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									                                 Peer Institutions
                                Mission Statements

Azusa Pacific Univ.                           Mission Statement

                                              Azusa Pacific University is a                     comprehensive, evangelical,
                                              Christian university located 26 miles
                                              northeast of Los Angeles, California.

                                              A leader in the Council for Christian
                                              Colleges & Universities,
                                              APU is committed to excellence in
                                              higher education. Offering over 80
                                              bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral
                                              programs on campus, online, and at
                                              seven regional centers across Southern
                                              California, APU has been recognized
                                              as one of U.S.News & World Report's
                                              Best Colleges for seven years running.
Chapman Univ.                                 Mission Statement

                                              Chapman University, founded in                 1861, is one of the oldest, most
                                              prestigious private universities in
                                              California. Chapman's picturesque
                                              campus is located in the heart of
                                              Orange County – one of the nation's
                                              most exciting centers of arts, business,
                                              science and technology – and draws
                                              outstanding students from across the
                                              United States and around the world.
                                              Known for its blend of liberal arts and
                                              professional programs, Chapman
                                              University encompasses seven schools
                                              and colleges: George L. Argyros
                                              School of Business and
                                              Economics, College of Educational
                                              Studies, Lawrence and Kristina Dodge
                                              College of Film and Media Arts,
                                              Wilkinson College of Humanities and
                                              Social Sciences, School of Law,
                                              College of Performing Arts and
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                                  Mission Statements

                                                Schmid College of Science. Named to
                                                the list of top universities in the nation
                                                by U.S. News & World Report and the
                                                Princeton Review, Chapman
                                                University enrolls more than 6,000
                                                undergraduate, graduate and law
                                                students. The university's mission is to
                                                provide personalized education of
                                                distinction that leads to inquiring,
                                                ethical and productive lives as global
Creighton Univ.                                 Mission Statement                 Creighton is a Jesuit university, rooted
                                                in the Catholic tradition. At Creighton
                                                we live this mission and are guided by
                                                our identity. Because we are Catholic,
                                                we approach education with a passion
                                                for learning and a zeal for making a
                                                difference in our world. In the
                                                Catholic intellectual tradition, we
                                                celebrate our diversity, we learn
                                                through dialogue, and we pursue the
                                                truth in all its forms. As a Jesuit
                                                university we are continually bringing
                                                the richness of a 450 year old
                                                educational tradition to bear on the
                                                most contemporary issues of our
                                                world. Our Jesuit vision commits us to
                                                form women and men of competence,
                                                conscience and compassion who have
                                                learned from reflecting upon their
                                                experiences of being for and with
                                                others. We do this in service of a faith
                                                that does justice.
Mt. Saint Mary’s College                        Mission Statement      Mount St. Mary's College offers a
statement.asp                                   dynamic learning experience in liberal
                                                arts and sciences to a diverse student

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                               Mission Statements

                                                   As a Catholic college primarily for
                                                   women, we are dedicated to providing
                                                   a superior education enhanced by an
                                                   emphasis on building leadership skills
                                                   and fostering a spirit to serve others.

                                                   Our measure of success is graduates
                                                   who are committed to using their
                                                   knowledge and skills to better
                                                   themselves, their environments, and
                                                   the world.
Gonzaga University                                 Mission Statement   The Vice-President for Mission
                                                   attends to the Jesuit, Catholic, and
                                                   humanistic mission of Gonzaga
                                                   University and seeks to make it a
                                                   pervasive, energizing part of the entire
                                                   fabric of the university. In keeping
                                                   with the mission, the office will
                                                   develop programs and initiatives
                                                   which engage faculty, staff, students,
                                                   trustees, and regents in the
                                                   understanding of our Jesuit and
                                                   Catholic identity and commitments.
                                                   The Office supports all members of
                                                   the Gonzaga community in their
                                                   professional and personal exploration
                                                   of Gonzaga’s mission; faith and
                                                   intellectual life; Jesuit higher
                                                   education; Ignatian spirituality; social
                                                   justice; and her or his own spiritual

                                                   By promoting opportunities for
                                                   mission development, reflection,
                                                   attentiveness and action, the Office of
                                                   the Mission Vice-President
                                                   encourages faculty and staff of every
                                                   faith to see their work as part of a
                                                   larger effort to serve our globalized
                                                   world and explore the various ways in
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                               Mission Statements

                                                      which faith and justice are at the very
                                                      heart of Gonzaga’s educational

                                                      Because our work involves people in
                                                      every area of the university, the Vice-
                                                      President for Mission is advised by a
                                                      Mission Advisory Committee, the
                                                      members of which provide insight and
                                                      guidance. The Mission Division
                                                      includes the Office of the Vice-
                                                      President for Mission and University
                                                      Ministry. The Vice-President reports
                                                      directly to the university president,
                                                      who is the chief spokesperson for
                                                      Gonzaga’s mission and identity.
Pacific Lutheran                                      Mission Statement             There are a number of reasons why
                                                      students choose PLU, including a full
                                                      range of liberal arts academic
                                                      programs – such as psychology,
                                                      history and the natural sciences –
                                                      anchored by a college of arts and
                                                      sciences. The university also provides
                                                      students the opportunity for
                                                      professional study in business,
                                                      education, nursing, social work and
                                                      physical education. Each of these
                                                      programs maintains a strong liberal
                                                      arts emphasis at its core. Master’s
                                                      degrees are offered in business,
                                                      education, marriage and family
                                                      therapy, nursing, and writing.
Pepperdine University                                 Mission Statement   Pepperdine is a Christian university
statement.htm                                         committed to the highest standards of
                                                      academic excellence and Christian
                                                      values, where students are
                                                      strengthened for lives of purpose,
                                                      service, and leadership.
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                                  Peer Institutions
                                 Mission Statements

St. Mary’s                                       Mission Statement   Saint Mary's College of California is
                                                 fundamentally designed to transform
                                                 the way in which students understand
                                                 themselves and engage with the
                                                 world. We encourage you to embrace
                                                 complexity, contemplate your place
                                                 and purpose in the world, and
                                                 undertake a searching examination of
                                                 self, spirit and society.

                                                 We're a Catholic, Lasallian, liberal
                                                 arts college, and we're rooted in the
                                                 life and work of Saint John Baptist de
                                                 la Salle, founder of the Christian
                                                 Brothers and the patron saint of
                                                 teachers. Our traditions and heritage
                                                 inform everything we do. At Saint
                                                 Mary's you'll discover your capacity
                                                 for transformative action as well as
                                                 profound reflection.
Pacific University                               Mission Statement                   Pacific is a community of highly
                                                 motivated, intellectual students,
                                                 faculty and staff committed to an
                                                 intimate, personalized education. We
                                                 are located about halfway between the
                                                 Oregon Coast and Portland, and you
                                                 really feel the difference the minute
                                                 you set foot on our historic campus.
                                                 You will feel it too when you come to
                                                 study here, because defining your
                                                 worldview and opening yourself to
                                                 new ideas is what we’re all about.

                                                 At Pacific there are many traditions,
                                                 but foremost among them is teaching.
                                                 Here, professors know more than just
                                                 your name, they know your dreams
                                                 and they work to help you fulfill them.
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                                 Peer Institutions
                                Mission Statements

                                                     At Pacific life truly unfolds day by
                                                     day in often surprising ways. One
                                                     thing is certain: no one here is bored
                                                     or unchallenged!

University of San Diego                              Mission Statement The University of San Diego is a
                                                     Roman Catholic institution committed
                                                     to advancing academic excellence,
                                                     expanding liberal and professional
                                                     knowledge, creating a diverse and
                                                     inclusive community, and preparing
                                                     leaders dedicated to ethical conduct
                                                     and compassionate service.
University of San Francisco                          Mission Statement                   The core mission of the University is
                                                     to promote learning in the Jesuit
                                                     Catholic tradition. The University
                                                     offers undergraduate, graduate and
                                                     professional students the knowledge
                                                     and skills needed to succeed as
                                                     persons and professionals, and the
                                                     values and sensitivity necessary to be
                                                     men and women for others.

                                                     The University will distinguish itself
                                                     as a diverse, socially responsible
                                                     learning community of high quality
                                                     scholarship and academic rigor
                                                     sustained by a faith that does justice.
                                                     The University will draw from the
                                                     cultural, intellectual and economic
                                                     resources of the San Francisco Bay
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                                Peer Institutions
                               Mission Statements

                                                    Area and its location on the Pacific
                                                    Rim to enrich and strengthen its
                                                    educational programs.
University of Redlands                              Mission Statement   Where your dreams become
                                                    aspirations and your aspirations
                                                    become achievements—that is the
                                                    Redlands experience.

                                                    Since our founding in 1907, we
                                                    haven’t wavered from our promise: a
                                                    transformative education in an
                                                    environment of academic rigor and
                                                    personal responsibility, where you can
                                                    blend what you learn in the classroom
                                                    with life skills that will help you
                                                    affect positive change in the world.

                                                    We are Redlands, where curiosity
                                                    finds inspiration; where selflessness
                                                    becomes service; where small classes
                                                    encourage debate and debate sparks
                                                    insight; where creativity and
                                                    innovation open doors and change
                                                    lives; and where diversity enriches us

                                                    We are Redlands, where we care more
                                                    about who you will become than who
                                                    you used to be; where we take good
                                                    students and turn them into great
Valparaiso University                               Mission Statement
                                                    Valparaiso University is an
                                                    independent Lutheran institution that
                                                    provides an encouraging environment
                                                    for spiritual exploration by all.

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                                Peer Institutions
                               Mission Statements

Willamette University                          Mission Statement   Willamette is a nationally renowned,
                                               highly selective private liberal arts
                                               university in Salem, Oregon. Founded
                                               in 1842, Willamette is the first
                                               university established in the western
                                               U.S. and has become a national leader
                                               in sustainability and civic

                                               Our beautiful, historic campus,
                                               located across the street from the
                                               Oregon Capitol, features a residential
                                               undergraduate College of Liberal Arts
                                               and three professional graduate
                                               schools: the College of Law, Atkinson
                                               Graduate School of Management and
                                               the Graduate School of Education.

                                               Through small classes, close student-
                                               faculty relationships, a commitment to
                                               collaborative research and a variety of
                                               programs to meet individual student
                                               objectives, we provide an
                                               environment where teaching and
                                               learning flourish.

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