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									Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

There are many proprietary camera systems that you can buy to see who is at the door before you
open it. They're usually quite expensive but they are also stand alone. In this new IP world,
proprietary hardware and software is fast disappearing and being replaced by generic device, as in
this case, a telephone which supports job specific software.. Now you can see who is at the door
by looking at your telephone handset. What a good idea!

                                                              Application Features
                                                               Door panel integrates directly into you Alcatel
                                                               Omni PCX Office/Enterprise.

                                                               Displays camera images directly to the
                                                               chosen handset.

                                                               Compatible with all IP cameras providing
                                                               the camera can store images.

                                                               Provides the ability to associate cameras
                                                               with one or more doors.

                                                               The application will, if necessary, operate on
                                                               a hunt group basis so that images are
                                                               displayed on all phones within a group.
How it works
                                                               Operates in conjunction with voice so that the
Without getting too technical, the camera captures             receptionist can both see and verbally
images and saves them into a folder where the                  communicate with the visitor.
application is installed. These images are time stamped        Easy to use administration tool that also
and the QuickCAM application displays the latest image         provides visual access to Cameras.
available, which it refreshes at chosen intervals. So, this
is not a true video stream but is sufficient to see who is
standing at the door. The quality of the image is              Amigo Software Limited
determined solely by the quality of the camera.
                                                               Head Office: 204 Oaks Lane,
                                                               Newbury Park, Ilford,
                                                               Essex IG2 7QE

                                                               Telephone: +44 (0)208 590 6048
                                                               Facsimile: +44 (0)208 597 2275

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Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

Screenpop is now a familiar term often used to describe the process of capturing an incoming
caller ID and then searching the phone fields in a popular contact management database. If a
match is found then it can reasonably be deduced that the caller ID matches the database
record and this record can be popped onto the users PC screen. This application is particularly
useful when the customers calling are primarily customers with whom you have already done
business. QuickPOP does all of the above, but also goes one step further by providing the ability
to pop the contact details directly onto the screen of your phone.

                                                          Supported CRM's
                                                          QuickPOP already supports the most commonly used CRM
                                                          applications but has been designed in a way that allows
                                                          additional CRM applications or even proprietary database
                                                          solutions to be integrated quickly and easily.

                                                            Outlook                Goldmine
                                                            Microsoft CRM          Lotus Notes
                                                            ACT!                   More…

                                                          Pop to PC Screen
                                                          Popping to the PC screen can be achieved using several
                                                          methods and these are as follows:

Contact Popping
QuickPOP will pop on "both" incoming and outgoing
calls so that the user is presented with the database
record automatically. Not only will it pop the standard
contact information, it also enables the user to decide
which fields they want to display and the ability to
configure their personal settings to display them.
Typically, a user will want to see the callers number,
                          company and contact name
                          but they may also want to       Mini Task Window
                          display an Account Number       This is probably the most popular method as it is non-
                          or unpaid debt indicator.       intrusive and allows the user to continue what they are
                                                          doing when a call arrives. The user can see who is calling
                                                          via a small window that pops up towards the bottom right
                                                          of the PC screen and can also launch the full contact
                                                          record by clicking on the contacts name.

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Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

CRM Contact Form                                             Pop to the user Handset
The second and probably the most commonly recognized         Unlike most Screen popping solutions, QuickPOP has a big
method is to pop the contact form supplied with the users    differentiating feature in that it can pop to the screen of
CRM application. The sample below shows how the              the phone. This means that you can see who is calling
contact record from outlook could be popped to the screen    even when answering a phone that is not next to a PC and
so that the user can access/amend the appropriate            means you still have the contact details at your finger tips.
information during or after the call.

                                                             Dial Out From Screen
                                                             Some CRM applications provide you with a dial out facility.
                                                             Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. To remedy
                                                             this deficiency QuickPOP offers and tidy solution that
Internet Browser
                                                             provides the user with hot keys which when pressed will
Finally, there are now many "proprietary" CRM solutions      automatically dial the number that has been highlighted
that are accessed via an internet browser such as Internet   "anywhere" on the PC screen.
Explorer. QuickPOP has been designed to work with these
solutions by providing the ability to launch the users
                                                             Additional Features
browser and to pass the appropriate call information
allowing contact record to be located and displayed.           Pop on Transfer    Pop on Outbound Call
                                                               Search Masks       Customize Search Fields
                                                               Customize Display Fields

                                                               Amigo Software Limited
                                                                Head Office: 204 Oaks Lane,
                                                                Newbury Park, Ilford,
                                                                Essex IG2 7QE

                                                                Telephone: +44 (0)208 590 6048
                                                                Facsimile: +44 (0)208 597 2275

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Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

There are many high priced, highly sophisticated voice recording systems in the market today.
If you are a large specialist enterprise like a financial institution, $800 a seat is chicken feed, but if
you are a smaller business it can really hurt. With the introduction of VoIP, Amigo can significantly
reduce the price of voice recording to a level where every business who wants it, can afford it.

Alcatel-Lucent Platforms Only                           allows you to listen into to any specified and
                                                        monitored extension without either the calling party
This VoIP voice recording software has been
                                                        or the receiving party knowing.
designed to work with Alcatel-Lucent platforms
only. It does not work on any other PBX system.
The interface between the server machine and PBX
is CSTA. For the OmniPCX Office you will require a
CSTA server licence and on the OmniPCX Enterprise
a CSTA lock. More information about this, is on the
Amigo website (

No specialist hardware is required
(Well almost)
Unlike traditional TDM recorders that require
special and expensive Tap cards, Amigo VoIP
recording is software only. This means that you
only need a server machine to run the server            The Modules
software and a web browser interface for the
                                                        The system is actually client-server architecture,
clients. The whole system runs on Windows 2003.
                                                        although everything is accessed through a web
What you will need, however, is a managed
                                                        browser. There are a number of levels and concepts
network switch for port spanning. The cost of
                                                        within the software. First there is a simple user who
this won't break the bank.
                                                        can set recording filters and search for his or her own
                                                        calls at one specified extension. Next, if this user
                                                        belongs to a pre-defined group, then privileges are
Its Silent Monitor in the US and Silent
                                                        extended from a single extension to all extensions in
Intrude in Europe
                                                        the group. The next level is a Supervisor who is a
When we stripped our software of all the bells and      super-user with the silent intrude facility. The
whistles, the same thing came up again and again.       supervisor can specify which extension is to be
In the US people were asking us for silent monitor      monitored. Last but not least is the system
and in the UK for silent intrude. So that's what we     administrator who can set up, configure and
did. You can now buy a supervisor licence which         reconfigure the system.

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Befriending Alcatel - Lucent Around the Globe

                                                    Features and Functions
                                                    The feature list is summarised below
                                                    Search Recordings
                                                     Search my calls only
                                                     Search calls in my group
                                                     (System & Group Administrators Only)

                                                    Silent Intrude, Supervisor only
                                                     View Calls in Progress (Based on user group)
                                                     Listen to a Call (Based on user group)

                                                    Call Filters by extension
                                                     User and Admin call filters
                                                     Disable Recording
                                                     Record / Ignore

                                                    User Management
                                                     Only available to System Administrator
                                                     Amend System Administrator Details, Password etc..
                                                     Add/Remove/Edit Groups
                                                     Add/Remove/Edit Group Administrators
                                                     Add/Remove/Edit Users

                                                    Basic Server Configuration
                                                     Start / Stop Recording Service
                                                     Start / Stop Silent Intrude Service
                                                     Configure Recording Type
                                                     Configure Recording Quality
                                                     Configure PBX Specific Details

                                                     45 day trial license (evaluation)
                                                     Server license
                                                     User license
                                                     Supervisor licenses

  How to get the software                           Amigo Software Limited
  For evaluation software, you will need to be an   Head Office: 204 Oaks Lane,
  Alcatel-Lucent partner and you will need a        Newbury Park, Ilford,
  username and password to get into the partner     Essex IG2 7QE
  area. Once you are there, you will find the
  software and guides under the QuickRecord tab.    Telephone: +44 (0)208 590 6048
                                                    Facsimile: +44 (0)208 597 2275
  For US enquiries you should contact Geoffrey      Enquiry:
  Corfield at CallToolBox Inc on +1 403 542 5776

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