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					                                                                    SFS Sole Custody Bank Information
                    Bank information is required to process payments and deposits as well as treasury activities such as sweeps and

                    = Sample Agency data
                    = Agency add Bank Accounts

                                                                                     Usually the same as the Bank
                                                                                     Routing ID unless routing goes                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Format of
Business Unit                                                                        thru other banks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           electronic
for specific        Five character                                                   Enter origin and destination        Four character          Your bank          Depository financial   For                                                                                                           For example:                            Disbursement.
Agency              code you use to                                                  routing codes for electronic        identifier you assign   account            institution ID         example:Checking,                           Account used for Receipts, Lockbox, Disbursements,                Check, Credit       For example:        For example:   EFT: without
See list on first   designate the                                                    transfers.                          to the Bank Account     number at the      Usually same as        Savings, Settlement,                    Concentration? If used for transfers and/or concentration select      Card, Direct Debit, ACH, EFT, Wire,     CCD+, CTX, 820 advice or with
tab                 bank               Description of the bank   Bank Routing No.    Obtain the codes from your bank.    (user defined)          bank               Routing No.            Time Deposit, etc.                         TR, if for employee expense reimbursements select EX.              EFT                 Direct Debit        ACH            advice

                                                                                       Immediate        Immediate                                                                                                                       AR?              AP?              TR?              EX?            Payment Method        Payment Method
     Agency              Bank               Description              Bank ID                                              Bank Account Key       Bank Account              DFI ID             Account Type        Check # Length                                                                                                                      Layout         EFT Form
                                                                                         Origin         Destination                                                                                                                 (Receivables)     (Payables)       (Treasury)       (Expenses)          (Collection)          (Disbursing)

  Field Length: 5    Field Length: 5       Field Length: 30       Field Length: 20   Field Length: NA Field Length: NA       Field Length: 4     Field Length: 17     Field Length: 12       Field Length: NA     Field Length: 14 Field Length: NA Field Length: NA Field Length: NA Field Length: NA    Field Length: NA      Field Length: NA Field Length: NA Field Length: NA
      DOH01               10003            Bank of America          021000322           021000322        021000322                1001            XXXXXX1171             21000322                Checking                 8                X                X                X                                  Check                 ACH            820 ACH
      DCS01              BOA01             Bank of America          021000322           021000322        021000322                EXAM             999999111            021000322                checking                 4                X                                 X                              Check, Cash
      DCS01              BOA02             Bank of America          021000322           021000322        021000322                AAAC             999999112            021000322                Checking                10                                 X                                                                        Check
      DCS01              JPM01            JP Morgan Chase           012345678           012345678        012345678                 EBD                603546            012345678                 Savings                                  X                                 X                               Direct Debit
      DCS01              HSB01                  HSBC                 01111111            01111111         01111111                EXCC                022222             01111111              CHECKING                  10                X                                 X                               Credit Card

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            d72dc7fe-5d60-4cf7-8fa3-90e024c67da4.xls Bank Information
                      Agency Business Units
Business Unit   Business Unit Description
  ABC01         Div of Alcohol-Beverage Ctrl
  AGM01         Dept of Agriculture & Markets
  APA01         Adirondack Park Agency
  ART01         Council on the Arts
  ASM01         Assembly
  BNK01         Banking Department
  BOE01         Board of Elections
  CFS01         Off of Children & Family Serv
  CJC01         Judicial Conduct
  CJN01         Judicial Nominations
  CJS01         Judicial Screening
  CNY01         City University of New York
  COC01         State Commission of Correction
  CPB01         Consumer Protection Board
  CPI01         Commission on Public Integrity
  CQC01         Cmsn Ql Care&Advcy Prsn Dsblt
  OVS01         Office of Victim Services
  DCJ01         Div of Criminal Justice Serv
  DCS01         Department of Civil Service
  DDP01         Dvlpmentl Dsblty Planning Cncl
  DEC01         Dept of Environ Conservation
  DED01         Dept of Economic Development
  DHR01         Division of Human Rights
  DMN01         Div Military & Naval Affairs
  DMV01         Department of Motor Vehicles
  DOB01         Division of Budget
  DOC01         Dept of Correctional Services
  DOH01         Department of Health
  DOL01         Department of Labor
  DOP01         Division of Parole
  DOS01         Department of State
  DOT01         Department of Transportation
  DPS01         Department of Public Service
  DSP01         Division of State Police
  DTA01         Division of Tax Appeals
  DVA01         Division of Veteran's Affairs
  EXC01         Executive Chamber
  FOB01         Franchise Oversight Board
  FCB01         Financial Control Board
  GHC01         Greenway Hrtg Cnsrv Hud Val
  GOR01         Govr Off of Regulatory Reform
  HCR01         Div of Housing & Cmunty Renwl
  HES01         Higher Education Services Corp
  HRV01         HV Greenway Communities Cncl
   IOL01        Interest on Lawyer Account
  JOL01         Joint Operations - Legislature
  LAW01         Department of Law
  LGAC1         Local Government Assistance Co
  LTG01         Office of Lieutenant Governor
  LGP01         Lake George Park Commission
  LTY01         Division of Lottery
MIG01    Ofc of Medicaid Inspector Gen
NCS01    National and Community Service
NYS01    New York Statewide BU
OAS01    Off of Alchl & Substance Abuse
OER01    Office of Employee Relations
OFA01    State Office for the Aging
OFT01    Office for Technology
OGS01    Office of General Services
DHS01    Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Services
OIG01    Office of State Inspector Gen
OLS01    Office of Indigent Legal Services
OMH01    Office of Mental Health
OPD01    Office for People with Developmental Disabilities
OSC01    Office of State Comptroller
PDV01    Off Prevention of Dom Violence
PER01    Public Employee Relations Brd
PRK01    Off of Parks, Rec & Hstrc Pres
RWB01    NYS Racing & Wagering Board
SED01    State Education Department
SEN01    Senate
SFS01    Statewide Financial System
 SID01   Insurance Department
SNY01    State University of New York
SCF01    SUNY Construction Fund
TAX01    Department of Tax and Finance
TDA01    Off of Temp & Disability Assi
UCS01    Unified Court System
WCB01    Workers' Compensation Board
WIG01    Off of Welfare Inspector Gen

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