Libraries Host Videoconference on USA Patriot Act and Anti by mmcsx


									 8   C o l u m b i a U n i v e r s i t y RECORD        January 24, 2003

Libraries Host Videoconference on USA Patriot Act and Anti-Terrorism Measures
                                    Susman laid out legislative
BY KARI SMITH                       realities.
                                       Responding to a question on
   Columbia Libraries recently      types of information that
hosted over 70 people for the       library patron records might be
Association      of   Research      requested by law enforcement
Libraries sponsored videocon-       agencies, Neal said, “There is
ference, “Safeguarding Our          nothing in the law which
Patron’s Privacy: What Every        requires us to authenticate any
Librarian Needs to Know             individuals as they act to use
About the USA Patriot Act and       collections or electronic infor-
Related Anti-Terrorism Mea-         mation. There is nothing which
sures.”                             dictates what information we
   University Librarian James       need to collect.”
G. Neal was one of four pan-           Both Neal and Strong
elists for the two-hour video-      stressed that records and com-
conference broadcast from           puter data could only be seized
Washington, D.C. Over 250           by warrant—an extreme situa-
locations across the United         tion. The USA Patriot Act
States hosted the broadcast         applies not only to library
with over 7,000 viewers. Fol-       patron information but also to
lowing the broadcast, two of        computer and internet data
Columbia’s law librarians           exchanges. Neal recommended
answered questions from the         that people “Follow existing
audience assembled in Butler        privacy policies and always
Library’s Tauber Room.              call your supervisor immedi-
   Doris MacMillian moderated       ately when a law enforcement
the informative session with        officer asks for patron or oper-
James Neal, Gary Strong,            ations information.”
director, Queensborough Pub-           Columbia’s Representative
lic Library, Tracy Mitrano, pol-    Committee of Librarians
icy advisor and director of         (RCL) along with the Informa-
Computer Law and Policy at          tion Services Division Training
Cornell and Thomas Susman,          and Staff Development office
partner, Ropes & Gray, Wash-        were local sponsors for the
ington, D.C.                        event.
   Susman opened with basics           Jeff Carroll, president of the
of the USA Patriot Act, FBI         RCL, said, “This is an example
guidelines and Homeland             of the types of quality pro-
Security legislation. Neal and      grams that can be brought to
Strong then discussed the           Columbia and delivered to a
implications of this policy on      large number of professional
libraries. Following a call-in      staff in a cost-effective way.”
question and answer session,        He continued, “It is also exem-
Mitrano discussed policies,         plary of how Columbia Univer-
protocols, and procedures per       sity Libraries can exert a lead-
the PATRIOT Act. The four           ership roll on the national
speakers      discussed     how     scene.”
libraries and librarians should        Carroll also commented on
respond. In the final discus-       the local arrangements for the
sion on issues and concerns;        videoconference, “This event
Mitrano addressed Constitu-         revealed the depth of resources
tional issues, Neal and Strong      from which we have to draw
spoke about library values, and     here at Columbia.”                       University Librarian James Neal, on screen at left, participates in a videoconference on the USA Patriot Act.

New York’s Secretary of State                                                 Playwriting Student Wins Liberace Scholarship
Randy Daniels Visits Medical Center                                           BY KRISTIN STERLING
                                                                                                                     “The Liberace Foundation                Liberace Foundation. Last
                                                                                                                   is one of the major support-              year’s Liberace Scholar,
                                                                                                                   ers of emerging artists                   Bathsheba Doran, had her
                                                                                 Although he is a first-           nationwide, and we are hon-               play “Until Morning” pro-
                                                                              year playwriting student in          ored to have received this                duced by BBC Radio 4 in
                                                                              the School of the Arts                                                         April. She also adapted
                                                                              (SOA), Brandon “Paul”                                                          Henrik Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt”
                                                                              Cohen has already had                                                          for production in Novem-
                                                                              international theatre experi-                                                  ber as an MFA Thesis pro-
                                                                              ence. While in the Peace                                                       ject.
                                                                                                                                                               Since 1976 the Liberace
                                                                              Corps in Malawi, Africa,                                                       Foundation for the Per-
                                                                              besides teaching math,                                                         forming and Creative Arts
                                                                              English and geography,                                                         has provided more than
                                                                              Cohen also edited and pro-                                                     $4.5 million in scholarship
                                                                              duced         Shakespeare’s                                                    grants, benefiting more
                                                                              “Twelfth Night,” adapting                                                      than 1,400 students.
                                                                              it for a Central African                                                         Liberace considered the
                                                                              audience.                                                                      Foundation on of his great-
                                                                                 After a few years of vari-                                                  est achievements. In his
                                                                              ous jobs, including working                                                    book, “The Things I
                                                                              on the 2000 census, Cohen                                                      Love,” Liberace wrote “a
                                                                              returned to his passion of                                                     lot of good things have
                                                                              playwriting, enrolling in                                                      happened to me in show
                                            RECORD PHOTO BY ERICA GONZALEZ
                                                                              the SOA’s Theatre Arts pro-                                                    business and I want to do
   At the invitation of Columbia’s Office of Community Relations,             gram. Thanks to a grant                                                        what I can to give others
New York Secretary of State Randy Daniels, center, toured the Thel-           from the Liberace Founda-                   RECORD PHOTO BY KRISTIN STERLING
                                                                                                                                                             just starting out a career
ma C. Davidson Adair Medical and Dental Center on January 7,                  tion for the Performing and                                                    boost.”
2003.                                                                         Creative Arts, Cohen is                 Brandon “Paul” Cohen                     During his career Liber-
   With a focus on senior citizens, the center, which is an initiative        Columbia’s 2002-03 Liber-              2002-03 Liberace scholar.               ace, an internationally
                                                                              ace Scholar.                                                                   renowned pianist and
of Columbia University Health Care, Inc., uniquely provides med-                                                                                             showman, performed with
                                                                                 The merit-based review            prestigious award again this
ical and dental care under one roof to patients with Medicare or                                                   year, enabling us to recog-               major symphonies from the
major commercial insurance. “The Adair Center is a state-of-the-              process is limited to
                                                                              promising and deserving              nize the work of our most                 London Philharmonic to
art facility that responds impressively to the needs of Northern              graduate students in the             promising students,” said                 the Boston Pops and enter-
Manhattan residents,” Daniels said. Joining the Secretary of State            playwriting program who              Bruce Ferguson, SOA dean.                 tained audiences with clas-
are Assistant Vice President of Government and Community Rela-                demonstrate exceptional                This is the second consec-              sical and popular music as
tions Larry Dais, left, and Allan Formicola, vice dean of Colum-              talent, drive and artistic           utive year that the SOA was               well as stage and television
bia’s School of Dental and Oral Surgery.                                      potential.                           awarded a grant from the                  shows.

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