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help for newcomers

There's lots of songwriting information here and I can well understand
that it would be confusing if this is your first time visiting. Try out
this section for a good overview of what you'll find here on The Muse's
Muse and where you'll find it. And give the "What's New" section a try if
you're visiting again. It'll tell you exactly what's been added since you
were last here.
Reference Guide For Beginning Songwriters
Looking for all the most useful resources on The Muse's Muse to help
while you're just getting started? Here is a handy reference that will be
your guide to the articles, tips and tools that are most helpful to you
here as you learn the craft.

Reference Guide For Professional Songwriters

For those of you a little further along in your songwriting aspirations,
here's a guide to the most useful resources here that will help you get
your songs noticed.

Reference Guide for Singers

I decided it was   high time I put together a list of resources around The
Muse's Muse that   are specifically for vocalists. There are quite a few!
Being a vocalist   myself, I have something of a bias towards it. ;) I hope
you'll find this   list of various relevant resources useful to you.

Reference Guide for Guitarists

Along with the guide for singers, comes this guide for those of you who
play the guitar. Again, there are several resources here that deal
specifically with this topic and I wanted to draw your attention to them,
making them easy to find. There are two columnists who have joined very
recently to talk specifically about using your guitar as a songwriting
aid and how to improve your technique. If you're interested in all
things having to do with the guitar, I highly recommend you check out
this handy guide!

Site Index With Descriptions

This is where you'll find an overview of all the things you'll find on
the entire web site. It's a long list, so be warned! Ideas for getting
around this site quickly would be using the pull-down menu above (called
"QUICK NAV") or going to the site index and choosing from the list
displayed there.

How to make this your Home Page
This page will give you detailed instructions on how to make The Muse's
Muse the first page that pops up in your browser when you start it up.

Want to Link to The Muse's Muse?

Click Here for Easy Instructions.

What's New?

In March of 1999, I decided it was high time I started putting one of
these together. If you want to know what's been happening with the site
recently, this is the page to head to. I do keep previous months
archived, but BOY do you have to be bored to read them. ;-)

Send Feedback or Ask a Question

You are more than welcome to send me e-mail if you're having problems of
any kind with the site. I'll do my best to answer your questions in a
timely fashion, though I do ask you to be patient as this site takes a
*lot* of time to keep up.

One tiny side note:While I'm happy to answer most of your questions,
there are a few I really don't like being asked. They include: "How do I
become a songwriter?" or "Who should I talk to to get my songs noticed?".
I don't have all the answers to the meaning of life. What I do have, is a
web site that answers these two questions in their myriad of forms as
thoroughly as I could possibly manage - with more answers being added all
the time. Read through the site. I think you'll find the answers to these
questions and a few more just by taking the time to wander around. I
can't do all the work for you - nor are there any easy answers to the
questions above. It takes a small bit of effort on your part to find them
- though I'll certainly help all I can!

Good luck!

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