assembled from leading
individuals with international experience, as well as intimate knowledge of the African environment,
QSCom can assist you with optimising every aspect of your network. Capital investment requires
transparent processes and procedures to justify decisions. Allow us to evaluate your needs, and
assist with transparent sourcing practices. QSCOM can document your needs and guide you through
RFI (Request for Information), RFP (Request for Proposal), and RFT (Request for Tender) processes.
Submissions can be evaluated against agreed criteria and recommendations made will insure that
contracts are awarded with your best interest at heart. Network design, link budgets, site planning,
site surveys, installation specifications, and proper project management services will ensure that
your network functions the way it is supposed to, right from the very first flow of live traffic. Doing it
right now will save a lot of heartache (and additional cost) later.

Installation Services
You need to penetrate the market and grow your Subscriber base. This is not the time to take any
half measures. QSCom’s Installation teams bring unrivalled technical skills, coupled with a “Quality
as a way of life” mentality to every installation done in your network. Here we lay the groundwork
for a sound network to be maintained to the highest standards. QSCom has the ability to assign
resources in response to your rollout needs. Ramp-up and ramp-down times are minimised due to
our varied resource pool assigned to projects by Project Managers with established track
records in the International environment.

Maintenance Support
Having installed a network that is optimised for your Subscriber needs, it is of utmost importance to
maintain the network to ensure the required availability to keep those Subscribers coming back for
more! Now is the time to be proactive by implementing a suitable preventative maintenance
program. QSCom can help formulate the Plan that suits your network, your requirements, and your
Budget. Site down? Crises? No! Let QSCom restore your site within agreed response and
performance criteria. Qualified technicians will respond to your needs, bringing with them years of
experience in similar Operational environments in South Africa, Nigeria, the DRC, as well as many
other African Countries.

Equipment Sourcing
The foundation of the quality of your Network relies on the quality of equipment components
installed. QSCom has access to equipment providers across the globe, ensuring that the right
equipment for your requirements can be sourced.

Our Track Record
The founders of QSCom each bring to the table more than 20 years of experience gained from
exposure at all levels in the telecommunications industry.

Various members of our team have been involved in the design, implementation, and management
     Satellite telecommunications ports in the East, South Africa, and various African countries
     Rural Telephony Network in South Africa
     VSAT Networks in Northern America, South Africa, and other African Countries
Telecommunications Operators entrusted critical Projects to our Programme and Project
Managements skills:
     3000+ satellite based, solar powered POTS telephone circuits in rural South Africa
     Integrated switching Digital Video system for distribution of Video content to/from satellite
        earth stations
     Satellite Radio earth station
     50 000+ terminal VSAT Network serving various Customers in POS, banking, fast food, and
        other industries in Northern America o 750+ Radio Frequency links providing for the core
        network of various GSM Customers in Africa
Exposure in Strategic and Operational environments:
    Managing multiple Contractors during accelerated network rollouts
    Implementation of core/backbone networks
    Development and Implementation of maintenance programmes

Some of the many International Customers served directly or indirectly:
    Intelsat
    WorldSpace
    United States Postal Service
    Gtech
    Texas Department of Health
    Countrywide Home Loans
    V-Mobile
    South African Government
    Telkom SA
    Vodacom
    UUNet

Contact Us:
For more information QSCom can be contacted at:

Fixed Line: +255 22 265 0658
Fax Line: +255 22 265 0657


Offices: Kunduchi RTD
         New Salasala/Bagamoyo Rd.
         Plot 2045 Block E

Postal: P.O Box 77417
         Dar es Salaam

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