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					                               Bingham Township Board
                                   Regular Meeting

                           Monday, May 10, 2010, 7:00p.m.
                                Clinton County RESA
                          4179 S. BR127, St. Johns, MI 48879


The Meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m.                           Call to Order

Clerk Kus called roll: Present were Clerk Kus, Supervisor Ostrowski,   Roll Call
Trustee Hufnagel, Treasurer Trebesh arrived at 8:55 p.m. Trustee
Harger-absent. Others Present: 13 members of the public. Sign in
sheet on file. A quorum reported.

Supervisor Ostrowski led in the pledge to the Flag and gave the        Invocation
Invocation.                                                            Pledge

Adjustments to Agenda: ADD –, 7. New Business-c. Burnham &             Agenda
Flower insurance. Motion by Kus, supported by Hufnagel to approve      Motion
amended Agenda. Motion carries.

Consent Agenda: ADD-c.6. Letter from MDNRE. Motion by                  Consent Agenda
Hufnagel, supported by Kus to approve the amended Consent              Motion
Agenda, including minutes of regular meeting April 12, 2010.
Accumed Billings, Communications from: CC DC Notice of Repairs,
CCRC millage postponement, Briggs Library minutes April 8, 2010,
CC Sheriff Report, Westphalia Broadband Inc Cable TV Franchise
agreement. Motion carries.

Public Comment opens at 7: 08 p.m.                                     Public Comment
Public Comment closes at 7:08 p.m.

Commissioner McNamara reported that Clinton County has one of          Commissioners
the highest percentages of employment in the State of Michigan.        Report

Trinity is working on the final punch list. The system is working      Old Business
great and everything is pumping to City with no problems. Dave         SRF Project
Kudwa acknowledged the great job done by Robert Newman,                Update
township system operator. Cell numbers 1 & 2 have been emptied
into cell Number 3, to allow them to dry out. The lagoon closure
continues to be worked on.

Pete Preston the new township assessor is settling in nicely.          Township
The Utility bills have gone out from the City. Calls have been           Committees
received questioning bills and usage rates.                              Utilities

A mutual aid agreement is being discussed with the City.                 Fire

Darryl Schmitz will meet with Dennis LaForest to discuss co-             Communications
operation and partnership between the Township and City in the near

Motion by Kus, supported by Hufnagel to table the new sewer              Old Business
ordinance.                                                               New Sewer

Mr. Searles attorney is in the process of drafting the new agreement.    Searles
The Township’s three acres will possibly need to be re-zoned.

Supervisor Ostrowski will respond to Mr. Motz regarding the lawsuit      Motz
between Motz and McKenzie negating any responsibility of Bingham         Development

Motion by Kus, supported by Hufnagel to table the Resolution             New Business
terminating CAFR agreement.                                              CAFR

The insurance renewal for the township was discussed. The liability      Burnham &
limit will be decreased to 3,000,000 with a savings to the township of   Flower
$1,590.00 and the property & inland marine deductible will be            Insurance
increased to $1,000.00, saving the township an additional $322.00

The Bingham Township Fire Protection and Emergency Services and          Fire & EMS
Equipment Renewal proposal for the August 3, 2010 Primary ballot         Millage
was presented. Motion by Kus, supported by Hufnagel to place the         Motion
renewal proposal on the ballot of the Primary Election of August 3,
2010. Roll call vote: Ostrowski-yea, Hufnagel-yea, Kus-yea,
Trebesh-absent, Harger-absent. Motion carries.

The 2010/2011 CAFR budget was approved at the April 13, 2010             Reports
CAFR board meeting.                                                      CAFR
                                                                         Proposed Budget

Clinton Area Ambulance Service Authority is in the process of            CAASA
refurbishing an additional ambulance. The cost will come out of
capital expense.

Motion by Trebesh, supported by Hufnagel to untable the Resolution      New Business
Terminating the CAFR agreement. Kus-no. Motion carries. The             CAFR
termination letter was discussed and the following resolution was       Resolution
adopted.                                                                Terminating
                      BINGHAM TOWNSHIP                                  Motion
                        TOWNSHIP BOARD


       At a regular meeting of the Township Board of the Township

of Bingham, Clinton County, Michigan, held at the Clinton County

RESA, 4179 S BR 127, St Johns MI 48879 on the 10th day of May,

2010, at 7:00 p.m.

PRESENT:      Clerk Kus, Supervisor Ostrowski, Trustee Hufnagel,

Treasurer Trebesh

ABSENT:        Trustee Harger

       The following Resolution was offered by Clerk Kus and

seconded by Trustee Hufnagel.

       WHEREAS, the Clinton Area Fire and Rescue (CAFR)

Agreement terminates on its tenth anniversary, which is June 6, 2011;


       WHEREAS, the Bingham Township Board finds that it is in

the best interest of the Township to provide written notice to

Greenbush Township, Victor Township and CAFR that the CAFR

Agreement shall be terminated effective June 6, 2011; and

       WHEREAS, the Bingham Township Board would like to use

the next few months to explore with Victor Township, Greenbush

Township, and other area municipalities the options for some

alternative form of fire and rescue service to the area after June 6,

2011; and

       WHEREAS, the Bingham Township Board hopes to enter

into a new agreement for fire and rescue service with Victor

Township, Greenbush Township and other area municipalities

effective June 6, 2011, provided that economies of scale and other

economic changes can be achieved to make fire and rescue service

more affordable for the involved units of government.

       NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Township Board

of the Township of Bingham, Clinton County, Michigan, that:

       1.      The Township Board hereby determines that the

CAFR Agreement shall be terminated effective June 6, 2011.

       2.      The Township Board hereby authorizes and directs the

Township Supervisor to immediately send a written notice to Victor

Township, Greenbush Township and the CAFR Board, in the form

attached as Exhibit A to this Resolution, notifying them that the

CAFR Agreement shall be terminated effective on June 6, 2011.

       3.      All prior resolutions inconsistent herewith are


ADOPTED:       YEAS: 4, NAYS: 0, ABSENT: 1

Clerk Kus will mail by certified mail a letter and copy of resolution to
all CAFR parties.

The Treasurer is working on the personal property tax collections.         Treasurer’s
The bank reconciliation was presented and the treasurer and clerk          Report
balance to the penny. Motion by Kus, supported by Hufnagel to              Motion
accept Treasurer’s reports. Motion caries.

Accounts Payable issued for period beginning May 1, 2010 thru May Clerks Report
10, 2010 for check numbers 6147 thru 6170, with total disbursements
for this time period in the amount of $112,011.68. 23 checks issued. 1
void check. Motion by Hufnagel, supported by Ostrowski to approve Motion
accounts payable in the amount of $112,011.68 with an additional
check in the amount of $4,047.00 5,047.00 (corrected 06/14/10) to Burnham
& Flower for Insurance. Motion carries.
864 ballots were cast including 143 Absentee ballots for the May 4,
2010 School election. The bond proposal passed in the township by a
vote of 480 yes and 380 no.
The City Planning Commission voted to allow Shaggie’s Ice Cream
Parlor to have 3 tables and chairs in front of their establishment for
their patrons.

The Supervisor has also received calls regarding utility bills.     Supervisors

Motion by Kus, supported by Trebesh to adjourn the meeting.         Adjournment

Motion carries. The meeting adjourned at 9:24 p.m.

Respectfully submitted

Helen Kus, Clerk Subject to approval at the Regular Board meeting
of June 14, 2010


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