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     E                            P                          W                             ISSUE 29
                                                                                 22nd November 2002
                                                                                                                                • etching and plating resists
                                                                                                                                • thermal curing solder
electronic                 production                weekly                                                                       resists
                                                                                                                                • UV curing solder resists
                                                                                                                                • ELPEMER®
Polyclad Introduces                   Available as Polyclad® GI-785        Engineered to the most stringent
Polyimide Laminate and                                                                                                            photoimageable solder
                                      (non-flame retardant) and            manufacturing         standards,
Prepreg Systems                                                                                                                   resists and etching resists
                                      Polyclad GI-787 (UL V-1 flame        Polyclad GI-785 and Polyclad GI-                     • all solder resists also
Polyclad Laminates, Inc., a           resistant), the laminate and         787 systems are non-MDA curing                         available in flexible
Cookson Electronics PWB               prepreg systems exhibit high         and meet OSHA 1910.1050                                adjustments
Materials & Chemistry business,       glass transition temperatures (Tg)   requirements. Copper bond peel                       • peelable solder masks
has introduced a new line of          of 260 oC for maximum thermal        strengths are equivalent to FR-4                     • via hole filler

polyimide copper-clad laminates       performance and low Z-Axis CTE       materials using special profile                      • plugging pastes
                                      to ensure electrical integrity.      foils.                                               • heatsink pastes
and prepregs. Based on
                                      Product surface quality is                                                                • carbon-conductive inks
bismaleimide (BMI) type resin,                                                                                                  • marking inks
the systems are specially             unmatched in the industry due to     Upon final UL certification as
                                                                                                                                • SBU inks
engineered for use in rigid, high     the exclusive use of CAC; Class C    ANSI Type GPY, the systems will
                                                                                                                                • solder flux lacquers
temperature PWB applications          standard that eliminates potential   be listed as PCL-GI-785 laminate /                   • conformal coatings
used in military, aerospace,          problems associated with resin       PCL-GIP-785 prepreg and PCL-GI-                      • thick film lacquers WO
avionics, burn-in, oil drilling and   spots or other surface defects.      787 laminate / PCL-GIP-787                             TWIN CURE® NOVELTY
other demanding electronics           Superior laminate multi-ply,         prepreg. All materials meet                          • casting compounds
market segments. The pure             balanced laminate constructions      4101A, -40 and –41 requirements                      • screen openers

polyimide materials contain no        contain premium glass fabrics        and are compatible with all                          • special strippers
                                      and a low resin content to           commonly used polyimide                              • cleaning agents
blended      or     "co-polymer"
                                      minimize curl or warp while          process techniques.                                  • Peters Engineering:
chemistry and are ideally suited                                                                                                  machine and ink from one
to provide optimum reliability        optimizing dimensional stability
and extended performance in           (DS).      Consistent     prepreg    Polyclad Laminates, Inc., is a
extreme operating environments,       performance is achieved through      business of Cookson Electronics
including hostile PWB assembly        advanced melt viscosity testing.     PWB Materials & Chemistry. The
procedures.                                                                company is one of the world’s

 E         P         W       electronic         production          weekly                                      Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 1
leading     manufacturers      of   Technical Paper Award for their      High Performance                    Mechanical systems can lag            need for high specification
laminates, prepregs and resin       paper entitled “Microstructural      Attributes Of Linear Motors         behind         linear      motor      devices. Other promising
                                                                         Spur Enhanced Customer
coated copper foils used in         Evolution       and      Damage      Demand
                                                                                                             specifications, thereby creating a    technological advances such as
printed wiring boards. The group    Mechanisms in Pb-Free Solder                                             new customer base of machine          the emergence of tubular motors
also includes Enthone Inc., a       Joints During Extended –40 °C to     The emergent European linear        builders for linear motor             is further expected to widen the
leading supplier of high            125 °C Thermal Cycles.” The          motors sector counts among the      manufacturers. In particular,         application base and drive
performance specialty chemicals     paper was chosen based on its        most dynamic in the motion          OEMs are excited about the high       demand.‰
and coatings used in the            timely insight into the effects of   control industry. Rising user       speed and precision standards
electronics and surface finishing   long-term thermal mechanical         awareness and application           provided by linear motor              In a price-sensitive market,
industries.                         stresses and the attendant failure   penetration allied with high        solutions.                            customer uptake of linear motors
                                    mechanisms in Pb-free solder         performance standards are                                                 has been dampened due to its
                                    interconnections.                    ushering the market on the route    „The use of linear motors has         high costs. However, the
IPC Honors Best Technical
                                                                         to robust, sustained growth. This   been increasing, with growth          anticipated fall in prices due to
Paper at 2002 IPC Annual            IPC awarded the recipients with a                                        partially attributed to machine       rising volumes is expected to
Meeting                                                                  is reflected in the projected
                                    commemorative plaque at a            doubling of revenues and the        requirements driving the need for     stimulate demand. The projected
                                    luncheon award ceremony on           quadrupling of unit sales between   more precise movements at             decline in prices coupled with the
                                    Wednesday, Nov. 6.                   2001 and 2008.                      higher speeds. With more              benefits of linear motors is
NORTHBROOK, Ill., November
                                                                                                             advances expected over the            expected to boost penetration,
13,       2002--IPC—Association
                                    For more information on the          Across a range of application       coming years, replacement of          revenues, and unit sales.
Connecting           Electronics
                                    authors or their winning paper,      areas, linear motors tend to be     traditional components to gain
IndustriesÒ has announced the
                                    contact John Perry, IPC technical    more reliable and require less      high machine specification is         High rates of investment have
winner of the Best Technical
                                    project       manager,         at    regular maintenance than            expected to continue to drive         also played their part in
Paper Award at the 2002 IPC
                           or 847-790-        mechanical systems. Lower           future growth,‰ notes a new           converting linear motors from a
Annual Meeting, which took place
                                    5318.                                maintenance        needs      are   study by Frost & Sullivan             niche to a more mainstream
Nov. 3-7 in New Orleans, La.
                                                                         translating into higher levels of   (, the        technology. Larger organisations
                                                                         efficiency and savings due to       international          marketing      have acquired and invested in
Steven Dunford, Nokia Mobile
                                                                         reduced                downtime.    consulting company.                   smaller manufacturers of linear
Phones; Dr. Anthony Primavera,
                                                                         Consequently, original equipment                                          motors.. Investments pouring in
Universal           Instruments
                                                                         manufacturers (OEMs) are            Industry Analyst Sean French          from all areas of the European
Corporation; and Michael
                                                                         increasingly      looking      to   says: „Superior acceleration and      linear motors market have
Meilunas, Universal Instruments
                                                                         incorporate linear motors into a    control attributes, in particular,    contributed to advances in both
Corporation, received the Best
                                                                         wide range of applications.         are expected to drive a substantial   product and manufacturing

 E        P         W      electronic         production          weekly                                                           Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 2
processes. This, in turn, has        revenues, in the long term, is       trend is also expected to be
supported reduced product            expected to be the machine tools     observed in general handling,
prices and increased customer        application segment. By 2008,        which is forecast to remain both               Kester Water-Soluble Pastes.
uptake.                              this sector is expected to surge     the smallest application segment
                                     ahead of the semiconductors          and revenue contributor.                        So Boring, They’re Exciting.
Low levels of customer awareness     sector as the largest application                                            Lot after lot, Kester’s
have been a major challenge to       market for linear motors,            As a substantial base of potential      HydroMark 531 Series line
potential market expansion.          accounting for 24 per cent of        customers in Europe becomes             of water-soluble paste
„However, the advancing use of       revenue shares.                      acquainted with, and increasingly       never varies.
linear motors in a wide range of                                          installs linear motor technologies,     While this may seem boring to
applications has raised their        A positive increase between          growth will benefit. Germany will       some, it’s very exciting to
profile over the last few years.     current and future revenue           remain at the forefront of              engineers who care about
Moreover, positive feedback from     contribution is anticipated to       demand even though its revenue          stable stencil life, tack time,
new end-users has enhanced the       derive from the others segment       share is likely to decline as other     printing characteristics, slump
                                                                                                                  resistance, and environmental
reputation of linear motors,         consisting of applications such as   regions grow at a faster rate. Italy,   tolerance in their water-
thereby      encouraging       the   medical, military, and rides at      the Benelux countries, and              soluble paste.
prospect of strong future sales,‰    theme parks. Here, new and           Switzerland are already significant
notes Mr French.                     emerging areas of deployment         users of linear motors and              Let’s face it. Surprises in your
                                     are likely to stimulate above        demonstrate strong growth               paste performance can set
                                                                                                                  back process yields big time.                        Headquarters:
A larger, expanding customer         average market growth rates and      potential.                              And today, nobody can                                Des Plaines, IL USA
base is expected to underline the    demand.                                                                      afford that.
widening applications, volumes,                                           With this lucrative market poised                                                            Branches:
and revenues of linear motor         The relatively well established      for take off, competitive pressures     Call us or visit our Web site                        Anaheim, CA USA
                                                                                                                  today to get a sample of a                           Canada       Taiwan
solutions. Accordingly, the total    semiconductors and electronics       are intensifying. Both large                                                                 Germany      Malaysia
                                                                                                                  HydroMark Series paste. Will
market is expected to increase       sectors were the first and second    companies with a broad product          you be bored? Probably. But
from $57.0 million to $125.0         largest application sectors for      range and small businesses with         isn’t that exciting?                                 Singapore Japan
million by 2008. Unit shipments      revenues in the European linear      dedicated product offerings are in
are forecast to enjoy even           motors market in 2001. While still   the fray. Siemens is perched at                                                              For additional
stronger growth, soaring from        significant, their revenue shares    the number one position with its                                                             information:
33,300 to 125,500 units between      are likely to fall as emergent       specialist linear motors division                                                            call 800-2-KESTER
2001 and 2008.                       application segments experience      producing technology primarily                                                               fax 847-390-9338
The largest contributor to market    higher rates of growth. A similar    for the machine tools sector.

 E         P        W       electronic         production          weekly                                                                       Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 3
Anorad follows in second position       run speed, and repeat function.    for Durostone solder pallet            returned to the customers’          However, when employing high
trailed by Baldor, Aerotech, Etel       It features built in software      materials, explains:                   production line. Following          frequency / low power
and Bosch Rexroth.                      teaching tools for wafer place,                                           cleaning of the pallets, no         ultrasonics, an effective cleaning
                                        wafer pick-up, go to slot, pitch   It was previously advised not to       degradation occurred so it was      chemistry must be used to break
                                        offset, and jog. The WHS 412       clean Durostone solder pallets         concluded that given the correct    down the flux contaminants on
SIKAMA OFFERS WAFER                     comes standard with automatic      using ultrasonic equipment as it       equipment and process settings,     the pallets. The tests at Smart
HANDLING SYSTEM                         cassette      size   detection.    seriously degraded the material        ultrasonics does not affect         Sonic were successful using their
                                        Diagnostics mode allows visual     and left it susceptible to flux        Durostone.                          440-R SMT Detergent.
                                        maintenance of all inputs,         attack, reducing the life-span of
Sikama International Inc. of Santa
                                        outputs, servomotors, and          the pallets. Two cases had been        It was finally concluded that the
Barbara, CA is proud to announce
                                        encoders. Normal mode allows       reported but a manufacturer            past problems occurred due to
the release of their latest tool, the
                                        direct and immediate process       supplying the PCB industry did         the material being subjected to a
                                        changes in real time. Password     not produce the ultrasonic             low frequency, i.e. below 40kHz.
HANDLING SYSTEM.                 The
                                        protection allows multiple level   machines used in both instances.       The lower the frequency the
FALCON WHS 412 functions
                                        operator use.            System                                           more aggressive the ultrasonic
include: wafer loading, wafer
                                        requirements include electrical    As many end-users were having          cavitation.
unloading, multiple cassette
                                        power and vacuum.                  problems with cleaning and did
wafer loading (up to 4 cassettes),
                                                                           not have a budget to invest in a       Ultrasonic cleaning can be
wafer wash/coat return, and wafer
                                                                           dedicated system just for pallets,     compared to manual cleaning.
cassette to cassette sorting.
                                        Permali Approves Smart             enquiries were received from           - Using high frequency / low
                                        Sonic for Durostone Pallet         customers if they could use the        power ultrasonics is like using a
The WHS 412 can be integrated           Cleaning
                                                                           ultrasonic stencil / pallet cleaners   soft brush with little scrubbing
with Sikama Reflow Ovens and
                                                                           available for this purpose.            force.
Flux Coaters/Washers as part of a       Permali      Composites   S.A.,
total wafer bump solution or with       manufacturer of Durostone‚
                                                                           Tests were carried out in              - Using low frequency / high        DEK delivers first
other manufacturers tools.              pallet materials has approved                                                                                 production mass imaging
                                                                           conjunction with a major               power ultrasonics is like using a
Utilizing a cylindrical 4-axis robot    Smart Sonic‚ Ultrasonic Stencil                                                                               technology for 300mm
                                                                           ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer,       stiff wire brush with lots of
design, the WHS 412 is capable of       Cleaners and 440-R‚ SMT                                                                                       wafers
                                                                           Smart Sonic Corporation of             scrubbing force.
handling 4 inch – 12 inch wafers        Detergent for cleaning flux
                                                                           Canoga Park, California, U.S.A. A                                          DEK has successfully deployed a
with no re-teaching required. It is     residues from reflow and wave
                                                                           batch of pallets covered in a no-      DO NOT CLEAN DUROSTONE              production wafer bumping
fully programmable to create            solder pallets.
                                                                           clean flux were submitted to           USING A LOW FREQUENCY               solution for 300mm wafers at
recipes for wafer size, mode type,      Kenny Munro, Product Manager
                                                                           Smart Sonic for cleaning and           SYSTEM (below 40kHz)                customer sites in Asia. The
 E          P         W        electronic        production          weekly                                                            Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 4
system has been developed using       electronic manufacturers move         packaging technologies allow
DEK's mass imaging technology         toward volume production of           advanced wafer level CSPs and
for back end wafer processing         high performance chip scale           other chip scale package styles to   This space could be working for you
and wafer handling technology         packages."                            be applied to a wide range of
developed        by      Adept                                              commercial component types.
Semiconductor Handling Division       DEK's back end processing
of Livermore, California in           solutions for 150mm and 200mm
conjunction with DEK                  wafers are already in operation at
                                      customer sites throughout             Special connector provides
                                                                            signal processing solution
The new system builds on DEK's        Europe, the USA and Asia. These
existing back end solutions for       successful processes, including       Connector specialist ODU
150mm and 200mm wafers, and is        DirEKt Ball Attach(tm) solder ball    recently      developed      an
capable of transferring 300mm         placement, and fine-pitch             interconnect solution for an
wafers from open cassettes or         bumping by paste deposition, are      international blue-chip company
FOUP's into the processing            based on DEK's patented               to transmit signal and high
station, and of automatically         ProFlow® DirEKt Imaging               frequency data from the front
returning them to the cassette or     technology that enables precision     panel of a testing device to its
FOUP or directly to reflow oven       control of electronic materials for   motherboard.
when processing is complete.          deposition onto wafers and other
Wafers are transported by a           substrates such as FR4 epoxy.         The system uses a the ODU Mini-
conveyor, which is integrated         These include solder balls down
with the system via standard,         to 0.3mm, solder pastes including
                                                                            Snap push-pull connector on the
                                                                            front panel for the high frequency
                                                                                                                            For only $500
SMEMA-compliant interfaces.           low-alpha pastes, encapsulants        signals, up to 200 MHz, and the
                                      and other materials required by       company’s Mini-Fix card-to-cable
"This is a real, production system    advanced          semiconductor       connectors to interface with the
that is in action today, processing   packaging.                            motherboard.                During
our customer's 300mm wafers                                                 development it was established
and delivering excellent results,"    By reducing the capital cost of       that the Mini-Fix connector could          E             P             W
said Neil MacRaild, manager of        clean room space of back end          transmit the high frequency
DEK's Semiconductor Packaging         wafer level processes, while          signals with acceptable values for        electronic   production   weekly

Technologies Group. "This is          enhancing equipment flexibility       cross talk and attenuation.
important news as commercial          and first pass yield, DEK's           Moreover Mini-Fix is now even
 E         P         W       electronic         production           weekly                                                Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 5
used in base station applications    designed to enhance overall            Design as Automation                   Systems,      Avar     Integrated   provides an opportunity for him
at frequencies up to 1 GHz.          image quality.                         Specialist                             Solutions, Infinite Graphics Inc,   to contribute to industry
                                                                                                                   Cybolic Sciences Inc. and           innovation. "I’m excited to be
A major benefit is that the          The new collimator is designed to      TRI-C Design, Inc. (tri-               Excellon Photonics.                 part of a company that has the
expensive semi-rigid coaxial         limit the cone angle of X-rays is pleased to                                                 capacity to significantly help
cables previously used can be        transmitted from the source to a       announce that Doug McKay has           "Doug is a great addition to the    circuit manufacturers improve
replaced by the cost-effective       maximum of 40 degrees,                 joined the company as an               TRI-C Design automation team,       their business," said McKay.
Mini-Fix. Also, not only can high    significantly reducing the amount      Automation Specialist. McKay will      "said Keith Hildahl, president of
frequency and signal connections     of stray radiation that normally       help lead the introduction of TRI-     TRI-C Design. " He has worked
can be run in parallel but the       escapes from the intended              C Design’s new Automation              with most of the world’s leading    TRI-C Design’s New
connector system can also be         conical path, resulting in a           Services, which automates the          suppliers to the PCB industry and   ‘Automation Services’
supplied       with     sufficient   cleaner, crisper image with            flexible circuit and printed circuit   he has a clear understanding of
                                                                                                                                                       Streamlines PCB and Flex
                                                                            board (PCB) tooling process.                                               Circuit Tooling
terminations for grounding.          greater contrast. This accessory                                              the importance of TRI-C’s new
                                     is ideal for applications with very                                           Automation Services for circuit     New capability is like having a
Mini-Fix is a 1.27 x 2.54 mm IDC     small, dense, or micro-                McKay brings more than 20 years        manufacturers who are feeling
                                                                            of industry experience to TRI-C                                            programmer in-house
connector available in 10 to 50      mechanical            components.                                             pressured by global competition."
ways. It can be connected to the     Additionally, the collimator also      Design, having most recently           McKay believes that TRI-C Design
                                                                            worked as a senior applications                                            NORTHFIELD, Minn. – July 22,
PCB by a pin/ socket combination     decreases the sample's exposure                                                                                   2002 – Answering the electronic
or direct connection by soldering,   to the X-ray radiation, especially     engineer for Orbotech, Inc., a
                                                                            worldwide high-tech equipment                                              manufacturing industry’s need
and headers can be processed on      beneficial for applications with                                                                                  for fast-turn, accurate tooling,
the PCB by wave soldering,           highly sensitive components.           company that serves the PCB
                                                                            industry. There, he developed                                              TRI-C        Design,       Inc.(tri-
surface mount technology and                                                                                                                  is introducing
pin-in-paste.                        The collimator is threaded for         automation for Genesis 2000
                                                                            software. He is one of the                                                 software services to automate the
                                     easy installation eliminating the                                                                                 flexible circuit and printed circuit
                                     need for any additional tools and      industry’s leading experts on the
                                                                            automation of Genesis software,                                            board (PCB) tooling process.
FeinFocus Introduces                 is currently available as an                                                                                      Called, Automation Services, it
Image-enhancing                      accessory for all FeinFocus            having worked with Genesis for
Collimator Add-on                                                           more than seven years.                                                     streamlines Infinite Graphics’
For Its X-ray Tubes
                                     transmission X-ray tubes. For                                                                                     ParCAM/ProFLEX, Frontline’s
                                     more        information,       visit                                                                              Genesis 2000 and other major
                            or call (203)        In addition to Orbotech, McKay
FeinFocus introduces the                                                    has worked as an applications                                              computer aided manufacturing
availability of the new collimator   969-2161.                                                                                                         (CAM) software products.
                                     Doug McKay Joins TRI-C                 engineer for Valor Computerized
add-on for its X-ray tubes,                                                                                                                            TRI-C Design’s Automation
 E         P        W       electronic         production            weekly                                                              Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 6
Services take automation to the        production floor and eliminates        of programming experience
next level, programming specific
needs into the tooling process to
                                       errors caused by manual
                                                                              includes 14 years managing
                                                                              software development for Infinite          N O S URPRISES .
free CAM professionals from
redundant tasks. The cost savings      - Faster turnaround – reduces
                                                                              Graphics, Inc.
                                                                                                                       N O H IDDEN COSTS .
from reducing front-end CAM
work can be significant over time,
                                       wait times caused by manual
                                       interaction and eliminates re-
                                                                              McKay has more than 20 years’
                                                                              experience in the industry,                   N O R ISK .
and source code in standard            entry of information.                  including seven years working
programming and scripting                                                     with Genesis software. He has
languages allows the software to       - Cost savings – reduces expenses      been an applications engineer for
be maintained in-house.                in training of new CAM                 some of the largest suppliers to
                                       professionals.               Allows    the PCB industry: Orobtech, Inc.;
"Global competition in volume          reassignment         of        CAM     Valor Computerized Systems;
manufacturing has forced United        professionals in areas that require    Infinite Graphics Inc.; Cymbolic
States circuit manufacturers to        human thought and reasoning,           Sciences; and Excellon Photonics.                                                                 UNIVERSAL     USED
                                                                                                                                                                             REMANUFACTURED MACHINE
change their business model to         while       eliminating       costly                                                                                                    MACHINES      DEALER

quick-turn,       low      volume      production scrap due to tooling        "TRI-C’s Automation Services is                           Surface Mount/Through Hole Models          X           X
                                                                                                                                        Remanufactured to Original Specifications X            ?
manufacturing. This change in          errors.                                essentially like having an                                Rigorous Quality Assurance Testing         X           ?
business requires fast, accurate                                              experienced programmer on                                 Same Warranty as New Machines              X           ?
tooling that can only be provided      TRI-C Design’s automation team         your staff," said Hildahl. "We are                        Installation/Training/Technical Support    X           ?
                                                                                                                                        Spare Parts/Field Service                  X           ?
through automation," said TRI-C        is uniquely qualified to automate      convinced the addition of this                            Lease/Rental Options                       X           ?
president Keith Hildahl. "There        the tooling process for both           capability will help many circuit                         No Surprises/No Hidden Costs               X           ?

are many CAM products on the           hardboard and flex circuit             manufacturers         to       stay
market that work right off the         manufacturers. The team is led by      competitive        in       today’s   Pre-owned PCB assembly equipment lets you increase productivity
shelf. But real productivity is only   Dave Roesler, TRI-C Design             demanding marketplace."               and cut costs. But do you know exactly what you’re getting before you
                                                                                                                    buy? With remanufactured machines from Universal you can buy
gained through use of                  business development manager,                                                directly from the OEM with complete confidence and get as-new
automation."                           and Doug McKay TRI-C Design                                                  performance guaranteed. Just compare our value with theirs and
                                                                                                                    make the right business decision.
                                       automation specialist.
Automation Services benefits
                                                                                                                    SAME AS NEW,
include:                               Roesler is one of the industries’                                                                                   REMANUFACTURED MACHINE DIVISION
                                                                                                                    EXCEPT FOR THE PRICE.
- Higher quality tooling –             foremost authorities on Infinite
provides consistent tooling to the     Graphics’ software. His 20 years                                                                       
 E         P          W       electronic         production            weekly                                                           Issue 29 - 22nd November 2002 - page 7
PHASED REFLOW ANTI-                   HASL, OSP copper, gold over                                            agreements with gedas Iberia -         (assembly process validation) and
TOMBSTONING SOLDER                    nickel, and silver immersion.                                          valued       at     approximately      to provide feedback to product
                                                                                                             US$350,000 -that will benefit          design, help with assembly
                                      The Loctite Multicore 63S4 alloy                                       automobile production at SEAT,         sequence definition and estimate
Henkel Loctite Corporation has        blends SN63 and SN62 with                                              VW-Navarra and Autoeuropa.             costs. During detailed studies, the
introduced new Loctite(R)             melting points of 183°C and                                            gedas Iberia plans and                 eMPower solutions will provide
Multicore(R) 63S4 MP200 no-           179°C respectively. In a phased                                        implements all IT-related projects     complete painting, welding line
clean solder paste, formulated        reflow process, a small amount of                                      at the three manufacturers. gedas      and workcell studies with paths,
with the unique 63S4 alloy that       SN62 wets both sides of the                                            will use several products from the     fixture definitions and offline
eliminates costly tombstone           termination before the SN63                                            Tecnomatix eMPower(TM) MPM             programming. It will also provide
defects and reduces components        melts, tack soldering components                                       solution set to help these             plant layout definitions, work
misalignment that occurs when         to the PCB and delivering a larger                                     companies lower production             instruction development, and
reflowing boards with very small      assembly process window. By                                            costs, maintain high quality,          path optimization.
components such as 0402 and           eliminating tombstone defects,                                         reduce risk and help bring
0201 chips. This paste offers         63S4 MP200 solder paste                                                products to market faster.
excellent performance on difficult    increases production yield,
to solder substrates.                 decreases rework costs, and           Gedas Iberia to Implement        Tecnomatix eMPower products to
                                      improves overall quality..            Tecnomatix Manufacturing         be used at these engagements
                                                                            Process Management
Suitable for fine pitch, high speed                                                                          include eM-Workplace, eM-Spot,
                                                                            Solutions in Automotive
printing applications, Multicore      This paste meets or exceeds test      Manufacturing Operations         eM-Paint, eM-Human, eM-
63S4 MP200 is a drop in               specifications of J-STD-004 for                                        Assembler and eM-Plant. As part
replacement for standard lead         copper mirror, copper plate,          Spanish Systems Integrator to    of the agreements, Tecnomatix
alloys, but offers a wider process    chlorides and bromides, and is        Use eMPower Solutions in its     will also provide gedas with
window to compensate for              classified as ROL0. Multicore 63S4    SEAT,     VW-Navarra      and    training, support and integration
inaccuracies in screen printing,      MP200 also meets Bellcore GR-78-      Autoeuropa Engagements           assistance. The solutions will be
pick-and-place, and thermal           Core           standards        for                                    used in both the pre-planning
profiling. The paste is formulated    electromigration. For more            NASHUA, N.H.--Nov. 19, 2002--    stage (body-in-white processes)
to deliver extended abandon           information on Loctite(R)             Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd.    and the detailed studies stage.
time, long open time, slump           Multicore(R) 63S4 MP200, call         (NASDAQ: TCNO), the driving
resistance and increased tack life.   (626) 968-6511 or visit the Loctite   force in Manufacturing Process   During pre-planning, these
The product is suitable for use on    Web               site           at   Management (MPM) solutions,      eMPower solutions will be used in
a variety of substrates including          today announced a series of      feasibility and reachability studies

 E         P         W       electronic         production           weekly                                                                         Issue 6 - 7th June 2002 - page 8

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