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					          Appetizers And/or                                                                                                    wild wild Fish
           smAll plAtes                                                       Fresh & Wild                                Our seafood is “All Wild… All the Time.”
                                                                duke’s is determined and dedicated                noT jusT simple alaska salmon
Tuna Wasabi Quesadilla                                        to bring you the best. some people just
Marinated Yellowfin Tuna, creamy wasabi mayo,                                                                      Served with three signature sauces; avocado cilantro
                                                                 talk about it. We live it every day.             crema, rémoulade and chipotle aïoli* 8oz 24 | 5oz 19
cucumber pico de gallo, black bean corn salad 9
                                                              • All Natural Chowders. The only ones in
dungeness Crab dip                                          the world. Not one chemical or preservative.          pan seared alaska salmon
Fresh Crab, parmesan, havarti and asiago with fresh       No flavor enhancers. No color enhancers. None of         Encrusted with fresh herbs, pan seared with a
spinach and garlic double sourdough for dipping 10         our competitors can make that claim. Not one.          balsamic infused beurre blanc* 8oz 24 | 5oz 19
sTeamers                                                    • Sustainable seafood from Alaska including the       maCadamia CrusTed alaska HalibuT
Fresh local Manila Clams, garlic butter, oven roasted      incredibly flavorful Wild Coho from Copper River.       Hazelnut beurre blanc 8oz 29 | 5oz 24
garlic, fresh herbs, Mac & Jack’s 15 | 10                 • Hormone free, antibiotic free burgers and steaks       “Voted best seafood entrée in Seattle” — Duke
CoConuT “Hula” praWns                                             from Meyer Ranch in Montana.
                                                                                                                  sTuffed alaska HalibuT
Wild Prawns, homemade honey chili sauce 9                        • Local all natural milk, cream, butter          Baked with fresh Dungeness Crab & Oregon
Wild paCifiC Calamari sTeak sTrips                                     & eggs. Certified no BSt.                   Bay Shrimp with imported cheeses and a lemon
Lightly battered, tequila lime aïoli, avocado                          • Local available produce.                 beurre blanc 8oz 29 | 5oz 24
cilantro crema 8                                                         • All natural chicken.
dangerously “killer” Wild praWns                                                                                                   seAFood
Garlic white wine butter sauce, roasted red peppers,
on garlic sourdough bread 9                                         AwArd winning                                                 speCiAlties
                                                                                                                  maC & jaCk’s fisH & CHips
CHiCken Quesadilla
Lightly blackened, white cheddar, cucumber
                                                                      Chowders                                    Beer battered panko breaded Wild Alaska Cod,
pico de gallo, black bean corn salad, avocado              Also available in a sourdough bread bowl, add 2        homemade tartar, crispy ginger slaw, wedge cut fries
cilantro crema 7                                        duke’s “aWard Winning” Clam CHoWder                       4pc 17 | 3pc 14 | 2pc 12
                                                        100% all natural ingredients. Made with Chesapeake        seafood Cioppino
                                                        Bay Surf Clams, ocean clam juice, fresh local cream,
          eAt your greens                               baby red potatoes, natural bacon and packed with
                                                                                                                  Wild Alaska Salmon & Cod, Manila Clams, Wild
                 Add these to any salad:                                                                          Prawns, Dungeness Crab — garlic bread 20 | 16
                                                        11 of the freshest, most flavorful herbs and spices
        grilled Chicken Breast 5 | Calamari 5           on the market 6 | 11                                      fisHerman’s favoriTe
          blackened Wild Alaska Salmon* 6               dungeness Crab & bourbon CHoWder                          Wild Alaska Salmon & Cod, Manila Clams, Wild
                fresh Dungeness Crab 6                  With sweet corn, Kentucky bourbon and fresh               Prawns in a rosemary and herb seafood broth with
                                                        Dungeness Crab. Crab and Bourbon are the                  organic fingerling potatoes and vegetables 20 | 16
prize Winning Caesar salad
Fresh chopped romaine, garlic herb croutons,            perfect match 7 | 12
homemade Caesar dressing 6 | 10                         lobsTer pernod CHoWder
  Try a Blackened Salmon Caesar* 12 | 16                The Duchess of all chowders with Langostinos.
  Try a Grilled Chicken Caesar 11 | 15                  Just a hint of fennel goes well with lobster 7 | 12                  duke’s burgers
duke’s spinaCH salad                                    Cajun CHiCken Corn CHoWder                                   All 100% natural Meyer Ranch Angus beef burgers
Bacon, chopped egg, toasted almonds, diced              Blackened Chicken and Creole seasonings combine              served with crisp iceberg lettuce, sliced tomatoes,
tomatoes, parmesan, sweet caper vinaigrette 7 | 12      for an authentic Southwest treat 6 | 11                       sweet onions, mayo and Duke’s wedge cut fries.
organiC Wild mixed greens                               norTHWesT seafood CHoWder                                 duke’s famous CHeeseburger
Crumbled bleu cheese, fresh orange & grapefruit,        Wild Alaska Salmon & Cod, fresh Manila Clams —            1/2 lb. with Tillamook extra sharp white
candied pecans, tarragon vinaigrette 7 | 12             cioppino style 7 | 12                                     cheddar* 13 | Duke Jr. 8
seafood CHop CHop                                       CHoWder samplers
                                                                                                                  bbQ baCon CHeeseburger
Wild Prawns, Wild Bay Scallops, cashews, avocado,       Single Dinghy 2.5 Double Dinghy 5 Triple Dinghy 7.5
                                                                                                                  1/2 lb. with Tillamook extra sharp white cheddar,
feta, basil citrus vinaigrette 14 | 18                  Quadruple Dinghy 10 All Five 12.5
                                                                                                                  bacon & homemade BBQ sauce* 14 | Duke Jr. 9
dungeness Crab & praWn louie
Chopped iceberg, zesty 2000 Island dressing,                             Fish tACos                               bleu CHeese baCon burger
                                                                                                                  1/2 lb. with bacon, bleu cheese dressing and
fresh Dungeness Crab, chilled Prawns, egg, tomato,      grilled maHi TaCos                                        crumbles* 14 | Duke Jr. 9
cucumber, marinated vegetables 14 | 18                  Sweet Thai chili marinated Mahi Mahi, white cheddar,
CHiCken Cobb                                            mango chutney, tequila lime aïoli with cucumber pico      “norTH” of California burger
Broiled all natural Chicken Breast, homemade            de gallo and organic blue corn tortilla chips 18 | 13     1/2 lb. with melted Jarlsberg, crispy bacon, fresh
bleu cheese dressing, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles,      blaCkened fisH TaCos                                      avocado, chipotle mayo* 14 | Duke Jr. 9
chopped egg, fresh tomato, avocado 13 | 17              Lightly blackened Wild Alaska Cod with feta, tequila                Substitute a Vegan Veggie Burger or
blaCkened salmon Cobb                                   lime aïoli, avocado and cucumber pico de gallo in               All Natural Chicken Breast for any of these
Wild Alaska Salmon, homemade bleu cheese                organic blue corn tortillas 17 | 12                                       at no additional charge.
dressing, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, chopped          Wild alaska salmon TaCos
egg, fresh tomato, avocado* 14 | 18                     In organic blue corn tortillas, avocado cilantro crema,                   gourmet
                                                        black bean corn salad, tortilla chips* 19 | 14
sTeak salad
Thinly sliced marinated Meyer Ranch Flank Steak
on organic wild greens with bleu cheese crumbles,                   duke’s Comb0s                                 grilled dungeness Crab & praWn sandWiCH
candied pecans, orange and grapefruit sections,         1/2 fisH & CHips and CHoWder Combo
                                                                                                                  On double sourdough with melted Tillamook
tarragon vinaigrette* 14 | 18                           1/2 order of Mac & Jack’s battered panko breaded          extra sharp white cheddar, basil and balsamic
                                                        Wild Alaska Cod, fries, crispy ginger slaw, homemade      dipped tomatoes 16
          duke’s 3 Course                               tartar, cup of Award Winning Clam Chowder 16              grilled CHiCken Club
                                                                                                                  All natural Chicken Breast, bacon, onion, rosemary
          dinner dilemmA                                1/2 maHi TaCo Combo
                                                        1/2 order grilled Mahi Mahi tacos, white cheddar,         mayo, tomato, avocado, Tillamook extra sharp white
   Great value! Your choice of any cup of chowder,      mango chutney and tequila lime aïoli, cucumber pico       cheddar & Jarlsberg, double sourdough 14
   starter salad and any entrée below for only 19!      de gallo, cup of Award Winning Clam Chowder 17            CHipoTle salmon sandWiCH
                  1/2 order Mahi Tacos                  1/2 blaCkened fisH TaCo Combo                             Broiled Wild Alaska Salmon fillet with chipotle mayo
           1/2 order Blackened Fish Tacos               1/2 order Wild Alaska Cod tacos with feta, tequila        on native molasses bread, “the works”* 16
                                                        lime aïoli, avocado and cucumber pico de gallo,
                1/2 order Salmon Tacos                                                                            Crabby paTTy
                                                        cup of Award Winning Clam Chowder 16
                                                                                                                  Dungeness Crab cake grilled with sliced tomato,
                 1/2 order Fish & Chips                 1/2 salmon TaCo Combo                                     shredded iceberg lettuce and rémoulade sauce with
                 Famous Crabby Patty                    1/2 order Wild Salmon tacos, avocado cilantro crema,      sweet potato fries and crispy ginger slaw 12
                Duke Jr. Cheeseburger                   black bean corn salad, organic blue corn tortilla
                                                        chips, cup of Award Winning Clam Chowder* 18                  *Health Board regulations require us to inform
                                                                                                                      you that consuming raw or undercooked items
        Printed on 100% post consumer paper.                                                                           may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
      Also known as Muddled Uptails, these unique large handcrafted concoctions are muddled or shaken and all are served in an oversized Martini glass — “up” of course. All $ 8
CuCumber mojiTo Cucumber infused vodka with                  poma kazi Smirnoff Pomegranate, triple sec, major              orange mojiTo Captain Morgan Spiced rum
fresh mint, splash of soda, sweet & sour, sugared rim        lime squeeze, POM Wonderful pomegranate juice                  with fresh oranges and mint, sweet & sour, splash
   Our best selling Duketail ever!                           grapefruiT nirvana Finlandia Grapefruit vodka with             of soda
10 Cane mojiTo 10 Cane rum muddled with fresh                all natural agave nectar, muddled fresh grapefruit and a       pear Tini Smirnoff Pear vodka muddled with sliced
limes and mint, sweet & sour, soda, sugared rim —            splash of fresh squeezed lemonade                              cucumber, splash of triple sec and fresh squeezed
on the rocks                                                    Voted most refreshing cocktail in Seattle — 2010            strawberry lemonade
blueberry lemon drop Smirnoff Blueberry, fresh               imperfeCT “sCraTCH” margariTa El Jimador                       sTraWberry lemon drop Smirnoff Strawberry,
lemon, Oregon blueberries, splash of sweet & sour,           tequila, Cointreau, major lime squeeze, salted rim             fresh lemon, splash of sweet & sour, splash strawberry
splash of lemonade, sugared rim                                    duke’s famous bloody bloody mary                         lemonade, sugared rim
   “Fragrant and flavorful.” — Duke                               Housemade infused vodka with Demitri’s All–Natural         bell Hop Belvedere Citrus vodka muddled with fresh
sT. blood orange Cosmo Finlandia Tangerine                   Bloody Mary Seasoning garnished with two jumbo prawns          lemons and limes, all natural agave nectar, splash of soda
vodka, fresh basil and lime, St–Germain Elderflower                 “Life is too short for bland Marys.” — quote from        and Sierra Mist — on the rocks
liqueur, Monin Blood Orange syrup, splash cranberry               Kelly Mitchell, West Seattle resident and “regular”         #1 Citrus vodka on the market

                                         timeless CoCktAils                                                                                             beers
grand margariTa Duke’s premium margarita!                       duke’s long island iCed Tea Finlandia vodka,                               drafT                       boTTled
Herradura Silver tequila, float of Tuaca, major lime and         Tommy Bahama White Sand rum and Jeremiah Weed                    Mac & Jack’s African Amber           Amstel Light
orange squeeze, all natural agave nectar, sweet & sour,         Sweet Tea with lemons, fresh lemonade and cola 9                         Coors Light              Corona, Corona Light
salted rim — served on the rocks 10                                                                                                    Alaskan Amber              Budweiser, Bud Light
                                                                duke’s manHaTTan Duke’s personal blend of
duke of marTinis Belvedere vodka, wave of Martini               Woodford Reserve small batch bourbon with a splash                   Pyramid Hefeweizen                 Heineken
& Rossi dry vermouth, blue cheese stuffed olives —              of blood orange bitters and Martini & Rossi sweet                 Guinness Stout (Imperial Pint)        Miller Lite
shaken and served “up” 10                                       vermouth, shaken and served “up” 11                              Blue Moon Belgian White Ale         Dos Equis Lager
dr. jaCk Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey mixed with             jäger barrel Jägermeister with Henry Weinhard’s                        Manny’s Pale Ale               Alaskan I.P.A.
Dr. Pepper 6.5                                                  Root Beer 6.5                                                      Trumer Pils (Prestige Glass)  Clausthaler (Non–Alcohol)

                                                                                   wine list
             All of our wines by the glass are specifically measured for a 6–ounce pour. Our glasses hold 16– 1/4 ounces so you have plenty of room to sniff, swirl and enjoy!
                       whites                                                             reds                                                     hAlF bottles
Chardonnay House 7 | 28                                         Cabernet Sauvignon House 7 | 28                                  CHaTeau sTe. miCHelle CHardonnay Columbia
Chardonnay 14 Hands Columbia Valley. Bright and                 Cabernet Sauvignon H3 by Columbia CresT                          Valley. Our best selling half bottle ever 16.5
crisp, flavors and aromas of melon, apple and pear 8 | 32        Horse Heaven Hills. Cherry and huckleberry jam                   Willakenzie esTaTe pinoT gris Willamette Valley.
Chardonnay kendall–jaCkson vinTner’s reserve                    aromas, perfect balance of earthy tannins, soft,                 Aromas of fresh pear, peach and apricot followed by
California. Loads of tropical fruit, surprisingly deep          smooth cocoa finish 9 | 36                                        undertones of melon, green apple and lemon zest 18
texture, medium body and wonderful purity 9.5 | 38              Merlot House 7 | 28                                              poeT’s leap riesling by long sHadoWs Columbia
Chardonnay sonoma–CuTrer Sonoma County.                         Merlot 14 Hands Columbia Valley. Intense berries                 Valley. Fresh grapefruit and appealing minerality with
One of America’s favorite white wines. Clean, tropical          and spice. Bright, juicy fruit flavors complemented by            ripe pear. Wine Spectator gave this 94 Points! 19
fruit, great balance, light vanilla oak finish 10 | 40           refined, velvety tannins 8 | 32                                   Willakenzie esTaTe pinoT noir Willamette
Riesling CHaTeau sTe. miCHelle Columbia Valley.                 Red blend WaTerbrook CaberneT–merloT                             Valley. Lively berry, dried rose petal, spice and cedar 21
Classic Washington Riesling characters of juicy peach,          Columbia Valley. Rich blackberry, raspberry and                  fidéliTas merloT Columbia Valley. Merlot is back
ripe pear, melon with subtle mineral notes 7.5 | 30             black cherry flavors, integrated oak and round,                   and in a big way! This wine is in your face, up front fruit,
Pinot Grigio CaviT Italy. Crisp, light and dry with flavors      soft tannins 8 | 32                                              with a wonderful and powerful punch 19.5
of pear and kiwi 7.5 | 30                                       Pinot Noir House 7.5 | 30                                        b.v. CaberneT sauvignon Napa Valley. In the
Pinot Gris king esTaTe ACRobAt Oregon. Balanced,                Pinot Noir king esTaTe ACRobAt Oregon. Flavors of                Napa Valley they call this one “Old Faithful” 18
crisp, tangerine, lemon, pineapple, clean finish 8.5 | 34        sweet cherry, caramel and pepper spice, smooth tannins,
Sauvignon blanc WaTerbrook Columbia Valley.
Bright flavors of apricot, pineapple and hints of
                                                                good acidity 9.5 | 38
                                                                Zinfandel ranCHo zabaCo California. Duke’s favorite
cantaloupe lead to a soft finish with subtle oak 8 | 32          red! Loaded with black fruit, spice, plum and jam 8 | 32         möeT & CHandon bruT imperial France.
                                                                                                                                 True Champagne in an always fresh, bright and crisp
Viognier loredona Lodi. Floral orange, tangerine                Malbec zolo Mendoza, Argentina. Packs a punch up                 single serving (187ml) 18
aromas, honeysuckle, crisp, fresh tropical fruit 7.5 | 30       front, rich, dark fruit leading to a warm fuzzy finish 8 | 32
White Zinfandel House 6.5 | 26                                  Syrah CHaTeau sTe. miCHelle Columbia Valley.                     veuve CliCQuoT yelloW label France. The most
                                                                A soft, smooth, jammy and fruit forward Syrah loaded             recognized label in Champagne. Never drink wine on an
Sparkling korbel California. Bright, crisp, bubbly                                                                               empty stomach, have some bubbly first (375ml) 39
and dry. A classic sparkling wine (187ml) 7.5                   with ripe berry and spice characters 7.5 | 30
                                                                                                                                 veuve CliCQuoT rosé France. Rosés are the
                                                                                                                                 most sought after Champagnes in the world. Delicate,
                                                                                                                                 beautiful fruit, the smallest of bubbles (750ml) 77

                                                          wAshington stAte boutique wines
 Below are some of our favorite, smaller, ‘Boutique’ wineries in Washington. Handcrafted in small quantities, with high quality fruit from vineyards using sustainable farming methods.
       Each local winemaker makes a distinctive style of wine that we feel are the perfect complement to our food. Remarkable wines and unbelievable values. All under $ 40.
                                                                                   white wines
darby “le deuCe” Columbia Valley. A Viognier &                  THe gHosT of 413 riesling Columbia Valley.                       boomToWn pinoT gris by DuSteD VAlley
Roussanne blend loaded with notes of citrus, white              Wickedly aromatic and perfumed. Vibrant with a zesty             Columbia Valley. This is what the experts say
peach, honey and orange blossom 34                              note of grapefruit and honeyed pear 26                           Washington Pinot Gris is all about. A wine that is crisp
  “Voted best white Rhône blend in Washington”                    Collaboration by Gorman & Mark Ryan Wineries.                  and clean with fruit that evolves in the glass 29
  — Seattle Magazine 2010
                                                                                     red wines
basel Cellars ClareT Walla Walla Valley. A classic              va piano bruno’s blend Columbia Valley. Black                    darby “THe dark side” syraH Columbia Valley.
example of a Washington red blend. Rich, supple cherry          cherry, chocolate, round tannins and a rich mouthfeel.           Silky smooth with black cherry, chocolate and spice.
and cranberry flavors leading to a velvety finish 32              Father Bruno says a burger and a Bruno’s is a match              A big Syrah, great balance and depth 38
ross andreW red blend Columbia Valley. This                     made in heaven 34                                                  “Winemaker to Watch” — Seattle Magazine 2010
incredible blend of Boushey Vineyard Syrah and Klipsun          kiona lemberger Red Mountain. Consistent                         fidéliTas CaberneT sauvignon Columbia Valley.
Cabernet deliver a delicious “goes with anything” red 39        award winner. Very drinkable red with spicy currant and          Charlie Hoppes is one of the finest winemakers in our
  Former Asst. Winemaker — Betz Family Winery                   blackberry flavors. Duke fell in love with this jammy fruit       State. This Cabernet is a full bodied, sensuous display
                                                                forward varietal 24                                              of his craft 39

                                                                       CAliForniA beAuties
bonTerra sauvignon blanC Lake County/                           eTude pinoT noir Carneros. Bursting with rich fruit,             simi CaberneT sauvignon Alexander Valley.
Mendocino County. 100% organic grapes. Bright kiwi,             cherry notes, toasted oak and distinct minerality. Fine          A leader in luxury Cabernets, fresh berries and cassis
melon and a touch of lemongrass. Stainless steel aging          grained tannins, lifted acidity, elegant 48                      with lush, ripe tannins, long, velvety finish 35
preserves freshness and acidity 27                              sanCTuary “mariaH vineyard” zinfandel                            THe mcnab by bonTerra Mendocino County.
neWTon CHardonnay Napa County. One of the                       Mendocino Ridge. Single vineyard, bright, fruit forward          100% organic grapes farmed biodynamically. Rich,
first unfiltered and naturally fermented wines. Rich,             flavors of raspberry and light blackberry with a touch            concentrated cherry, blackberry, vanilla bean, spices.
balanced, pear, baked apple, white peach aromas 38              of pepper spice. 90 Points — Wine Enthusiast 38                  Hand picked from the best lots of Bonterra 54

                                                                          other beverAges
           Pepsi, Diet Pepsi                       POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice                         Blueberry Lemonade                          San Pellegrino Sparkling Water
      Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper                     Henry Weinhard’s Root Beer                  Fresh Squeezed Strawberry Lemonade                     Acqua Panna Spring Water
              Sierra Mist                         Henry Weinhard’s Orange Cream Soda              Arnold Palmer (Iced Tea and Lemonade)                    Red Bull Energy Drink
     Lipton Diet Peachy Green Tea                      Fresh Squeezed Lemonade                               Caffé Vita Coffee                        Red Bull Sugarfree Energy Drink

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