48011 LEGISLATIVE PROCESS                             2009 SYLLABUS                        Prof. M. Salerno

I.      Introduction/Jurisprudence/Legisprudence of Statutory Law

Lect. 1 August 25: Introduction: Lawyers and Legislation
Read: "Lawyers In and Around State Government" (3-6)
        "Lawyers and the Legislative Process" (7-12) "Statutory Law in Legal Education" (13-24)
        US Constitution, Articles I, II, and III

L2      August 27: What is law/legal education? Civil Law/Common Law/USA Legal System
R:      The Civil Law Tradition (25-29) "Overriding ... Statutory Interpretation Decisions" (30-41)
        Assembly Bill No. 1090, as introduced and Chapter 560, Statutes of 2001 (41A-41B)
        "Common Law and Legislation" (42-48) "The Common Law in the United States" (49-51)

L3      September 1: Ascendancy of Legislation: Codification
R:      "The Ascendancy of Legislation" (52-59)
        “A Matter of Interpretation” (60-68)
        "Legislation in the United States" (69-80)
        The Process of Constitutional Amendment under the Legal System of the U.S. (81-90)
        U.S. Const., Art. V; Cal. Const., Article II, Sec. 8 and Art. XVIII

II.     Overview of the Legislative/Administrative/Budget Processes

L4      September 3: Overview of Law-Making Process: Confirmation, Appointment, Reserved Powers
R:      Differences between Federal and State Constitutions, California’s Legislature, pp 16-17
        Recall Elections through Referendum, California’s Legislature, pp 34-39, picture, p 40
        Cal. Const. Art. II, Secs. 1, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 18
        "Battle of the Black Hats" (135)

L5      September 8: Overview of the Legislative Process/ the Committee Hearing
R:      Chapter IX, California’s Legislature (note references to rules and constitutional provisions)
        SB 618 (91) and Senate Committee on Judiciary Analysis (93)
        Legislative Counsel Opinion re: Commercial Speech (99) "How Tobacco Courts California" (106)

L6      September 10: Overview of Executive Branch Role in the Legislative Process
R:      Chapter IV, California’s Legislature
        Cal. Const., Art. IV, Secs. 10 and 12, Art. V, Secs. 1 to 8, incl.
        Governor's proclamations (110)

L7      September 15: Overview of the Administrative Law Process
R:      Sec. 89001, Gov. C./ 2 Cal Code of Regulations 18901 (114)
        Watson v. Fair Political Practices Com. (116)
        Office of Administrative Law Materials (122)
        Secs. 11349 and 11349.1, Gov. C. (132)

L8      September 17: Budget Process
R:      Guide to California Government, Chapter 18 Budget and Finance (140)
        Cal. Const. Art. IV, Sec. 10 & 12, Art XVI, Sec 1.3 & 20 (147A-D)
        Budget Act of 2005 (148) Hastings 2003 Budget (152)

L9      September 22: Budget Process (continued)

48011 LEGISLATIVE PROCESS                                2009 SYLLABUS                      Prof. M. Salerno

III.    Article IV and the Legislative Powers

L10     September 24: Enrolled bill rule/appropriations/signing order/veto/statutory single subject
R:      Planned Parenthood v. Swoap (153)
        Cal. Const., Art. IV Secs. 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 5(a), 6, 7(b), 9, 10, and 12(d); Art. XXI, Sec. 1
        Sec. 9600, 9605, Gov. C (A-18)

L11     September 29: Open Meeting/Open Records Acts
R:      Cal. Const., Art. IV Sec. 7(c) 7.5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, and 22
        Art. 2.2 (commencing with Sec. 9027), Ch. 1.5, Div. 2, Title 2, Gov. C. (A-10)
        Art. 3.5 (commencing with Sec. 9070), Ch. 1.5, Div. 2, Title 2, Gov. C. (A-12)

L12     October 1: Power to determine elections and qualifications, and expel
R:      Cal. Const., Art. IV, Secs. 7(a); U.S. Const, Art. I, Sec. 5, Cl. 2
        Art. 2 (commencing with Section 9020) of Chapter 1.5 of the Gov. C.
        Powell v. McCormack (160)
        California War Veterans for Justice v. Hayden (165)

L13     October 15: Power to adopt rules of proceeding
R:      Cal. Const., Art. IV, Sec. 7(a); U.S. Const, Art. I, Sec. 5, Cl. 2
        Proposition 24 (189A)
        People's Advocate v. Superior Court (196)

L14     October 6: Power to investigate (continued)
R:      Legislative subpoena (179A/B)
        Enron (180A-N)

L15     October 8: Power to investigate
R:      R: Tenney v. Brandhove (167)
        Cal. Const. Art. IV, Sec. 11;
        Gravel v. US (171)
        Witnesses Ch. 4 (commencing with Sec. 9400), Div. 2, Title 2 Gov. C. (A-15)

L16     October 13: Power to investigate (continued)
        Quakenbush (181)

L17     October 20: Reserved Power v. Legislative Power/ Single Subject v. Revision
R:      Proposition 140 (204)
        Cal. Const., Art. II, Sec. 8(d) & Art. XVIII, Sec 1
        Legislature v. Eu (212)
        "The Supreme Court v. the Legislature" (234)

L18-20 October 23: Field Trip, State Capitol
        1:00-6:00 Program begins at entrance to Senate Floor on second floor of Historic Capitol (domed part)

L21     October 27: Principles of Parliamentary Law/Legislative Rules
R:      Manual of Legislative Procedure (A-64)
        Rules of the Senate; Rules of the Assembly and Joint Rules identified in California’s Legislature, Chapter IX:

48011 LEGISLATIVE PROCESS                           2009 SYLLABUS                          Prof. M. Salerno

IV.   Legislative History/Statutory Interpretation/Bill Drafting

L22   October 29: Legislative Publications/Statutory Interpretation
      R: California’s Legislature, Chapter XII

L23   November 3: Statutory Interpretation/ Bill Drafting
      R: People v. Broussard (237)
      Symposium on Statutory Construction and "Remarks" (241)
      Halbert's Lumber, Inc v. Lucky Stores, Inc. (247)
      "Shall We Dance?" (249)
      Statutes (A-90)
      Legal, Legislative, and Rule Drafting in Plain English, Introduction and Ch.11, (A-109)

V.    Regulation of Participants in Legislative Process

L24   November 10 Crimes
      R: Cal. Const., Art. IV, Sec. 15
      Art. 2 (commencing with Sec. 1021), Ch. 1, Div. 4, Title 1, Gov. C. (A-3)
      Art. 4 (commencing with Sec 1090), Ch. 1, Div. 4, Title 1, Gov. C. (A-3)
      Sec. 8314, Gov. C. (A-4)
      Art. 3 (commencing with Sec. 9050) Ch. 1.5, Pt. 1, Div. 2, Title 2, Gov. C. (A-11)
      Title 6 (commencing with Sec. 85) Pen. C. (A-53)
      Stanson v. Mott (265)
      Fair Political Practices Com. v. Suitt (267)
      McCormack v. US (270)
      Evans v. US (276)
      FBI Nolan interview (282)

L25   November 12: Conflicts of Interest
       R: “Preventing Conflicts of Interest” (283)
      Cal. Const. Art. IV, Secs. 4(a), and 5 (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f)
      Joint Rule 44, Art. 2 (commencing with Sec. 8920) Ch. 1, Pt. 1, Div. 2, Gov. C. (A-5)
      Fair Political Practices Commission, Ch. 3, Title 9, Gov. C. (A-29)
      Ch. 7 (commencing with Sec.87100) Title 9, Gov. C. (A-38)
      Index: Division 6, 2 Cal. Code Regs. (A-56)

L26   November 17: Ethics/Lobbyists
      R: Sec. 82015 Gov. (PRA)
      Ch. 6 (commencing with Sec. 86100), Title 9, Gov. C. (A33)
      "The Washington Lawyer Lobbyist" (299)
      "The Other Government" (304)
      "The Ethics Jungle" (310)
      "Can We Legislate Virtue" (316)

L00   TBA: Miscellaneous and Exam review

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