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                      June 3-8, 2008

Festival of The Senses, a celebration of all five senses, will offer an array of events from gourmet
dinners, food and wine tasting seminars, cooking classes, art exhibitions, spa treatments, music
recitals, and luxury afternoon teas, something to tantalize everyone's senses.

Gala Opening Reception including Launch of Art Exhibition,
Tuesday 3 June
6:30pm onwards, Fountain Courtyard.
This is an introduction to the Festival of The Senses and a chance to sample the essence of the
events to come.

Champagne Gala Dinner with Moët & Chandon and Executive Chef Matthew Morrison
Tuesday 3 June
7:30pm onwards, La Mer
QR 610 net per person
Regional representative, Romaine Cans of Moët & Chandon, will introduce you to the exclusive
champagne of the night including the Moët & Chandon 1988 & 2000 Grand Vintage and advise
you on the correct tasteings and pairings in conjunction with Executive Chef Matthew Morrison
of the menu.

Molecular Mixology
Tues 3 June, Thurs 5 June and Sat 7 June
9pm onwards, Habanos
An introduction into the world of Molecular Mixology. Prepare to be delighted, surprised and
challenged at the molecular mixology demonstrations.
Sat 7 June Menu: Foams, Caviars & Cloud showcasing three unique molecular techniques to
texture your cocktail.

Ritz Kids Activities
Cooking Class - Weds 4 June at 4pm, The Ritz Kids Club.
QR 150 net per child.
Cookery class hosted by The Ritz-Carlton, Doha pastry Chef. Cakes, muffins, biscuits and
cupcakes, everything to make your little one smile from ear to ear!

Music Class – Thurs 5 June at 3pm, La Mer.
QR 110 net per child.
Music class hosted by the teacher of the Royal Schools of Music. An introduction to the sounds
and tones of classical music.
Painting Class – Friday 6 June at 4pm, The Ritz Kids Club.
QR 110 net per child.
Hosted by German artist Nidhi Wiesner. Learn how colour, texture and brush stroke can turn any
painting into a work of art.

Enliven Your Five Senses – Pamper Afternoon
Wednesday 4 June
2pm, The Spa
QR 250 net per person
Be introduced to the serenity and beauty of the new Sundari products. Join the Spa for an
afternoon of pure indulgence including hand & foot massages, mini facials, decadent afternoon
tea and a chance to sample the exclusive Sundari products.

Students Classical Concert
Weds 4 June, Thurs 5 June, Friday 6 June
4:30pm – 5:30pm, Lobby Lounge
QR 105 net per person.
Fresh from their Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music examinations, the students will
perform music in the styles of baroque, classical, modern & romantic including a special
performance of Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 1 in C major on Wednesday 4 June. Also
including a lavish afternoon tea.

Italian Gourmet Dinner with Antinori Wines and Chef Mariano Liuzza
Weds 4 June
7:30pm onwards, Porcini
QR 610 net per person
Alessia Antinori, daughter and representative of Antinori wines, joins The Ritz-Carlton Doha for
the Italian gourmet dinner of indulgent wines and enticing Italian cuisine. Alessia represents the
26th generation of Antinori’s active in the company. Learn how this company continues to
produce wine and influence the course of central Italian winemaking.

Hennessy and Cigars
Weds 4 June
9pm onwards, Habanos
QR 280 net per person
When choosing a spirit to go with a cigar, selection in much the same way as when a chef pairs
wine with food. Learn how and why cognacs work best with cigars and understand the art of
pairing and in finding that perfect partnership.

Cooking Classes
Italian Cookery Class – Thurs 5 June at 10:30am, Porcini.
QR 280 net per person
Hosted by Italian Chef, Mariano Liuzza followed by a luncheon.

Australian Cookery Class – Friday 6 June at 10:30am, Porcini
QR 280 net per person
Cooking hosted by Chef Marcus Dudley and wine tasting by Leon Ashford of the wines
Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Rosemount, followed by a luncheon.

French Cookery Class – Saturday 7 June at 5pm, La Mer
QR 350 net per person
Hosted by French Chef, Stephane Puveral followed by a 3-course dinner.
Cheese and Wine Tasting
Thursday 5 June
7pm onwards, La Mer Bar
QR 250 net per person
Learn the art of Wine & Cheese pairing.

Australian Gourmet Dinner with Michelin Starred Chef Marcus Dudley and Australian
Wines; Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Rosemount.
Thursday 5 June
7:30pm onwards, Porcini
QR 580 net per person
Leon Ashford, regional representative of Australian wines, Penfolds, Wolf Blass and Rosemount
takes you through the makings and production of these internationally acclaimed wines. Chef
Marcus Dudley guides you through the creation of a well-matched menu.

The Art Of Cocktail Making
Friday 6 June
4pm onwards, Habanos
QR 250 net per person
Learn how to prepare the perfect cocktail recipe using only the finest ingredients and unique
mixing style to create enticing cocktails.

Friday 6 June
6pm onwards, Outdoor Pool
QR 250 net per person
Enjoy an evening in the pool while watching this year’s hottest animation film, Ratatouille as
well as an old time classic Jaws. A lavish barbeque will also be available as well as tasty
cocktails and mocktails for guests to enjoy.

Gala Dinner with Chateau Kirwan and French Chef Stephane Puveral
Friday 6 June
7:30pm onwards, La Mer
QR 610 net per person
Yann Schÿler, of Chateau Kirwan will introduce their famous wines of the Margaux region,
Southwest France in conjunction with the culinary delights of Chef Stephane. Yann Schÿler is
the 8th generation of the Schÿler’s in the business since the foundation of the company in 1739.

French Champagne Brunch
Saturday 7 June
12pm onwards, La Mer
QR 390 net per person
In association with Moët & Chandon, there will be an exclusive brunch in La Mer on Sat June 7,
including live cooking stations and samples of the best of the best from the festival.

Nidhi Wiesner - Art Exhibition
Tuesday 3 June – Sunday 8 June
All Day, Lower Lobby
Art Exhibition of German-born artist, Nidhi Wiesner, showcasing a premiere collection of her
latest inspirational work.

For more information contact The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, West Bay Lagoon, +974 484 8303

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