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Handout from presentation “Through the
Eyes of a Child: Exploring, Explaining, and
Exposing Risk Factors and Suicide Ideation
Using the Youth Risk Behavior Surveys”

                              Dana Sawyer
     Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families
    Steven S. Martin, Roberta Gealt, and Daniel Howard
                      Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies
                            University of Delaware

                  For more information, please contact
                   Daniel Howard:
           Or call the Center for Drug and Alcohol Studies at:
                             (302) 831-6107
YRBS Contact list
State:           Contact:
Alabama          Marilyn Lewis, MS, State Department of Education
Alaska           Patricia Owen, Department of Health and Social Services
Arizona          Catherine Osborn, MPA, Department of Education
Arkansas         Kathleen Courtney, MS, Department of Education
Colorado         Karen Connell, MA, Department of Education
Connecticut      Diane Aye, PhD, Department of Public Health
Delaware         Janet Arns Ray, MS, Department of Education
Florida          Jamie Forrest, MS, Department of Health
Georgia          Suparna Bagchi, DrPH, Department of Community Health
Hawaii           Dave Randall, MEd, Department of Education
Idaho            Patricia Stewart, State Department of Education
Illinois         Glenn Steinhausen, PhD, State Board of Education
Indiana          Pamela Pontones, MA, State Department of Health
Kansas           Mark Thompson, PhD, State Department of Education
Kentucky         Stephanie Bunge, MEd, Department of Education
Louisiana        Raegan Carter Jones, MPH, Department of Education
Maine            Jean Zimmerman, MS, Maine Department of Education
Maryland         Richard D. Scott, DMin, State Department of Education
Massachusetts    Chiniqua Milligan, MPH, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Michigan         Kim Kovalchick, MPH, Department of Education
Mississippi      Stephanie N. Robinson, MS, Department of Education
Missouri         Craig Rector, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Montana          Susan Court, Office of Public Instruction
Nevada           Robinette J. Bacon, Department of Education
New Hampshire    Mary Bubnis, MEd, Department of Education
New Jersey       Thomas R. Collins, PhD, Department of Education
New Mexico       Kristine M. Meurer, PhD, Public Education Department
New York         Owen Donovan, MSE, State Education Department
North Carolina   Nakisha Floyd, MA, Department of Public Instruction
North Dakota     Anita Wirtz, PhD(c), Department of Public Instruction
Oklahoma         Thad Burk, MPH, State Department of Health
Pennsylvania     Shirley A. Black, MEd, Department of Education
Rhode Island     Donald K. Perry, MPA, Department of Health
South Carolina   Delores Pluto, PhD, Department of Education
South Dakota     Amy Beshara, Department of Education
Tennessee        Mark Bloodworth, EdS, Department of Education
Texas            Jennifer Haussler Garing, MS, Department of State Health Services
Utah             Michael Friedrichs, MS, Department of Health
Vermont          Erika M. Edwards, MPH, Department of Health
West Virginia    Rick Deem, MA, Department of Education
Wisconsin        Brian Weaver, MPH, Department of Public Instruction
Wyoming          Nathaniel Castellanos, Department of Education
Agency:                  Contact:
Boston,                  Barbara Huscher Cohen, MEd, Boston Public Schools
Broward County,          Patrick Chalmers, MS, Broward County Public Schools
Charlotte, North         Nancy A. Langenfeld, MS, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Chicago, Illinois        Kenneth G. Papineau, MA, Chicago Public Schools
Clark County,            Mary Pike, MEd, Clark County School District
Dallas, Texas            Angelica Duran Harkins, LMSW, Dallas Independent School District
Detroit, Michigan        Arlene Richardson, EdD, Detroit Public Schools
Duval County             Kathleen Bowles, MAT, Duval County Public Schools
Los Angeles,             Timothy Kordic, Los Angeles Unified School District
Memphis,                 Naina Eshwar, MS, Memphis City Schools
Miami-Dade County,       Rodolfo Abella, PhD, Miami-Dade County Public Schools
Milwaukee,               Brett A. Fuller, MEd, Milwaukee Public Schools
New York City, New       Kinjia Hinterland, MPH, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Orange County,           Brenda Christopher-Muench, Orange County Public Schools
Palm Beach, Florida      Danette Fitzgerald, MS, School District of Palm Beach County
Philadelphia,            Bettyann Creighton, MEd, School District of Philadelphia
San Bernardino,          Charlene Davis-Long, San Bernardino City Unified School District
San Diego, California    Marge Kleinsmith-Hildebrand, MS, San Diego Unified School District
San Francisco,           Kim Levine, MHA, San Francisco Unified School District
Seattle, Washington      Pamela Hillard, MPA, Seattle Schools

Taken from:
Department Of Health And Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2010). “Youth Risk
         Behavior Surveillance- United States, 2009.” Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Surveillance
         Summaries. Vol. 59, No. SS-5 (June 4, 2010).

* Please note: This is the most recent YRBS contact list available, but contact information may
   have changed since publication.

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