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					         Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post
                    Distributing vendor checks. CIB to distribute vendor checks beginning 11/4/10. (Savings: this will free up several hours of time
                    per week for two employees in the FMC Disbursing section; time that can re-allocated to more useful projects).                        NEA        CAIRO
         Banking    $4,000 bank fee reduction due to negotiated new contract terms with local bank                                                        SCA      DUSHANBE

         Banking    Cash or Check to EFT Initiative to reduce cash payments by using EFT. This will save time in GFS Bangkok and in the FMC
                    Disbursing section by eliminating checks and our handling of them. (Savings – 10 hours of time per week or $4K annually)              NEA        CAIRO
                    Cash payment disbursement. CIB to disburse cash vouchers and petty cash vouchers in lieu of Class B Cashier. Our USDO
         Banking    bank, CIB, performs this service for USAID and it has worked well for 10 years. If approved by USDO at RM/GFSC, post will
                    save almost one cashier position. (Savings - $10K annually)                                                                           NEA        CAIRO
                    Post continues to convert local currency contracts to USD contracts thus taking advantage of the parallel rate which exist in
         Banking    Venezuela. Currently the parallel rate is more than two times the official rate, thus allowing renewing contracts to be negotiated
                    at substantially lower amounts, in such a cases as much as 30-40%.                                                                    WHA      CARACAS
                     Post is planning to implement the following cost savings initiatives: Banking services: in 2009 post started examining the
                    costliest contracts in place and the bank was most expensive. Post paid banking fees of $35,300, $42,600 and $42,300 in FY
                    years 2007 – 2009 and was forecasting $44,000 for FY 2010. However in the beginning of 2010 it invited banks to understand
                    posts‟ needs and asked them to bid on the services. This contract was rebid in FY 2010 and all the services that were being
                    charged for, the bank teller, ATM machine and payroll deposits are now free of Charge. Post will save $44,000 every year with
                    this new contract in place.                                                                                                           WHA      ASUNCION

                    The Embassy has begun its pilot program to be a “cashless” Post. We have started our pilot “pre-loaded debit card program”
     Cashiering     which allow employees to make micro purchases with no need of carrying cash. This program not only reduces the risk of
                    Embassy‟s employees carrying cash around Mexico City, but it also strengthens our internal controls to protect USG against                    MEXICO CITY,
                    fraud, waste and abuse. We have already seen a 25% reduction due to this new initiative.                                              WHA        D.F.
                    During last calendar year, the warehousing operations of USAID was consolidated with State. In calculating the unit cost impact
                    of this consolidation, both USAID and the pre-existing ICASS warehouse customers benefited from the consolidation and its
                    resulting unit cost reduction. On a pro-forma basis, the unit cost for non-expendable property management was thereby
                    reduced from $ 1,587 to $1,363. During the next year, there will be a large scale relocation of many ICASS functions and within
                    the next two years a full consolidation of all agencies onto the two Embassy compounds will be completed. A key goal over this
                    period is the consolidation of some ICASS services which are currently performed by other agencies on their own. One such
                    consolidation effort will be that of the large motor pool currently operated by USAID. With the consolidation of dispatch
                    operations and increase in total number of vehicles and drivers available, it is planned that unit costs can be reduced to the
                    benefit of all motor pool subscribers while maintaining or improving service levels. Both a reduction in overall fuel usage and
                    possibly some reduction of overall head count may be the specific areas cost savings. We estimate cost savings of the                 EAP       MANILA
                    Motor pool runs are organized for multi tasks. Savings from the multiple tasked runs will not be significant due to cheap fuel
                    prices in Kuwait. Post anticipates savings between $5,000 and $7,500 due to this initiative.                                          NEA       KUWAIT
         Energy     Post plans on educating employees on cost of residential electricity which could produce cost savings.                                WHA      KINGSTON

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         Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                          Bureau      Post

                  Replace chancery fluorescent lighting with LED. The initial cost of replacement of the lights is estimated to be $20K and the
                  associated savings in electricity consumption are estimated to be $10K per year, which would generate a $10K return on
                  investment in FY-2013. With the move to the NEC around the corner, this may not have the highest priority.                                          THE HAGUE
                  $370K Similarly last year, post successfully collected the charges for residential govt. owned apartment electricity usage from
                  occupying agencies which were previously charged to ICASS. This decision was taken because of increase in cost due to
                  inflation with limited funding. This resulted a saving of $370K. From this saving post able to absorbed electricity increase in FY-
                  10. In FY-11 post continue the above initiative and anticipate saving of $350K.                                                             SCA     NEW DELHI
                  $40,000 Cost savings per year: Post is going forward with a cost saving initiative to replace exterior lighting in the compound by                     SAN
                  changing 400 watt units to those requiring only 88 watts each.                                                                              WHA     SALVADOR
         Energy   $5,000 electricity bill savings due to switch from conventional to solar lighting in parking lot and container yard.                        SCA     DUSHANBE
                  $9,600 per year in electricity savings from the installation of power factor correction coils on our main electrical distribution
         Energy   network. OBO provided $40,000 for post this project, which will provide a total return on investment in 4.2 years. Implemented
                  in FY 09 and continued in FY 10. No FY10 negative impact reported.                                                                          WHA        LIMA
                  Consulate Melbourne identified energy efficient lighting to save on energy costs in the Consulate. This has now been installed
                  and the saving is $7,000                                                                                                                    EAP     CANBERRA
                  Officers in the Management section have come forward with suggestions on how to save costs. Here are examples of two of
                  them which Post will pursue: (a) The RMO has encouraged walking as a good, inexpensive exercise to promote a healthier life.
                  Various information has been circulated to all the Embassy staff encouraging some simple practices within the compound, like
                  use of the staircases instead of using the elevator. Although it is too early to tell the results of this program, Post anticipates that
                  if adhered to the positive outcome could be a healthier staff and a savings on energy as a result of decreased elevator use (b)
                  There is a television in the cafeteria that stays on even when no one is watching. Besides having responsible individuals turn
                  the TV off when they notice that no one is in the room, Post plans to buy a timer and put up a sign that says “Last Viewer
                  Please Turn TV Off”.                                                                                                                        EAP     SINGAPORE
                  All occupants of Embassy residences have been provided a report comparing their respective residences‟ energy (electric and
                  natural gas) consumption vs. average comparative consumption. In the past year there were no individual excessive usages
                  that warranted a discreet reminder to keep their consumption lower. Post will continue this practice as it seems to successfully
                  remind users to keep their consumption close to or lower than a comparative average                                                         EAP     SINGAPORE
                  Electricity - $2,500 per annum Lighting throughout the Chancery has been reduced, during working hours. During after hours,
         Energy   only hallway lighting is on. Incandescent bulbs have been replaced with fluorescent bulbs. Water pumps for fountains and the
                  swimming pool at the Chancery/CMR are operating on reduced schedules.                                                                       EUR      NICOSIA
         Energy   Water - $1,000 per annum Utilize well water for the Chancery/CMR garden and swimming pool, to cut on costs.                                 EUR      NICOSIA

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         Theme                                                           Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                Bureau     Post
                  Electricity. Post replaced 12 split air conditioning units (50%) on the compound that were at least 5 years old. The new units are
                  estimated to be as much 40% more efficient and are expected to begin saving electricity in the first quarter of FY 2011. In
                  addition, post replaced all old light fixtures in the Consulate with the most efficient available. We guess that this initiative plus
                  the insulation listed below will save $1,400 over our base this fiscal year, but we have no data on which to base this guess yet.
                  Offsetting the savings on the government owned compound is the larger family size of the family in post's only ICASS STL
                  residence.                                                                                                                             WHA    CURACAO
                  Solar Water Heating. Post will complete conversion of the CMR to solar water heating by December 2010. Associated savings
                  will follow.                                                                                                                           WHA    CURACAO
                  1/3rd lighting in public areas & other non essential aesthetic lighting are permanently turned off saving more than USD 6,000
                  annually.                                                                                                                              SCA   KATHMANDU
                  The water is non potable in Luanda and post acquired reverse osmosis units for water purification to replace non-functional
                  distillers. This will lower the cost of electricity bills and eliminate the high cost for routine maintenance of distillers or
                  replacement with new distillers ($500 ea new) by more than $5,000. Last year the embassy drilled a well for water which
                  supplemented the public water system. This reduced the water invoice and represented a savings of $44,000 from usage over
                  the prior year. An older well was recently repaired and there are now two embassy wells supplementing the public water system
                  which will represent a new cost savings this fiscal year..                                                                              AF     LUANDA
                  A previous initiative, the exploration of residential solar project has been put on hold, as post continues to grow and day-to-day
                  demands on time have taken precedence over implementation at this time. Post plans to explore implementation of a solar-
                  powered radio repeater and backup power supply at our Lighthouse location. Since the present repeater is metered,
                  operational savings will be computed on the electricity savings less the amortized cost of the solar power components. More
                  difficult to monetize will be the reliability factor. Electric power can be sporadic, and emergencies are when the network would
                  be most needed. Having a backup with much longer uptime is a big advantage for our emergency radio network. Using the
                  knowledge gained from this procurement will allow us to assess local vendors in the solar power field and revisit the feasibility
                  of a residential solar power project in the future.                                                                                     AF      DAKAR

                  Additionally, we will reduce operating the warehouse expendable storage room air conditioning system in reheating mode which
                  consumes 8000 W/hrs of energy. The potential cost reduction of these three initiatives can be summarized as follows: 1. Power
                  consumption reduction due to extended night setback mode of operation: 20 kW 2. Cost reduction due to increasing space
                  temperature set points: 15 kW 3. Cost reduction due to deactivation of warehouse HVAC heater: 8 kW Total KW reduction =                      BELMOPAN -
                  20+15+8 = 43 kW Cost per KW Hr = $ .22 USD Monthly Cost reduction = 43 X 12 X 30 X $.22 = $3405                                       WHA       OLD
                  After four years of lengthy, taxing pressure, the landlord finally did agree to do the work necessary, although he did not get the
                  appropriate city approvals. Post pressured him to finish the project and the transformer project is scheduled to be fully
                  implemented in January 2011. This will allow us to have savings of diesel fuel for 8 months in FY 2011. The annual estimated
                  cost savings is $14,000.                                                                                                              NEA     JERUSALEM
                  ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Post is working with OBO to implement an Energy Savings Performance Contract plan utilizing wind
         Energy   and solar power for the Embassy compound. After the initial investment is paid, post will see significant reductions in electricity
                  costs. This four to five year project commences in FY2011 with an OBO energy survey.                                                  WHA     MANAGUA

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         Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post
                  Analyze cost of power consumption in a three month listing that reports and monitors power usage per residence. (Savings:
                  $10K annually)                                                                                                                         NEA        CAIRO
                  As a result of energy-conservation efforts, Post was able to decrease energy usage in the Chancery by over $15,000, a
         Energy   significant saving. Post continues to explore other avenues for decreasing energy usage, including a recent initiative to replace
                  energy-intensive distillers at residences with bottled water.                                                                          SCA      COLOMBO
                  B) Shutting computers down after 7:00 pm everyday: -It helps saving electricity costs. However, since GOH keeps raising the
                  utility rates, post can‟t demonstrate this savings in relation to object class 2361.                                                   WHA     TEGUCIGALPA
         Energy   Recycling program/energy efficient light bulbs. Mission will save $4,000.                                                              NEA       MUSCAT
         Energy   Cairo II chiller upgrade. Improved cooling capacity with less power consumption. (Savings: $5K annually)                               NEA        CAIRO

                  Cairo II cooling tower. Variable frequency drives will improve the efficiency of the pump motors. (Savings: $5K annually)              NEA        CAIRO
                  CFL light bulb replacement program, solar hot water heating, battery/inverter set for security light, customized time for
                  generator have saved more than $30,000 annually (SOC 2361),collectively from 50 short term leased residences.                          SCA     KATHMANDU

         Energy   COMPUTER SHUTDOWN: Post is investigating powering down the unclassified computers during the night hours. With over
                  200 desktops at 90 watts/hour, post anticipates saving $15,000/year once all desktops are incorporated into the plan.                  WHA      MANAGUA

                  COST SAVING MEASURES TO BE IMPLEMANTED IN 2011: 1) Purchase and installation of Warehouse Chiller Oil Purger
                  (estimated purchase cost - $10K, OBO funds). Benefit Expected: - Increased availability of equipment. The OAM Purger will
                  prevent failure due to high content of oil in the evaporator; - Decreasing volume of moisture in the evaporator (also throughout
                  Chiller) greatly reduces the risk of corrosion; - Energy Savings estimates 42,000 KWH per year. Power saving expected is 15%.
                  Cost savings estimate per year – BGN 4,200 ($2.8K); - Estimated pay back of the equipment – 3.6 years.                                 EUR        SOFIA

                  Cost Saving Plan for FY 2011: Besides providing continuity to above mentioned major greening initiatives programs, following
         Energy   major projects are being planned and scheduled: 1. Post plans to install Photovoltaic Solar Array in Chancery compound that
                  will produce 220-250 KW/Hr of electricity each day to be connected to incoming grid (Grid Tie Inverter system) which will
                  produce electrical energy worth $ 11,000 per annum and have payback period of 13- 15 years.                                            SCA     KATHMANDU
                  Cost Savings Initiative in FY 11: Despite our failure to attain any cost savings in FY10, we plan to continue to search for ways to
                  reduce the operational costs of the Embassy government owned and LTL properties. By maximizing the use of our Building
                  Automation System (BAS), which is a computerized system to control the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
                  and lighting throughout the Chancery building, we have been able to reduce the amount of electrical use and heating losses. To
                  do this we have programmed the BAS software to turn off unnecessary lighting after hours and to reduce the HVAC systems
                  output afterhours. We estimate savings of $5,000 annually.                                                                             WHA      OTTAWA

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         Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                         Bureau    Post
                  Cost Savings Initiatives FY 2010: 1. The chancery was designed to operate automatically with two generators whenever there
                  was a loss of municipal power. Working with OBO, Post reconfigured the PLC programming to operate only on one generator,
         Energy   saving enormous amount of fuel and extending the life of the generators. Post saved 104,689 liters of diesel that is equivalent
                  to USD 81,500 under SOC 2654. Kathmandu is faced with scheduled 3000 hour of load shed annually which is an increasing
                  trend.                                                                                                                                      SCA   KATHMANDU
                  Electricity: expenses were: $456K (2010), 546K (2009), 611K (2008). Post implemented an energy savings plans causing a
                  decrease of about 25%.(prior year)Post purchased emergency efficient hand dryers during FY-2010. Post hopes to install it
         Energy   during first/second quarter for FY-2011. We expect a savings in paper towel of approximately $10K. During FY-11 post hopes
                  to complete the water well project and reduce the Chancery's dependency on city water. Expected savings are approximately
                  $10K.                                                                                                                                       WHA    SANTIAGO
                  ELECTRICTY: Electricity continues to be one of Post's big ticket budget items. Post will this year look for ways to reduce the
                  electricity bill: (1) Implementing a payment ceiling for all STLs. i.e. Post will pay electricity only up to a certain level for all STLs.
                  Any costs above the ceiling will be absorbed by the employee. Post believes this cost saving measure can net real savings in
                  the region of $8,000. (2) Post will also look at the closing down of all computers after 7pm in the evenings. The 7pm closure will
                  allow for the running of updates and provide staff remaining after hours to complete their assignments. Post believes this cost
                  saving measure can net real savings of $6,000.                                                                                              WHA BRIDGETOWN
                  ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING: During make readies, Post is changing all residential lighting to energy efficient bulbs. For
         Energy   the ICASS direct hire residences, the cost savings is estimated to be $2,500. On the compound, post continues to adjust the
                  automatic shutoffs for unused office space to optimize cost savings.                                                                        WHA    MANAGUA
                  f) Post continues to power down all computers at the end of the work day and during week ends to save electricity. The
                  computers turn back on at 5am.                                                                                                              WHA BUENOS AIRES

                  FMM is in the process of installing incandescent lighting fixtures throughout all residences, RSO has installed similar security
         Energy   lights with day/night switches, estimated cost saving on supplies and electricity $18K. As the lighting project was implemented
                  in FY2010 post estimates that the cost saving on our electricity account was $4,300. The saving might not sound like much but
                  post should see the full effect in FY2011 with additional saving in supplies and M&R cost associated with this project.                 AF      WINDHOEK
                  For FY 2011 post has received approval from OBO to add 4 solar lights the Parking lot. These lights are projected to save the
         Energy   embassy $400 dollars a year. This figure includes the costs of installation. If this project is successful embassy Panama plans
                  to expand the use of solar to obtain greater utility savings.                                                                          WHA       PANAMA
                  FY10 Cost Savings Accomplishments 1) Control internal temperature in office buildings to increase temperature by 2 degrees
                  from last year. This will result in an annual savings of up to 3% of the total utility bill. (Savings: $21K annually)                   NEA       CAIRO
                  FY11 Cost Savings Plan 1) Install solar hot water heating for villas and some apartments. We have started this on two villas.
                  (Savings: $2K)                                                                                                                          NEA       CAIRO

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         Theme                                                   Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post

                  FY2011 Cost saving initiatives will be concentrated on improving the operation of our building operation system in order to
                  reduce electrical power consumption of our Air Conditioning Systems. This initiative will be targeting two specific operational
                  aspects of our Building Automation System. That is, we will be optimizing the schedule when the air conditioning systems are
                  operating in normal cooling as opposed to night setback modes. Also, we will be gradually increasing the space temperature                  BELMOPAN -
                  set points from an average temperature of seventy three degrees to that of seventy five degrees Fahrenheit.                         WHA        OLD
                  FY2011 initiatives: Post is planning to install hot water heater meters to shift from a fixed beginning year amount to metered
         Energy   use; we expect to see a 50% saving on the heating costs. Post currently pay constant amount of $27,100 for the heating cost
                  annually. Post estimates to pay $13,000 after installing of heater meter.                                                           EAP     ULAANBAATAR
                  IMO is working on automatically shutting down equipment (PCs, printers, scanners, etc) at night. This will reduce the power bill
                  by estimated $7,500 per year.                                                                                                       EUR      BUCHAREST
                  In Riyadh, PCs supporting WOL are shutdown every night at 1:30am, and brought up via wake-up-on-LAN (WOL) at 6:30am.
                  The power used by a CPU is roughly 100 watt/hour (.1w). The PCs are kept off for five hours every night saving approximately
                  .5KW/PC every night and approximately $4K a year for 304 PCs. Dhahran also has 98 work stations on line all of which are
         Energy   now using WOL. We have on line 59 “old” computers that do not support WOL. In FY 2011, we will replace them and save
                  approximately $1K. We also will eliminate printers attached to individual workstations and network them into shared printers for
                  savings of $5K. Color printers are nice to have but very expensive to operate and maintain. In FY 2011 we will limit their
                  placement in the mission saving $25K.                                                                                               NEA       RIYADH
                  Individually meter utilities in each apartment at government residence buildings. This will reduce power usage in those
                  apartments by making occupants aware of their energy consumption. (Savings: $5K annually)                                           NEA        CAIRO
                  INITIAL: We are attempting to use the use of solar-powered hot water systems as stand-alone units for residential properties in
         Energy   this warm-weather, low-precipitation environment, eliminating the need for gas or electric-powered backup systems (Estimated
                  savings: $2,500-5,000).                                                                                                              AF        PRAIA
                  Install compact fluorescent lamps as part of the make ready process. Estimated number of make-readies per year is up to 150
                  and up to 50 fixtures per apartment. (Savings: $20K annually)                                                                       NEA        CAIRO
                  Insulation for the CMR and Consulate. Until now, the 60 year old buildings on the compound had no insulation in the
                  attics/ceilings. Insulation was added in September 2010. Post expects immediate savings in FY 2011.                                 WHA      CURACAO

                  ISC Wake-on-LAN and Two-side printing The ISC enabled Wake-On-LAN to automatically turn off computers at night and then
                  turn them back on before users arrive in the morning. Post estimates the savings in electricity at around $4,000 per year (plus
                  the green part -- the energy not used). The ISC also initiated a second green initiative in which they configured printers to
                  default to two-sided printing. At this time there are no firm estimates on what the savings in paper costs will be as not all
                  employees maintained the default setting. Post will maintain records to determine the decrease in paper usage.                                 SKOPJE
         Energy   Last year the Management Counselor mandated the use of energy saving light bulbs: $20k                                              WHA      KINGSTON
                  Lastly, post plans to work with housing pool tenants to make them more aware of their energy consumption, therefore reducing
                  energy usage. Any savings will go towards mitigating expected electricity price increases.                                          EUR       ZAGREB

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         Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau     Post
                  LIGHT BULBS: Post is converting all residence light bulbs to the compacted fluorescent light bulbs and anticipates we will save
                  $150K Mission wide in electricity expense.                                                                                             EUR     ANKARA
                  Looking at technology to automatically shut down computers during certain periods during the night to reduce electricity
                  consumption; - purchased restricted airline fares and book domestic flights online.                                                    EAP   WELLINGTON
                  Most of our saving initiatives were already completed, leaving little space for further optimization. To list briefly, we measured
                  more than $100,000 of savings in heating fuel alone in FY2009 and this level remained flat in FY2010. New opportunities for
                  saving initiatives in October 2010 are available to us due to the consolidation of services with USAID. While exact
                  measurements will have to wait until a future date – we can give ideas. Saving opportunity is in the area of building operations.
         Energy   After consolidation, post assumed management of more buildings and will exercise the same saving techniques applied at our
                  compound that brought more than a 50% saving in fuel ($100K). Savings on heating fuel are expected by upgrading the heating
                  systems and by utilizing automatic on/off switches of the heating system during periods of the day/night when heating is not
                  needed - without affecting the comfort of employees. It is still early to give the figure, but post estimates further savings on fuel
                  for $5,000.                                                                                                                            EUR     PRISTINA
                  Motion detectors have been installed all offices, turning off lights when no one is using the space. It is too early to determine
                  what the cost savings will be but post projects a savings of $30/month for each of the Villas.                                         NEA      TRIPOLI
                  NEW INITIATIVES: MELBOURNE: Underway: Installation of energy efficient lighting throughout COB. Replace current lighting
         Energy   fixtures from (85watt) to (45watt) which will result in a 40% reduction in light electricity costs. Estimated cost saving pa:
                  A$7,000.00.                                                                                                                            EAP    CANBERRA
                  Our newly installed at the NEC Dedicated Heat Recovery Chiller is a technological advancement in chiller development that
                  allows 100% of the heat generated by this equipment to be used for hot water heating applications. We will use this system
                  within the NEC for domestic hot water and heating applications reducing our use of the local district heating utility by 80 to 90
                  percent. The recovery of this heat that previously was vented to the atmosphere by our cooling towers reduces our carbon
                  footprint by an estimated 40%. Potential annual cost savings have been estimated as high $50,000, which provides for a 10
                  year investment payback.                                                                                                               EUR       SOFIA

                  Post also continues to reduce utility costs. We have replaced the entire HVAC system in 2010, switching to a magnetic
         Energy   levitation unit which uses less energy and is easier and cheaper to maintain. Cost savings should be in the 10% ($29,000)
                  range. Additionally, Post is initiating an OBO-funded photo voltaic panel project which will reduce energy usage by a further 5%
                  ($14,500) in the long run. These savings will be offset by increases in utility costs, for a net annual savings of $30,000.         EUR       LISBON

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         Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau     Post
                  Post continues reviewing electrical usage in the Embassy and the residences to become more environmentally responsible with
                  the aim of saving natural and monetary resources. Post audited its energy use to learn how to conserve and efficiently use
                  energy resources. Post purchased additional solar powered outdoor lighting, larger recycling bins, energy efficient light bulbs
                  and other products that allowed post to operate more efficiently. Post made cost savings of $30K this FY. Post will keep
                  monitoring cost saving resulting from a decrease in electrical use. OBC energy tariff rate was changed to adjust energy
         Energy   consumption to specific working schedules and take advantage of lowest rates during the day. Post has taking the following
                  steps to cost savings: Activities deck lighting is solar powered. All OBC offices has a motion sensor to turn the lights off when
                  not needed OBC A/C works under schedule. Mon-Fri starting 7:30am, stopping 5:00pm. Not scheduled on weekends. Air
                  Handlers #2, 3, 4 operate under VFD (variable frequency driver) motor, using only on-demand energy. Chilled water pumps #1,
                  2, 3 operate under VFD (variable frequency driver) motor, using only on-demand energy. Chillers (industrial water coolers)
                  cooling capacity modulates on-demand, using only the necessary energy to keep the chilled water within operational conditions. WHA              SAN JOSE
                  Post continues to use 40W compact fluorescent spotlights at its residences however it is no match for a 200% increase in costs
                  imposed in FY2011. This Post has no cost saving initiatives for FY 2011.                                                                WHA     HAVANA
                  Post Facilities Manager is working with OBO on chiller replacement with the expectation that the cost of maintenance, repairs,
         Energy   and energy wasted (on the old chillers) will more than surpass the cost of replacing with modular air cooled chillers. More
                  specific information on energy savings should be available in the next ICASS budget summary.                                            WHA      LA PAZ
                  Post has also saved some amount of money on fuel that occurred for using smaller vehicles for lower operating expenses
                  instead of use of large trucks.                                                                                                          AF     DJIBOUTI
                  Post has begun investigating savings that might come from reduced electrical usage by monitoring closely the monthly billed
                  usage at residential and non-residential buildings. The information will provide reliable consumption data so that post can better
                  direct cost savings. These cost savings have become even more important as the electric supply in country has been
                  insufficient most days requiring the usage of expensive generators. These generators use prodigious amounts of diesel fuel
         Energy   causing the costs to skyrocket. [The increased costs are hidden in the budget in that fuel costs are indicated in the same object
                  code as vehicle fuel.] Post secured funding from OBO this past year to install solar water heaters in seven residences including
                  the CMR. Given the amount of sunshine available, these water heaters could significantly reduce the electricity requirements to
                  heat water. Should this project prove successful (the heaters have just been purchased), post hopes to install more such
                  heaters.                                                                                                                                 AF    LILONGWE
                  Post has changed the supplier of electricity for the Chancery building. This new supplier agrees to offer a 10% prompt pay
                  discount the first time for a no-residential account. Estimated savings for the year is about $8,000.                                   EAP   WELLINGTON
                  Post has replaced all halogen fixtures in the chancery and most within the housing pool with lower consumption fluorescent
                  bulbs and fixtures. It is post policy to use lower consumption fluorescent bulbs in all make readies in the future. Electricity prices
                  per kilowatt increased by 20% (from AMD 0.25 to AMD 0.30) on April 1, 2009. However, the actual costs in FY10 only
                  increased by $400 over FY09 (from $162,390.66 to $162,705.09) due to the replacement of all halogen fixtures. Post expects
                  that this will continue to reduce energy consumption which is vital considering the anticipated costs increases in gas beginning
                  April 2011.                                                                                                                             EUR     YEREVAN

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         Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post
                  Post install motion sensors to reduce electricity cost, replace light bulbs with energy saving bulbs. (Post anticipated savings
         Energy   $4,000-16,000) 5. Renegotiate telephone contracts to reduce toll charges. (Unknown U.S. dollar savings results will appear
                  next fiscal year).                                                                                                                        NEA       AMMAN

                  Post is aggressively pursuing a green initiative program, meaning thinking of the environment and saving energy where
                  possible. For example: turning of lights and ACs in offices, spaces, after hours and if you leave the building. This could save
                  post up to $3K (SRD 8K) in energy bills a month in the long run where the monthly bills are around SRD20K.                                WHA     PARAMARIBO
                  Post is in discussion with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) to implement some of the Sustainability Team‟s
                  recommendations using private, non-government financing. Post is awaiting the final proposal from the ESCO.                               EUR       MADRID

                  Post is in the process of tracking the energy consumption of each residence and establishing comparative data of the average
                  vs. actual consumption. Comparisons will be presented to individual occupants so that they can determine how they compare to
                  the average. Occupants who have excessive usage will be discreetly encouraged to come down close to the average. Even
                  though this initiative will slightly impact ICASS (post only has five ICASS residences) it will significantly impact State D&CP
                  allotment as well as other allotments / agencies at post. We will identify cost savings data as we implement this initiative.             WHA     TEGUCIGALPA
                  Post is operating, monitoring and adjusting set points for centralized heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment from
         Energy   Building Automation System which has resulted in saving of USD 30,000 annually under SOC 2361 by reducing the electricity
                  consumed and fuel saving from minimized boiler run hour.                                                                                  SCA     KATHMANDU
                  Post is replacing light bulbs with low energy bulbs. The Initial cost will be offset by the reduced electricity bills. We are not sure
                  yet of the long term financial impact, but we estimate we might be able to save about $5,000 annually.                                    EUR       TIRANA
                  Post is turning off all lights not need to be on and is changing incandescent lights to fluorescents and other brands of energy
         Energy   efficient lighting, we are installing motion detectors to turn on and off lights thereby increasing our savings. Savings are in
                  excess of $6,000 per year.                                                                                                                EUR       TALLINN
                  Post plans to install LED spot lights as replacement to existing energy consuming spot lights which should save $5000
                  annually.                                                                                                                                 SCA     KATHMANDU

                  Post switched to an alternative electricity vendor in CY2010, annual savings $20k p.a. Post plans to switch to an alternative gas
                  vendor in CY2012, projected savings $4k p.a. Post continues replacing older lighting technologies in the ANNEX and
                  CHANCERY buildings with more efficient and longer lasting (green initiative compliant) alternatives, projected savings $2k p.a.           EUR     BRATISLAVA
                  Post used 7901 funding to replace all the heat pumps and ducting in the 18 houses of the residential compound. The existing
                  equipment was of poor quality and energy inefficient. By replacing the ducts, we have eliminated the heat and cooling that
         Energy   escaped between the heat pump and the building due to poor insulation of the ducting system. We have used a much better
                  quality brand that is also available locally, cutting on shipping costs and delays. We have estimated savings of about $800 in
                  ICASS.                                                                                                                                    EUR       TIRANA
                  Post was successful at maintaining overtime cost reductions and energy consumption from 2008 levels, maintaining the
                  $50,500 savings from 2008 levels. Post continues to try and reduce costs through several tactics.                                         EUR       LISBON

9 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post

          Energy   Post will begin this fiscal year to install room occupancy light sensors and energy- efficient bulbs in the Chancery and in all
                   residential properties. We will monitor utility bills and hope to realize saving of up to 10% in charges across all budgets.             EUR       DUBLIN
                   Post will dedicate solar hot water system that will replace electrical hot water system at Chancery saving $ 6000 per annum
                   work of electricity charges which have payback period of 8-10 years.                                                                     SCA     KATHMANDU

                   Power Stabilization - Power surges, drops, and polarity shifts in residences are common and frequent, often causing damage to
                   sensitive (and even not-so-sensitive) equipment. Post would like to explore the use of voltage regulators or other devices in
                   residences (up to seven units per house for approximately $730 per residence). If feasible, we would expect to implement
                   housing-pool-wide next fiscal year and project savings at that time. Savings would be in appliances and equipment that are not
                   damaged and in the associated overhead (procurement, delivery, etc.) saved by a longer life-cycle.                                        AF       DAKAR

                   PRIOR YEAR - Switching Over to City Power: $1,000,000 a year in potential savings. Until recently, the NEC was running
                   exclusively on generator fuel at a cost of over $1.6 million a year. We finally moved the embassy onto the city electric utility grid
                   at the beginning of FY-11, even though the move was intended to be a cost savings initiative for FY-10. We are still consuming
                   an average of about 800 liters a day in generator fuel at a cost of approximately $300,000 a year. Nevertheless, the move
                   should reduce our fuel consumption cost by approximately 82%, saving the embassy over $1 million a year. The initiative is not
                   without problems. Erratic city power and voltage fluctuations continue to seriously damage sensitive electronic equipment at the
                   embassy necessitating ongoing maintenance costs and replacement costs for the FM and IRM sections.                                        AF      CONAKRY
          Energy   Prior year cost savings initiatives. 1. Use of well water vs. city water. Total savings $2,200. This was implemented.                     AF     BRAZZAVILLE
          Energy   Prior Year cost savings update: Use of well water versus fuel generators. Total saving was approximately: $2,000.                         AF       BANGUI
                   Replace single pane windows with double pane windows in government owned apartments which will help reduce heat/cooling
                   transfer through the glass. (Savings: $5K annually)                                                                                      NEA       CAIRO
                   Residences here have gaps and crevices between door and window frames and walls. Post has started weather stripping all
          Energy   residences with the expectation that energy losses as well as utility and firewood costs will be reduced next winter. Post will
                   provide follow up information with specific savings data.                                                                                WHA       LA PAZ
                   Results from FY10 cost savings initiative: Post reports thus far a $6,500 in savings derived from the purchase of energy efficient
                   air conditioners to replace non-functioning old energy guzzlers. While we are pleased that the units are “green” and have
                   reduced our energy consumption, we are disappointed that there has not been a proportional reduction in electricity costs.
          Energy   Unfortunately, many of our leased residences are not properly metered and the local utility company continues to charge post
                   (as well as all other tenants in the area) what appear to be relatively fixed amounts based on neighborhood, not energy
                   consumption. Post will begin negotiating with the electricity providers to investigate proper charging, but savings may not be                     SANTO
                   realized until FY12 or later.                                                                                                            WHA      DOMINGO
                   With the implementation of the "Green Program", Post was able to reduce the consumption of electricity, but because of the
                   increase in Kilowatt price, the cost saving ($5,600) looked less than expected.                                                          NEA       TUNIS

10 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                        Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                   Bureau      Post
                   Savings in staff time in Facilities. In the past, we had full time LES technician watching the boiler controls in the basement of “B”
                   building which included evenings and weekends. Beginning this year, we invested in automation and alarm controls that allow
                   Post Three to monitor any technical problems and alert our staff by telephone. This eliminates the need to have a full time
                   employee in the NEC just to monitor the boiler operations. So the small technology investment will save one LES salary for all
                   after hour‟s coverage. Estimated savings $134,900 AmConsulate Shangahai has implemented the following programs to create
                   savings – not yet estimated - for FY 2011: a. During inspections tighten or replace all high resistance electrical panel connects
                   reducing electrical current usage and making homes safer. b. Replacement of all consular UV fraud lights from fluorescent tube
                   to 10000 hour led units. c. Ordering 1.5 gallon per minute aerators for all of the sinks. This is a reduction from the 2.5 gpm
                   currently installed d. Installing two solar hot water heaters to supplement pre-heat water in two of our building to reduce energy
                   cost. e. Installed monkey grass on multiple areas on compound to reduce watering cost for lawn. The grass is more resilient            EAP       BEIJING


                   Solar hot water system & Solar Vehicle shed are being planned at Phora Durbar facility which should save approximately
                   $9000 annually and have cumulative payback period of 12-14 years.                                                                     SCA      KATHMANDU
                   Strengthened internal administrative control through computerization of delivery documents for residences has yielded far more
                   savings to the Mission than anticipated ($5,000). Close monitoring of actual requirements within a fiscal year enabled post to
                   confidently decrease stocks previously held. While security concerns mandate that a reasonable reserve is always available,
          Energy   Post has reduced its requirement in generator fuel from $411,000 spent in FY 2009 to an anticipated $312,900 (BOC 2654) in
                   this year‟s budget. Post was able to order stock parts for air conditions and other electrical appliances during FY2010. However,
                   the long lead time in delivery prevents Post from being able to evaluate the savings which are still anticipated by setting up a
                   dedicated maintenance team for this type of equipment.                                                                                 AF      NDJAMENA
                   The Embassy is implementing a power factor correction initiative to minimize the charges we pay for reactive load. Current
          Energy   estimated savings for the Chancery are approximately $5,000/year. We hope to expand this to other compounds in Budapest in
                   the future.                                                                                                                           EUR      BUDAPEST

11 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post

                   The Lazarist Monastery required more electricity than was coming in from the city‟s electrical grid. This meant that post has to
                   run a generator approximately 60 hours per week, and pay for fuel and repair and maintenance costs. Post worked with the
                   landlord to have him renovate the transformer in order to accommodate a higher electrical usage as was required by the lease.         NEA     JERUSALEM

                   The warehouse is close to the old Embassy which is about 10 to 15 kilometer from the new NEC we moved into since January
                   2010. An analysis shows that with a new warehouse close to the NEC, post will reduce fuel consumption linked to operations
                   by 30 to 45%. This represents a dollar amount of $30,000 per year. Also to ensure accountability for both expendable and non-
                   expendable USG property, an American EFM position will be greatly required. Such position will help get an accurate quarterly
                   report to determine a better direct charge mechanism as well as ways to avoid waste of items purchased with USG funds by
                   providing clear and concise inventory reports to Management to determine post true needs. From this point of view, post                       OUAGADOUG
                   expects a reduction in ICASS expendable and non-expendable USG property by 70k to 100k.                                                AF        OU


                   Use of electrical carts within the NEC - $10,000 savings. This was implemented.                                                        AF     BRAZZAVILLE
          Energy   Use of solar energy vs. fuel generators. This did not happen and won‟t happen.                                                         AF     BRAZZAVILLE
                   Users logged in to DOS computer cannot shut down their computers and have to log off at the end of the day. Our ISC
          Energy   department programmed the computers automatically shut down the work station during off hours and weekends. The energy
                   saved from this operation is about USD 12,700 under SOC 2361.                                                                         SCA     KATHMANDU

                   Utility costs for residences are another area Post will focus on in FY11 to try and reduce costs. Utility bills are based on meter
          Energy   readings and if actual readings are not provided to the utility companies, Post is billed on estimated readings. This can often
                   result in bills being grossly over estimated. FMC is working closely with the Embassy community and utility companies to
                   ensure actual meter readings are provided on a regular basis. Post anticipates this could save at least $20,000 in FY 2011.           EUR      LONDON

12 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                         Bureau      Post
                    Water Savings. An initiative identified in FY2010 to discontinue using city water (high-cost desalinated water) with deep well
                    water for compound landscaping will be completed in November 2010. This project will begin to yield cost savings in FY 2011.
          Energy    We guess that this initiative will save $1,185 over our usual base this fiscal year, but we have no data on which to base this
                    guess yet. Offsetting the savings on the government owned compound is the larger family size of the family in post's only
                    ICASS STL residence.                                                                                                                      WHA      CURACAO

          Energy    With the collocation waiver received to move our American Language Center into the American Cultural Center, post will                            OUAGADOUG
                    observe a reduction in the electricity, water and lease costs. The dollar amount expected for the reduction is roughly $47,000.            AF        OU
                    $36,000/8 years As post‟s housing pool stabilizes, post will implement a curtain policy that will no longer reimburse employees
   Furniture Pool   for up to $1,000 in curtain expenses. Post will install similar neutral curtains in all residences which are expected to have an                    SANTO
                    average life of eight years. Savings will be realized over an extended period.                                                            WHA      DOMINGO
                    $450K Post successfully collected the depreciation amount of furniture pool items @$3K per USDH. Post used this
                    depreciation amount on minor repair, re-upholstery and re-furbishing of furniture pool items. Also post purchased partial
   Furniture Pool   furniture to make complete set of furniture for future use. This resulted in saving of approx. $450K in FY-10. In FY-11 post
                    anticipates the saving of $20K by above initiative. In FY-11 post plans to continue to collect the depreciation fee and will be
                    used for maintenance, repair and re-furbishing of furniture pool items.                                                                   SCA     NEW DELHI
                    Creation of a Furniture and Appliance Pool. Cost savings TBD. Post expects to realize cost savings in this area by reducing
                    wear and tear on furniture and appliances previously incurred during every household move. A pool would also drastically
                    reduce the amount of overtime claimed by warehouse laborers, as there would be considerably less "swapping" out of furniture
   Furniture Pool   sets. Post is currently working with ICASS members to establish this pool. Post is continuing a longstanding effort to refurbish
                    and re-upholster used furniture rather than replacing it. Per our experience over the last few years, we believe we have
                    increased the life cycle of our furniture from 5 to 8 years. Purchase of standardized sets of furniture directly from ELSO will also
                    will also provide cost savings.                                                                                                           NEA       RABAT
                    Furniture Lease or JIT Furniture Pool participation is considered to replace the current furniture pool configuration. This initiative
   Furniture Pool   intertwines with para. 4 above, regarding the warehouse space requirements. Leasing furniture is expected to save at least 30
                    percent of the total cost of the current pool, or $72K.                                                                                   EUR     THE HAGUE
                    FY10 Initiatives: 1. Furniture and Appliance Pool. Initiated in Oct 2009, the furniture and appliance pool has yet to mature and
   Furniture Pool
                    realize cost savings.                                                                                                                      AF       ACCRA
                    In addition, we are presenting a proposal to the ICASS Council to transfer the loaner furniture program for new arrivals to a
   Furniture Pool
                    local furniture rental company, eliminating warehouse and furniture moving costs. Estimated savings: $20,000.                             EUR      MADRID
                    In FY10 Embassy Islamabad implemented a furniture pool. The implementation of this pool has eliminated the need to move
                    furniture from one house to the next due to housing assignments. This has saved time as GSO staff do not have to move
   Furniture Pool   furniture and this also saves furniture from damage due to frequent moves. Post estimates that the implementation has saved
                    over $40,000 (post estimates that each move costs approximately $500 and there are over 350 houses currently in the housing
                    pool).                                                                                                                                    SCA     ISLAMABAD

13 / 63                                                                             FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                         Bureau      Post

                    In FY11, Post is hoping to implement a furniture pool and will be strongly encouraging all existing agencies at Post join. In
                    general, we foresee a significant reduction in the wear and tear on furniture due to reduction in having to move it from residence
   Furniture Pool
                    to residence or in and out of the warehouse, which should translated into sets of furniture being usable over a longer period of
                    time and significant cost savings for this, reduced labor and smaller warehousing requirements. For ICASS alone, we estimate
                    that a reduction of about 25% in the cost of furniture and related services.                                                               AF     KAMPALA
                    New savings initiatives-Post indicated increased use of furniture refurbishment contract in last year's budget submission. The
   Furniture Pool   use of this contract has resulted extended the life of our current furniture stocks and decreased our projected furniture purchase
                    costs from over $310,000 to $224,000. A real savings of about USD 86,000/year.                                                            SCA      ASTANA
   Furniture Pool   Post has changed replacement schedules for protective carpets, savings $2,000 per year.                                                   EUR      TALLINN
                    Post has eliminated furniture pool as decreased target does not allow Post to buy new replacement furniture, savings $30,000
   Furniture Pool
                    per residence.                                                                                                                            EUR      TALLINN
                    Post is working to establish a NON ICASS APPLIANCES POOL. Beside the savings related to ICASS DH American positions,
                    the establishment of this pool will potentially generate major savings for all agencies at Post (estimated to be approx. $300,000 -
   Furniture Pool
                    state and non state). In addition, large amount of ICASS GSO LES staff time is expected to be saved with this implementation,
                    this time will be assessed against other GSO demanding areas.                                                                             EUR       ROME
                    Post recently received approval to purchase quality furniture from local vendors at a lower price than through the Drexel
                    Heritage contract. Because of this, post reviewed its furniture pool policy and procedures and was able to increase the useful
   Furniture Pool   life of its furniture. The local furniture can be refinished, refurbished and reupholstered which will again increase the useful life.
                    Post has reduced its furniture pool startup costs from $57,000 to $47,500. Further, the annual furniture pool contribution per
                    position decreased from $5,500 to $4,700.                                                                                                 EAP      JAKARTA
                    Residential Furniture Refurbishing Program – cost benefit initiative taken by GSO to refurbish furniture sets -$3,000 per set
   Furniture Pool   versus buying new units -$60,000 per set. No replacement furniture re-ordering anticipated in FY 201Estimated savings for five
                    sets - $285,000.                                                                                                                          NEA     DAMASCUS
                    Reupholster in lieu of replacement for fabric-covered furnishings. Possible savings of $30,000 3. GSO and FMS staff self-drive
   Furniture Pool   Government-owned vehicles in lieu of encumbering Motor Pool services, possible savings of $20,000 being cost for one Motor
                    pool chauffeur position.                                                                                                                   AF       ABUJA
                    We employ our carpenter to make repairs to furniture instead of replacing it. From shipping damage to sun damage and even to
   Furniture Pool   pet damage, the carpenter‟s relatively inexpensive hourly wage compares favorably with the cost of replacement (Estimated
                    savings: $1,000-2,000).                                                                                                                    AF       PRAIA
                    FY11 Initiatives: 1. Gardening. A re-solicitation of the NEC gardening contract prompted post to conduct a cost analysis of
                    hiring our own gardeners. The analysis was presented to the ICASS council which approved hiring 9 gardeners and a
     Gardening      supervisor for a savings of almost $75,000 per year.                                                                                       AF       ACCRA

                    Post has been able to maintain the current rate for monthly landscaping services at the Office building – Est. savings $600.              EUR     HAMILTON

14 / 63                                                                             FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                         Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                   Bureau         Post
                      Post plans to end all gardening contracts and hire two additional LE Staff Gardeners. The gardening contracts cost Post
     Gardening        $25,000 per year and the cost of the additional staff‟s total annual salary and benefits cost is about $6,000; thus producing a net
                      savings of $19,000.                                                                                                                  EAP           DILI
      Gratuities      Gratuities - $3,000 per annum Post will procure for the minimum gratuities items to be given out to business contacts.               EUR         NICOSIA
                      Installation of power-saving lighting in all embassy buildings and residences will reduce electricity costs by up to 5%, which
   Green Initiative
                      could save up to $20,000, based on this year‟s projected electricity requirement.                                                     AF        NDJAMENA
                      Since November 1, 2009 Amman began implementing automatic overnight shut down and early morning power up of all
   Green Initiative   Department of State OpenNet desktop systems to help reduce network energy consumption and energy costs, . Net saving was
                      $7,000.                                                                                                                              NEA         AMMAN

   Green Initiative   Switching off the monitors and printers at night, leaving only CPUs running for upgrades, patches. Power down copiers, faxes,
                      and scanner at the end of each business day. Lights in individual offices. (maybe $1000 savings in electricity costs?)                  AF      MBABANE
                      Post continues the practice of turning off all the office computers on weekends. This practice and other implementable energy
   Green Initiative   cost savings will be put in place because the difference in cost between the old and the new renegotiated electricity contract
                      has jumped an astonishingly high 42%.                                                                                                   EAP     SINGAPORE

                      Post Water Filtration Project – Estimated savings - $ 42,000 Post plans to install water filtration units in all the 60 Rosslyn Ridge
   Green Initiative   compound houses. These filtration units replace distillers and they save on costs as they require no electricity and minimal
                      maintenance. Distillers cost $1,000 each plus they consume electricity and require quarterly servicing of about $40 each. In
                      comparison, filtration systems cost $300 each and only require once a year filter changes for about $40.                                AF       NAIROBI
                      Manual Flushing of Toilets and introduction of waterless urinals – Estimated savings $ 5,000 Post has stopped the automatic
   Green Initiative   flushing function in the washrooms. This has led to the flushing of toilets only when necessary thus increasing the efficient use
                      of water. Post is also embarking on the introduction of waterless urinals.                                                              AF       NAIROBI
                      As a member of the League of Green Embassies, Zagreb is also updating our motor pool to include more fuel efficient vehicles.
   Green Initiative   We plan on adding two hybrids to our fleet in FY11, which should result in fuel savings sufficient to offset any increased fuel
                      prices and keep our fuel costs on the FY10 level.                                                                                       EUR      ZAGREB

   Green Initiative   As part of our green initiative, Post has implemented a Wake On Lan program that involves shutting down/waking up computer
                      stations during evening hours and weekends. This should reduce our electricity bills by 1%, a cost savings of about $2,000.             EAP        DILI
                      Cost Saving Initiatives: Despite operating under almost continuous emergency conditions, post has made cost savings by
                      optimizing the new NEC building automation systems and electricity generators. We stabilized the use of the electric power
   Green Initiative
                      generator systems by installing a new automated switch that protects millions of dollars in equipment and allowed us to reduce
                      generator use by 20,000 gallons compared to last year, saving over $50,000.                                                             EAP     RANGOON
                      CURRENT (FY2011) YEAR INITIATIVES: Going green -(1) Post will encourage employees to print only when necessary to
   Green Initiative
                      save on paper and ink - possible savings $1000.                                                                                         AF      MBABANE

15 / 63                                                                               FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                            Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau      Post
                      Currently, the Facilities Management section is piloting the installation of heatless hand dryers in the restrooms to reduce the
                      need for paper towels. We hope this initiative will bear fruit! Management has continued with its Energy Awareness program in
                      which residential utility usage is distributed to all employees. Utility costs at ICASS officer residences decreased over $18,000
                      from FY 2009 to FY 2010. Changes in officer family size and assigned housing are sure to be factors in this change as well, but
                      the current Management team has been responsive to the Energy Awareness campaign and has made personal lifestyle
   Green Initiative
                      choices that have resulted in reductions to their residential utility usage. FY 2011 Cost Savings Initiatives: Post anticipates cost-
                      savings in electricity this fiscal year due to the installation of an electrical switch and meter at the demarcation of the Embassy
                      compound. Since the new compound was occupied in November 2007, the electrical meter has been located four kilometers
                      away from the compound. It is estimated that approximately $12,000 will be realized in savings from this change. Though not
                      yet quantified in actual dollar savings, Post has implemented an automatic shut-down of all computers from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m.             AF      BAMAKO

                      Energy cost savings. Energy cost savings. Embassy Beijing has evaluated average utility costs per compound. As such, they
   Green Initiative   have implemented a program sending all employees their quarterly expenses in comparison to the average trend for the same
                      area. This “green noties” serve as a reminder to employees to conserve utilities and will also serve to capture any spikes for a
                      particular meter which can receive timely review by the facilities section. This initiative cannot yet be monetized.                  EAP        BEIJING

                      Energy Cost savings. Our facilities team at post as well as OBO specialists from the US have been reviewing and
                      recommending operational improvements to the machinery and control equipment operating the NEC in Beijing to produce
                      energy savings. The tuning of the system included multiple incremental enhancements to the Building Automation System and
                      related equipment which included multiple reducing evening lighting in the compound, use of “free cooling capacity” with the
   Green Initiative
                      roof units during mild weather, warmer temperature settings in the summer, cooler in the winter season, operational changes
                      that reduce water flow requirements and lower energy use, and finally adjustments to the air conditioning distribution that have
                      allowed for more energy efficient use of the building chiller and boiler units. Escalators go into crawler mode when not in use
                      producing recurring savings in energy. Result. A review of the power use for the NEC over last year has shown a reduction of
                      18% reduction in KPH consumption. Savings on utility costs $435,600                                                                   EAP        BEIJING
                      Energy savings in ICASS leased residences. Post set a goal of a 10% reduction of energy expenses for the two ICASS short-
                      term leased residences in Sydney. Both residences exceeded this goal, 27% for one, and 40% for the other. In FY12 we will
   Green Initiative
                      report whether those two residents meet or exceed the average of other residences in order to quantify progress on this savings
                      initiative.                                                                                                                           EAP      CANBERRA

   Green Initiative   Energy savings in Sydney Consulate Office Building (COB). Post set and met a goal of a 10% reduction in energy expenses for
                      the COB. Post achieved this goal despite a 20 percent rate increase by the local energy company this fiscal year.                     EAP      CANBERRA

16 / 63                                                                              FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                          Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                              Bureau               Post
                      Energy Savings Initiative: Mission Germany continued to support the energy savings initiative launched in January 2009, as
                      energy costs continued as a persistent, high budget cost item for the Mission. Having largely harvested the "low-hanging fruit"
                      in prior years, the Mission in FY2010 continued reaching for choicer fruit on higher branches, such as using the immense size
                      of Mission Germany for contract pricing leverage and working with utility vendors for consolidated billing. By negotiating a
                      Mission-wide utility contract, Germany anticipates savings of up to $175,000 per year in accordance with the Mission Strategic
   Green Initiative
                      Resource Plan (MSRP) for FY2012. Prior energy saving efforts, such as a switch to energy efficient bulbs continued to
                      generate increases in incremental savings. For example, Consulate General Hamburg experienced a 5% decrease in utility
                      consumption from FY09 to FY10, adding to a 12% decrease from prior year. In addition, as noted in Germany‟s FY2012 MSRP,
                      the Mission is in the initial stages of arranging a public/private Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). We anticipate
                      ESPC savings of $300,000 per year by 2015. Continuous improvement of energy awareness among residents of USG housing             EUR                BERLIN

                      FY 2011 Cost Saving Initiatives 1- $20,000 ISC has already implemented the "Green Project" With this project all computers
                      except servers are shut down at night using a script. The machines are restarted about an hour before start of business. This
                      considerably saves electricity and also prolongs the lifespan of batteries on UPSes. Printers have also been configured to allow
   Green Initiative
                      two side printing. Many individual printers have been withdrawn from service and users are being encouraged to print to shared
                      printers. This has lead to reduced consumption of printer accessories like toner and paper. Digital Senders are now widely used
                      to digitize hard copies of very important documents for proper storage and backup and thereby eliminating the need to store
                      boxes of old documents. Digitized documents can also be easily searched thereby increasing efficiency.                                    AF      YAOUNDE

                      FY 2011 Cost savings initiative: Water conservation has also been initiated and post has worked extensively to develop water
   Green Initiative
                      wells at US government owned premises (Chancery and CMR). These 2 premises have monthly average of $6,000.00 bill for
                      water. The project is almost completed and we are anticipating a saving of $15,000 on water bill in FY 2011.                              AF       NIAMEY
                      FY11 Cost Saving Initiatives: Green Initiative - Professional Green-Audit – Cost saving cannot be projected until audit is
                      completed Green Initiative - Installation of energy efficient lighting - $2,000 per year in electricity cost Green Initiative - Install
   Green Initiative   GPS system for Motor Pool Vehicles - $1,000 per year saving in projected in fuel cost Electronic Document Filing System for
                      FMO and maybe others - $2,000 per year in rented warehouse space. Green Initiative - Infra Red Flush mechanisms for the
                      bathroom faucets and toilet - $500 per year in water cost.                                                                                EAP    HONG KONG
                      FY2011 Cost Saving Initiatives: 1. Green initiatives. The Management Office has been tracking residential utility bills and
                      comparing utility usage between similar homes. We have also purchased electricity sensors that will tell us how much electricity
   Green Initiative   we are using at any given time, so officers will be more aware of what the usage is on their various appliances. Management
                      has followed up by congratulating officers who have relatively low home electricity usage, and speaking to those with high
                      usage about reduction strategies. Expected savings: $5K.                                                                                  EAP        SUVA

   Green Initiative   FY2011 Cost Saving Initiatives: Post has created a Green Committee to help us to implement “green” ideas to reduce the
                      electricity costs at the Residential Units. Post expects to reduce electricity costs by 9% this FY or in the amount of $30,000.           WHA      BOGOTA

17 / 63                                                                                FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                      FY2011: Cost saving initiative - Many generators at the residences are running on a full time basis 24/7. This occurs because
                      electrical lines coming into the houses are in three phases and when one phase malfunctions the generators turn on. Usually,
                      generators run about 25% of the time because of load shedding by the Zimbabwe Electrical Supply Authority. A generator will
   Green Initiative   burn on average 100 liters of diesel per day. One of the ICASS residences (GSO) has been running full time for four years. The
                      cost for a year of diesel is $33,580 (100 liters times 365 days times 0.92 per liter). At the beginning of October 2010, our
                      facilities maintenance office initiated a program to correct the malfunctioning phase. This has born fruit on non-ICASS houses
                      and we expect success at the GSO's residence. This will be a savings to post of $25,185 in ICASS funds (24/7 cost of running
                      a generator $33,580, less the usual 25% run time $8,395 equals $25,185).                                                                AF       HARARE

                      Green energy savings - shut down of systems including servers, computers, water heating and air conditioning over night and
   Green Initiative
                      at weekend. This has resulted in us being able to maintain more or less the same power costs as the previous year despite the
                      cost of electricity going up by 30% in the middle of last fiscal year. That is an overall saving of around $20,000.                     AF     GABORONE
                      Green initiative - We used 7901 funds to install Dual-flush and no-water urinals in all mission bathrooms. They are projected to
                      save the Mission 5 million liters of water annually. (estimated savings: USD 10,000) - We used 7901 funds to replace some
                      existing light fixtures with new LED fixtures and we used ICASS funds to replace existing light bulbs with LED light bulbs in
                      several areas. They will reduce energy usage for the fixtures they replace by more than half (fixtures are still being installed in
                      many areas, so actual savings are still indeterminate). In addition, the lifespan of the bulb is about 10 – 15 years. That will
   Green Initiative
                      reduce (eliminate) staff time required for changing bulbs, etc – helping to meet our target of improving work efficiency by a
                      minimum of 5% per year and reducing the demands on our overstretched staff – reducing the requirement for additional
                      unaffordable maintenance staff. Estimated savings: USD 10-5,000 annually - - We installed on site composting units. That
                      reduces costs to remove yard waste (USD 5,000 annually?) and will make the Mission self-sufficient in planting soil within three                GENEVA -
                      years – estimated savings of USD 10,000 annually. - We purchased a fleet of four electric bicycles for staff use between the            IO     USMISSION
                      Green Initiative: In the compound we are replacing standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs
   Green Initiative
                      where possible. Initial effort is 300 bulbs. (Savings: $4K annually)                                                                   NEA       CAIRO
                      Green Initiative: We are installing occupancy sensors in the compound in spaces with ten or more ceiling light fixtures.
   Green Initiative
                      (Savings: $8K annually)                                                                                                                NEA       CAIRO
                      Green Initiatives - Post is exploring the use Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) which will save 30% on electrical
                      bills at the NEC per information from OBO/EE. This initiative will be the first ESPC in the EUR region. If these savings
   Green Initiative
                      estimates are correct and if the estimated electricity cost for NEC is actually 1.2 a year (per OBO/DE), this may result in saving
                      $360,000 a year at the NEC after the contractual payoff.                                                                               EUR      VALLETTA
   Green Initiative
                      Implement a green pilot program to reduce the use of electricity: by eliminating plastic cups for the employees.                        AF     NOUAKCHOTT

   Green Initiative   In all residence make readies incandescent bulbs were replaced with condensed fluorescent bulbs saving an estimated $100
                      per residence per year in electricity costs. The NEC motion lights (FY10 cost saving) have saved expected $100.                        EAP      KOLONIA

18 / 63                                                                              FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                        Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                      Bureau      Post
                      In FY10 Lome devised a plan to reduce the electricity expense related to the chancery. FM's plan included 36 specific steps to
                      reduce energy usage including installing occupancy sensors, reducing the number of light bulbs in use, and putting lights on
   Green Initiative   timers. These and the many other measures have seemed to work. Most measures were in place by May, so we compared the
                      total expense for the last 4 months of FY09 to the same months in FY10. On average the savings amounts to approximately
                      $1,400/mo.                                                                                                                              AF        LOME

   Green Initiative
                      INITIAL: Post‟s feedback on the installation of solar panels on all residential generator sets: Post faced obstacles in
                      implementing this project due to a couple reasons. First, the power generated by solar panels could not provide the expected
                      energy capacity that could support the residential generator operation well. The second reason, the suppliers could not provide
                      adequate supplies per Post inquiry. For these reasons, Post has failed to implement this initiative. Post effort to save the NEC
                      energy consumption is remained the initiative in FY 2011. Post is in the process of installing the new chillers that will help to
                      save the energy consumption. Post is not certain for how much we could save out of this implementation yet.                            EAP     PHNOM PENH
                      Installation of power-saving lighting in all embassy buildings and residences will reduce electricity costs by up to 5%, which
   Green Initiative
                      could save up to $20,000, based on this year‟s projected electricity requirement.                                                       AF     NDJAMENA
                      Introduction of Solar Water Heaters in GOPS - Estimated savings $25,000 Post plans to install solar water heaters in all GOPs.
   Green Initiative
                      This will lead to electricity cost saving and efficient use of energy.                                                                  AF       NAIROBI
                      LED Light Bulbs: One of the Department‟s “Green” initiatives is to improve utility consumption at embassies and missions. GSO
                      has taken the first step towards this effort and purchased a new stock of light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs for our offices. With
   Green Initiative
                      the reduced wattages required for these bulbs, post estimates that our overall electricity bills will be reduced by $6,000 in FY
                      2011.                                                                                                                                   AF      ASMARA
                      Post also trying to use green materials. Replacing lighting fixtures and lights to use green materials and enable lower energy
                      consumption is more of a green initiative, but also we assume some savings are created. Since we measure electricity centrally
                      for the whole embassy grid, we can‟t measure the savings attributable to this one initiative, but it is something that has a higher
   Green Initiative
                      value beside the savings that may bring. We can‟t measure direct savings out of this since we have a single transformer and
                      the amount of saving would be within the normal fluctuation of the engaged power, but we may approximate savings at the level
                      of $1,000 to $2,000 per year.                                                                                                          EUR      PRISTINA

19 / 63                                                                              FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                          Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                Bureau        Post
                      Post expects to realize $5,000 in net savings from a number of green initiatives. Savings in electricity will be reduced by steps
                      including lowering the temperature in residence‟s hot water heaters, replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs in all
   Green Initiative   housing units, buying energy saving appliances and shutting off lights and air conditioners when leaving homes and buildings.
                      Post purchased 35 energy saving appliances including washers, dryers, electric ranges and microwaves. These appliances will
                      replace less energy efficient units as officers transition out.                                                                     AF       KINSHASA
                      Post has been spending more than $20,000 per year on paper towels for the NEC, used mainly in restrooms. In an effort to
                      reduce this expense, high speed hand dryers were installed last year in two Chancery bathrooms. Without any concerted
                      campaign to encourage use of the hand dryers, paper towel usage in these bathrooms dropped by 25%. With an effective
                      campaign to increase usage, we believe the savings can exceed 50%. When hand dryers are installed in the remaining
   Green Initiative   bathrooms at the NEC this year, the cost of the dryers will be recouped in the first year and the U.S. Government will realize
                      ongoing savings of approximately $10,000 per year. Further green initiatives include our newly initiated recycling programs for
                      paper and cardboard. Not only do we reduce the amount of waste disposed at the Embassy and support local recycling efforts,
                      but the local companies also pay a small fee to the Embassy that we use for the promotion of further recycling efforts. To date,
                      the Embassy is averaging a return of $200 per month.                                                                               EUR         TBILISI
   Green Initiative   Post has created a Green Committee - They provide tips on going/being green and cost saving ideas.                                 EUR       HAMILTON

                      Post has taken several actions in the last year to improve energy efficiency: Installed motion and occupancy sensors to turn off
                      lights in the elevators, restrooms, and some hallways; Changed all ballasts in the light fixtures to more energy efficient models;
   Green Initiative
                      Installed variable frequency drive fan motors to improve energy efficiency on air handler units; Installed a rain catchment
                      system so that rainwater from the Chancery roof is used to watering the gardens (savings as yet undetermined). Cost benefit
                      analysis for vouchering and Time and Attendance. Post will start using PSU services before Mid-Year.                                 EUR      MADRID

                      Post has two cost saving ideas that would generate in savings, which Post plans to aggressively implement. These suggestions
                      are in close correlation with the FY10 cost savings initiatives. Unfortunately, Post has experienced number of high level visits,
                      which deviated its attention from these progressive initiatives. However, Post installed motion sensors in communal areas and
   Green Initiative
                      plans to continue with other large areas to ensure efficiency. Idea #1: Improved lighting- a pilot program has indicated that
                      higher efficiency lighting bulbs might yield up to $3,000 in savings in power in the first year. This would result in a payback
                      period of 1 year as prices for this lighting has declined. However, Post will need to evaluate the initial cost of purchasing high
                      efficient bulbs in relation to actual savings of energy. Therefore Post does not anticipate any savings in the first year.           EUR      PRAGUE

                      Post is currently implementing a $ 308,000 photovoltaic project that is anticipated to generate 100kW. The PV system is
   Green Initiative
                      anticipated to be capable of covering up to 75% of the Mission‟s electricity needs. Given that FY2011 spending in electricity
                      amounted to $771,880 we can potentially achieve savings of $ 580,000 when the PV system is fully functional in FY2012.               EUR      ATHENS
                      Post Management and Green Committee continue to encourage all staff to turn off lights and AC‟s in rooms not occupied/not
   Green Initiative   being used, in addition to other electrical type equipment (calculators and computer monitors) when not in use or at end of work
                      day – Est. savings $1,400. Total estimated Cost Saving will be $3,000.                                                               EUR     HAMILTON
   Green Initiative   Post plans to replace paper towel dispensers in restrooms with hot air "Jet Towels" saving $500 net.                                 EAP      KOLONIA

20 / 63                                                                              FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                          Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                 Bureau      Post
                      Post purchased a solar panel unit to help reduce the growing cost of electricity. Post anticipated a 20 % decrease ($243,600) in
                      cost and to date has only captured 8.33% ($101,400) percent decrease from FY2009 to FY2010. Despite the low results post is
   Green Initiative
                      hopeful with some adjustments in the installation of the solar panel to have a significant reduction in the future Costs saving to
                      be implemented in FY2011 are related to training cost.                                                                               AF       KIGALI
   Green Initiative   Post purchased first Hybrid sedan in FY2010 (the vehicle is electric/gas), and net savings was $2,000.                              NEA      AMMAN
                      PRIOR YEAR - Green Energy Pilot Program: $5,000 - $6,000 a year in potential savings. The green energy pilot program of
                      installing solar panels and battery cells at 3-5 residences is still on hold. Ongoing mechanical problems at Post have forced the
                      facilities staff to continue focusing on delivering core services before embarking on a green initiative. New equipment and more
   Green Initiative
                      regular maintenance is planned for FY-10, which may free up time for the maintenance staff to undertake green projects at
                      embassy residences in Q3 of FY-11, a year later than expected. If successful, the program will be rolled out to all residences
                      and possibly the NEC.                                                                                                                AF      CONAKRY
                      Projected: Installation of green roof (if approved and funded by OBO). Scientific data from the US suggests this should lead to a
   Green Initiative
                      reduction energy costs, an increase in HVAC performance and a decrease in staff sick leave.                                         EAP     CANBERRA
                      SYDNEY Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) for the Consulate Office Building. Consulate Sydney is pursuing an
                      ESPC to reduce the overall energy consumption in the COB. The use of motion-activated light sensors, and more energy
                      efficient light bulbs could reduce our overall consumption by as much as 10% or more. However, with the three annual
                      electricity rate increases of 10% each year in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in Sydney, we do not expect to see any cost savings in
                      comparison to prior years. Continue low energy usage in the two ICASS short-term leased residences. Post exceeded the 10%
   Green Initiative   energy reduction goal in both residences for FY10. Sydney's Greening Diplomacy Committee will continue to monitor all STL
                      residences for energy consumption. Our goal is for the ICASS residences to maintain their achievement from FY10, and to
                      meet or exceed the overall Consulate average based on energy used, rather than the cost of electricity (due to the coming 10%
                      annual rate hikes for Sydney power through 2012). Continue low energy usage in the Consulate Office Building. Post met the
                      10% energy reduction goal in the COB for FY10. Sydney's Greening Diplomacy Committee will continue to monitor the COB's
                      energy consumption. Our goal is for the COB to maintain the achievement from FY10 based on energy used, rather than the             EAP     CANBERRA
                      Thermo-Siphonic Solar Panel Water Heater: Mission South African has invested $721K in supplying one 300 liter and one 150
                      liter, roof-mounted Solar Panel to 139 DOS residences. This replaces the two 2000 watt, 300-liter water tanks currently in every
                      residence. The Mission took advantage of the electrical utility rebates of up to $1200/unit. The panels can be removed from
                      residences upon lease termination and installed in new residences. Standard water heaters consume 50% of total household
                      energy / electricity. Install Solar Water Heaters at program houses (based on ESKOM estimate of 40% savings) Cost of project
   Green Initiative
                      $726,584.58 Monthly Savings $8,333.44 Months to Payback 87.2 LED lights for Residences: Mission South Africa has invested
                      $10,337 to replace 250 interior incandescent lights and $41,810 to replace 81 Sodium Vapor security lights with LED lights.
                      These lights can be removed from residences upon lease termination and transferred to the new residence. Installing these
                      units fits with the President's and the Department's greening initiative and will also reduce the burden on the local, overloaded
                      electrical infrastructure that often experiences rolling brown-outs to accommodate increasing power demands. LED's are               AF     PRETORIA

21 / 63                                                                             FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                        Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                      This year our Green Team initiated a toner refill cartridges project which in a trial stage at the moment. Refilled toner cartridges
   Green Initiative   are now used on several printers, and after toner on these machines is exhausted, analyses will be done on the quantity and
                      quality of printing, as well as machines‟ conditions. If the trial is successful, the use of refilled cartridges will be expanded on
                      more machines. If one cartridge is refilled one or two times, the savings from toner could be as high as 30-40%, or $7/year.            EUR       SOFIA

                      This year we have redoubled our efforts to save money by reducing the number of paid periodical subscriptions. Through the
   Green Initiative
                      use of alternate on-line resources (free or at a discounted rate compared to print version) and reducing the number of duplicate
                      subscriptions, we expect to save $2K/year. This initiative also promotes our post initiative of going green.                            EUR       SOFIA
                      To reduce gasoline usage Post has implemented the policy of not idling vehicles while waiting for the customer. Post also
   Green Initiative   hopes to realize savings of paper by requiring printing on both sides of a sheet. While difficult to measure post expects to see
                      savings of $5,000/year in reduced utility costs as a result of these green initiatives.                                                  AF     KINSHASA
                      Towards the EOFY10 post established an Embassy Green Team to champion efficiency and cost savings initiatives. FY10
                      accomplishments include the purchase of fuel efficient motor vehicles, which is expected to reduce FY11 taxi service costs by
                      25% ($5k) and mitigate rising fuel costs. Initiatives for FY11 include the replacement of light bulbs in the Chancery and
                      residences with more energy efficient CFL bulb and distributing score cards for energy consumption at residences to encourage
   Green Initiative
                      reduction in usage. Post plans utilize the on-compound well to provide irrigation, for a yearly savings of $20k over the purchase
                      of city water. The Green Team also reviewed CMR and DCR utility costs, and working with ORE staff to train them in energy
                      efficient operations, has reduced projected yearly utility costs by $45k. This projected energy savings will hopefully mitigate
                      rising utility costs.                                                                                                                   EUR     PODGORICA
                      We are implementing a variety of measures to reduce expenditures on air conditioning (A/C). The new Housing Handbook
                      specifies a limited number of A/C units and we have procured a number of fans to encourage energy savings. We are installing
   Green Initiative   reflective film on windows to reduce heat transfer. We recycle garden plants and take cuttings to produce our own plantings
                      suitable for landscaping, which provides shading of building exteriors. We capture A/C condensation runoff for use in irrigating
                      shade plants (Estimated savings: $1,500-2,500).                                                                                          AF       PRAIA

                      We are looking for ways to reduce power consumption further at the NEC and residences, extend vehicle, furniture and
   Green Initiative
                      equipment lives by repairing vs. replacing (potential $50K saving), reduce motor pool operating costs, negotiating aggressively
                      to avoid rent increases that commonly run 10% per annum in Rangoon, and tightly controlling the use of supplies and printing.           EAP     RANGOON
                      We have recently established Green Team; and we are continuing exploring more cost saving measures. Estimated savings:                            DAR ES
   Green Initiative
                      $25.0K                                                                                                                                   AF      SALAAM
                      With the end-of-year savings post has acquired and installed two solar panels for heating water. FY-2011 estimated savings
   Green Initiative
                      $3.6K per year.                                                                                                                         EUR      CHISINAU
                      And finally, the ICASS Council approved the switch to disposable welcome supply kits. This is projected to save Post $9,400
                      per year. This program began during 2010 summer transfer season (first kit deployed on June 5th, 2010), so it‟s too early to
                      state savings on that. The bulk of the savings are realized at the end of the tour, as that means a 75% reduction in number of
                      trips to the property for this purpose.                                                                                                 EUR     BUCHAREST

22 / 63                                                                               FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                Bureau      Post
                  As for last year, Post is still exploring multi-house compounds vs. stand alone houses. In this way we are saving in guard                    DAR ES
                  services, stand-by generators and lease administration. Net savings : $144.0K                                                        AF      SALAAM
                  In FY10, one of the areas targeted as a cost saving initiative was the residential make-ready process. As part of this initiative,
                  GSO housing focused on the cost of draperies. Previously, when Post needed new draperies or blackout blinds in residential
                  properties, they would be made to measure for each window. In FY10, where possible (depending on window size), GSO was
                  able to procure the services of a company that would adjust ready-made draperies to the measurements given as opposed to
                  making them individually. By using ready-made draperies, Post was able to save $50,000 in FY10 and will continue to see the
                  benefits of this change in future years. Post was also able to apply some cost savings in training by bringing courses to London
                  as opposed to having employees travel out of country. We were able to host the Contracting Officers course for 13 people and
                  this saved Post approximately $17,500. In addition, Post continues to offer key courses, such as Seven Habits of Highly
                  Effective People, Four Roles of Leadership and Achieve Your Highest Priorities, in-house. This saves Post $1,700 each time a
                  person takes one of these classes.                                                                                                  EUR      LONDON
                  The embassy currently leases 9 STL properties for its officers and their families. We also have 3 Government Owned
                  residences. The rental of decent and proper residences in Mauritius is becoming very difficult, and when available, the cost is
                  extremely expensive. The rental of the three most expensive properties in the housing pool amount to $11,500 per month, and
                  $138,000 a year. The current housing market largely reflects this situation for the following reasons: a) Mauritius Tourism sector
                  is booming, and land is becoming scarce; most of the best land is leased to the big players, that is, the rich consortiums that
                  can afford to build their new hotels. b) The Government of Mauritius is promoting the Integrated Resorts Scheme (IRS); decent
                  housing is becoming rare, and whenever available, the rental costs are becoming exorbitant. c) The Government of Mauritius is
                  encouraging and attracting Mauritian citizens and foreigners to invest in real property. This is a huge success, and developed
                  property is becoming rare, thus the price increase in rental costs. d) Investors are now constructing 5-star residences, and ask
                  for excessive rental costs. PROPOSED COURSE OF ACTION The embassy owns the DCR property, a land of 4.15 acres                        AF     PORT LOUIS
                  M&R done by landlords: $35,000 Realization: $76,200 Withheld M&R for EBO $56,500 and other M&R done by landlords
                  $19,700.                                                                                                                             AF     YAOUNDE

                  NEW INITIATIVE - Removing Miniere Apartment Complex from Housing Pool: $200,000 a year in potential savings. For years
                  the Miniere Complex has been a notorious embarrassment and headache for the Conakry housing pool. Most recently, the
                  building tennis court partly collapsed into the ocean. A move away from the complex will be a relief to residents and also a
                  highly profitable cost savings initiative. The embassy‟s current lease rents all 11 of the building‟s apartment units at a cost of
                  $30,000 each per year for a total of $330,000. We are moving five residents out of the building into five new houses at a total
                  cost of $123,400 a year. Our new landlords have agreed to make nearly all of the make-ready changes to the homes that we
                  require. Two of the current Miniere Complex residents will be moved into existing, vacant embassy homes. The final 4 Miniere
                  apartments were reserved for occasional TDYers who will be housed in hotels as needed. Total savings should begin to accrue
                  immediately and amount to approximately $200,000 a year.                                                                             AF      CONAKRY

23 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                             Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                      Bureau      Post
                    Cost Savings Initiatives for FY2011, Post started to direct charge Admin Supplies as ICASS is a service provider, not a funding
                    mechanism for goods and equipment. As a result, under SOC 2622-Admin supplies and 2630-Printing/reproduction supplies,
   ICASS Charging
                    we spent $72,616 and $55,004 respectively in the previous year, but we budgeted only $38,000 and $45,000 respectively for                     ANTANANARIV
                    FY 2011, and expect $44,000 savings.                                                                                                   AF          O

                    During FY10 management‟s regional support proved to be a successful tool as a cost saving initiative for ICASS. During our
                    visits to our nine constituent Posts and thirteen consular Agencies we were able to correct numerous errors which represented
                    erroneous charges against the ICASS budget. We have corrected these errors and trained LES and USDH staff in ICASS
                    principles, workload counts and time allocation which has allowed them to correctly charge costs at their Consulates. We still
   ICASS Charging
                    have to continue re-educating customers and service providers to improve our ICASS operations. Since we were aware of the
                    costs that would be incurred in years to come to train new employees in the Mission, Post developed two ICASS training videos
                    which will represent training costs savings: one for LES staff in Spanish and one for heads of Agency in English. The ICASS
                    video in Spanish is already available at FMC‟s website and gives an oversight about ICASS for LES. The second one will be                     MEXICO CITY,
                    available in the next months and gives hints to heads of section on things to look for when reviewing their ICASS invoice.            WHA        D.F.

                    Our primary costs savings initiative this year is to focus attention on unit costs for each service provided. We plan to engage
   ICASS Charging
                    service providers and reward them for implementing changes to their business processes that result in reductions to their unit
                    costs. If only an average reduction of 1% in each cost center could be realized it would be a 73k savings.                            WHA        QUITO

   ICASS Charging   Post has implemented a new policy eliminating the use of VIP lounge services for new arrivals and departures as an ICASS
                    expense. These costs will be direct charged to customer agencies which should result in a savings of about $10,000/year.              SCA       ASTANA
                    Post is also recovering more of the cost of items that are purchased for the warehouse and are later allocated to specific
   ICASS Charging   agencies. GSO and FMO have worked together to help track these items once they leave the warehouse, and we estimate that
                    this should save up to $50,000 for ICASS in FY 2011.                                                                                  NEA       SANAA
                    Post is also being much more aggressive about recovering direct costs from agencies; For example, we estimate that we are
   ICASS Charging   recovering approximately 80% of the gasoline usage from the agencies using the gasoline. This saved ICASS $80,000 in FY
                    2010, and we anticipate savings of more than $100,000 in FY 2011.                                                                     NEA       SANAA
                    We will update our accounts receivable (A/R) system and implement a de-minimus amount of about $5.00 under which
                    employees will not be charged for personal usage of phones, motor pool and warehouse damage. This will save employee time
   ICASS Charging
                    who are involved with billing and following up with unpaid accounts. A comprehensive A/R system will allow post to collect more
                    money for the USG. (Savings: $3K annually)                                                                                            NEA        CAIRO
                    New Cost Savings Initiative: Post will complete its program to take over the connection between the sites in Libreville and be
                    able to drop the back-up internet provider for an annual savings of $60,000. Based on the poor track record of local internet
                    providers, post will explore contracts with international companies for satellite based service, which may result in further post-
      Internet      carried cost savings.                                                                                                                  AF      LIBREVILLE

24 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau      Post
                   Rents and watch standers to be eliminated. Rents eliminated from decommissioned annex and residential properties will
                   generate $2,093,000 per year in savings (including $260,000 per year in ICASS rents), starting in the second quarter of FY-
                   1Elimination of the Valley Annex watch stander requirements will save approximately $532,000 per year, starting in December
                   FY-1                                                                                                                                EUR     SARAJEVO
                   Post has purchased the USEU building for $21,600,000. Yearly rent and taxes for this building were $1,747,565 per annum.
                   Savings will take effect in 13 years.                                                                                               EUR     BRUSSELS
          Leases   $70,300 The new lease amount will be cheaper than the current one if EBO moves.                                                      AF     YAOUNDE
                   Another indirect saving initiative comes from the ability (and success) to convince more landlords to invest in the STL
                   properties. Investments consist of building insulations and replacement of old windows. This will contribute to savings in
                   electricity (A/C) and heating. For quantifiable measurements we‟ll have to wait for another year. We expect that savings will
                   reflect in the area of $2,000 to $3,000 annually.                                                                                   EUR      PRISTINA
                   Takeover of the realty contract from the local contractor Cheryl Koenig which generated a savings of $300,000. This action
          Leases   resulted in a better management control and the annual reconciliation of the costs are more accurate than when the local
                   contractor was performing these services.                                                                                           EUR       BERLIN
                   Cluster Residences: Post continues to attempt leasing houses that are adjacent or nearby to each other, thus establishing
                   housing clusters. This enable multiple homes to be protected by a single guard, including reducing the commute time from one
                   residence to the other for the GSO maintenance staff to perform their work. The total savings in fuel cost and staff time is
                   approximately $5,500.                                                                                                               EAP     VIENTIANE

                   Embassy Reykjavik is a small and lean operation. For years it has subcontracted out most of its facilities work. Post has worked
                   hard to find less expensive suppliers and contractors and has set the goal in the current economic environment of trying to
                   secure all STL properties below the 25 thousand dollar lease waiver threshold. Post still benefits from the last years phone
                   agreement; continues to use disposable welcome kits; prefab blackout curtains instead of custom made ones, and has tried to
                   instill in staff the concept of saving taxpayer money by thinking of ways to save an extra 10 percent.                              EUR     REYKJAVIK
                   In addition, Post is working in renegotiating the lease for one of the apartment buildings that currently has 2 ICASS employees
                   in it. The expected savings will be $26,000 per year.                                                                               EUR     BUCHAREST
                   In FY-10 due to the declining, rental market, Post was able to renegotiate a number of residential leases. We were able to
                   achieve up to 12% decreases in some leases and a savings of 4.5% in the ICASS short term lease assigned to the GSO. Post
          Leases   is continuing this work with landlords in FY-2011 and has just received OBO approval for a new warehouse lease. While there
                   will be one time costs in FY-11 with the cost of setup and relocation of the warehouse, the annual costs will be reduced by over
                   $157,000, approximate savings of 50% in each of the following years.                                                                EUR       DUBLIN
                   INITIAL: FY 2011 INITIATIVES 1. Lease Renegotiation: A 2 percentage points adjustment generates $12,600 over the nine
                   year lease duration.                                                                                                                 AF      MASERU
                   Moving of USUN offices from STL to Embassy GO is also expected to place summer 2011. Upon completion of project, Post is
                   expected to save approx. $700,000 of which $629,00 for OBO rental costs.                                                            EUR       ROME

25 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post
                   Post is abiding by the Rental Benchmark Initiative in terms of ensuring that all houses are suitable but not ostentatious. We did
          Leases   discontinue the lease on the house that cost nearly double that of similar houses in the pool, which saved $20,000 in the
                   Program budget.                                                                                                                       EAP        SUVA
          Leases   Post is shifting the housing pool closer to the embassy to newer houses, saving in motor pool costs: $5k.                             WHA      KINGSTON


                   Prior year cost savings initiatives: after moving to the NEC in January 2010, post is now saving $150k for old Embassy lease
                   costs on an annual basis. Also we were able to reduce by 30% the number of printers and photocopiers in the NEC. The                          OUAGADOUG
                   anticipated proceeds of sales for these items is $70K.                                                                                 AF        OU
                   Prior Year Cost Savings: Post continues its assessment of leases as they come up for renewal, as this has been our most
                   definitive cost savings. In FY10, with the arrival of new USDHs, rather than acquire additional single-family-homes (villas), post
          Leases   signed leases for two apartment buildings with 9 units all together. On average, villas cost about $60,000USD/year. The
                   average per-unit lease cost for the two new apartment buildings is $37,398USD/year. By signing leases for apartments, rather
                   than more villas, post has saved a whopping $22,602USD/housing unit.                                                                  NEA       TRIPOLI
                   Reporting on prior-year cost saving performance: LCR (Leased Cost Router): In the phase II of this initiative, post opted not to
                   review the LCR contract. Instead, purchased the equipment for the Mission, and paid a small recurring cost for software
                   licensing, we could realize a much greater cost savings over the life of the hardware the savings in per minute calls being
          Leases   charged by the contract could be avoided entirely. Estimated payback period for the hardware is two years. Installation and
                   maintenance will be performed by Pretoria‟s telephone technician. The immediate saving from installing our own hardware
                   instead of the leased hardware is $22,000 recoverable over a three year period. We are in year two of this exercise and have
                   already recovered $7,500.                                                                                                              AF      PRETORIA

26 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                      Bureau      Post

                   Working in close partnership with the Zurgovani condo association management team, operating costs for the 16 owned
                   residential units in Zurgovani have been cut by 15%. After closely analyzing condo association personnel, we determined that
                   the guard force could be reduced by 20% without a negative impact on security. The full-time attorney was cut and replaced
          Leases   with a retainer/billable hour agreement. Marketing staff were also eliminated. Annual savings to the U.S. Government resulting
                   from these changes will exceed $20,000. Separate from the cost cutting measures, steps were also taken to increase the
                   outside usage of the swimming pool and recreational facilities at Zurgovani. The U.S. Government‟s share of the revenue from
                   paying customers was approximately $30,000, which is used to offset operating costs. We anticipate similar numbers this fiscal
                   year, and, if so, hope to permanently reduce the monthly bill for future years.                                                        EUR       TBILISI
           Mail    A Diplomatic Post Office (DPO) has been implemented resulting in savings in DPM in Washington.                                         WHA     KINGSTON
                   $11,300 Maintenance of common areas. When EBO moves, Post will no longer have to pay for the maintenance of common
                   areas.                                                                                                                                  AF     YAOUNDE
                   Cost Savings Initiatives to be implemented in FY2011 : ICASS TB : (b) OC 2552 - Facility Operations - $5,000 per annum Post
    Maintenance    anticipates to apply better controls on requests for additional requirements for residential Janitorial services, to result to less
                   hours required to perform residential cleaning.                                                                                        EUR      NICOSIA

                   In FY-2011, post will look to reducing or eliminating the administration of vaccines in the Health Unit. Most immunizations are
                   available locally and employees can request reimbursement from their health insurance carrier. Estimated savings of $30K per
                   year; reduce pharmaceutical supplies in health unit to the minimum required by MED with a possible savings of $5K per year.            135      BRASILIA

                   Last year, we also began an effort to control the inventory of vaccines in the Health Unit so that we lost less to expiration or
                   spoilage. The Health Unit did eliminate many stock drugs from its stores to reduce costs, an effort that has paid off. Any savings
                   we made in this area were negated unfortunately due to a couple problems with shipping wherein the vaccines spoiled on the
                   way to Lilongwe (always a danger when a cold chain must be maintained and electricity is a problem). Also, costs for medical
                   supplies continued to increase over the past year driven by the skyrocketing costs of vaccines (e.g. the cost of rabies vaccines
                   increased from $100 a series to $500 a series). The Health Unit will continue to control inventory appropriately; however,
                   realizing costs savings in this sector seems to be limited currently.                                                                   AF     LILONGWE
                   Comments on prior year cost savings initiatives and their impact: Post has spent less amount on employees medical
                   disbursement claims in prior fiscal year comparing the budgeted figure in SOC: 1246.                                                    AF      DJIBOUTI
                   Cost Saving Initiative for FY-2011: 1) Lower rate of employee medical disbursement claims may result in cost savings of
                   approximately $6,000.                                                                                                                   AF      DJIBOUTI
                   Cost Saving Initiatives: Results from prior year initiatives: Following a lengthy process of coordination between HR/OE and
                   OPR/ST to develop a contract that will meet the medical service needs of local staff, bids were put to tender in August 2010.
      Medical      Submissions are currently being evaluated and a contract is expected to be let within the next 45 days. Once the transfer to the
                   successful health services provider has been completed, saving in staff hours and salaries currently used for supporting the
                   medical program will be realized, particularly in the FMO and HR sections.                                                              AF     NDJAMENA

27 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau   Post
                  FY2011 Cost Savings: 1) Currently all pre-employment medical exams are contracted out to a near-by hospital for LES
      Medical     potential hires. The charge is 480LYD/exam. Once post‟s Health Unit Lab is set up, all pre-employment medical exams will be
                  done in-house, except for the chest x-ray. Post expects the screening costs to drop to 100LYD/exam.                                 NEA    TRIPOLI
                  MEDICALS: Medical services previously contracted out will now be undertaken by the local nurse. Post has provided the
                  necessary training for the local nurse and she is now equipped to deal with routine testing relating to employee hires and
                  travelling employees who need certain inoculations. Post believes this cost saving measure can translate into real time savings
                  as employees will no longer have to take time off the job to attend local clinics for testing. Funds normally paid to these health
                  institutions can now be redirected into other needed areas. Post believes this cost saving measure can net real savings of
                  $1,000.                                                                                                                             WHA BRIDGETOWN
                  On June 20, 2010 post moved from an Embassy direct reimbursement health plan to a contractor to provide health insurance
      Medical     for LES. This change will result in a savings in the amount of $53,600 annually. The saving will be applied to partial coverage of
                  utilities cost increase in FY11.                                                                                                    EUR   YEREVAN

                  Other initiatives resulting in savings from AmConsulate Shanghai. Using local clinic for Flu shots instead of ordering
                  vaccinations which high shipping expenses – estimated savings $1500. Using a new cell phone package monthly fee reduced
                  from 76 RMB to 32 RMB for a total of 210 cell phones. Annual savings $16,598. Change over from coal gas to natural gas for
                  boiler units and recalibrated all pressure sensors. Now employees do not have to come in at 5:00 am in the morning to reset
                  boiler in the winter months. Saving 10 hours a week in labor cost – around $500 per week during the 6 month cold season or
                  $12,000. This was extremely expensive since the Facility Manager or PAE employee was having to do this since all of the units
                  in the controlled areas were having to be reset also. Relocating CG‟s residence, in addition to reduction in lease costs, the
                  location is closer to the Consulate, thereby saving 1 ½ to 2 hours per day in driving time for the CG‟s driver. This means less
                  driver overtime and frees up more time for other assignments. Estimated annual savings $4,300.                                            EAP       BEIJING
                  Post is shifting from direct medical billing for the health coverage of local staff to the use of a local insurer to cover these costs.
                  Post anticipates that this will result in a cost savings of $20,000.                                                                      AF        BANJUL
                  Post will generate $15,710 savings with the new nurse hired at grade 9/1 while the previous nurse who retired in August 2010
                  was at higher grade: 9/11. The former Systems Manager was at grade 9/15 while the new one is at grade 9/7, net savings:
                  $6,850 The Supply Supervisor who retired last year was at grade 7/8, his replacement is at grade 7/1, net savings: $4,143.
                  Overall savings in BOC 1142 is $26,744 .                                                                                                  AF     BUJUMBURA

28 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                         Bureau      Post


                  Prescription savings: direct to vendor: $15,000 Realization: $15,000 In 2010,HU ordered directly supplies from Samtrex in
                  South Africa instead of using RPSO services.                                                                                                AF     YAOUNDE
                  Using self driving small cars are resulting cost saving initiatives in motor pool driver time and fuel costs. Post anticipates
     Motor Pool
                  savings about $4,900.                                                                                                                       AF      DJIBOUTI

                  In a continuous effort to lesson the US Government footprint, older and polluting vehicles in the ICASS motor pool are being
     Motor Pool
                  replaced. FY11 is the second fiscal year in a row in which post is specifically replacing the aging fleet with green vehicles. This
                  will result in a cost savings in fuel and maintenance for the upcoming years - approximate cost saving $10,000.                            EUR     BRUSSELS
                  $16,000 Cost Savings: Post will begin using routine airport shuttle and taxis to reduce Overtime cost, fuel consumption and                           SAN
     Motor Pool
                  vehicle usage. One Receptionist vacant position was abolished.                                                                             WHA     SALVADOR
                  Post has implemented a policy that authorizes the Embassy employees to use taxis instead of motor pool cars when attending
     Motor Pool   official after hours affairs/events. It has saved Post thousands of dollars in motor pool maintenance, gas, parking, toll fees and
                  OT for the drivers.                                                                                                                        EAP     SINGAPORE
                  As a follow up to last year's initiatives, Post has continued its effort to get rid of older, less efficient, vehicles and replace them
     Motor Pool
                  with newer, more efficient vehicles. We expect the same cost savings as reported last year: $30K.                                          WHA     KINGSTON
                  Consolidation of Motor Pool services between ICASS and USAID. Per a directive from the Undersecretary of Management and
     Motor Pool   the Ambassador, Post is consolidating Motor Pool operations. With a larger fleet, we expect economies of scale that will allow
                  us to optimize vehicle usage and reduce costs over time.                                                                                   SCA     COLOMBO

29 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                Bureau              Post
                  Consolidation of GSO-Motor Pool services: In the beginning of 2010, post began a significant cost saving initiative by
                  consolidating the motor pool services. Prior to 2010, USAID and INL were running a separate motor pool offices. Post
                  consolidated all those independent offices with three supervisor and several dispatchers into GSO-Motor Pool fleet, which freed
     Motor Pool
                  the office spaces for USAID and INL and brought a better and efficient control over the fleet under one supervisory system and
                  a better sue of human resources. Post estimates the saving of 2 motor pool supervisor and 2 dispatcher positions as well as 10
                  drivers collectively. Savings to the USG $200,000 annually.                                                                      SCA               KABUL

                  Crane rental in N'Djamena is very difficult to assure on an as needed basis and is extremely costly (LCY 750,000 - $1,600) per
                  day – and days don‟t begin early in Chad! There are very few cranes available and locating available units for unloading or
                  moving containers when required, creates logistic nightmares for GSO and the RSO who has expressed much concern over
     Motor Pool
                  security issues involved when this type of equipment must be used in the GSO or at the embassy site. Post has reprogrammed
                  heavy equipment funds projected in its Data Call for items purchased at the end of the prior year, to purchase a fixed boom
                  crane (3141). Apart from immediate returns on security and convenience issues, which may be difficult to “cost construct”, this
                  piece of equipment will prove invaluable to Post as it prepares for a NEC within the next few years.                                     AF      NDJAMENA

                  FMO and GSO has discussed the out sourcing of certain functions related to motor pool to a private contractor. GSO has
     Motor Pool
                  already put in place a private shuttle company for all airport pick-ups and we are looking into using a shuttle company for the
                  transportation of embassy personnel within Windhoek area for meeting etc., possible cost saving of $15K.                                 AF      WINDHOEK
                  GSO is working to convert vehicle fleet away from GSA acquired American models to models more commonly used in the
                  region. Parts for these vehicles are locally available and less expensive. The biggest saving comes from resale. The commonly
     Motor Pool   used models provide proceeds of sale at two to three times that of the American models. After five to ten years they can be sold
                  for at or above the original acquisition cost. Once implemented the vehicle fleet will be virtually self funded. Long term cost
                  saving $300K per year.                                                                                                                   AF     ADDIS ABABA
                  Hybrid car: We will save approximately $300 per month as we shift vehicle usage away from our older and less-efficient
     Motor Pool
                  vehicles to our new gas-electric hybrid cars. This will save us $3,600.                                                                  EUR   LUXEMBOURG
                  In spite of setbacks due to access restrictions of commercial limousines and taxi companies on the Diplomatic Quarter in
                  Riyadh where we live, with the return of families to posts and permission to bring POVs to post, the Mission‟s use of POVs and
                  RSO-cleared commercial transportation increased, thereby reducing the demand for embassy motor pool services. Throughout
     Motor Pool
                  the week particularly on weekends, in Dhahran, Riyadh and Jeddah, shuttles put in place by the motor pool provide scheduled
                  rides to groups to grocery stores, the commissary and other shopping areas, thereby reducing individual requests for motor
                  pool services.                                                                                                                           NEA       RIYADH

                  Motor Pool savings. Embassy Beijing and AmConsulate Chengdu reviewed the motor pool operations. AmConsulate Chengdu
                  reduced the driver burden and the overtime costs by eliminating the service of automatic airport pickups, after work hours.
     Motor Pool
                  Embassy Beijing eliminated the overnight driver shift that involved covering from 10pm to 8 am shift workdays on a 7/24
                  schedule by entering into a similar policy. With many visitors arriving post and the available taxi facilities, folks visiting are now
                  taking taxi and vouchering on their respective travel vouchers. Savings for Beijing $7,500. And for Chengdu $6,900                       EAP       BEIJING

30 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                         Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                 Bureau     Post
     Motor Pool    Post has purchased a new vehicle and anticipates savings in maintenance and repairs (approx $1,500).                                  EUR    VALLETTA
     Motor Pool    Post has purchased bicycles for use in local travel (weather permitting) as gas is currently about $4.50 a gallon.                    EAP     KOLONIA
                   Reduction of motor pool fleet size. After we collocate, post plans to reduce the total size of the US Government‟s fleet of
     Motor Pool    vehicles. We expect total of 5 vehicles will be disposed and not replaced after collocation. This reduction will result in projected
                   insurance, maintenance, and net fuel savings of $15,000 per year .                                                                    EUR    SARAJEVO
                   This year we are investing $28K to expand the capabilities of the auto mechanic. This includes purchasing of a lift for vehicle
                   maintenance, oil change equipment, tire rim machine, alignment machine, air condition diagnostics machine, and headlight
     Motor Pool    strength machine. Having the new equipment will allow us to perform more routine vehicle maintenance activities in-house
                   rather than using vendor services. The estimated savings from engine oil and filter changes, change and balance of tires,
                   servicing the A/C systems, change of brake pads, is approximately $7.7K/year.                                                         EUR      SOFIA
                   Total engine hour run over last 18 month for electric vehicles is 49,689.2 KM which saved 5,000 liter of fuel amounting to
     Motor Pool
                   $6,000 (under SOC 2611) annually beside tons of carbon monoxide emission to atmosphere.                                               SCA   KATHMANDU
                   Using newer and smaller more efficient vehicles should result in lower overall operating expenses. Anticipated savings may
     Motor Pool
                   equate to approximately $5,600.                                                                                                        AF     DJIBOUTI
                   Water Truck Conversion: Post removed known good stainless steel water tank from an inoperative truck and replaced it on a
     Motor Pool    new model truck that had not certified for carrying potable water. Cost of conversion was $14,11If we were to have bought a
                   new water truck to replace it, the cost would have been over $125,000. A cost savings of $110,106.                                     AF    MONROVIA
                   INITIAL: In FY2010, Post had implemented 48-hour week with staggered hours for Motor Pool Drivers. This was done to
                   provide adequate coverage for after office hours as well as reduce payment of overtime to drivers. The resultant savings of $6K
                   is being utilized for the purchase of emergency medical kits to be kept in each vehicle. Cost Savings Initiative for FY2011 are:
                   (1) $8K - Install a better timer to control the irrigation water supply, which would reduce consumption. (2) $15K - Post is in the
                   process of renovating the warehouse, installing new shelving units and recycling existing hardware which are usable. By
                   reusing existing shelving hardware, we project to increase storage space 30-40% at minimal cost. The additional space
                   translates to more efficient warehouse operations which means less working hours for the warehousemen delivering residential
                   furniture and issuing expendable supplies. Contract labor cost is also minimized from the more efficient warehouse plan. (3)
                   $15K - Post is encouraging use of compensatory time instead of overtime, which will realize $15K savings in SOCs 1131, 1134,
                   1135 and 1148.                                                                                                                        NEA    MANAMA
                   OFF.EQUIPMENT: Post hopes it can now lessen the need for the purchase of photo-copiers. Post will encourage staff to utilize
                   scanners more and then print their documents from their work stations. This Post believes will reduce the need for
  Office Equipment
                   photocopying and save the purchase of expensive toners and equipment. Post believes this cost saving measure can net real
                   savings of $2,000.                                                                                                                    WHA BRIDGETOWN

31 / 63                                                                         FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post

                     Post has completed implementing the replacement of the copier machines contract. Last fiscal year post gradually replaced the
                     leased copier machines with government owned copiers. The lease contract was negotiated five years ago under different
                     circumstances that included steady mission growth. The contract had a clause of minimum usage (use it or pay it) that
  Office Equipment
                     exceeded post requirements. Post did not reach the minimum threshold but still had to pay the amount for minimum usage
                     under the clause. After estimating the new mission needs, the GSO office decided to provide copier machines in common
                     areas rather than providing one to each section. Digital senders (scanners) were purchased and the number of copies begin
                     made have been further reduced. Post estimates that this initiative will save $50,000.                                                   WHA       LA PAZ
                     Printers: In an effort to meet new Department “Green” initiatives, our Systems section purchased new duplexing network
                     printers for each section of the embassy. These printers replaced older models that were due for refresh. The end result,
  Office Equipment
                     however, is that post has noticed a reduction in overall paper costs and supply. The total savings to post for FY 2011 is
                     estimated at $4,000.                                                                                                                      AF       ASMARA
                     Printers: Place printers on a network, thereby greatly reducing the number of desk-top printers mission wide. (Savings: $9K
  Office Equipment
                     annually)                                                                                                                                NEA        CAIRO
                     Reduction in the usage of the desktop/standalone printers and their replacement with NETWORK printers. The saving cost
  Office Equipment
                     identified is around $5.000 (see Sub object 2622).                                                                                       NEA        TUNIS
                     The IRM section is planning to save funds (about $1,000 per year), when their UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) is out of
  Office Equipment
                     order by replacing internal batteries, instead of purchasing a new once in FY 2011.                                                      EUR       VILNIUS
                     Post plans to set all printers as default to double printing to prevent printing on single side. Post expects saving in the amount of
   Office Supplies   $3,000. Should these initiatives materialize in this fiscal year, Post will implement these savings into the Final ICASS budget
                     stage.                                                                                                                                   EUR       PRAGUE

                     $41,918 per year from a reduction in paid overtime from seven percent to five percent of total pay, cost saving initiative
                     implemented in FY 2011. All management sections will be brought under tighter controls for approving paid overtime, and an
                     analysis will be done to determine if more staffing is needed in lieu of recurring overtime in any section.                              WHA        LIMA
                     1134/1148 Overtime - A comparison of our FY 2010 Final budget cost ($33,580) and our FY 2010 Actual cost ($22,678)
                     indicated that Post over budgeted for overtime by $10, 902. We see overtime as an area where we can continue to cut costs by
      Overtime       more carefully monitoring and encouraging productivity. Post also intends to implement a program of active expense tracking
                     and account reviewing over the course of FY 2011. By scrutinizing data more frequently, we hope to identify areas where actual
                     expenses consistently fall short of budgeted amounts.                                                                                     AF      FREETOWN
                     Change 44 hours/week employees to 40 hours week schedule: -Post new management team is currently conducting staffing
                     analysis and will share information on various workweeks schedules as these analysis are finalized.                                      WHA     TEGUCIGALPA
                     Direct charge agencies for overtime related to any work performed after hours and on weekends for the many TDYers post is
      Overtime       hosting every month. Use comp time in lieu of overtime for every employee to replace any work performed after hours or during
                     the week ends to be compensatory time, this helps post save about $34,000.00                                                              AF     NOUAKCHOTT

32 / 63                                                                              FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                  FY11 Reduced overtime costs. Post‟s overtime costs increased 86% in FY11, rising from $130,000 in FY09 to $242,000 in
                  FY10. Much of this increase is explained by the rapid increase of post size and holding the line on hiring new employees. Post
                  is implementing a procedure to monitor weekly overtime use and through better planning reduce the need. The current overtime
                  budget is increased by $14,000 to only reflect the cost of proposed wage increases. Through better management post does not
                  expect to increase overtime hours and actually hopes to decrease total overtime expenses from FY10. A conservative estimate
                  is that without controls a post growing as quickly as Kinshasa would see an increase of 10% in overtime. Therefore post
                  expects savings of at least $25,000 to be realized by use of stricter overtime controls.                                                 AF     KINSHASA
                  Given significant budget pressures, Post will maximizing the use of compensatory time off as opposed to of paid overtime as
                  shown in SOC 1148 and is currently projecting savings of $100,000 in FY11.                                                               AF     KAMPALA

                  In the FY 2010 initial ICASS budget, we cited the significant reduction to overtime as one of our initiatives. We realized a close
                  to 40% reduction to LES overtime, with actual costs decreasing from approximately $70,000 in FY 2009 to approximately
                  $40,000 in FY 2010. We plan to continue the trend, utilizing overtime only in critical and necessary circumstances. While we
                  maintain efforts to realize savings and efficiencies, we recognize the need to be flexible and responsive at this time of
                  uncertainty and change. Therefore, we are not identifying any additional specific cost savings initiatives for FY 2011 at this time.     AF     KHARTOUM

                  Post continues our cost savings initiatives and strives to develop new savings ideas. Management has tasking all ICASS
                  section heads with conducting brainstorming sessions to promote efficiencies and cost saving ideas. We have also met with
                  environmental experts to look for potential savings in the process of further greening our embassy operation, and we are
                  following up on those ideas. 1. $25,600 per year in estimated savings resulting from changes in the work schedule of the
                  Facilities Maintenance workers. The standard work schedule for the Chancery technicians to include both Saturdays and
                  Sundays as part of their normal work week schedule will greatly reduce routine overtime and compensatory time. Reduction in
                  the amount of compensatory time will also allow for better scheduling for work and vacations using annual leave. Implemented
                  in FY09 and continued in FY10. No negative impact to post. Positive impact is more even coverage and when emergencies
                  arise we have a faster response time as workers are already at work.                                                                    WHA        LIMA
                  Last year post increased efforts to manage our relatively high overtime costs, projecting a decrease from $400k to $275K. The
                  projected savings did not materialize, there was a $9K increase. we were, however able to identify the areas and reasons
                  where the overtime occurred. Post is planning to initiate changes in scheduling (motor pool) and summer arrivals to minimize
                  the peak need periods. Our savings projection is a more modest $50K for this year. The other Cost saving initiative from last
                  year was the switching off the computers when everybody had gone home. This brought a savings in the electricity bills of
                  about $64K.                                                                                                                             NEA      TEL AVIV
      Overtime    Monthly review of Overtime by all Sections. (Savings: $10K annually)                                                                    NEA       CAIRO

33 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                  New initiative. Post has initiated a paperless process for submitting leave and overtime forms. Electronic signature and filing
                  system is used, saving a lot of paper which we estimate is around $1,000. We also get our mobile phone bills electronically
      Overtime    from the vendor and our IM staff has created a application which sends a Electronic bill out to appropriate person to verify and
                  pay for their personal calls. The Embassy extension phone calls list is also sent electronically to the appropriate person to verify
                  calls and to pay for personal calls. These electronic initiatives also streamlines process and requires much fewer man hours
                  adding to the savings gained back. Estimated cost savings for reduced paper and toner usage $3,000.                                     EUR      TALLINN

                  OT: In 2011 post will continue to reduce it‟s over time. Post worked 6,289 hours of OT at a cost of $60,774 in 2010 and will
                  target a cost reduction of 10% or about $6,000. FMO started publishing a biweekly report by section and employee containing
                  the OT worked. The Mgmt officer will be more involved in the approval process of the OT and a justification will be required.           WHA     ASUNCION
                  Overtime costs in FY 2010 increased significantly over FY 2009. The increase can be attributed in part to an OIG visit in
                  February 2010, a visit by President Bill Clinton, and several important system upgrades. Overtime by the IRM staff contributed
                  more cost than the hours might reflect as the IRM staff enjoy an Exception Rate Range from the local compensation. However,
                  post has implemented an overtime policy designed to regulate the use of overtime rather than dispense with it entirely. At times,
                  given annual leave and gaps in staffing, overtime is quite necessary. The new policy will require supervisors to document the
                  necessity of overtime allowing for tracking in the future.                                                                               AF     LILONGWE
                  Overtime will be reduced $20K as a result of the implementation of the 48-hour workweek for motor pool drivers and as a result
      Overtime    of efficiencies due to consolidation. This year's initiative will succeed over last year due increased management attention to the
                  issue and improved staffing.                                                                                                             AF      MAPUTO
                  Overtime will once again be kept down. Post is employing flexible schedules and other adjustments to keep the overtime
                  expenses to an absolute minimum.                                                                                                        EUR       LISBON
      Overtime    Overtime. Post was unable to realize overtime savings in FY10.                                                                           AF       ACCRA
                  Post has implemented a overtime policy that requires all section to get advance approval for all overtime to be worked,
                  estimated cost saving of $10K.                                                                                                           AF     WINDHOEK

                  Post intends to limit both overtime for drivers and the cost of taxis by issuing a new rules regarding the use of the motor pool
      Overtime    and local taxis, both of which will be more restrictive than the current standards. This is expected to decrease costs by 10%.
                  Other, non-quantifiable resource savings are increasing the use of digital desktop scanners (which in FMO has allowed for
                  more efficient and paperless procedures), minimizing both hard copy file retention space and DHL costs.                                 EUR     STOCKHOLM
      Overtime    Post is utilizing an alternative workweek schedule to cut down on overtime and compensatory time off.                                   WHA       CARACAS
                  Post plans to control overtime in FY11 by advising Embassy sections to severely limit overtime, requiring OT approval in
                  advance, and monitoring OT requests to ensure they are absolutely essential. While Post still has some positions it cannot fill
                  due to budgetary constraints, 19 new ICASS LES positions were filled in FY10 and as such, less overtime should be required.
                  Post anticipates savings of about $120,000 resulting from this effort.                                                                  EUR      LONDON

                  One of the saving initiatives is reduction in the overtime for LE Staff ($19,437 and $15,963 respectively in OC 1134 and 1148).         NEA       TUNIS

34 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post

                    This year and in coming years we expect to make use of direct-charging to recover ICASS overtime directly attributable to
                    specific requests from serviced agencies. This includes guard and char force overtime for representational events, and driver
                    overtime for overnight trips. While this saves no taxpayer money, it will reduce ICASS expense by $15K/year.                             EUR        SOFIA
                    TMM Section is also implementing flex time instead of overtimes.(for the motor pool drivers a potential $50,000 savings). Post
                    has restricted travel as much as possible to reduce overnight stays.                                                                     EUR        PARIS

                    TO BE DETERMINED... Quote from one of previous initiatives: 45/48-hour work-week: Uzbek law requires that any overtime be
                    paid at double the regular scale (rather than just time and a half). Noting this, we decided to establish a 45/48 hour work-week
      Overtime      within our local compensation plan. So far, we have moved 25 employees to the longer work-week, thus saving approximately
                    $50,000 per year. Result: Post ended up spending 54K less in LES overtime than originally budgeted. It is even 10K less than
                    FY2009 in absolute figures, while in reality the decrease is more significant. Right at the end of FY2009, our LCP was adjusted
                    to increase the OT rate from 150% to 200% in accordance with local law.                                                                  SCA      TASHKENT
                    To partially offset the cost of adding a Direct Hire HRO, quarterly visits by the Singapore based Regional HRO will be
                    eliminated. Savings of approximately $4K per year. After reducing overtime by $38,000 in FY2009 vs., FY2008, the goal in
                    FY2010 was to hold OT flat. However, OT increased by $23,469 in FY2010 compared to FY2009. With the addition of three
                    new ICASS positions in FY2011 an emphasis will be placed on reducing OT in comparison to FY2010. The new Travel
                    Management Center fee arrangement on a price per ticket vice percentage yielded approximately $6,000 savings on a full year                         KUALA
                    basis.                                                                                                                                   EAP       LUMPUR
      Overtime      Use of compensation time off in lieu of overtime for LE Staff and better control. Total saving: $3,500                                    AF       BANGUI
                    With the recently approved increase in the LE Staff by Post ICASS Council, we will reduce over time usage and save
                    approximately $45K.                                                                                                                      NEA       RIYADH
                    Out-Sourcing Payroll: Post received exponentially large number of American Staff by the uplifts in FY2010, which included 3161
          Payroll   and long term TDY, where post needed to hire additional payroll staff, but post saved about $70,000 annually for out-sourcing
                    the payroll service.                                                                                                                     SCA       KABUL
                    Post will try to encourage the use of online subscriptions, thereby reducing the use of paper periodicals. In addition we have
     Periodicals    eliminated the duplication of unnecessary subscriptions. Expected savings are $500.                                                      EUR       TIRANA
                    AGSO changed Motor Pool drivers working schedule on Saturdays and Sundays amounting to a saving of $5,000 /year. Post is
      Positions     also discussing a new collective overtime policy, and we estimate another reduction of $5,000. Thus total overtime reductions
                    could amount to $ 10,000 in FY 2011.                                                                                                     WHA     TEGUCIGALPA
                    Post is maximizing lapses and vacancies and re-assessing the need of the position before it's filled/repositioned in a continuous
      Positions     effort of rightsizing the mission. At this time, this does not mean a net $ savings, but it does result in maximizing the use of time
                    and providing efficient and effective service.                                                                                           EUR      BRUSSELS
                    $13,000 Cost Savings: The in house mail delivery was reduced from 4 times a day to twice a day, because this activity in                             SAN
                    ancillary duty offs the pouch staff. One Mail Clerk vacant position was abolished.                                                       WHA      SALVADOR
                    $10,000/year The writing and editing of post‟s CLO newsletter will no longer be outsourced. Instead it will be produced                             SANTO
                    internally.                                                                                                                              WHA      DOMINGO

35 / 63                                                                             FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau         Post
                  A voluntary reduced work week (32-hours per week) during summer 2010 resulted in savings of $9,693. The pension
                  contribution savings to be realized in FY2011 from this program will total $1,745, increasing the total savings to $11,438. The
                  proposed abolishment of the vacant voucher examiner position will save post $17,391 after reserving funds to process 3,000
                  strip codes ($33,000) at the Sofia PSU.                                                                                               EUR         HELSINKI
                  Additionally, in 2011 post plans to convert from our present Janitorial contract, which employed a total of 8 people to direct
                  hiring of 6 PSA employees, which will come at a cost of USD 53.2K versus the current cost of the Janitorial contract which is
      Positions   USD 149K. With this cost savings, post will now be able to fund additional ICASS positions that are urgently needed, but were
                  unable to fund before due to budgetary constraints. These positions are: Part time nurse, Electrician, A/C technician, Generator                BELMOPAN -
                  mechanic and HR clerk.                                                                                                                WHA           OLD
                  Authorized but unfilled FSN Grade 6 H.R. Assistant Position will not be filled in order to partially offset cost of Direct Hire HRO.               KUALA
                  Not filling position will save approximately $11K.                                                                                    EAP         LUMPUR

                  Comprehensive training and online training to meet the needs identified in our training needs assessment will save Post money
                  in the long term because we will be able to offer consistent service from the same number of ICASS employees to an increased
                  number of ICASS customers. On the other hand because of the funding shortages post cannot always sent its employees to
                  training. Post does encourage the employees to participate in online/distance learning training courses when possible. With this
                  initiative post can save up to about $3K per one week training of air fare and perdiem at FSI.                                           WHA    PARAMARIBO
                  Direct hire Janitors and Gardeners. GSO did a cost analysis of contracting versus hiring janitors and gardeners for the NEC.
                  They concluded that not only will direct hiring result in a cost savings, but we will get more use out of these employees as we
                  can direct them to help with clean up at the Ambassador‟s Residence, etc, without negotiating amendments to any contract.
                  Savings anticipated of $8K per year.                                                                                                     EAP        SUVA
                  EMBASSY CANBERRA The HRO has combined 3 separate Worker‟s Compensation plans into 1 Mission-wide plan, saving
                  $10,600 per year.                                                                                                                        EAP     CANBERRA
                  For FY2011 we intend to continue reducing positions through attrition and will also focus on the following initiatives: Post is
      Positions   planning to reduce positions through attrition. After remaining vacant, LES position number A52732 (motor pool driver) was
                  abolished. FY 2011 savings will be $18,583. Post will abolish one local guard ICASS position.                                            EUR       TIRANA

                  Increased services from PSU for vouchering. Post is approved for an additional voucher examiner (grade 0position which it is
                  planning to downgrade to a clerical level (grade 04). The position is vacant and therefore can be done without any morale issue.
      Positions   In addition, of the five currently filled voucher examiner positions, at least two will be reclassified as accounting clerks, removing
                  voucher preparation from their PD. Post will utilize the services of PSU to process the vouchers. Post anticipates by taking
                  theses actions, even after paying the $12 per strip fees to PSU, it will still be able to bring down the costs of vouchering from
                  the existing $35 per strip to $30 per strip. Net savings of approximately $60,000 per year.                                              NEA      KUWAIT

36 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                   Bureau       Post
                  Mission to China continues to strive to identify and implement cost saving measures. In FY 2010 and FY 2011, post identified
                  cost savings in the areas of training and development, TDY travel, energy savings, reduction in salary and overtime costs for
                  the motor pool section, review of leases and contracts, review of phone and cell phone program, push towards elimination of
      Positions   paper based systems such as the LES earning and leave program. Some costs can be quantifiable but the key for Mission to
                  China is being able to reprogram scarce human resources in other deficit areas to handle the increased workload due to the
                  additional increase in presence. Estimated cost savings generated in FY 2010 is $460,800 and estimates for FY 2011 is
                  $478,100.                                                                                                                            EAP       BEIJING
                  Other services which we decided to no longer outsource, but handle with our existing in-house resources: gardening and
                  swimming pool maintenance, which is a savings of approximately $3,000 per year.                                                      EUR       VILNIUS

                  Outsourcing Maintenance: Given that the salary structure does not provide adequate incentive for licensed maintenance
                  technicians to be hired by post, post is outsourcing certain maintenance functions to meet the needs of the mission. The
                  maintenance staff we have spends 80% of their time at residences as standard housing leases require occupants do minor
                  repairs which the landlord will not attend too. In addition, outsourcing maintenance would allow the vendor to direct charge the
                  occupant's agency for work preformed, saving considerable ICASS funds. Estimated $20,000.                                            EUR       TALLINN
                  Outsourcing to fill in where staffing is stretched thin, for example warehouseman. Post needs a warehouseman but due to
                  availability of funds and awaiting approval by the ICASS Council post cannot yet hire another warehouseman, which we need
      Positions   critically. But to fill in the gap for this position post hires contract laborers to do the work that is needed for make readies,
                  supporting events. This is one way to fill in the staffing gap without post having to spend this money on salaries and benefits.
                  This saves up to $10K in salaries and benefits for this position.                                                                    WHA     PARAMARIBO
                  Outsourcing Vouchering including E2 Travel Vouchers to RM/GFS Post Support Unit. (Savings of $7K annually for the travel
                  voucher examiner we did not replace).                                                                                                NEA        CAIRO
                  Post also is saving $11,000 from the start-up costs for three new LES positions to be hired in FY2011. Total estimate cost for
      Positions   office furniture is $15,000. Post is re-using old furniture items in the warehouse and is planning to purchase only the file
                  cabinets and office chairs for $4,400.                                                                                               EAP     ULAANBAATAR

                  Post continues to be aggressive in achieving cost savings through financial discipline and freezing of positions: Cost savings
      Positions   include: a) Frozen positions, total savings of $142,570. Post has still five frozen positions to cover target decreases. Three of
                  them remain frozen and "unfunded" since 2006 when they were approved by the ICASS Council due to the increased mission
                  size. b) During FY2010 the GSO section combined job responsibilities and five of the eleven frozen positions were abolished.         WHA     BUENOS AIRES
                  Post has also been active in planning for optimal staffing. By hiring WAE drivers to back up Motor Pool Chauffeurs at weekends
      Positions   and in the evenings, post anticipates being able to reduce ICASS Motor Pool overtime by 10-15 percent this fiscal year(saving
                  approximately $2,000).                                                                                                               EUR        OSLO

37 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                   Bureau      Post
                  Post intends to hire three Honduran interns and two US interns to help during peak seasons. The Honduran interns are part of
                  a program approved by the local authorities and encouraged by the Honduran universities. The interns benefit from the
      Positions   program according to their curricular requirements, and the embassy gets their support free of charge. Post also hires free US
                  interns in the summer based on the WHA program. Savings from these free interns are estimated at $ 25,000 as compared to
                  the costs of hiring paid temporary help for three months.                                                                           WHA     TEGUCIGALPA

                  Post is not doing any make-ready work. Per agency's request make ready work is outsourced and direct charged to agency
                  which has responsibility for the lease. This allows the remaining maintenance staff to focus more on the Chancery. The labor
                  and transportation of furniture and appliances are already outsourced and has resulted in ICASS savings $3,000.                     EUR       TALLINN
                  Presently, Post has frozen filling ICASS vacancies. Exceptions are only on a case by case basis. Post will expand use of PSU
                  for voucher processing.                                                                                                             EUR        PARIS

                  Restructuring of the ICASS platform in Hamburg: Responding to a reduced customer base at Consulate General Hamburg,
                  Mission Germany eliminated Class B cashiering in Hamburg, yielding annual savings of $103,000 per year from FY2011.
      Positions   Restructuring of Hamburg‟s Facilities Office will yield an additional $80,000 per year from mid-FY2011 by outsourcing certain
                  non-core services such as winter service and glass cleaning. Combined savings of $183,000 represents 7.6% savings of post‟s
                  FY2010 ICASS budget of $2.39 million. The elimination of Cashiering services in Hamburg enabled the Mission to comply with
                  reduction of Cashiering as mandated by RM. The restructuring of Hamburg's Facilities Office.                                        EUR       BERLIN
                  Service provider is working with outside vendors to outsource certain area of the shipping section in order to redefine
                  responsibilities with the existing positions and with the primary idea to freeze the additional position vacant since March 2010
                  and to reduce the handling charges in Int'l through Gov't Bill of Lading (ITGBL) field as well and at a negotiated price. The               OUAGADOUG
                  estimated savings cost is $60,000 to 65,000.                                                                                         AF        OU
                  The mission relies on interns to supplement ICASS staff in key areas, freeing up valuable time for permanent staff to focus on
                  priorities. This FY the mission plans to significantly increase its reliance on the PSU to support vendor pay. With only the one
                  VE in the FMO office the mission will utilize an intern to focus on translating and scanning documents to the PSU for payment.
                  This will free up the VE allowing for additional time to properly track more complicated payments among mission agencies. The
                  use of interns has been critical for the Embassy because it allows for flexible work schedules and addresses significant space
                  shortages as interns roam to available desks within the sections. Interns are planned in HRO , Management, GSO sections
                  saving anticipated USD 15,000 in personnel costs. At the same time project provides valuable experience to local university
                  students, establishes relationships with universities, and trains a pool of future qualified candidates when permanent positions
                  become available. Also, worth mentioning internship program is a way of building diplomacy with the youth of Kyrgyzstan and
                  educating them on American culture and values.                                                                                      SCA       BISHKEK
                  To partially offset the cost of adding a Direct Hire HRO, an EFM HR position will be eliminated when the incumbent departs                     KUALA
                  post in 201Savings is approximately $56K per year.                                                                                  EAP       LUMPUR
                  Use of WAE labor for warehouse related needs in lieu of contracts or overtime. To hire additional LES staff assisting with
      Positions   moving of items in warehouse, residences and offices is estimated for $81,282 when using six WAEs costs is only $36,000.
                  Projected saving is more then $45k.                                                                                                 EUR        KYIV

38 / 63                                                                         FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                    Bureau      Post
      Positions    With moving of voucher processing to PSU, the Mission no longer needs to increase its vouchering staff saving $30K.                  NEA       RIYADH
                   Post will establish a Diplomatic Post Office program which will enable Post to send out larger and heavier packages at a much
          Postal   lower rate than the cargo rate used for dispatching diplomatic pouches. Post expects a cost saving of approx $9,500 in this
                   category over the coming years.                                                                                                       AF     PORT LOUIS
                   Post managed to reduce its pouches delivery cost from $78,294 in FY2009 to $61,441 in FY2010; net savings: $16,853. Those
          Pouch    savings were achieved thanks to Post initiative to handle its pouches in house; the contract to outsource pouch delivery was
                   cancelled early in September 2009.                                                                                                    AF     BUJUMBURA

                   In 2010 post saved about $20,000 of post's ICASS funds on pouch delivery to Tallinn/Helsinki by decreasing the number of trip
                   to Tallinn (from 1 trip per week to 1 trip per month). Post is going to save resources by subscribing for DPO mail services via a
                   Post-to-Post partnership with Embassy Vilnius, Lithuania. Approximate annual savings are $19,200 by reducing our need to
                   receive mail via Helsinki/Tallinn each month. Another step post is taking to lower ICASS costs is to use direct funding whenever
                   practical, even for bulk purchases, using ICASS primarily for its collective purchasing power and not as the funding/payment
                   method. The applicable categories are: customs charges for U.S. Government shipments, vehicle supplies, gratuities,
       Pouch       office/custodial supplies, drivers' overtime. Anticipated savings: $5,000.                                                           EUR       MINSK
    Procurement    $7,600 Gardening contract change.                                                                                                     AF      YAOUNDE
                   Contractual Services - $3,000 per annum Post will be requesting for newspaper ads to be published during weekdays instead
                   of during weekends, to save on costs.                                                                                                EUR      NICOSIA
                   Alternative Sourcing – Post will save $13K on custodial supplies by consolidating a large number of local purchases with bulk
                   procurements in 2011.                                                                                                                NEA      ALGIERS
                   As a result of a more robust procurement section and emphasis by the contracting officer, more effort will be spent on doing
                   price comparisons. This will result in cumulative savings of over $30K.                                                               AF      MAPUTO
                   Changing of contract for Travel Management Center (TMC) from DNATA to Carlson Wagon-lit, by which the transaction fee
                   reduced from $250 to $35 per ticket. This TMC transfer took place on March 01, 2010, and a total of 3,750 tickets have been
                   issued during 7 months of FY 2010, where the saving rate for FY 2010 was $806,250 (3,750 X $215). The annual saving rate
                   for 2011 is estimated to be $1,382,000.                                                                                              SCA       KABUL
                   Cleaning Contract: In 2011 post will be revisiting the cleaning contract and the health care contract. Post pays $72,000 per year
                   for cleaning services and is targeting a reduction of $8,000 - $12,000 per year.                                                     WHA     ASUNCION
                   CONTRACTS: According to cost saving measurements post has stopped some of the contractual cleaning services like
                   window cleaning, snow shoveling, and facilities consultancy. Post has a contract saving of 125K.                                     EUR      ANKARA

                   Copier rental contract renewal with the Department of Defense (DFAS). This Interagency agreement is an initiative from RSC
    Procurement    Frankfurt, which promises a lower cost per copier and at the same time can be connected to the LAN to serve as printers.
                   Subsequently the savings would be derived of the fact that individual printers no longer need to be replaced and the contract
                   provides for free toner replacement, reducing cost on toner supplies. Estimated savings to be o/a. $5-$10K                                   THE HAGUE

39 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                   Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                  Initial - Over the last several years post has taken several cost saving measures which will continue to be implemented in FY-
                  11. These cost saving measures have generated savings of $205,460 which helped post adjust its requirement for FY-2011 it
    Procurement   requested from Bureau. Some of these measures include: 1. Conversion of annual office machines maintenance contracts into
                  on-call BPA's. Post spent $1,433 in FY-2010 and is anticipating approximately $5,000 under Traditional Bureau and $1,000
                  under LGP-ICASS for FY-2011. If all of the photocopier machines were on the maintenance contract, Post would have been
                  spending $25,000 under TB and $2,500 under LGP in FY-2011. Net savings of $22,500.                                                     NEA      KUWAIT
    Procurement   Procuring appliances locally overseas allows post to save $4K in FY11 in transportation cost. FY10 saving is $7K                       SCA     ASHGABAT
                  Ljubljana solicited and re-negotiated a new 5-Year Janitorial Contract for the services at the Chancery and GSO Annex that is
                  to take effect on October 01, 2009. With the new contract in place, Post generated savings in the amount of $13,850 over the
    Procurement   previous contract in FY2010 alone. Savings in FY2011 are projected to be $14,100 taking into account the budget exchange
                  rate of 0.728, due to the contract being in Euro‟s. The new Janitorial Contract is estimated to generate savings of $70,000 in a
                  period of five years.                                                                                                                  EUR     LJUBLJANA
                  Local & Regional Procurements: A saving of $10,000 is anticipated as a result of savings on shipping charges on overseas
                  procurements of supplies.                                                                                                               AF      MASERU
                  Local & Regional Procurements: Post has seen a significant reduction of $19,000 in the cost of office supplies as a result of
                  buying locally and regionally (South Africa). Shipping costs of overseas procurements account for 30 - 40%.                             AF      MASERU
                  OC 2585 - Maintenance of Office Machines - $2,000 per annum Post has signed for a contract for the provision of maintenance
    Procurement   service for all Office Machines, such as copiers; printers; faxes, etc. This has enabled the offer of a reduced „per item‟ cost, by
                  the contractor.
                  Post has increased the number of preferred providers that GSO Abu Dhabi uses via BPA's. Based on the utilization of these
                  BPA Vendor, Post anticipates being able to negotiate discounts with the vendors due to usage within the BPAs. Post has
                  moved to a combination leased local furniture and purchased furniture program. Initial estimates a 15 - 25% cost savings with
                  leased furniture over the standard life cycle of furniture. In addition, Post is able to utilize the vendor in a variety of service
    Procurement   needs, including make ready kits and delivery/set up of the furniture in the costs, and at advantaged rates. This will mean less
                  LE Staff are needed to support housing operations by using contracted labor and support services. Post continues to see cost
                  savings from our appliance vendors. By limiting the models and vendors who supply appliances, and repair services, Post
                  continues to see significant savings per household. We are hopefully Agencies will consider joining our approach to appliances
                  and appliance services.                                                                                                                NEA     ABU DHABI
                  Post is in the process of reviewing and expanding the number of BPAs in place with local vendors. We are anticipating this will
    Procurement   allow post to negotiate price reductions on a variety of products that we will be purchasing in bulk. This will also result in
                  significant time savings for staff in the procurement process. Anticipated cost savings $50,000.                                        AF       BANJUL
                  Post plans to effect savings in supply expenses by utilizing the EUR Staples contract. It is hoped this effort will result in
    Procurement   approximately $90,000 in savings, though carryover funds will still be required to help cover supplies expenses at this Class 1
                  Embassy.                                                                                                                               EUR      LONDON

40 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                    Post re-negotiated the renewal of the 5-year gardening contract in March of 2010 for the gardening services at the Chancery.
                    Ljubljana has generated savings of $15,200 with the current vendor in the past five years (2006-2010), due to lower gardening
    Procurement     costs over the previous vendor that was replaced back in 2005. Since the negotiated and established contractual charges have
                    stayed unchanged for all additional 5 optional years, Post expects to continue to generate contractual savings of approximately
                    $1,500 per year over the next five years in comparison with the FY2005 gardening costs. The total savings generated under this
                    reviewed gardening contract are estimated to be $15,200 for all 5 contractual years.                                                   EUR     LJUBLJANA
                    Post savings practices whenever possible: Direct charge; Use of purchase card; Local vs. Overseas procurement; Online
                    training.                                                                                                                               AF       PRAIA
                    Post‟s Health Unit initiated expired medical supplies return to vendors. Refund received in FY 2010 is totaling $1.8K. Health
                    Unit will continue with this initiative in future years.                                                                               EUR       SOFIA

                    SOC 2699 - Post continues to seek low cost alternatives to normal procurement and is purchasing locally. Post also maintains
                    smaller inventory levels and purchases are limited to essential supplies only and direct charge agencies for their office supplies.
                    These measures have enabled Post to make a saving of $2,000 last year and we expect to save $8,000 in the coming fiscal
                    year. The Financial office has focused on accounts receivable, and as a result, post has seen an increase in the collections and
                    accounts paid off. Post expects an annual cost savings of $3,000 in telephone calls over the next coming years.                         AF     PORT LOUIS

                    Auction Prior to 2010, post had always contracted the services of an auction company for all GSO property sales. Due to
   Property Sales   inflation in Eritrea, the auction company‟s prices have risen equivalent to 30 percent of the total estimated proceeds of sales. As
                    a result, post made its first attempt at the complete management and operation of an auction in April 2010. Post‟s auction was a
                    success with only 9.5 percent of the total proceeds used toward overhead costs. The overall savings to post was $14,300.                AF      ASMARA
    Publications    PUBLICATIONS 1.3K: Post has reduced the publication purchase and start using the online Ralph Bunche Library.                          EUR      ANKARA
                    Post encourages the use of the New Embassy Compound (NEC) atrium for events and functions, occurring approximately
                    once/month. This saves the cost of renting a venue each time: $36K                                                                     WHA     KINGSTON
                    In FY-11, post has the following cost-saving initiatives: - Use of shipper owned containers from NY Dispatch agent to Lusaka.
      Shipping      Estimated savings $10,000 per year. - Reduce or eliminate transit of partial container shipments through the port in Durban.
                    Estimated savings $10,000 per year.                                                                                                     AF      LUSAKA

                    Post solicited and signed a new shipping contract in March of 2007. This was Ljubljana‟s second contract since the embassy
                    was established. With the first being only for 3 years and a substantial savings realized, Ljubljana established a second five
                    year contract in order to build on success of the first. Estimated cost savings for this new contract are 30,000 USD.                  EUR     LJUBLJANA

41 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post

                    Scan & Email Documents - Limited utilization of International DHL/FEDEX courier services : Last year alone we spent $ 50,000
                    shipping documents through DHL or FEDEX. We anticipate considerable cost savings if we scan documents and transmit them
                    through e-mail. We no longer transmit certain Forms through courier services if possible; For examples include the Monthly
                    Unannounced Cashier Count, Post COLA forms, Post Education Surveys & HR Forms, all of which could be scanned and/or e-
                    mailed. We expect to save $10,000, and assure quicker and safer document delivery.                                                   AF      COTONOU
                    Shipping costs continue to place a burden on post's budget. Post currently purchases the containers used to ship goods to
                    post. This saves significantly on the costs of sending an empty container back to Durban. Post then sells the container on the
                    local market further reducing the actual costs of shipping. In the past year, we estimate an overall savings of $10,000 based on
                    the number of containers purchased compared with the previous year. In the coming year, post will continue to explore ways to
                    reduce shipping costs. For example, the GSO has met with the GSOs of regional posts in Durban and discussed joint shipping.
                    Since Lusaka and Lilongwe tend to be at the end of the line for cargo trucks, we will explore how to combine shipping trips to
                    save time and money. Shipping costs for a single fiscal year reported as of September 30 of that year do not provide a full
                    picture of costs. Often, post must increase shipping even after the goods have been received due to slow billing cycles for
                    shipping companies. With post's transfer to ILMS, shipments will now be tracked more closely and expenditures reconciled to
                    assure proper accounting for shipping. Along with other general efforts to save overall costs, post expects that past shipping       AF      LILONGWE
                    Shipping Pool with Bangkok: Post continues to consolidate the shipping with Bangkok for the orders send via Dispatch Agent
      Shipping      from Seattle. By consolidating Bangkok and Vientiane, shipping delays are reduced and partially filled containers are
                    eliminated. Post is able to save approximately $8,000 for last year.                                                                EAP      VIENTIANE
                    Further reduce its commercial storage holdings by continuing to reduce storage of it‟s in the Chancery and Warehouse to make
                    room for items currently in commercial storage.                                                                                     EAP     WELLINGTON
                    Post added staff to the DPO in order to avoid storage fees that were being incurred at the airport leading to a new savings of
                    10k. Our actual expenditures report $3K savings versus estimated $10K.                                                              WHA       QUITO
                    Post has also looked at other measures apart from its staffing. Post aims to implement JIT supply delivery in February, has
          Storage   implemented a call billing system that gives a more detailed breakdown of per section charges. This is used to accurately direct
                    charge other agencies, as well as cutting down on potential personal phone system abuse.                                            EUR        OSLO

                    Post is also a part of two pilot programs; one is introducing the use of disposable welcome kits and the second addresses just-
          Storage   in-time delivery from ELSO which will greatly reduce storage costs. Several sales of Non-Expendable property were held in
                    FY2009 to reduce unnecessary holdings. Post is now part of an A/LM pilot program for “just in time” delivery from the European
                    Logistics Support Office (ELSO) in Antwerp, Belgium. Cost savings are to be identified.                                             EUR     LJUBLJANA
                    Post is negotiating a less expensive warehouse space for $15,000 per year to replace a lease on an auxiliary warehouse
          Storage   property that was leased at $20,000 per year or $117.60 per sq. meter. An annual savings of $5,000 plus an additional 11.5 sq.
                    meters of space.                                                                                                                     AF     MONROVIA

42 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post

                    Warehouse relocation. Post has been provided $40K within its FY-2011 Target Budget to relocate the warehouse and to
                    reassess the required scope of the size of this warehouse. The current warehouse is located at the south of The Hague,
                    whereas the residential area is situated in a northern suburb of The Hague. The move of the NEC a couple of miles North of the
                    current Chancery also contributes to the necessity to have warehouse space in a more strategic location. The NEC will not/not
                    provide for a new warehouse, as per the space restrictions and other building and construction restrictions put forth by the city
                    of The Hague on the use of the NEC property. Potential savings on the lease are estimated to amount to $20K per year. Non-
                    monetary savings include cutting back on staff travel hours between the Embassy and the warehouse.                                     EUR     THE HAGUE
                    Post has started a significant re-evaluation of purchasing strategies. In the future, we will work closely with Embassy Pretoria to
                    make purchases in South Africa and have the goods shipped to Lilongwe. Already Harare purchases most of their expendable
                    supplies in South Africa. We hope to follow suit. While the specifics must still be worked out (e.g. buy a truck, container, or
                    other method of transport for this purpose or rent, how often to make deliveries, etc.) based on conversations with other posts,
                    this strategy promises to provide both more timely delivery and cheaper goods. Based on the cost savings identified in the past
                    year's budget, we estimate a total of $30,000 in savings over what might have been spent. First, the purchase of containers for
                    shipping has saved an estimated $10,000 in return shipping costs based. Selling the containers in Malawi has generated a
                    small amount of recoveries also available to cover additional shipping costs. The purchase of excursion fare plane tickets for all
                    trainings has resulted in an estimated $20,000 savings in airfare based on the number of trips take compared to the cost of full
                    economy fare.                                                                                                                           AF     LILONGWE
                    Replace distributing paper copy of periodical telephone directory and CLO magazine to employees with posting e-copy on
      Supplies      Post's intranet site: ($1,000) - Encourage to enroll Job-related FSI online training as well as computer skill training such as
                    Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access: 11 LE staff took this training. ($1,400)                                                           EAP       SEOUL
                    Mission Brussels outsourced most expendable office supplies late 2009 resulting in a direct charge to the agencies. Cost
                    savings in ICASS is (-$96,300). These funds are now redirected to offset decrease in target and replenish the furniture pool.
                    Outsourcing has also resulted in a significant time savings for various employees. The liberated time has been used for
                    rightsizing staff for warehouse services.                                                                                              EUR      BRUSSELS
                    $14,000 per year from the reduction of application of pesticides at housing pool residences. Instead of spraying we have
      Supplies      implemented a non-chemical, safe methods system. In severe cases that warrant the use of chemicals, only approved products
                    are utilized by Facilities staff. No FY10 negative impact reported.                                                                    WHA        LIMA
                    Printing and Reproduction - $500 per annum Post will continue to use electronic forms of documentation, to save on printing &
                    reproduction supplies costs.                                                                                                           EUR      NICOSIA

                    Building Repair Supplies - $500 per annum Post will cut on miscellaneous gardening supplies for the grounds, to save on costs.         EUR      NICOSIA

                    Furnishing Repair Supplies - $500 per annum Post will cut on miscellaneous lighting items for the building, to save on costs.          EUR      NICOSIA

                    Custodial Items - $2,000 per annum Post will cut on miscellaneous janitorial/cleaning supplies for the building, to save on costs.     EUR      NICOSIA

43 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                              Bureau          Post
                  Miscellaneous Supplies - $1,000 per annum Post will procure more economical Welcome Kits for incoming families, to save on
                  costs.                                                                                                                           EUR          NICOSIA
                  As a follow-up to cost saving initiatives identified in the FY10 budget, Post continues to purchase most of the paper products
                  locally as opposed to purchasing these in bulk from the US. We have also shifted to ordering items using the 'just-in-time'
                  concept as opposed to warehousing large stockpiles of most supplies. There has been a marked reduction in the cost of office
                  supplies SOC 2622, by $40,000 from $75,926 in FY09 to $35,611 in FY10.                                                            AF         KAMPALA
                  At the end of FY-2008 as a cost saving initiative, the Mission outsourced its expendable supply operation to Corporate Express
                  (Staples). Agencies and sections are all now directly billed and use their own fiscal data for ordering supplies. This has also
                  eliminated the need to store warehouse supplies and has saved both warehouse staff time and overhead costs. In FY-2007 and
                  FY-2008 the amount expended on office supplies in the ICASS budget was $54,000. This was reduced in FY-09 to $39,000
                  and further reduced in FY-10 to $30,000. This initiative has now achieved its optimum expectation and we will continue to
                  monitor costs to maintain this level.                                                                                            EUR           DUBLIN

                  Automation of LES earning and leave statements. This new system sends the earning and leave statement electronically
                  allowing employee to electronically retrieve their earning and leave statement or have it sent via e-mail. This replaced the old
      Supplies    distribution of LES earning and leave statement which was all paper based; each PP the statement was printed, the batches
                  sent via mail and messenger to the time keepers, and each time keeper sorted and individually provided to each LES employee
                  for Beijing and the Consulates. Estimated savings $300 on paper $500 in toner ink, and around 208 hrs/yr for timekeepers who
                  can now concentrate on other duties of their job requirements. $2,500                                                                          BEIJING
                  CSIs for FY-2011: In FY-2011, GSO is working on just-in-time delivery for expendables. This would eliminate large ICASS costs
      Supplies    in stocking a storeroom and, instead, create a pay as you go model for all participants. It also has the added benefit of reducing
                  our moving costs to the NEC in summer 2011. The estimated savings are $10,000.                                                       EUR     BUCHAREST
      Supplies    Custodial Supplies. Post realized the anticipated savings in paper towels of $25K.                                                    AF       ACCRA
                  E-filing, ARIBA and GET has significantly reduced storage space and the need for hard copies. Post will realize a cost savings
      Supplies    in paper ordering and also reduction of commercial storage as more items can be moved into the warehouse taking the place of
                  hardcopy files and storing paper in the storerooms in the Chancery.                                                                  EAP    WELLINGTON
                  Existing Supplies – Some areas have been identified as requiring fewer purchases in 2011 to retain adequate service levels.
                  For example, post will save $10K on medical supplies and $12K on uniforms in 201                                                     NEA      ALGIERS

44 / 63                                                                         FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                   Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                     Bureau      Post

                  Expendable supplies – Effective January 1, we will join the Frankfurt-sponsored expendable supply contract with STAPLES.
                  Employees will now order supplies on their own directly to Staples on an as-needed basis and Staples will deliver directly to
                  employee the next day. This will eliminate the need to stock supplies in the Mission and maintain a supply inventory tracking
                  system. That will allow us to completely eliminate expendable supplies, freeing up approx. 25 square meters of space and, by
                  reducing workload, allow us to avoid creating another badly needed, but unaffordable, warehouse/supply position (annual
                  savings of USD 120,000). Based upon our initial analysis, it appears that we will reduce overall cost of expendable supplies by
                  25 – 30%. We will also gain a one time savings of approximately USD 50,000 by using up and not replacing already purchased
                  supplies. All future expendable supply orders will be billed directly to the requesting agency, so the ICASS funds tied up in in-             GENEVA -
                  stock inventory will be reduced by approximately USD 75,000.                                                                          IO     USMISSION

                  In addition, Ljubljana put into effect the use of A4 paper, thus reducing the importation of US standard paper back in FY2008.       EUR     LJUBLJANA

                  Post is planning the consolidation of photocopying processes. Customer Service Office, Financial Management Center and the
                  Human Resources office will jointly use photocopy machines in the Customer Service Center. All usages will be controlled via a
      Supplies    password to monitor the uses of papers and number of copies for specific cost center. The copier that is currently in use by
                  FMC will be stored in the warehouse and it will serve as backup for copiers in use. Therefore post is expecting to save having to
                  buy at least one heavy duty photocopy machine amounting to $10,000. Post is also expecting a savings in the cost of Toners
                  and Papers. This will be closely monitored after the equipment is acquired and installed.                                            SCA       DHAKA

                  Last year Post expected $20,000 in savings by competing micro purchases and expanding the use of Fed bid. Expected
      Supplies    savings in FY10 is $20,000. In FY10 GSO competed 128 requirements under the micro purchase acquisition using the
                  available tools such blanket purchase agreements, GSA advantage, GSA ebuy, fed bids or RFQs to commercial suppliers for a
                  total amount of USD 201,245.02. Posts estimates savings of 20% of purchase value for a total of $40,249.00.                           AF      KINSHASA

                  Post has also undergone a thorough review of its administrative supply stock and has found ways to streamline the products
                  offered in order to prevent disposal of excess items due to their deterioration. Examples of this include ordering and stocking
      Supplies    standard colors of pens in only two designs, bulk ordering high demand toner cartridges but using just-in-time purchasing for
                  less commonly used toner cartridges, and eliminating the stocking of the desk calendars that people commonly used as a note-
                  pad rather than a calendar. The streamlining of administrative supply stock saved $20,000 on the supply order placed last fiscal
                  year and we anticipate future savings of $20,000 this fiscal year as well.                                                            AF      BAMAKO
                  Post has installed 31 Jet Towels which replaces paper or cloth towels saving at approximately 4 metric ton each year
                  amounting to USD 21,000 in direct saving annually.                                                                                   SCA     KATHMANDU
                  Post has purchased large amounts of supplies locally in Port-au-Prince. After the earthquake, prices of numerous supplies
                  have seen large increases in prices. Research has indicated that significant cost savings could result by using the Citibank
                  purchase card and purchasing supplies from the U.S. instead of locally. Post anticipates a cost of savings of $50,000 by                      PORT-AU-
                  purchasing supplies from the U.S.                                                                                                    WHA       PRINCE

45 / 63                                                                         FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                   Bureau      Post
                  Post is exploring several programs to save money in the future. For expendable supplies, we are conducting a cost benefit
                  analysis to determine if we will use the Staples supply contract (savings as yet undetermined).                                     EUR       MADRID

                  Projected: Switch from Letter to A4 sized paper (A$11.85 to A$5.60 a ream x Qty 800pa) Estimated cost saving pa: A$5,000.00         EAP      CANBERRA
      Supplies    Purchasing materials in bulk quantities are expected to result in cost savings of approximately $4,500.                              AF       DJIBOUTI
                  Switching from disbursing of printed LES payroll & DCF statements received biweekly and quarterly to sending those reports to
                  LES by email using automatic system helped to save paper & time of the cashier who disbursed statements to more than 400
                  locally hired employees. Annual savings in paper costs estimated @$3,500 and cashier‟s time @$4,000. Prior year cost
      Supplies    savings impact: As planed last year under cost saving initiative#1, after solicitation of cell phone services the winning bidder
                  proposed reduced unit cost for cell phone services, and post received savings of ~$11,700 in FY‟10. In addition, Health Unit's
                  photocopying machine was placed under the same service contract as other Embassy photocopiers, and post managed to save
                  approximately $4,000 (FY‟10 cost saving initiative #2)                                                                              EUR        KYIV
                  The possibilities of procuring contracting related materials in bulk quantities were impacted saving cost. As a result, these
      Supplies    savings caused to use saved funds to other mandatory budget lines of items or where funds were remained shortage. Post
                  were decided to spend these funds mostly for utilities and trainings for new hired employees.                                        AF      DJIBOUTI
                  Call Bill program - The IPO and FMO are working to implement the Call Bill software so that bills coming from the office land
     Telephone    lines (Bezek) can be reviewed by the employees and personal calls can be charged back to them. This will be a savings to the
                  USG. Estimated collections are $3,000 per year.                                                                                     NEA     JERUSALEM
                  New Cost Saving Initiatives: -Post has recently implemented VOIP using Vonage system for international calls to the US. This
     Telephone    initiative should help post save on telephone tolls costs. However, Post is currently accumulating comparison usage data in
                  quantifying the savings. VOIP monthly expenditures are estimated at $ 120 / month.                                                  WHA     TEGUCIGALPA
                  Post plans to implement a change in FY11 in telephone services in order to lower overall service costs. This will include moving
                  to VONAGE services. Post hopes to be able to estimate total cost savings in our FY11 Final Budget.                                  WHA        LIMA
                  $20,000/year Voice-Over IP was recently implemented using Vonage with our CS-1000 E PBX under nars/bars routes.                     WHA      DOMINGO
                  Cell phones that were purchased locally for $300 to 400 each are now being purchased through a U.S. source for less than
                  $100 each that saved approximately $20,000 USD.                                                                                      AF       LUANDA

                  Additionally, we made a decision to base our network of BlackBerry mobile devices in Ottawa, rather than Washington,
     Telephone    attempting to save $6,000 annually ($50 per device), while an integrated contract with the telecom service provider has "pooled"
                  all our BlackBerry users' airtime, so that far fewer minutes go to waste each month. However, due to a large increase in the
                  number of BlackBerry users in Mission Canada, our telecommunications costs have increased sharply.                                  WHA      OTTAWA
                  Another cost savings initiatives we are looking at is the Vonage - VOIP. Post using Vonage beginning November 2010,
     Telephone    estimating a savings for $ 700 a month in our official long distance calls. We'll find out in the next couple of months how much
                  will be the actual savings.                                                                                                         EAP       MAJURO

46 / 63                                                                         FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post

                  Mission Germany changed its method of connecting the various telephone switches within Berlin to Voice over Internet Protocol
                  (VoIP) which allowed it to add in Leipzig's calls to its switch so that they could take advantage of Embassy Berlin's flat-rate
                  billing plan. The change added the DSL Internet costs of €1896/month to the Mission's telephone bills for all of Berlin and
                  Leipzig, but that was off-set by eliminating the point-to-point line connections between Pariser Platz-Clayallee (approx
                  €1600/month), Clayallee-Curtiusstr. (approx €850/month), and Curtiusstr.-Pariser Platz (approx €1250/month).                             EUR       BERLIN

     Telephone    Cell Phone Contract. Where previously post had purchased cell phones and air time from various service providers, a contract
                  with a single company this year has provided economies of scale and reduced our telephone related costs by $13,000.                       AF       ACCRA
                  Cost Saving Initiatives During the 2010 summer transfer season, post turned over almost its entire complement of USDH. While
                  difficult on many levels, the new blood brought in fresh perspectives on local processes and new ideas for cost savings. In the
                  coming year, post will implement the following cost savings initiatives: 1. A local service provider currently provides the voice
                  and data connections between the Chancery and the Warehouse. The bandwidth provided, 640 kbps, costs $19,720 annually.
                  With a one-time expense of $13,500, post can provide 54 MBps, an eight-fold increase in the capacity of the circuit. The poor
                  telephone infrastructure in Malawi has made alternate modes of communication necessary, particularly with the warehouse
                  which is about 2 miles from the Chancery. The copper wiring used for telephone circuits has routinely been vandalized and
                  stolen in that area of the city (no residences nearby at night and very low traffic outside of work hours). Relying on the local
                  provider, which experiences infrequent but regular outages, has proven difficult. The warehouse can be without computer
                  services for one to two days. Often the only way to contact warehouse personnel is by cell phone. Anticipated first year savings:         AF      LILONGWE

                  Cost saving initiatives FY11: The phone system replacement project in Montevideo during FY10 brought the embassy into
                  conformity with embassies worldwide regarding the type of phone system, voicemail, and call accounting system used. This
                  project also provided the opportunity to assess the current system and re-evaluate the use of resources and gain efficiency.
                  One particular area where savings were realized was the elimination of more than 35 direct, individually-billed lines ($21K p/y)
     Telephone    and their replacement with a second digital, shared, 30-line circuit (E1) at a significantly lower annual cost ($11K p/y.) This
                  measure will also significantly reduce the paperwork needed to process billing and payments for the lines. Over the next year,
                  post will assess whether the two E1 lines are both needed, based on the load they carry over an extended period of time. Post
                  will determine if one E1 can be discontinued, saving a further $7K annually. Savings are also being sought through more
                  efficient processing in the area of billing, since the new call accounting system allows post to itemize calls without relying on the
                  statements from the local telecommunications provider. Post does not have any other CSI to report.                                       WHA     MONTEVIDEO

                  Cost savings initiative update: 1) Cell Phone Usage – Post established a formal Post Management Policy limiting the use of
                  Embassy issued cell phones and requiring employee to reimburse Post for personal calls. Monthly phone bills are distributed to
     Telephone    Embassy employees through their section heads for self-certification of any personal calls; section heads review it for accuracy
                  and approval. Employees are billed when personal calls exceed the established Post threshold of CFA 20,000 ($40 per month).
                  We expect to (and are verifying) save $15,000. FY2011: This policy is still in place and is being reviewed to see how to make it
                  more effective. Savings in the amount of $10,000 is expected in FY2011.                                                                   AF      COTONOU

47 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                      Bureau       Post

                  Cost Savings Initiatives FY 2011: 1) Post “Cell phone trunk lines” should give us a 50% reduction on charges from an embassy
     Telephone    extension to a cell mobile number. Additionally, we will save 100% on charges for calls Embassy mobile phones (mobile to
                  mobile) that are registered with our “cell trunks.” It also allows the office cell phone users a chance to call back to the embassy
                  for free too. Post estimates the savings will be around 50,000 baht/month or USD 20,000 plus per year.                                 EAP      BANGKOK

     Telephone    Cost-saving measures to be implemented in FY11: 1. Monthly fees for Blackberries We anticipate saving about $350 per month
                  by exploring cheaper support options and more suitable data plans for our six Blackberry accounts. Anticipated savings $4,200.         EUR     LUXEMBOURG
                  Current Year CSI: Negotiation with our cellular provider has yielded rates that are approximately 20% lower than in previous
                  years. Estimated cost savings in this year, $4,000. Prior Year CSI: Post purchased a Secure PBX voice gateway in FY2009
                  which has only just been installed in FY2011, which will allow us to eliminate one phone line per house throughout the housing
     Telephone    pool, as well as reducing the need to install lines in new housing units. In addition, this eliminates the need to add a second
                  telephone technician. Given that all USDH ICASS employees are turning over this year, the expected cost savings for FY2011
                  is $6000 in new phone lines and phone rents for this year. Additional cost savings will be realized for ALL post agencies, but
                  the benefits will not accrue to ICASS accounts.                                                                                        EUR        BAKU
                  Currently, Timor Telecom is the only provider for all land line and mobile telephone services, however, next year a new service
     Telephone    provider will enter the market. We hope this change will provide an opportunity to negotiate lower rates, but it is too early to
                  make a dollar savings estimate.                                                                                                        EAP         DILI
                  Direct charge agencies for phone calls that have been charged to ICASS by using a call accounting billing system that identifies
                  the agency that made the call. Direct billing to start in first quarter of FY11. (Savings: $30K annually)                              NEA        CAIRO
     Telephone    Due to new cell phone plan implementation Post saved about $5K in FY10. Post estimates $2K saving in FY11.                             SCA      ASHGABAT
                  During FY10, the Financial Management Officer has been taking an active role in reviewing accounts receivable. As a result of
                  the increased oversight and attention, over $36,000 has been collected with more to come, mainly from outstanding cell and
                  home phone bills some going back to CY07. Post now has a structured AR system in place, and a LE Staff position with
                  responsibility to continue this oversight. The annual estimated cost savings is $40,000                                                NEA      JERUSALEM
                  Extending the flat-rate billing to all of the Mission's ISDN lines for Video Teleconferencing has essentially made VTCs
     Telephone    centralized out of Berlin free to users in Berlin and the consulates regardless of duration. A single awards committee VTC in
                  2008 which lasted 8 hours prior to this change resulted in a €7000 bill.                                                               EUR        BERLIN
                  e) Post has implemented a "least-cost dialing service" to increase cost savings in the Mission. By dialing 8 when placing calls to
     Telephone    cell phones from an Embassy extension the call is treated as a cell phone to cell phone call which is charged at a much lower
                  rate. Post hopes to see a decline in cell phone call charges during FY2011.                                                            WHA     BUENOS AIRES

                  f) The Mission has also implemented a procedure to revalidate the issuance of official cell phones and established a policy of
     Telephone    only one "official" cell phone per employee without an exemption from Management. While the Mission has gotten some
                  savings from that, some of it was offset by its increased shift from cell phone use to Blackberry to take advantage of the extra
                  productivity that is possible by having employee's able to access their work email while on the move.                                  EUR        BERLIN

48 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                 Bureau      Post
                  Finally, post will research configuring least cost routing in telephone system through a combination of land line, voip, and gsm
                  networks.                                                                                                                           EAP     PHNOM PENH

                  FY 2011 Proposed Cost Savings initiatives 1. The Mission has established a cellular phone policy and standard operating
                  procedure which covers phone number verification, phone assignment, phone use and simplified billing for personal calls. Post
                  will save in excess of USD 50,000 from unidentified phone numbers, reduced phone usage and billings for personal calls.              AF       ABUJA

                  g) Mission Germany has also expanded its telephone switchboard services to Leipzig and Frankfurt after-hours and weekends
     Telephone    at no extra cost. Telephone network upgrades the Mission is now planning for FY2011 will allow it to continue the effort at
                  expanding its switchboard service base and move to a more centralized platform which will have inherent cost savings for the
                  Mission. All of these telephone initiatives has already generated a $140,000 savings from prior year.                               EUR       BERLIN
                  In an effort to expand service and improve efficiency, IRM Cairo implemented VOIP Netbox service for calls placed from
     Telephone    Embassy desk phones to any location in the United States. VOIP will reduce international telephone calls expenses by a
                  significant amount annually. (Savings: $30K annually)                                                                               NEA       CAIRO

                  In FY10, one of Post's cost initiatives was to save an estimated amount of $5,500.00 by billing agencies/employees who make
     Telephone    personal calls through the Embassy switchboard. Post has done an extremely super job by collecting US$14,890.00 which was
                  used to send both Principal and Alternate Cashiers to cashier training that was mandated by Charleston Auditors. Also, two
                  FSN supervisors and the Procurement Agent attended the FSN supervisory course and Procurement training respectively.                WHA     GEORGETOWN
                  Hamilton has successfully negotiated a decrease in the long distance rate from 19 cents to 9 cents per minute and Courier
                  packages to the US and Canada from $42 to $16 per package – Est. savings $1,000.                                                    EUR      HAMILTON

                  IRM and GSO will pursue better contracts with a local cell phone provider. Currently, ICASS cell phone service is provided as
                  individual accounts for all users. This setup entails purchasing rather expensive phones for users as the need arises and paying
                  either pre-paid or post-paid for each account. The pre-paid accounts have the draw-back of not providing detailed summaries of
     Telephone    calls made opening them up for abuse. Instead, post will solicit a single contract for all accounts. Under such contracts, the
                  contractor provides new phones with a refresh every three years. All accounts would be post-paid with free calls within the
                  contract circle. Each month, the contractor will provide a detailed listing of all calls made under the contract thus improving
                  transparency. This new contract will undoubtedly provide better service and reduce the overall cost of the cell phone service
                  itself. Post anticipates $5,000 savings in the first year on a phone bill that exceeded $47,000 in FY 2010.                          AF      LILONGWE
                  IRM/FPT (Foreign Post Telephone) will be providing to both Bangkok and Chiang Mai for free a Netbox. Netbox will use the
                  DIN internet that we are already paying for and will allow us to have 30 calls at once between our new Nortel PBX and
     Telephone    Washington. Calls within the US will be free. Right now post has 8 Vonage lines at USD 50.00 per month or $4,800.00 per year
                  and Chiang Mai has one Vonage box with two lines at USD 100.00 per month or $1,200.00 per year, so the total savings would
                  be $6,000.00 per year.                                                                                                              EAP      BANGKOK

49 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                             Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau    Post
                  Other than that, Post is moving towards hosting our own Blackberry service instead of relying on Washington. The expected
     Telephone    material savings are $3,600 annually. The main gain on that move will be in customer service to the end user. Issues should be
                  resolved more quickly, with fewer surprises.                                                                                        EUR   BUCHAREST
                  Our previous initiative to increase collections for payment of personal phone calls continue to be a priority. A Mission Procedure
     Telephone    was issued with detailed instructions and criteria for the collection of the cost of personal phone calls. We expect to save
                  $8,000 in the coming fiscal year.                                                                                                    AF     DAKAR
                  OVER SEAS CALLS: Post is presently negotiating the employment of the VOIP mechanism as a means to reduce expenditure
     Telephone    on over-seas calls. Post believes that employment of this mechanism could lead to savings as high as $4,000. Though these
                  savings may seem insignificant, in a budget crunch every dollar assumes greater meaning.                                            WHA BRIDGETOWN
                  Phone Bills – New IT capabilities and strengthened billing protocol will allow post to retrieve ~$15K from personal telephone
                  calls placed on embassy lines and cell phones in 2011.                                                                              NEA     ALGIERS
                  Phone policy: $95,000 Realization: $115,300 This savings initiative although implemented in FY 2009 also gave six months of
                  savings in FY 10.                                                                                                                    AF    YAOUNDE

                  Post continuously looks for opportunities to save money and increase efficiency. We have already done so early in FY11 by
                  renegotiation our mobile phone contract, realizing a 40% cost savings over the previous contract. Since the new contract is
                  based on usage, the exact savings will not be known until the EOFY11, however we estimate a $20k savings over FY10.                    EUR      ZAGREB

     Telephone    Post cut down on cell phone costs in FY-10 by implementing a maximum $30 ceiling per cell phone. Also, post aggressively
                  direct charged agencies for their official calls. As a result of these measures, a total of $5,539 was saved in FY-10.                 AF      MONROVIA
                  Post has begun the implementation of Mission‟s Pabx upgrade to the latest version of software and hardware which will enable
                  full implementation of VOIP. This will reduce toll charges for international, regional, local and cellular calls. Implementation of
                  new “mobile” technology will allow the increased security of our phone numbers and systems and also increase efficiency of the
     Telephone    switchboard by reducing the numbers they track to find employees. The international toll call cost to the U.S. will be reduced to
                  virtually zero via the VOIP gateway, and the cell phone bridge will transform all landline to cell phone costs to cell phone to cell
                  phone (which are predominately free with the subscription). Post anticipates that Mission Mexico will have savings up to                      MEXICO CITY,
                  $700,000 over the next three years.                                                                                                    WHA       D.F.
                  Post has begun to use a new telephone software system named Call Bill. This program tracks all calls on our desk phones.
     Telephone    Post is now circulating monthly telephone bills for our desk phones as we were already doing for our cell phones. Staff
                  members identify and are billed for their personal calls. Post anticipates that this will save $10,000.                                AF        BANJUL
                  Post has changed mobile phone service provider which includes free mobile calls from / to all embassy numbers. Post will also
                  continue to monitor telephone expenses to ensure that personal calls are reimbursed (approx $3,000)                                    EUR      VALLETTA

                  Post has completed a savings initiative for FY11. In late October 2010 the GSO initiated discussions with our mobile service
                  provider, TogoCell, around the fixed monthly fee for the Embassy mobile phones. Even though TogoCell has a virtual monopoly
                  on this service, the GSO was able to negotiate a 25% reduction in our monthly rate. The approximate savings will be $6,000/yr.         AF        LOME

50 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                          Bureau      Post

                  Post has implemented a new policy regarding collection of charges for personal use of cell phones. The new policy establishes
                  a threshold of $25/month in personal bill charges that would initiate a collection to the user. The $25 threshold is the cost to
                  process a strip code at Post. This new procedure will save on the number of collection actions which should reduce workload
                  and invoice bills to the customer. Most agencies absorb cell phone bills now as mostly official calls. The new policy could save
                  Post up to $10,000 based on reduction in collection actions and increased accountability for personal calls.                                SCA       ASTANA
                  Post has installed three new VOIP lines and re-configured landline phones to act as cell phones, reducing the cost when calling
                  cell phones: $5K                                                                                                                            WHA      KINGSTON
     Telephone    Post has renegotiated mobile telephone contract to get even lower prices, savings $1,500 per year.                                          EUR       TALLINN
     Telephone    Post is studying the way of saving money with a new Master cell phone contract.                                                             EUR       MADRID

     Telephone    Post plan to follow the same trend in FY 2011 to bill agencies for personal calls made through the Embassy switchboard. Post
                  anticipated a cost savings of $8,500.00 which will be used to enhance staff training and development.                                       WHA     GEORGETOWN
                  Post plans to replace existing phone infrastructure with a modern VOIP solution (pending IRM approval) that would allow for
                  more accurate tracking of expenditure and reduce total costs by a projected $6k annually.                                                   EUR     BRATISLAVA
                  Post purchased in FY 2010 two Vonage VOIP systems for calls to the U.S. and a GSM gateway that will convert all landline
                  initiated calls to cellular calls. Post has not yet received these devices. Upon their installation though Post believes it will realize
                  significant savings in call costs. Approximately $12,000 for the VOIP system that will route calls to the U.S. via the Vonage
                  machines rather than the local telephone company and approximately $18,000 for the GSM gateway system that will transform
                  landline calls to cellular phones into cellular phone calls to cellular phones and avail Post of the low cellular to cellular calling
                  rates that are available as landline to cellular call rates are very high.                                                                   AF      BAMAKO

     Telephone    Reducing the number of employees eligible for official cellular phones and blackberry devices plus reducing the ceiling on the
                  overall cellular phone invoice amount for eligible users. In FY-2011 the savings due to the ceiling will be in excess of $36,000.           NEA       KUWAIT
                  Renegotiate the phone contract. This will happen within the next few months. As there is more competition in Fiji now, savings
                  of approximately $8K/year are expected.                                                                                                     EAP        SUVA
                  Review current LES and US staff cell phone – IRM will provide a list of cell phones and ask supervisors to document in writing
                  the need for their staff‟s cell phone. (Savings: $2K annually)                                                                              NEA       CAIRO
                  Review of all telephone calls and cell phones is still underway. A new contract has just been signed with local providers. Overall
                  savings are estimated to be approx. $15,000 / 20,000.                                                                                       EUR       ROME

                  Review of telephone and cell phone programs. Post will review of embassy switchboard numbers and identifying any that do
                  not require usage. Estimates are not yet quantifiable. Post continues to maximize on the Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP)
     Telephone    which results in an estimated $10,000 reduction in Embassy Beijing‟s telephone calling charges stateside. Embassy Beijing
                  recently renegotiated the cell phone policy taking advantage of a basic package costing 88 RMB per month per phone with has
                  450 minutes of local calls, plus 150 MB of data and 100 outgoing text messages. In the past, embassy Beijing paid an
                  individual charge for each transaction at the business rate. Savings can be estimated at $6,200 per month or $74,400 per year.              EAP       BEIJING

51 / 63                                                                             FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post
                  SOC 2322 Telephone Cost: The IMO is in the process of installing a cell phone router to the NEC phone switch. This will utilize
                  several cell phones on multiple networks to call other cell phones on the same phone network, which in turn will reduce the
                  price of the call. Post is also expanding the number of VOIP lines by procuring a dedicated data line for overseas calls to non-
                  IVG accessible locations. Post estimates that the savings may reach USD 35K.                                                             AF      ABIDJAN
                  SOC 2322 Telephone Cost: The IMO is in the process of installing a cell phone router to the NEC phone switch. This will utilize
                  several cell phones on multiple networks to call other cell phones on the same phone network, which in turn will reduce the
                  price of the call. Post is also expanding the number of VOIP lines by procuring a dedicated data line for overseas calls to non-
                  IVG accessible locations. Post estimates that the savings may reach USD 35K.                                                             AF      ABIDJAN
                  Telephone & Cell phone Cost Recovery System: Accounts receivable collections improved and a total of $6,200 in expenditure
                  refunds was received in FY 2010.                                                                                                         AF      MASERU
                  Telephone & Cell phone Cost Recovery System: With continued support from the Mission management, this initiative acts as
     Telephone    an effective deterrent against personal use of official telephones and cell phones by employees. A saving of $8,000 is
                  anticipated in FY 201                                                                                                                    AF      MASERU
                  TELEPHONE UPGRADE: Post upgraded the compound switchboard in FY2010 and made other changes to the
                  communication systems that will provide redundant access during emergencies as well as significant savings in renegotiating
                  cell phone and long distance charges. The upgrade allowed Embassy employees to use communication devices more
                  efficiently – for example, the Mobile X system allows dual ringing at office extension and cell phone. VoIP and Netbox systems
                  were installed to reduce long distance charges significantly. Estimated cost savings for the Mission is $48,000 in one year,
                  ICASS share will be about $25,000.                                                                                                      WHA     MANAGUA

                  TELEPHONES: Post has saved $23K in FY 10 by renewing the cell phone contract with the service providers at a better rate.
                  Post has also cancelled the LES and US staff cell phone lines with the exception of those approved by the DCM for business
                  necessity. However, due to security requirements Mission Turkey has had to reinstate some cell phones.                                  EUR      ANKARA
                  The Embassy has just concluded negotiations with our mobile phone contractor The GSO has been successful in securing call
     Telephone    rate reductions of approximately 15%. These savings will benefit all agencies and will save the ICASS budget approximately
                  $7,000.                                                                                                                                 EUR       DUBLIN

                  The two year old cell phone contract continues to generate savings between FY2010 and FY2011we generated another $13K
                  in savings. The newly installed (FY-2010) cooling rack system also contributed about $12K to our savings. OBO in cooperation
                  with the facility team evaluates the usefulness of solar panels, but this project is in a very early stage estimated savings are not
                  quantifiable yet. In cooperation with neighboring posts (Budapest, Prague, Bratislava, Pristina, Zagreb) Tri-Mission Vienna
                  constantly evaluates cost reductions thru cooperation and regional support. Nevertheless post continues to reduce out year
                  costs, with the retirement (FY-2010) and not filling of two ICASS positions (320601N53240 & 32060A52632), cost reduction
                  of$254K have been achieved. The Rightsizing Initiative and the regional support between Vienna and Bratislava show savings
                  for both posts, the Vienna savings amount approximately to $15,300 for FY-2011. Over the last ten years post managed to
                  reduce its base costs by about $1.2 millions.                                                                                           EUR       VIENNA

52 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                    Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                      Bureau      Post
                  For management training i.e. supervisory skills, where a large group at post will benefit training, post has decided to host
      Training    training locally. On average Brussels hosts 2 training weeks per fiscal year for a group of o/a 12 students. Cost savings
                  (estimated on $43,000) are used to maximize training effort of the Brussels LE Staff employee pool.                                    EUR      BRUSSELS

                  Reducing U.S. and regional travel for training: Post was able significantly to reduce travel by bringing trainers to Post and using
                  Embassy resources and will continue to do so. During a visit by Momentum system trainers from FSC Bangkok, Post was able
                  to train the FMO plus three LE staff in FMO, saving $12,000 in travel costs that would have been incurred for regional training.
                  Post HRO and LE staff also provided Customer Service and Cross Cultural Communication training for 40 employees, saving
                  the cost of training by outside personnel. Five supervisors received this training; if they had traveled to Bangkok for such
                  training, it would have cost Post $15,000. Post will continue to explore these and other avenues for reducing training costs.          SCA     COLOMBO
                  Continuing to host more training courses in-country and in-house, including additional courses. Post plans to offer the Advance
                  Supervisory course by bringing trainers over from Frankfurt. This will save $75,500 based on 25 people attending this course.
                  Post will also continue to offer Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Four Roles of Leadership and Achieve Your Highest
                  Priorities training in-house.                                                                                                          EUR      LONDON

                  Cost Savings Initiatives for FY 2011: Mission Vietnam will working with REDC Bangkok to bring their trainers to our post in FY
                  2011 to conduct the Management Skills Workshop for LES supervisors instead of sending them to FSI in Washington or REDC
                  in Bangkok. A comparison of cost between two trainers from Bangkok to Hanoi ($4,600) versus twenty people to Bangkok for
      Training    one week ($40,000) shows a saving of $35,400. Post will look at utilizing DVC Conference Calls instead of conducting travel
                  between office buildings in Hanoi and between Hanoi and HCMC as well. Cost savings for DVC between office buildings in
                  Hanoi would include hours of manpower sitting in the traffic. For an estimated ten hours of manpower per week spent on
                  traveling to in-person meetings, our Mission would be able to save $29,800 in salary and benefit costs. For travel between
                  Hanoi and HCMC, cost savings of ten trips per year would be $11,000.                                                                   EAP       HANOI

                  Current Cost Saving Initiatives: 1. LES training initiatives continue to receive support in this year‟s budget submission. While
                  focus has been on administrative and supervisory staff in the past, this year Post anticipates providing technical training which
                  will permit vehicle mechanics and electrical technicians to effectively use modern testing equipment and tools and to be able to
                  provide a standard of repair service that will decrease dependence on expensive outside contract service and decrease vehicle
                  out-of-service time. Anticipated savings in cost of replacement equipment and extension of the replacement cycle for vehicles.          AF     NDJAMENA

53 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                     Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                        Bureau      Post

                  Current Cost Saving Initiatives: 1. LES training initiatives continue to receive support in this year‟s budget submission. While
                  focus has been on administrative and supervisory staff in the past, this year Post anticipates providing technical training which
                  will permit vehicle mechanics and electrical technicians to effectively use modern testing equipment and tools and to be able to
                  provide a standard of repair service that will decrease dependence on expensive outside contract service and decrease vehicle
                  out-of-service time . Anticipated savings in cost of replacement equipment and extension of the replacement cycle for vehicles.            AF     NDJAMENA
      Training    During FY-2010 post encourage employees to use on line training and provide regional training. (Savings $13,000)                          NEA      AMMAN
                  In addition, one member of the Information Service Center team will be attending Microsoft training in Washington, D.C., to
      Training    become a certified adjunct trainer for FSI, allowing her students to have her classes on their permanent training record. This will
                  save $15,000 by Post not having to fund these courses outside of the Embassy.                                                             EUR      LONDON

                  In FY 2010, post actively sought specialized distance learning initiatives for all Mission staff as a cost savings initiative. A total
                  of 139 distance learning and FASTRAC courses were completed during this fiscal year with the most common courses
                  completed being in the areas of Consular, Systems Networks, the SMART Messaging Program, Public Affairs Resources, E2
                  Travel, and Procurement. As a result, our Information Resource Management (IRM) section performed a self-install of SMART
                  in July 2010 which saved the U.S. Government approximately $8,000 for two trainers for one week in Asmara. In addition, post
                  has fully trained our junior Procurement Agent and a backup Procurement Agent through distance learning initiatives while our
                  Senior Procurement Agent takes a TDY assignment in Baghdad. The savings to post‟s ICASS budget for the FSI Procurement
                  courses are estimated at $26,000. Post will continue to employ these distance learning methods to ensure our staff are well
                  trained while saving post resources for other mandatory or urgent needs.                                                                   AF      ASMARA
                  In FY 2011, we have already identified cost savings that we are pursuing, such as: 1. Training Savings. We capitalized on
                  conducting purchase card training in Beijing by sponsoring two trainers to Beijing. We only had to pick up the travel cost from
                  Malaysia to Beijing as the trainers arrived after the ICASS conference held in KL. We were able to train 20 saving $24,000 in
                  per diem costs if each had to go to Bangkok for equivalent training of 3 days. Not only did we receive the required training for
                  Mission to China participants but also received individualized recommendations to enhance our program as well as receiving
                  the commitment from the Citibank contact to find ways of increasing or program based on credit card acceptability within China.
                  This part of the value cannot be monetized but will result in streamlining and making our GSO contracting and FMO operation
                  more efficient. In terms of FY11, HR is planning on reducing our per capita cost of training by bringing high quality trainers to
                  our post and by using in-house trainers. Toward this end, Mission China is working with REDC Bangkok to bring high quality
                  trainers to our post during the third or fourth quarter of FY 2010 to teach Customer Service Training and Communication Skills            EAP       BEIJING
                  In the financial highlights section we mentioned the mission plans to place greater emphasis this FY on customer service and
                  technical training. To reduce the training cost per employee the mission plans to give priority to regional training, work with
                  regional missions on exchange programs and bring customer service training to the mission. By focusing on the areas
      Training    mentioned above the mission anticipating reducing its training costs per individual as well as reducing the amount of comp time
                  employees accumulate per training. For example, an employee can accumulate nearly 34 hours of comp time for one trip back
                  to the USA for training, causing the mission in essence to lose an employee for nearly two weeks in order to receive one week
                  training.                                                                                                                                 SCA      BISHKEK

54 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau     Post
                  INITIAL: Training: In 2011, post will host a pilot DVC training with FSI. 16 staff members will participate for a cost avoidance of
                  an estimated $39,300 in air fare and per diem. hosting training at post, post hosted basic FSN Supervisory workshop which
                  allows most of the post employees to attend instead of sending the more than 8 supervisors to FSI for the course letting post
                  save $40,000.                                                                                                                         AF   NOUAKCHOTT
                  Management is negotiating with FSI and Nick Peters Inc. to bring trainers to post to train staff on customer services,
                  supervisory skills, time management, and task management in FY-11. This training will benefit 25 employees. It will cost post
                  $125,000 to send 25 employees abroad for training. While the cost of bringing in five trainers is $35,800. A cost savings of
                  $89,200.                                                                                                                              AF    MONROVIA
                  New space has become available in the Chancery and Post hopes to use this as a new training room. This will save $9,000 as
                  Post will no longer have to hire outside training facilities.                                                                        EUR     LONDON
                  Other cost reductions can be found by utilizing FSI funding to assist with our Post Language Program ($20,000). Currently, Post
                  funds all language training. We will work with FSI to try and change the Post language program to fit the FSI mode, and thus
                  qualify for FSI funding. Further cost savings can be found by continuing to look for other sources of funding for training and
                  travel where appropriate ($10,000).                                                                                                  EUR      LISBON

      Training    Post arranged for trainers to come from Frankfurt in November to provided Supervisor Training at Post. Ten local staff
                  participated in this course and we were able to save approximately $20,000 by not having to send the employees on training.               EUR       DUBLIN
                  Reduced training expenses. Post has seen training expenses more than doubling rising from $70,000 in FY09 to $171,000 in
                  FY10. This increase is attributed to hiring new staff as well as increased demand for services. Post has budgeted $180,000 for
                  training in FY11. To better use training funds post has initiated several controls including increased use of on site training as
                  well as providing each section with a finite training budget that cannot be exceeded. Uncontrolled Post would have expected
                  training to rise to $200,000 in FY 11. By holding the budget at $180,000 post expects to realize a net savings of $200,000 if the
                  controls wee not put in place. Post optimistically hopes that actual training figures will come in below the budgeted $180,000
                  but given the rapid rate of growth it is difficult to estimate if there will be an actual reduction in training needs or simply a
                  reduction in growth.                                                                                                                      AF      KINSHASA
                  Scheduling of training to coincide with other leave: $10,000 - Realization: $0 Although recurring in prior fiscal years
                  circumstances did not allow Post to combine training with leave.                                                                          AF      YAOUNDE
                  SOC 2153 Travel Reg Conference: In FY10, post requested FSI to provide a trainer to conduct PA248, FSN Supervisory Skills,
                  at post. FSI was unable to provide a trainer in FY10. Post will request in FY11 for a trainer to conduct this training. If this occurs,
                  then savings of USD 75K will be realized, as 16 students airfare and per diem (USD 87.3K) will outweigh the trainer cost (USD
                  12K).                                                                                                                                     AF       ABIDJAN
                  Supervisory Training for 38 LES was offered locally rather than sending each one to DC. The local training was $ 36,000 vice
                  DC training costing $ 133,000, thereby saving $98,000                                                                                     EAP     CANBERRA

55 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                 Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                      Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                              Bureau              Post
                   TDY savings. Post will also continue to use DVC technology to provide cost-effective training to members of the Mission‟s
                   constituent posts. Throughout the year, the Management section will hold training sessions and brown bag seminars to discuss
      Training     new initiatives, changes in policy, training and new systems, and Mission procedures. DVCs will be used to also include
                   Consulates during informational sessions held by visiting dignitaries and State Department officials. Maximizing on the use of
                   DVC will result in TDY savings of another 10 planned 3 day TDYs of $10,700.                                                     EAP               BEIJING

                   Training costs in ICASS are relatively high; however, that reflects the particular nature of some of the administrative services.
      Training     To learn necessary skills in computer systems, budgeting, procurement and others, employees often must travel to Germany,
                   Bangkok, or Charleston, SC. Training is essential to assure that staff have the necessary background and skills to properly
                   service all agencies subscribed to ICASS. To a large extent, these trainings are funded through carry-overs and recoveries.             AF      LILONGWE
                   Training facilities are limited in Kigali and required post to send employees to various parts of Africa and the U.S. As a result,
                   training cost has increased every year as the airlines continue to increase cost. Post this year is not funding any travel and
      Training     training cost related to supervisory training. Post will host supervisory training locally and invite other regional post to
                   participate. Post estimates a savings of $20,000 and if successful will continue the trend and over a five year period save a
                   $100,00.                                                                                                                                AF        KIGALI

                   Training savings. Post negotiated no cost training for the ePerformance program. Two highly qualified trainers from HR/SOD
                   provided eight sessions of ePerformance training over the course of 5 days to approximately 160 US direct hires, including
                   members of the constituent posts using digital video conferencing (DVC) technology to participate in a cost-effective manner.
                   The determination of the savings to post for this type of on-site training is difficult to calculate as the training was specifically
                   tailored to the needs of the Mission‟s participants and no comparable course is available to use as a base line. Given the size of
                   State USDH, post would have requested TDY training for one USDH HR Beijing for one week, and then sent that employee to
                   each consulate for implementation for approximately 3 days each. Total cost $5,800                                                      EAP       BEIJING
                   Airline Carrier Corporate Cash Rebate Program– GSO negotiated with Air France and KLM for a corporate cash rebate
          Travel   program. Post anticipates a 2.5% cash rebate on $90,000 of booking revenue. With larger booking volume, additional savings
                   can be expected. Anticipate initial savings $2,250.                                                                                     NEA     DAMASCUS
          Travel   Mission will continue using restricted fares for all travel when possible. Mission will save about $5,000.                              NEA      MUSCAT

                   By participating in a free corporate awards program that Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines offers, Post accrues corporate award
                   points redeemable for free tickets over and above the mileage. The Corporate Awards program provides Post to receive free
                   airline tickets for the normal day-to-day business which we transact. Post‟s savings in this category is $20,000.                       EUR       KYIV
          Travel   $15,000 ICASS savings due to adoption of government negotiated fares for US-legs of international official travel.                      SCA     DUSHANBE
                   $15,000 The cost of local phone calls should be drastically reduced by using local routes from a different local phone company                   SANTO
                   for outgoing in-country traffic.                                                                                                        WHA     DOMINGO

56 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                        Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                              Bureau    Post
                   Star Alliance Corporate Frequent Flyer Program The Embassy travel section established a corporate frequent flyer account with
                   Star Alliance. Star Alliance Company Plus is an online incentive program for corporate customers within Star Alliance, the
                   world's leading airline alliance. On every flown segment, operated by participating airlines, we have been collecting valuable
                   Plus Points, which, in return, can be exchanged for free flights on all business travels. We have accumulated 320,000 Plus
                   Points since inception from the travel of all Embassy employees from all agencies who have signed up for ICASS Travel
                   Services. This is the equivalent of about 15 round trip economy class tickets from Skopje to other European destinations (such
                   as Frankfurt or Paris) at a value of around $15,000. Individually, each agency at post did not accumulate very many miles for
                   free travel but collectively we have accumulated many points. Therefore, post‟s ICASS Council agreed that each agency‟s Plus
                   Points should be pooled together to only to purchase airline tickets for the training of ICASS employees. Our miles used in this
                   way benefit all ICASS participants at post. This program helps leverage Post‟s training funds so our CASS employees receive       EUR     SKOPJE
                   Airfare: -Purchase of restricted tickets: All tickets purchased for employees for trainings, conferences and R&R are paid as
                   restricted with the minimum cost. Post saved $25,000 by using restricted fare tickets.                                             AF   NOUAKCHOTT
                   Corporate Frequent Flyer program. Established in FY-2010, the embassy has thus far accumulated over 450,000 points. These
                   points are available to all GSO Travel customers for official trips and could cover up to $30,000 worth of tickets (based on
          Travel   current points needed for economy class tickets) . Post plans to start using its frequent flyer point balance in FY-2011 to help
                   stretch its travel budgets. As the points are part of a shared pool, the estimated savings may be spread among the various
                   customer agencies and will not exclusively accrue to ICASS.                                                                       EUR    SARAJEVO

                   CWT contract: We replaced our existing travel agent with Carlson Wagonlit via Frankfurt – This began effective this fiscal year,
          Travel   so savings are not yet determined. The Mission will realize savings of 30% on agent fees and should see lower ticket prices as
                   well due to CWT‟s more robust reservation system. We also allowed employees to personally purchase tickets up to USD 300                      GENEVA -
                   from websites – saving an average of more than 50% for those tickets (including the processing fee).                                 IO      USMISSION
                   d) During FY2011 Post will try to use free tickets granted by airlines as a consequence of miles traveled: estimated savings
                   TBD.                                                                                                                                 WHA   BUENOS AIRES

                   The mission has a corporate miles program with select airlines. The miles accumulated are redeemed to purchase air tickets
                   for travel associated with conferences and training on eligible routes. This redemption only requires the mission to pay for
                   applicable taxes. The amount of miles accumulated is extensive and savings are anticipated to be significant. For example,
                   miles were redeemed for one leg of the FMO's trip to the budget conference, saving around USD 600 and requiring the mission
                   to pay only applicable taxes. The mission currently has enough miles to purchase 26 tickets to the US.                               SCA      BISHKEK
                   GSO successfully negotiated with local hotels to support our Per Diem rate, including breakfast, especially during the high
                   seasons. This negotiation has resulted in significant savings to the USG, including VISITS.                                          NEA     ABU DHABI

          Travel   Halt to Business Class Travel has produced approximately $16,000 in ICASS travel costs this past year alone. Post will
                   continue with economy class travel with rest stops or business class lounge access for travelers in lieu of business class travel.   EAP    WELLINGTON

57 / 63                                                                           FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                       Bureau      Post
                   Increase use of restricted airfares, whenever it is practical to do so ($40K-$50K). Savings have been directed to more FSN
          Travel   training. In FY10, this initiative saved approximately $43K on the R&R travel requirements for the American ICASS personnel
                   and their families (24 people).                                                                                                            AF     ADDIS ABABA
                   Initial: 1. In FY09, Post created a "pool" of frequent flyer miles from all ICASS agencies allowing for "free" airline tickets for
                   official travel throughout Europe. Post must still pay taxes on the tickets, but by using these frequent flyer miles post saved
                   significantly more than expected. We predicted a FY10 savings of as much as $5,000, but through September 30 we have
                   purchased 18 otherwise full fare tickets, for a total savings of 9,135 Euro, more than $12,000.                                           EUR       TBILISI

                   Introduction of restricted airfares for USG domestic travel in Australia: to date the USG's use of full economy domestic airfares
                   (within host country) has been common place. Following the award of a new travel management contract to HRG Australia in
                   December, 2009, Post has worked with the incumbent to develop several expenditure and fare type matrices which indicate
                   that substantial costs savings could be effected with the use of "K" class fares. GSO predicts that domestic airfare expenditure
                   could be reduced by as much as 20% without greatly restricting itinerary variations. Estimated savings $ 15,000                           EAP      CANBERRA
                   Post continues to review the possibility of using restricted air tickets for both TDY and R&R travel. Estimated saving is around
                   $1K.                                                                                                                                      EAP      KOLONIA
                   Post decided to purchase restricted tickets for travelers, instead of full fair tickets. Estimated savings could be about 50%-60%
                   per ticket during FY 201                                                                                                                  EUR       VILNIUS
                   Post is exploring the possibility of joining the Star Alliance Points program to use the frequent flier miles gained to pay for
                   ICASS travel. This will require approval of the ICASS Council. Estimated savings: $3000.                                                  EUR       MADRID
                   Post is still using restricted air fares for travel whenever possible. For tickets from Paramaribo to the common US entry point of
                   Miami average savings are still $300 - $400 a ticket.                                                                                     WHA     PARAMARIBO
                   Post successfully convinced Transportation to allow official travelers to fly direct from Fiji to Los Angeles using foreign flag
          Travel   carrier Air Pacific, as this routing saves more than 10 hours of travel time. Another bonus is this saves us several hundred
                   dollars on each trip, as travelers do not need to overnight in Sydney. Cost savings $2K.                                                  EAP        SUVA
                   PRIOR YEAR - Restricted Economy Airfare: $25,500 a year in potential savings. At the beginning of FY-11, post management
                   revised its travel policy in an effort to reduce ticket costs by requiring that embassy personnel purchase restricted economy
                   airline tickets. Though a cost savings initiative for FY-10, Post did not implement this initiative until recently. Post estimates the
                   initiative will generate savings of approximately $1,700 per ticket purchased for ICASS personnel. Post further estimates that an
                   average of 15 tickets is purchased for ICASS personnel each year based on historical data. The savings from this initiative
                   should amount to approximately $25,500 this year alone.                                                                                    AF      CONAKRY
                   Restricted air tickets instead of full economy fare and/or excursion are used whenever and wherever possible. Post will be
                   spending approximately $236,169 under TB and $147,081 under LGP on the tickets for all kinds of travel (including tickets for
                   homeward passage for LES) in FY-201Had the policy of using restricted ticket were not in place, post would have spent
                   $281,629 under TB and 181,081 under TB. Net savings of $79,460.                                                                           NEA       KUWAIT

58 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                         Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                         Bureau      Post
                     Restricted Airline Tickets - Post has initiated a program to purchase restricted airline tickets whenever possible, and even
                     though it was not fully implemented, it did realize some minor cost saving over the previous year. Therefore, we opt to continue
                     and expand this method; even if Post has to pay occasional change fees, we anticipate a potential savings of $15,000 in this
                     category.                                                                                                                                    AF      COTONOU

          Travel     SOC 2156 - Post continues to take advantage of miles earned with the national carrier, Air Mauritius. In FY 2010 Post
                     redeemed its points toward 2 return tickets to the U.S; 1 to Cairo and 2 to Seychelles, worth $7,000 as a cost saving to post.               AF     PORT LOUIS

                     The service provider is working with all sections to better plan all Embassy travels that will take place during a fiscal year. This
          Travel     will allow our travel section to get restricted travel tickets for all trips two to three months in advance at cheaper prices. This will
                     reduce the cost per ticket at least by $1,500 to $2,000 or more. By reviewing the actual planning travels from all sections                         OUAGADOUG
                     including trainings, Rest and Recuperation and conferences, post will save a dollar amount of $30,000 to $50,000.                            AF        OU
                     Travel out of Yerevan is difficult and costly. In FY11 post will promote the use of online training options as an alternative to
                     classroom training.                                                                                                                         EUR      YEREVAN
                     Use of other air flight company Kenya Airways for travel within Africa instead of Air France through Paris. Saving estimated to
                     $500 per trip for about 8 trips per year. Total saving: $4,000.                                                                              AF      BANGUI
                                                                                                                                                                           DAR ES
                     We are still working with KLM to receive rebates for all tickets issued. Net savings: $36.0K                                                 AF      SALAAM
                     New cost saving initiative for this year: Implementation of corporate travel card. Post has obtained a card and entered into an
                     MOU for CWT Travel. Post is now obtaining US Government fares on our flights back to the US. This is an anticipated savings
                     of about $15,000. Post expects to save over $25,000 in travel and regional conferences by implementing a mission travel plan.
                     Post will emphasize online training and ask section to remain within budgeted training budget. Post expects to reduce field
                     travel by over $25,000 through better travel planning. Where in FY10 post spent over $37,000 in field travel post expects to
   Travel/Training   spend under $12,000 in FY11.                                                                                                                 AF     BRAZZAVILLE
                     In FY-10, Post organized on site training. One trainer came in October 2009 from Frankfurt (Travel + per diem $3,900) to train:
                     6 ICASS employees on Managing Up; 4 employees on Effective feedback and 5 employees on Teambuilding. Total cost of per
                     diem and transportation for those employees if training would have been in Frankfurt: ($21,300) 2 trainers came from
                     Washington (Transportation + per diem : $8,400) to train: 4 ICASS employees on Hands-on ePerformance 1 ICASS employee
                     on Train the trainer 4 ICASS employees on ePerformance Demonstration Total cost of per diem and transportation for those
   Travel/Training   employees if training would have been in Washington: ($14,950) One trainer came in December 2009 from Frankfurt (Travel +
                     per diem $3,273) to train: 3 ICASS employees on 7 Habits. Total cost of per diem and transportation for those employees if
                     training would have been in Frankfurt: ($7,950) 1 trainer came from Washington (No cost for Post) to train 5 ICASS employees
                     working at ISC on Information Assurance/System Admin Total cost of per diem and transportation for those employees if
                     training would have been in Washington: ($10,500) One trainer came from Frankfurt (Travel + per diem $3,300) to train: 5
                     ICASS employees on Contact Database Training Total cost of per diem and transportation for those employees if training                      EUR        PARIS

59 / 63                                                                                FY11 CSIs                                                                  Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                            Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                  Bureau      Post
                      (b) OC 2156 - Travel/Training - $3,600 per annum Restricted airfares are used, whenever possible, for lower ticket costs in
                      relation to travel/training. Potential savings will enable attendance of more employees to trainings. We are looking for distance
   Travel/Training    learning training opportunities and other local training options.                                                                      EUR      NICOSIA
                      Post continues to bring trainers from the States or to hire local trainers, as opposed to paying to send individuals to the States.
                      We have trained 60 (total) locally in cross cultural, and 10 on chillers and 10 on building automated system (BAS) in Kingston,
                      in addition to some basic computer classes. This year we expect to train another 30-60 in cross cultural, and 15 on leadership
                      in Kingston: $30K                                                                                                                      WHA     KINGSTON

                      Post continues with cost saving initiatives implemented in prior years, i.e.: Organizing and hosting trainings and seminars
                      locally, so that as many employees as possible from all agencies are able to attend; Using on-line sources for the sale of
                      Government property as a result of which the sale-related expenses have been reduced to almost zero; Not buying premium
                      fuel for GOVs; Various energy-saving initiatives to reduce electricity consumption at the NEC (through control of the
                      temperature, better knowledge of BAS and HVAC systems, automatically shutting down computers); etc.                                    EUR       SOFIA
                      Post is making use of training at post vice sending staff for training resulting in an estimate 75k in savings. During FY-10 Post
                      was unable to accomplish with this goal. Reduced TQSA rates for arriving and departing employees are being used and the
   Travel/Training    number of days of per-diem paid under TQSA is also limited. Negotiated hotel rates are also significantly lower that per diem
                      rates. Estimated annual savings are in excess of 10k. Last year savings were $4,500. Post continues applying this policy and
                      realizing savings.                                                                                                                     WHA       QUITO
                      Post plans to invite Training Instructors from Bangkok to conduct "Supervisor Skill" training at Post instead of sending 7 LES to
                      outside training. Estimated saving is $20K. Last year training was cancelled due to disorders in Bangkok.                              SCA     ASHGABAT
                      $20K Similarly, last year we expand the training program in FY-10 to invite trainers at post instead of sending employees to
                      Bangkok and Charleston. We invited trainer for Accounting II, and Travel policy, rules and regulations, at post, this resulted in a
                      saving of $20K. We have also organized a time management training in Embassy to trained more than 150 employees‟. These
                      training also benefited other agencies at post.                                                                                        SCA     NEW DELHI

                      TDY savings. Post also used DVC technology to provide cost-effective training to members of the Mission‟s constituent posts.
                      Throughout the year, the Management section held training sessions and brown bag seminars to discuss new initiatives,
   Travel/Training    changes in policy, and Mission related management procedures. DVCs were used to also include Consulates during
                      informational sessions held by visiting dignitaries and State Department officials. By using the DVCs, post not only improved
                      communications, leadership and direction but also saved monies in TDYs that would have been required to provide the same
                      information at each consulate. TDY trips that did not have to be done 8 TDY‟s by management staff for 3 days $8,200                    EAP       BEIJING
                      Training – Online FSI Post will use the newly available online training for at least three of our new FMO staff. This will save and
                      estimated $15,000 in travel/perdiem costs.                                                                                             NEA      TEL AVIV
                      Training –Appropriation Law Post has identified a need for Appropriation Law training among employees in the Finance and
   Travel/Training    Procurement sections. We have invited our consulate to participate in inviting the FSI training person to come to post to deliver
                      this training. This will save post an estimated $134,000.                                                                              NEA      TEL AVIV
          Utilities   $1,500 water/sewer savings due to switch to waterless urinals.                                                                         SCA     DUSHANBE

60 / 63                                                                               FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                            Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                              Bureau      Post
                      Cost savings: Post has additional initiatives planned for this FY that should provide further savings. - - Payment of residential
          Utilities   utility bills by direct debit. This insures all prompt payment discounts offered by the utility companies could be realized. This
                      does not just benefit post ICASS; savings for the entire mission is approximately $15,000 in a year.                               EAP   WELLINGTON
                      Due to more competition in the local market post was able to renegotiate our internet service contract reducing the annual price
          Utilities   by $36,904 (from $85,056 to $49,152). As the contract is mainly paid by VNET Washington, post‟s ICASS saving was minimal
                      in FY10.                                                                                                                           EUR     YEREVAN
                      In Dhahran specifically the Mission has - replaced the water pipes in the housing units to reduce water loss and lower utility
                      costs. - conducted residential campaigns and provided training to address energy consumption - weather proofed houses to
                      reduce the escape of air conditioning and heating, and - based on tests found that adequate support structures are in place to
                      support ceiling fans in compound housing.                                                                                          NEA      RIYADH
          Utilities   Post continues its recycling program of plastic and paper, saving in garbage pickup: $5K                                           WHA     KINGSTON
                      Post has changed our contract for waste disposal from a pick up every two weeks to a more focused need/usage schedule; this
                      translates into a cost saving of $4,000                                                                                            EAP        DILI
                      Post will be adding multiple storm water recharge pits, rain water collection chambers in Phora Durbar Facility for which
                      payback period in term of monetary value is minimal (less than $5,000) but have greater significance for ever depleting aquifer
                      in Kathmandu valley. Planting of additional 150 fruit and tree plants at LTL facility are being planned which will be having
                      minimal monetary value (less than $5000) but greater environmental significance.                                                   SCA   KATHMANDU
                      Procurement of a trash container compressor to reduce the frequency of trash container pick-up requirements. This compressor
                      was procured in FY-2010 and is expected to bring savings in the realm of $5K per year.                                             EUR    THE HAGUE
                      Post keeps on recording purchases and services subject to tax reimbursements. The submission to the Argentine Government
                      is done every four months and reimbursements are received within 12-18 months. Although reimbursement is not received
                      during the current year it is officially processed and allotted together in the "Recoveries". Average savings per year: $157,000
                      (ICASS Traditional: $68,000/ICASS DS: $89,000)                                                                                     WHA BUENOS AIRES
                      Post continues to claim, and expects to receive back, between $30,000-$40,000 in VAT reimbursements. Since Post started
                      claiming VAT six years ago, post was able to recuperate an average $30,000/year;                                                    AF       PRAIA
                      Successfully negotiated the identification of property rates for refunds, which are collected back and applied to the ICASS bills
                      through use of carry-over funds.                                                                                                   EAP   WELLINGTON

                      We have also developed a VAT reimbursement instructions video which is also available in FMC‟s intranet site. These videos
                      are available for our constituent Posts which will reduce the costs of training for the Mission. Finally, we have also started
                      reducing the number of employees we send for training to Washington. Instead, we are trying to bring trainers who can train
                      several employees at a time without the cost of sending those employees to DC. As we continue to educate our providers and                MEXICO CITY,
                      customers we hope to use their knowledge and experiences to improve our ICASS process in Mission Mexico.                           WHA       D.F.

                      SOC 2612 Auto Parts: Vehicles that are at the end of their useful life will not have parts replaced unless it is critical. These
                      older vehicles will be used minimally, thus reducing the requirement for repair parts. This, along with greater procurement of
   Vehicle Maint.     available parts from the US will reduce vehicle parts costs. It is estimated that savings of USD 30K can be made.                  AF       ABIDJAN

61 / 63                                                                               FY11 CSIs                                                           Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                          Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                            Bureau     Post
   Vehicle Maint.   3. Vehicle Upgrade and Standardization. Post realized maintenance and repair savings of $120,922. 4.                              AF      ACCRA
                    3. Improving scheduled vehicle and equipment maintenance and operator training should lengthen life cycle replacement times.
   Vehicle Maint.   Potential annual savings $30K - $60K. Ref ADDIS 000158 for Addis cost initiatives                                                 AF   ADDIS ABABA
                    Vehicle maintenance In FY10, GSO Motor Pool hired a FSN-4 Automotive Mechanic, rented a garage space and bought a set
                    of tools. He sets preventative maintenance schedules, manages the stock of spare parts, and arranges and supervises repairs
                    performed by outside contractors. While some repairs (such as body work, painting, complicated electronic work, and A/C
                    repairs) are still out-sourced, Post saved $10,000 in maintenance costs in FY10 and expects to continue that savings in FY11.
                    Once we relocate to the New Embassy Compound, the lease on the mechanic's shop will be cancelled, since the NEC shop
                    complex includes a vehicle repair bay. Other agencies that subscribe to the Vehicle Maintenance service can also use the
                    services of the mechanic. Motor pool Safety Starting May 2009, we began enforcing the State Department-mandated 10-hour
                    duty day for drivers. This limit is not flexible or optional. Exceptions to the policy can be made by the DCM on a case-by-case
                    basis in writing. While the policy was introduced to increase safety, Embassy Belgrade has experienced considerable savings
                    in overtime and travel costs for drivers. In FY10, we saw a significant drop in travel expenses, only $150, and overtime, which
   Vehicle Maint.   came to less than $1,000.                                                                                                        EUR    BELGRADE
   Vehicle Maint.   7. Routine maintenance is being delayed on all ICASS vehicles, savings $1000 per car per year.                                   EUR     TALLINN

                    Change in FMO staff – The travel specialist retired in November 2010. His duties included the voucher examination function for
                    travel and other difficult vouchers. We have outsourced travel vouchering to the post support unit (PSU) at the Charleston
      Vouchers      Financial Service Center at a cost of $3,600 per year. We have also advertised for a family member position to take over the
                    processing of difficult vouchers and to be the E-2 point-of-contact to assist employees with E-2 questions and technical difficulty
                    at a cost of $40,000. By eliminating the locally engaged staff (LES) position, this results in a savings of about $110,000. FMO                GENEVA -
                    plans to implement further cost savings initiatives by outsourcing other voucher processing to the PSU later this fiscal year.        IO      USMISSION
                    INITIAL: Mission Germany continues to develop plans which will generate more savings for this Mission. This fiscal year,
                    Mission Germany recently signed an agreement with Vattenfall for them to provide electricity to all of the mission‟s Short-term
                    leases (STL). They will provide a consolidated voucher twice a year, eliminating approximately 1,500 vouchers. At a distributed
                    cost of $40 per voucher in FY2010, consolidated billing yields savings of $60,000 per year in reduced voucher costs. This will
                    be a considerable savings to customers in STLs. Savings will only be realized next fiscal year. In addition, the electrical costs
                    will be lower by about $10,000 per year.                                                                                              EUR       BERLIN
                    Post has implemented use of the Post Support Unit (PSU) for certain types of vouchers and as a backup for any periods of
                    excess demand. To continue this effort as a cost-savings mechanism, we plan to reprogram one of our voucher examiner and
                    fill the approved, vacant FMC position and leave the voucher examiner position vacant while we assess the impact on our
                    operation. Cost savings will be the loaded compensation cost for the voucher examiner position ($19,200) less any PSU costs
                    (approximately $ 14,000 per year) associated with our reduced voucher examination capacity. As a result, the cost saving could
                    be approximately $5,200 per year.                                                                                                     AF        DAKAR

                    Post is also exploring the possibility of off shoring some vouchering responsibilities to mitigate growth in the FMO section.         EUR      ZAGREB

62 / 63                                                                            FY11 CSIs                                                               Print Date: 7/25/2011
          Theme                                                       Cost Savings Initiatives - FY11                                                 Bureau      Post
                  Post will also be investigating the possibility of using PSU services as the vouchering unit experiences staff vacancies. This is
      Vouchers    at the early stage of the planning process and actual costs savings are unknown at this time. However, savings of about
                  $35,000 will occur for each voucher examiner position vacated.                                                                       EUR      LONDON

63 / 63                                                                          FY11 CSIs                                                              Print Date: 7/25/2011

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