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									                        YOUR E-BILL IS READY TO VIEW AND PAY

Your Williams College Student Account Electronic Billing Statement is ready for viewing and
payment online. No paper bills will be sent.

    Please visit http://www.williams.edu/admin/controller/bursar/ to view your term bill. Select
    “view and pay bill” under the E-billing section of the menu on the left hand side of the page.

Class of 2011: Please be sure to grant access to a parent or other authorized payer to view and pay
your e-bill. Although your term bill account may currently have a zero balance, many seniors incur
miscellaneous charges between now and graduation and these charges must be paid or cleared prior
to Commencement. The charges applied to your account during the last couple of weeks of the year
traditionally include library fines, packet charges, senior week tickets, etc. all of which must be paid
or cleared from your account as part of the requirements for graduation. It is best to monitor your
account carefully and resolve any of these matters as early as possible rather than on the weekend of
Commencement. Another bill will be sent to you during the last part of May and you can always
check your student account on SelfReg in PeopleSoft or by calling the Bursar’s Office at 597-4396.

All other classes: If you have not yet done so please grant access to a parent or other authorized
payer to view and pay your e-bill.

A reminder to make e-billing and paying more efficient and user friendly:

   File your older bills to keep them separate from the most recent bill. Instructions for filing older
   bills can be found on your e-billing home page.

Questions arise about the Payment Status column on the e-bill home page. That is used only when
ACH or credit card payments are made through the e-bill system. Otherwise it should be ignored.

Please contact bursar@williams.edu or 413-597-4396 with any questions regarding your bill or
student account.

David Holland, Bursar

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