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                   To all of our instutional and
                   corporate customers, we
                   would like to offer a flexible
                   but powerful fleet tracking and
                   fleet management solution.
                   SPECTRADOME successfully
                   developed a proprietary
                   technology integrating PV33
                   units with a server-based
                   control center featuring an
extremely user-friendly software (pictured aside
and below on the right).

A typical fleet tracking and fleet management version of our PROTECTOR system consists of:

   1. PV33 PROTECTOR unit(s) in their ADVANCED version, to be installed in a car/vehicle and
      delivering both GPS tracking/GPS logging and mobile audio and video monitoring
   2. server-based control center managing all the GPS+audio+video/picture information
      forwarded by the PV33 units installed inside the various vehicles. Control center
      manages all the information from the mobile units and makes information received
      available to a number of remote clients throughout a very user-friendly interface;
   3. a special, proprietary software application forming the core of the control center
   4. a proprietary software architecture
      allowing full integration and compatibility
      with GOOGLE worldwide coverage free
      mapping database.

Also available upon request is the special SSL
128bit encryption option (additional hardware +
software package) allowing full encryption and
confidentiality of the transmitted and received
data throughout the control center server.


The PROTECTOR solution by SPECTRADOME for fleet tracking and management is the most
advanced option on the market today for differentiated and multi-tasking management and
tracking of vehicles (car/van/truck-compatible) road cargoes and boats.
In the end, the PROTECTOR solution offers really something more than an ordinary GPS car
alarm or conventional GPS fleet-tracking system.

The most remarkable advantages offered by the PROTECTOR solution for fleet tracking are:

      multiple tracking and monitoring. Not only GPS tracking, not only vehicle monitoring but
       BOTH opportunities combined together along with a full round-the-clock audio and video
       monitoring covering the vehicle as well as its passengers and transported goods;
      local and remote monitoring possible. All the audio+video+GPS information can be
       supervised and monitored in real time directly from inside the vehicle as well as from
       the control centre remotely;
      cost effectiveness. The availability of a complete turn-key solution consisting of both
       vehicle units and control centre allows incredible savings when fleet management
       system configurations are needed. The control center is able to interface with Google
       Maps/Earth database thus allowing even greater savings by making it not necessary to
       rely on any third-party map company for GPS tracking service;
      absolutely NO monthly fees. Save and eliminate the risk of unexpected tracking service
       termination just when tracking service would be most needed;
      GPS tracking service costs are kept to the minimum. No need to rely on third-party
       company for tracking service with our all-inclusive, user-friendly control centre
       operation and management. Even unskilled personnel will be able to master control
       centre operation after only a few hours of usage, because the greatest and toughest
       part of fleet tracking operations are performed automatically by the control centre itself;
      cellular-based system architecture. This feature allows cutting-edge performance along
       with improved cost management thanks to the GPRS-based data transfer;
      worldwide coverage. Virtually no technical limitations are present as our system
       operates by using GPS and GPRS networks which are actually available almost
       anywhere in the world;
      considerable security risk reduction. No insider trading from any third party is possible
       as long as the whole fleet tracking and management system is owned, controlled,
       managed and supervised by the very same company that owns the fleet;
      powerful and compact. One single, small-sized unit is sufficient to completely monitor,
       track and protect a vehicle along with transported personnel and commodities;
      fully confidential. A dedicated option allows total SSL encryption of the control center
       Internet traffic, in order to ensure utmost secrecy during system operation;
      fully scalable. We are able to tailor-make each system according to customer's need
       and dimensions.

Additional information available at:


In order to make the multiple advantages offered by our system even more evident, we have
made available some screenshots illustrating system operation as follows:

In the above picture, the control center main screen is visualized: this window allows control
center operator(s) to supervise all main GPS tracking and video (still images) data for a given
vehicle. Quite a massive amount of calculations are automatically performed by the control
center server when it comes to receiving the multiple data stream coming from the various
PROTECTOR units installed inside fleet vehicles.
Each single PROTECTOR unit sends GPS and video data to the pre-programmed control center
IP address by means of a special GPRS transmitter (included with every ADVANCED or FLEET
TRACKING version of our product): the control center then receives all the incoming data
streams via the Internet at its static IP address, performs all the needed calculations, interfaces
with Google basemap then displays alla the most relevant information on the control center
The special GPRS transmitter unit is compatible with both pre-paid and subscribed plans from
most GPRS-enabled cellphone carriers worldwide.

Some testing between the various cellphone carriers might however be necessary to find the
most suitable carrier, as GPRS network settings may vary according to cellphone carrier policy.

The below picture shows how the GPS map tracking information window on the right can be
managed and supervised indipendently from the video and data monitoring window on the left.
Of course, map zoom can be increased or decreased according to operator's preferences
whereas video and GPS data stay available and continue to be constantly supervised and
managed automatically by the control center server.

Hi-resolution video monitoring is possible according to customer's preferences: road conditions
video monitoring is therefore feasible at the same way as round-the-clock (covert) cockpit
surveillance would be easily set up as shown by the below picture:

If we compare the previous control center screen picture with the one below, we can notice the
vehicle where the PROTECTOR system has been installed is moving.
Actually, vehicle position on the GPS tracking map has changed and vehicle motion is also
reported by the live video images coming directly from the four surveillance cameras that this
PROTECTOR unit is equipped with.

The whole GPS tracking, vehicle and video data is being sent via GPRS cellular network.

When multiple vehicle tracking and monitoring is required, a dedicated control center window
allows not only different data management for each single vehicle, but also to manage the
whole fleet of vehicles by:

      additional data assignment (vehicle type, vehicle group/sub-group, driver's name) for
       each monitored vehicle;
      vehicle category and vehicle type icon management;
      FIFO incoming data stream management along with data browsing and playback
       according to customizable and precise time lapse indication from control center
      multiple-user and password-protected access to control center data and features.

Also, in case any remote/mobile tracking operation is needed, the PROTECTOR server-based
control center will allow remote “on-the-spot” fleet tracking management and monitoring to
every authorized user logging in to the system control center by the suitable user name and
password previously provided by control center operator(s).
Remote agent shall only need a desktop/laptop PC with Internet connection to perform remote
tracking monitoring operations.


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