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Program:           Elementary / Special Education
                   Early Childhood / Elementary Education
                   Early Childhood / Special Education
                   Secondary Education

Nature      All teacher candidates must take required Praxis II exams prior to
of          student teaching. Candidates who do not pass Praxis II are
            recommended to enroll in an Education Department approved
revision:   remediation program. Passing the Praxis I and Praxis II exams are
            required for Pennsylvania Department of Education teacher certification.

            As part of Freshman Seminar, all teacher candidates enrolled in
            Education Department programs will complete an Education Department
            approved CTLE Test Preparation Workshop.

            Remediation Plans: Option I- III

            Education Department policy requires that a teacher candidate that fails a
            Praxis test be recommended to select one or more of the following
            options to prepare for a passing score on Praxis I or II:

            Option I
            Butler County Community College- The Praxis Series
            Butler County Community College offers on-line Praxis Preparation
            classes for a variety of Praxis II exams. First-time and repeat test takers
            may enroll for the classes. For new-out of county internet students the
            total fee is $219, and for out-of-state students the total fee is $292.

            Face-to-Face Workshops through Continuing Education is a possibility.

            Butler County Community College also offers a Praxis I and Praxis II
            Tutoring Class (available online or in-person- phone or blackboard
            website) which is designed for 2 or more time test repeaters (having
            scores 20 points or more below passing). This course includes 10 hours
            of tutoring for more one on one learning time. The cost is $395.

            All of the above-mentioned classes that are offered through Butler
            County Community College are PDE recommended. The pass/fail
            statistics provided from the school show current pass rates of 91% for
            151 students from Spring 2006-Fall 2006 for online preparation Classes
            (100% for Social Studies Content Knowledge). The Praxis I and Praxis
            II Tutoring classes for a variety of Praxis exams (including repeat test
            takers averaging 3-10 previous attempts) for 255 students shows a
            current pass rate of 81.40%.
Nature      Option II
revision:   ETS
            ETS offers teacher candidates Guide Books, Practice Tests, and
            Diagnostic tests. For teacher candidates that have failed Praxis II, the
            Diagnostic Preparation Program provides personalized feedback on the
            candidate’s test performance with suggestions on how to prepare for


            Guide Books
                ETS offers a series of Guides addressing specific areas.
                The cost range for these content guides is from $25 to $40 for
                Examples:
                Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
                  Study Guide- $30
                Elementary Education: Content Knowledge Study Guide - $25
                Middle School Study Guide - $40

            Practice Tests: Praxis I (math, reading, writing)
                Includes an authentic paper-based test
                Correct answers and content category for each question
                A score conversion table
                Available on eBook or print format
                Cost ranges from $12 to 13.95

            Diagnostic Preparation Program (DPP)
                 For students who have failed Praxis II
                 Available within 4 months of taking the test
                 Provides detailed, customized feedback report on student’s test
                 Allows student to review test results and prepare for retest
                 Offers a personalized study plan that targets weak areas
                 Cost ranges from $65 to 165 for each section.
                 Elementary Education: Content Knowledge - $65
                 Elementary Education: Content Area Exercises - $140
                 Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
                    - $65
 of                Option III
                   Self-Study: Barron’s and/or Peterson’s Reference Books are on Reserve
                   in the Weinberg Library

                   The Education Department strongly encourages the Administration to
 Rationale         consider the research conducted by J. Fusaro which concludes that a total
 for               SAT score of 930 predicts on average the passing PA score of 168 the
 revision:         first time one takes the EE:CIA test. This means that roughly half the
                   students with an SAT score of 930 will pass the test and half will fail it
                   on their first attempt. An SAT score of 1000 predicts on average an
                   EE:CIA score of 172. Furthermore, of the 26 study participants who
                   scored above 1000 on the SAT, 24 (92.3%) passed the EE:CIA test,
                   whereas only 7 (58.3%) of the 12 who scored below 1000 on the SAT
                   passed it. The difference is statistically significant.r. *

                   Regression and correlation analysis.

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