E      Y      E          O      N            A       R     B      O      N       N       E

  As I sit down to write my Eye on Arbonne story, I cannot believe that
  this is my story and that I am writing it for you. I look back and just
  would never have imagined that this actually happened to me. Yet
  it did happen, when my coworker and friend introduced Arbonne to
  me. Thank you, ERVP Aulani Kaonohi-Galdeira. This simple act started
  my amazing journey.

  This journey began in May 2006. After Aulani introduced Arbonne to
  me, I researched the company for two months. I visited the arbonne.
  com website, listened to Arbonne Learn & Burn™ Audio Trainings,
  SuccessPlans and product knowledge, and took in so much more infor-
  mation that Arbonne had for me to view. After my two months of due
  diligence, I decided that Arbonne might be just what I was looking for. I
  was working full time in sales at the time, but I thought maybe I could fit                                                           ginger miner
  this into my busy nine-and-a-half-hour a day schedule. I was not looking
                                                                                                                Independent Consultant, Regional Vice President
  for a way out of work, but for additional income. I heard that Arbonne
                                                                                                                         Ginger Miner Region; Ewa Beach, HI
  could provide this for me and that I would never know if it would until I
  tried it. I decided to try it. And away I went.

  I was right! I jumped in full force as a business builder along with many               and Kona. Whatever it took to share Arbonne, I did. Oh, I did get
  of my closest friends. I shared Arbonne with everyone I knew. We                        lots of “no’s”. Many later saw the opportunity and jumped on board.
  were on fire. “Activity, activity, activity” is what I was taught. We were               You see, I built a team that is so excited to share Arbonne with others.
  everywhere sharing Arbonne. I became a District Manager overnight,                      People feed off that excitement.
  an Area Manager in two months, and all the more determined by the
  day to get to Regional Vice President.                                                  I promoted to ERVP in August, in only three months. Wow, what an
                                                                                          incredible ride it has been. This is in large part thanks to the awesome
  I filled up my calendar as much as possible – doing “Group”                              team that I had, and to my positive upline that taught me duplication.
  Presentations, “One-on-One”s, conference calls, jumping on planes. I                    I have made great friendships through Arbonne and they continue to
  knew it would pay off. I flew to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Maui, Hilo                                                                                      continued ...

The Miner ‘ohana: Ginger with her husband, Iokepa and       Ginger’s Arbonne helpers: nephews and niece:     Ginger with her sister-in-law, AM An-g Sylva, and niece,
daughter, Kanani.                                           Kulani, La’akea, Ku’u’i’ini, Sylva.              Ku’u’i’ini.
                               success strategy:
              Be positive, lead by example.

                                                                                                                                                                        REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT
  grow daily. It is a duplicable system and Arbonne provides the tools
  for us to use. Better still, those tools can be adapted to anyone’s needs.
  You decide how it works best for you.

  Along with the title RVP came that beautiful white Mercedes-Benz.            Top L-R: ERVP Keola Galdeira, ERVP Aulani Kaonohi-Galdeira, ERVP Cindy
                                                                               Ioane, Ginger, NVP Nyree Silva, RVP Randi Cambra, Bottom L-R: NVP Allison
  What a reward. Who would think that in three months of working               Galdeira, ENVP Maggie Silva-Purcell, ENVP Naomi Silva, ENVP Lani Jennings.
  Arbonne (a network marketing business) they would award me with a
  brand new Mercedes-Benz? Well, it is for real.
                                                                               To my sister-in-law, AM An-g Sylva: You are my rock of stability; your posi-
  Arbonne is pure, it is safe and it is beneficial. It works. I honestly did    tive, “go get ‘um” attitude keeps me going. This business has allowed us
  not think that I would switch over all my products to Arbonne. But once      to travel and work closely together. What a team. Aloha wau ia ‘oe!
  you try it, you fall in love with it and no longer use anything else. Be a
  product of the product. The NutriMinC® RE9® skin care line sells itself      To my friend, DM Jantseen Vegas: Mahalo for believing in me and
  with awesome results. This is my favorite. I stand by it.                    taking on something you knew nothing about. You totally showed com-
                                                                               plete support. What a true friend you are. I am very fortunate to have

                                                                                                                                                                                   The testimonials in this story reflect the actual experience of an individual, are anecdotal only, and may be atypical.
  Financially, Arbonne took over my full-time job’s income. No complaints      you. Mahalo me ka ha’aha’anui.
  there. Arbonne offers the best compensation plan in network marketing
  I have seen. I always said “no” to network marketing until Arbonne.          To my District Managers: Pearl Fernandez, Kenoi Fernandez, Collette
  Study the compensation plan and see for yourself how it works.               Hale and Denise Ventura, you see the vision and continue to gain
                                                                               strength, courage and confidence with every experience. I cannot
  What I love most about this business is that it is a team effort. I will     thank you enough for your dedication. “Activity, activity, activity.”
  succeed if I help my team succeed. With constant activity, success will
  happen. Arbonne will work if you work it. You set your goals, lead by        To my awesome team: I thank you for everything. Your positive attitude
  example, believe in yourself and always be positive. The result is a         and commitment kept me going. You are the reason for my success. My
  wild ride that takes you to your dreams.                                     complete gratitude goes out to each and everyone one of you. See you
                                                                               all at the top. Kulia i ka nu’u.
  I am honored with these amazing people who came into my life...
                                                                               To my incredible upline, NVP’s, Maggie Purcell-Silva, Naomi Silva,
  To my upline and friend, ERVP Aulani Kaonohi-Galdeira: Mahalo for the        Nyree Silva, Lani Jennings, Allison Galdeira ,Keola Galdeira ,Aulani
  opportunity you shared with me. It has been an awesome ride. We accom-       Kaonohi-Galderia, Mahalo for continued support and knowledge in
  plished so much in such a short amount of time. We learned as we moved       the business. What a journey it has been.
  along so quickly. We did it! You enriched my life and I am grateful.

  To my first business builder and friend, ERVP Randi Cambra: You are
  that firecracker that everyone wishes they had. I thank you for taking this
  journey with me. I could not have done it without you.

  To my best friends, my husband and daughter: Mahalo for your uncon-
  ditional support. You believed in me and allowed me to become what
  I am today. I love and appreciate you more than you know. Aloha
  wau ia ‘olua!
                                                                               The Mercedes line-up. Hawaii Kai Golf Course, Ginger’s car presentation.

Ginger with her team at her car presentation. L-R: ERVP Keola Galdeira, NVP
Allison Galdeira, ERVP Aulani Kaonohi-Galdeira, Ginger, ERVP Randi Cambra.

                                                                                                                                     Ginger with her sponsor,
                                                                                                                                     ERVP Aulani Kaonohi-Galdeira.

                                                                                                                                  E Y E O N A R B O N N E | JUNE 2007

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