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Opening remarks



Members of Provincial Executive Councils
Heads of Provincial Departments
The Director-General of the Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa
Officials from the Ministry of Sport and Recreation South Africa

                                Planning for success

Please receive our warm fraternal greetings and welcome to the first Meeting of the
Minister and Members of the Executive Councils (MINMEC) since the President
announced changes to the Cabinet that resulted in us landing in the Ministry of Sport
and Recreation in South Africa. We are acutely aware of the fact the some of the
MECs around the table have been impacted on by the changes and other MECs are as
we speak pondering how the winds of change will impact on them and their positions
in the Provinces. I wish I could shed some light on the subject, but I am afraid, I am
also in the dark!

Thank you to the MECs and HODs for heeding our call and invitation to attend this
meeting. It is our intention to make these meetings a permanent feature of our year
plan and a locus for strategic planning and decision making.

We thought that we should seize the moment and converge on this day as the
momentous 2010 in the world of sport is drawing to a close. Looming on the horizon
is a plethora of a new set of opportunities and challenges. We convened this meeting
with the sole purpose of sharing our immediate, medium and long terms plans for
sport development and recreation in our country. The converse is also true, that we are
convening as we do in order to listen and learn from your experiences and plans. This
is the basis of a dynamic, interdependent, qualitative engagement and collaboration

we hope will culminate in a joint, shared mission and vision of one Sport and
Recreation Team combat ready to tackle the challenges and take advantage of the
opportunities that lie ahead - always at the service of our people.

We have in the recent past since our assumptions of the reigns of political office in
Sport and Recreation South Africa signalled our intention to review the
transformation discourse with a view to provide a fresh perspective and lively
debate that takes into account issues of equity, equality, excellence, good corporate
governance,     organisational culture, access for all and responsiveness. The
Department is hard at work crafting a document that will give a thorough exposition
of what needs to be done for us to achieve our transformation goals.

You have surely as we did, observed the discernable under-theorisation and
weakening of the recreation component of our core-business and mandate. Given the
significance of recreation in the livelihood and health of a nation, taking into account
the central and utilitarian role recreation plays in development and mass participation,
we have set aside funds from the budget of the Department to be utilised for the
establishment and sustenance of a Ministerial Committee to conduct a diagnosis and
suggest a remedy that will be underscored by practical and visible steps, campaigns
and programmes. The Ministerial Committee will be appointed in January 2011 and
will submit its report by the 31st March 2011.

Colleagues, we have in the past indicated the immediate challenge of building new
facilities or the restoration and maintenance of sport facilities in all our schools
and communities. As you know this is an area that requires collaboration amongst all
spheres of government and across government departments. We must provide
leadership and be champions in all spheres of government. We are eager and anxious
to hear from you of how we can remove all the impediments and ensure that we have
world class facilities from the affluent streets of Rosebank, to the dusty streets of
eMalahleni and the villages of Thoyhandou.

Subsequent to the President of the Republic signing the performance agreements with
Ministers to give effect to the new outcomes based approach; the Medium Term
Strategic Framework (2009 – 2014) translated the ruling party’s Election Manifesto

into 12 Outcomes. The Department of Sport and Recreation South Africa together
with other governments departments, the provincial departments, the federations and
all role players involved in sport and recreation is charged with the mammoth task of
the immediate implementation of Outcomes 12. An outcome that enjoins us to drive
“an efficient, effective and development oriented, public service, fair and inclusive

We have taken it upon ourselves to systematically design and outline a process
through which we can all engage and dialogue. In order to carry through the message
of one Team and collective ownership of the mission and vision of sport and
recreation, we have considered a number of action items for execution:
         The Director-General will during the course of our meeting present a
          document     entitled   “Sport    and    Recreation:   Delivery   Framework
         MINMEC is also requested to consider and support our intention to hold a
          Strategic Planning Workshop on the 10th – 12 January 2011.
         MINMEC should also consider our intention to convene an inclusive sport and
          recreation indaba for all role-players in sport.

The Director-General informed me this morning that Christmas has come too early for
Sport and Recreation South Africa! Our budget for disbursement to federations has
been increased by 139 million over the next Medium Term Expenditure Framework
by the National Treasury. We will develop clear guidelines for the allocation and
approval of the funds to the Federations and ensure compliances throughout the value

We have also been allocated additional funding to support Boxing South Africa which
has been in the red to tune of 5 million. We have advised the Director-General to
appoint a 2 person Team to ensure that financial controls and proper governance
policies are in place before the disbursement of these funds to the Boxing South

We would like the MECs and the Head of Departments to consider our intention to
revive the culture of tournaments and winter camps for the youth and will appreciate
your comments in this regard.

As indicated in our opening, our intention is to ensure that there is alignment,
relentless planning for success and flawless execution. We are counting on your
collective wisdom and working together we can and will indeed do more. Have a
restful festive season!

Thank you very much and I now hand you over to the Director-General.

                                From Plan to Action


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