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									                          FEBRUARY 2002 MAY 1999                        THE OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE SCMA

                                                IT’S BOAT                                                                       The 46th
                                                                                                                           Annual Southern
                                                                                                                           California Boat

                                                                                                      Show, March 2-10, at the Los Angeles
                                                                                                     Convention Center is primed and
                                                                                                    ready for another blockbuster nine-day
                                                                                                   run to officially kick-off the west coast
                                                                                                 boating season.

                                                                                                  “This is such a major event for the
                                                                                              recreational boating community that we
                                                                                              have people calling, e-mailing and checking
                                                                                              out our SCMA website by the hundreds on a
                                                 daily basis,” says Executive Director, Dave Geoffroy. “And I don’t think they’ll be disap-
                                                 pointed when they arrive at the boat show. We’ve sold out all the available space and
                                                 have started an exhibitor waiting list in order to accommodate as many as we possibly
                                                 can. I’m confident that we are ready for a spectacular boat show.”
                                                     Because of the anticipated response by the public, the SCMA Board of Directors at
                                                 their regularly scheduled January meeting, voted to extend the Southern California
                                                 Boat Show hours this year, staying open until 9pm on all weekday nights, and adding
                                                 one more hour to Saturdays, closing at 10pm. “It was the Boards’ feeling that we
                                                 needed to allow for later shopping on the weekdays and Saturdays,” said Geoffroy.
                                                 “With a boat show that occupies nearly a half million square feet of exhibit space,
                                                 people need as much time as possible to see everything that we have to offer. This
                                                 change should benefit both the general public and our many exhibitors.”
                                                     This year, as an added bonus to boat show visitors, the SCMA has formed a
                                                 partnership with the new Travel Expo show which runs during the final weekend of the
                                                 boat show in Yorty Hall at the Convention Center. Travel Expo and the boat show will
                                                 offer a joint $12 admission ticket which will provide entrance to both shows. The
                                                 intent is to attract plus attendance at both venues since people have already invested
                                                 their time and money to make the trip to the downtown area.
                                                     For more information about the 46th Annual Southern California Boat Show,
                                                 please call 888-BOAT-INFO or visit the website at

 GET SOME                               SCMA is pleased to announce that it is
                                    holding an important pre-Southern California
                                    Boat Show “Sales Revival Seminar” generously
                                                                                         winning motivational speaker, Tim Timmons,
                                                                                         who will put his personal spin and insights on
                                                                                         successful selling in today’s environment. In

 OF THAT                            sponsored by Westmar Insurance on Wednesday,
                                    February 6th at the SCMA headquarters in
                                                                                         addition, SCMA and Westmar Insurance will be
                                                                                         hosting a finger lickin’ good barbeque lunch

                                    Orange, California starting at 11 am. “We’re just    and some lively country tunes from the musical
                                    trying to help build a fire with as many of our      group, Southwind, for your added enjoyment.
                                    members sales staffs as possible before the start        If you haven’t already reserved a spot, please

 TIME SALES                         of our giant Southern California Boat Show on
                                    March 2 at the Los Angeles Convention Center,”
                                    comments SCMA Executive Director, Dave
                                                                                         call Stacy L. Freeman at the SCMA office
                                                                                         (714) 633-7581 or email
                                                                                         immediately. The more the merrier! There is a

 REVIVAL…                           Geoffroy. “We promise that this will be an inspi-
                                    rational, uplifting, go get’m kind of get-together
                                    that will put everyone in the right frame of
                                                                                         nominal $10 per person charge for attending.
                                                                                             We urge all sales personnel to circle the
                                                                                         wagons and get revved up for the west coast’s

 FEBRUARY 6, 2002                   mind to do their best at L.A.”
                                        Addressing the attendees will be award
                                                                                         biggest boat show of the year! Don’t get left in
                                                                                         the dust!

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                         PAGE ONE
                                                      ABOUT THE MEMBERS
is the official newsletter of the
Southern California Marine                      SHAKEDOWN TEST RESULTS IN FOUR DEATHS AT LAKE CASTAIC

Association, published                      On Friday afternoon, January 11, High Torque Marine (HTM) owner, Steve Coulombe, two HTM employees,
monthly, distributed to its             Ken Lane and Nelson Brinkman, and HTM customer Chuck Wiseman died on Lake Castaic from injuries sus-
membership and related                  tained during a single boat accident while testing a new 30-foot HTM model. Because the lake was relatively void
                                        of other boaters at the time, eyewitness accounts of the accident remain sketchy, however, it was reported that the
boating industry businesses.
                                        boat appeared to bank to the left and roll over at an undisclosed rate of speed. By the time assistance arrived at
Submission of editorial                 the scene, the boat had sunk and only the body of Ken Lane was retrieved. During the week following the acci-
content for publication should          dent, special deep-water dive teams were successful in locating and retrieving the other three bodies and portions
be directed to:                         of the boat. Funeral/memorial services for Steve Coulombe were held on Thursday, January 24 at Bethlehem
                                        Lutheran Church in Canyon Country. A High Torque Marine Memorial Fund in the memory of Steve Coulombe,
SCMA                                    Ken Lane, Nelson Brinkman and Chuck Wiseman has been established at Valencia Bank & Trust, 18710 Soledad
1006 E. Chapman Ave.                    Canyon Road, Canyon Country, CA 91351, routing #122241501, account #03216209. The SCMA extends its
Orange, CA 92866                        deepest sympathies and condolences to all the family members and friends. This is truly a devastating loss to the
(714) 633-7581                          Southern California boating community.
FAX (714) 633-9498.
                                                     ADVANTAGE HOSTS NEW YEAR’S OPEN HOUSE IN HAVASU
                                            Advantage Boats hosted a very successful New
President: Mike Basso, Sr.
                                        Year’s open house and factory-direct sale celebra-
Vice President: Nick Barron             tion on January 4-5-6 at its Lake Havasu based
Treasurer: Bob Leach                    headquarters. Advantage promoted the event
Secretary: Don Williams                 through direct mail, radio, and print advertising,
                                        targeting qualified buyers and current Advantage
                                        owners interested in moving up in size. In addition
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                      to some rather aggressive pricing programs and
Jim Echolds                             low financing rate packages, Advantage also per-
                                        suaded several marine performance aftermarket
Mike Guardalabene                       suppliers like Eddie Marine, Teague Custom
Ray Guy, Jr.                            Marine, Hot Boat Magazine, Lifeline, PFM and
Jim Hendricks                           Joker’s Wild to set-up supporting displays during
                                        the open house. According to the Advantage sales
Ray Jones
                                        staff, the weekend event generated several sales of
Dan Klaas                               both new and used boats…a great way to start the
Jack Means                              New Year!
Frank Redlew
Marie Schock
Dick Simon
Harvey Wills                            Booking & Buying NOT and CLICK
                                     TO CLICK ORTravel OnlineTOOffline
                                         Many consumers are unsure of whether to use the Internet for researching or buying travel, and if so, when and how.
                                     The Internet can be a powerful tool for researching travel, but when you’re ready to buy, the Internet can’t replace the
SCMA STAFF                           expertise of a trusted travel counselor.
Executive Director: David Geoffroy       Ed Perkins, the consumer advocate for the American Society of Travel Agents offers some answers to commonly asked
Show Manager: Terry Tjaden           questions.
                                         Q. CAN I USE THE INTERNET TO PLAN A TRIP?
Business Manager: Debbie Harrigan        A. Yes, at least partially. The Internet is great for facts and figures. Thousands of destinations have websites and these are
Sales/Marketing Manager:             great sources for basic information like climate, weather, local transportation, special events/activities, etc. But the Internet
 Stacy L. Freeman                    is seldom able to supply enough depth and detail to allow you to prepare a complete travel plan. You will still need to consult
                                     with a professional travel agent before making your travel purchase.
Show Coordinator: Matt Meeker
                                         Q. CAN I BE SURE OF GETTING THE LOWEST AIRFARE ON THE INTERNET?
Administrative Assistant:                A. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Some really good airfare deals are sold only on the Internet, but they usually have
 Carey Ann Alcocer                   specific restrictions you may not want. Also, if you need to change your ticket, or you make a mistake, customer service is
Government Relations:                not a strong point of the Internet. In general, the online airfare price is about the same as you’d pay if you buy from a
 Harry Monahan                       conventional travel agency.
                                         Q. CAN I USE THE INTERNET TO FIND THE BEST FLIGHT SCHEDULE?
Advertising:                             A. Yes, usually. Many websites permit you to specify schedules and search by minimum travel time rather than minimum
 Bob Brown, Media Direction          time. However, some sites exclude important low-fare airlines from their searches. Also, sometimes it is difficult to discern
Public Relations:                    the flight itinerary or the number of stops and length of layovers.
 VL Communications                       If you have specific travel questions, or would like to book a special trip, or find out about some special SCMA discount
                                     travel packages, please call Carefree Vacations at 800-795-0720 and mention you are an SCMA member for added discounts.
PAGE TWO                                                                                   SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
   MEMBER                                                                                                                 NEW            WELCOME

   PROFILE                                                                                                                MEMBERS
                                                                                                                          APPROVED AT THE
                                                                                                                          JANUARY 15, 2002
   Trailer Boats Magazine                                                                                                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   Ralph, Carlotta
                                                                                                                          REGULAR MEMBERS
   and Wiley Poole                                             years, “Trailer
                                                               Boats” estab-
       In August 1971, with relatively little fanfare, a new   lished an unprecedented policy of publishing no-           BIKINI COVER.COM, INC.
   boating magazine debuted its inaugural issue. With          holds-barred head-to-head comparison evaluations of         4718 East Catus Road
   the industry already dominated by such publishing           boats, engines and various marine products. Although        Phoenix, AZ 85032
   giants as “Boating”, Motorboating and Sailing” and          this approach endeared itself to the readership, it was     (602) 228-2939
   “Yachting” , the Southern California based “Trailer         not without sacrifice. Some advertisers didn’t appreci-     Rep: Brenda Kies, president
   Boats” magazine hardly warranted a second glance.           ate the truthful scrutiny of the editorial staff and        Manufacturer of fiberglass covers for
   Thirty years later however, “Trailer Boats” has firmly      chose not to support the publication because of its         PWCs.
   established itself as one of the most widely read and       candid coverage. Undaunted, “Trailer Boats” held its
   most respected recreational boating magazines in the        ground and in the long run earned the respect of the       POWERBOAT LIGHTING.COM
   world. And to this day, remains a family owned              readers and industry leaders alike.                         618 Rembroadt Drive
   business, under the guidance of its original founders,           “Trailer Boats” still calls Carson, California its     Corona, CA 92882
   husband and wife Ralph and Carlotta Poole, and son          homebase headquarters. Its staff is now sizeable,           (909) 278-2406
   (and now publisher) Wiley Poole.                            working diligently to grind out monthly editions of         Rep: Dave Burns
       What makes this story so compelling is the fact         “Trailer Boats” plus several other sister publications      Fiber optic vessel and dock lighting
   that the Pooles didn’t start their publishing venture       including “Bass & Walleye Boats” and “Camping
   with deep-pockets. In the 1960s, Ralph Poole was an         World”. Wiley Poole serves as publisher, while Ralph       DIAMOND VALLEY LAKE
   avid boater and a freelance photojournalist located in      and Carlotta retain the titles of President and Vice       RECREATION GROUP
   Southern California. And what he recognized was             President/Chief Financial Officer respectively, finding     601 South Figueroa St. Suite 3575
   there wasn’t a consumer magazine that targeted the          as much time as possible to cruise the Mexican              Los Angeles, CA 90017
   fast growing segment of family recreational trailer         waters of the Baja Peninsula. At the editorial helm of      (714) 651-9510
   boaters. With true entrepreneurial spirit, Ralph,           “Trailer Boats” is SCMA Board of Directors member           Rep: Randy Case
   Carlotta, and a teenage Wiley struggled to produce          Jim Hendricks supported by veteran journalists like         Developer of Diamond Valley Lake in
   a quality publication in those early years with a           Jim Barron, Ron Eldridge, Stuart Bourdon, and               Hemet, CA
   skeleton staff.                                             Gordon West.
       Today, “Trailer Boats” has a soon to be audit               Having published well over 300 issues, “Trailer        ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
   verified monthly circulation over 100,000, a rarity         Boats” is undeniably a testament to what hard work
   among boating magazines. More importantly, “Trailer         and perseverance can accomplish. And its contribu-         DRIVEN
   Boats” continues to maintain its reputation for             tions to the entire recreational boating industry are       250 Avenida Montalvo
   uncompromised editorial integrity. In its formative         immeasurable.                                               San Clemente, CA 92672
                                                                                                                           (949) 498-3152
                                                                                                                           Rep: Fred Mason

         SCMA TO OFFER                                                                                                     Premium finishing products

    Several months ago, Board members discussed the need for an industry “standardized” vessel purchase agreement
                                                                                                                           OF THE MONTH
which could be used by any SCMA member engaged in selling new or used boats. The objective was to create a template
style contract form with updated purchase provisions and disclaimers that would protect both the seller and buyer. A        “Our greatest glory is
vessel purchase agreement committee was formed consisting of Jack Means, Marie Schock and Dan Klaas to oversee this
project. SCMA attorney Thomas Ramsey was enlisted to render legal clarifications and proper wording. After numerous          not in never falling,
drafts and reviews, this document will soon be available on CD from SCMA. It has been created in such a way that the
template form will appear on your computer monitor, and by simply clicking on the appropriate boxes, all necessary            but in rising every
information may be entered and then printed out when complete, ready for buyer signatures. This can be done in your
dealership, at a boat show or at any location with a computer. If you are interested in finding out more about this new         time we fall.”
“standardized” vessel purchase agreement CD, please contact the SCMA office at (714) 633-7581.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                                        PAGE THREE
                                                                                   EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S
                                                                                                              by Dave Geoffroy

                                                                          I     n general, the marine business environment seems to be improving. Reports from
                                                                                early boat shows across the country are positive and encouraging both with atten-
                                                                          dance and sales. The New York Boat Show for example had strong attendance and sever-
                                                                          al exhibitors said they experienced record sales. On the West Coast, both the Seattle and
                                                                          San Francisco boat shows fared well. With interest rates still at very attractive levels and
                                                                          gasoline prices remaining in the very affordable range, consumers seems to be seriously
                                                                          thinking about going boating this season, and that’s a very good sign.
                                                                               SCMA’s 46th Annual Southern California Boat Show at the Los Angeles Convention
                                                                          Center is now less than thirty days away, and I’m pleased to report that the show is a virtual
                                                                          sell-out. Major exhibitors are gearing up for anticipated strong demand, especially since the
                                                                          show dates this year are closer to the actual start of the boating season. Our entire staff
                                                                          hopes to have an opportunity to see all of our members at this great boating tradition.
                                                                              I would also like to extend my personal invitation to everyone involved in selling to
      attend our February 6th “Sales Revival Seminar” at the SCMA headquarters. This promises to be an inspirational gathering with a great motivational speaker,
      Tim Timmons, delivering an important message on how best to succeed. What better way to get in the proper mood for the year’s largest boat show.
          Members should also stay tuned for an upcoming announcement regarding the availability for an SCMA produced “standardized vessel purchase agree-
      ment” contract. This new document should be of significant benefit to all our members who are engaged in selling new or used boats.
          Unfortunately, on January 11th, a terrible boating accident occurred on Lake Castaic. High Torque Marine’s owner, Steve Coulombe and three associates
      were killed while testing a new high performance sportboat at the lake. I know you will join me in offering condolences to their families. In lieu of flowers, the
      family has asked that contributions be made to the High Torque Marine Memorial Fund established by the victims families. Please see page 2 of this newsletter
      for details on how you can support this cause.


Nautical Inn
Begins Renovation
     The Nautical Inn, the resort icon of Lake Havasu City, Arizona, has
formerly announced that a complete property renovation project has begun,
                                                                                               GET TO KNOW…
                                                                                                  According to California’s
                                                                                             Department of Motor Vehicles, the            PTI
                                                                                             Commercial Vehicle Registration Act of 2001 (CVRA), effective as of
                                                                                             January 1, 2002, changes the way the Department of Motor Vehicles
                                                                                             (DMV) will register commercial motor vehicles and trailers. Under the
with the first phase, approximately 90 new beachfront rooms, scheduled for                   CVRA, most trailers will no longer be registered annually. Most trailers
completion in July 2002. The announcement was made by Nautical Inn General                   will be converted to the Permanent Trailer Identification (PTI) program
Manager, Jack Skinner on January                                                             and renewed every five years.
22 during an on-site press confer-                                                                Basically the plan works this way. There is now a $20 fee for original
ence. “We’re very excited about the                                                          registration or conversion of trailers under the PTI program. The trailer
future of the Nautical Inn and the                                                           owner may request a new PTI plate, or keep the existing plate in which a
City of Lake Havasu,” said Skinner.                                                          special PTI sticker will be issued to attach to the plate. Once registered
“It’s been a long wait, but we’ve                                                            under the PTI plan, PTI renewal is due once every five years at a flat cost
finally overcome all the hurdles in                                                          of only $10.
our path, and we’re now proceed-                                                                  It is important that all boat dealers involved in selling boat trailers
ing with a $7 million project this                                                           become aware of this new law and how to implement it. It is recom-
year, with more to come. It’s our                                                            mended that you contact your local DMV field office, or call the DMV
intention to create the finest water                                                         Customer Communications Section at (916) 657-6560 in order under-
recreation oriented resort facility                                                          stand all the implications of this new program.
in the western United States.”
     Skinner also announced that the Nautical Inn was going to host the first-
ever “Float Your Boat” weekend extravaganza, April 13-14. “We thought it                 craft owners. Among the many planned activities are: an on-the-water treasure
would be fun for boaters if they had an official opening of the boating season.          hunt with prizes, kid’s beach games, a taste of Havasu food fair, an in-water
Because we usually have ideal weather in April, it seemed like a natural oppor-          boat show with demo rides, a Saturday night party with live music at the new
tunity for boaters to visit us here in Lake Havasu and get out on the water.”            Tiki Terrace, a Sunday champagne brunch plus more. If you want additional
     The “Float Your Boat” weekend is open to all boaters and personal water-            information or make reservations, please call (800) 892-2141.

PAGE FOUR                                                                                            SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
                  WATCH                                                                                                                       by Harry Monahan

       Governor Gray Davis has released his proposed 2002-2003 state budget, including $88,652,000 in expenditures for the Department of Boating and


        Government Davis’ budget will fund public access boating facility projects, boating law enforcement programs across the state, and programs to

    enhance safety on the water for the state’s four million boaters,” said Director Raynor Tsuneyoshi.

        Funding for the Department is derived primarily from boating gasoline taxes (state and federal), vessel registration fees, and loan repayments to

    the Harbors & Watercraft Revolving Fund.

        Boating and Waterways’ proposed budget includes $19,298,000 for loans to public agencies to construct and improve marinas; $3,750,000 to be

    made available for loans to private sector marina owners to construct and improve marinas, $16,665,000 for grants to public agencies to construct

    and improve boat launching facilities; $9,792,000 for capital outlay projects to construct and improve boating facilities on state lands; $9,025,000 in

    aid to local agencies for boating law enforcement; $6,513,000 for beach erosion control; $3,603,000 in federal funds for a variety of safety and

    education boating programs; $750,000 for abandoned watercraft abatement grants; $1,753,000 for vessel sewage pumpout grants, and $1,100,000 for

    a transient docking facility grant program.

        Program Highlight: Of the $9,792,000 capitol outlay budget, $4,395,000 is for the Boating Instruction Safety Center (BISC) construction

    program, including $3,822,000 for working drawings and construction for a BISC at CSU/Channel Islands at Channel Islands Harbor, and $128,000

    for preliminary plans for a BISC at California State University/Sacramento at Lake Natoma. These new facilities will allow for both on-the-water and

    in-the-classroom boating safety education and instruction.

        The Department’s current budget for the 2001-02 fiscal year totals $102,755,286.

       SCMA COMMENTS: The Governor’s budget section for DBAW contains two controversial items: (1) a $26.6 million allocation of boating fuel taxes

    to the Department of Parks and Recreation, ostensibly for boating maintenance expenses at the state parks; and (2) $6.5 million from the fuel tax pool

    for beach erosion. SCMA, along with NCMA, NMMA, the Marina Recreation Association and other boating organizations, has protested these items.

        SCMA protested the beach erosion allocation on the basis that it is an inappropriate use of boating fuel taxes which are earmarked for boating

    oriented purposes. Traditionally, DBAW supervises the state beach erosion program, but this operation is funded from the state’s General Fund, not

    the boatowner’s fuel taxes.

        The $26.6 million to the Department of Parks and Recreation represents more than doubling of the annual allocation to that agency. The marine

    associations claim there is no reason to presume that boating costs to the Park agency have doubled since last year. The Park Department is required

    to substantiate its claim for boating expenses in order to qualify for the fuel tax revenues.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION                                                                                                                 PAGE FIVE
     Premier Warranty Solutions, (PWS),
in Carlsbad, California has entered into
an exclusive agreement with American
Pro-Tech Marine, allowing it to appoint
boat and yacht dealers/brokers along the
west coast to market and sell extended
service contracts on both new and used
boats (power and sail) and personal
watercraft. According to PWS, American
Pro-Tech Marine offers extended service
contracts which provide for the repair of
the hull, mechanical and electrical parts
and components, as well as certain of the
vessels’ creature-comforts, factory
installed electronics and other equipment
important to the enjoyment of the vessel.
     “Boats and yachts are getting more
expensive and their systems more
complicated with every passing year,”
says Arlan Brown, President of Premier
Warranty Solutions. “That’s why
extended service contracts are so
important to the continued worry-free
operation of today’s watercraft.”
                                                   The 2002 boating season is fast approaching and so is the count-down to the April 18-21 10th Annual Orange
     According to Automotive News, the        County Boat Show at the Anaheim Convention Center. “We expect another great turn-out at Orange County,”
sale of extended service contracts in         commented SCMA Executive Director Dave Geoffroy. “Now in its tenth year, Orange County has really established
automobile dealerships have become a          a loyal following of boat show attendees. We’ve enjoyed a steady pattern of growth, both in the number of
major profit center in recent years.          exhibitors and in attendance, over the past decade. Given the current level of optimism around the boating indus-
Virtually every retail auto dealership        try, the Orange County Boat Show should again produce significant sales opportunities for our exhibitors.”

                                                               ORANGE COUNTY
offers, and actively sells extended service       The Orange
contract protection to its customers.         County Boat
     The basic American Pro-Tech Marine       Show at the
contract provides coverage for most of        Anaheim Convention Center is scheduled for four days, April 18-21. Show hours are: Thursday, noon to 9pm;
the vessels’ systems including the hull,      Friday, noon to 10pm; Saturday, 10am to 10pm, and Sunday, 10am to 6pm. Adult admission is $9.00, children 12
engine, transmission, steering, electrical    & under are free.
components, certain electronics and the
                                                  The Orange County Boat Show exhibitor brochure and space application is now in production and will be
list goes on. Options to the basic plan
                                              mailed early February. If you need additional boat show information, or an extra brochure/application, please call
include packages to cover everything
                                              the SCMA office at (714) 633-7581.
from the GPS to live bait tanks and even
to air conditioners and galley equipment
if installed by the factory.
     According to Brown, American
Pro-Tech Marine plans have excellent
financial backing. The program is
                                                        SCMA HOSTS MARINE
secured by America Re Insurance, a
division of Munich Re, rated A+ by A.M.
Best, the Standard and Poors of the
insurance industry.
     Premier Warranty Solutions has
recently added Ron Collins, a long-time
                                                 The SCMA played host to another in a series of          valuable input on his own boat show success stories.
yacht broker in the San Diego area, as        meetings involving various marine market segments.
Regional Manager servicing the south                                                                         The discussions centered on establishing and
                                              A meeting was held for manufacturer’s representatives      maintaining brand name positioning, boat show par-
coastal region of Southern California.        on January 23, 2002 at the Balboa Yacht Club.
For more information about how to                                                                        ticipation and dealer involvement. A game plan is
become an authorized distributor of              The meeting had a roundtable format creating an         being generated based on the feedback and ideas that
these extended warranty contracts,            open forum for representatives to interact with the        were voiced.
please contact Arlan Brown,                   SCMA, distributors and dealers. The turnout was               A second meeting is in the planning stages to
(760) 431-5792, or email                      impressive, with key representative groups in atten-       implement the new programs. Details to follow.                       dance. Harvey Wills led the meeting and provided

PAGE SIX                                                                                     SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA MARINE ASSOCIATION
                                      AROUND THE INDUSTRY
             CHAMPION BASS BOATS PURCHASED                                                       MARINE INDUSTRY LEADERS COMMENT
                       BY GENMAR                                                                        ON 2002 PROSPECTS

       In their continuing pursuit of acquiring distressed marine companies,                THOM DAMMRICH, President, NMMA: “I think the marine industry will
   Genmar has rescued bankrupt Champion Bass Boats and plans to incorporate             see a good recovery in 2002, with growth in both unit and dollar sales, but
   various models into its growing collection of boat brands. Champion was              not quite reaching the peaks of 1999-2000. My concern today is that when
   forced to seek protection under bankruptcy laws in November 2001 after               sales take off again in the first half of 2002, we won’t be able to meet demand
   several creditors and ten employees filed an involuntary bankruptcy petition.        because inventories are now too low. Watch for an upturn in consumer
   Champion employees filed complaints with federal and state agencies                  confidence, make sure you have product to sell, and the marine industry will
   claiming that the company had failed to pay wages and engaged in possible            resume good growth.”
   insurance fraud.
                                                                                            GEORGE BUCKLEY, Chairman/CEO Brunswick: “Given the 2001 tax
                                                                                        refund, low interest rates and low gas prices, there is a lot out there to
                                                                                        stimulate the economy, which bodes well for our industry. We agree with
                     FINANCING PACKAGE
                                                                                        economists who are expecting to see a recovery beginning in the second half
                                                                                        of the year.”
       Fountain Powerboats has successfully obtained $3 million of new long-
   term debt refinancing which will improve cash flow and help keep the cash-
                                                                                            IRWIN JACOBS, Chairman, Genmar: “I expect the biggest year in terms
   strapped company afloat despite poor sales results during the third quarter of
                                                                                        of volume in Genmar’s history, but certainly not the best year in terms of
   2001. Although liabilities exceeded assets as of September 30, Fountain was
   able to raise an additional $3 million from General Electric Capital Corp.
   Fountain also announced that Hannah Hale will join its management team as
                                                                                            PHIL KEETER, President, MRAA: “I feel the recreational boating industry
   Chief Financial Officer, replacing David Simmons who took early retirement
                                                                                        will see some margin of recovery in the first quarter of 2002. The first
   due to family medical conditions.
                                                                                        quarter is basically “boat show season” for our industry and I believe we will
                                                                                        see fairly steady attendance.” If we could maintain constant numbers for the
      UNITED STATES SAILING ASSOCIATION NAMES                                           first two quarters of 2002, as compared to the first two quarters of 2001, I
              NEW EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                    think we would be on the way to some solid growth and recovery.”

       Nicholas Craw, a two-time national champion auto racer and former                    NORM SCHULTZ, President, Lake Erie Marine Trades Association: “There
   director of the Peace Corps, has been appointed Executive Director of the            are four factors that make us optimistic recovery is at hand; Federal Reserve
   United States Sailing Association. Before joining US Sailing, Craw served for        actions, pent-up demand, manufacturer initiatives and White House
   17 years as president and CEO of the Sports Car Club of America, a 60,000            leadership.”
   member nonprofit organization. Craw succeeds Terry Harper, US Sailing
   Executive Director for the past 7 years.

ASA SAILING                                                                             FISH and GAME SCRAP
SCHOOLS OF THE                                                                          PROPOSED OFFSHORE
                                                                                        FISHING CLOSURE
YEAR RECOGNIZED                                                                              The Department of Fish and Game’s proposal to close massive fishing areas
                                                                                        along the pacific coast and make them marine reserves has been abandoned.
    The American Sailing Association (ASA) of Marina del Rey, California has
announced the recipients of its prestigious 17th Annual Sailing School of the           Department of Fish and Game Director, Robert Hight said that future attempts
Year Awards. The yearly awards are given to one school in each of four                  at creating offshore marine reserves would include public participation in the
geographic national regions. This year’s winners are:                                   development of the plan.
    Western: Harbor Sailboats, San Diego, California                                         According to Bob Fletcher, president of the Sportfishing Association of
    Northeast: New Jersey Sailing School, Point Pleasant, New Jersey                    California, “We have gotten a bit of a reprieve, and the opportunity to be there
    Southeast: Blue Water Sailing School, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida                       from the beginning to help develop some alternatives. That doesn’t mean,
    Central: Bay Area Sailing School, Kemah, Texas                                      however, we won’t get any reserves in the future.”
    Sailing school graduates rate their alma mater on its merits in a number of              Fletcher credited the huge public outcry over the issue for the action Hight
critical categories. An “excellent,” “good,” “fair,” or “poor” rating appears on the    took. Recreational Anglers, United Anglers of Southern California and the
evaluation form for each of eight questions. Quality of materials, course objectives,   Sportfishing Association of California among others, rallied together to voice their
organization, safety and student participation are among the subjects to which          displeasure over the lack of science involved in developing the Department’s
students respond. Students send their evaluations directly to ASA headquarters.         original closure plan. Hundreds of saltwater anglers showed up at Fish and Game
Every one of ASA’s 200+ commercial sailing schools has a chance to win School of        Commission meetings, signed petitions or wrote the director and commission.
the Year honors. A mathematical formula allows schools with fewer students to               Until a new masterplan can be created, the Channel Islands National
compete on an even basis with larger training facilities. The numeric system            Marine Sanctuary and its closure issues remain independent of the Marine Life
resembles the familiar practice of grading on a curve.                                  Protection Act.

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     IMPORTANT SCMA DATES                                                              CLASSIFIEDS

                                              fr2002     SCMA members are encouraged to place no charge ‘classified’ ads at
                                                         their discretion. Please send classified copy to the SCMA office at (fax)
                                                              AVAILABLE: Secure inside dry boat/RV storage. A limited number of spaces now
                                                         available at Rex Marine in La Verne, CA. Security system in use. Have access during
                                                         business hours 5-days a week. Cost is $7 per linear foot, including trailer to prop or
     MARCH 2-10, 2002                                    jet (total length). Minimum space rental is $125 per month. Contact Mike or Shelbey
        46th Annual Southern California Boat Show        Guardalabene (909) 392-7300 — e-mail
        Los Angeles Convention Center
                                                             WANTED: Service dealer in Marina del Rey needs MerCruiser/Volvo technician.
                                                         Experienced only. Factory trained a plus. Salary commensurate with job history. Full
                                                         time — 4-day work week. Call (310) 823-2458.
     APRIL 18-21, 2002
        10th Annual Orange County Boat Show                  WANTED: Bayport Yacht Sales is looking for sales team members with experience
                                                         in selling big ticket items. Must be extremely self-motivated and capable of dealing
        Anaheim Convention Center
                                                         with upscale customers. Marine industry knowledge a plus. Bayport represents two
                                                         major power boat brands — 15 to 20 new yachts in stock at all times as well as bro-
                                                         kerage listings. Offering generous commission compensation structure ($100,000+
     JUNE 5-9, 2002                                      potential), with a draw against commissions, 401K plan and optional health insur-
        16th Annual Spring Boat Show                     ance. Fax resume to: (949) 548-8925 or email:
        Fairplex, Pomona                                     WANTED: Almandor Dock Supply is looking for a Southern California/Western
                                                         Arizona sales rep for EZ Dock Floating Dock products. Must reside in this area.
                                                         Familiarity with floating docks desirable, but not necessary. Compensation includes
     SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2002                               base plus commission. Must have clean DMV record and be willing to travel as neces-
        International Sail & Power Boat Show             sary. Contact Brett Womack, Almandor Dock Supply, (800) 654-8168.
        Long Beach Convention Center & Downtown Marina
                                                             NOW AVAILABLE: New, “jumbo” indoor deluxe boat storage units near the
                                                         Advantage Boats factory in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Lots of space — low
                                                         introductory rates. Call (928) 680-7191.

                                                                                                             Orange, California 92866-2111
                                                                                                             1006 East Chapman Avenue

Anaheim, CA
Permit #514

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