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									Application for Approval of Professional Development Training
Please type or print. All fields must be completed; incomplete applications will be returned (PDT Application - page one ver.8.1, 12/1/10)

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REGISTRATION COST:           $                 REQUESTED REIMBURSEMENT AMOUNT:                       $            (not to exceed 75% of registration)

JUSTIFICATION FOR TRAINING: (brief narrative of how this training fits the needs of your Company and goals of the Program)

COMPANY CERTIFICATION: as an authorized official for the company listed above, I certify the accuracy of this
application and also certify that the company agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions on page two of this
application form.
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A copy of the course brochure, registration form, and/or other relevant course documentation must be attached.

RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM TO:                             ATTN: Professional Development Training
 (after December 1, 2010 and                              The Technology Collaborative
 no later than May 31, 2011)                              2000 Technology Drive, Suite 102
                                                          Pittsburgh, PA 15219-3110
                                                          Fax: 412-201-3444
Please address questions to: Kate Fisher at 412-412-201-7419-- KateF[AT]techcollaborative[DOT]org
                       or John Drury at 412-201-7433 -- Recruiting[AT]techcollaborative[DOT]org

Technical Training in topic areas defined within TTCs Technology Commercialization Initiative:
     Robotic technologies; Human-computer interface technologies
     Mobile systems and low power
     Network storage; Wired and wireless networks; Cybersecurity
     Chip design methodologies and tools; SoC-related MEMS
     DSP/multi-core designs and implementations
     Low power, low voltage analog circuit design & implementation
     MCAD, ECAD, simulation; general tool training for technical design, analysis, and programming
additional technical training topic details may be found in the Technical Scope section of the TCI RFP
Business, Sales, and Marketing Support:
         Project Management Training; Program Management Training; Product Management Training
         Product Strategy & Opportunities; Customer Needs; Product Roadmapping
         Leadership and Management Training; Technical Marketing; HR Professional training
         Sales and Marketing Training; Managing Complex Technical Sales
         Technology Negotiation; Risk Management; Diagnostic Business Development
                                The Technology Collaborative
                Professional Development Training Program – Terms and Conditions

                                         (PDT Application - page two - ver.8.1, 12/1/10

1.  Background. The Technology Collaborative (TTC),               reimbursed training, and such other special conditions, if
which is a Section 501(c)(3) public charity established to        any, set forth on TTC's written approval of the application.
foster economic development in Western Pennsylvania,                       2.3   Notice, Records and Inspection.
established the Electronic Design Education Program               Company shall immediately notify TTC in the event that
("Program") to facilitate the development and                     any of the requirements for the Grant are not fully
implementation of various education programs in certain           satisfied. Company shall maintain such records as may be
technical fields. The Program is designed to foster and           necessary or appropriate to verify that such requirements
promote regional economic development by creating a               have been fully satisfied, and TTC or its designee shall
pool of skilled engineers that are available to                   have the right to inspect such records upon request.
Pennsylvania-based digital design centers and similar             Company hereby represents and warrants that all
employers, thereby making Pennsylvania a more attractive          information provided by Company regarding the Training
location to establish or expand businesses. The Program is        and Employee is complete and accurate in all respects.
consistent with, and is intended to further, the purposes of
the Customized Job Training ("CJT") program developed             3.   Repayment. Company shall repay the Grant to TTC
and administered by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania              upon demand in the event that: (i) the applicable
("Commonwealth"). Through the CJT, Pennsylvania                   requirements are not fully satisfied during the applicable
funds training programs that will result in the location or       period. Additionally, Company shall reimburse TTC a
expansion of private companies or greenhouses within the          sum of money equivalent to the amount of any
Commonwealth.                                                     expenditures disallowed should the Commonwealth or any
                                                                  of its agencies rule through audit exception or some other
2.   Funding.                                                     appropriate means, that expenditures of the Grant were not
         2.1     General. Subject to these terms and              made in compliance with the regulations of the
conditions ("Agreement"), TTC will pay to Company the             Commonwealth or this Agreement.
amount (the "Grant") specified on TTC's written approval          4. Limitation. IN NO EVENT SHALL TTC BE LIABLE
of Company's application solely for the purpose of                FOR ANY DAMAGES WHATSOEVER ARISING FROM OR
reimbursement of up to 75% of the registration fee paid by        RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT, THE GRANT OR THE
Company for the training session identified on such               TRAINING, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY
application (the "Training") for the Company employee             CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, OR IN-
identified on such application (the "Employee"), provided         DIRECT DAMAGES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT HAS
that: (i) Sufficient and properly allocated funding is            BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH
available; (ii) Company has provided to TTC all                   DAMAGES.
documentation regarding the Training as TTC may                   5.  Miscellaneous.       This Agreement constitutes the
request, including, without limitation, paid receipts; (iii)      complete and exclusive understanding and agreement of
Training has been completed and all requested                     the parties and supersedes all prior understandings and
documentation has been provided to TTC prior to                   agreements, whether written or oral, with respect to the
September 7, 2011, and (iv) application was submitted             subject matter hereof. Company may not assign this
during published open enrollment period, and TTC has              Agreement without the prior written consent of TTC. The
given its written approval of the Company's application for       invalidity or un-enforceability of any provision of this
the Grant.                                                        Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of
        2.2     Requirements. Company acknowledges                any other provision hereof.         No provision of this
that the Grant is conditioned upon requirements that              Agreement may be amended or waived without a written
trainees must be Pennsylvania residents, that they be             agreement signed by TTC. This Agreement shall be
permanent full-time employees of Company working in               governed by the laws of the Commonwealth, without
Pennsylvania, that they earn at least 200% of the current         giving effect to principles of conflicts of laws, and the
minimum wage excluding benefits, that the employees               parties consent to the jurisdiction of the state and federal
being trained will remain employed in Pennsylvania for a          courts located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
minimum of six months beyond completion of the
                             The Technology Collaborative
                       Professional Development Training Program
                                      (PDT Application - page three - ver.8.1, 12/1/10)

Eligibility Funds are available for reimbursement of allowable technical and management training expenses
that are incurred before August 31, 2011. Applications must be submitted to TTC in advance of the training, and
prior to announced submission deadlines. The deadline for submitting applications is May 31, 2011. All
approved training must be completed, and reimbursement paperwork received by TTC, prior to September 7,
2011. All trainees must be Pennsylvania residents, must be permanent full-time employees of the company
working in Pennsylvania, and must earn at least 200% of the current minimum wage excluding benefits.
Companies requesting reimbursement must certify their intention that employees being trained will remain
employed in Pennsylvania for a minimum of six months beyond completion of the reimbursed training. Those
eligible for this Program include engineering and scientific staff, engineering program managers as well as
technical marketing / sales personnel, technicians and technologists, and other professional and executive staff
members. Program goals include helping TTC members to: develop new business areas and opportunities, create
new jobs in these areas, and prevent loss of existing jobs.
Training Categories         Reimbursement may be requested for engineering, technical, and product / business
training in any of TTC technology areas. See table on the application form for a baseline list of TTC training
topics; other areas require special application review. TTC also intends to directly sponsor local offerings of short
courses or training seminars with large interest from TTC members, to make them easily accessible to the largest
number of people in the most economical way.
Allowable Expenses Funds are available to reimburse continuing education short course registration or tuition
fees, eLearning / eCourse registration fees, on-site professional training costs, and similar direct employee
training costs from established providers. Tuition or fees for undergraduate and graduate courses at Pennsylvania
Colleges and Universities are eligible within the restrictions of allowable training categories. Program funds may
not be spent for employee salaries while training, company overhead costs, travel expenses, or other non-direct
training costs. The most frequently authorized training activities will be conventional live-instruction short
courses. The allowable course price range will vary with length and exclusivity / class size. For technical or
program / project / product management courses, reasonable length and cost expectations are: from roughly $400
- $900 per day of instruction, with course length running from one to five days. Alternatives to live, short course
training are eCourse training materials (which are similarly priced to live instruction) or suitable graduate or
undergraduate resident instruction courses at a University located within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Application and pre-approval is required for training reimbursement, subject to maximum reimbursement limits
per company. Note that the costs of TTC course sponsorship for high-demand courses (with attendance from
multiple TTC members) will not be counted as part of a company’s training allotment.
Application and Decision Process            Reimbursement is available through a TTC-administered application,
review, and decision process. Topics that are not on the approved training categories list will require special
justification at the time of application. Requests to use funds to reimburse the cost of training to be provided by
non-Pennsylvania based providers will also require special justification. A primary consideration in reviewing
applications will be to obtain maximum economic development leverage and benefit from the training.
        Step one: complete and sign the Professional Development Training (PDT) Application form and return to TTC for
         advance approval of the training
        Step two: TTC reviews all applications; if approved, applicant will receive a PDT Approval Letter.
        Step three: Immediately following the training, sign and return a copy of TTC Approval Letter to certify
         successful course completion. A copy of the registration or tuition receipt, and an official company invoice in the
         amount of the approved training cost, must accompany the signed letter. All reimbursement requests must be
         received by TTC prior to September 7, 2011.
        Please address questions to: Kate Fisher at 412-201-7419 -- KateF[AT]techcollaborative[DOT]org
                              or John Drury at 412-201-7433 -- Recruiting[AT]techcollaborative[DOT]org

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