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                        Project Black Mask


  1) SEO:Three Types of Players:

        a) White hat

        b) Grey Hat

        c) Black Hat

  2) Black Hat Money:

        a) Adsense and PPC

            i)   landing pages
           i)      CTR

        b) Affiliates

  3) Site Creation:

        a) Hosting:

           ii)     Paid Hosting

                   1) Shared hosting
                   2) VPS servers
                   3) Dedicated Boxes

           ii)     Third Party Hosting
                   1) Community Sites
                   2) Third Party Hosting

        b) Niche selection

           i) Top Level Domination
           ii) Bottom Feeding

        c) Domains

           i) Cheap shiny and New

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        ii) Old and crusty

     d) Keyword Research on Steroids

        i) The Longtail Principle
        ii)  Keyword Tools

     e) Content Generators

        i)     RSSGM
        ii)    RssEvolution
        iii)   MyGen
        iv)    Others
        v)     Cloaking Engines with Special Feature by Fantomaster

4) Linking and Promotion

     a) Blog Service

        i) Blog & Ping
        ii) The Blogger Slam
        iii) Blog Farms

     b) Link Velocity

        i)     Comments
        j)     Forums
        k)     Guestbooks
        l)     Trackbacks

     c) Digg, Delicious and Getting Social

        i) Compulsive Bookmarking
        ii) Tricks of the networks

5) Extra Ressources Quick Action Guide and Conclusion

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                          ~ Project Black Mask ~


Welcome to Project Black Mask. You’ve made a wise decision by
investing in this manual.

In it you will find techniques and tactics that are not often talked about
but used everyday by underground and mainstream marketers to make
an absolute killing online.

Project Black Mask contains Black Hat Search Engine Optimization
content. Some people like to call that wrong or unethical. I make no
judgment call and I tell you exactly what works, no matter how friendly,
on-the-fence or evil it may be.

Make no mistake about it, this stuff is incredibly potent and it works like
almost nothing else out there in terms of traffic generation and

As you will soon find out there is some work and some learning
involved. Anyone that proposes to you a business model that doesn’t
contain both of those items is full of it. Period.

The things you will discover in these pages are enough to make you
immensely rich. Think millions or more.

These are ways to generate cash now and 2 weeks from now. If you
really want to make it big on the web, you’ll follow one or both of the
main formulas I propose and scale it from there.

While this book may seem to be about Adsense and Affiliates, it’s really
about traffic. Free, high converting search engine traffic. As much of it
as you want to get your greedy hands on.

There are two ways you can go about it.

The first one involves building mass content generator sites on low
competition, low search volume terms. Building the sites will only be
part of the recipe. Getting them to rank is where the magic happens.

The other method is darker and sneakier but you’ll definitely be fishing
were the big fish swim.

Using these tactics, you will hoard traffic. This traffic will be yours to
control and you can use it for Adsense clicks, affiliate sales or capturing
leads for your business.

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                           ~ Project Black Mask ~

You’ll make money while discovering the most profitable niches, instead
of spending money.

Finally, here is the most important thing to remember. If you print out
this book and you absolutely should, right now if you haven’t already,
you’ll be holding in your hands a complete system that will change your
financial future if you let it.

You’ll know everything you need to know to go as far as you want
online. All you need to do is focus and apply.

This is one business that by its very nature can be scaled infinitely. It
can be outsourced for little money as it requires few strong

No matter if you’ve bought every other product out there and made little
or nothing from it or if you’ve just begun, the key to your success lies in
applying what you will now read.

Let’s begin shall we?

                           One Last Thing
I personally contacted the top black hatters and industry leaders, asking
them to contribute content for this book.

Clearly, as most of you will recognize, I have done this to offer more
value and more content to buyers of Operation Black Mask. This
content is generally quite advanced and has generously been given by
the biggest players in the industry exclusively to the readers of this

Where content has been contributed by these top marketers, I have
included full credits with links to their achievements when applicable.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

         Search Engine Optimization: An Introduction

Everyday, tens of millions of dollars in commission are generated through
search engines, both through organic listings and Pay Per Click advertising

The underlying principle is this: draw people to your sites: make money.

While it may sound complicated and reserved for eggheads in lab coats,
search engine optimization is actually dead simple.

The most used search engine is Everyday, millions of people all
over the world use it to find things that they either want more information on or
would like to buy.

The surfer types in a word or series of words (keywords) and Google returns a
page with 10 different websites on it. This is called a SERPs or Search
Engine Results Page. If the surfer wants to see more different websites, they
go to the next page of results.

A little know fact is that the first page gets about 90% of all traffic from Google
and the other search engines.

In fact, the “Hot Zone” is really the top 5 results and the top 3 are the “super
hot zone” which will get about 70% of all the visitors that look for a particular
term on the search engine.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

As a website owner, you obviously want to be in the top 5 and ideally top 3
result spots, since they get all the traffic. This traffic is basically worth its
equivalent in money because you can make money from every visitor by
having them click on your Adsense Ads or capturing their email addresses to
sell them stuff.

So search engine optimization, in very brief terms, refers to the art of getting
your website and its pages to appear in the top 5 result spots for a large
number of terms that surfers enter in the search engines.

That nabs the bulk of the traffic for you and all you have to do is monetize it,
which as you will soon discover, is extremely simple using very easy to
master programs like Google’s Adsense.

The more pages you can get in the “hot zone”, the more money you stand to

In search engine optimization, methods have been categorized in three
sectors or hat colors. This simply refers to how strictly you adhere to the
search engine guidelines.

In short, Google and the search engines will serve as the “big pool” from
which we grab as many surfers as possible, pulling them to our websites
where we will make money when they click ads or buy products and services.

In black hat SEO, as you may have guessed, we only adhere to the guidelines
that make us more money and leave others to worry about the unimportant

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

                               3 Hat Colors
This is a measure of the degree to which you are willing to bend or
break the webmaster guidelines set by the search engines when getting
the rankings you want.

White Hat:
In my book, white hat search engine optimization is a contradiction in and of
itself. If you are a white hat, you are doing everything according to Google’s
rules. That means you are building sites purely with the user in mind and with
total disregard for the search engines.

Google puts it this way “build the site as if search engines didn’t exist”. That
makes you a white hat. If that’s what you’re doing, then you are not doing any
kind of optimization at all.

White hat? Only by accident: it doesn’t really exist.

Gray Hat SEO:
This ranges from very light to black hat and could in fact encompass all SEOs.
It really just becomes a question of the level of aggressiveness you are willing
to use in your tactics as well as the content sources you will use.

An example is syndicating other people’s content on your blog with just
enough of your own text to make it pass the duplicate content filters. We’ll be
using this later on to build our link projects.

Black Hat SEO:
This is what people have come to refer to as Black Hats. They create low
quality documents and sites with content generated by software and rank
them highly for target keywords. These sites add no value to the web
because they provide no fresh content, no extra information and generally
very little except monetization tactics for the site owner.

That’s what black hat SEOs are after: money.

The tactics used to make it happen are frowned upon by most mainstream
webmasters as well as the search engines. Some of it is borderline unethical
while most is not. It’s a judgment call I’m not here to make

As we will soon see, there are two primary methods of monetizing black hat
sites: Adsense and Affiliate links. Both have their merits.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

                             Black Hat Money

The ability to rank sites and pages highly in the search engines is
synonymous to one thing: traffic. And in short traffic is money.

The thing about traffic is that you usually have to pay for it one way or
another. You can buy PPC advertising, ezine ads, offline ads

You can write articles and syndicate them through out the web, build content
rich sites, buy links  All these methods are resource intensive. You could
work at it for months or spend thousands of dollars and see hardly anything in

With black hat SEO, you can reap similar benefits as you would from owning
a regular website but you will see results much faster and with much less

When a trained black hat SEO builds their sites, they have a monetization
model in mind. Generally those involve Adsense and or Affiliates. Some
smart cookies even use traffic to generate signups to squeeze pages. The
choice is yours and we’ll investigate different methods of building and
promoting profitable sites very shortly.

                     How Much Can You Make?
It’s hard to put a limit on how much a Black Hatter can make using these
tactics. I’ve regularly made $500 a day or more on average, working only part
time. I also know people making five times that much or more.

It’s really a simple number’s game. You’ll rarely find an industry where things
are more predictable and easier to copy.

Here’s a breakdown and overview using the Adsense is King method:

An average black hat Adsense site, built on a proper content generator can
very easily generate $.20 -$1 per day. While this may seem like a ridiculous
sum, it all ads up very quickly considering how low the investment in time and
money is for such a site.

Here is a very average scenario that is very attainable using only the most
basic of the methods detailed in this book. Over a period of one week, 200
domains will be built on $1.25 .infos. Each of these will have thousands of
pages. Within one month, these sites will be on their way to making $0.50 per
day. That’s $100 per day for one week of work and $250 worth of domains.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Do that every week and your income would hit $400 per day by the end of the
second month.

Automate the process and do it faster. Build twice as many domains per week
in half the time.

Double the effectiveness of each site by constantly evolving your linking
strategy and using better scripts. You are now looking at $1600 coming in
every day. It’s not only doable, it’s being done right now, using exactly the
tactics you are about to discover.

           The Plans: Different methods, same result

You are about tot receive years’ worth of condensed knowledge in one

It may seem overwhelming for now and that would be quite normal.
Before you take action and start building your money sites, I urge you to
read this book twice from start to finish and then read it a third time.

You need to understand all these concepts in depth. When you do, you
will be ready to make a nearly unlimited amount of money, using Google
and company as your personal ATM machine.

Once you’ve read the book over and are ready to jump in, here are 3
possible ways of going at it. It’s really a matter of personal preference.
I’ve done them all and continue to do so. They all make money.

In the beginning, choose one and stick with it. Do not let the shadow of
crummy doubt enter your mind. This is not blind theory. It has been
tested time and time again and proven to work.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

              Fast Action Plan 1: Adsense is King

There are 12 precise steps to pulling off this method. Each of them is very
precise and rather simple to accomplish. You may not be familiar with all the
terms used in the quick action plan, but I will explain them all in detail in the
pages that follow.

This method can be considered grey hat since you don’t need to involve
anybody else’s sites to make loads of cash.

The plan I have put together below describes how to build 100 successful
money sites. Each of these sites should bring you average earnings of
between $0.5 - $1 per day. That is, in essence $1500 to $3000 per month.

To get those earning, you need to follow each step carefully and make sure
you do things right. If you skip anything or neglect one part or the other, your
potential income will plunge dramatically and may be very far from the figures
stated here. Done correctly, you will almost assuredly fall into that income

Here is a resume of this method:

You will use a content generator (a piece of software that build an entire site
for you without you writing anything yourself or doing any complicated web
design) to build massive sites. These sites will have hundreds to thousands
of pages.

Each of these pages will get traffic for what is called a long tail keyword.
These are search terms that surfers use rather infrequently in the search
engines. They are very easy to rank for since they have no competition. In
essence, it is very easy for you to position hundreds of your pages in the “hot
zone” using this technique.

When you have that visitor on your site, the position of your Adsense Ads will
ensure that a large number of people click on them (Click Through Rate).
Each click will make you money. Eventually, you will want to use affiliate
offers to compliment your Adsense.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~


Adsense is the easiest way to make money online. It is an advertising
program created by Google to allow advertisers to reach just about all visitors
on the entire internet.

The ads you see on the right of Google when you search for something are
basically Google’s Adsense. You too can place these ads on your site and
get paid when someone clicks on one of them.

All you need to do is sign up for an account if you don’t have one already and
you are ready to start serving ads.

The true beauty of Adsense lies in how easy it is to use. You simply place a
couple of lines in your site and Adsense takes care of the rest by putting
related advertisements on all pages of your site. All you have to do is sit back
while people click on them.

You can sign up for an Adsense Account here:

By far the easiest way to get an Adsense account is to sign up for a blogger
blog at . This is a network owned by Google itself where
you can just sign up to get a free website.

Once you post a couple of short articles to this site, you can apply for an
Adsense Account directly off those pages. Google wants to give you an
account because they get part of the money from every click your website

Black hat SEO can allow you to make piles of money with Adsense. There
are two ways you can use it.

   •   It can be the only monetization method placed directly on a content
       generator site.

   •   It can be interspersed on the same site with affiliate links.

No matter how you choose to use Adense, there are two predominantly
important criteria to keep in mind:

   1) The subject or niche of the site will have a powerful influence on how
      much you get paid every time someone clicks on your ads. This can
      make a huge difference, up to say 1600% on your earnings.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

   2) The second is the Click Through Rate of your ads, another absolute
      determinant of your paycheck. The higher the percentage of people
      that click, the more you make

Let’s crunch some quick numbers to impress upon you the importance of
these two factors. Keep them in mind while building your sites.

Unfocused traffic in poor quality niches where few advertisers exist and little
money is being made will pay you about 3 cents a click. Even if your CTR is
50%, you are making a ridiculous 15$ per 1000 impressions. At this rate, you
will need boatloads of traffic to make it worthwhile.

Add to that a poor quality landing page and your clickthrough rate could be as
low as a measly 1%. What does that add up to? Less than a dollar per
thousand page views.

It happened to me in the beginning and it happens to lots of black hatters that
are just starting out and plan their operations poorly. With those kind of
figures, might as well keep your day job.

We’ll get into niche selection a bit further on but for now, let’s look at Adsense
landing pages. This is what will make your CTR ridiculously high.

                      Adsense Landing Pages

Landing page simply refers to the page on which your visitor lands
when he clicks on the listing that appears in Google for your site. Your
goal is to have the highest possible percentage of visitors clicking on
your ads since every click makes you money. Here is how to achieve

Content Generator Pages:
No matter what content generator you are using (we will visit several of them
later), you must have the ability to modify the templates, which means the way
the page looks and how the elements are distributed on it.

There are two very good reasons for this. First of all you need to be able to
remove footprints. Next you need to be able to optimize for Adsense clicks
when you are monetizing with Adsense.

When you use content generators, your visitor lands directly on the site itself.

The pages of that site have content in them and links to other pages of the
site, outside sites or at the very least you sitemap or sub sitemap.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

That means distractions, aka, other things for the visitor to do than click on
your Adsense ads. Not a good thing. On the other hand, your pages must
contain some content and or links otherwise you risk having the nice folks at
Google pull the trigger on your Adsense account.

When building grey or white hat Adsense sites or monetizing regular content
sites with Adsense, you want to reach equilibrium between CTR and customer
satisfaction. If your Adsense is too prominent, you will lose repeat visits from
your visitors and your site’s long-term readership and word of mouth referrals
will suffer.

In Black Hat, you don’t give a rat’s patooty and assume that the visitors will
never come back because the quality of your site’s content is low.

In reality that’s fine because you’re not building to make friends, you’re
building for Adsense clicks.

So what you’re going to do is push the actual content of the page a couple of
lines under the fold. The fold is a journalistic term and basically means the
part you can see without scrolling. In other words, the only thing your visitor
will see is: a header, a title and Adsense Ads.

You can even add two of the large rectangle formats one after the other so
even if your visitor scrolls down, he just sees more Adsense ads. If he scrolls
down all the way, he sees more links and largely unreadable content, which
leaves him with the option of hitting back, searching again by clicking one of
your links (thus bringing him back to the full Adsense page top) or clicking out
on your Adsense ads.

End result: click throughs in the 15-25% range.

Here is a simple example
When you “land” on this site, all you see is Adsense Ads. The result is that a
large proportion of your visitors will click on them.

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                           ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here is how this page is composed:
   1) Ugly header that’s already making you want to leave the site
   2) Title for the text that’s way down at the bottom of the page
   3) Ad titles that stick out like a sore thumb
   4) Nothing to read or click above the fold, except Adsense ads
   5) Ad body and URL are paled down
   6) There is content on the page: it’s way down there where you have to
      scroll to see it.
   7) This site has an average clickthrough rate of 23% with an average click
      price of 45 cents for a page earning of 130$ per thousand visitors. Not

That’s the recipe I use. Some people advocate blending or making their sites
look more natural in case of a human review. I say hogwash since your site
won’t pass the test of a manual review anyways and more money on my
check at the end of the month makes me smile more than having my site look

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Affiliate Monetization:

When people think of Black Hat SEO, the first thing that pops into their minds
is Adsense scraper sites. While that’s certainly a valid and popular way of
going about it, there is also tremendous money being made using affiliate

Affiliate programs are also very simple to grasp. Essentially, there are
thousands of companies selling products and services online. They want to
reach a bigger audience. To do that, they put their offers up on affiliate

As a website owner, you are also a publisher. You can sign up for any of
these free affiliate networks and that allows you to grab the advertiser offers
and put them on your site. You get paid every time a lead or sale is
generated from the offers on your site. Simple and effective.

A list of good affiliate networks that are free to join will be provided in the
resource section of this manual.

Affiliates on Content Generator Sites:
Many content generators (the tools we will use to build our websites),
including RSSGM, a free script that also can provide great results, come with
affiliate data feeds included in the code. You just need to enter your affiliate
code and you’re ready to go. The datafeed is less complicated than it sounds.
All it really does is make ads for products appear on your site. These ads
have your account ID in them and when a purchase is made, you get paid a

Other programs allow you to integrate a Clickbank data feed into your pages,
meaning the site will make links or ad boxes displaying Clickbank products
relevant to the content of your pages. These links contain your affiliate ID so
when a sale is made, you get paid.

Personally, I don’t bother with these monetization methods on non-cloaked
content generator sites: it’s too easy and profitable to slap up Adsense front
and center like we’ve just seen.

However, if you cloak your content generator sites, it becomes a whole other
story. In that case, you can send the traffic directly to the page you want, thus
dramatically improving conversions and possibly making $500 or more from
1000 visitors. (Don’t worry if the term cloak is unfamiliar to you, we will get to
that shortly.)

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

When building for this method, you will select an affiliate program based

   •   Payout
   •   Possibility of generating decent amounts of fringe keyword traffic
   •   Number of searches (we’ll keep the most highly searched terms for the
       Affiliate Slam, coming right up after this)

So let’s go back right now to my teeth whitener example. Considering the way
that content generator sites are constructed, I could generate the same exact
site on the same exact keywords ten times and never get the same site twice.
It would have the same number of pages and the same keywords but the
comparison would stop there since the content is run through either a markov
chain, a synonymyzer or both and will never give the same result: I get a new,
unique site every time

Which means I don’t have to do my niche research over and over again, I can
just regenerate the same site, adding or subtracting keywords for good
measure, and generating this site as many times as I want.

So I can build the “same” site I just generated for Adsense, but this time
redirect the traffic either directly to the merchant page, to my pre-sell page or
to a squeeze page. You will make this choice depending on how well
targeted your keywords are. The less targeted they are, the more pre-selling
they need, so the right choice is the squeeze or the pre-sell. More targeted
keywords will convert well directly on the merchant’s sales page.

Building squeeze pages and pre-sells is beyond the scope of this guide so I
will leave it at that for now. You might want to have a look at for a guide on making affiliate traffic convert. The
same rules that apply to PPC apply to just about any medium for converting
traffic to affiliate sales

So here’s a quick recap. In the Adsense is King Method, we use software to
build huge sites in mere minutes simply by imputing keywords. It’s a process
that takes a couple of clicks.

Since these terms aren’t competitive, we rank for them easily and get free
search engine traffic. It’s then up to us to make money from this traffic, using
Adsense, affiliate offers or whatever suits your taste.

Before we get into the process, here is a brief description of cloaking, an extra
method that can be used with very potent results.

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                               ~ Project Black Mask ~

                         Introduction to Cloaking

I’ll make it very simple and keep it brief because we’ll look at cloaking in more
detail when we get to the content generation section of this book. For now, let
it only serve to seed your mind with ideas as you discover increased potential
for all the methods we will cover.

There are 2 types of cloaking and only one works reliably: IP Delivery. The
gist of it is this: your site is able to tell the difference between search engine
spiders and human visitors.

When a search engine spider comes along, the site shows hundreds or even
thousands of juicy content rich pages, also referred to as spider food.
Google, Yahoo and company then proceed to index these pages, which will
eventually rank for the terms you selected when you created them.

From then on, human visitors will click on links to your pages in the SERPs
(Search Engine Results Pages). The site now recognizes a human visitor and
rather than serving up the content rich page, it serves the page of your choice.

This page could be a page full of Adsense, an affiliate merchant page, an
affiliate pre-sell page or a squeeze page. It could be anything else but those
are the more common choices.

Why might it be an interesting option to use cloaking for Adsense or Affiliate
sites? Because it gives you complete control over the landing page. That
means you can get 100% of your visitors delivered directly to the affiliate site
rather than losing half of them or more because they don’t click through. It
also means you can go out and get a CTR on your Adsense Ads up to 35%.

Yes you read that correctly.

Several of my sites have CTRs that are ridiculously high and the ECPM
(earning per thousand impressions) can be in the 200$ range. I sometimes
add low CTR, low payout sites to my arsenal just to get those massively
lucrative figures down a bit.

Cloaking is one of the factors that come into play to make it happen. As you
can see, it’s far from the mystery that often shrouds it. It’s just a simple script
that allows you to do what you want with your visitors

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                              ~ Project Black Mask ~

            Site Creation: Build it and they Will Come

We now enter one of the most important pieces of the puzzle: site building.
This is just about the order I follow when building my own sites.

I knock back each of these steps in the order they are presented here. As we
go along, I will show exactly the methods and tools I use. At the end, you will
find a quick action blueprint with some extra tips and notes.

For Black Hat SEO, you need to choose the right hosting for your needs.
There are special functions that need to be accessible on your server in order
for your scripts and content generators to work.

Not only that but if you dip your toes into the darker side of things, it’s a good
idea to be with a host that has a certain degree of tolerance for your activities.

Happily a lot of outfits fit the bill and it’s always easy to find more.

There are 2 main types of hosting to be considered for different usages.

Paid Hosting:

Paid hosting is to be used when you need full flexibility of your host. Different
options offer different possibilities. If you need to run resource intensive
scripts, something we will talk about later, you might consider getting VPS
hosting or a Dedicated server.

To explore all your options, you can refer yourself to this excellent and often
updated hosting forum where you can even strike up conversations with
providers to help you find something just right for your operations.

Here are the criteria that should be considered “must haves” for black hat

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here are a couple of features you might need when using content generators
and scripts that automate posting to blogs or page growing on websites. You
will want your host to support (generally, this is a good bet they will also not
be bothered by your activities):

      Wildcard subdomains
      CHMOD 777
      Cron Jobs
      PHP fopen function

Shared Hosting:
Shared hosting is the least expensive and least flexible option. On the other
hand, it has its benefits too because it’s inexpensive and offers you a certain
degree of protection against snooping search engine spies.

For example, if you have thousands of sites on a dedicated box and Google is
able to identify that they are all auto-generated and all hosted on the same
server, you will be looking at a mass ban and that will hurt. You can get away
with this for a long time but shared hosting eliminates the problem in large
part because your precious little sites are independently hosted.

Another advantage is that you can have more unique IPs. This is very useful
when building site networks and or blog farms, concepts we will explore in the
linking section of this guide.

The important thing for now is to know that you can reinforce your site’s power
by linking to them from your own sites but the link power will be greatly
discounted if the sites are on the same hosting account and IP block. That’s
why several smaller accounts can actually give you can advantage since you
have variable completely unique link juice to bestow upon your targets. offers one of my favorite setups for $6.95 a month.
Many basic reseller packages from other hosting companies should be

VPS Hosting:
VPS hosting refers to Virtual Private Server.

In essence, you get a part of a server dedicated to you. That means that
whatever server resources you pay for are guaranteed to be available to you
when you need them.

Mass pinging, site growing and link distribution can all be resource intensive
and VPS hosting becomes a good idea to run your scripts on once you reach

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

a certain level. The two things to watch out for are the higher price tag
(generally between 25 and 50 dollars per month) and also the chance of
getting a mass ban from the search engines since your sites are the only ones
on the server.

 Most VPS providers will set you up with at least two unique C block IPs, with
the possibility of buying more as you see fit for only a couple of dollars a

One of the companies I deal with and get good service from is

Dedicated Hosting:
Also known as dedicated server. This type of hosting allows you to rent an
entire server for your needs. This provides the most resources and highest
flexibility. It also requires some basic knowledge of servers and the costs can
be quite prohibitive until you start earning interesting money.

This is ideally what you should aspire to. When you find yourself building
100s or even thousands of sites per day, you’ll find it extremely tiresome to
buy and fill shared hosting accounts that will only support 50 domains a piece.

The same holds true for resource intensive scripts that are run from your
server. If you are growing 5000 sites, generating content for them, pinging
them and generating trackbacks, you need the power of dedicated hosting on
your side.

Of course you should start at the level that represents your investment
capabilities and the size of your operation

Reinforcing Your Link Network:
These hosts all reside on separate domains, separate servers and are
completely unlikable. What that means is that a link from each of these to
your pages will provide you with nice clean links, each of which will be
counted towards the overall link power of your pages and therefore rankings
in the search engines.

Many of these domains, such as and support
the creation of mass accounts and also mass posting when you have the right
tools. That means you can potentially own thousands of sites on each of
these domains, post to them automatically and pepper those posts with
keyword rich links to your new and older sites.

This provides you with instant indexing power and link juice to boost your

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

                              Niche Selection

There is one main factor to take in consideration before we begin: will you be
going after high search volume, high competition terms or will you build sites
to exploit longtail keywords and get your traffic from hundreds of low traffic,
low competition phrases.

I could have said thousands here and a large slice of Black Hatters still
successfully build sites with thousands of pages and keywords. Lately, my
experimenting has shown that I can get smaller sites indexed by Google
faster and that they have a longer shelf life. This has had a positive effect on
my earnings per site and it’s now my method of choice when building bottom
feeder sites.

For the Adsense is King Method, we will be focusing on longtail keywords.

Bottom Feeding:
Just like the sucker fish in the aquarium, your fodder is the stuff that falls to
the bottom when all the bigger more aggressive fish have picked their way
through what comes in from the top. While those flashy guys dog fight for big
pieces, the shadowy character coasting along the bottom lazily gathers more
than he can eat by picking up the so-called crumbs

Enough cheesy analogies, the important criterion we are looking for in this
case is an abundance of longtail keywords that have low competition in the
search engines and can be monetized.

In this case, we need to find out if there is a decent volume of keywords to
feed on for a given niche and if that traffic can be monetized either with
affiliates programs, Adsense or both.

Most black hat literature you will come across suggests using thousands of
keywords for your sites, thus giving you thousands of pages. It’s a valid build
but smaller sites, sometimes only 200 pages and keywords can bring a nice
yield and as I mentioned earlier, they are easier to work with and are less
likely to raise a flag.

If you’re not willing to expend a domain on such a small build, consider
building multiple small related niches in folders of that domain or on sub

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

The Niche Finding Process:

This is a huge question that comes up all the time in the affiliate marketing
and black hat forums I frequent. “How do I find niches?” Beginners find this
particularly difficult and it really doesn’t need to be.

For bottom feeding niches, people would like to just have niches handed to
them. The problem with that is that if 10 other people jump into your niche and
do things correctly, your income just got murdered.

Thus the importance of being able to find your own niches to exploit. As you
will agree once finished with this sections, nothing could be easier.

Hint: everything health related has strong potential, as well as technology and
anything that solves a problem and has an end product or solution to sell.

Brainstorming Niches:
Once you’ve done this enough times, you’ll probably be able to gather more
niches in an hour than you can use in a month.

Here is my favorite method for brainstorming niches:

Google Adwords Sandbox Tool:
The first thing I do is head on over to or the Yahoo or
DMOZ directory. Or I search Google to come up with a directory that is
related to a wide niche.

If you have a Google Adwords Account, and you should, you will find a ledger
called “tools”:

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Open it up, select “keyword tool” and then select the “site related keyword”.
Enter a portal type website in the box and press “find more keywords.” (You
can also access this tool here: ).

In this case, we’re going to look for a health related niche so we need sites
related to health that cover many topics. To narrow it down a bit, we’ll look up
“personal care directory” since we will be sure to find people that have a
problem and are looking for a solution. The site we find will give us many
niches to choose from

Result number 3 is from the Yahoo Directory:

We’re right in the thick of things now but I still want to narrow it down a bit so I
select “skin care”, which gives me this URL:

I plop that into the search box in the Google Sandbox tool for site related
keywords. Let’s see what happens:

This is the top of the screen, I’ll show you the rest in a minute. What stands
out right now are two things: First the “acne” related keywords occupy a good

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

part of this niche. Secondly, advertiser competition is brutal for a lot of the
terms, which means my Adsense clicks are going to have decent if not good

If I wanted to monetize with affiliates, there’s probably a plethora of choices
since there are so many advertisers.

Ok, let’s look at the rest of the screen for this search:

It turns out “acne” is a big part of this niche and there are lots of sub keywords
to go after. Also, advertiser competition is brutal once again so we know we’ll
not be running out of well paying Adsense ads any time soon.

I could have done the same thing with Amazon but would probably have had
difficult choices to make since it would have brought back so many potential

The important thing to notices here is that we’ve identified a niche based on
these criteria:

   •   Human problem centered
   •   Large amount of subniches branching out of our main keyword (acne)
   •   Decent search volume for several of these sub niche keywords

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

   •   Moderate, and in this case, very high advertiser competition, which
       means a full stable of Adsense ads for monetization.

Before we pass on to the next section, here is a tool for those of you who
don’t have a single creative fiber in your body and no imagination at all:

This is a super powerful free niche finder. This guy is offering a real gift here
so take advantage of it while it lasts.

It works on a similar principle as the other tactic I just detailed above but it’s
an addon to your browser. When you’re on the page you want to suck niches
out of, you just hit the “keywords” tab on your browser and it fetches niche
and keyword ideas with click values for the keywords.

When you see that page, you will also see a tab entitled “get me random
results”. This will suggest random niches and show you keyword payouts.
Do it a couple of times and you will find some golden nuggets. It really does
not get any easier than this.

Congratulations, you are now close to being a full fledged bottom feeder. You
still have a little ways to go, but you’ll be there soon enough, and that’s a good

Domain Names:
Whether you’re going to host on a third party or use a domain you buy, the
biggest favor you can do your site in terms of future rankings is to include the
main niche keywords in the title of the domain name. If you must, you can
use dashes although no more than 2 or the SEs could flag your site as
potentially low quality.

Getting back to our “acne” example, I would look to register something along
the lines of: or or

Besides third parties, you can buy new or old domains. It makes quite a
difference on results but the cost also varies tremendously.

Another incredibly important tip is: keep your domains organized.

Black Hat Seo with the longtail method is about volume and automation. The
most prolific Black Hats have thousands if not tens of thousands of domains.
Managing these can become a headache unless you organize from the get

Keep data on your builds. For example, if on a given day you build 100 sites,
note which content generator you used, which template (s), on which server

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                              ~ Project Black Mask ~

and IP they are. What linking or indexing strategies you used for them. This
will take you a matter of minutes but you will have valuable logs allowing you
to analyze what works and do more of it.

Old Domains:
Expired domains are great, when you can get them. They already have their
spiders, a minimum of trust, a lot of the time links and sometimes even links
from powerful .edu domains and directories like Yahoo! or DMOZ. What this
means is that anybody who can get their hands on them would jump on the
occasion since a site launched on one of these would get an immeasurable
advantage over any new domain.

This is nothing new as it has been common practice for years to try and scoop
up these old domains that are expiring. Countless applications and pieces of
software have been built to find and track domains that are on the verge of
dropping. That’s actually the easy part. The hard part is catching the domain
once it becomes available.

So many individuals and companies are now lined up to buy these domains
the minute they drop that it has become nearly impossible for a regular person
to get their hands on one of them.

For more information on how to catch some of these domains, you can refer
to this excellent articles and its links:

Personally I don’t do much black hat on old domains because there are
certain tricks involved. If the content changes too fast or too dramatically, you
can see all the benefits wiped out.

Excellent results are to be had with new domains and third party hosts and I
tend to stick to those.

New Domains: Cheap and Good:
 I used to be a big practitioner of the “throw it against the wall, see if it sticks”
black hat SEO approach, vomiting anywhere between dozens and thousands
of auto-generated sites into cyberspace.

While I have had a slight change of heart and spend more time on niche
targeting and keyword optimization, one thing hasn’t changed. When buying
domain names, the cheaper the better.

Domains and hosting are your biggest fixed cost. You need them and there’s
not much you can do about it

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

There are a couple of options out there but nothing can really beat $0.99 .info
domains at except perhaps their .org domains that are
a bit more expensive but worthwhile for their superior performance.

You have to sign up for a reseller account before you can purchase domains
but it’s largely worthwhile.

The domains come with Privacy Protection meaning that people can’t access
your registration data. This is not failsafe though and lots of Black Hatters use
fake data to register domain names because it affords an additional degree of

It also stops the search engines from knowing that you just registered a new
batch of 1000 domains that can all be linked back to your identity. Paranoia is
your friend. Discretion is your friend. You can brag later, for now fly under
the radar.

                   Keyword Research on Steroids
Today, I tried counting all the different keyword tools on the market. After I
found #47, I stopped because I’m strongly beginning to suspect that they are
being made faster than I can count.

Keyword tools are often sold as a Holy Grail with such and such saying he
made this many thousands with this new tool.

Some of these tools sell for hundreds of dollars. Some of them are
membership sites that cost $500 a month or more.

And you know what? That is oh so cheap!

There it is folks, the only exclamation point you’ll find in this book besides in
Yahoo!’s trade name.

Unless you’re a black belt keyword ninja, the section you have just begun
reading is worth 10 times the price of this book in and of itself.

This book is about Black Hat SEO but do consider this section as a
completely separate entity. If ever you want to make a fortune in affiliate
marketing with regular SEO sites or maybe a killing in PPC advertising, you
can refer to this section and be 95% of the way there.

The right batch of keywords is worth a fortune in the right hands. If you don’t
know how to use these lists, they are worth nothing. If you do, and on top of it
you know how to build them, there is no limit to how much money you can
make on the internet.

I’m a keyword addict. I collect good keywords like a museum collects
expensive paintings.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Longtail Profits:
The Longtail Keyword is the opposite of the mainstream keyword. The latter
gets a lot of traffic and searches every month: thousand, tens of thousands,
often more.

Mainstream keywords do not have high conversion rates to sales because
they are largely untargeted. They are worth a tremendous amount of traffic
but are largely inaccessible to new websites.

The way search engines work, outranking trusted old authority sites for a
keyword like “acne” is like pulling teeth from an elephant. It can be done but
you’d better have incredible determination and a bit of craziness in your eyes.

Plus it’s remarkably lacking in returns compared to what can be done with
longtail keywords.

What makes Longtail keywords so profitable? Several things.

First of all, the way people search online follows the same pattern for 95% of
the internet population. If you’ve been around the block a couple of times,
chances are you search right off the bat with the longtail. Not true for most
people that are quite clueless when it comes to using search engines.

Let’s look at this example of Gary from Tennessee who wants to buy cheap
insurance for his new car.

He goes to Google and:

   •   Types - insurance - It takes him to a big insurance site and he looks
       around the different categories, finally finds auto insurance and starts
       reading that page. Before long, he’s on information overload and he’s
       back to Google where this time he searches

   •   - Car insurance Tenessee - Now Gary likes these results a lot more
       and he sees that Google is starting to give him what he wants. He’s
       getting close to a buying decision because he sees he can find what
       he’s looking for so he goes back to Google again and types

   •   “Buy cheap new car insurance Tennessee”. Jackpot. The sites that
       come up have exactly what Gary needs. There are far fewer results to
       choose from and they all make sense. Gary whips out his credit card
       and buys cheap insurance for his new car from a broker in Tennessee.

He went from mainstream keyword to moderate to longtail. The site he found
with the longtail not only made the money but had a much easier time getting
to the top of that SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

In fact some longtail keywords have exactly zero competing results.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Therefore the simple fact of writing those words on an indexed website page
will literally force Google and friends to send the traffic to that page.

One of the main issues is that to do this, you would need to write up an article
exclusively for that purpose which would be time consuming and limit your
earnings since these keywords generally have low search volume and there
are only 24 hours in a day.

Enter the Content Generators. As you probably know, these bad boys can
pump out thousands of keyword targeted pages in a matter of minutes.

Each page you build that properly targets a longtail keyword has the potential
to make you money. Some will make you next to nothing, but you can be
certain that a lot of them will put money in the bank.

The more optimized these pages are with on page and off page factors, as
discussed in the Annexes, the higher they will rank and the more money they
will make.

There is virtually no limit to the financial rewards the combination of content
generators and long tail keywords can provide.

The walkthrough below will allow you in finding more Longtail keywords than
any other method I have come across.

It becomes tedious but is in fact so simple that a chimpanzee could do it with
a bit of training and encouragement. Proof is I have someone who does this
for me all day without any former training and only a rudimentary amount of
English language comprehension. Did somebody say outsourcing?

Whether you apply the technique yourself or not, use it and retire young.

The Art of the Longtail:

Before you start your real keyword research, you have to have picked out a
niche using the tactics outlaid earlier. In this case we’re going to continue
with our “acne” example.

Acne is actually a very wide niche with a lot of competition because there is
certain money to be made. For most black hat methods that would be a high
risk of failure because you need low competition to make the bottom feeder
approach work.

With this level of keyword research, I’m not worried in the least bit and I know
for a fact I can go and carve out a nice chunk of traffic, even from a sub-
optimal choice.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

You can get good results with many tools and some of them are even free. If
you don’t have the money to invest yet, don’t let that stop you. What I’m
about to describe is the middle of the road tactic that does involve paid tools
but not the most expensive ones. This should be within your grasp once you
get the ball rolling.

A brief Word on Overture:
I don’t use their tool. At all, ever. At least not for this kind of keyword
research. If I just want a quick idea of search volume or some such thing, I
might fire it up but otherwise not.

There are several excellent reasons. Many many black hatters scrape the
Overture Keyword Tool for their keywords. That is the first major problem.
You will have much more difficulty finding the famed Longtail keywords you
need since many will have trampled the sacred grounds before you.

Secondly, Overture messes up the order in which the keywords appear. Yes,
they will return some decent Longtail keywords but they will be alphabetized,
so the real keyword: “Buy cheap auto insurance Tennessee” will become
“Auto buy cheap insurance Tennessee”.

In this particular case, the Overture keyword is likely still valid, but that won’t
be the case with a lot of your terms and you will miss out on the original
keyword phrase since Overture cannot give it to you. You would have to get
in there and manually reconstruct the phrases. No thanks.
Finally, the Overture Keyword tool often lumps
plurals and singulars together, thus losing some of the best terms for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use this tool. I’ll repeat: thousands of successful
black hatters do. If you can’t pay for advanced keyword tools, use it, it’s worth

If you can, then the following will yield spectacular results and put you ahead
or 99% or the competition, whether you use it for black hat, PPC or regular
affiliate SEO.

Here are my Keyword Research Steps, in Order:
   a)     Expand list from base keyword
   b)     Expand list some more
   c)     Expand yet again
   d)     Find out how many Results are on Google for each of these
   e)     Remove duplicates and “adult” keywords
   f)     Remove anything that has over 10,000 targeted results
   g)     Admire the massive and profitable Longtail keyword masterpiece
          I’ve created

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here it is in exact step by step detail:

   1. Select the niche. In this case, Acne.

   2. Fire up the Wordtracker keyword applications found at . I use the paid version but they now offer a
      very sweet free version that will allow you 100 keywords. Find it here:

   3. Select Keyword Universe and enter your main keyword. In this case
      we’re using the keyword “acne”.

   4. Based on the screenshot above, click only the tightly related words in
      the column to the left. You see that pimples is the second result. I’m
      not even going to use that because I want only “acne” keywords and
      I’m building a dead tight niche here.

   5. This will return results on the right, up to 300 rows. Click the link on the
      top “click here to add al keywords to your basket”.

   6. Quickly run down the list to the left, clicking on all tightly related terms
      and adding all those keywords to your basket. You’ll notice while doing
      this that some keywords popup that don’t seem related to your main
      keyword. There is some hidden gold here so pay close attention.

      In this example, I see the keyword “pregnancy” appear. I note it down
      and once I’m done gathering from the base search “acne”, I go on to
      search on “acne pregnancy” which gives me a handful more terms,
      each worth their weight in gold.

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                         ~ Project Black Mask ~

7. Once I’ve explored the main keyword and the branch keywords I got
   here, I’ll quickly run over to the Google Adwords Sandbox tool I
   mentioned earlier. Here I’ll drop in the term “acne” once again, snatch
   up 5 to 10 terms that I didn’t see on Wordtracker and now repeat the
   process with those new terms. In the case of “acne” I now have over
   5000 terms in my basket. I’m actually done with Wordtracker for now.
   I’m not going to look at the competition of the KEI in this application
   because my list isn’t complete yet and WT is not the most convenient
   for this part of the process.

8. Next I’m going to go over to my Keywords Analyzer , the other keyword tool I use. I will
   use this tool for 2 purposes. Firstly, I want to expand my already very
   large keyword list. To do so, I’m going to enter all my keywords a
   Keyword Discovery search window.

   Keyword Discovery is the third tool I use to complete my keyword
   research. There’s actually a free version that isn’t worth much on its
   own, but combined with Keywords Analyzer and Wordtracker results, it
   will squeeze the last drops of keyword juice out of my niche.

   Keyword Discovery is another powerful tool that’s based on user data,
   which means the keywords it returns are actual searches made by real
   people and the keywords are in the right order.

   I used to use this alone with Keywords Analyzer (KA) but I found that
   the lateral related keywords produced by Wordtracker increased
   profitability to a good degree.

9. What Keywords Analyzer is going to allow me to do now is go and
   fetch all the results from their database that contain the keywords I
   entered. Since my research has been quite exhaustive so far, the list
   won’t grow too much, but the new keywords it finds will be almost
   entirely Longtail.

   The free version is enough for this purpose, it will get the top 10 results
   for each of my keywords. I use the paid membership because I like to
   go for overkill and I’m a keyword maniac, but you don’t have to imitate
   me this far in my delirium. If you do get to the point where you build a
   hundred of these sites a day or more, do consider it though.

10. I now have my keyword mega list, with all 7554 terms in it. There will
   be duplicates because Keyword Discovery does not filter these. There
   might also be some alpha numeric characters, URLs and bad words in
   there. We definitely want to get rid of those, especially when using
   Adsense since profanity on your sites is much riskier for an Adsense
   ban than cloaking and black hat SEO.

   To do this, there is another great free tool courtesy of Aaron Wall: . There are

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

       also a bunch of other useful tools on the site, but let’s not get

   11. So I now have a clean list of 6758 terms with no duplicates. We’re just
      about ready for the final step. I save this keyword file as a text
      document (.txt) and head on back to KA where I import the keyword
      list. I then change settings so the only things that will be displayed are
      the keyword and the number of searches on Google. If you leave too
      many research parameters in there, it will take forever to finish.

       You will now find out how many results are on Google for each of the
       keywords you have. You want to separate the easy rankings so you
       don’t waste time, links or resources on the ones that have no chance of

   12. In settings again, enter a proxy from one of the sites I mention in the
      Annexes. Click go and start working on the next niche. This will take a
      while since each keyword will querry Google individually. If you’re
      doing this on a large scale, consider paying a couple of bucks for a
      good proxy service since a slow proxy will drag this on until tomorrow

   13. One Keyword Analyzer is done checking the results, all you have left
      to do is click the results tab so the program displays the keywords in
      order of how many results the search engines return. I then skim off all
      the keywords that have more than ten thousand competing results.
      The left over is the cream of the crop Lontail keywords for the niche.

Before we turn the page on keyword research, let’s just have a quick look at
the keyword list I just built around the term acne:

   •   Total Keywords after with under 10,000 competing results: 4419

   •   Total Keywords with less than 10 competing results: 2400

   •   Total Keywords with less than 5 competing results: 1300

   •   Total Keywords with 0 competing results: 264

   •   Total Monthly Searches for this keyword list: over 46,000

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Conclusion on this niche:
When I started researching “acne” I thought there was a good chance I would
have to find another option because I perceived it as competitive and obvious.

Well, I was wrong and that only proves there is niche power in almost
anything. In fact I could make 3 or 4 sub niches out of this niche. For
example, “acne scars” , “acne treatments”, “baby acne” and perhaps even

Want to see a couple of “superstar keywords” from the niche? Ok.

   •   “Acne prescriptions medications” : 506 monthly searches for only 6
       competing results.

   •   “pictures baby acne” : 861 monthly searches for only 9 competing

   •   “treatment female adult acne” : 528 monthly searches for only 27
       competing pages

   •   “acne blemishes laser treatment” : 1344 monthly searches for only 12
       competing results.

This is what longtail keywords are all about. It’s also synonymous with some
of the easiest money you can make on the internet.

Over half of the keywords in the list above have so little competition that the
very fact of putting up a site with good navigation and inside linking will give
you number one spot in the search engines.

Add some outside links into the equation and you could quickly see a large
slice of all those searches coming your way.

It wouldn’t be unrealistic to get 20% of those 46,000 searches on your site.
That would mean 9,2000 visitors. With a 10% CTR on your Adsense ads and
a payout of $0.25 per click, you’d be looking at earnings of just under $250 a
month from that one site.

To be perfectly realistic, I would build the site over several times to make sure
that one or more of the versions will stick in the search engines.

Even slow builders can put out a minimum of 3 such sites everyday. Those
able to willing to build faster could make 10 or 20. Finally, deciding to
outsource or hire to have certain parts of the job done for you could see you
earning a lot more.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Conclusion on Keyword Generation:

Keep in mind you can perform a similar analysis with a lot of other tools out
there. This is my method, which I’ve selected based on hundreds of tests and
thousands of sites built. When I need keywords in a hurry,
www.keyworddomination is where it happens.

The most important part of this process is the principles behind it rather than
the tools used.

Once you have a list created this way, you are armed to the teeth to jump in
and start raking in oodles of free search engine traffic. This traffic will mean
tremendous Adsense and Affiliate profits and it’s something you can do over
and over again.

Sites built in this manner regularly bring me $0.50 to $1 per day in Adsense
revenue, sometimes more. Affiliate sites can vary a bit more because some
of the traffic will see spectacular conversions while another slice will almost
never convert. You might consider combining Ansense and Affiliate offers on
the same landing pages, thus maximizing your profit centers.

I reuse these keyword lists again and again, adding a few here and deleting a
few there for each new build to have different page counts and an overall
different size site.

Since my Adsense is divided in channels, I know at any given time which site
is bringing back results. When I notice a particularly profitable niche or site, I
duplicate my efforts, branch out my keywords and attack related niches. This
ensures that my time becomes even more profitable as a pick out proven
winners from the very start.

When you consider that it’s possible to build dozens of these sites every day,
you can quickly see huge returns and fat monthly commissions.

                           Content Generators
Right about now we’re ready to start building some sites.

It’s perfectly valid to build sites the old fashion way, meaning designing and
writing all your pages of content by hand. If that’s the way you want to do
things, use the longtail keyword tips above and you will prosper. Sites will
take you a long time to build but you will have a resource from which to profit
day after day for years to come.

If you prefer a quick hit, which is what I choose to do most of the time, you
can grab a content generator and make a site with a complete Search Engine
Optimized page for every single one of your keywords in a matter of minutes.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

These sites will generally not read well or be very user friendly. In fact people
will want to get away from them as fast as possible when they realize your
content is scrapped and machine generated.

That’s not all bad because often that means they’ll click one of your ads or
affiliate links as fast as they can find them to be whisked away to a more
pleasurable destination. Mission accomplished.

There are dozens of options when it comes to content generators. I neither
have time to try them all, nor enough space to review their strong points and
shortcomings here. What I will do is show you which ones I use and how to
use them.

The Main Issue:
There is one main issue with content generators: when used straight out of
the box, they leave footprints. These footprints, once recognized by the
search engines, make it easy for them to ban your sites or heavily discount
them, thus putting a precocious end to your free traffic.

This has happened to every content generator that hit the mainstream. The
most notorious was Traffic Equalizer by Jeff Alderson. Several years ago,
when it came out, it really was the magic bullet: an unparalleled free ride to
massive internet riches. It really was all too easy. Some of these sites were
making thousands or more on a monthly basis with auto-generated content
that took minutes to build.

Then Google caught on and it became much harder to use this software
successfully. (Although it will never see the golden age it original brought to
automatic site building, Traffic Equalizer continues to bring results as Jeff
provides regular updates and does what it takes to stay one step ahead.)

At that time, thousands of so-called search Black Hats dropped out from the
game and cried over the goose that would no longer lay its golden eggs.

Others persevered and bought the new content generators that hit the market
one after the other. The problem remained: as soon as a new content
generator started bringing results, it became popular. Not long after, Google
would figure things out and that would be the end of another good thing.

So what’s the deal? Can Google and its compatriots recognize machine
generated content and computer built sites?

No, they can’t. They have gotten better at it and will continue to do so but the
problem lies not with the machine generated nature of the sites but rather with
the traces these machines leave when doing your dirty work. These traces
are the feared footprints and you must get rid of them if you are to have any
measure of success.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

This is the very same reason those “Adsense Templates” generally aren’t
worth much. The concept is sound but the reality is quite different because
they all carry the dreaded footprints. Learn to clean your sites; it will help you
for years to come.

Footprints are anything that can identify your site as a mass produced
“machine made” site. They need to be renamed, deleted or hidden in order to
your sites to pass as “clean”.

Here are the most common footprints and how to get rid of them:


When you buy or otherwise acquire a content generator, it often comes with
one or more templates already integrated into the program. These templates
will be hammered to death by the thousands of users the software has. They
will work in the beginning but quickly be recognized by the search engines,
never to see the light of rankings again.

Solution: Change the existing templates. You can either make your own or
swipe other templates from free sources such as:

   •   Wordpress: This is my personal favorite.
       Wordpress templates are highly anonymous and used by thousands of
       “legit” sites. They get indexed quickly and are easy to integrate to most
       content generators.

   • At the time of writing, this site offers 2080 free
       templates for you to use.

   • Hundreds more free templates to choose from.

   • Another site with 1000 or more free
       templates you can use.

There is absolutely no point paying for design since what you really want to
show is Adsense. Just grab a template, integrate the code elements of the
content generator and modify the design so the Adsense is front and center,
as we saw earlier.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

File and Folder Names:
All content generators or at least the ones that create the pages from the
server itself have identifying files or folder names. These are folders or files
that have a name unique to the generator. For example, one of my favorite
content generators has a file named RSSGM after the name of the program.
You need to change or remove all these file names before uploading and
building your sites.

Included in this are: the names of the CSS file (s) and the names of the
images. If it came with the program, change it.

Content Generator Marks:
These are words that appear in the pages created by the content generators.
Some have “powered by such and such” mentions in the footer. It needs to

Other generators have other dead giveaways. For example:

The basic script comes with this mention: when there are no RSS feeds to
display for a given keyword, it displays this text: “no news is good news”.

The Blog Solution
 The main page of each new domain you create will have this as a subtitle:
“recently added blogs”. How many natural sites do you think have something
like that written in them?

Favored Content Generators:
The best content generator you can use is the one you have a programmer
make for you. You can use any of the existing ones as a base and have
something made that will not be overly expensive.

The less people use the same content generator as you, the better it will work.

That being said, I still use some of the commercial and open source ones with
great success although this is rather rare.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

RssEvolution was built by the same team that made the Blog Solution and
more recently the revamped Content Solution.

While I have not tested all commercial content generators, this is a simple on
that I use consistently. Even though many people own it, I still get good
results from it.

Some sites I have built nearly 6 months ago are still fully indexed and drawing
traffic and clicks to this day with no sign of slowing down. That is exceptional
value for a content generator.

You can check it out here, it’s rather inexpensive. The company offers a three
day free trial which is plenty of time to check it out and even build a large
number of sites. (coupon in the Annex)

Rssgm stands for Really Simple Site Generator Modified. It is somewhat
more complex to use and absolutely requires you to remove footprints in the
code and template if you are to use it.

You also need to use the right hosting for it because not all companies
support the functions the script needs to work. Refer yourself to the hosting
providers mentioned before and you will not have any trouble.

When you decide to upgrade your operations, this completely open script is
one that you can give to a programmer on a freelance site to use as the base
for your custom script.

This knocks down the price of your application and builds on a very solid and
proven foundation.

Taking the next step and having your own content generator created is one of
the smartest moves you can make. This is a very lucrative business and
there is no sense shortchanging yourself and your earning potential by
refusing to invest a couple of dollars.

Download and use version 1.35, the other has bugs.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Fantomas ShadowMaker™:
Fantomas ShadowMaker™ is the best content generator being sold anywhere
for any price.

It’s very expensive. Your copy will set you back over $2500. That being said,
it can’t be beat.

The feature list reads exactly like you would want the dream content
generator to work.

If you decide to have a content generator built, go look at the list of features

That will show you what you should be aiming for. In short it controls
everything from interlinking your pages to determining primary and secondary
keywords, creating metatags, scraping content from a huge variety of sources
and making the most unique text I have seen come out of a machine.

ShadowMaker™ is not just a content generator that you can use on unlimited
domains. It comes complete with industrial strength cloaking based on which
you can redirect the pages of your generated domain to any place you want
on a page by page basis.

You also get a database of spider IPs which is the best in the business. It’s
updated automatically several times per day with out the slightest intervention
on your part.

In the introduction to cloaking above, I explained how using such a service is
beneficial to your monetization methods.

Not only can you make more money with your affiliate and Adsense sites but
you can also use cloaked domains to send traffic to your white hat sites.

This is one of the only instances in which you can mix white hat and black hat

Imagine you have a white hat site that you intend to build for the long term.
You don’t want to do anything sketchy with it because that would risk a
penalty or even a ban from the search engines and you would lose your hard

However, like all good entrepreneurs, you are a bit impatient and if you can
get more traffic coming your way, you’ll take it. This is an excellent way to do

Another place where you will have trouble surviving without cloaking is if your
site is flash or relies heavily on dynamic functions.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

In this type of site, you have very little content on the actual site itself. There
are few texts and few pages. In other words, you have nice graphics and you
serve your customers well, but the search engines don’t understand your site.

They don’t see graphics or dynamic content so your site looks empty to
Google, therefore not worth ranking well in the search engines. In this case,
even though your site offers an unparalleled user experience, you will get
hardly any search engine traffic if any at all.

Another example would be a site where you could potentially rank for
hundreds of keywords but the site is new and has few content pages.

You will build those content pages over time, but while you are waiting, why
not put some cloaked domains out there to grab that traffic and send it to your
site so you can start making money and users right away?

Finally, you can even use this for list building. Imagine you have 100 or more
domains that list every internet marketing keyword ever typed into a search
engine. These domains contain thousands of pages, each optimized for one
of those keywords.

When visitors clicks on one of the listings the cloaked domains has in the
search engines, they get redirected to a squeeze page that captures their
name and email.

This is not theoretical. I know at least one of the big name gurus you would
all recognize who does exactly this. He has grabbed nearly 40,000 free
subscribers and made untold amounts of affiliate commissions from them, all
from using cloaked domains.

This guy never talks about black hat. In fact I have even heard him bad
mouth it at times. If I told you who it was, you would be shocked.

This stuff is not black magic and it’s not “dangerous”. Top guns don’t hesitate
to use this because the returns can be outright spectacular.

In short, the ShadowMaker™ is one of the most highly recommended
weapons you can add to your arsenal. The benefits of using it are countless
and the quality is unparalleled.

It’s made by one of the most respected Black Hat developers the industry has
ever known: Ralph Tegtmeir.

Another advantage is that he will personally help you get it working for you
and show you how to profit from it. If you follow the instructions, it will be very
difficult for you to not make your investment back many times in a short period
of time.

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                           ~ Project Black Mask ~

If you have the money to invest, skip out on all the other little programs and
the headache of dealing with inferior programmers and products and get this.
You won’t regret it. (coupon in the Annex)

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

                         Linking and Promotion
Generally speaking, this is where new comers to the wonderful world of black
hat money picking go wrong.

In the Affiliate Slam method, I also describe what I refer to as “Link
Distribution”. This is far darker than anything contained here.

In the Adsense is King method, I encourage you to use only the linking and
promotion methods I’ve included just below. They will not get you complaints
from anybody since it is all “self-contained”. Some black hatters I know add
the link dumping methods to this method but I choose not too because it can
compromise your hosting and Adsense Accounts.

Getting enough links to your sites quickly is the difference between making
pennies a month and making several dollars a day per domain.

By combining the bulk of these methods, you can get the most lowly content
generator site indexed in a couple of days to a week. That means the money
will pretty much start coming in instantly.

By applying more links to each site, your pages will rise in the search
rankings, meaning a higher income and much more traffic.

Remember this is where your piers will falter. Outplay them here and you will
be well on your way to making a very large and rewarding automatic income
from home. Fail to get links and you will be cursing this or that content
generator and crying that Google doesn’t like you.

                                Blog Service

Blog & Ping
Blog and ping is a rather simple concept that is the heart of the 2 methods
that follow. The basic idea is the following.

Blogs get indexed quickly and they make it easy to add content and posts as
well as sidebar links. Aka, you can manage content easily.

The idea behind blog and ping is that you post links to your money pages
(adsense sites) in the blog posts. You then ping these blogs abundantly.

Within a matter of minutes, the search engine bots are visiting your blogs and
following the links you just posted to your money sites. The very same day
you built them, the search engines are already aware your sites exist.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

These new sites then go into the database of sites that have been crawled
superficially. The search engine crawlers will come back to this database and
revisit your site in more depth within a couple of days.

Following the second visit, it is a matter of days before you start seeing pages
indexed and traffic hitting your money pages.

This is the bare minimum step. There are several ways of doing it. I do both
since more is better.

The Blogger Slam:
This term was coined quite some time ago, I can’t remember by who. Here is
the story in a nutshell. is a big blog platform now owned by Google. The main
domain has a huge PR and also happens to be very old. This means huge

Search engine spiders live on this domain and that means any blog created
on it will get indexed fast and receive favors in its power ranking from the
search engines.

You can build as many blogs as you want on this site for free. Software
exists, such as by Joseph Tierny, which allows
you to automatically create as many as you want. All you need to do is enter
a captcha, the verification code that makes sure you are a human.

You then post the links to your money site on these blogs and ping them
repetitively. The whole process takes a matter of minutes, it’s free and it

Joseph Tierney provides you with several useful pieces of software for free.
The main application is not but you can still grab the others and they are very
much worthwhile:

On this page, you can get Grablinks, BlogPoster Pro, BlogPinger Pro and a
cpanel script. They are all free and are just as good as most paid scripts.

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                              ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here’s a quick run down of how I do a blogger slam:

           1) Create 100 blogger blogs with BloggerBenerator.
           2) Use Grablinks to gather all the links on my adsense sites that I
              want to promote
           3) Enter these links in BlogPoster Pro and set it to post several
              hundred links to each blog one time
           4) Set BlogPinger Pro to ping all these blogs every 6 hours.

All told this takes less than 30 minutes to accomplish and will get spiders to
my money sites quickly.

I won’t stop there however because I want to milk my money sites for all they
are worth. The more links I put up, the more money I make.

Blog Farms:
Blog Farms are a truly beautiful thing. What they are in fact is your own
personal network of sites that can pass link juice on to your money site. Think
of it as your personal stash of Google Juice.

If you choose Adsense sites as your Black Hat Monetization method, proper
blog farms will just about ensure your success and they will also propel your
sites far above those of the competition.

Building blog farms is an art. It can take a bit of time and some resources but
it is extremely worthwhile in the end.

Adam, the creator of , one of the most highly
recommended black hat resources on the web has patented a complete
system that breaks everything down into simple steps.

He has generously contributed his system here which I have adapted for you
to be able to use without the scripts that Adam provides with the membership
to his site. I’ve done this because the goal of this book is to allow you to start
making black hat money with as little investment as possible.

If you have more money to invest, don’t play around doing things manually.
Get some software and applications to help you out. They will cut your
execution time up 100 times.

Alright, let’s get started then.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Building a Hexagonal Blog Farm:
A hexagonal blog fram is a blog network that contains 6 domains. These
domains will be interlinked together and are consolidated into one unit or blog

Adam suggests you build one blog farm for every 30 money sites you build.
This number is flexible but it is very reasonable for what we want to
accomplish. As you will see, we can then promote more sites as we go along.

In order to mass build blog farms, you will almost certainly need some
software. There are several on the market including,,,
and Smart AutoBlogger which is which is the least expensive of them all, and
contains a good deal of the features you need. ( )

Given the choice, I would use one of the individual software applications if I
had enough money to purchase what I want without concern. If I was a little
tight on cash or wanted a complete suite of Black Hat software, I would
purchase the membership to PGinsider. It’s a limited membership and it
almost always closed to new members but used every possible persuasion
tactic available to man to convince Adam to let purchasers of this book in
through the back door. You’ll see how later. For now, just concentrate on the
task at hand.

Step 1: Domains and Hosting
The first thing you want to do is register the 6 domains that will host your
blogs. Refer to the section on domains and choose cheap .info domains.
You will want these to be in general categories, not niches. For example,
health, sports, business, etc.

Picking domain names should not be a long or complicated task. You will not
be branding these domains and hoping for much human traffic to them so just
brainstorm and buy.

Here are some examples:


Now that you have your domains, you need to point them to your hosting
accounts. You could put all of the blogs in the farm on the same hosting
account but it would be far preferable to set them up on different accounts.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here is what Adam suggests: set up 2 domains on each of 3 different hosting
accounts. The ones I use are and The most basic hosting package should be sufficient for
your needs. This will cost you a couple of dollars extra but you will see your
returns much increased to the point where you will absolutely not care.

The idea is that each hosting account needs to be on a separate class C IP
block. In short, that tells Google that these sites are not necessarily owned by
the same person. That way you are able to pass link juice from one domain
to the other.

I suggest you not host any money sites on the hosting accounts that have
blog farms on them. You need to respect this in order to extract maximum
benefit from them.

Step 2: Building the Blogs
Install WordPress blogs on each of these domains. This is usually included in
the one click installs with most hosting providers. That means you can just
login to your hosting account and tell it to install a WordPress blog on your
domains. It near instantaneous and you don’t have any more work to do for
this part.

If you have software like this will go even
faster and provide practical benefits. If you don’t have it, the method
explained above is relatively fast and sufficiently effective until you scale your

Adam suggests you use a custom template for your blogs. I disagree here
and prefer to use generic WordPress templates so Google can not easily link
all my blog farms together. The choice is yours and both work fine.

Step 3: Sub-domains

   •   On 5 of the blog domains you have just created, you will now add 2
       subdomains. Subdomains are like separate domains that exist on your
       main domain. It would look like this : where business before the dot is
       the subdomain.

What you now have is 6 domains, each of them with a main blog on the root
of the domain and 2 subdomains each on 5 of the 6 blogs.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here is a diagram that illustrates this:

Each of the large blue circles is one domain on which one blog is directly

The small orange polygons are the blogs you have installed on sudomains.

The blue and grey lines are one way links. Each main blog links to one of its
neighbors and both of its subdomains. The final blog doesn’t have any
subdomains. It links to one other blog and receives a link from one blog only.

Step 4: Interlinking
I’ve already pretty much covered this above but it’s important to do it correctly.
Each main blog links to only one of its neighbors and receives links from only
one blog. There are no reciprocal links at all.

Every blog that has subdomains links to both of its subdomains but the
subdomains do not link to each other.

One blog has no subdomains.

The links are simply sidebar links. In WordPress, you have the ability to add
what are called “blogroll” links. That is how you create the links to your blogs.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Step 5: Content
You now have one complete blog farm but the only thing that exists is the
structure since there is no content in the blogs as of yet.

To add content, you will almost certainly need software, otherwise it will
require you to spend too much time here. All the solutions I mentioned above
like come with a solution to add content. Most of
the time, this is a mix of rss feeds and articles or snippets depending on the
software you use.

This content will be fed into the blogs automatically by your software over a
period of months. You will never need to go back and do anything manually.

Your blog farm is now ready to roll.

Step 6: Promotion
You created this farm in the first place to get your money sites indexed and
ranked so that you could cash in. It’s now time to do that. What you will do is
set your blogging software to include links to your money sites every time
content is added to the blogs.

This may seem complicated but it really isn’t since the blog software does it
automatically for you. All of them do this so it’s just a question of picking one.

What now happens is that links to your money sites are constantly added over
time to this network of blogs. Within a short period of time, your money sites
will be indexed and ranking and you will be making money from them.

Extra Information:
You can now continue to add new subdomains to each of the 5 blogs you
made that had the initial 2 subdomains. As time goes by and all links to your
30 money sites for which you built this blog farm have been blogged, you can
start promoting a new batch of sites with the same blog farm.

You will not need to buy new hosting accounts for each blog farm. You can
use each hosting account for up to 3 set of 2 blogs. What I mean is that each
blog farm has 6 domains, which are separated 2 by 2 on different hosting
accounts. You can have pairs of domains from up to 3 blog farms on each

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Smart Tips:
This will again boost the cost of your operation but it will boost your profits
tremendously so I suggest you give it a try.

   •   Buy links to your blog farms. You can get cheap PR 4 and PR 3 links to
       your blog farms by purchasing them on , or forums. Do not pay big for
       these links, the only reason you want them is for the indexing power.
       These links will ensure your pages do not get dammed to the
       supplemental index and it will also help your money sites rank higher
       and faster since they will receive more link juice.

   •   Pay a cheap writer on a freelancing site to write 10 or so articles for
       you. You can also do this yourself, but considering the quality of the
       articles you are looking for, it is preferable to outsource. Submit these
       articles to the top 10 article directories using the author bio box to link
       back to your blog farms. This will have much the same effect as

   •   Give the links to the main blog that does not have any subdomains.
       That will be considered the anchor of the blog farm.

   •   Try to push the quality up, especially in the beginning. Try to make the
       content better than just rss feeds to start and consider adding pictures
       to the sidebar. This adds a touch of realism and will make your blogs
       pass a rudimentary human inspection, making you virtually ban-proof.

   •   Blog farms can live a long healthy life and they will help you again and
       again. Each blog farm can earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars
       a month from the benefit they confer to your money sites. Build them
       well and you will not regret it.

After you have repeated this process enough times, you will find it much
easier than you did the first time. You will also have stores of linkjuice in
stock, allowing you to get pretty much any site indexed extremely quickly.

This is akin to a secret weapon that is totally under your own personal control.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

               Digg, Delicious and Getting Social

Web 2.0 is the Black Hat’s best friend. The success of their model is based
on user generated content and interaction. Let’s give them some shall we?

There are 2 methods here that can be used to exploit these sites.

The premise behind these sites is that you are bookmarking a page on a site
for your own future use. You found the page interesting and you want to
make sure you can find it again so you bookmark it.

Most of the time, these bookmarks are public so other people can come along
and see what other sites you bookmarked, thus finding more content they
might enjoy.

The bookmarks are most often ranked by how many other people selected
them. These top selections are usually placed on the front pages of these
sites which have extreme traffic and very high PR.

All of these sites will sport a link to the page you bookmark, thus improving
your link profile.

Compulsive Bookmarking:
There are hundreds of bookmarking sites out there. While it would be nice to
get links from all of them, that’s often time consuming and it requires special
software to achieve.

I’ve personally tried some of them and wasn’t altogether satisfied to the point
where I would keep using them so I settled for a handy and free little web
application that anyone can use.

The idea behind compulsive bookmarking is to get as many links from
different social bookmarking sites as possible. Since the submissions to
these sites are largely unmoderated, you can bookmark even the crappiest of
content and it will be listed on the sites with a link back to your content.

Of course in this case your content has no chance of making it anywhere near
the front page but in this scenario you are just after the links.

Here is the application I use:

It lists about 20 of the most popular bookmarking sites on the web. You will
have to sign up for an account at each of them and then enter the username
you created and password you selected.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

After that, all you will need to do it press one button to automatically submit
any page you are on to all of the bookmarking sites in question.

You can enter the descriptive text you want and this will be used on all the

For maximum results, you will want to create more than one account per
bookmarking site. The only way to do this is to use a proxy, otherwise your
accounts will get banned for trying to game the system.

Even if you only create one account per site, you have just given an upward
thrust to your indexing and ranking potential.

Do not book mark all the pages of your site, which is useless. Select one or
at most 2 pages from the site and then go on to the next one. Do not sit and
bookmark 1000 pages in one go. Bookmark a couple of sites and then do
something else before coming back to it later.

Here is an exhaustive list of sites:

Tricks of the Social Networks
This is not as easy as compulsive bookmarking and not always worth it. I only
use this tactic when the site I am promoting is greyhat and I expect some long
term life and income out of it. It can also provide a quick injection of traffic
and revenue as well as generate a plethora of backlinks.

Search for linkbaiting on Google and you will get a better grasp of this

What you do is have an article written specifically for the purpose of ranking
on these sites. You then host this article on your site and submit it to the
social networks.

The easiest one to game is

For this to work, you need allies, aka people that will bookmark, digg, or
submit your content. Remember this works on votes. The more votes your
page gets, the higher it goes.

If you can get 15 to 20 votes, the users of the site will generally act like good
herd animals and continue voting it up until it reaches the top. Get your
friends to help you or create a “social club” by recruiting other members on
forums. You submit their content, they submit yours, everybody wins.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

There it is. It may seem like a lot at first but you will get the hang of it
quickly and it may well be the fastest and easiest surefire way to make
money online today.

               Fast Action Blueprint #1: Adsense is King

   1) Find 10 niches you will build sites around using the method described
      later in the Niche Research section.

   2) For each of these 10 niches, register 10 domains with strong relevant
      keywords in the name, using a maximum of one hyphen.

   3) Register another 20 domains with a relatively wider theme in the
      keyword name. These will be used for your blog farms.

   4) Purchase adequate hosting for your money sites and blog farms:

          •   For your money sites, you can get a VPS or dedicated server as
              detailed earlier or you can combine several smaller shared
              hosting accounts. This second option is less expensive and can
              work out just as well.

          •   For your blog farms, purchase 3 separate smaller shared
              hosting accounts making sure you specify your need for
              separate class C IPs. Just ask your host and they will be happy
              to comply. One company I recommend for this is
     , the basic reseller kit will give you what
              you need.

   5) Do your keyword research. Using one of the methods elucidated
      earlier, create monster keyword lists full on longtail searches. 5000
      keywords is a decent number although you should mix in domains with
      more and less keywords.

   6) Using your selected site generator, build the 100 money sites, using
      different IPs whenever possible. If you’ve purchased shared hosting,
      you will just share the sites out on each and if you’ve purchased a VPS
      or dedicated hosting, you will need to select which site goes on what

   7) Now build your blog farms. Refer to the section on blog farms to see
      exactly how to do this. You will build 3 farms, 2 of which will have 7
      domains and one which will have only 6. Distribute the domains that
      are part of each farm evenly amongst the three hosting accounts. Use
      the solution you selected to provide content for these blogs and set it to

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

       post to 80% of blogs everyday. Set the software to ping your blogs
       daily or after each post depending on the application you are using.

   8) Interlink the blog farms amongst themselves as detailed in the blog
      farm section above. After a couple of days worth of automated posting,
      your blogs will have a reasonable amount of content and it will be time
      start posting links to your sites directly in the blog posts. Each blog
      farm will be used to promote 33 sites. Note down which ones go with
      which farm and enter the links in the auto-posting software.

   9) Optionally, you can now perform a Blogger Slam posting links to your
      money sites and blog farms.

   10) Register accounts with the social bookmarking sites supported by . Bookmark a minimum of 10 pages from each site
      and individual blog including sitemaps where applicable.

   11) For each blog farm either write 10 brief, low quality articles or hire
      someone to write them for you on or other
      freelancing sites. Use an article submission software to submit these
      articles to 100 or more article directories. For each article, you will
      make 10 alternate author bio boxes. Each of these will contain 2 links.
      One of the links will be for one of your blog farm’s main blog and 1 link
      to one of the subdomains, either at the index page or the sitemap.

       If you use to do this, you can get even better
       results by having each paragraph rewritten. That means all article
       submissions will be unique and every one will pass a counted link to
       your sites and farms. It also alternates the author bio box automatically
       and does all the posting automatically. Huge time saver and
       performance enhancer.

   12) For each of the main blogs in your blog farms, create a lens on and post one of your articles with a link to the
      sitemaps of the subdomains. Set the lens to display the blog feed from
      your main blog, this will create an extra link for each post that is made.

Extra tips:

   •   Use the comment button exploit to point a link to each of your blog
       farms and each of your sitemaps.

   •   Use to find blogs relevant to your blog farms.
       You will easily find PR5 and up blogs. Make a relevant comment on
       the blog and drop a link to your blogs. Repeat for each blog.

   •   Purchase a cheap PR 4 link from one of the sources mentioned above
       for each of your main blogs.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

You can do fine without the extra tips. I mention them for those that want to
turbocharge their site building efforts.

Already, if you follow the 12 steps as laid out, you will almost certainly make
appreciable money.

The first time you do this, it will seem like a rather large task and it does
involve some work. When you get the hang of it, you will be able to
personally build 2 or more networks of 100 Adsense Money sites per week,
including the blog farms and promotion.

That means that every month you will be adding between 400 and 800 sites to
your network, with each of these making between $0.5 to $3 per day. In
essence, that translates into a daily income between $200 and $2400.

The better you follow the plan, the higher your results will be.

Each step is rather simple and obvious once you get the hang of it. It is also
rather tedious and repetitive.

That is excellent news for smart people that want very large income. Since
each step is so simple, you can easily outsource all the steps of the process
and have more sites built on autopilot with very little intervention required on
your part.

Think of it this way: there are several countries where people dream of
making $500 a month. For such an amount, they will happily work 40 or 50
hours a week. Once you show them how, they can conduct keyword
research, set up domains and blog farms and create links for your promotional
efforts as well as writing low quality articles.

This allows you to reproduce the same profitable model as quickly as you
want, each time multiplying your income by the appropriate factor.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

                  Method # 2: The Affiliate Slam

The Affiliate Slam: Anatomy of a $10,000 Day
This refers to the practice of completely disregarding any aspect of natural
SEO and turning up the juice, as high as possible as fast as possible. Here,
we’ll go into the exact specifics of how to make an Affiliate Slam where I will
outlay exact step-by-step building strategies that suit different tastes and

The Affiliate Slam is when you build a site and dynamite it with keyword rich
anchor text. Its glory days at the top of search engines won’t last long, but it
will make considerable money while it’s there.

How much is a top ranking on Google for “buy Viagra” for a single day worth?
Easily $10,000, and quite probably more. To get it though, you’re going to
have to use every tool in the box and turn the power knob up to maximum out
put. You’ll have to play dirty but the spoils of war can make it irresistible.

One thing to consider though is that you can perform an Affiliate Slam on just
about any product. “Buy Viagra” is the ultimate Black Hatter’s Holy Grail. The
most vicious Black Hats in the world fight for this term like Oprah for the last

It’s overly competitive for what it’s worth. There are tons of terms that will
payout several thousand dollars a day for top rankings if the traffic lands on a
page that gets the job done conversion-wise. Think gambling, debt
consolidation, student loans, online education, ringtones and a nearly endless

A lot of these industries have Black Hats as their highest performing affiliates
although they wouldn’t like to admit it.

The farther down the ladder of search volume you go, the less brute force you
need for your Affiliate Slam to rocket you to the top. There are a couple more
concepts we need to wrap our heads around before we’re ready to do
anything of the sort but you now have a very good idea of several tactics that
can be used to generate an endless swarm of high paying traffic.

The interesting thing is that Black Hat SEO is infinitely scalable.

What you do one time you can very well repeat a thousand fold. Of course
there comes a time in your enterprises when the man hours you can provide
won’t allow you to go any further. The sweet part is that outsmarting the
search engines comprises a very large part of low brain activity, making it
possible for you to hire people with an IQ only a bit higher than that of a
chimpanzee to assist you in your dirty work.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

That being said, we’re ready to jump into the specifics of getting your
business off the ground or making it infinitely more profitable if you’ve already

Here are the steps and resources you need to follow and employ:

Free, Third Pary Hosting:
There are different kinds of third party hosts out there. Some are quite evil in
nature and others are just named third party because you are using someone
else’s resources for your sneaky monetization tactics. Let’s make the
distinction right away although most of these hosts can fall into either
category, depending on what you do with them.

This is Google’s very own free blogging platform. You can manually create as
many blogs as you want or you can save time by using a powertool like
Blogger Generator or RSS to Blog.

Wordpress blogs are great for indexing purposes. The SEs like them and that
means we like them too. There are no fully automated tools for creating mass
wordpress blogs on the mother domain at this time.

MSN Spaces:
Msn’s blogging platform

The following do not support mass building but they should be considered for
domain power, meaning that links from them do carry some weight and
hosting an affiliate page on here can be worthwhile:

I’ve seen pages on this site rank well for moderately competitive keywords
with a lesser linking profile than other sites which it was beating in the search
engines. That’s a sure sign of domain power, which makes it a good third
party host to use for an affiliate slam of the greyhat variety.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Another free host, sometimes intolerant of black hat activities, but still
worthwhile for passing link juice.


The Following sites are true Third Party hosts. Let me explain.

When doing an Affiliate Slam, you will invariably be sending a large quantity of
rather low quality links to your site or page.

If you do this on your own new domains, it will pull a flag much faster than if
you do it on an older more established domain.

For example, the most aggressive Viagra guys, those that will send 2000 blog
and forum links to their page in a matter of days will not build on a new
domain. They will make their page on an unwitting host that has enough
domain strength for the search engines to tolerate the huge and fast influx of
low grade links without batting an eye.

Here are the best third party hosts with high domain power at this time:

.edu sites: The better known and the older, the better. Standford’s site is
particularly popular. : This site is not in English but that doesn’t stop Black Hats
from using their very strong domain by hosting their pages there and using a
redirect to send the traffic that lands on them to a high converting affiliate
page. : This is another powerful domain where you can host
your page and generate links at will, effectuating a redirect to the page of
your choice. Another top power domain on which you can build pages
and redirect traffic for your fiendish benefit.

The sites below work in the same general manner. Instead of promoting their
site directly, they link up the shortened version of their URL hosted by
another site.

You are probably familiar with tinyURL by now. What the service does is
allow you to take a big long affiliate URL and transform it into a short one
hosted by tinyURL. When someone clicks the link, they end up on the
destination of your choice, the one you entered to make the URL.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

These sites are serving Black Hats well in that regard:

Now that you know where you will host your page, you need to find out what
niche and keyword you will use.

          Affiliate Slam Keyword and Niche Research

High Competition:
With high competition terms, you will not be building large sites. In fact you
may have only one page or no site at all if you are redirecting your traffic
directly from a third party host to an affiliate merchant.

In this case, the most determining factors are as follows:

Search Volume:

For this angle, we want high search volume and in fact we need it to turn a
solid profit from our efforts. There are hundreds of keywords (more in fact)
that have search volume in the 500 or more per day and are linked to very
high payouts from affiliate offers.

Since you will need something along the lines of hundreds of links to rank for
these terms and your rankings will likely not last long, you need to make a
quick killing.

Some high search volume keywords that are also extremely lucrative are
more difficult for the average person to monetize. If you want to specialize in
a certain niche, you may look into developing relationships directly with
vendors that will pay you for your efforts on every sale, or even for each lead
you generate.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

For example, while “lemon law” is a keyword that fetches a very high price
and for which lawyers pay tremendous amounts for a single lead, it may be
difficult for you to monetize this traffic because of a lack of related affiliate

I always make it a point of finding a solid affiliate program with good
conversions and high payouts before I conclude that a high traffic niche is
worth my time.

The Process:
This is a very simple process, you just want to find a match between high
search volume for your keyword and a solid high paying affiliate program to
profit from it.

Step One: Find the High Paying Keywords
There are tons of options when looking for high paying keywords. One of my
favorites is . You can even use the free trial but it
requires guess work. Anyways, what you really want to get from this is an
indication of payouts on a keyword, so you don’t need to go very specific.

For example, on the page, it proposes different categories: all of these are
high paying niches. So now I click on the refinance category: the free version
doesn’t show me the keywords but it shows me payouts for clicks on them. In
this case, I notice there are lots of keywords with very high search volume and
very good payouts in the refinance category.

A quick diagonal scan tells me that the average true payout per click on these
keywords is around $5. In this case, I’m going for the kill and giving Adsense
a break. However, I know that if advertisers are shelling out $5 for one click,
there is huge money to be made

Step 2: Evaluating Search Volume:
Now I want to narrow my search down to one particularly high search volume
keyword. I’ll exercise common sense at the same time to see if this keyword
will convert well and if I suspect it has valid affiliate programs related to it or
not. I just want an overall picture here.

So I point my browser to Seo Book’s free keyword tool. There are other
options but I try to keep things free as much as possible and show you free
options so you can avoid spending any money at all until you are making
important amounts of it.

                                   Page 61 of 97
                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

I dump in the keyword: refinance and here’s what happens:

Ok great, this seems to be precisely what I’m looking for. We’ve established
that these keywords have high payouts and now we know that some of them
have huge search volume.

Have a look at mortgage refinance: want to see a site making millions a
month? Check the top natural results in Google

Mortgage refinance may be a little too competitive for us but it’s not
completely out of the question. I would go a bit further down the list because
the competition will diminish and the conversion rates of my traffic will go up.

Keywords 6, 7 and 8 are looking pretty good. They are hitting over 2000
searches a day and they are targeted to a certain degree. When someone
enters a qualifier like “bad credit”, “Florida” or “Texas”, you can be almost
certain they are buyers, or in this case strong candidates to convert to a juicy
high paying lead.

In this stage, I would eliminate the keywords if my instinct told me that there
would be few or no affiliates to pay me handsomely for my efforts. In this
case, I’m almost certain I can find some so I move on to the next step.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Step 3: Matching an Affiliate Program to my Traffic:
Ok so I’ve selected a couple of probable suspects for my keywords and they

   •   Florida refinance mortgage
   •   Texas mortgage refinance
   •   Bad credit refinance

All have close to the same number of monthly searches and all would be
wildly profitable to rank for. My instinct tells me that the two first would be a
bit easier to rank for so I’ll concentrate on those first.

What I’ll do now is head on over to Google and search “mortgage affiliate
program” or “mortgage refinance affiliate program”. This brings up a wide
selection of choices and all I have to do is pick the one that will bring me a
combination of high conversions and payouts.

Conclusion, I have 3 winning high search, high payout keywords ready to roll.

You now build a page on the third party host of your choice and insert the
javascript code I provide below on your page. This is not necessary but I
recommend it. The point is to get people to click on your affiliate link so they
get taken to the merchant site.

If you use the redirect code, they will automatically be taken to it. Don’t forget
to use your affiliate link, that’s how you get paid

                              Link Distribution

There are many places online where you can get free links for your sites. To
reach our goals of making a massive income through black hat search engine
optimization, we need those link dumping methods to become automated.

This section is all important when doing the affiliate slam. With that particular
method, the number of links you can generate will be the strongest
determining factor in how high your page ranks and how much money you

When we talk about Asense sites, you should consider skipping this section if
it makes you uncomfortable. You can do very well with the blog farms and
blog use methods mentioned above.

Of course you can do much better if you dump some links into the fray. Here
are the most popular link dumps.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

You may not want to dump links directly to a site that contains your Adsense
ads. Rare but irritating webmasters will track down your Adsense code and
report you to Google. This means a possible ban of your account.

That’s why you need to consider cloaking or just cultivate huge stores of
personal link juice with blog farms.

When doing the affiliate slam, most merchants are relatively Black Hat
friendly. Since the links cannot be traced back to you, your host or your
Adsense account, the only thing the nosy webmasters have to run with is your
affiliate code. They then have to track back the affiliate network or program
from which you are getting the code and stool on you.

Even then, many affiliate programs, particularly the high dollar Viagra,
pharmacy, loans and mortgage types are very tolerant to your monetization
tactics since they like the money you are putting in their pockets.

Hey, I never promised this was going to be pretty. I promised it would be

There are tens of millions of blogs online. Several of those blogs are owned
by clueless people that would give their left pinky toe for a comment. They’ve
been blogging for months and no-one knows about it because their site is so
darn boring.

Make them happy and leave a comment.

Something like this will do nicely:

       “Really nice site you have here. I’ve been reading for a while but this
       post made me want to say 2 thumbs up. Keep up the great work”

When you leave a comment like this, there is a space for you to leave your
site URL. Instant backlink. You might also drop the URL of your site directly
into your comment for even better linkage.

Besides the blogs whose owners are dying of loneliness, you can also get
easy links on abandoned blogs. In this case, the blogger still has the domain
but they have long since stopped posting and moderating. These blogs can
be used time and time again, dropping dozens of links at a time with no

Some of these blogs even have high PR.

As you can guess, doing this manually is far too time consuming to be
accomplished on a large scale. Once you are ready to go for it, have a cheap

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

coder make you your own automated tool. It will cost you a couple of dollars
but it will make you a fortune if you use it.

So far as I know, you need to get this built yourself because nobody is clever
enough to have built a commercial one so far. Unfortunate.

If you want to only send links to dead blogs, you can use an interesting tactic.

You go to and search for “buy Viagra”. This will without a doubt
return several Black Hat sites as top results since these clever folks are using
the affiliate slam to make a killing.

You select the URL of one of these sites and enter it in the Yahoo site
explorer. The tool will return the list of backlinks the site has. Any site that
has Viagra links on it is a perfect target for your links since the comments are
clearly not being moderated very well or at all.

Forum Links:

Much like blogs, there are tens of thousands of forums on the internet. Many
of these are even better than blogs because they are on old trusted domains.
That means the links you get from them are worth double.

There are two approaches to forum generating linns. Since both are valid and
useful, why settle for only one when you can have your cake and eat it too.

Method 1:
Set up new user accounts through proxies on hundreds of different forums.
Make links to your sites in your profile and make a signature for yourself
containing links to your sites or blog farms.

The make a single post, posing as a newbie. Something along these lines will
do fine:

      “Hey y’all,

      I’ve been lurking for awhile but this is a really cool forum so I decided to
      jump in and get my feet wet. I’m new at this so I don’t have much to
      say but it’s been real educational reading here and I look forward to

Method 2:
This method is a bit longer but it works even better than the first one since not
all forums allow signatures and some require a minimum number of posts
before you can have your own.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Since you have absolutely no intention of creating any intelligent discussion,
this is a waste of time for you and a waste of potential links.

In this case, you just go ahead and place links to your sites directly in the

Posing as a newbie here can also be useful. For example:

       “hey guys,

       This is a great forum and thank you for all the useful info.

       I just built a new site (link to your site here) and was wondering if you
       could give me some feedback on it.

       Thanks in advance,

       The newbie”

Similarly to blog comments, forum posting can get you lots of links in a hurry.
The big advantage over blog comments is that you will get a surprising
amount of direct traffic from this.

I often make affiliate sales from forum links before my page is even indexed
by the search engines. That means the forums are directly making me money
beyond the primary usage of dumping links.

In this case, there are pieces of software on the market that allow you to
automate the whole process. You might also consider getting your own built
since these can be expensive.

Once again however, they are very much worthwhile.

The one you should consider before any other is .
For only $77, it automates registration and multi-level posting to over 100
strong forums. You can also use it for semi-automated posting to other
forums you enter. One way or another, it’s an excellent source of backlinks
that comes for the right price.

There is also a much more expensive application that can take the process
one step further. This one is quite sophisticated.

With it you can post to forums and guestbooks. The software comes with over
50,000 forums and guestbooks included. It creates user accounts, defeats
captchas and activates your accounts through email automatically.

In short it is quite the Black Hat domination machine.

It even has a question/answer system that is quite simply marvelous, if you’ll
allow me to describe Black Hat that way.

                                  Page 66 of 97
                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Here’s how it works: the software creates one user that posts the question of
your choice. It then creates one or more users that post answers to that

For example:

User 1:
 I want to start making money from home but I know there are a lot of crummy
programs online. Have any of you tried any programs that worked?

From a different IP and account, user 2 jumps in a while later.

User 2:
I found one that worked quite well for me, it’s called Product XYZ and you can
find it here

User 1:
Thanks User 2, I think I might try that. What is productXYZ about?

User 2:
Hey dude,

It’s about making money starting your very own gerbil farm. Really sweet.

Many forums specialize in low IQ members. A well crafted conversation will
have them getting involved in no time. There you have it, direct sales plus

Yes, this is very evil, I plead no-contest. You can use the software just to
point links or you can go the full mile, the choice is yours.

This software is called X-rumer and is sold for $450 here:

You can watch a demo here:

It’s expensive but it gets top level results. If you just want to have a
conversation between you and you, forum equalizer will serve you fine.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Guest Book Links:
There are millions of guest books online waiting to receive your messages.
For most of these, you can post messages and links without registration or
anything else.

The links are not as strong as blog or forum links but they are still worth
adding to your link gathering arsenal.

This can be the most valuable links of all. You may or may not know that
blogs come with a feature called trackbacks.

It was invented so that blogs can serve as conversation forums. When a
website links to a blog post, the blog will recognize this link and create a link
back to the website.

This is done so that readers of the blog can access relevant content or see
what others have written that relates to the blog post they just read.

This is a very efficient way of getting targeted one-way backlinks. Much more
so than the methods above, although all are worth doing.

The only application I know of that does this is .
It’s always sold out but I have a limited backdoor for you in the Annex.

That about concludes this section on mass links. If you use these links with
the affiliate slam method described above, the only limit to how much money
you can make is how many times you replicate the method.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Fast Action Blueprint #2: The Affiliate Slam
These are the simple steps to follow when performing the affiliate slam:

          1) Use the keyword and niche research steps detailed earlier to
             find a moderately competitive keyword that has good payouts, a
             solid affiliate program and a relatively high number of daily

          2) Select a third party host from those listed above or find your
             own by researching which hosts are ranking best at any point in
             time. This is easily achieved by going to Google and searching
             “buy Viagra”. All the sites you see there that are on .edus or
             other hosting platforms are using third party hosts that work.

          3) Build your page on the third party host, inserting a javascript
             redirect to the affiliate merchant that passes on your affiliate
             code. With some third parties, you won’t be able to use this.
             Most of them should work fine.

              Here is the code for the redirect. Simply paste it into your page’s

              <script type="text/javascript">
              window.location = ""

          4) Use X-rumer or trackback spider or comment poster to point
             2000 or so links to your page as fast as you can. You can use
             any method you want to post links, I only suggest these
             because I know they work well.

That pretty much sums it up. The steps are elucidated in greater detail above.
It is only a question of picking the right keywords to make sure the money
piles up when you get the rankings and then getting the rank by pointing links.

If it seems simple, that’s because it is. Don’t let that hold you back.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~


One Last Thing:

I realize this may all be new to you, and whether it is or isn’t won’t stop me
from saying what I’m going to say here.

Do you really want to make a million bucks, or more? You can do it this way,
with what I’ve explained above. I can only take you so far along the journey
but I can point to the right direction for the rest of the way.

Warning, I’m going to tell you to spend some cash. I’m being really up front
here so don’t call me anything but an in your face straight shooter.

Here it is:
1) Buy the right items you need as fast as possible. If you can’t get them all
at once, that’s ok, just add them to your arsenal as soon as you can. That’s
how you scale your business (part 1).

2) Figure out how to apply the methods in the book for building an Adsense
Empire. Then hire people to do it for you as soon as you can afford it (Scale
your Business part 2). Supervise the process to make sure of two things: A)
things are getting done right and B) Which sites and keyword groups are
making the money.

3) When you know which niches are working, build cloaked domains for them
in masses. Think 100 domains or more for the same niche. Send this traffic
to an optin page and collect email addresses. Redirect the confirmation page
from the optin page to a relevant affiliate site. Complete an auto-responder
sequence for that list. Watch it grow on autopilot.

4) When you have enough members, make a product to sell them. You can
now: capitalize on easy free sales from your list and leverage the product and
list to get joint ventures with other product and list owners. This can easily
add hundreds of thousands to your yearly earnings.

5) Alternatively, you could do the same thing but build a big white hat site and
send the traffic from the cloaks there. Also have them optin. After a certain
point, the site will sustain itself and be a resource for you for years to come.

Here is my point. With these black hat longtail sites, you are essentially
getting 2 things. You are getting paid to do niche research. You are
generating traffic.

                                  Page 70 of 97
                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Instead of going for a one-time score with and Adsense or Affiliate click, go for
a long term income stream once the niche is proven. This way you can’t go

Those five items, while extremely over simplified are the perfect recipe for
massive wealth. Now on to my parting words.

Congratulations on picking up Project Black Mask and reading it to the end.
I’m quite certain you’ve never picked up an ebook that contained so much
information and so many new concepts to assimilate.

You may be overwhelmed with information at this point and that would be a bit
normal, after all one can’t expect to grasp everything there is to know about a
complete business model in one sitting.

I strongly urge you to read the entire book at least three times before moving
forward. You should then choose the model you wish to go after and follow
the simple steps in the Action Guides.

The first time around, there will be quite some learning involved for most of
you. Happily, you will be dealing with strong professional businesses like
hosting, domain providers and software sellers. All of these people are there
to help you understand and accomplish what you need to get done.

You can also email us at any time and we will do our best to clarify anything
you have difficulty with and point you in the right direction.

I’ve already said it but I will say it again. The level of knowledge required to
do this is on the low end. There are several concepts but they are not rocket
science. Take the time to master them.

The skills needed to make an absolute killing in this business are much less
than what they are in almost any other business, contrarily to what most gurus
would have you believe.

In this model, you do not need communication skills, you do not need to write
like a pro, you don’t need to solicit joint ventures or become a master of
advertising. You don’t need any selling skills or any other special ability for
that matter.

All you need is a willingness to invest the time you need to apply all the
concepts and methods you’ve learned.

If you can do that, the rewards will be tremendous. It will be up to you to
simply build more and promote more. That will directly impact your income.

                                  Page 71 of 97
                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

You can build more and promote more by getting better software and working
more hours or you can have more built by outsourcing.

The Adsense and Affiliate wells are deep. Even with 100,000 sites you would
only be scratching the surface although you would be a millionaire 10 times
over before year’s end.

Do not let your shoulders slump. Do not get discouraged or distracted. Do
not listen to anybody else. Everything you need to know is right here. The
key to your financial freedom is right here, in your hands.

Time to use it.

I have really poured everything out on these pages. There is nothing left for
me to say.

I could run deeper into each section but that would only make things tedious
and heavy with unnecessary detail.

Before we part ways, continue reading the next pages where I have included
Resources and Extras.

This is my black hat library and tool shed. This is what I use to build, promote
and learn. I suggest you make use of it also as it has served me well.

There it is, you have everything. It only remains up to you to use it.

When you do, you will have set out on a new path of prosperity. I hope you
will send me an email telling me how you’ve done.


Alex Goad

                                 Page 72 of 97
                           ~ Project Black Mask ~

                  Resources and Extra Goodies

Here are more pearls of wisdom that will serve you well in your SEO

The first I want to share with you is from one from Scott Trimble at He is the marketer and one of the masterminds behind
some of the best black hat software and products on the market.

This guy is dead sharp and he knows what he’s talking about, having done it
to the tune of rather extreme earnings.

I asked him to give a piece of advice to the buyers of this book that anyone
could take something from.He went way overboard and gave me the piece
you see below. If ever you need a crash reminder of what this book is about
and what the most important factors are, just read this article again.

                                Page 73 of 97
                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

                       ANNEX 1: Scott Trimble

                   The Secret to Top Ten Rankings
Life is funny. When I first started doing search engine optimization, there was
one question and one question only that was perpetually on the tip of my
tongue and I asked it any time and to anyone I could. SEO “gurus”, average
joe with a website, and anyone I could find that met two requirements –
having a well ranked website and the patience to talk to me. No one was safe
- I talked to them all. The question?

                    “What’s the secret to good rankings?”

The experience of asking the question though, was strangely reminiscent of
going to a Las Vegas strip club. I was always left more frustrated afterwards,
than before. The answers I received were, without exception, always vague
and lacking the ‘magic’ I was looking for. They seemed too simple and too
plain to possibly be “the answer”. There HAD to be some secret I was
missing. Something they knew that I didn’t.

Once in a while, I’d get wind of some wild strategy that was rumored to be
working. So, I’d immediately set off down this new-found path, forgetting
anything I had been doing to pursue this new “magic pill”. I’ll talk more about
my experience doing this a little later.

By and large, I always received about the same information from the guys I
questioned, none of which seemed like the ‘pearl’ I was looking for. It was
driving me batty.

After some dabbling, I started finding some winning SEO strategies, applied
them and eventually became successful myself. Today, I get asked the same
question that I asked so many times myself – “What’s the secret to good

I find the irony pretty comical. Analogous to the saying “you turn into your
parents”, I seem to have turned into the guys I once quizzed. To those
looking for that secret that will bring them riches, my answers are undoubtedly
simplistic. “But, where’s the trick?” I can almost hear them thinking. So, in
the end, they say ‘thanks’ and move on to the next guy and ask him the same
thing, hoping for something different.

So, here it is. I’m outing the secret, uncovering the truth and laying waste to
the rumors. I’ll save you potentially hundreds of hours of false starts and dead
ends, and if you take this one secret to heart, the chances are good you’ll find
genuine success in the search engines. Ready for it? Ok

                  The secret is – THERE IS NO SECRET!!!

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

In the end, the strategies I finally started seeing success with, were the same
techniques I had sloughed off as being too crude and basic. As I mentioned
above, every now and then I’d hear about some nutty strategy that was
rumored to be getting results. I’d think “this is the one”, dive in and it
ALWAYS either ended up being a waste of time and/or bungled my site’s
hopes of getting ranked well.

Of course, experience now affords me the luxury of being able to classify
strategies as either valuable or junk, before I dive in. What doesn’t change
though, are the basic fundamental rules of SEO by which you can judge ANY
new strategy you come across. The secret to success in the search engines
is simply learning and applying these rules.

As you may know, we ( produce blogging, content and
site building software. Each of our tools can be used for either white or
blackhat applications. Because of this, we probably get more “What’s the
secret” questions than most. So, below I’ve outlined a few of the more
important rules of the game (and a few other various tips I decided to include).
While some of these rules are blackhat-centric, ALL of them should be

Blackhat Blog Content

Most blackhat blogs out there update with RSS feeds or some text updater.
The idea being, that you’re managing so many of them, it’s not humanly
possible to update them all. This, of course, has its benefits and its
limitations. The limitation being that you can’t craft your blogs posts by hand.
The benefit is, ironically, the same as the limitation - you can’t craft your blog
posts by hand.

There are a few major stumbling blocks to updating blogs and sites with
content that is not your own (using RSS or text snippets). The first is the
dreaded duplicate content filter. Due to the overwhelming popularity of RSS
updates, using straight RSS feeds to update your sites is becoming less and
less effective. So, it’s highly recommended that you find a way to either blend
multiple RSS updates or manipulate them in some way. Changing your RSS
updates in small ways will go a LONG way in keeping your sites unique and
by extension, palatable in the search engines.

Speed is your friend.

The faster you can do things, the more money you’ll make. Think of it in
‘Henry Ford’ terms. He produced a good car faster than his counterparts and
look at Ford today (ok, maybe a bad example, but you get the point).

However, this is what I like to call a ‘circumstantial rule’. In that, it applies in
some areas and not in others. Creating sites and getting them into the search
engines as fast as possible is a good thing. Creating 10k pages in a day and
putting them up at the same time, though, can be a bad thing. So, speed is
your friend to a point.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Be fast, but be natural.

The more natural you can appear to the search engines the better. Do not
create 1000 blogs at once (on the same domain or IP). Do not make 10+
posts a day on each of your blogs. Do not put 10 links in each of your posts.

Have you ever heard the catch phrase “What would Jesus do?” (or more
commonly known as WWJD). The question you should be asking yourself is
WWAJD - “What would Average Joe do?”. If Average Joe wouldn’t post to his
blog 10 times a day, chances are you shouldn’t either. This goes for
everything else you do also, also.

Be fast, but be unique (site and blog templates).

Two words. Be unique. While speed is always your friend, one of the major
mistakes you can make is creating many sites or blogs that are too much like
other sites and blogs on the web. Do NOT use the same templates as
everyone else and do NOT use the same templates across multiple projects.

The MAIN FACTOR that divides our successful users and those that are
unsuccessful, is who is using quality, unique templates. If you don’t know
what you’re doing and need to get some made, outsource them (there’s a
section on outsourcing below). Just get them done right – they’re the
foundation of everything you do. Screw up here and you’re done. Have I
emphasized this enough? Ok, I’ll move on


It’s old, but important news. Here’s what you need to know –

- One way links are best.

- Get links from relevant sites to your own.

- Use relevant, keyword driven anchor text.

- The more value your site has and the more you give your audience, the
more natural links you’ll get.

- There’s no way around it, you’re going to have to do a lot of searching and a
lot emailing to build solid, relevant links to your site from reputable sites.

- If you purchase links, make sure there’s NO way a search engine can find

- Get links from as many IPs as you can.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

- Giving links from your generated blogs and sites to your ‘end’ or ‘money’
sites can both provide fast search engine spidering and indexing AND give
solid link value to these sites (See section on IP addresses below for the

- There are some very cool scripts out there (Blogsolution and
ContentSolution include one, for example) that allow you to load them with a
set of urls and anytime relevant text is posted to your blog, will automatically
link the relevant text (with anchor) to the relevant url. This is an extremely fast
way of giving quality links to your sites.

PR / Page Rank

Means little in traffic and earnings. Means a lot in link campaigns (meaning,
site owners put a lot of emphasis on PR when considering you as a link

IP addresses

The more IP addresses you work from, the better. 1 link from 10 IPs is worth
infinitely more than 10 links from 1 IP. It’s that simple.

Content Rewriters

These are extraordinarily valuable in a wide range of circumstances. One of
the most obvious, is maintaining a large number of sites in one niche or topic.
You can take one article, create dozens or even hundreds from it, and post
one on each of your sites, updating each with a valuable, keyword rich article.

The number of ways our users have used ContentSolution is actually quite
astounding. Virtually every ‘need’ for content has been in some way satisfied
with a rewriter. Whether or not you’re familiar with content rewriters, the
philosophy behind them is simple. Search engines like lots of targeted
content and content rewriters help you produce this, subsequently helping you
to get better SE rankings.

Some Rewriter Tips

If a user is going for readability and quality, the first advice out of my mouth is
always “Take your time”. You’re potentially creating thousands of articles in
one go, so take your time to make sure it’s going to be legible. Spending an
extra half hour on a content generation project, when it’s going to yield 1000
articles, will massively improve the quality of your final text (and by extension,
your results).

Auto-rewriting and Markov generation

Going for speed? With select content rewriters, you can either use an ‘auto-
rewrite’ feature, which automates your articles’ synonymization OR use the
Markov generator. Markov generated content is completely illegible gibberish,

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

but for some guys and some strategies, it has its place. Best thing to do is
play around with it and see if it fits for what you’re doing.

Your thesaurus.

With rewriters like the ContentSolution, you have the option to customize your
thesaurus. Use this feature, we’ve found it to be invaluable. Most users have
a set of 100 words or so that they commonly use as variables and find
synonyms for. Create a thesaurus with these and your content generation
projects will go worlds faster. Faster and easier projects mean more content
for your sites and more sites managed.

Content must fly under the grammar radar.

There are plenty of tools out there that allow their user to create many articles
from one. A common question we receive is, “How readable are the articles
in the end?” This is completely up to the user and is also dependant on their
strategy. But, your articles should ALWAYS aim at flying under the radar of
the search engine grammar filters.

Site Updates

You cannot build sites and leave them. They should be updated frequently
with new pages and new content. A stagnant site means stagnant income.

RSS Updates

Very popular in the last couple years, RSS is being used by hundreds of
thousands of site owners to update their sites. The problem? RSS is being
used by hundreds of thousands of site owners to update their sites. This
content is so overused it does you no good. If you update with RSS, either
consider a tool to make your RSS updates more unique or create your own

Keywords and Low Fruit

‘Low fruit’ means keywords that are searched on a less regular basis. Getting
rankings for these puppies is much easier than getting a ranking for a more
popular keywords. They’re a fantastic place to start. Once you achieve
rankings for a few lower searched keywords or phrases, move up to more
popular keywords from there.


Ever heard the phrase, “the older the berry, the sweeter the juice”? It applies
to domains and websites as well. As a rule, older sites rank better.


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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Outsourcing isn’t central to SEO. I’ve included a short section on it though,
because I attribute MUCH of my success in the search engines to being able
to outsource work effectively

I generally hate writing the content that my sites feature. I do everything
possible to avoid doing any of it myself. Call me too busy or call me lazy.
Both may be accurate. Outsourcing happens to be both the “busy” and the
“lazy” man’s best friend. It can also be your most loathed enemy if you’re not

I have two kinds of sites. Sites whose content I care about (white hat) and
sites where my only goal is to keep them ranked in google for some low fruit
keywords and backlinks. I use RSS, text snippets and an RSS manipulator for
the latter and our ContentSolution and outsourcing for the former. So, here
are some points to keep in mind when outsourcing

a) 90% of outsourced help is flaky.
When you’re considering a worker, note their response time to your initial
requests, how eager they are to work and test them rigorously with a small
project. I’ve been burned a number of times by giving important projects to
seemingly reliable people and in the end, received nothing. Very irritating.

b) If you’re outsourcing writing work that requires good English, make sure
theirs is. Sounds simple, but some have prewritten responses to common
questions and you only find out their English is lacking after the project is
under way. A big time waster.

c) Never pay up front.

d) Paying “bottom dollar” can easily produce “bottom quality”.
Outsourcing is a great way to save money, get quality work done and retain a
valuable employee. However, paying the least amount possible for a job is
rarely advisable. Outsourcing is no different than any other transaction – you
pay for what you get. If you’re unsure of what to pay for a job or monthly
salary, look around the oursourcing boards for clues or find out what a
common salary is in the country your freelancer resides. Use these tools in
conjunction with the workers value to your business to determine a fair wage.

Spots I use for outsourcing:

Each of these have produced some great employees.

See? No secret

The points I’ve highlighted above are by no means meant to represent the
topic of successful search engine optimization as a whole. We could more

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

accurately call them ‘general’ and compartmentalized rules. In fact, if you’ve
done any reading at all about SEO, you’ve probably seen most of them
already. And THAT’S the point.

There is NO secret. There is NO underground method. If you follow a set of
general, commonly accepted rules of SEO (and don’t give up even when it
seems you should) you’ll be successful. This story of success has repeated
itself hundreds of times and it will for you too, if you let it.

Scott Trimble

The tool list:
Content rewriter and generator.
RSS feed manipulator.
FREE SEO information.
500 PLR articles/month plus a content rewriter.
Our flagship blogging tool.
Website generator.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

                         ANNEX 2: Fantomaster

The Cloak and the Clone

I’ve invited Ralph to write up a short piece on how to insure the complete
safety of your white hat site while using cloaked domains to send traffic to
them. This is a slightly advanced subject but it will definitely open your mind
to new black hat SEO possibilities.

You should understand that many of the top marketers, the big name guys
making millions are year use these methods to generate traffic to their
mainstream sites.

Over half of the fortune 500 companies use these tactics also and several of
them use this exact software. That’s how powerful it is.

On the next page you will find that exclusive article written specifically for the
buyers of this book by the Fantom himself.


The Cloak and the Clone
How to protect your main site from getting banned by the search engines for



Looking into cloaking as the most powerful technique of search engine
positioning, people immediately tend to fret. (“Won’t I get banned if caught
out?”) is the most common question put to our support staff. “And how can I
avoid it?“ The irony being that this will probably be the least of your worries as
an accomplished cloaker – because avoiding search engine penalties is really
such a nobrainer!

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

But how much of an issue is it actually? Well, as so often in life it depends
entirely on who you happen to ask. The search engines reps will obviously
wag a warning index finger, claiming that they’ll happily excommunicate you
(ok, your web site, really), threatening you with eternal Web damnation if they
catch you cloaking. Awful prospects, hm? Only they don’t.

So let me qualify that: Yes, search engines are very much against
webmasters displaying different content to search engine spiders than they
have on offer for human visitors. And yes, if caught out doing it blatantly and
in an obviously misleading manner, they’ll ban your site. However, doing so
isn’t as easy and straightforward as it may appear at first glance.

To cut a long story short, it will typically require a human editor and a slew of
specialized tools to determine beyond reasonable doubt whether any given
web site is actually cloaking. So it’s labor intensive, i.e. costly, and more often
than not they simply can’t be bothered. So while the risk of incurring a penalty
for cloaking is indeed quite real, it’s also extremely remote.

Basically, there’s two typical ways to cloak: by page and by site. The chief
reason why we switched to cloaking entire dedicated web sites (what we at term Shadow Domains™) rather than mixing cloaked and
non-cloaked pages on the same web property, is security: If caught out, a
Shadow Domain™ may get banned – but at least your Core Domain, i.e.
where you redirect your human visitors to, will be safe.

Ok, here’s out take for worst case scenario buffs: So you’ve really managed to
get your cloaked domain banned? Who cares – simply register a new one and
start from scratch. Or, better yet, make that two or three or even ten fresh
Shadow Domains™: After all, it’s a number game, and the more you can
throw at it, the merrier...
However, not everyone will be appeased: “But what if the search engines
penalize the target pages, i.e. my main web site I’m redirecting all those
thousands of visitors to?” the chronic agonizers will demand to know.

Consider: Let’s say you point your Shadow Domain™ visitors to your affiliate
link at Amazon – do you seriously believe that Amazon will get banned by
Google for nefarious cloaking practices by one of their millions of affiliates?
Fat chance. But seriously: If you actually believe this could happen, you’ll
probably be better off without cloaking: No amount of success in search
engine marketing can outweigh peace of mind and sound, healthy sleep, no
matter to what extent it may be based on mere credulity...

But Amazon is a big player and you’re not, right? So maybe they’ll hit you, the
“small guy”, nevertheless? Not very likely, but obviously there’s no guarantee
it won’t happen, either. (Also, the search engines may change the rules of the
game anytime without notice, as they’ve been known to do on many
occasions in the past.)

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

So here’s what to do. Let us assume you have a wonderful web site selling
wonderful gooey widgets: (At time of writing,
the name’s still free, I checked. Any takers?) And it’s not ranking too well
because basically your pages are built in Flash and Shockwave and loaded
with Real videos to boot. (After all, you really want to shock and awe your
visitors with the sheer unprecedented visual and audible gooeyness of your
widgets, right?)

So you set up oodles of Shadow Domains™ (registered with the privacy or
domain-by-proxy feature enabled to hide your tracks) which aren’t hampered
by all that nifty multimedia stuff the search engine spiders are plain too dumb
to make any sense of: all highly optimized text, text, text which the spiders will
gobble up like crazy – it’s what they know, it’s what they love. For good
measure, you’ll spread them across several IP C class blocks and point a few
good one-way links at them (e.g. from your blogs) to make them sticky in the
Serps, and off you go. Seeing that you’ve set up plenty of SDs, you won’t be
too surprised if, come indexing time, you’re suddenly dominating the search
results for wonderful gooey widgets left, right and center.

Now because you’re seriously worried that some sneaky search engine editor
might actually check out your SDs manually, instead of redirecting your
droves of visitors to, you (being even sneakier!)
have simply cloned that cool site of yours and set up the copied version at Actually, you don’t even need a dedicated
domain name for that – you could just as well implement it at IP or similar.

Of course, you’ll also take care to keep the search engine spiders away from
that clone of yours – you want to avoid any confusion (not to mention possible
duplicate content penalties) by confronting them with two identical web sites.
If you use the robots.txt “Disallow” syntax and the robots meta tag value
“noindex, nofollow” for this, it should suffice nicely.
       To save you the trouble of looking it up, here’s the code for the
       robots.txt file (which should be saved in your domain’s root directory
       (“DocumentRoot” in Linux speak):

                            User-agent: *
                            Disallow: /

Assuming you’re particularly paranoid, you may also want to filter your traffic
via a dedicated script to keep out the spiders, but that would really constitute
an overkill.

Now, the worst that could ever happen (and again: it’s an extremely remote
possibility to begin with) is that the search engine editor checking you out
would ban your SDs and, just maybe, that cloned site of yours, if at all. Your domain would still be safe, and as long as you

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                              ~ Project Black Mask ~

cover your tracks in terms of Whois domain ownership etc. data, you can
sleep soundly from now on, merrily counting your money during day time. ☺

                                                                 Zum Konnenbusch 6
                                                                            B-4750 Berg
                                                       Web site:
                                                           Belgium tel.: +32-80-549.247
                                                               U.S. tel.: (650) 557-2088
                                                               UK tel.: 020-78 70 78 63
                                                                   Fax: +32-80-549.248
                                                               Skype: fantomaster_ralph

 For an overview of our online business hours in relation to your specific time zone,

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

                       ANNEX 3: PR Collecting

Page Rank or PR, The Complete Story:

PR is Google’s approximate measure of a page’s power. With every link
coming into a page, the PR goes up. The higher the PR of a page, the more
likely it is to rank for the keywords it has been optimized for.

Even links from inside the site contribute to the page’s PR.

Jared , one of the smartest Black Hatters around has long studied PR and
how it can be used to your advantage.

He agreed to write a short piece on it as an exclusive to buyers of this
manual. It is below. This is useful for white, grey or black hat as it shows you
how to use your own site’s links to give power to your pages in the way that is
most advantageous to you.

                             Page Rank Funneling

                                    By Jared

Page Rank Funneling is used when you want to direct the PageRank to
certain levels of your website. I am going to show you three internal linking
structures that focus PageRank to certain levels of the site. These techniques
are extremely valuable for made for Adsense websites that target mostly long
tail keywords.

Please keep in mind these internal linking diagrams are designed for the
search engines (Especially Google). So in order to have a human friendly
structure you basically design that on top of you SEO structure using link
types that the search engines won’t follow and distribute PageRank too. I
prefer to start my site design with SEO in mind first then I later design the
human friendly navigation using JavaScript or simply by adding the
rel=nofollow to my links. Here is an example of this in html:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">>Don't Follow</a>

The nofollow tag should be used for any page that you don’t want to distribute
PageRank too.

Let discuss PageRank for a brief moment. There are some misconceptions
about PageRank. One that I commonly hear is that PageRank comes from
links. This is incorrect. PageRank comes from webpages, links distribute the
page rank. So you can increase the PageRank of a website simply by adding
more pages combined with a proper internal linking structure.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Now this internal linking is not really the holy grail of SEO, but it is the first
step in my opinion. Lots of external links is what make it easier to rank pages
in the search engines for more competitive phrases. Ala Trackback Spider ☺

But if you want those external links to give value to your money pages then
you must pay attention to internal linking.

Now here is an example of how most sites are linking. It is basically a knotted
mess. No purpose when linking. This will basically distribute the PageRank

So if you are currently link like this how do you fix it? Well first you need to
determine what you focus is in your website. Are you going for a main
keyword that may be on your homepage. Or maybe you would rather focus on
the long tail keywords that are easy to rank for. Keep reading and I will show
you the three different internal structures depending on your goals.

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                           ~ Project Black Mask ~

Home Page Focus

You will use this structure if you want to focus as much PageRank possible on
the home page. You will generally be targeting a very small number of
keywords, and all of the pages in the site would most likely be focused around
these terms as well.

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                            ~ Project Black Mask ~

Middle Level Focus

If you want to focus PageRank to the middle layer of your website possibly to
category pages or themes with in the website this is the structure to use. You
will generally be targeting second tier keywords using this structure. A second
tier keywords would basically be your second pick of keywords due to
competition. Things like adding Cheap to the beginning of your main search
term would qualify as a second tier keyword.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Bottom Level Focus

This is the structure to look at if you are interested in machine generated
websites or made for Adsense websites. This structure is for the keywords
with low competition called the long tail. This structure will allow you to rank
for low hanging fruit with virtually no external links.

Now if you want to read some more on how PageRank is distributed then I
highly recommend PageRank Uncovered. You can find it here. This is a long
and scientific document and may not be suitable for your interest level. If not,
the essentials are detailed above in this article.

Thanks for reading,


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                              ~ Project Black Mask ~

                 ANNEX 4: Advanced SEO Notions
SEO falls into two categories: stuff you do on the page and things you do off
the site to get it to rank. Here is some more in depth knowledge for those that
feel inclined to push the envelope further.

On page optimization:

This includes, titles, metatags and inside links. Since on page optimization
accounts for very little in the general scheme of SEO, we won’t really get into
it to deeply.

When building Adsense megasites, you need to have your entire site crawled
and indexed. Your navigation scheme will be very important for this. You will
need to have sub site maps or hub pages linked from your main site map
each with 50 links to the next level sub site maps.

Since we’ll get into templates and footprints later, I’ll leave it at that for now.
There isn’t really that much more to know.

Some people preach keyword density and other such trivial matters. It has
almost no importance as long as you keep it within the 2-7% range. You’ll
want to test this as much as possible.

Here are the other most important site related concepts to keep in mind while


Nearly all paid hosts for new domains are equal. Where a difference is
created is when you use third party hosting for your evil purposes. This is
definitely something we will focus some attention on when we hit the darker
pages of this manual.

Site Unity:

The more tightly focused around a particular niche your site is, the better its
chances of ranking for your selected keywords. Choose a niche for your site
and stick to it. It’s far preferable to have less highly related pages than to have
more pages that dilute the overall focus of the site.

Some clumsy builders make huge sites on the same domain and throw any
keyword they can think of in it. This can work for them because of other
factors but all things considered, they would have a lot to gain by putting
different niches on different domains or sub-domains.

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

Secondary Keywords:

Can you insert secondary keywords in your text pages? If so, good. Too
many portal builders only allow you to use primary keywords which takes
away from the perceived relevance of your pages.

Outside Links:

This refers to sites that your site is linking to. Many people ignore this
concept or do not pratice it. Big mistake, this is an easy and free method to
help your pages gain the fabled authority they need to outrank your

Where a lot of mass site builders go wrong is to only link inside their site or to
their own low PR domains. This looks unnatural to search engines and they
will take away trust points. Instead, insert links to powerful authority domains
like Yahoo, Ebay, Adobe and other top level domains. It sounds silly but it
helps and costs you nothing to accomplish.

Domain Name:

When building sites, unless you are looking to build a long-term brand, use
the target niche keyword in the domain name.

Another factor that can give your site instant power it to buy an old domain.
This warrants its own section so we won’t get into it here.

Document Flux:

For white hatters, this is manually adding rich unique content. For black
hatters, this is a combination of integrating rss feeds to regularly refresh the
content of existing pages and also setting their site builders to add more
pages of content to the site when available.

Keyword Stuffing:

Too many instances of the same keyword will flag your pages as low quality.
Keep density at a reasonalble 2-7% and you’ll be ok. More than that and
you’re playing with fire. There is such a thing as over optimized.

Duplicate Content:

This is one of your worst enemies. It’s also why you hear the phrase “Content
is King” so damn often when reading about SEO. Search engines can and
will penalize you for duplicate content. However, other factors can help you

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                             ~ Project Black Mask ~

get away with it. Some huge and popular sites are composed entirely of
duplicate content. Think of Yahoo News and such sites. 95% or more of their
content comes from other sites and yet they get top rankings.

Life is unfair but let’s not get caught up in philosophical matters. A general
rule of thumb is to eliminate as much duplicate content as possible. Not to
mention pesky copyright laws might nip you hard depending on where you

That about sums up the onsite optimization factors you should be paying any
attention to. The rest can be neglected almost entirely because they hold so
little weight in the general scheme of things, especially in relation to off page
optimization, which is coming up next.

Off Page Optimization:

Except for adequate navigation, these factors are by and large more important
than the former. These factors are in your intimate control and it’s here that
you’ll win or lose the war.

One word could sum up this entire section: links. But since they’re not all
created equal, let’s have a look at the most important factors are when
assessing the value of a link.

Before we move on, let’s just see a short example of the importance of off
page SEO. When doing the Affiliate Slam, some people promote links to sites
that don’t even exist. The site will begin to rank for the term in question, even
though there is actually no site there at all, no content, nothing. That’s how
much links are worth

Site Authority & Site Relevance: *Very Important*

Not the same thing exactly but equally important. What constitutes authority?
There are several factors. Firstly, the extension of the domain. All domains
that can be bought by regular individuals are considered commercial in
nature. They carry less power than the ones you can’t buy and that belong to
serious organizations like .edu, .giv and .mil.

For the average webmaster, these links are not easy to come by, but we have
some dirty tricks coming up

An other sign that defines authority is PR (Page Rank). A high PR link to you
pages, site or sitemap can be enough to make just about any garbage rank.
These links are also hard to come by but again, we have a few workarounds.

Page Rank is not the ultimate assessment of domain authority but it’s good
enough to help you make a solid guess. If you see a high PR page that’s
been hit a lot, you can take it as a clue that it won’t be worth much.

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The other aforementioned factor is link relevance. If you are promoting teeth
whiteners and your link is coming from a site themed around nitro boosters,
the link will hold much less value than it would it if it came from a relevant

Anchor Text: *Very Important*

Consider that a link is like a vote. As we saw just above, note all votes have
the same value. Now imagine your site is trying to win a popularity contest
but there are infinite categories. You need to tell the search engines what the
vote is for. This is the anchor text of your link. Always use relevant anchor
text when link dropping, it makes a huge difference in the power of the link.

With some link building methods, you can get a lot of links fast. If they all use
the same anchor text, it will raise a flag. Try and throw up a minimum of
variety while staying dead on topic.

Overall Link Popularity:

Is more links better? The answer is not clear cut, rather a strong “probably”.
MSN gobbles up link popularity like there’s no tomorrow. Yahoo places some
emphasis on it and Google is a bit more difficult. Link popularity will be an
important factor in getting your pages to the top of Google but you should mix
a minimum of quality with the quantity.

Rate of Inbound Links:

If a site gets 1000 links in one day and then none in the next week, it raises a
flag. Slow and steady is better for most purposes although a potent link bomb
is just what the doctor ordered if your going to do an Affiliate Ram (an
interesting concept we will visit later).

Link Independence:

If the search engine can identify that the link comes from one of your own site,
its importance will be discounted. The same is true for reciprocal links. Full
power links are one way and come from different servers, IPs and domains.

Well, we’re just about done with links here. Consider these factors when
gathering links. Always find new ways to get links as they are the most
determining factor in the ranking of your pages bar none.

This concludes our little introduction on the principles of SEO. This is by far
non exhaustive and you really should grab a good book on the subject one of

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these days. However it’s enough for now because finesse will be left to our
whiter hatted counterparts while we blast away on all cylinders.

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             ANNEX 5: Security, Privacy, Anonymity

In some countries, you can get away with blatant copyright infringement. In
others not. Some black hat tactics are only against the search engine’s
guidelines and the worst they can do is piss off bloggers and webmasters and
get you banned. Some tactics are highly reprehensible and you might want to
think twice before using them.

A lot of people are using all of the tactics described in this book and so far
nothing bad has come of it.

One thing is for sure: if you’re going to be doing black hat SEO, you want to
stay as anonymous about it as possible and always cover your tracks.

That means you should always use WHOIS protection when registering your
domains and you should use proxies whenever possible.


Proxy servers are computers that offer the capacity for someone to make an
indirect connection to other services or servers. For example, if you are mass
pinging 2000 blogs every 30 minutes, it’s a good idea to not be using your
own IP. The same is true when scraping search engine results or generally
abusing an API.

Some proxies are transparent, others are anonymous. These are the ones
you will prefer for your activities since they obfuscate your data and make it
nearly impossible for anyone to retrieve it or trace you.

Quality proxies that are often refreshed can become a must when doing black
hat activities on a large scale. You have to be sure that the proxies are valid
and not black listed for having been abused in the past.

You might also consider using TOR : . This service was
originally built to allow people in repressive countries to access content that
would otherwise be blocked by their government. It can also be used for less
charitable purposes.

Here are some sites that list free and update proxies you can use:

If you can’t be bothered to do it manually, you can use a script like the one
below which will assure you a fast list of good proxies at your finger tips:

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